May 2000 Week 2


May 8
At Eric and Sami's place, Austin shows up and gives Sami a kiss. Austin surprises Sami and tells her that he's living back in his old place. Eric asks Sami if Lucas is giving her a hard time about seeing Will? Sami says no, but it doesn't matter because Lucas is not keeping Will. Austin makes Sami breakfast, and Austin asks Sami if she has a plan to get custody of Will? Sami says she can't sit by and do nothing, but she will be a good little girl. Sami tells Austin that she has a new lead on the Franco murder, thanks to Henderson. Sami thinks that Kate paid Roberto to confess to get Lucas off the hook. Austin gives Sami a look, and says that if Roberto is cleared, she is a suspect again. Sami says that isn't possible, she can't be tried twice for the same crime because that is double jeopardy. Sami swears that she will make sure Lucas and Kate are nailed for what they did. Sami offers to cook Austin breakfast tomorrow, but Austin says he has to go to Paris to help Billie with a big meeting. Austin says it will only be for a few days, and he will miss her. He also asks her not to do anything crazy while he's away on this trip.

Greta shows up at Titan and finds Nicole looking at photos. Greta had brought Eric breakfast, but he hasn't shown up yet. Greta thinks she should go, but Nicole refuses to let her to leave, claiming Eric will be here soon. The minute Greta turns her back, Nicole starts looking through the food she brought and asks if she has anything yummy to eat, because she's starving. They soon begin to argue about how Sami and Eric are living together, instead of her and Eric, and Nicole asks Greta if she went to convent school or something? Greta says that a man and woman don't have to have sex to be in love. Eric soon shows up, and learns the model is going to be late, so Eric decides to spend his free hour with Greta. Later, after Greta leaves, Eric starts pampering Nicole because her ankle is hurting. Nicole starts talking about how much she cares about Will and what is best for him, which bothers Eric. Eric asks her to stop trying so hard because for once he'd like to have a normal conversation with her. Nicole apologizes and asks Eric if they can be friends? Eric isn't sure because he still has confusing feelings about why she betrayed him, and maybe one day when she can tell him, they can get along. Nicole says she is ready to tell him now.

Austin is waiting for a taxi to pick him up to take him to the airport, but it never comes. Greta spots Austin, so she offers to give him a lift in her car. They arrive at the airport, and Austin leans over to give Greta a kiss on the cheek, but she turns her head and it ends up being a kiss on the lips. Austin apologizes, but Greta knows what he was trying to do. Austin leaves, and Greta feels a little embarrassed.

At Abe's place, Abe gives Lexie a kiss on the cheek, and she is very cold to him. She tells him that she can't understand why he never told her about Larry, did he think she wouldn't understand? She wonders if he didn't tell her about this, what else hasn't he told her? Abe offers to let her read his service records, but she says that is not what she means. She says there is just a lot about him that she doesn't know. Lexie says, for example, she doesn't know about the women he dated before her. Abe asks what she thinks, he has a secret wife or some kid he's never told her about? Lexie asks him if he does? Abe says if he had fathered a child he would have told her, and could never have a son or daughter that wasn't a part of his life. He wonders if she thinks he makes a habit of abandoning people, because he won't abandon here if that is what she is worried. Abe tells Lexie that he's wanted to tell her about Larry many times, and asks if they can get past this? Lexie thinks they can, but Abe says there still seems to be something wrong, she's missing a light in her eyes. Lexie says the only thing missing from her life is a baby. Abe is still not ready to adopt yet. Lexie says she was adopted, and it was good enough for her. She tells Abe that if he can't do this, she has to wonder if there is some other thing he's hiding from her that is keeping him from wanting a child. Abe promises Lexie that there is nothing else he's keeping from her. Lexie has to go to the hospital, and Abe says he'll swing by the ER when she's ready to leave. Lexie is furious because Abe is obviously trying to avoid coming into her work place to pick her up to avoid Larry, so she says she'll take a cab! Lexie leaves, and Abe realizes it is time to stop running.

Stefano goes to a motel to meet with Marlo and Rolfe. Marlo offers Stefano some coffee or tea, but he tells her no, that is not the nature of their relationship. Marlo doesn't think Stefano is a very nice man at all. Stefano informs Marlo that he can be a nice man, when he wants, but . . . MArlo becomes fed up with Stefano's attitude and tells Rolfe to take her to the airport, Mr. DiMera can get a baby someplace else. Rolfe tells Marlo not to do this, they can work things out. Stefano asks Marlo if she would ever betray him? She says no, so he says they should not have any problem. Stefano says he's working out the agreement for the adoption right now. Marlo thinks his wife must want this baby really bad, but Stefano says it is for his daughter. Stefano tells Marlo that the people who will adopt this child are very responsible. Stefano then asks Marlo, aside from promiscuity, if her other extra-curricular activities include drugs? Marlo jokes "Yeah, and Rock'n'Roll." Stefano becomes furious and tells Marlo that this is not a joke! Stefano says they could have a drug test if she wants. Marlo reaches for a cigarette, which he knocks out of her hands. He warns her that smoking will complicate her pregnancy. Stefano asks her if she's taken drugs? Marlo says she doesn't take drugs, and she used to drink a little beer and wine, but she's not anymore. Stefano tells her that she will not drink again! Marlo doesn't like these rules, so Stefano tells her to just leave Salem now if she can't abide by them. Marlo says she will do it, so Stefano asks her to try and lose her New York accent and try a French accent. Marlo pulls it off, so Stefano tells Marlo that she will live in his house and he will provide her with all her needs.

At the hospital, Larry tells Brandon that Abe couldn't even look him in the eye the other day, their Police Commander is not only a bastard, he's a coward. Faye shows up to have lunch with Brandon, and talk to him about his vendetta against Abe. She asks Brandon what is going on? They sit down and talk about Abe, and how he paralyzed that nice man working at the desk. Faye tells BRandon that Abe never meant to shoot that kid. Brandon asks how she knows about that? She says she just read about it in the paper. Faye asks Brandon if he's told Abe that he remembers him, since Brandon is using her maiden name. Brandon says no, and that Abe should pay for what he did to them. Faye asks Brandon to let this go, his father is in prison for one reason only, he broke the law. BRandon apologizes and tells his mom that she is right. Brandon says that he has to get back to work now, and gives his mom a kiss goodbye.

Sami shows up for work, and she and Larry joke about Brenda. Sami is glad to see Brandon laughing for once. Sami tells Brandon she does feel awkward because she knows Abe and he's been a good friend to his family, but she won't say she understands what is going on in his mind. She does know that she's made a lot of mistakes that a lot of people will never forget or forgive. Brandon asks if any of her mistakes put someone in a wheel chair? Sami says one of hers did for a little while, but some of her other mistakes hurt people much worse.


May 9
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Victor is busy talking to Rex on the phone and tells him that he is taking far too much time with this, he wants Nicole buried! Suddenly, Phillip walks in!. Phillip hangs up on Rex, and Phillip asks Victor why he wants Nicole buried? Victor covers and says that Nicole blew a very crucial Titan account and he is not happy about it. Phillip has some good news for Victor, he has worked off his entire debt. Victor is proud of him, and Phillip says that will make the reward much sweeter. Victor says "reward?" and Phillip says yes, his new car. Victor says a car is a big responsibility. Victor has to excuse himself to take care of something, so Phillip calls Shawn to remind him of their game tomorrow. When Phillip learns Belle is with Shawn, Phillip warns him not to ask her to the dance because Belle is his! Victor returns, and tells Phillip that he will help him pick out a car, but if he wants one, he will have to work for it!

At Stefano's place, Marlo continues to practice her European accent for Stefano. He thinks it is pretty good, but she'll have to convince Lexie that her baby is the one for her to adopt, otherwise she gets nothing. Lexie shows up to see Stefano, he called her and said he needed to see her right away. Lexie thinks something is wrong, but he tells her things couldn't be better. Stefano wants to talk to her about her marriage, and how he can help her strengthen it. Stefano tells Lexie that a distant cousin of his has gotten herself pregnant, and she doesn't want the child. Lexie asks if he is suggesting that she take the baby? He tells her "Absolutely!" Stefano starts telling Lexie how much this baby needs her, but she says she can't. Stefano tells his daughter that he only wants to help her out, and asks her to tell him what is troubling her. Lexie explains everything about Larry to Stefano, and Stefano says that perhaps that Abe had no intention of shooting anyone to try and preserve the family, and that the gun only went off accidentally. Lexie thinks it is a possibility. Later, Stefano brings Marlo out to meet Lexie. Marlo goes into her fake accent and starts telling Lexie that her baby is strong and healthy, and she wants her to take the baby. Marlo hugs Lexie, and says the baby kicked when they hugged, it was a sign! Lexie says this is too much, and runs out. Stefano tells Marlo she was perfect, and then tells Marlo to go to her room. Stefano says Alexandra will have her baby, and Hope . . . won't that be a surprise, a miracle!

Doug, Julie, and Alice have shown up to see Bo and Hope's new house. Doug asks Bo and Hope about their wedding? Bo says there is not much to say, they are getting hitched, and Hope adds for the last time. Doug says the best part is that Stefano DiMera can't interfere this time. John and Marlena are also helping out to fix up the house. Later, Marlena and Julie talk about Hope's baby, and what Stefano has done to their lives. Julie says Stefano can't hurt them anymore, but Marlena says Stefano's brainwashing is still affecting John. Julie suggests she and John take a vacation together to get away from everything. Later, some canisters of something that were on the roof break loose, and roll off the roof and head straight for Doug. John acts quickly and manages to pull Doug out of the way before they fall on him. Doug tells John that he's superhuman, faster than a speeding bullet and more powerful than a locomotive! Marlena whispers to Julie that is exactly what she was talking about.

Belle helps Shawn set up a stereo system, but she doesn't know the tool names that Shawn needs, which he teases her about. Shawn puts on some disco music, and he and Belle dance, reliving their moment in the spotlight at the dance awhile back. Belle brings up the Last Blast Dance, and starts hinting around that she hopes she doesn't end up dateless like the last one. Belle asks Shawn if he's going to the dance? Shawn doesn't know yet. Belle tells him not to take to long to make up his mind because all the cute girls might be taken.

At the Wesley's, Chloe tries to help Nany, but Nancy doesn't know why she wants to help the woman who gave her up at birth. Chloe tells Nancy that she didn't have to tell Craig the truth, she said she was staying. However, Chloe realizes now that Nancy risked her marriage for her to prove her love to her, and it meant a lot, though she is sorry she did it. Nancy tells Chloe that she means everything to her, she just hopes she hasn't lost Craig. Nancy says at least one good thing has come out of this, Chloe knows she is proud of her. Chloe says she does need a little more time getting used to the fact that everyone knows she is her mom. Nancy says they can start small, so they start talking about school. Nancy knows there is a baseball game this weekend, so she thinks she should go with Belle. Suddenly, Craig walks in the front door. Chloe gives them some time alone, and Nancy asks Craig, who is being cold to her, how long he will make her suffer? Craig says he doesn't know yet. Nancy tells Craig that she loves him with all his heart, and she has since the very first minute she met him. Craig yells at her to just stop it, because right now he doesn't know he is supposed to feel. Later, Belle calls Chloe up and tells her that they will be going to the Last Blast Dance together, even if neither of them has a date. Belle asks Chloe to meet her at Dot.Com tomorrow so they can talk about it. Back in the other room, Nancy continues to talk to Craig. Nancy tells Craig that he married her and made promises, in good times and bad, so she expects him to honor them. Craig tells Nancy that he needs space, she's had fifteen years to deal with this. Nancy tells Craig to cut the crap, that night he left her she had no idea if he was coming back. As they continue to argue, Craig tells Nancy that she forgot to tell him one very important piece of information, who is CHloe's father? An interested Chloe listens in and waits to hear Nancy's answer. Nancy says it was a mistake and to drop it, and Craig realizes she was drunk. Nancy says that is right, she was drunk. Nancy says she was an emotional mess after their fight, and this older guy decided to take advantage of her. Nancy says she couldn't believe what she had done, and all he could think of was him, and then she missed her period. Nancy says her father took charge of everything after that. Craig asks why she didn't tell him then? Nancy says she wasn't brave enough, she didn't have the courage to stand up to her dad or risk losing him. Chloe makes some tea and brings it in for Craig and Nancy. Craig asks Chloe how she is doing? Chloe says she is coping.


May 10
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Philip has to do a double take when he sees Chloe (curled up in a pastel colored bathrobe, hair pulled back, no glasses) sitting on her porch. He is about to give her a compliment, but stops himself short. The two engage in their usual bickering, but Chloe prevails when she calls him weak and childish and says she couldn't care less about him! Abe stops by the hospital to talk to Lexie about Larry. He regrets not having contacted the boy after the incident fourteen years ago, and really wants to talk to him now. Lexie says she'll feel Larry out and see if he can handle seeing Abe. Later, Lexie tells Abe that she met with a pregnant woman who is willing to give them her baby. Abe is in utter disbelief and says there's no way he'll agree to this... Greta is upset when Lucas tells her that Eric and Nicole left together on their lunch break. Lucas invites Greta to stick around and wait, and she takes him up on the offer. Greta and Lucas discuss the Sami situation. Greta knows it's none of her business, but she thinks Lucas should reconsider his decision to pull Sami out of Will's life... Nicole finally begins to open up to Eric about her past. She tells him that she had a horrible childhood. Her father beat her mother and Brandon. In fact, he spent lots of time behind bars. Nicole starts to tell Eric that when her father got out of jail, he needed someone to help him. Before she can further explain, Greta drives by, interrupting. She wonders what Eric and Nicole were talking about... Sami tells her dad about the critical information she learned from Henderson... that Roberto was at the strip club on the day of the murder. Roman and Sami put their heads together and come dangerously close to figuring out what really happened that day...


May 11
On the Wesley's front porch, Belle shows up after Chloe calls her. Chloe tells her that Nancy is really upset, Craig got called away on an emergency and Nancy is going nuts. Craig returns home from his emergency, and goes inside, walking right past Nancy. Nancy runs in after Craig Nancy wants to finish their conversation, but Craig wants to go to bed. Nancy asks how long he will avoid this? Craig says he doesn't know, how long did she avoid it? Back outside, Chloe and Belle spy on Craig and Nancy. Back inside, Nancy tells Craig that she was afraid of losing him if he knew the truth. Craig opens the door and catches Belle and Craig spying on them, and yells at them for snooping. Craig tells Nancy that when he thinks about, when they were apart, the last thing he thought about was sleeping with someone else. Nancy says she didn't want that either, but Craig says she did. Nancy says she didn't plan it, and it was nothing like being with him. Craig wants to know what happened, so Nancy tells him. She explains that the man was a friend of her father's, she meet him at one of her father's parties. She says that she got drunk to numb the pain, and this man offered to take her for a drive to get some fresh air. Nancy says she doesn't remember much that happened, other than she was sick to her stomach from the wine and from his advances. Nancy says she never wanted him to know, but when Chloe came back into her life she realized he deserved to know. Craig asks if that is it, or if there are more betrayals he should know about? Nancy tells him there were no others, and all she wants is for him to forgive her for what she's done.

Back outside, Belle apologizes to Chloe for eavesdropping, but Chloe says it was her idea. Belle comments on Chloe's blue bathrobe and thinks it must be Nancy's influence, since they don't make that robe in black. Chloe says she is the second person to tell her that tonight. When Belle asks who the first was, Chloe tells her that Phillip was here. CHloe says Phillip was supposedly walking to Dot.Com and couldn't help but stop to harass her. Belle thinks that is odd, and maybe he came by here because he likes her. Chloe says not likely, he doesn't even want to be seen with him. CHloe tells Belle that she was with Phillip on the pier the night of Shawn's party, and she tells her everything that happened on the pier.

At the station, Roman tells Abe about the new lead on Franco's murder, and that he's going to the club to prove that Roberto was at the club at the time of the shooting. Abe doesn't understand why Roberto would confess to a crime he didn't commit, and if he didn't commit it, who did? Roman says he intends to find the answers to those questions. Roman is positive that Kate knows something, and he thinks she got Roberto to confess to cover up the truth. Abe remembers Lucas running in to try and stop the execution, and Roman thinks it is because he couldn't live with himself is Sami died for a crime he or his mother committed. Abe says it seems they are both trying to set the past right. Roman asks Abe if he has come to some type of decision recently? Abe tells Roman that he owes Larry Morris an explanation and an apology. However, Abe tells Roman that there is more going on in his life. Abe talks with Roman about how Lexie wants to adopt a child, and she has already found one. Roman realizes he and Lexie will be parents around the same time as Bo and Hope will be, but asks how Lexie found a baby so quickly? Abe says he doesn't know, they probably meet at the hospital or through an attorney friend. Roman realizes that Abe doesn't want to know where she found this woman, he doesn't want to adopt this baby or any other baby. Abe says he's not ready to adopt a child and Lexie knows it. Abe would rather conceive their own child, but Lexie doesn't want to wait, and thinks he is hiding something from her. Still, Roman tells Abe that he should meet this woman and talk to her, he owes it to himself and Lexie. Abe says no way, he doesn't want a baby by adoption and Lexie will have to understand that, he will make her understand. Roman tells Abe that he has to tell this to Lexie now, so Abe says he'll tell her tonight.

Brandon is driving Sami to see his new place. Sami turns on some music, and she tells Brandon that she's honored that he chose her to be the first person to see his new place. Brandon tells her that she is his best friend. Sami says they haven't known one another that long, but Brandon says you can know someone you whole life and never feel the closeness that they have. After singing in the car for awhile, they arrive at Brandon's place. Sami thinks his place is great. They sit down and talk, Brandon explains that he used to want to be an architect, but decided he could do more good as a social worker. He tells her that his mom still cuts out architecture articles for him. Sami asks him where his dad is, and Brandon says he is "away" and to leave it at that. Brandon puts on some jazz music, and then asks Sami to dance with him. They begin dancing, and then go out to the balcony under the full moon. Brandon then pull Sami in for a kiss.

At the DiMera mansion, Rolfe catches Marlo attempting to drink. He stops her, but she says one little brandy won't kill her. Stefano shows up, hits the glass out of her hand, and says he will! Stefano says that Alexandra called and is coming over to find out if she promised the baby to anyone else. Marlo asks what she thinks, she put an ad in the paper? Someone shows up at the door, so Rolfe runs away to hide and Marlo stays close by in case Stefano needs her. When Stefano answers the door, he is shocked to see Celeste. Celeste asks Stefano what he's trying to pull? Lexie is behind Celeste and tries to tell her mom that Stefano is only trying to help her. Celeste says that Stefano always has an ulterior motive, but Lexie says "Not with me." Celeste informs Lexie that just because she is his flesh and blood does not mean he is immune to his schemes. Stefano tells Celeste that he and Lexie have grown very close, she has stood by him through the ordeals he went through these last few months. Lexie stops them from fighting and says she only brought mom here so she could meet Marlo because she trusts Celeste's instincts about people. Stefano brings Marlo out for Stefano to meet, and Celeste does not like the fact that she is white. Marlo starts "Blessing Lexie" for taking her child, because she is doing the right thing. Celeste doesn't want to be racist about this, but knowing that her husband is reluctant to adopt, he might be more comfortable adopting a black child so people might think it was their biological child. Lexie says she and Abe would be proud to be adoptive parents, and Stefano thinks Celeste of all people would understand. Celste tells Stefano to shut up because he obviously doesn't understand anything about this, but Lexie tells her mom that she is the one who doesn't understand. Lexie thinks this situation was meant to be, and as far as the child being white, she is half white and MArlo is a distant relative. Marlo begs Lexie to take the baby, and she agrees. She knows she will be a very good mother to her little boy. Lexie is pleased and says knowing the sex makes it so much more real, and now she knows what she has to do. Celeste pulls Lexie aside to try and convince her not think about this, but Lexie says she has made this decision. Celeste asks her to think about her husband for a change, but Lexie says she doesn't care what Abe or anyone else thinks, that baby will be hers!


May 12
On the Wesley's porch, Chloe continues to tell Belle about her meeting with Phillip, and how he walked her home. Belle asks if he tried to kiss her? CHloe says no, what he did was much worse then putting the moves on her. Belle asks what he did? CHloe says that Phillip called her and asked her not to tell anyone that they were together. Belle wonders why Phillip would tell her she was pretty, and then go do that? CHloe says that he was stringing her along, he wanted her to fall for him so he could just laugh in her face. However, Chloe says she knew what he was up to all along, so she didn't give him the satisfaction of hurting her. Belle has trouble believing Phillip would do that, but Chloe says that is because she has been sheltered her whole life, whereas she has experienced the real world. Belle says that after what she knows now she never wants to see Phillip again. Chloe tells her not to do that because he will just thinks she's playing hard to get. Chloe changes the subject and says she has better things to worry about than Phillip, like what is going on inside her house. Belle is embarrassed that they were caught eavesdropping, but Chloe is just sorry that they were unable to hear anything. Chloe thinks they should sneak around back and into the kitchen, but Belle doesn't think that is a good idea.

Inside, Nancy asks Craig if he can forgive her for her one mistake. Craig says not only did she not tell him about having sex with another man, and then she lied to him about Chloe when she brought her here. Furthermore, the only reason she told him the truth now is because she felt she didn't have a choice. Craig informs Nancy that he does have a choice. Nancy asks if he's saying he can't forgive her? That their marriage is over? Craig says that no matter how angry he is, he still loves her. Nancy asks if their marriage is over? Craig says no, but he needs time to deal with this change. He says there are a lot of things they still have to do, and things could still get ugly. Nancy is shocked, but Craig says that there will still be a lot of work ahead to path things up between them. Craig asks how much of this Chloe knows? Nancy says that she's known she was her mother ever since she picked her up at the orphanage. Craig says that the next step for them is to try and become a real family. Nancy cries and hugs her husband. Craig says he knows she wants them to be a big happy family, but Chloe's father is still out there. Craig asks if he knows about Chloe? Nancy says no, and she never wants to see that man again. She says she is the only one who knows who Chloe's father is, and she will never tell! She tells Craig that they will raise Chloe, together. Craig says all right, and wonders how Chloe would feel about a "coming out" party. Nancy asks if that wouldn't cause a scandal? What would it do to his career? Craig says he doesn't care what people think, and if the hospital doesn't like it than that is just tough. Craig asks who she listed as Chloe's father on the birth certificate? Nancy says she listed her father's real name, because the lawyers said the records would be sealed. Craig says any computer hacker could get those records. Craig asks if Chloe's father is alive? Nancy says he is, and she realizes that if they go public, he could find out about it. Craig asks if this man would acknowledge her as his daughter? Nancy says he would do worse, he would want her in his life, which would be the worse thing that could happen to Chloe. Craig says that perhaps they shouldn't tell anyone and leave things the way they are. A spying Chloe seems heartbroken by that idea, and Belle comforts her. However, Nancy refuses to deny Chloe's existence anymore! She says the only man she was afraid of finding the truth out was him, and now that he's accepted it, the three of them can handle anything.

Celeste is helping Lexie get herself all purtied up in order to try and talk Abe into adopting Marlo's baby. There is a gift on the table, and Celeste asks if it is a surprise for Abe? Lexie says it is actually for Brandon Walker. Celeste wonders why Lexie is giving Brandon a gift? Lexie says they work together and this is just a housewarming gift. Still, Celeste can't believe she'd buy the man who almost cost Abe his job a gift. Lexie says that Brandon never wanted to hurt Abe. Celeste becomes suspicious about Brandon and Lexie's relationship, but leaves to check on dinner. Abe walks in the front door and wonders what the occasion is. Lexie tells him that he thought they could both use a special night. Celeste comes out of the kitchen and tells Lexie that her roast is just about ready, so she'll be on her way. Lexie goes into the kitchen, and Celeste tells Abe that she trusts he will do whatever is necessary to keep Lexie happy. Celeste leaves, and Abe wonders what that was about. They start eating dinner, and Abe wonders what this is all for. Lexie brings up adoption, and Abe tells Lexie that he's not ready to adopt yet. Abe says there will be other babies, but Lexie says this is the baby she wants! Abe says he wants a child as much as she does, but he is not ready to adopt yet. Lexie says that isn't a reason, it is an excuse, and it just isn't good enough. Abe says he is making excuses, when he thinks about having a baby so quickly it scares him. Lexie says he isn't the only one who is scared, and they will go through it together. Abe asks Lexie to tell him about this woman who is having the baby, where did she find her? Lexie says the woman is actually a distant relative of Stefano's. Abe says he didn't know Stefano had African-American relatives. Lexie says he doesn't. Abe was under the impression that they would be adopting a black child, but Lexie accuses him of rejecting the child because it is related to Stefano. Abe says he doesn't want Stefano involved in their lives, but Lexie says he is involved because he is her father. Lexie then says that her father has changed and truly cares about her, which is more than she can say about him! Abe can't believe what he is hearing, but Lexie says her father knows how important this baby is to her. She then accuses Abe of being a bigot.

Brandon and Sami are still dancing at Brandon's apartment. They go out to the balcony, under the moon, and Brandon pulls Sami towards him to kiss her, but Sami backs away at the last minute and suggests they go back inside. They go inside, and Sami asks Brandon for his advice about something. Sami talks to Brandon about Franco Kelly's murder, and who really killed him. Sami tells Brandon about the case, her execution, and the confession which saved her. However, she tells Brandon about the new evidence that void's Roberto's confession. Brandon thinks she is skating on thin ice, because if Roberto's confession is proved false, the DA could open the case back up and re-charge her. Sami says that she and her dad won't let that happen, not only will they prove that Roberto didn't kill Franco, they will prove that Kate and Lucas framed her for the murder! Brandon asks if Kate and Lucas would really do something that horrible? Sami says they would and they did, and she may finally be able to prove it! Sami explains the entire story to Brandon, how the murder happened, and how she knows she didn't kill Franco. She also tells Brandon that she and Franco were planning to move to California, which is why Lucas and Kate would have done anything to stop her from leaving. Brandon asks how she knows Roberto didn't kill Franco? Sami tells him that Henderson saw Roberto at the strip club that night. Sami says that she and her dad are going to the club to try and find hard evidence placing Roberto there. Brandon wishes her luck because strip club owners don't respond well to cops. When Sami asks how he would know, he tells her that he used to be a bouncer at one. Sami tells Brandon that he is just full of surprises, which makes her wonder what else she is hiding. Brandon tells Sami that if she runs into trouble to tell him because he may be able to help her out. Sami swears that she will nail Kate and Lucas for what they did to her and then they will go to prison, preferably death row!

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Lucas and Kate have come back from a dinner date. Lucas was glad to spend time with his mom and says it was almost like the good old days again. Kate tells Lucas that their lives have certainly changed, and to just look around them. Lucas looks around the room and remembers killing Franco. Kate asks what is wrong? Lucas runs to the bar and says he could really use a drink right now. Kate asks him what would make him suddenly crave a drink? Lucas tells her not to freak out, he wasn't really going to drink. However, he just can't help but think how different their lives could be if things hadn't turned out the way they did. Kate knows he is talking about Franco's murder, and says she tries not to think about it. Lucas tells his mom about his conversation with Greta today, and he thinks she is nice. Kate wants to return to talking about Franco's murder, but Lucas thinks the case is closed, who would want to bring it up now? Kate says Sami would! Kate says that Sami knows she was framed and she will never stopped trying to pin the crime on them. Lucas says she covered their tracks, but Kate says she tried her best, everything happened so fast. Lucas says his only mistake was drinking too much that night, and trying to kidnapping his son. Kate tells Lucas that the reason Franco was going to kill her was because she was going to expose his scheme to Sami, which was to marry her to stay in the country. Lucas is furious with his mother and says if she had only told Sami the truth before hand, and not during the wedding which was her original plan, then none of this would have happened! Lucas tells his mom that as a result of her need to humiliate Sami, she put all of their lives in danger. Kate says she did want to see Sami suffer, but she never dreamed that Franco would try and kill her, and when Sami fainted after seeing Franco dead, it was like a gift. She says everything would have been fine if he wasn't wracked with guilt. Lucas says he wasn't about to let Sami die for a crime she didn't commit. Kate says they are lucky everyone thought he was just trying to save Will's mother, and that she got Roberto to confess to killing Franco. Lucas says they don't have anything to worry about because nobody can prove that Roberto didn't kill Franco, they are both safe.

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