May 98 Week 2


March 9
Roman and Marlena have arrived at the Penthouse Grill. Marlena asks if she can make a phone call and Roman tells her okay, but he'd like the rest of the night to be just for them. Marlena agrees and she says her call can wait and they are shown to their table. Roman and Marlena talk and laugh and they lose track of time because Roman says "time flies when your having fun." Later, Roman requests they play "Love Lift Us Up Where We Belong" and he and Marlena dance. While they are dancing, Marlena and Roman kiss.

Franco has picked Sami up in a limo and he tells her that he wants to give her a night she'll never forget. Sami wonders what the catch is, but Franco says he is just doing something nice for her. Franco takes Sami to Titan where the staff is prepared to give her a make-over. After her make-over, Keith shows up to photograph Sami. Franco tells her that she needs to know how to handle herself in front of the camera because it will give her more self confidence.

Celeste is still at the convent and she believes that she is better because she hasn't been having anymore visions. Mary asks if she can call Lexie, but Celeste still insists that nobody know that she is here.

At the station, Edmund is hugging "Susan" and thanks her for making him the happiest man in the world. Kristen tells herself that Edmund has made her happy because she'll finally get to see her son again. Edmund says that they should go to the convent to tell Mary the good news, besides he wants to meet her. "Susan" says that isn't a good idea because she doesn't know if her sister will be happy with her for getting married. Edmund tells "Susan" not to worry because he will prove to her sister that he is worthy of marrying her sister. Kristen realizes that she's not going to get out of this and she only hopes she can fool Mary.

"Susan" and Edmund go to see Mary and Mary is so happy to see that her sister is okay. "Susan" explains to her sister that Kristen killed herself. Mary asks "Susan" if this man with her is a policeman, but "Susan" says no. Edmund tells Mary that he and "Susan" are engaged to be married. Mary asks to talk with "Susan" alone, so Edmund leaves. Mary is upset with "Susan" because she has so little experience with men and she feels this man is taking advantage of her. "Susan" tells Mary that he really loves her and they really want her blessing. Suddenly Celeste comes in and is shocked at seeing "Susan." Mary tells "Susan" that Celeste isn't feeling well and she is here to recover. Celeste says she needed some peace and quiet and she wants "Susan" to tell nobody where she is, so "Susan" agrees. "Susan" says it's good that she's staying her because she can't get into any danger here. Celeste asks "Susan" what she means by "not getting into any danger here." "Susan" just says it's a dangerous world out there and she is safe in here. Celeste starts to become upset and she tells Mary that she's seeing "visions" again. Edmund comes in to get "Susan" and they leave. After they are gone, Celeste wonders why her visions of Kristen would return when she was around "Susan".

"Susan" and Edmund go for a walk and Edmund is upset that "Susan's" sister didn't particularly care for him. "Susan" says that sissy just needs to warm up to him. Edmund asks "Susan" to go out to dinner, but "Susan" says she'd rather go home. Edmund tells "Susan" that he'd really like to see a big town, so "Susan" agrees to take Edmund to the Penthouse Grill.

Back at the convent, Celeste feels she is about to have another vision. Mary says that perhaps seeing "Susan" triggered her visions. Celeste asks Mary if she noticed anything different about "Susan." Mary says that if there is anything different about "Susan" then it must have to do with Edmund Crumb.

In a place far, far, away, the real Susan is screaming for help. Susan says that Kristen will not get her baby and she will get out of here. Susan also thinks that her sister is probably still being held captive by Kristen. Susan continues to bang on the door and screams that she's coming back to Edmund and her baby.

Stefano and Laura are arguing in Salem Place. Laura says she's so happy to see that the House of DiMera has fallen, but Stefano tells her not to celebrate just yet. Laura asks Stefano how it feels to be responsible for his children's downfall. Stefano becomes enraged and says that Laura thought her daughter was dead, but his really is dead. Laura tells him that he is responsible for what his children became and she only wishes she was there to see Peter be dragged of by the cops. Stefano remembers that Laura wasn't in church for her own daughter's funeral and he asks her where she went. Stefano asks her if she went to find Kristen. Laura says she went searching for Kristen, but she didn't find her. Stefano doesn't believe her and he knows she's hiding something. Laura says she doesn't have secrets, that's his specialty. Laura tells Stefano that she will see him at the funeral tomorrow. Stefano asks why she would come to a funeral for someone she hates and Laura says she has waited a long time to see the DiMeras fall and she wouldn't miss this for the world. Laura leaves and Stefano wonders what the miserable .... is hiding.

Laura walks off and we see a flashback of her at the Blake house heading out to the pool with a gun.

Eric grabs his stalker and is shocked to that it is a man named Jed. (Ha Ha, Taylor sure is pretty). Jed claims to be Eric's roommate from Colorado and he claims he's here to ruin Eric's life like Eric ruined his. Jed says he wants Eric to pay for what he did to him, but Eric says he got what he deserved. Jed whines about how he got kicked out of school, his parents disowned him, and he could go to jail. Eric says he has to pay the consequences for what he did and Jed says that he knows Eric ran away because of him to try and start a new life, but he can't get away with it. Jed tells Eric if he doesn't do what he says then he will go after his family. Eric asks Jed what he wants and Jed says he has a deal to offer him. Eric says no deal, but when Jed threatens to rape Sami, Eric asks what he wants. Jed tells Eric that he wants to tell "the board" that he was the one who drugged Amy Becker's drink.


March 10
Jed is telling Eric that he has to go in front of the school board and admit that he drugged Amy Becker. Eric tells Jed that he's sick, but Jed says all the evidence points to him because she was found in his bed. Eric says that Jed was the one who drugged and raped her and he put her in his (Eric) bed. Eric tells Jed that he is a jerk and he won't listen to this. Jed tells Eric that he isn't getting away from him and tells Eric to get use to him because they will be spending a lot of time together during their trip back to Colorado. Eric tells Jed that he's not going anywhere with him and he suggests that he play the sorry little criminal and hope the judge goes easy on him. Jed starts saying some hateful things to Eric and Eric can't believe they were ever friends. As the are fighting, Shawn shows up and asks what is going on. Shawn was out picking up some decorations for the Saint Patrick's day party at the pub and Shawn suggests that Eric invite his friend. Jed introduces himself as Jed Fox, Eric's roommate from College. Shawn offers Jed a room at the pub, but Eric says that Jed can't stay in Salem. Jed tells Shawn that how he was hoping that Eric would return to Colorado where all is friends are. Jed starts talking to Shawn and tells him how he's known Eric since Jr. High and he was hoping to hook up with Sami while he's in Salem. Eric manages to get his grandfather to leave and he and Jed start arguing again. Jed says that if Eric doesn't help him then he'll never become a doctor. Eventually Jed realizes how he's made a mess of his life and has nobody but himself to blame. Jed asks Eric to help him, but Eric says he needs to help himself first. Eric says Jed needs to apologize to Amy and then seek some counseling. Jed heeds the wise words of Eric and decides to head back to Colorado and try and put his life back together.

Roman and Marlena share a kiss on the dance floor and they return to their seats. Edmund and "Susan" show up at the Penthouse Grill and Edmund spots Marlena and Roman. Marlena sees them as well and she asks them to join them.

Lucas and Kate are also at the Penthouse Grill and when Franco and Sami arrive they are stunned, Lucas says Sami looks really good. Franco and Sami take their seats and Roman and Marlena go over to see Sami to tell her how lovely she is. Franco orders some champaign and he toasts to her and hopes this will be the best year of her life.

Lucas gets wasted and starts preaching to his mom that Sami deserves to be hurt by Franco like the ways she's hurt the two of them.

Austin and Carrie arrive and they see Sami and Franco, as well as Marlena and Roman. Carrie and Austin join Roman and Marlena on their date that was originally to be just for them. "Susan" excuses herself and goes to the ladies room and bitches about having to listen to Marlena preach. Marlena ends up coming into the ladies room and she tells "Susan" that there is something different about her. "Susan" says that it must be because she's in love. "Susan" and Marlena return to their table and Edmund makes a toast to "Susan". Edmund ends up accidentally flinging his fork up into the air and it lands on Lucas's table, which angers Lucas.

Roman dances with Sami and is happy to see her happy and that she's changing her life and is moving on without Austin. Sami says that she and Franco are just friends, but Roman doesn't believe her. Sami says that Franco is still in love with Hope. As they dance, Kate feels pity for Roman because he doesn't know what Sami is really like. Lucas tells his mom that Roman is the key to getting Sami to drop her blackmail material on Kate. Lucas suggests that he tell Roman how Sami really got her job at Titan. Kate tells Lucas that would anger Sami and that is one thing she doesn't want to happen.

Roman goes to see Kate and asks her if Franco could hurt Sami because of his feelings for Hope. Deciding that it would be best not to upset Sami, Kate tells Roman that she doesn't think Franco would be doing all of this for Sami if he didn't have feelings for her. This pleases Roman, but he decides to talk to Franco as well. Roman warns Franco that if he hurts Sami in anyway then he will have to deal with him (Roman).

Meanwhile, Edmund is reminiscing with "Susan" about their past dates. Kristen does everything she can to avoid talking about the past, but Edmund catches on and says she is not herself tonight.

Sami goes to the ladies room and is confronted by Carrie. Carrie accuses Sami of using Franco to make Austin jealous. Sami tells her sister that she likes Franco and Franco likes her. Carrie tells Sami she's in denial, which prompts Sami to point out that Carrie is the one in denial, she's denying her feelings for Mike. Carrie gets angry and says she loves Austin and will prove it when she has his baby. Carrie leaves and Kate comes in to get a piece of Sami as well. After they argue, Kate gets fed up and storms out of the Penthouse Grill. Lucas sees how upset his mother has become, which upsets him.

A now very drunk Lucas demands that Franco let him dance with Sami. When Franco tells him to get lost, Lucas says he's going to tell everyone what a lying little slut Sami is. This angers Franco, who proceeds to punch Lucas out.

Roman and Marlena leave and walk home and spot a house on fire. A woman screams for help and Roman rushes bravely into the house.


March 11
Ivan tells Violet that he is going to leave England and Violet tells Ivan he can't leave without Vivian. Ivan says he can't work for Madame anymore and that she has broken his heart for the last time. Ivan tries to hitchhike, but Violet stops him and they talk about Violet's late husband, Zigmand.

Vivian and Jonsey are still on their honeymoon and they are both very happy. After some idle chit chat, the two go at it again. Afterwards, Vivian says that Dr. Wu must have been wrong because Jonsey is such a virile man couldn't die. Vivian tells Jonsey that she feels she needs to be honest with him. Vivian tells him that when she first met him that she was only interested in his money. Jonsey said he knew that and just hoped she'd love him for himself one day. Vivian says she does love him now and wouldn't care if he was broke. Jonsey tells Vivian that he's glad to hear that because has to tell her something. Right as Jonsey is trying to tell her that he is broke, he keels over on top of Vivian!

Lexie is at the hospital working the night shift and Lexie overhears that Mike is going to apply for the chief of staff job. Mike tells Lexie that he's had a change of mind and Lexie knows it's because of Carrie. Mike tells Lexie about how Carrie is going to help him and Lexie wonders how he will keep Carrie from learning the truth. Mike tells her that Carrie already figured it out, but he lied and made up a story that satisfied her. Mike says he didn't know what to do, but he knew that he didn't want to jeopardize their friendship. Lexie tells Mike that he is a wonderful guy and she knows he'll be the new chief of staff.

At the Penthouse Grill, Franco knocks Lucas out when he calls her a lying slut. Austin checks on Lucas and Carrie can't believe that two men are fighting over Sami. Sami is moved by what Franco did and she realizes that she can count on him. Franco tells her that he will always be there to protect her. Franco tells her that he wants this evening to end on a positive note, so they leave. Franco tells her they can take a ride in the limo. Sami tells him that after this evening, she'd be glad to follow him anywhere. Sami and Franco talk in the limo and Franco tells Sami that Austin was a fool to chose Carrie because she outshines her in every way. Sami is flattered and Franco tells her anymore who doesn't think she is desirable is a fool. Franco rolls up the panel between them and the driver and he tells Sami that he's going to teach her the most important lesson about being a woman.

Carrie and Austin check on Lucas, who says this is far from over. Kate is at home and is bitching about Franco's scheme and how she'll be the one who gets burned if it goes too far. Lucas comes home and talks to his mommy about how Franco popped him in the mouth in front of everybody. Lucas tells his mom that he doesn't want Franco and Sami together and that if she doesn't do anything to stop it, he will. Kate says there is nothing she can do to stop Franco from seeing Sami. Lucas bitches to his mom and says that he will take Sami to court and sue her for sole custody of Will. Kate tells Lucas that he will do no such thing. Kate says if he attacks Sami then she may expose her. Lucas says he's sick of her putting herself in front of her children, but Kate says he has no idea what he's had to put up with from Sami. Kate tells him that her secrets could ruin their entire family.

Kristen is still playing Susan and she can't believe how big of a geek Edmund is. Edmund decides to call his mum and tell her the news about their engagement.

Roman rushes into a burning house to save a woman and her daughter. "Susan" and Edmund are walking home and they see Marlena standing outside of the burning house. Marlena tells them what is going on and they await anxiously for Roman to come out of the house safely. The woman manages to get out, but the little girl is still inside. Roman manages to get the little girl, but he ends up getting trapped. Outside, the fire department shows up and Marlena tells them that her husband is trapped inside with a little girl. Kristen hears this and points out Marlena's faux pas. Roman manages to escape the house with the little girl intact. Marlena hugs Roman and tells him she was so afraid she'd lose him. Roman then grabs Marlena and kisses her.

Susan is still locked up in her room and is trying to find a way out. The man in the turban comes to give Susan her new clothes and she tells him that she'll never wear a genie costume. The man tells her that she will because it's for the show. The turban man claps his hands and summons some women, who he orders to wash and dress Susan. The turban man returns and orders Susan to change into her costume now! When the man returns, he takes one look at Susan and yells that he's been deceived! Susan has taken her teeth out, her hair is in pig tails, she has her glasses on, and she's wearing her veil on the top of her head!


Today's Summary is by Tracy, Dustin had no cable for half of the show

In England, Ivan is once again about to leave and Violet tells him he needs to say a proper good-bye to Vivian. He says he can't bear to see her so happy and that he will go back to Salem and gather his things and go to his homeland. All of a sudden we hear Viv hollering (just how close is that hotel?) and Violet thinks something is wrong but Ivan says no it's just her crying out in pleasure. But in the room, Viv is hollering because Jonesy has died on her. She says she has to revive his with what is it TLC, OPC oh darn she can't think of the word. She manages to slip out from under him and call the front desk for help. She is crying that her Jonesy has died and fells bad she wanted him dead not too long ago. Violet and Ivan hear the ambulance arrive and Ivan is worried something had happened to Madame. When Ivan arrives a medic (?) has already arrived and says sorry he's dead as a doornail. She begs Ivan to save him but he says it's too late. She falls into Ivan's arms crying that her Jonesy has died. Ivan says he will be there for her like he always is.

While Austin is showering, Carrie decides to visit Eric at her old apt (what she didn't want to join him?!) and bring him some blueberry cheesecake - his favorite. She tells him about the night at the Grill and all about Sami and Franco and Lucas. They both wonder if Franco is really interested in Sami and if so why. Then the talk turns to Eric and he tells her about Jed Fox and what he did to Amy. They talk about how wrong it was and Eric hopes that he is going to go back and face the consequences. He says that he and Amy talked and figured out what Jed had done and it was not Eric that drugged her. Carrie says Jed sounds like Sami - delusional to reality.

Roman and Marlena head to the hospital to check on Megan and her mom and Roman brings her a teddy bear to replace the one she lost in the fire. They finish up and head home to the penthouse where they walk in on Ksusan and Edmund lipped locked. Earlier Edmund told Ksusan that something was different about her and she knows she has to be careful not to blow her cover. He says it must be because of all that she has been through today. She tries to talk him into leaving for England tonight but he says they need to pay their respects to Kristen then they can leave. Ksusan thinks it will be neat to attend her own funeral and see if John is grieving over her. When Edmund leaves the room to fix tea she pops her teeth down - too funny. Edmund apologizes to M&R for kissing but M says it is just fine as she know how much I love they are. They talk about Roman being a hero and how dirty he is. Marlena offers her shower for him and he says thanks as he has not turned the hot water on at the house. Yep he says he moved into the house a couple of days ago (and you haven't turned on the hot water in this cold!?). While he is showering Marlena goes to check her message and Ksusan says she's already checked and there aren't any. Marlena is surprised that Ksusan checked her messages and looks at Ksusan with wonder on her face. Roman returns in jeans and a sweatshirt (he had left some clothes from he stay there) and he and Edmund say they need to go. Ksusan says she will leave too as she doesn't want to impose in M. But M says oh no you must stay I'm looking forward to staying up and playing gin like they used to. So Ksusan has no choice but to stay. With the men gone Ksusan mentions that Marlena must love Roman after tonight. Marlena says she loves both men but in different ways. She says she and John are soul-mates (Ksusan doesn't like to hear that) and Ksusan says but John loved another woman. Marlena says that's OK she had pushed John away and Kristen was a very decent person then. Ksusan then says she wonders if John still has feelings for Kristen and is grieving for her. Marlena says John would never love Kristen again after she turned so evil. Again with M's back to Ksusan she pops her teeth down. Marlena comments that even in death Kristen seems to be causing problems for her and John and Ksusan thinks to herself you ain't seen nothing yet. Outside the penthouse Roman apologizes to Edmund for coming down on Ksusan so hard but he just needed to found out about Kristen's death. Edmund says no apology needed and Roman says he is such a fine young man and Susan is lucky to have him in her life. (oh yea Edmund mentioned to Ksusan earlier who wonderful a person Dr Evans was and no wonder she had two men fighting for her and needless to say she didn't like to hear that).

In the limo, Sami and Franco get hot and heavy but then he stops and says he can't do this. He is worried that she is thinking about Austin. He says he doesn't understand why Austin didn't fall in love with her when she asks if that is what he has done - fallen in love with her. He manages to pacify her by saying he cares for her and wants to take things slow. They arrive home and she asks him to come in for a nightcap but he thinks they've had enough to drink. She says she just doesn't want the night to end but he tells her there will be many more. She heads in as he thinks to himself that he has her just where he wants her and he will have her wanting him so bad that she will do anything. She comes in to find Lucas (he called Lynn to come by earlier and nurse his wounds and told her he was going to sue for custody of Will) still up and mad. He tells her if she doesn't straighten out he will take Will away from her forever. She says he can't do that but he says he will expose her as a blackmailer which is a crime and get Will. When he leaves she says to herself he better not push her or they all will pay.

In the middle east somewhere, the guy is trying to figure out what to do with Susan to hide her ugliness and asks what happened - she was a pretty person when he fished her out of the water (so she was in the pool for a little while). He shows her a picture of Kristen and Susan realizes that is why K wanted her to dress like her - she tricked her. A lady comes in saying the sultan is getting impatient so the man takes her glasses off and throws a veil over her whole head. He takes her in to the sultan and tells her to dance. She says she can't but her tells her she better dance for her life. She starts moving around and trying to dance - too funny. She pulls the veil off and the sultan sees her and screams that she is ugly and dances bad too and orders the man to prepare for her execution as the credits roll.


March 13
Ivan and Vivian are on their way back to Salem and they are discussing Kristen's death. Vivian says she can understand why Kristen killed herself now that she's lost the love of her life, Jonsey. Ivan tries to cheer her up by saying that when they get to Salem they can live in Jonsey's townhouse with all his beautiful things.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Kate is preparing for Kristen's funeral and she is glad to hear that Bo is going to take Billie.

At the Pub, Roman, Abe, and Bo are discussing Kristen. Roman says that he feels that Kristen may not have killed herself. Roman excuses himself to talk to Kim and Bo thinks about Hope.

At the church, Stefano is looking at Kristen's coffin and says that her and Tony's lives ended too soon. Stefano also vows that he will not lose his remaining children. Remembering Lexie's warning that he better not hurt anyone she cares about, Stefano decides to locate Celeste after the funeral and give her the cure. Lexie arrives and comfort her grieving father. Stefano tells Lexie that it was Kristen's love for John that killed her.

At the convent, Sister Mary is getting ready for Kristen's funeral. She invites Celeste to come with her, but Celeste fears that if she leave she will have more visions. Celeste asks Mary to pass on her condolences to the family and to wish Susan well.

Jack and Jen's place, the Hortons are getting ready to go to Kristen's funeral and Laura tells them she wouldn't miss this funeral for the world. Laura says that she wants to see Kristen's body in that casket because you never know with the DiMeras. Mickey and Maggie arrive and tell everyone that Jack has been completely exonerated by the Governor. Jen says she also has good news, Jaspar has come out of his comma. Jen calls up the stairs to her mom and Laura comes down in a bright red outfit. Jen tells her mother that she can't wear that to Kristen's funeral, but Laura says she can because she's celebrating Kristen's death, not mourning her. The Hortons try to get through to Laura, but she refuses to listen to them.

Marlena is wondering where John could be because he won't answer his phone. John has gone to the DiMera mansion and is still racking himself over the thought that he could have prevented her death. John remembers the good times and how he hoped they could have a family together and be happy.

At Marlena's penthouse, Kristen wakes up and can't believe that Edmund expects her to go to her own funeral. She also worries that if she is figured out, she could go to jail. Kristen dresses up in her Susan get up and hopes she can pull it off. Kristen goes downstairs and learns that Marlena is worried about John, who hasn't been seen or heard of since last night. Marlena tells "Susan" that John is feeling guilty about her death and feels he could have prevented it. "Susan" makes about how all Kristen ever did was love John, which shocks Marlena. Marlena can't believe that "Susan" is being so sympathetic towards Kristen after everything she did to her. Edmund arrives to pick up "Susan" and Roman comes to pick up Edmund.

Salemites gather at the church for Kristen's funeral. Abe is upset that Lexie left for the church without him to be with her "father." Mary shows up and tells Lexie that she heard from Celeste and Celeste asked her to tell Lexie that she is fine. Kate arrives and tells Stefano that she is sorry for his loss. They talk and when Kate says she fears Victor will never recover, Stefano tells her not to waste what time she has waiting for someone to return to her that can't. The Hortons talk with Marlena about both John and Laura, both of who have not arrived. Stefano makes a call to Peter and tells him that he is working to get him released. Laura shows up and yells at Stefano that she'll never let that happen. They begin to argue and Stefano brings up her voyage during Jen's funeral. Stefano knows that Laura is hiding something about the night that Kristen died. Vivian and Ivan show up and Kate has some words with Vivian. When Vivian sees "Susan," she embraces her and says how nice it is to see a friendly face. Later, Marlena tells Laura to let go of her anger towards Kristen. Bo and Billie arrive and Bo asks Hope to speak with him after the funeral. John eventually does show up for the funeral, which makes Kristen think that John does care about her and could love her again.

Back at the convent, Celeste has a vision of Kristen's funeral, at which something terrible will happen.

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