March 98 Week 4


March 23
At Jonsey's house, Edmund has set off the alarm by touching the door that leads to the basement. "Susan" manages to turn the alarm off and Vivian asks her how she knew how to turn the alarm off. "Susan" says that she watched Jonsey turn off the alarm on Halloween and remembered it. Edmund wonders what is behind the door and Ivan says that Jonsey told them it leads to the basement, a place they should never go. Vivian doesn't think it would harm anyone to have a look, so "Susan" runs in front of the door and tells them no! Everyone stares at her and she says that there may be some dead vampires down there in some coffins. Vivian tries to open it, but it's locked from the other side. Ivan says that there could be a secret door outside and Edmund says there could be a secret switch for the door. Edmund says that perhaps Jonsey wasn't who he said he was, this house and his fortune may not have really been his. Vivian says of course it is and she has a drink. Kristen can't help but wonder what connection Jonsey has to Stefano. Suddenly the lights go off and Ivan says that it must be Jonsey's ghost warning them not to go near the basement. "Susan" agrees with Ivan and silently says she loves him. She also wonders if Stefano knew about Jonsey and Vivian. "Susan" and Edmund leave and Vivian starts throwing Jonsey's money around and saying that they should enjoy life. Ivan says he could enjoy life a lot more if he knew that weren't dead bodies in the basement.

Lexie has come to see Stefano and tells him that he can't go home yet. Lexie asks Stefano what Hope said to him to make him get all worked up. Stefano tells her that all he has to do is look at a Brady and he gets worked up. Lexie eventually leaves and Stefano says he has to find Celeste and give her the cure. Stefano's henchman comes to see Stefano and tells him that they haven't found Celeste. Stefano thinks that the townhouse is empty, which means that nobody will find his secrets. Stefano asks the man to go by the house to check it out and see if Celeste has wandered back there. After that, Stefano asks the man to return. The man leaves and Stefano says he has too many plans for the Brady's to be exposed now. Bart returns and tells Stefano that the house was dark, he investigated when the power had gone out. He also brought Stefano a knife and Stefano tells Bart to close the curtains in his room.

Hope is telling John abut her confrontation with Stefano. Hope says that she has given up on Bo and she is determined to find out about her past. Hope tells John about the information Stefano gave her and he also wonders why Stefano didn't let her family know that she was alive. John suggests that she must have learned something about Stefano or he had a reason to keep her there. John and Hope go over all Stefano's bad deeds and Hope wonders if Stefano wiped out her memories and make her believe that she was Gina. Hope also makes John promise not to tell Abe about her search for her past because Abe might let it slip to Lexie, who will tells Stefano.

Billie and Bo are at the hospital, Dr. Bader is giving Billie her first ultra-sound. Bo and Billie look at the baby and Billie notices that Bo is staring at the monitor. Billie excuses her self to get dressed and Dr. Bader tells Bo they need to talk about Billie's pregnancy. Dr. Bader tells Bo that Billie is concerned that she isn't gaining weight and it could be because of her drug use. Dr. Bader tells Bo that Billie's pregnancy is at risk and Bo needs to keep her as stress free as possible. Billie returns and the Dr. tells them that she will see them in two weeks. Bo shocks Billie by asking her out to dinner before he has to return to the station.

Later, John warns Lexie to beware Stefano because he will pull her into his life. Stefano manages to get dressed and rig his heart monitor to keep working without him attached to it. Stefano plans to go to Jonsey's townhouse to make sure his secrets are safe. John catches Stefano sneaking off and when Lexie shows up she tells Stefano to get back into that room. Lexie sees that Stefano managed to rig his heart monitor to make it appear like he was still in the room and wonders how he did it. Lexie leaves and Stefano says that he must finish his plan and make sure that everyone is Salem fears Stefano DiMera.

Bo and Billie run into Hope, and Billie shows Hope the picture of the baby. Hope wishes Billie good luck and then just runs off. John and Billie discuss the picture and Bo goes after Hope. Bo tells Hope that Billie didn't mean to hurt her and he also thanks her for calling him and warning him about Billie trying to leave town. Hope tells Bo she did it for the baby's needs and that she knows that they will never be a couple again. When Hope tells Bo that she plans to investigate her past, Bo tells her that he won't let her do it alone because it's too dangerous. Bo wants to help her, but Hope says she doesn't want his help. Bo assures Hope that he will not give up on them, but Hope just walks out. Hope finds Billie and tells her to be careful with her little plans. Hope says her plan to keep Bo to stop her from leaving town worked, but next time it could backfire.

Laura is at home and is remembering going out to the patio at the Blake house with a gun and aiming at "Kristen." Laura doesn't understand why she keeps thinking about that night and she can't help but wonder why Abe and Roman are so concerned about the drug in "Kristen's" body. Mike stops by to see his mom on his break. Laura is disappointed that Stefano seems to be improving. Mike sees Laura's new prescription of plassitent and Laura says she just wanted some extra pills, just in case. Mike tells her that she should be happy and not worried. Laura tells him that he is right, the DiMera's reign is over. Mike notices how distracted his mom is and she claims she's making a mental list of ideas for the wedding. Mike tells Laura that if she's going to be so anxiety ridden over planning the wedding then maybe he should hire a planner. Laura, who is at the point of tears, says she wants to do it and runs upstairs. Laura returns later and Mike begins questioning his mom as to why Roman and Abe were at the hospital. Laura lies and tells her son that she has no idea. Laura is pissed that everyone keeps dragging that night back up and she says that she will forget that night ever happened!

Roman and Marlena are back at the Blake house because Marlena has a hunch that someone other than Kristen and Susan were here the night "Kristen" died. Roman asks who could have possibly been here and Marlena tells him that she believes Laura may have come looking for Kristen. Marlena says that Laura told her she went looking for Kristen during the funeral and she (Marlena) had prescribed plassitent for Laura. Marlena says she doesn't want to believe it, but Laura may have killed Kristen. Roman and Marlena then begin searching the house again and Roman finds Laura's prescription in the sofa.

The show ends with Laura screaming after she recalls firing her gun three times at Kristen. However, Laura turned her head away and didn't see where she was shooting.


March 24
Sami is with Franco and they are eavesdropping on Carrie and Austin, who are talking about Carrie's efforts to get Mike elected. Carrie asks Austin if he's jealous and he tells her that he trusts her completely and knows that she and Mike are just friends. Carrie thanks Austin for being so understanding, but she really has to get back to the hospital. Austin tells Carrie that he'll head over to the gym and work with the punching bag. Carrie is upset about this, but Austin tells her that it's only a punching bag and not boxing. Franco and Sami are happy to see how upset Carrie got when she thought Austin could be boxing again. Franco tell Sami that he has another idea and they head over to the gym. Franco has arranged for Darly to come over and see Austin. Franco asks Sami why Carrie doesn't want to see Austin boxing and Sami recounts the story about how Austin refused to throw a fight and Carrie got splashed in the face with acid, which was meant for Austin. Over at the gym, Daryl shows up and talks with Austin a bit. Darly has brought Austin his old gloves, which WOWS Austin. Daryl leaves and Austin tries on his old gloves and starts fantasizing about boxing again. Austin then proceeds to punch the hell out of the punching bag.

John is alone with "Susan" at Marlena's place. John tells "Susan" that he really likes Edmund and he is glad that she has him in her life. John also adds that he's happy Edmund is there to protect her and little Elvis from Stefano. "Susan" asks John if he's happy that Kristen is dead and John tells her that he is saddened about her death. John becomes teary eyed and tells "Susan" about the beautiful person Kristen once was. John also tells "Susan" about the message that Kristen left on his answering machine. John tells "Susan" that he's sorry she got mixed up with Kristen, but "Susan" says she's not because she wouldn't have meet him. "Susan" says she'll always have a special place in her heart for him. John is startled by what she said and "Susan" says she values his friendship and being in love with Edmund has made her strong and confident. "Susan" says that she has a favor to ask, she'd like him to teach her how to dance so she won't disappoint Edmund at the wedding. John is happy to show her and he turns on the radio. John tells "Susan" that she dances surprisingly well. Kristen fantasizes about dancing with John and he's telling her how much he loves her. John tells Susan he's going to try something new and he dips her.

At the Blake House, Roman has found Laura's prescription of plassitent. Roman tells Marlena that they may no longer be looking at a suicide and he has to take Laura in for questioning. Marlena tells Roman that she will not let him do that, not that way. Marlena says that she could probably get more information out of Laura then he would. Roman eventually agrees to not say anything about what they have found until Marlena talks to Laura.

Laura screams as she remembers firing a gun at "Kristen" three times. However, Laura turned her head and closed her eyes when she fired. Mike rushes downstairs and asks his mom what is wrong. Laura lies and claims that she thought she saw someone at the door, but she must have been imagining it. Mike tells his mom that she is safe now and nobody can hurt him. Laura says she knows that, but she's just been jumpy since Jen's kidnapping. Mike doesn't believe his mother and he asks her what is really bothering her. Laura dodges Mike's questions, but he doesn't believe the excuses she gives him. Mike has to go back to the hospital, but he doesn't want to leave her here alone. Mike thinks about calling Jack and Jen, but Laura tells him no way. Mike decides to try and get someone else to take his shift, which angers Laura even more because Mike is trying to get the chief of staff job. Laura manages convince Mike to go back to the hospital because she will be fine. As Mike is getting ready to leave, Marlena shows up. Mike tells Marlena that he's very worried about his mom. Marlena tells Mike that she will stay with Laura while he goes to the hospital. Marlena waits in the living room, while Laura is upstairs with Abbey. Laura comes down and Marlena tells Laura that they need to talk. Laura tries to dodge Marlena, but Marlena won't let up. Marlena wants to talk to Laura about the night of Jen's funeral, which upsets Laura. Marlena starts questioning Laura about everyplace she went the night of Jen's funeral, but Laura doesn't understand why they are talking about this. Marlena tells Laura that Kristen's body was pumped full of plassitent, the same drug she prescribed for Laura. Laura asks her what her point is, it could be a coincidence. Marlena says she hopes it is, but she has more questions. Marlena asks Laura if she went to the Blake house. Laura says no, so Marlena pulls out Laura's prescription and she tells Laura that it was found at the Blake house. Laura tells Marlena that she lost her pills a long time ago and she's getting tired of being called a liar. Marlena tells Laura that she doesn't like asking these questions, but the evidence is stacked against her. Laura finally screams she was there the night that Kristen died!

Mike goes to the hospital and meets up with Carrie. Carrie asks Mike what is wrong and he tells her that he's worried about his mom. Mike asks Carrie what she is going to be doing tonight and Carrie says she has a meeting with Alice. Alice is going to help Carrie with her presentation by telling her all the wonderful things about him. While they chit chat about Mike, Mike has to keep himself from calling home to check on his mom. Alice gives some pictures to Carrie, one of which is from a Horton-Brady picnic when Carrie was a teenager and in love with Mike. Mike returns later and Alice tells Mike how proud his grandpa would be so proud of him.


March 25
Eric is at the Java Cafe and is thinking about Nicole. Eric thought Nicole was working tonight, but she's not there. Nicole has gone to Titan and runs into Austin. Austin recognizes her from the Java Cafe and Nicole tells Austin that she's here to meet with Sami. In Sami's office, Franco is trying to keep Sami calm, Sami is worked up about Kate's reaction to her campaign. Austin knocks on Sami's door and introduces her to Nicole. When Sami asks where Carrie is, Austin tells Sami that she is working with Mike. Out in the hall, Kate asks Austin why he was in Sami's office. Austin tells Kate that he was showing a "New Face" candidate to Sami's office. This angers Kate, who never approved the campaign. Back in her office, Sami tells Nicole that the campaign hasn't been approved yet. Nicole becomes upset and walks out. Nicole runs into Franco in the hall and she tells him there is no "New Faces" campaign. Franco goes back in to see Sami and asks her why she isn't going to fight Kate to get this campaign launched. Sami tells Franco that she thinks this idea is a good one and she wants to win it fair and square, no blackmail. Sami tells Franco that she will convince Kate to let her do it. Franco gets "turned on" by her determination and kisses her. Back out in the hall, Austin asks Kate if Sami blackmailed her into getting this job. Kate says no, so Austin asks why she is still here? Austin says that she hates Sami and her ideas, so what gives? Kate says that she just doesn't trust Sami and she keeps her around to keep an eye on her. Austin gets a call from Carrie, who tells Austin she'll be working late tonight. Franco talks to Kate later and he tells Kate that Sami deserves a break and he thinks she should approve Sami's project. Kate just laughs and says it will be a cold day in hell before she approves Sami's project. Franco goes back to see Sami and tries to convince her to give up the blackmail material. Sami refuses, so Franco tells her that he will help her prove to Kate that her idea is a good one.

Austin goes to the gym and tries on his old gloves again. Sami shows up and starts talking to him about boxing. Austin changes the subject and he wants to know what is going on between her and his mom. Sami says nothing about Kate and later Kate stops by to see Austin. Austin begs Kate to tell him the truth, but Kate refuses to tell Austin the truth because she fears she will lose him.

Nicole has a fantasy about taking part in a model shoot at Titan and how everyone at the shoot just loves her. When Nicole come to she thinks it was all just a stupid dream and throws Sami's card away. Eric sees Nicole and talks to her, but it's obvious that she is very upset.

Kate goes upstairs to see Sami. Sami tells Kate that she won't be blackmailing her because she was hoping she would give her a fair chance and look at her campaign with an open mind. Kate says that she will never be blackmailed by Sami again, which causes Sami to laugh and say that's not her decision to make. Kate says that it is and she tells Sami her power trip is over. Kate tells Sami that she knows she can't use the blackmail or she will lose everything, including her son! Kate tells Sami that Lucas wanted to sue for full costody, but she stopped him, once. Kate goes on and tells Sami that she is not a Titan exec and never will be. Sami says she won't accept that, which prompts Kate to tells her that she will take her son away from her if she pushes her.

At the hospital, Carrie and Mike are going through the bios of the other candidates. Carrie looks at the list and says "oh no!" Mike asks Carrie what is wrong and Carrie just tells him that this list is a preliminary one, the names could change. Later, Carrie tells Mike that she knows he's upset about his mom and she wants him to know that he can tell her anything. Even later, Carrie and Mike reminisce about LA and the scam they pulled on Craig. Carrie leaves to get some more papers and she sees and hears that Craig Wesley has shown up to apply for the job.

At Marlena's pad, "Susan" has planted a big kiss on John, who asks her what she is doing. Kristen panics and tells John that she just caught carried away and thought he was her Edmund. "Susan" asks John to promise not to tell Edmund and John agrees after she starts crying and blubbering. John and "Susan" are hugging when Edmund walks in and asks what is going on. John tells Edmund that he was comforting "Susan" and "Susan" tells Edmund she was upset about Kristen's death. Edmund asks her why, Kristen is dead and can't hurt her now. Edmund and "Susan" kiss and they decide to have drinks. When Edmund tells "Susan" he'll have his usual, Kristen panics. Luckily John offers to make the drinks and Kristen gets out of it. John asks what they want and Edmund orders "their" fovorite, half&half. "Susan" drops her glasses and picks them back up. Edmund is shocked because Susan is blind as a bat without them and he's shocked that she found them so quickly. Kristen manages to lie her way out of this situation yet again and John wonders where Marlena could be.

At Jack and Jen's place, Laura has admitted to Marlena that she was at the Blake house the night of Kristen's death. Marlena is angry at Laura for lying to her and she wants to know what happened at the Blake house. Marlena asks Laura if she saw Kristen and Laura says that Kristen wasn't there. Laura wants to change the subject, but Marlena won't let her. Marlena says that Laura might have seen something very important involving Kristen's death. Laura and Marlena argue about what happened, Marlena believes that Kristen would never kill herself. Laura says everyone has a breaking point, even Kristen. Silently, Marlena tells herself that maybe it was Laura who reached her breaking point that night. Laura tries to make up all sorts of lies and excuses as to why Kristen wasn't there, but Marlena doesn't fall for them. Laura tells Marlena that she has no explanation as to how her prescription got at the Blake house unless Kristen broke into her house and stole her prescription. Laura tells Marlena that the police have closed the book on this case and she thinks they should do the same. Marlena tells Laura that she can't do that and Laura realizes that Marlena thinks she killed Kristen.


March 26
At the hospital, Carrie has learned that Mike's rival, Craig, has come to Salem to apply for the Chief of Staff job. Carrie is really upset because she knows that Mike and Craig will eventually meet up and then Craig will learn that Carrie isn't Mike's girlfriend. Carrie starts combing the hospital for Mike and overhears Craig smooth talking Doctor Sutton and then they discuss how their wives are so important. Later, Craig learns that Mike is also going for the Chief of Staff position. Later, Craig recognizes Carrie as Mike's girlfriend.

At Titan, Kate threatens to take Will away from Sami if she pushes her. Lucas and Austin show up and Austin wants to know why Kate is threatening to take Will. Sami says they were arguing about the "New Faces" campaign, not Will. Kate tells Sami that there will be no new campaigns, not now and not ever. Sami leaves and Austin and Lucas ask Kate if she really threatened to take Will. Kate says yes because Sami went over her head because of the "New Faces" campaign. Lucas says he isn't against the idea, but Austin is and doesn't want to hear her mention the idea unless there is another reason that she's not telling him. Kate tells Austin to just trust her, but Austin doesn't see how he can do that when she won't tell him the truth. Austin says he won't let her take Will from Sami, but Lucas says he and his mother will decide what is best for Will. Austin goes to the gym and beats the hell out of the punching bag again.

Sami goes down to the photo lab and tells Franco about how Kate threatened to take Will. Sami tells Franco that she's really scared and Franco tells Sami that she should follow his advice. First, Franco tells Sami that they have to convince Kate to let Sami run her "New Faces" campaign. Sami doesn't know if she can trust Franco, but she doesn't really have a choice. Sami gets turned on by Franco's motivational speech and they start making out.

At the police station, Roman tells Abe how he likes his new office. Roman asks Abe to sit down and then he tells him about Laura's pill bottle. When Roman tells Abe that Marlena went to question Laura, Abe isn't very pleased. Abe informs Roman that he has overstepped his bounds to let Marlena talk to Laura. Abe is further pissed off when he learns that Marlena has the bottle.

At Jack and Jen's, Laura asks Marlena if she thinks she killed Kristen. Marlena goes over the facts, but doesn't tell her yes. Laura tells Marlena that she lost that bottle a long time ago. Laura asks Marlena to accept the fact that Kristen killed herself and Marlena tells Laura she hopes that is true. Marlena leaves and Laura realizes she's in big trouble. Jack and Jen return home from their short vacation. Jack goes up to see Abbey and Jen asks her mom why she seems upset. Laura says she had a fight with Marlena. Laura tells Jen that she's so happy that she'll get to be at her wedding this time and nothing will spoil their happiness. Laura starts talking to Jack and Jen about planning their wedding, but Jen can't get over the feeling that she has that her mom is in trouble.

At Marlena's place, John is reading the Salem Tribune while Edmund stuffs Kristen full of marmalade and scones. "Susan" eventually gets mad and tells Edmund that she doesn't want any more. Marlena returns home and Edmund goes to the mall. "Susan" leaves the room so Marlena can talk to John, but she eavesdrops from the other room and hears Marlena tell John that she found evidence linking Laura to Kristen's death. Marlena explains the details to John and Kristen wonders what is going on. Marlena says that she fears that Laura did kill Kristen and may have blocked the memory of the murder out. Roman and Abe show up and Abe is mega pissed off now. Marlena tells Abe that Laura was at the Blake House and he says that's all he needed to hear.

Edmund calls his mom and asks her to pack up her things and bring Elvis to Salem because he has a big surprise in store for Susan.


March 27
Eric is at the Java Cafe looking at some pictures he took of his dog Harvey and Nicole brings him some coffee. Nicole tells Eric his pictures are really good and Eric tells her about his dog. Nicole tells Eric that his photographs are as good as any she's seen in an art exhibit and she tells him that he has talent.

Franco and Sami are making out in the photo-lab and Franco tells her that they make a good team, in more ways then one. Franco tells Sami that they have to come up with an idea for her "New Faces" campaign, an idea Kate can't refuse. Franco tells Sami that she needs to find a new face and have some pictures of her taken to show Kate what an excellent idea it is.

Franco and Sami go for a walk in Salem Place and Sami sees Eric at the Java Cafe. Sami talks with him and looks at the portfolio he put together. Sami tells Eric that she has a business proposition for him. Sami wants Eric to shoot a model for her new faces campaign, and the model is Nicole! Meanwhile, Franco finds Nicole and tells her that he's positive that Sami's "New Faces" campaign will happen and Sami wants her to be part of it. Franco tells Nicole that Sami wants to use Nicole in a photo test shoot and Nicole agrees. Both Franco and Sami tell Nicole and Eric that they will be working together, which pleases both of them.

At the hospital, Craig recognizes Carrie as Mike's girlfriend. Craig starts playing down Mike's chances for the Chief of Staff job and Carrie tells him that Mike is a great choice. Craig says that from what he's heard, she is the only one standing by Mike. Craig says that he's a shoe-in and Mike is destined to make a career playing second best to him. That pisses Carrie off, who reads Craig the riot act. When Carrie tries to walk away, Craig spots Carrie's wedding ring and asks how Mike convinced her to marry him.

Mike goes back to his office and doesn't think he'll beat any of these other doctors. Laura comes in and tells Mike that he is the perfect choice for Chief of Staff, no matter what anyone says. Laura says he has his dad and granddad's Horton legacy to use and when Mike suggests he use her as well, Laura freaks and tells him no way! Mike once again asks what is wrong and she just says it's the stress of planning the wedding and helping him earn the chief of staff job.

Mike comes out and sees Craig with Carrie. Craig tells Mike that he's going to be running against him for Chief of Staff. Craig congratulates Mike on his wedding Mike tells Craig that Carrie is married, but not to him. Craig then taunts him and tells him he's still letting the best woman slip through his fingers. Mike informs Craig that Carrie is still his friend and Carrie is his PR person. Craig leaves to go to meet Mrs. Winston and Carrie is utterly pissed off at the way he's sucking up to everyone. Mike tells her to calm down because Craig wants to make her angry. Carrie tells Mike that she'd love to put that jerk in his place and she assures Mike that he will be the new Chief of Staff. Mike gets beeped away and Carrie overhears Mike telling Mrs. Winston how the new Chief of Staff should be a family man and he tells Mrs. Winston that a single man, such as Mike Horton, might cause publicity problems for the hospital.

Edmund is out with Maggie and Mickey planning their surprise for "Susan." Maggie says it's so sweet that he'd go to such lengths to make Susan happy and Edmund says he'd do ANYTHING for his beautiful Susan. However, Edmund tells Maggie and Mickey that Susan doesn't seem to be the same woman he fell in love with in England. Mickey and Maggie tell him that "Susan" has been through a lot since coming back to Salem. Edmund goes back to Susan and Laura, who is too busy wondering about the murder, runs right into Mickey and Maggie. They ask about Laura, who says she's just been preoccupied with Jen and Jack's wedding. Mickey and Maggie say that Laura and "Susan" have been acting odd since Kristen's death.

At Marlena's pad,Abe has learned that Laura was at the Blake house. Abe wants to question Laura now, but Marlena tells him that Laura is confused and questioning her now could be dangerous. From the other room, Kristen says she has to find out what is going on and is happy at the thought that Laura may have killed Susan. Marlena tells Abe and Roman that if Laura killed Kristen, she may have suppressed the memories and she could be dangerous if confronted. Abe just can't shake this feeling that Laura is responsible for all that's happened. This pleases Kristen who feared she may have killed poor Susan. Kristen has a daydream that Laura drowned Susan in the pool, even though Susan tried to convince her she wasn't Kristen. Kristen realizes how big of a nutcase Laura is and she has to get out of Salem before she kills the real Kristen next time. "Susan" goes back out to the living area and asks them if they were talking about Kristen's death. Abe tells her yes, but now they no longer believe it was a suicide and that Laura is involved. They all begin to argue and Marlena tries to convince Roman and Abe that perhaps Kristen did steal Laura's pills and frame Laura for her own death. Kristen wishes she could just punch out Marlena. Edmund returns and senses the tension in room and asks if he came at a bad time. Edmund wonders if he should leave, but Abe says he might as well stay because he's going to announce that he's reopening the investigation into Kristen's death and his one and only suspect is Laura Horton.

Susan is in her "genie" outfit and she begs Maya to help her escape. Maya says that the only girl who tried to escape was eaten in the moat. Susan tells Maya that they will escape tonight on the truck the brings and pick up supplies and guests. Maya agrees to help her and when they are hugging, a man barges in and asks what is going on. The man's name is Rick and he's been sent to watch over them. Susan asks if they are going to kill her and Rick says nobody would be executed unless they tried to escape.

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