March 98 Week 3


March 16
Sami is at Titan and is looking at the pictures of her and Franco. Sami likes them and realizes that she is having some feelings for Franco and she tells herself to keep her eyes on "the prize." Franco shows up and apologizes to her for letting her drink too much champagne. Franco pulls out some fruit juice because it can cure the effects (of a hangover) they are feeling. Sami thanks him and Franco tells Sami that he will always be there to protect her. Franco leaves and Sami tells herself that she has to stay focused on Austin. Sami continues to look at the photos of her and Franco and has a daydream that she becomes Countess Willamenia's number one model. At her fantasy photo shoot, Austin comes to see her and tells her how proud he is of her. Sami realizes that will never happen and all she can do is make Austin lose his faith in Carrie.

Austin comes home to Carrie and brings her some bagels for breakfast. Carrie is working on Mike's PR campaign, but she takes some time off to eat breakfast with her husband. Austin tells Carrie that he admires her drive and determination and he says he wishes he had it. Carrie says he does and she goes back to work. Austin picks up a copy of the paper and sees that Kristen's death was ruled a suicide.

Carrie goes to Mike's office to look through his files to compile some accomplishments he's achieved. Mike shows up and tells her that he hates having his picture taken and he hates looking at them even more. Carrie tells him that he looks great and she's gathered some really cool pictures of him. Carrie eventually realizes that she can't use any of these pictures and she says she has to set up a photoshoot for him. Mike asks Carrie that if Austin is bothered by the amount of time she is working on his campaign and she tells him no. Mike still feels bad and asks her if she really wants to spend this much time with him (on his account I guess). Carrie tells him that she wants him to get this position and she isn't going to quit till he gets it.

Austin goes to the gym at Titan and boxes a bit with a punching bag. Franco shows up and starts telling Austin how much Sami is working to change herself, but Austin could care less. Sami shows up and is surprised to see Austin here on his day off. Sami leaves and Franco tells Austin that he boxes like a pro. Austin tells him that he used to be a pro. Franco tells Austin that he boxed back in Italy for charity events. Austin tells Franco about how he got into boxing, but that was in another life. Austin goes to the showers and Sami talks with Franco about Austin's boxing career. Sami tells Franco that Carrie hated Austin's boxing and Franco says she just may have found exactly what they were looking for.

At the convent, Celeste has a terrible vision of Kristen's funeral and she says that she must get to the funeral. Celeste is picked up by a nun, who found Celeste wondering down the road. The nun wants to call a doctor, but Celeste says she just needs to pray. Celeste recalls her struggle with Kristen, which resulted in her visions. Then Celeste realizes that because Kristen is dead, she will never learn what happened to her. Celeste prays, but she still sees psychedelic visions of Stefano, Kristen, and Laura. Celeste also has a vision of Stefano turning Lexie into another Kristen.

At the funeral, John finally shows up. Kristen sees him and thinks that John must care about her and she knows he could love her again. Roman urges Marlena to go see John, so she does. John apologizes to Marlena for not calling and then he rushes up to Kristen's casket. As he goes to touch her, Stefano smacks his hand away and tells him not to touch his daughter. John tells Stefano that he wants to make sure it's Kristen because he has a habit of resurrecting his kids from the dead. Kristen is afraid that John is going to learn that the person in the casket is Susan and she tries to stop him, but Edmund holds her back. Marlena tells John that the person in the casket is Kristen, but John still checks her face for a mask. Stefano offers to get the medical examiner, but John says no. John says that a part of him just hoped it was someone else and that he didn't want her to die. Of course Kristen just loves hearing this and John tells her that he will remember the woman who was warm and loving and not the woman she became. Kristen then goes off on her Marlena Marlena Marlena routine where she blames Marlena for poisoning John against her. Abe and Lexie show up and Lexie chooses to sit with Stefano. Abe doesn't like this choice, but he joins her. Lexie notices her father looking around and she knows he's looking for Celeste. Lexie tells her father not to worry about Celeste because she has learned that her mom is fine. Stefano tells himself that he has to find Celeste before the diseases progresses to far. Laura takes her seat and tells "Susan" how glad she is that Kristen didn't get her baby. John goes to see his Auntie Viv and learns that her husband died in England. John knew she was married because of the photo and he asks about him. Vivian goes off on Jonsey and says that now that Jonsey is gone he (John) is the only loved one she has left. Sister Kristen silently tells Susan that she's sorry for what happened, but she will take care of Elvis and teach him to be a good person. Kristen also says she can't believe how many people came and they all couldn't have hated her if they came. Suddenly Laura looses it and starts screaming. Everyone rushes to Laura and she says that she regressed back to Jen's funeral. Marlena says she should take a tranquilizer, but Laura says she lost her bottle awhile ago. The priest starts speaking about Kristen asks the people of Salem to come forward and share their good memories of Kristen. Stefano stands up and speaks about his wonderful daughter and then blasts all of her so called "friends." Stefano becomes upset that none of them even helped pull Kristen out of her depression and now it is too late for Kristen. Stefano gets so worked up that he collapses onto the floor!


March 17
At the hospital, Carrie is telling Mike how he looks like a sure winner compared to the bios she has gathered of the others running for Chief of Staff. Mike tells Carrie that there is one problem he has anticipated, all the other candidates probably have wives. Mike says that the board is going to want a wife and family to fulfill social obligations. Carrie tells Mike that she is planning a cocktail party with the board to show them he doesn't need a wife to fulfill social obligations and then she says he has her. Mike smiles and is then told by a nurse that he needs to get ready for an emergency patient.

At the Titan Gym, Franco tells Sami that the way to cause problems between Carrie and Austin is to lure Austin back into boxing. In the lockerroom, Austin daydreams about being back in the boxing ring. Austin calls Carrie and asks if she can meet him at the pub, but Carrie says she wants to stick around to watch Mike in action with an emergency patient. Back out in the gym, Sami tells Franco that she knows who they can get to push Austin back into the ring.

At the church, Lexie rushes to her father after he collapses to the floor. Bo calls for an ambulance and Lexie tries to save her father. Kristen watches Lexie with Stefano and both Mary and Vivian find it odd that Susan is concerned about Stefano. The paramedics arrive and Lexie has managed to get a pulse from Stefano. Stefano is taken away and the priest says that they should go on with Kristen's burial. John offers to be there so Kristen can have a proper burial. Marlena offers to go with John and though Roman says he will go as well, Roman decides to back off and let them go alone. Later, Roman tells Eric that John needs Doc now. Shawn then invites everyone back to the pub. Bo asks to talk with Hope at the pub, but Billie butts in and tells him that they have a doctors appointment later today. Bo tells her that he hasn't forgot and Billie decides to tag along with Bo to the pub. Edmund takes "Susan" to the pub, even though she wants to go to the hospital to check on Stefano.

Marlena and John watch as "Kristen" is buried and John tells her how sorry he is that he couldn't have stopped her from killing herself. Marlena asks John if he'd like to go to the pub, but he says he doesn't want to be around people. Marlena tells him that she won't leave him alone and will stay with him. Marlena and John go back to Marlena's place and Marlena tries comfort John by suggesting that Kristen's death may have been an accident. John pulls out the message from Kristen on his answering machine and he tells Marlena that there is no doubt that she killed herself. John plays the message for Marlena to prove his point.

The various Salemites go to the pub. Bo tries to talk with Hope, but she tells him no. Billie overhears this and smiles. Hope tells Jen that she has to stay busy to keep her mind off of Bo and she thinks the best thing for her to do is to try and find the missing pieces of her past. Caroline notices that something is different with "Susan", so she dodges her. Edmund tells "Susan" that she seems much more nervous since Stefano collapsed and he wants to know why. "Susan" just says that she doesn't want anyone to die and Edmund tells her that's why he loves her so much. Jen and Jack are worried for Laura, but she assures her that she is fine. Laura asks "Susan" if she's happy that Kristen is dead, but "Susan" says she isn't happy when anyone dies. Laura says that they all witnessed the demise of the DiMeras and she says good riddens to them. Maggie thinks it is odd that the DiMeras have all of the sudden been hit with bad luck and Caroline says that what goes around comes around. Austin shows up and learns about Stefano from Eric. They talk and Eric tells Austin that he'd like to do something involving photography, which has always been a hobby. They end up switching topics to Austin's hobby, boxing. Eric asks Austin that if he has ever given any thought about returning to boxing to make a living. Austin tells Eric that he wouldn't go back to boxing, but Eric asks him if he doesn't have any regrets about not following his dream.

Roman tells Billie that he's sorry that Bo isn't here for her, which is where he should be. Billie thanks him and tells him that he is the only Brady on her side. Billie tells Roman that Bo's heart isn't with the baby and sometimes she thinks Bo would rather she lose the baby. Roman tells her never to think that way, ever. Roman swears to Billie that after Bo sees the sonogram of his child then his attitude will change. Bo goes after Hope, who tells Bo to leave her alone. Bo tells Hope that he can't do that because he loves her. Hope says that he doesn't have any right to say these things to her and she tells him to go. Bo refuses to leave and Hope tells him that he is no longer hers, and she certainly isn't his. Billie goes searching for Bo to ask him to take her to the doctors when she overhears her worst fear. Billie hears Bo tell Hope that he wishes Billie wasn't pregnant.

Back in the main area of the pub, Laura announces that Jack and Jennifer are engaged and she's going to throw the biggest and most romantic wedding Salem has ever seen. Kristen goes outside to call the hospital to get some information on Stefano, but they tells her that no information can be given out unless she's a member of the family. Edmund finds "Susan" and drags her back into the pub to announce their engagement. When Maggie suggests they get married in Salem, Edmund thinks that is a wonderful idea.

Lexie comes in with Stefano and Mike takes over. Mike tells Lexie that she's to involved to be any help right now and she should let him take it from here. Lexie agrees and tells her father to hold on. Mike returns later on and tells Lexie that Stefano suffered a serious coronary and his condition is serious. Abe suggests they go to the pub, but Lexie refuses to leave. Lexie goes to see Stefano and Abe overhears her tell Stefano that she will always be there for him.


March 18
Lexie is still at the hospital talking to Stefano about all the bad stuff happening lately. Abe comes in to check on his wife and she tells him that she can't leave her father. We then get a glimpse at what Stefano is thinking, he is planning to take Marlena as his queen as well as his lovely daughter Lexie. Lexie gets called away to check on her own patient, and Abe wonders what the evil bastard is thinking. Stefano is fantasizing that Elvis and Lexie are both with him and they have conquered all of Stefano's enemies in Salem.

At the pub, Kristen has realized that nobody here is sad that she died, instead they are happy for Edmund and Susan, and Jack and Jen. Kristen notices Laura staring at her and she vows to make sure Laura will never be a problem for her again. Laura is actually busy remembering the night that "Kristen" died. Laura approaches "Susan" and asks if she isn't the least bit happy about Stefano because now he's no longer a threat to her and her baby. Kristen then begins to think to herself and she says she won't let Stefano stop her from raising her baby. Laura begins looking in her coat pocket for her pills and she can't believe she lost yet another bottle. Jack and Jen decide to go to the hospital to see Jaspar and Laura says she'll tag along.

Roman is worried because Marlena and John haven't come back to the pub and Caroline feels her son's pain. Roman then says it's hard for Bo, Billie, and Hope as well. Upstairs, Billie overhears Bo telling Hope that he wishes Billie wasn't pregnant with his child. Bo goes on and says he isn't happy about Billie being pregnant, but he does have an obligation to her. Hope says that because he slept with Billie and took no precautions then it's obvious he was ready to make a life long commitment to her. Billie races out of the pub and Roman goes after her. Billie tells Roman that Bo doesn't want the baby. Billie tells Roman that she has to leave because she has something to do. Roman offers to take Billie to her doctor's appointment, but she says no. Back in the pub, Hope tells Bo that she's moving on without him and he should move on without her. Bo asks what she means and Hope says the first things she's going to do is find out the missing pieces of her past. Hope says she wonders if Stefano's story about finding her in New Orleans is true or not. Bo offers to help Hope out, but Hope tells Bo that he can't be there for both Billie and her.

Roman decides to head over to the hospital to see Abe and find out about Kristen's toxicology report. Bo also goes to the hospital to meet up with Billie for her appointment. Bo talks with Abe, who wishes that Stefano would never wake up. Bo tells Abe that Stefano not waking up would be of help to Hope, who wants to explore her past. Bo tells Abe he has to go check on Billie and says goodbye.

Laura, Jack, and Jen all show up at the hospital. Laura tries to get a new prescription of plassitent (her tranquilizers), but Dr. Steve tells her that she has to get a refill from Marlena. Meanwhile, the coroner tells Roman and Abe that Kristen had a high amount of plassitent in her system when she died. Roman asks if Kristen OD'd or drowned? The coroner says he doesn't know, but they plassitent and alcohol in her system was enough to kill her. Laura overhears this and wonders why Kristen was taking plassitent.

Kristen goes to the hospital to see Stefano. She tells him that what he said about her at the funeral was nice, but he never loved her. Kristen says that she won't let him stand in the way of getting her child back. Kristen realizes that if Stefano's dead her worries will be over. Kristen says she has to turn on him like he turned on her and she grabs a pillow and considers snuffing Stefano out.

Billie goes home and tells herself that she and her baby aren't going to stick around Salem if they are a burden to Bo. Billie packs and then realizes that she needs to get some money, a lot of it. Billie calls Titan and asks for a large sum of money to be delivered to the Kiriakis mansion. Hope just happened to be at Titan to pick up her check and she overhears the secretary talking to Billie. However, the secretary says she has to get approval from Kate first. Billie tells the secretary to use the Countess Willamenia account instead.

As Billie gets ready to run off, Hope meets her at the mansion to stop her. Hope asks Billie what is going on and where she is going. Billie tells Hope that she won and she's leaving Salem for good. Billie says that she knows Bo doesn't want her or the baby, so she's leaving. Hope says he'll try to find her or is that what she wants? Billie says that is not the case, she doesn't want Bo if he doesn't want her or the baby. At the hospital, Bo learns that Billie didn't show up for her appointment.

John plays the suicide message from Kristen for Marlena. Marlena comforts John and tells him that there wasn't anything he could do. John still blames himself and he also tells Marlena that he fears he's losing her too. Marlena tells him that he hasn't lost her, but he has lost Kristen. Marlena says she's aware of his fear and she says that Roman has the same feelings when she's with him (John). Marlena comes clean with John about her date with Roman and how she had a good time. John tells Marlena that he wants to believe that he is the only man she loves, but he doesn't know if that is true. Before Marlena answers, she and John kiss. John carries Marlena up to the bedroom and they begin to make love. John asks her is she is sure she wants this and she says she's never been more sure.

Susan is fretting over the idea that she's going to be executed. The man in the turban comes to talk to Susan and he tells her that he thinks he knows a way to save her life. The man tells Susan that the Sultan is going to give her another chance to dance and "please" him, but Susan refuses to do it. Susan says she can't dance at all, but she can twirl a baton. The man tells her he'll cover her face with a veil and she will dance or the will both be executed.


March 19
Bo is still waiting for Billie at the hospital and is wondering where she is. Eventually a woman tells Bo that Dr. Bater had a delivery and he and his wife will have to reschedule.

Hope is with Billie at the Kiriakis Mansion and is trying to stop Billie from leaving Salem. Hope thinks that Billie is up to something, so Billie tells Hope that she overheard her conversation with Bo. Hope tells Billie that she doesn't have the right to make a decision like this without talking to Bo first. Billie says the only reason Bo would stay with her would be out of guilt. Billie asks Hope that if the situation was reversed would she want a man to stay with her out of guilt? Hope says that she needs to put the baby's needs before her own. Billie says she is, she'd rather have her baby grow up without a father then with one who doesn't want him or her.

Austin is at the Java Cafe waiting for Carrie to show up. Sami and Franco are also there and are planning something for Austin. Sami and Franco located Austin's old boxing coach, Daryl Ray. Daryl approaches Austin and they sit and talk about how they've been and Austin says he's waiting for his wife to show up. Sami overhears this and says that if Carrie shows up it will ruin everything. Daryl tells Austin that he has to go, but if he ever wants to get back into the ring then he should drop by the old gym. Later, Franco pays off Daryl, who says he would have talked to Austin for free.

Carrie is still at the hospital watching Mike at work. Later, Carrie tells Mike that she is planning to make a video about Mike and all his good deeds.

Also at the hospital, Laura overhears the coroner tells Abe and Roman that Kristen had a high amount of plassitent in her system when she died. This startles Laura, who drops her purse and is noticed by Abe and Roman. Laura tells them that she has come to see a patient and she walks off. Roman and Abe are stumped as to how Kristen got this drug and if she knew the effects of using it with alcohol. Abe leaves and Bo runs into Roman. Bo tells Roman that he's worried because Billie never showed up for her appointment. Suddenly, Hope calls Bo and tells him that Billie is planning to leave town. Hope can't go into detail, but she tells him to get over to the Kiriakis mansion fast.

At the mansion, A man shows up and delivers an envelope full of cash to Billie. Bo eventually shows up to try and stop Billie. Billie can't believe he showed up because she thought he'd be thrilled that she was leaving town. Bo tells Billie that he doesn't want her to leave, but Billie thinks he's saying it out of guilt. Bo says he deserved that, but he wants to be around for his child and to welcome him or her into the world. Billie tells Bo she's leaving and when he tries to stop her, Billie tumbles down the steps.

Still at the hospital, Laura begs Dr. Steve to give her a few pills of Plassitent, but he tells her that he can't. Roman shows up and asks Laura if Kristen was seeing any staff psychiatrists. Laura tells him no, so he decides to check with Marlena. Roman goes to see the pharmacist at the hospital and asks if Kristen ever tried to have a prescription of plassitent filled. The pharmacist does some checking and tells Roman that Kristen didn't fill any prescriptions in Salem.

John and Marlena are at John's hotel room and are starting to make love, when the phone rings. John hangs up and tells Marlena that nobody needs her more than he does. Marlena's cell phone rings again and someone knocks on the door. John say that it must be the champaign and goes to answer the door. Laura is on the phone and desperately needs Marlena's help. Laura tells Marlena that she's out of plassitent and needs some pills. Marlena tells her that she'll meet her at the pharmacy because she wants to see Laura first. John returns and agrees to take Marlena to the hospital.

Marlena and John go to the hospital to meet Laura, but instead they run into Roman and Abe, who tell them they know what happened to Kristen.

Edmund is at the pub and is concerned that "Susan" hasn't returned yet. Caroline and Maggie tell Edmund that there is something he should know, but he can't tell "Susan." Edmund doesn't like the idea of keeping a secret from "Susan", but he will go along with them if they think it will make "Susan" happy.

Kristen is at the hospital and is about to suffocate Stefano with a pillow. Before she can kill him, Lexie comes in and finds her. Kristen claims that she was just checking up on him and was going to fluff his pillows. Kristen tells Lexie that she best be going and she leaves. Outside Stefano's room, Kristen says she isn't a murderer and no matter what he's done, Stefano is still her father. Kristen realizes that he's her baby's father as well, which is why she has to get the hell out of Salem.

Kristen goes back to the penthouse and packs her things, when Edmund shows up. Kristen tells him that she can't stay away from her baby any longer and wants to return to England. Edmund tells her no and he tells himself that he has to keep her in Salem for Caroline and Maggie. Edmund tries to convince Susan to stay in Salem just a little while longer, so he can get to know her friends better.

Back at the hospital, Stefano wakes up and Lexie is there. Stefano says he's not ready to go and silently he says he has far to much unfinished business in Salem. Mike comes in to talk to Stefano and tells him that he had a serious coronary and it was Lexie who saved his life. Lexie comes back in to see Stefano and she tells him that "Susan" also came to visit him, which leaves him puzzled. Stefano thanks Lexie for saving his life and Abe shows up to see them together. Hope shows up at the hospital later and looks in on Stefano and vows to learn the truth about her past.

Mike meets up with Carrie a bit later and Carrie shows him a publicity video she made for another client. Mike likes the video and agrees to the video shoot. Carrie is so happy that she hugs him, which is seen by Austin. Both are shocked to see him and Mike quickly takes off to check on a patient. Austin asks why she didn't show up at the Java Cafe and Carrie says she totally forgot and apologizes. Austin says he thought their marriage was more important than a PR campaign, which causes Carrie to tell Austin not to joke about that. Carrie says their marriage is the most important thing in her life and Austin says he's counting on that.


March 20
Vivian and Ivan have returned to the townhouse and Vivian is still missing Jonsey. Vivian notices a pillow on the floor and she says that she feels someone has been here in their absence. Vivian looks around and says nothing is missing, but it looks like there was a struggle here. The phone rings and Ivan answers. It's Violet calling from England to ask him to keep an eye on Edmund and Susan and to encourage him to tell Vivian how he really feels. Vivian gets the idea to invite Susan and Edmund over so they can tell her the gory details about Kristen's death.

At Marlena's penthouse, Edmund assures "Susan" that he can protect her from Stefano. "Susan" says that she just wants to go back to England because she misses little Elvis. Edmund calls his mom and tells her that he's planning a special surprise for "Susan" in Salem. Edmund asks Violet to let "Susan" talk to Elvis and "Susan" tells Elvis that she loves him and will be home soon. Edmund is startled that "Susan" called her boy Elvis instead of her pet-name for him. "Susan" says she has a lot of names for her little rutabaga. Edmund tells her he hasn't heard that one before, but he likes sweet-pea best.

Ivan calls Marlena's place and invites Edmund and "Susan" over to visit. Edmund says that's a wonderful idea and accepts on both his and "Susan's" behalf. Edmund tells "Susan" that they are going out to see a dear friend of hers. Edmund takes "Susan" to the townhouse and is shocked to find Ivan and Vivian living there. Edmund becomes curious about the house and accidentally sets off an alarm when he tries to open the door to the basement.

In the far off country, Susan tells the man with the turban that they will have to kill her because she won't dance. He tells Susan that the Sultan likes her body, so she will wear a veil and dance. Maya comes to see Susan and tells her that she is here to instruct her how to dance. Susan asks if they really kill people here and Maya tells Susan that one girl was eaten by crocodiles while trying to escape. Maya tries to teach Susan how to dance, but Susan just knocks over things trying to dance. Susan swears that she is going to escape and offers to take Maya away with her. Maya says she doesn't like staying here, but there is no way out. Maya gives Susan some information about a truck that comes and goes to pick up and deliver supplies. Susan says that the truck is her ticket out of here.

John and Marlena show up at the hospital and talk with Abe and Roman. Laura shows up and wants to steal Marlena away to get a prescription, but Marlena says she'll just write her the prescription now. Roman asks Laura if she is ill, but she says that she's just feeling anxious. Laura makes a comment about Stefano, which Lexie overhears and says that Laura would have liked it if Stefano's heart attack killed him. Laura says she wishes he would have died to get rid of all the DiMeras. Lexie says she's a DiMera, which causes Laura to tell her that she's nothing like the true DiMeras. Marlena tells Laura to come with her into her office and Lexie is beeped away. Abe wonders why Laura is so upset all of the sudden. Abe and Roman tell John about how Kristen was on plassitent the night she died. Abe excuses himself to find Lexie, leaving Roman and John alone. Roman wishes he could find out how Kristen got her hands on plassitent. John and Roman talk about Marlena's feelings for them, and John says that Marlena is in love with him and Roman should let Doc be happy with him. Roman tells John that he can't do that and he walks away.

In Marlena's office, Laura tells Marlena that she lost her pills and needs a new prescription. Marlena writes Laura a prescription and Laura talks about how Jack and Jen went away to Green Mountain to be together. Laura almost walks off without her prescription until Marlena reminds her. Marlena tells Laura that if she needs to talk she can come to her. Laura tells Marlena that she knows that and she leaves. Roman comes to talk to Marlena about the drug that may have killed Kristen. Marlena is shocked to hear that the drug that was found in Kristen's system was plassitent. Marlena tells Roman that she wants to go to the Blake House right away, so they leave. We then see another of Laura's flashbacks. This time, Laura steps out onto the patio and points the gun at the person who appears to be Kristen.

Hope is in Stefano's room and is talking about how she has to fill in the four years missing from her life. Hope doesn't understand how she got from Ernesto's island to New Orleans. Hope has a flashback about being in the hospital with Stefano next to her. Hope is bandaged and she doesn't know who she is or what happened to her. Hope can't help but wonder if Stefano did know what happened to her and why he held her at Maison Blanche. Hope wonders if Stefano had brainwashed her for some reason and Stefano suddenly wakes up and calls her Gina. Hope says she came by to see how he was doing and because she wants to know the truth about Maison Blanche. Stefano tells her that he already told her that he found her and had her face reconstructed. Hope asks why he kept her for four long years and Stefano said the reconstruction took a long time to do. Hope asks Stefano why he didn't call her family to tell them that she was alive, but Stefano doesn't answer. Stefano's monitor starts beeping rapidly and Lexie comes in and throws Hope out. Hope knows Stefano isn't being honest with her, so she'll have to find out the truth on her own. Lexie tells Hope to stay away from Stefano because her presence upsets him. After Lexie leaves, Hope says she won't stop until she finds out the truth about Maison Blanche. Hope runs into John and tells him about her little meeting with Stefano. Hope says it was odd, when Stefano woke up he called her Gina! Hope tells John that she the secrets of Maison Blanche is right here in Salem. Back in his room, Stefano says neither Hope nor anyone else will never find out the secret in the basement of Jonsey's townhouse.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Bo tries to stop Billie, which causes Billie to stumble down the stairs. Bo manages to catch Billie and Billie realizes that Bo does care about the baby. Bo says that he doesn't deny that he wishes she wasn't pregnant, but she is. Bo says this is all his fault, but they have to deal with the present and the future. Bo says he was frustrated when he was talking to Hope, but he didn't mean to hurt her (Billie) and he doesn't want her to leave town. Billie says that it's best for her and the baby that she does leave. Bo tells Billie that he is not going to let her leave Salem. Billie says that he doesn't want another commitment from him, which he will break when Hope wants him back. Bo promises Billie that he will be here for her through this pregnancy to see that their child is born. Billie agrees to stay and is so happy that Hope was the one who encouraged Bo to keep her from leaving, because that means Hope is really through with Bo. Bo makes Billie promise to stay in Salem and have her baby and she promises. Bo takes Billie's stuff upstairs and Billie smiles. Billie tells herself that she knew Bo wouldn't abandon her, now she just has to keep Hope out of the picture.

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