May 00 Week 1


May 1
At the mansion, Sami and Lucas continue to fight. Sami refuses to leave the mansion if Lucas is staying, but Lucas says he is only staying for Will's own good. Lucas tells Sami that she could have had joint custody, but she wanted all or nothing, and now she has to settle with nothing. Sami tells Lucas that the only reason he got custody of Will is because he set her up for Franco's murder, and if he's not careful he might burn in hell with Franco Kelly, the man he murdered. Victor "how dares" Sami for making such declarations in his house and he tells her that he is the only one making decisions around here, and he has decided that she is out of here, today! Sami tells Lucas that he is nothing but a liar and cheat, and he will not get away with this. Nicole shows up to double team Lucas and demands they move out now! Lucas says fine, if she wants to move they will move far far away, to Europe! Sami suddenly begins to choke Lucas! Austin pulls Sami off of Lucas, and Lucas announces that he is going to Europe and there is nothing anyone can do to stop him. Sami runs out of the room, as does Nicole who is angry with Lucas for making such a decision. Victor and Kate got a kick out of the entire show, and continue with breakfast as if it was all for their entertainment. Lucas sits down to breakfast, and Austin tries to make everyone realize Lucas can't take Will away from his mother. Victor could care less, and neither could Kate, which angers Austin. Austin says whatever Sami has done has been payed back to her in spades, she was almost executed for a murder she didn't commit. Lucas really could care less and calls Austin dumb for thinking Sami is anything but evil. Lucas says that Sami will never get his hands on Will, and if he has his way, she'll never see him again! Meanwhile, Sami tells Nicole that they can't give up now, she has to make sure Lucas does not take Will to Europe. Nicole says she just wants to get away from here, but Sami tells her that she has just as much riding on this plan as she does. Sami tells Nicole to work things out with Lucas, and then get him to drink. Nicole goes to see Lucas and starts crying to him that she can't believe he is doing this to her, and runs off. Lucas, of course, follows her like a little puppy dog. Austin leaves to pack, and Kate feels bad for him. Victor says Austin is bright and will figure the truth out soon enough, but he has to figure it out on his own. Meanwhile, Austin assures Sami that everything will work out. Sami tells Austin that she won't let Lucas take her son away from her. Austin asks her how she will stop him? Austin warns her not to do anything dishonest, and he promises he will think of something to help her.

Lucas starts kissing some major model ass, and tells Nicole that he really thought she'd like moving to Europe. Nicole tells Lucas that she thought he was different than the others, she though he cared about her and her input, but all he cares about is her body. Nicole tells Lucas that he thinks of her as nothing but a piece of luggage he can cart off to Europe without a second thought, and she hates him for that! Lucas says he never thought of her as a piece of luggage, and he only brought up Europe to scare Sami. Nicole asks if they can move out, but Lucas says not yet. Lucas says he, and Kate and Victor, don't want Will to get caught in the crossfire. Lucas says he will grant Sami visitation if need be. Nicole says she doesn't care about Sami or Will, and frankly she doesn't know about them anymore. She says she had high expectations for this marriage, and one by one they are being shot down.

Back in the dining room, Victor promises Kate that he will take care of Nicole, and she will no longer make their lives a living hell.

Hope shows up penthouse to see John, MArlena is still in Chicago. Hope tells John that there is somthing they need to talk about. Hope thanks John for everything he did to help find her. John is relieved and says "is that all." Hope says that is everything, she owes him everything and can't possibly repay him. John tells him that having her back is all the thanks he needs. Hope tells John that he's such a good man, honest and generous. Hope tells John that his courage is such an inspiration. John tells Hope that he doesn't deserve this praise, he is infallible as everyone else. Hope tells John that word doesn't apply to him, and aside from her dad and Bo, there isn't another man she admires as much as him. Hope tells John that if her child is a son, she wants to name it after him. John asks Hope not to do that. Hope asks why not? John says he appreciates the sentiment, but perhaps they should name it after a Brady, Horton, or Williams. Hope says she'll discuss it with Bo, and tells John that the ultrasound checked out, but her amnio sample was stolen. John asks how that happened? Hope explains what happened, and John is very suspicious. John asks if she is going to have it done again, but Hope doesn't think so. John tries to convince her to have it again. Hope asks why it is so important to him? John tells her that it is because she is important to him, both she and Bo are. Hope tells John that he is a good friend, but she feels everything is in God's hands now. Hope says she had the ultrasound and everything looked great, and she shows the pictures to John. John looks at the pictures and is deeply affected by them. The baby begins to kick, so Hope grabs John's hand so he can feel it. Hope says this baby is strong, and this pregnancy is different. She says that Bo doesn't seem very interested in this baby, but John says he is just overwhelmed. Still, Hope thinks Bo isn't connected to this baby, and she asks John if he knows why?

At the hospital, Larry freaks out upon seeing Abe. He screams at Abe to stay away from him and not to hurt him again. Abe goes out onto the terrace, and Lexie follows him. Abe looks like he's seen a ghost, and as he remembers shooting Larry, he breaks down into tears. Lexie takes Abe into her office so they can talk. Meanwhile, Larry tells Brandon that he can't handle this, he wants to quit his job and go back to his boyz in the hood. Brandon tells him that perhaps he just needs a break, and asks Larry not to go anywhere just yet. Brandon goes to Lexie's office to offer his help. Lexie doesn't understand why Larry and Abe reacted the way they did? Brandon doesn't know, but says Brandon needs some fresh air so he needs to take him out for a bit. Lexie says she will clear it with Brenda, so Brandon leaves. Lexie asks Abe to talk to her and tell her what is going on? Abe tells Lexie that years ago he shot an innocent child while on a domestic violence call. Lexie realizes that the child who was shot was none other than Larry. Lexie asks Abe why he never told her about this? Abe says he thought if he didn't talk about it then he'd forget it, but that didn't happen. Lexie tells him it was an accident, but Abe says he didn't follow procedure. Lexie asks if he went up for review? Abe says he did, and he was cleared of any wrong doing. Abe says everything worked out for him, but not for Larry. Lexie wonders why Larry reacted the way he did, she's sure he followed up on the accident and visited him over the years. Abe says that is the worst part, he never saw Larry again after that horrible day. Lexie can't believe he never tried to contact Larry. Abe says that everyday he woke up he intended to go see Larry, but he would convince himself that he would only remind Larry of what happen, and he convinced himself that not seeing Larry would spare Larry a great deal of trauma.

Brandon and Larry take a stroll, and Brandon tries to convince Larry not to give up because he needs closer, he'll never have peace unless he sees this through. Larry tells Brandon that he has no idea what it felt like to see Carver, he relived everything all over again, and he can't go through it again. Brandon continues to try and convince him that if he doesn't deal with Abe Carver then he'll never be free. Larry agrees to return to the hospital and face Abe. Back inside, Lexie tries to convince Abe that he can make things up to Larry. As Abe goes to leave, he once again comes face to face with LArry.


May 2
Sorry this is so late, final week of the semester, everything is due!. Also, I had to type this after watching the show, so it is not as detailed as usual

At the high school, Belle is happy that Chloe has decided to stay in Salem. Chloe learns that he grandfather was taken to the hospital, so after school is over, Belle and CHloe decide to head over there so Chloe can tell everyone that she's staying in Salem.

At the hospital, Abe walks away from Larry, disappointing Lexie. Lexie tells Larry that this could be a time for healing for the both of them, if they are willing to give it a shot. Later, Marlena returns home from her trip early, and runs into Lexie. Marlena can tell something is bothering Lexie, so they have a long talk about Abe and the shooting. Lexie tells Marlena that she's beginning to question everything she thought she knew about her husband. Elsewhere, Brandon comforts Sami after she witnesses a mother happily taking her son home. In another part of the hospital, Nancy refuses to let her father talk her out of telling Craig the truth about Chloe. She asks her father to please leave Salem, and leave Chloe with her. However, he refuses to leave if Nancy is hell bent on destroying her marriage by telling Craig the truth. It is revealed that Nancy became pregnant with Chloe after she and Craig temporarily broke up after a nasty fight. Nancy fears Craig will hate her, because he thinks that she is the only man she's been with.

At the penthouse, Hope presses John for the truth about why Bo is unhappy about this baby. When John tells "Gina" to let it go, Hope asks John why he called her Gina, is he having memory flashes? John admits that he's having memory flashes of him and Gina together. Hope wonders if the flashes also include her. She begins to hound John with question after question. What I effected by your wedding to Marlena? Did I try and win you back? Did I . . . . try to seduce you? Marlena returns home and hears Hope tugging on John and exclaiming "Tell me John, I need to hear it, I must know." Marlena panics and fears the worst has happened.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Nicole continues to tell Lucas how he has disappointed her. SHe claims Lucas isn't paying enough attention to her, he's too busy with Will and his AA, and she needs someone who is crazy about her. Lucas assures Nicole that he is, and he will pay more attention to her in the future. Nicole tells Lucas that if he is serious about this marriage, and is serious about being a good father to Will, then he should give Will up to Sami. Lucas refuses, so Nicole paints horrible scenarios in which all of Will's friends at school will end up teasing him because he doesn't live with his mom, and that Will will hate Lucas for taking him away from his mom.


May 3
At the station, Abe tells Roman that he's thinking about leaving the force. Roman refuses to let Abe leave his job, but Abe says he thinks he should resign effective immediately. Roman asks why? Where is this coming from? Abe says he's been here twenty years, there are other things he wants to do with his life. Roman doesn't buy the excuse. Abe tells Roman that he just doesn't think he wants to be a police officer anymore. Roman asks if this has to do with Brandon Walker? Abe says no, it has to do with a ghost from his past which finally caught up with him. Abe says he's always been a stand up guy who has never run from anything, but right now, he wants to run like hell. Roman says this isn't the Abe Carver he knows. Abe starts talking about Vietnam and how he was trained to use weapons, so his mistake as a young cop was inexcusable. Roman says they all make mistakes, but Abe says he knew better. Abe says he has done some things that were wrong, and today he saw just how wrong. Roman asks what he is talking about? Abe says he saw the kid he shot today, but he was all grown up and in a wheelchair. Roman tells Abe he's so sorry that he had to go through that. Abe tells Roman that there is more, something else happened, something with Lexie. He tells Roman that he had to tell Lexie the story which he never told her. Roman finds it odd that this kid ended up in this hospital, but Abe says that doesn't matter. Abe thinks it is an omen, and it is time to pack it in. Roman says this is not an omen, it is just a coincidence and he won't let Abe ruin his life over one mistake. Roman tells Abe that he is a great man and he won't let him forget that. Abe says Lexie doesn't agree with him, when he looked into Lexie's eyes, he saw something he's never seen before.

Belle and Chloe show up at the hospital, and Chloe has to remind Belle to stop referring to Nancy as her mother. Belle apologizes and says it just keeps coming out. Chloe says if it keeps coming out, everyone is going to find out. Belle doesn't think that would be so awful, but Chloe says it would be. Chloe leaves to go find Nancy, and Belle asks a nurse for the candystrippers schedule. Belle runs into Shawn, who is picking up some vitamins for his mom.

Craig shows up in Dr. Miller's room, and Dr. Miller tells Nancy to just get it over with. Craig asks what he is talking about, what does her father know that he doesn't? Nancy tells Craig that she is going to tell him everything. Craig would rather her this in the privacy of his office, but Dr. Miller says he wants to be here. Craig says this is between him and his wife, but Dr. Miller says Chloe is involved in this too. Craig suggests they all go to his office so they can learn what Nancy has been keeping from him. Meanwhile, Chloe learns that Nancy, Craig, and Dr. Miller are in Craig's office, and she realizes Nancy is going to tell Craig the truth. In Craig's office, Craig and Dr. Miller continue to fight because Craig doesn't think this involves him. Nancy says it does involve her father, and Chloe, and him and her. Suddenly, Chloe shows up and tries to stop Nancy from telling Craig the truth. Craig tells Chloe that when she goes to live with Dr. Miller she can boss around anyone she wants, but right now she should step outside. Chloe says she came here to tell them that she's decided to stay in Salem, so everything can stay exactly the way it is. Nancy hugs Chloe and tells her that she's made her so happy. Chloe whispers that they should keep their secret. Craig asks what she is whispering to Nancy? Nancy tells Craig that Chloe wants her to keep their secret, but Nancy says she doesn't want to, not anymore. Nancy tells Chloe no more secrets, and tells Craig that CHloe is her daughter.

Elsewhere, Lexie interrupts Brandon and Sami holding one another. Brandon leaves, and Sami assures Lexie that Brandon was just comforting her, she has to move out of Victor's today and is losing her son. Meanwhile, Brandon calls Benny and tells him about Abe and Larry's first meeting, and it couldn't have gone better. Brandon says it is all over for Abe, he's going to have to tell LExie the truth now. Benny wants to file the lawsuit today, but Brandon tells him not yet, he wants this to be torture for Abe, long slow and painful torture. Later, Lexie and Brandon talk about Larry. Lexie thanks Brandon for helping Larry and not convincing him to quit. Lexie asks Brandon if Larry told him how the shooting happened? Brandon suggests they sit, so they do. Brandon then explains the story to Lexie. Brandon says he thought she would have known about this, Abe did tell her? Lexie starts to cry, and Brandon comforts her. Lexie says that Abe never told her. Lexie thanks Brandon for helping Larry, and they should get back to work. Brandon says there is one thing he knows which Larry has to be wrong about, Larry said that Abe never came to visit him. Brandon says he has had problems with ABe, but he knows Abe would have gone to check on Larry. Lexie says she has to get back to work, and leaves. Brandon smiles and says it is all coming together.

Sami goes back to work and notices something is wrong with Larry, but LArry claims he is fine. Belle and Shawn show up to say hi to Sami. Sami introduces Belle to her sister and her cousin. Sami tells Belle that they are sort of busy, so they leave them alone. Sami asks Larry what happened to upset him? Larry tells Sami that he saw the man who put him in this chair. Sami can't believe that the guy is walking around free and not in prison. Larry says the guy is a cop, and when Sami asks what his name is, Larry tells her "Carver." Sami exclaims "Not Abe!" Larry says "You know Abe Carver?" Sami says he is a family friend, but she never knew anything like this ever happened.

Meanwhile, Belle decides to find Chloe before they leave to say goodbye, and Shawn says he'll go with her. Belle asks why he's interested in Chloe all of the sudden? Shawn says that Chloe is a friend and he likes her, she is very talented and smart. Belle suggests they do a duet at the Last Blast Dance, but Shawn says he wouldn't want to ruin her performance. Shawn leaves to go to Dot.Com, and Belle decides to hang around the hospital.

At the penthouse, Marlena sees Hope with her arm around John's shoulder telling him that she needs him. Marlena says this can't be happening again, and rushes out to the terrace to tell them to stop! Marlena asks John if it is happening again? John says everything is fine, Hope is fine, nothing is happening. Marlena apologizes, but Hope realizes something is very wrong. Hope asks Marlena what is going on? Marlena once again apologizes to her, but Hope won't let her change the subject. They go inside, and Hope demands to know what happened to her fill in the blanks of the past year. She feels like they are conspiring to keep her in the dark, but Marlena says that is not it. She assures them that whatever they have to say won't damage her baby, she is going to have a fine, healthy baby. Hope notices "a look" on John's face and asks him to explain the look he gets every time she talks about her baby? Marlena says that John is just concerned about her and the baby. John asks Hope to hold off on her questions until she has the child. Hope asks if there is something about this child she should know? Marlena tells Hope that John has already told her, he is just worried about the baby. Still, Hope thinks it is about something more, something they shared. Marlena asks what they share? Hope says the past, John lost a part of his life to Stefano too. Marlena says that is true, but she doesn't want John to think or talk about it, she wants them to get on with their lives. Hope realizes that is what they want her to do as well. Hope realizes they won't tell her what she needs to know, so she will leave. Hope tells them that she loves them both, but she is missing a year of her life which she has to get back. She tells them that nothing will stop her from finding out what happened last year.


May 4
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At the mansion, Sami is ranting to Eric, who is helping her pack, that Victor is a heartless creep for doing this to her. Sami thinks that Will is going to feel abandoned. Henderson shows up with Will, because Will insisted on seeing his mom. Will asks him mom what is happening? Henderson leaves, and Eric talks to Will and tells him that he needs to come to his place more often. Will asks why? Sami explains once again that she will be living there now. Will asks his mom please don't go. Sami tells Will that she'll read him another story, so Eric tells Will to get into his PJ's and get ready for bed. After Will runs upstairs, Sami breaks down in Eric's arms. Sami looks around and realizes this is where the nightmare began, sometimes she can still see Franco's body on the floor. Sami says she never would have lost custody of Will if she hadn't been convicted of the murder. Hendersn, who has returned, says that they are lucky the real murder confessed, though when he saw his picture in the paper he was surprised. Sami asks why? Did he see Roberto here the night Franco was killed? Henderson says no, he was of work that night, and happened to see a man and woman at a club he was at, and he's positive that the man was Roberto. Sami asks what the name of this club was? Henderson says it was the strip club downtown, but asks they not tell anyone. After Henderson leaves, Sami plots to prove that Roberto didn't murder Franco.

Brandon takes Nicole to their mom's place for her birthday dinner. Nicole can't believe Brandon was able to talk her into doing it, so Brandon asks her to do it for him. They go into see their mom, and Brandon gives her an evening dress to wear when they take her out to dinner tonight. Brandon tells Nicole to help their mom get ready for their evening. Faye puts on the dress, and doesn't think she'll fit in at Tuscany. Brandon tells her that she'll be fine, she'll be with him.

Lucas, Victor, and Kate go out to Tuscany for dinner. They all start fighting about Nicole, and Lucas refuses to have Kate and Victor badmouth his wife. Lucas tells them that he and Nicole will be married for the rest of their lives, so they better get used to her. Victor says he can understand why he was drawn to Nicole, she can be winning and charming at times, but he can't understand his relationship with Sami. Victor asks Lucas why he slept with Sami? Kate says she'd like to know the answer to that too. Lucas says he and Sami used to be best friends, and she had just been raped and thought no man would ever look at her again. Lucas says he thought she was attractive and that was not true, and one thing lead to another. Lucas says he does not regret it at all, Will is the best thing in his life. Victor tells Lucas if he truly loves Will and wants to make him happy, then he should give up custody. Victor says that Sami is a scrapper, she will do whatever it takes to get Will away from him. Victor reminds Lucas how he got custody of Will in the first place. Kate agrees and says Victor does have a point. Victor says if he gives custody to Sami he can still spend time with the boy, but if he plays hardball, he's looking for trouble. Kate says speaking of trouble, and everyone sees that Nicole has shown up. Lucas wonders who the other woman with Nicole and Brandon is, and Victor says he can't tell.

Brandon, Nicole, and Faye show up at Tuscany, and Nicole suggests they wait at the bar until their table is ready. Faye is disappointed that Nicole's husband couldn't join them, but Nicole says he is busy. Lucas approaches Nicole, who quickly drags Lucas away to talk. Victor recognizes Faye, so he and Kate go over to say hello to her. Faye is happy to meet "Mrs. Kiriakis," but Brandon says they aren't married. Victor has to say hello to a business associate, leaving Kate and Faye alone. Faye thinks it is odd that their children are married, yet they don't know one another. Kate says if she had it her way their marriage would never have happened.

Meanwhile, Lucas accuses Nicole of lying to him to avoid coming to dinner with him tonight. Nicole tells Lucas to wake up and get the picture, she is not a happy woman, and she is certainly not happy with him. Lucas says he thought they were working things out, that things were getting better? Nicole says he's right, and suggests they have a drink to toast to the future.

At Dot.Com, Shawn and Phillip are playing a videogame, and make a bet on it, and even set up a tournaments. Phillip says that the looser has to ask ghoul girl out to the Last Blast Dance. Shawn tells Phillip no way. They start teasing him, and he says the reason he said no is because he's going jet skiing that weekend, so he's not going with anyone. Phillip accusing Shawn of wimping out, because if he thought he could win, he wouldn't have to worry about missing the dance. Shawn says that is not it, and accepts the challenge. The decide to start the first game in the tournament, but Shawn wants to get a drink first. One of Phillip's friends tells him that if Shawn looses, he is sure to be crowned king of the dance. Shawn looses the first game, and then Shawn gets a call from his parents who are coming to pick him up.

At the hospital, Nancy tells Craig that Chloe is her daughter. Craig thinks she just wants Chloe to be her daughter, and Chloe agrees with Craig and says they can't form that type of bond overnight. Craig knows something more is going on, and demands Nancy tell him what. Nancy tells Craig that CHloe is her daughter, her real daughter, she gave birth to her. Nancy says that with a little encouragement from her father, she put her up for adoption. Craig says that this must be a joke, Chloe is fifteen, they have been together for fifteen years, he would have known. Nancy tells him that it was when she studied in Paris for the semester, and then Craig realizes that Dr. Miller forced Nancy to leave the country to have the baby. Craig asks Nancy how could she? Dr. Miller says they were nineteen and couldn't take care of a child. Craig is furious with Dr. Miller for making this decision for Nancy. Nancy stops them from fighting, and she asks Dr. Miller and Chloe to leave her with her husband. Before Chloe leaves, Nancy tells her that she only told Craig for all the right reasons, one day when she's a mother she'll understand. Chloe cries "Like I ever want to be a mother," and leaves. Craig asks Nancy why she kept it to herself, why she didn't tell him? Nancy says she's sorry, but what's done is done. Craig is upset with Nancy for not telling him. Nancy doesn't blame him, which angers him even more. Craig says she knows it is unforgivable, but she's asking him to do just that. Craig says they've known each other since they were kids, they were best friends who became lovers and then got married, she was his world. Craig tells Nancy that he put her up on a pedastale and tried to feel worthy of her, and now he's found out that he's been betrayed. Craig wonders if he ever knew her at all. Nancy thinks their love can help them survive this, but Craig says that won't make it all better. Nancy says can't lose him, but Craig says he doesn't know what he wants right now. Nancy tells Craig that she loves him, but Craig says that won't save her, she betrayed him and lied to him for fifteen years. Craig asks how this could have happened, they were careful and took precautions. Craig asks why she didn't tell him, he could have had a say in it. Nancy says that she didn't tell him because Chloe is her daughter, not his.

Dr. Miller and Chloe talk. Dr. Miller says that Nancy's mother doesn't know about her, and Nancy and her mother have never been close. Dr. Miller says that everyone loved Nancy, and he believes that his wife was jealous of her. Chloe says at least Nancy knew she had a mother who loved her and wanted her, but Dr. Miller tells Chloe not to be so sure about that. Dr. Miller says that most of the time Nancy's mother wasn't interested in her, she was very dismissive. Chloe asks what about the other times? Dr. Miller says she was difficult and would lose control. Chloe asks if Nancy's mom hit her? Dr. Miller doesn't answer, which is in essence an answer. Chloe asks why he didn't stop it? Dr. Miller says he was a busy doctor at the time and was always at work. Dr. Miller says four years after Nancy was born they had a son, and his wife devoted her life to that boy, which made the bond between him and Nancy even stronger. CHloe says "But you are always fighting?" Dr. Miller says you fight with those you love the most. Dr. Miller says he loves his daughter, just like Nancy loves her. CHloe says she didn't know, she always thought Nancy's life was perfect. Dr. Miller says that is because she has been consumed in her own pain to notice anyone else's. Chloe "how dares" him for turning this around on her, and says that at least Nancy's mother didn't give her up to total strangers.


May 5
Again, Not Proofed. Just Don'T Have The Energy Tonight
At Dot.Com, Shawn and Phillip continue their tournaments because Shawn's parents are going to be a little late. As they are playing, Chloe shows up and meets Belle. Belle asks Chloe if she told Nancy she decided to stay? CHloe says she did, but Nancy has blown it. Chloe says that Nancy has told Craig the truth. Belle thinks that means she's not ashamed anymore, but Chloe thinks that Nancy only did it to force her to stay with her and not leave with Dr. Miller. CHloe says that Nancy couldn't have cared less if she left, she just didn't want her father to win. Belle thinks that Nancy does love Chloe, and mothers love their children even before they are born because it is instinct. Meanwhile, Shawn beats Phillip, who demands they play again. Phillip wins the third game, and Shawn says he can't play anymore because his parents will be here soon. Shawn leaves, and Belle wonders where he is off to in such a hurry. Belle decides to go get Chloe and herself something to drink, and runs into Phillip doing so. She asks if he knows where Shawn took off to, so he tells her that he had to go meet his parents. Belle returns to CHloe, and they continue to talk. Chloe thinks that Craig and Nancy's marriage might be over. Belle thinks it almost sounds like Chloe doesn't want things to work out and she wants Nancy to be hurt. Chloe says that you reap what you sew, and she tries to convince Belle that she is not angry.

Hope and Bo are driving to Dot.Com, and Hope is telling Bo that she can't take much more of this being kept in the dark about the past year. Bo tells Hope that she should be preparing herself to bring this baby into the world. Hope says she is doing that, and a lot more things. Hope realizes it is "almost time." Hope turns on the radio, and the announcer plays their song and announces that Hope is ready to walk down the isle with Bo. Bo pulls over to the side of the road for a little make-out session with Hope.

Bo and Hope pick Shawn up, and blindfold him before they agree to go anywhere with him. They eventually arrive at their new house, which looks a lot like Jack and Jen's old house, which Shawn thinks is cool. After checking out his room, Shawn asks when they can move in? Bo says as soon as possible.

Outside the DiMera mansion, Rolfe brings his pregnant niece Marlo to Salem. Marlo believes the baby is going to make her rich, but Rolfe says she will only make the money if she does what she is told and keeps her mouth shut. Marlo assures Rolfe that she has it under control, and his boss will think she's a virgin.

In the DiMera mansion, Bart gives Stefano a report on pregnant mothers he has found for Stefano. Stefano thinks everything is going to work out just fine, Lexie will get her baby, and it will grow to love him just as Alexandra does. Later, Rolfe tells Stefano about his pregnant niece Marlo, who was planning on putting the baby up for adoption. Rolfe says the baby is a boy, due around the same time as Hope's. Stefano is excited and asks Rolfe to bring this woman to him. Rolfe brings Marlo in to meet Stefano, who tells Stefano that she didn't know what she was going to do with her baby until her uncle told her about him, and he is an answer to her prayers. Suddenly, Stefano smacks Rolfe and tells him not to dare play him for a fool! Marlo asks Stefano what in the hell he's doing? Stefano warns Marlo to let this be a lesson to her never to try and fool him. Marlo asks Stefano just who he thinks he is? Stefano asks who they think they are coming in her with this ridiculous act? Stefano asks Marlo what Rolfe told her to do? Marlo says he asked her to act meek and innocent, but she's the total opposite. Marlo says she's only in this for the money and she doesn't want the kid. Stefano yells at Marlo to go outside and wait for her uncle Rolfey. Stefano tells Rolfe to get out of here and take the girl to a motel. Rolfe goes out to see Marlo, who asks if she will get the money? Rolfe says yes, but she must never break the rules or betray him. Stefano thinks that Marlo will do just nicely, and after the baby is born, Marlo will be expendable.

At Abe and Lexie's place, Lexie asks Abe how he could have abandoned Larry Morris? Abe tells LExie that before they talk about that, she needs to know he is planning to resign. Lexie tells Abe that he is a great cop and what happened with Larry wasn't intentional. Abe says it doesn't matter, the results were the same. Lexie tells Abe a story about when she messed up as a cop, but what she doesn't understand is why he never went to see Larry? Abe says they've been over this, there is no excuse for his actions, and he is a coward. Lexie tells Abe that is not true, he is one of the strongest and bravest men she knows. Abe apologizes to Lexie for disappointing her and says that is the last thing she ever wanted to do. Lexie tells him that she loves him with all her heart, and that will never change.

At Tuscany, Lucas refuses to drink with Nicole, and if he was going to drink, he wouldn't drink at his sponser's restaurant. Lucas asks Nicole what she is doing here with Brandon and that lady? Nicole says that is no lady, that is her mother! Lucas can't believe she hasn't even bothered to introduce him to his mother in law. Nicole says she already knows all about him and how wonderful he is and caring. Nicole then starts trying to goat Lucas into drinking. She says that she doesn't think he is really an alcoholic, he just claims to be one in order to get sympathy from people. Lucas says that everyone tells him he is, but Nicole says she is telling him that he isn't, so it won't kill him to have one drink with her. She asks what the worst thing that can happen is? She says that they might have some fun, and it might make her feel a little romantic. Maggie waves to Lucas, and he tells Nicole that he can't.

Elsewhere, Kate and Faye continue to talk. Kate tells Faye that in all honesty, her daughter is a bitch. Faye tells Kate that it takes one to know one! Kate calls her gutsy for calling her a bitch to her face. Faye says it is better than doing it behind her back, which is what she is doing to Nicole. Kate says that Nicole knows how she feels about her. Faye says what is important is how her son feels about Nicole, and she gets the feeling that he loves her very much. Kate apologizes for sounding like the mother in law from hell, and they agree to try and get along for their children's sake. Kate returns to Victor, and Brandon comes back to sit with his mother. Faye asks Brandon how he's been, is everything back to normal now that the lawsuit is settled? Brandon says his life is back to normal, but Abe's will never be. Faye asks what he's talking about? Brandon says he isn't Abe's only victim, he's screwed with other people's lives. Before Brandon can tell Faye what happened with Abe, Nicole introduces Lucas to her mother. Lucas tells Faye that he now knows where his wife gets her good looks. Right as Lucas is about to ask Faye about Nicole as a child, Maggie shows up with a birthday cake for Faye. Brandon thinks his mother has never been surprised like that before, and she remembers when Abe surprised her with a cup cake for her birthday and sang happy birthday to her.

Back at Victor's table, Kate tells Victor that Faye is very interesting. Victor praises Nicole and says he can't believe they are mother and daughter. Kate thinks that Faye is out of her element here, but Victor thinks Faye is a very classy lady.

Lexie and Abe show up at Tuscany, and Faye is shocked when she sees Abe. Abe doesn't see her, and she seems upset when he doesn't notice her. Suddenly, Lexie gets a call from Stefano, who asks her to meet her for lunch tomorrow to talk about adoption.

Faye goes outside to meet Brandon and is upset. Brandon asks what is wrong? Faye says she just saw someone she knew who didn't recognize her, he must have totally forgotten her.

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