March 99 Week 2


March 8
Nicole surprises Eric with breakfast in bed to cheer him up. He reads the paper, which has his sister's death sentence as the headline. Billie gives Eric a call, who hints that she's not alone. Billie tells Eric that she has an idea on how to get more info from Roberto and they agree to meet in Salem Place in a half-hour. Eric thanks Nicole for breakfast, but says he has to meet a friend. Nicole becomes suspicious and asks why he's keeping secrets, does he no longer trust her? Eric says he just has a lot of things to do this morning. Nicole says she thinks he's seeing another woman, but Eric says he isn't and says they have to trust one another. Nicole says she does trust, which pleases Eric. Eric says he has to go and runs off.

Kate is thinking about telling Austin that Franco was involved with the mob. She hopes that now that Roman is buying the theory too, it will take the pressure off her and Lucas. Lucas walks in the room and tells his mom not to celebrate yet, he won't let Sami be put to death. They start bickering again and Kate is positive that Sami will slip up and he will get Will back. Lucas says Austin won't let slip up and he may never see Will again because of her! Lucas tells her this is all her fault and everything she does seems to end with a catastrophe. They then start arguing about Nicole again. Lucas tells his mom that he and Nicole will be together, and he doesn't care what she says. Lucas tells his mom that if he loses Will, he will never forgive her for this. Kate promises he won't lose his son, but Lucas says her promises don't mean a thing because she lies to him like she lies to Austin. Billie walks in at this point and asks what she's lying to Austin about? Kate makes an excuse and says that they were talking about her reason for hiring Franco. Lucas leaves and Billie and Kate start talking and Kate admits to going out with Roman last night. She says she wanted to comfort him and Billie asks him if she did? Kate says Roman kept trying to contact her, but she wasn't there. Fortunately, she was able to lift his spirits. Billie asks her mom if she and Roman are becoming close. Kate asks what business it is of hers? Billie says she is just curious. Billie says she has to go to a meeting. Kate asks Billie if it has anything to do with Austin? Kate says that she's known for awhile that she's been helping him. Billie tells her mom that she is, with his work. Billie says she's been doing the work that is piling up on his desk. Kate tells Billie that she'd hate to see her go to jail along with her brother, but Billie says she will be fine. Billie leaves and Kate wonders what her daughter is up to.

Nicole shows up at Titan and sees that there is a photo shoot going on. She thinks that it's for her, but Lucas tells her it's not.

At the cabin, Sami is baking Austin a cake as a thank you. Austin promises her that this will be over soon and they can go back to their old lives. Sami asks Austin if he will go back to Carrie? Austin says he still loves Carrie, but asks what is there to go back to? Austin says it is obvious that Carrie rather be with Mike. Sami urges him to talk to her because she might think he ran away from her, but Austin doesn't think that is the case. He says that the moment she ran to Mike was the moment she gave up on him. Austin says he only wants to concentrate on proving her innocent. Austin says they need to get in touch with Eric and Billie to see what they've come up with. Sami doesn't like the idea of going up against mobsters, but Austin says he will make sure they are safe. Austin calls Eric to see what is going on and learns that Eric and Billie are meeting in Salem Place. Austin is determined to be there and meet with them. Eric talks with Sami and gives her some moral support. Afterwards, Tracey's phone signal prompts Sami to answer the phone. After the call, Sami tells Austin that he cannot go back to Salem. Sami tells him that their pictures have been placed on huge billboards along with rewards for their capture! Austin still insists on going to town and says he'll wear a disguise. Austin puts on his disguise, a black jacket and baseball hat, and hits the road. Austin tells himself that he plans to talk with Carrie once he gets to Salem.

Eric and Billie meet up and she tells Eric her plan for Roberto. Eric thinks her plan sounds a bit risky and wants to be there to back her up. He then suggests they wait for Austin to show up.

Roman pays Carrie a visit at her office. He knows about Mike and tells Carrie that he doesn't want her to make the kind of mistake that could cost her her marriage. Carrie says that Austin is the one who gave up on them. Roman says Austin only ran away to help Sami and Will. Roman asks Carrie if she is in love with Mike, but Carrie says she doesn't know how she feels herself. Roman tells Carrie not to give up on her marriage. He says that he doesn't like her turning to another man for support when things between her and her husband are rough. Roman asks her if she still loves Austin and Carrie says of course. Roman tells her that as long as they love each other then there is a chance. However, Carrie says Austin will go to jail along with Sami, it's over, Austin has given up. Roman asks Carrie not to give up on Austin until they talk.

Sami makes her way to a phone booth and gives her dad a call.

At the Horton House, Greta and Bo make a pact to go to Europe together to learn the truth about both Gina and Hope. Bo knows "Hope" is keeping secrets from him and wants to know what she's hiding. Greta asks Bo where they start and Bo fills Greta in on Gina's last days on the island of Capri. Greta says that her mother loved Capri, so they decide to start there. Bo says that aside from learning Hope's connection to DiMera, he wants to know who the great love of Gina's life was.

At the penthouse, John pulls out of Gina's arms and asks "Hope" why she wants him to keep searching for his past? "Hope" says it is because his past is tied to hers. John tells her that she should be turning to Bo and if she won't talk to him, talk to Marlena. John leaves and Marlena confronts "Hope" and tells her that she thinks she knows exactly what is going on with her. "Hope" asks what she means and Marlena tells her that she thinks she's pushing Bo away to protect herself. "Hope" says maybe she's right, she wishes Bo wouldn't pressure her so much. Marlena thought she wanted a future with Bo, but "Hope" says she wants a future with the man she loves. "Hope" asks Marlena how she is to get over the fact that he's been with another woman, that he fathered her child. Marlena understands, but says that Bo wants to marry her now, but she keeps putting up walls. "Hope" says she wants to marry Bo, but couldn't bear the heartbreak if she was torn apart from Bo again. Marlena tells her that every decision in life involves a risk. Marlena tells her if she doesn't take a chance with Bo, she'll lose him. Hope snaps back at Marlena and accuses her of not wanting John to search for his past. Marlena says that is not true, she will support John's decision. Marlena says she doesn't understand why what John does matters to her, it doesn't effect her life. "Hope" responds with "the hell it doesn't!" Marlena asks "Hope" why John is suddenly so important to her? "Hope" says that John is the only one who understands what she's going through, what it's like to feel lost and empty. Marlena tells her that John has a very full and happy life. Marlena returns to the subject of Bo and asks "Hope" if she loves Bo anymore? "Hope" says she loves him with all her heart, but she can't get by all the times her rejected her for Billie. Marlena tells her what is important is the future, the past is dead and buried. "Hope" shouts "no your wrong!" "Hope" tells Marlena that she's being very selfish and insist John search for his past. She tells her that John could have a wife and a child, there could be a woman waiting for John to return to her, waiting to be reunited with the man that she loves.

John takes a walk in Salem Place and begins thinking about Gina and the dress, and wonders why. John runs into Bo and Greta and learns that they are planning a trip to Naples. Bo says he was going to get them some tickets, but John wants them to take his jet. John tells Bo that "Hope" stopped by to see Marlena and they are together right now. John tells Bo that "Hope" wants him to go to Europe. Bo is troubled and doesn't understand why "Hope" is being so insensitive lately. Bo tells John that he still believes DiMera has changed "Hope" somehow, he thinks he's playing mind games with her. Also in Salem Place, Lucille and Lily are shopping. Lucille wants to return to Lugano, but Lily refuses to leave without Princess Gina. Lucille tells her that Gina is dead, but Lily is convinced that her Gina has returned in Hope, hopefully for good! Lily tells Lucille that the she felt the real Gina last night, and so did Greta. Lily runs into Bo, John, and Greta, and suggests to Greta that they go shopping. Greta says she could go shopping with her for awhile, and the two take off. John is troubled by Lily and tells Bo that he is beggining to wonder if he and Gina were more than good friends . . . . . Bo asks what would make him think that? John tells Bo to forget it, he was a priest and wouldn't break those vows. Meanwhile, Greta and Lily have a grand time shopping. Bo and John are at the Java Cafe and Bo thinks Lily knows more than she's telling them. Bo says once he's in Europe he'll find out if there are any skeleton's in her closet.


March 9
At the DiMera Mansion, Vivian is taking off her make-up when she realizes she has to keep it on to fool Stefano. Meanwhile, Stefano is telling his housekeeper to make sure fresh flowers are placed in Vivian's room every day. He's beginning to feel guilty about killing his wife. Ivan shows up and starts crying on Stefano's shoulder. Vivian sees this and feels bad about not telling Ivan the truth, but he could easily blow everything for her. Vivian goes downstairs to see Ivan and then collapses. Stefano and Ivan take Vivian into the living room and Ivan begs Ivan to let him take her to the townhouse. Vivian says she'd love to go back once more and look at her treasures, but Stefano tells her that she can't go! Vivian asks why not?? Stefano says because she can hardly make it downstairs! There is someone at the doorbell and Vivian says it must be the funeral director she called. However, it is some clerks delivering presents for Vivian that Stefano bought her. One of the gifts is a crystal which holds healing powers and he shows her how to use it because he wants them to go out tonight. Ivan asks him madame not to do this, but she assures him that she knows what she is doing. Ivan leaves and Stefano tells Vivian to continue opening her gifts. He excuses himself quickly and makes a call to Lexie to see if she has checked the results on Vivian to see if a mistake has been made. Lexie says there is no mistake and says maybe if he had let her and Mike run tests on Vivian a long time ago, then they could have saved her life. Lexie hangs up and Stefano says "oh God, what have I done!" Later, Vivian wants Stefano to promise to be buried next to her when his time comes. She asks him to put on a necklace he bought her and tells herself that Stefano has met her match and won't know it until he signs over all his Titan stocks to her.

At the hospital, Lexie is feeling guilty about lying to her dad, but says she can't keep pretending he's changed. Lexie runs into Mike, who confides in her about Ali's mistakes in surgery. Mike feels like there is another side of Ali that he hasn't been seeing. Lexie asks what he's going to do and Mike fears he may have to fire her, but wants to give her another chance. Lexie tells Mike if Ali can't do her job then he'll have to let her go. Mike feels guilty and thinks he's the one who has made her become like this, but Lexie tells him that people break up, it happens. Meanwhile, at the nurses station, Ali spills coffee on herself and another nurse helps her. The nurse tells Ali to ask Mike if she can leave early, but Ali says that Mike is the last person she wants to see now. Craig runs into Nancy, who is upset, but doesn't tell Craig about her appointment today. Nancy tells him that she can't talk with him and runs off. Craig chats with Ali and tells her that she pulled off a great performance, but Ali tells him that she wasn't acting. Lexie checks up on Ali, who snaps at her for talking about her about her back. Ali stomps off and Lexie says that Mike has got to fire Ali. Craig goes to see Mike about Ali and tells him that he has a solution to his Ali problem, he could get Ali the job of head nurse at another hospital. Later, Lexie talks to Mike about the convention in LA. Mike says he is going and he's going to ask Carrie. Lexie is glad to see Mike putting himself first, but Mike says it's still not his decision.

Mike and Ali finally get a moment alone to talk. Mike apologizes for coming down hard on her and says he'd like to make things up to her. Nancy goes to her mammogram appointment, alone. Meanwhile, Craig starts searching for her and wonders where she is.

In her office, Carrie realizes that she has to talk to Austin. Meanwhile, Austin is making his way to Salem and thinking about how Carrie betrayed him with Mike at their special place.

Sami makes her way to a payphone and calls her dad. Roman asks Sami to return to Salem and she says she will consider it, on one condition. Sami wants to make sure Austin won't be punished, but Roman can't promise that. Sami says then she can't come home. Roman tells her to come home where she'll have the love and support of her family. Sami says she's getting all the love and support she needs from Austin. Sami hangs up on her dad and Carrie overhears her dad talking to Sami. Carrie learns that Sami will only come home if Austin stays out of jail, but he couldn't make that promise. Carrie thinks that she's still going to lose her husband, but Roman thinks he may be able to trace the call.

In Salem Place, Eric and Billie are waiting for Austin to show up. Meanwhile, Kate shows up and is positive that Eric and Billie have come here to meet Austin. She says that she won't let Austin leave this time until she has Will back and Sami is in jail. Kate overhears them talking about Austin being late and realizes that they are helping Austin. Suddenly sirens sound and Billie gets a call, which she fears is about Austin. It is Austin on the phone, but he's okay. Austin is hiding out in Salem Place, but says he has to do something personal first and will meet them in two hours. A spying Kate thinks Billie told Eric to meet back in one hour. Kate calls Roman and tells him that Austin is going to meet Billie and Eric in Salem Place. Roman is still with Carrie, who asks to go with him to meet Austin. Roman tells her on one condition, she get him to tell where he is hiding Sami and Will. Carrie agrees.

Austin spots Kate and says she is the last person he needs to see, he can't count on her loyalty just like she can't count on Carrie's. Austin calls the hospital to talk to Carrie, but gets Mike, who tells him she's not in. Meanwhile, Billie agrees to meet Roberto at the Holiday Palace Hotel. Eric wants to go with Billie, but she refuses and says she can handle herself. Eric and Billie end up purchasing Lingerie for her evening with Roberto and then rushes off to meet him, but says she will be back in time to meet Austin.

Carrie and Roman spy on Eric and Billie and see them leave and they think Kate was wrong. Roman leaves for the station and Carrie decides to walk back to the hospital. Roman runs into Kate and accuses her of sending him on a wild goose chase. Carrie is walking through Salem wishing she could see Austin. Suddenly, Austin approaches her in the park.

Sami goes back to the cabin and tells Will that she's very proud of him for not complaining and says they will be home soon. Tracey tells Sami that she's sorry his dad couldn't promise Austin immunity. Sami feels so bad for Austin and Tracey tells her that Austin feels very deeply for her and Will. Sami thinks it's ironic that when she finally told Austin to put Carrie's feelings first, he stayed with her. Tracey asks Sami if she still loves Austin? Sami says she always will be, but she's through living in a fantasy world. Tracey tells her that Austin can prove her innocent and then maybe her fantasy will become a reality. Later, Sami daydreams that Austin returns to her and asks her to marry him.


March 10
At the hospital, Marlena has been called in to consult on a patient. Marlena is remembering her tiff with "Hope" and how she told him that John could have had a wife or children somewhere. Marlena wonders what if "Hope" was right. John, Greta, and Bo show up and Bo asks how things went with "Hope." Marlena tells them that she talked with her, but the "Hope" she talked to isn't the "Hope" she knows. Bo asks how she was different and Marlena says that she was very guarded and became angry and emotional about John. Marlena says "Hope" begged her not to stand in the way of John discovering his past. Marlena tells John that "Hope" is obsessed with him. John asks why and Marlena says that she suggested something that hadn't occurred to her, there might be a woman in his past waiting for him to return. John tells him that can't be, he was a priest. However, Bo says that DiMera could have been controlling him, so he could have been involved with someone else. John says even if he was, Gina (interesting, they only mentioned a woman, not GINA) is dead so it doesn't matter. However, Greta says that she thinks her mother is alive in Hope. Bo wonders if the car accident could have something to do with this, but Marlena says a concussion can't change behavior. Bo says okay, but they all know DiMera could. Bo says that they have to find out what the real Gina did that was so important that he needed Hope to continue her work. Bo tells them that he and Greta are leaving for Europe tonight and it's best they not tell "Hope."

Bo goes to the boat and fantasizes (I think) about proposing to Hope and her accepting. He says that he hasn't given up on them yet. Greta shows up to see Bo, who is almost finished packing for their trip. Bo vows to find out what has happened to "Hope."

Gina wonders if she went too far with Marlena, but then says she didn't because John was hers long before Stefano and Marlena stole him away. Gina refuses to let the saintly Dr. Evans stand in the way of what is hers. Gina wonders what she'll do with Marlena, and luckily she knows the person who can help her out. Gina goes to see Lilly, but Lucille says Ms. Faversham has just returned for a nap. Gina demands Lucille fetch Ms. Faversham like a good little servant, NOW! Lucille goes to get Lilly Lilly comes out to see Gina and Gina gives Lucille some money and suggest she go to the hotel lounge. Lilly is glad to see Gina and tells her that she spent time with Greta earlier. Lilly says that Greta is the image of Princess Gina. Lilly sees an odd look on Gina's face and asks if something is wrong? Gina says no, for the first time in a long time things are almost like they should be. Gina tells Lilly that she's back, Gina's back! Lilly is so thrilled and says her prayers have been answered. Lilly tells Gina how Bo was here asking questions and how she told him she was in love with someone while she was Gina. Gina tells Lilly that she can't tell Bo this, but she is in love with another man. Gina tells her that she needs to bring her lost love back into her life. Lilly feels bad for her and says she will keep their secret. Gina tells Lilly that she is here to stay and will reclaim what she lost.

Back at Marlena's office, John makes a call to his pilot and the plane is readied for Bo and Greta. Marlena tells John that she thinks "Hope" knows something she won't share with anyone but him. Marlena tells John that she knows he remembered something during the hypnosis session and asks if it had something to do with the possibility that he and Gina were more than just friend. John gives her a look and just tells her what he remembered was vague. Marlena says that "Hope" made a good point, there might be a family out there for him. John tells her that nothing will change what happens to them and won't let anything ruin this wonderful future they are going to have.

Eric walks Billie to the hotel and waits out front for her. Roberto shows up and she lets him into the room she rented. Roberto wants to get to the action immediately, but Billie tells him that she wants to take it nice and slow. Billie starts serving him alcohol and then gives him a massage on the bed. Roberto tells her that if she makes him very happy tonight, he'll reward her greatly. Billie tells him that Franco never charged her. Roberto says that was Franco's problem, he thought the drugs were his and gave them away, he never charged for them like he was supposed to. Roberto tells her that Franco crossed people you don't live to tell about. Roberto also goes on to tell her that there was a contract out on Franco, which is why he didn't go back to Italy. Billie says it's a good thing he was safe in Salem, but Roberto tells her you can't hide from these people, they know everything. Roberto also lets her know that he was the one who ratted out Franco. Roberto goes to enjoy the sauna and Billie tries to figure out how to tell Eric. Eric comes up to the room while Roberto is in the sauna and Eric says they are close to clearing Sami. Eric tells her to grab her things and leave, but Billie doesn't want to blow her cover and needs more information. Billie tells him to go see Austin and give him the news, she will be okay. However, little does she know that Roberto was listening from the bathroom door. Eric leaves and Roberto grabs Billie and pulls a knife on her.

Up at the cabin, Sami admits to Tracey that she's begging to think she and Austin might have a chance, she has hope for them. Suddenly, Sami remembers it is Carrie's birthday and thinks Austin won't go to see her. However, if he does, Carrie will try and smooth talk him into turning himself in because she will blame everything on her. Tracey and Sami talk and Tracey tells Sami that she sees her, Austin, and Will as a happy family very soon.

In Salem Park, Austin confronts Carrie. Carrie rushes into his arms and says he came back because it was her birthday and this is the best present he could give her, he came back to turn himself in. However, Austin says that's not why he is here. Austin says he has no intention on turning himself or Sami in. Carrie begs him to turn himself in, but Austin refuses to return until he's proven Sami innocent. Carrie tells Austin that she's been so worried about him and has missed him so much. Carrie tries to hold him, but he doesn't respond. She asks what is wrong with him? Austin says that a lot has happened. Carrie says that being on the run must be hard, but Austin says it's actually a positive experience, Sami is getting to spend a lot of time with Will. Austin refuses to let Lucas get his hands on Will. Carrie says that Will needs both his mother and his father, but Austin says Lucas doesn't deserve to be in Will's life. Carrie says fine, but what happens to Will when he and Sami are caught? Austin has no intention of letting that happen. Carrie says "then to hell with everything else, including our marriage" and that Sami is pulling them apart again. Austin gets angry and asks when she's going to stop blaming everyone else, she's no one to judge Sami. Carrie asks how she made him so angry? Austin says that he thought she understood why he had to do this, why he had to protect Will from Lucas. Carrie says that they can't ignore all Sami's bad deeds and not Lucas', she can't have it both ways. Austin tells her neither can she, and she has to make a choice. Carrie doesn't understand what choice, when suddenly, the cops arrive. Austin makes a run for it as Carrie begs him not to leave. The show ends with Austin coming face to face with a gun.


March 11
At Titan, Lucas asks Nicole to stick around for the photo shoot. She's floored when Taylor walks out! Lucas tells Nicole that Taylor is Titan's newest new face. Nicole says that Taylor is hardly a model, but Lucas says that Taylor is definitely a new face. Nicole asks Taylor what she's trying to pull, but Lucas says this was his idea. Lucas calls in a new photographer, which upsets Nicole. Lucas tells Nicole that Eric didn't return his messages and if he's not careful, he won't be working here any longer. Nicole watches Taylor's shoot, Taylor is nervous. Lucas tells Taylor to think about something that makes her face light up, and of course she daydreams that Eric is shooting her, and soon they kiss. It does the trick and Taylor lightens up and relaxes. After the shoot, Nicole asks Lucas if he's doing this on purpose? Lucas says no, he thinks Taylor shows promise. He tells her a model's career doesn't last long, which is why she needs to prepare for her future. Then he says "Oh, but you already have, with Eric." Later, the photographer brings Lucas Taylor's proof sheets. Lucas looks through them and tells Taylor that these are sensational. Taylor looks at them and barely recognizes herself. Lucas tells her it's her and these photos have Titan's next new star written all over them.

Nancy calls the doctor about her mammogram results, but they haven't come in. She asks the doctor to call her as soon as they come in. Craig asks Nancy who she is talking to and Nancy says she was talking to reporters about Sami. Craig says that hopefully Ali will sue Mike very soon. However, Nancy warns Craig that Ali could easily turn on him in the end.

In his office, Mike tells Ali that he wants to make things up to her, he has a solution to the problem she has working for him. Mike tells Ali that she should quit her job and marry him. However, that was a fantasy Ali was having. Mike and Ali start arguing once again about how they are not a couple and Mike tells her at this point, he doesn't know if they can continue to be friends! Mike says that he's decided to give her a promotion, Mike says Mercy hospital is looking for a new head nurse and he has recommended her and written her a letter of referral. Ali is not pleased because Mike is getting rid of her. Mike says he thinks this is best, she will forget about him and find a new future. Ali tells Mike that he has no idea what is best for her and tears up the letter. Mike asks her to consider it, being head nurse is what she wants. Ali says what she wants she can't have, so she'll apply for the job. Ali storms out of his office and refuses to let Mike get rid of her like this. Ali goes to talk to Craig and tells him what Mike is doing to her. Ali says there is no way she is going to take the job or let Mike get away with it, she's going to sue Mike and the hospital!

Carrie is in her office and is thinking about Austin running away from her, again. Carrie decides to call her dad to tell him that she saw Austin, but then realizes there is no point. Carrie wonders if she drove Austin away by not giving Sami the benefit of the doubt. As she is thinking, Nancy drops by with some research she's done for her fundraisers. Nancy tells Carrie that she and Craig are going to LA soon, and tells Carrie that she wishes she'd go. Nancy asks Carrie if there is anything keeping her in Salem? Carrie says nothing is keeping her here, but she's not going to LA with Mike. Nancy asks if Mike has asked her and she says no, and she doesn't want to bother him about it. Nancy asks Carrie if she is avoiding Mike? Nancy then asks Carrie if she is okay and Carrie says she's very worried about Austin, and her sister. She says despite what Sami has done, she doesn't want her to die. However, Sami is the reason Austin deserted her. Nancy tells her that she doesn't blame her for feeling abandoned and turning to Mike for comfort. As they talk, Nancy gets a call from the doctor's office about her mammogram result. Nancy has to leave and Carrie thanks her for listening. Nancy runs into Mike on the way out and she tells him that Carrie needs him now. Mike goes in to see Carrie and she tells him that she's having a bad day. Carrie asks Mike to hold her, and he does, but they soon end up kissing.

A cop nabs Austin because he thinks he's the hospital mugger. When Austin takes off his glasses, he realizes who Austin is. Meanwhile, Eric is also in the park and decides to go check on Billie. On his way out, Eric sees the cop with Austin and hears him calling for backup. Eric shakes a tree behind the cop, dumping snow on him, and Austin makes a break for it. However, the cop fires at Austin as he runs off. Austin escapes and Eric throws the cop off the track by telling him some guy just went running off in another direction. Eric tells Austin the news and Austin tells him to call Sami and tell her. Austin makes a break for it and Eric calls his sister. Eric tells her everything he knows so far, about Roberto and Joe Moroni. Meanwhile, the cops chase Austin through the park, and then the sewers.

At the hotel, Roberto pulls a knife on Billie and says he knows she has betrayed him, He wants to know why she's so interested in him and Franco Kelly. Billie tries to smooth talk her way out of the situation and Roberto buys her act. However, he says if she really wants to be with him, she has to prove it! The two start kissing, but Billie pulls away. Roberto gets angry, pushes her to the bed, and tries to rape her. Suddenly, Roberto is shot and killed! Eric shows up and asks what happened? Billie tells him that someone killed Roberto as he was trying to rape her. Eric checks on Roberto and finds out that he's still alive. Eric tells Billie to get dressed, he's calling his dad.

Roman is with Kate at the mansion and they both realize Billie and Eric are meeting Austin somewhere. They start bickering over why each of them wants Austin and Sami found. Roman tells Kate about Sami's phonecall to him, which is what he is hoping will lead him to Sami and Will. As they continue to bicker, Kate tells Roman that he owes her an apology. Roman refuses to apologizes until she tells him how she knows Eric and Billie are working with Austin? Kate says that she saw them huddled and talking in Salem Place. Roman then asks Kate why she tried to stop him from talking to Roberto? Kate says that she didn't stop him. Suddenly, Roman gets a call about Sami's call, it was traced to the Blue Ridge. Roman decides to get up there. Suddenly, Billie and Eric show up and tell Roman that they know who killed Franco!

Sami is still at the cabin and can't stand being cooped up here and not knowing what is going on. She thinks Austin could be in danger and says she doesn't know what she'd do if she lost Austin now. Sami tells Tracey that she wishes she had scene it before, Franco was in the mob and they killed him and framed her. Tracey asks why the mob was after Franco? Sami says that is what Austin, Billie, and Eric are trying to find out, and if they aren't careful they will wind up as dead as Franco. Sami gets fed up of sitting around and decides to jump into this situation with both feet. Sami puts on a horrid black wig disguise and decides to head to Salem.


March 12
Lucas is in his office looking at pictures of Taylor when the photographer brings him some more pictures. He remembers how Nicole was jealous during the photo shoot and hopes his plan will drive her right into his arms.

In the photo lab, Nicole asks Taylor how she convinced Lucas to give him a shot at modeling. Taylor tells Nicole that Lucas approached her, it was all his idea. She says she only did it for the money, plus it was fun. Nicole tells Taylor to be smart and not to quit her day job. Taylor asks Nicole why she can't just be happy for her! Nicole says more is going on here, Lucas' plans have nothing to do with her. Nicole tells Taylor that Lucas is trying to make her jealous so she dumps Eric, but Taylor doesn't think that is what is going on, and she walks out. Nicole becomes angry and refuses to let Lucas do this to her. Nicole goes to see Lucas and tells him that his plan isn't going to work, she's not breaking up with Eric to go out with him. Lucas says he woudn't do anything like that, he's accepted that she has chosen Eric. However, she's made choices in the past that she's broken. Nicole asks Lucas if he plans to use her past against her, but he says no. However, he says he is willing to forget about her past, could she say the same for Eric? Nicole tells Lucas that Eric doesn't need to know about her past. Lucas tells Eric that he can make her happy, but Nicole tells him that she isn't in love with him and never will be. Nicole says you don't plan to fall in love, it just happens. Lucas says he knows it can happen between them and asks her out to dinner. Nicole doesn't know and admits she has no plans with Eric and he hasn't returned any of his calls. Lucas tells her that if he was her boyfriend, she'd be his top priority. Nicole says she doesn't see the harm in one little date with him, and they leave.

At the hospital, Ali vents to Craig about what Mike is doing to her and how she is going to sue Mike and the hospital. Ali calls Gregory and sets a meeting up with him at the Blue Note. Ali asks Craig to come with her, but he says he can't, and is beeped. Craig has to run, but promises to meet Ali at the Blue Note ASAP.

Mike and Carrie are making out in Carrie's office. Mike appologizes to her, but Carrie tells him not to be. Carrie tells Mike that she saw Austin in the park and he refused to turn himself or Sami in, and ran off. She says Austin made it clear that he wants to be with Sami. Carrie says that Austin was cold to her tonight, almost angry. She wonders if Austin knows what's happened between the two of them. Mike doesn't think that is possible. He then tells her she needs to get out of town and suggests they go to LA. Carrie turns him down because she fears what could happen if they are alone together and away from Salem. Mike promises that they'll have a good time. Suddenly, a crying Nancy shows up and Mike comforts her. Mike tells her that whatever is wrong, it will be okay. Mike asks her to let them help her, but she says they can't make the lump in her breast disappear. Mike asks if he wants her to get Craig, but she tells him no, she doesn't want Craig to know. Mike tells her okay and that they will be there for her.

Austin is hiding in the sewers to avoid the cops when he hears a woman scream. He investigates and finds a man car jacking the woman's car. Austin saves the woman, but gets into a fight with the car jacker. He manages to knock the guy out and ties the guy up. When the woman sees cops, she yells at them for help. When she explains to the police what happened, she looks back to Austin, only to find out that he has vanished. Austin has hidden under the car and is in danger of being caught when a police woman spots the jacker's gun under the car! Austin avoids being caught and sneaks away when all the commotion dies down.

Eric and Billie show up at the Kiriakis Mansion and tell Roman and Kate that they know who killed Franco, a hitman for the Moroni family. Billie says they know it because Roberto told her. Eric explains that Franco was dealing drugs for the Moroni's, but he started skimming money and the Moroni's put a contract out on him. Kate says she had no idea that Frano was dealing drugs, but Billie tells her mom that she knew the truth after he and Sami got engaged. Kate denies it. Roman asks Billie how she got Roberto to open up and Billie admits to seducing him. Roman is furious and says they both could have been killed. Eric says that they couldn't call the cops in. Roman says their evidence is no good unless Roberto talks and he asks where Roberto is. Eric tells him that he's at the hospital, Roberto was shot. Eric says he doesn't know if Roberto is dead or not. Roman decides to head to the hospital and check on Roberto. Kate then lays into Billie for keeping secrets from Roman. Billie tells Kate she is just is guilty, she knows she talked to Austin and she never told that to Roman. Billie asks her mom if the reason she didn't tell Roman the truth was because she is hiding another secret? Billie asks her mom if she knew about the contract before the wedding?

Marco, Moroni's hitman, calls Moroni and tells him that Roberto will no longer be a problem. Moroni is at the Blue Note when Sami shows up and tells him that they have business to discuss. Sami introduces herself to him and tells him that if she goes to jail, she's taking him with her. Sami tells him that he will help her prove her innocence, whether he likes it or not! Sami says she knows his hitman killed Franco and framed her. Moroni tells her that she has some imagination, but Sami says she has proof and will go to the police and tell them everything if he doesn't help her. When Sami goes to leave, he tells her to sit down. They talk and Sami assures Moroni that she has more than enough evidence to nail him. Moroni agrees to help her and Sami warns him that he has 24 hours to get his hitman to confess to the murder, or she goes to the cops. Sami leaves and Moroni has his hitman follow Sami.

Roberto is taken to the hospital and Lexie works to save his life. When Roberto crashes, Lexie calls Craig. Lexie manages to stabilize Roberto before Craig shows up and Craig tells her she did a good job. Lexie recommends they wait for awhile before performing surgery and Craig agrees. Craig says he was about to go off duty, but she is to beep her if he is needed. Roman shows up to see Roberto and goes to see him. Roberto is awake and Roman wants answers about Franco's death. Roman tells him that he's not leaving until he gets the truth.

Taylor goes to her job at the hospital and wonders if Lucas was using her to make Nicole jealous. She then begins to fantasize about Eric taking pictures of her and telling her what a great future she has in modeling. Taylor snaps to and tells herself that her dreams never come true. Eric shows up at the hospital along with his dad and sees that Tylor is down in the dumps.

Craig, Ali, and Gregory meet up at the Blue Note. Gregory tells Ali that once he begins this, she can't change her mind. Ali says she will be totally committed to the suit. Gregory says he will draw up the papers and she needs to document everything to support her case.

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