March 98 Week 1


March 2
In England, Vivian is shocked that Jonsey doesn't want to return to Salem, but then she wonders if Jonsey has a castle here in England full of treasures. Jonsey tells her that he doesn't, but he wants to stay here in the village in which he was born. Vivian doesn't believe him and asks why he really doesn't want to return to Salem. Jonsey says that maybe he'll return to Salem one day, but he feels at home here. Vivian says her home is in Salem and that's where she has her heart set on returning to. Jonsey says they can talk about going back to Salem later, but right now they must start their honeymoon. Vivian tries to stall, but Jonsey picks her up and carries her off. Ivan is left at the pub, alone and heartbroken. Jonsey prepares the love chamber for Vivian and then he kisses her.

Stefano returns to the townhouse hoping that Celeste has returned, but she hasn't. Stefano then begins to rant about his house and the secrets it holds. Stefano decides to go down to the basement to make sure his secret is unharmed, which it is.

Celeste is at the convent and Sister Mary brings her some tea. Mary wants to call Celeste a doctor, but Celeste says no. Celeste says her ailment seems to be more spiritual then physical. Mary then wants to call Lexie, but Celeste doesn't want Lexie to ever know the condition she's in. Celeste tells Sister Mary about the terrible evil that is taking over her body and the visions she is seeing. Mary tells Celeste about the ordeal she went through with Kristen and Celeste realizes that is what her visions were about. When Celeste says she saw a terrible darkness around Kristen, Mary tells Celeste that Kristen is dead. Mary still want to get Celeste a doctor, but Celeste says she is battling for her soul and no doctor can help her. Mary tell Celeste that there is a way she can find the help she needs. Mary tells Celeste that she must give into prayer and have faith that God's love will heal her.

At the Java Cafe, Eric has taken an interest in the new waitress Nicole. Austin sees how Eric has taken a liking to Nicole. Carrie shows up and tells Austin that she's going to be helping Mike get the chief of staff job.

Sami and Franco are in Salem Place and Sami is whining at Franco about anything and everything. Franco tells her that she should focus on her new image, which will make her irresistible to Austin. Sami sees Carrie and Austin and becomes depressed as she watches how close Carrie and Austin are. Franco tells Sami she has to have more self confidence and he leads her over to their table. Eric tries to start up some conversation and asks them what they think about Kristen. Both Carrie and Sami are shocked to hear that she is dead. Carrie says she has to go get started on her new campaign to get Mike elected to chief of staff, which intrigues Sami. Austin and Carrie take off. As Eric searches the paper for a job, a mysterious girl watches him. Eric eventually says he has to go. Eric walks off, but he's followed by the mysterious girl. As he walks along, Eric realizes he is being followed.

At the police station, Susan thinks that everyone thinks she killed Kristen. Edmund says that he will protect Susan from them, but Marlena says that nobody is accusing her of killing Kristen. Susan then starts crying about how she doesn't want to go to jail. Marlena, John, and Roman leave the room so Edmund and Susan can talk. Back in Abe's office, Edmund professes his love to Susan. Susan looks at Edmund and says that he told everyone that he was her fiance, and she asks him if he is. Edmund tells Susan that this isn't the way he planned it, but the setting really doesn't matter. Edmund gets down on his knee and proposes to Susan.

Abe and Lexie are talking about Stefano. Lexie wants to comfort her father, but Abe is afraid that his wife will be the next one to fall victim to the DiMera curse. Abe gets a call from the coroner, who has finished the preliminary autopsy.

Abe, Lexie, John, Roman, Marlena, and Stefano all go over to the coroner's office to hear his report. Stefano wants to see his daughter and he unzips the bag she is in. Lexie comforts Stefano, which upsets Abe. The coroner tells them that there is no evidence of foul play. However, Kristen did have a lot of drugs and alcohol in her system, which could have debilitated her and caused her to drown. When he says that Kristen committed suicide, Stefano rejects that theory. The coroner says that Kristen must have had a death wish because the amount of drugs and alcohol she had in her system. When the coroner says he thinks Kristen went into the pool to kill herself, John remembers telling Kristen that she didn't have the guts to kill herself. John confirms the coroners theory and he believes that Kristen killed herself.


March 3
Ivan is drowning his sorrows in a glass of ale and is pouring his heart out to Violet. Ivan tells Violet that if he was rich he would have won madame's heart long ago. After a few drinks, Ivan decides he must stop his madame from making the biggest mistake of her life.

At the love nest, Jonsey toasts to his wife Vivian and then starts singing to her. Vivian tries to convince Jonsey to hop on a train and head to London, but Jonsey wants to get it on. Vivian eventually gives up and says they might as well get it over with. Jonsey then tells Vivian he has a gift for her, a fur coat! Vivian is thrilled and says he's never looked more attractive to her since she found out he was rich. Jonsey and Vivian fall onto the bed and begin to get the show on the road.

Alice is cooking some donuts and the smell lures Hope to the kitchen. They talk about Bo and love, but Hope says that Billie's baby is standing in the way of her future with Bo. Alice tries to persuade Hope she can have a future with Bo, but Hope isn't sure. Hope tells her Gran that she believes there is a conspiracy keeping her and Bo apart and she suspects Kate of being behind it.

Kate is talking to Franco on the phone and telling him that she has to do some damage control to make sure nobody finds out that she hired him to break up Bo and Hope.

Kate drops by Alice's place to talk with Hope. Hope tells Kate that she knows what she has done took keep Billie and Bo together. Kate tells Hope that what she thinks is wrong and that is why she is here to set her straight. Kate tells Hope that if Bo doesn't commit to Billie heart and soul then it will spell disaster for their baby. Kate says that Bo takes his cues from her and that is why she wants Hope to pull away from Bo. Kate asks Hope not to interfere in Bo and Billie's life. Hope tells Kate that the word interfere seems funny coming out of her mouth. Kate says that she might have given Bo and Billie a little nudge, but that was all. Kate says she honestly thought she (Hope) was in Rome with Franco and Bo is the one who is responsible for knocking Billie up, not her (Kate). Kate leaves and she tells herself that she must stop Hope from learning the truth, no matter what it takes! Back in the Horton house, Hope still suspects someone of interfering in her life with Bo.

Eric comes to the pub, where Bo is telling his mom and pop about Kristen's cause of death. Shawn and Caroline see the pain in Bo's eyes and they wish they could help him and Hope reunite. Bo talks to Eric about the job market and what Eric is interested in. Eric tells Bo he hasn't a clue and Bo tells him that he also lacked direction for a long time. Bo and Eric sit down and talk and Bo tells Eric how he finally pulled his life together. He also tells Eric not to rule out being a police officer, but Eric says that's not in his blood. The entire time that Eric is in the pub, a mysterious girl watches him from the window. Eric manages to catch the mysterious watcher in the corner of his eye. The mysterious girl then calls the pub, but when Shawn answer, the girl hangs up. Later, Caroline talks to Bo about his current situation. Bo assures his mom that he will work things out.

At the coroner office, John agrees that Kristen killed herself, but Stefano refuses to believe that Kristen killed herself. Marlena also can't see Kristen committing suicide. The coroner says that Kristen's death was obviously a suicide. Poor John can't get Kristen's suicide threat out of his mind and he blames himself. Marlena sees how John is feeling and she tells him it's normal to feel guilty when someone commits suicide. Stefano hears Marlena's words and he tells himself that he also feels guilty. Roman still believes that Susan has played a part in this death. Marlena is shocked, but Roman tells her it's not what she thinks. Roman says that he feels that Kristen's plan failed and without anything to live for, Kristen took her own life.

At the station, Edmund proposes to Susan. Susan doesn't jump at Edmund's proposal and Edmund wonders if it is because of John. Susan tells him it isn't, but she's worried about Stefano and the problems he will cause for her. Edmund tells Susan he will defend her to the death and he asks her once again if she'll marry him. Before Susan can reply, the police gang shows up. Roman tells Edmund and Susan that Kristen killed herself. Abe and Roman ask Susan how Kristen was acting the last time she saw her. Susan flashes back to the night of the suicide and I'm assuming she is telling them how Kristen was acting, because after the flashback is over, Susan says something along the lines of "and that's what happened."

Meanwhile, Lexie comforts her father over Kristen's death. Stefano asks Lexie if she thinks that it is true that he has heart his children by the things he has done. Lexie tells Stefano that she won't lie to him and she tells him it is true that he's hurt his children, but Kristen chose to take her own life. Stefano thanks Lexie for being there for her and he says he'll need her now more than ever. Abe comes out and wants to talk with his wife alone. Stefano leaves and Abe tells Lexie that Stefano is no good and is not her responsibility. Lexie says she is only trying to comfort her father, but Abe says that Stefano is going to pull her into his web and he won't let that happen.

Back in Abe's office, Susan tells her friends that she can't wait to get back to England before Stefano finds her. Too Late! Stefano walks right into Abe's office and says hello to Susan.


March 4
Ivan is planning to barge into Vivian and Jonsey's bridal chamber, but Violet tells him that he can't do that. Ivan ignores Violet and starts banging on Vivian's door. Vivian answers and she tells Ivan that she wants to stay with Jonsey. Ivan says she must be in shock and Vivian says she is, Jonsey is extraordinary! Vivian says she's in paradise and she doesn't want to lose it. Vivian asks Ivan to get a hold of Dr. Wu to get some magic potion to keep Jonsey alive. Jonsey calls Vivy from the bathroom and Vivian goes to him, shutting the door on Ivan. Jonsey and Vivian enjoy a bubble bath and Vivian thanks him for the most wonderful night of her life. Ivan staggers back to the pub and tells Violet that his madame is happier then he's ever seen her.

Billie is reading a book about pregnancy when Kate comes in. Billie asks Kate where she's been and Kate tells Billie that she went to see Hope. Billie is angry with her mom and she says she does not need her mommy's help to get Bo to fall in love with her again. Billie asks Kate what she said and Kate says she just wants Hope to allow her (Billie) and Bo to raise their child on their own. Billie senses a but and Kate says that Hope still thinks she and Bo were both manipulated.

Bo is talking with Kim at the Brady Pub and he suspects that he and Hope were kept apart by Franco. Bo is looking at a picture of Hope and Franco and wants to burn it. Bo moans to Kim about what an evil man Franco is and how he was manipulated by Franco into ending up with Billie. Billie calls Bo and she says she'd really like to be with him in light of the news about Kristen. Bo tells Billie to come over, but he hasn't told her how Kristen died. Bo and Kim continue to talk about Bo's situation. Bo says he may not be able to fix his situation with Hope, but he is going to find out the truth about Franco and his employer. Billie shows up and learns the truth about Kristen and she is shocked.

Hope is at the JavaCafe and is going over her conversation with Kate. Hope looks at a picture of her and Franco in a magazine and she wonders if Bo could have been right about Franco all along.

Franco and Sami have just finished shopping for Sami's new image. Franco wishes Sami would trust him, but Sami says she has a problem when it comes to trusting people. Franco spots Hope and he and Sami go and join her. They start talking business and Hope says she doesn't know if she will be renewing her contract.

Back at the Kiriakis Mansion, Kate says she will do anything to keep Hope and Bo from learning the truth. Kate calls Franco, who has to excuse himself from Hope and Sami. Kate tells Franco that Hope is catching on to them. Franco tells her not to worry and that he has Sami covered.

Sami thinks Hope doesn't want to work at Titan because of Billie, but Hope says it's Kate as well. Sami is confused and asks what the problem is. Hope says she never should mentioned it and she changes the subject to her and Franco. Sami tells Hope that she likes Franco, but he's still in love with her. Sami then realizes that if she told Hope the truth then Franco would have to give up on his fantasy of Hope falling in love for him.

At the Station, Stefano comes into Abe's office and finds Susan there. John introduces Edmund to Stefano and Marlena introduces Stefano to Edmund. Edmund says he would like to speak with Stefano alone, so everyone leaves them to talk. Edmund stands up for Susan and he asks Stefano if he was helping Kristen to blackmail Susan. Stefano says that he didn't know that Kristen would go to such lengths for the baby. Stefano talks to Susan and tells her that he thought because he helped her get her baby back at Christmas time that she would trust him. Edmund then learns the entire truth about Little Elvis's conception. Stefano says that was the past, but now he has an offer to make her. Susan exclaims that he'll never get her baby and Edmund tells Stefano that he'll have to go through him to get to Susan's baby. Stefano tells Mr. Crumb that he has no intention of taking Elvis from Susan. Stefano says he is concerned for his son's welfare and well-being. Edmund is happy about that and he says he loves Elvis as if he was his own son and that he intends to be the boy's father. Stefano says that he hopes Edmund gives Elvis the love and comfort he gave Peter and Kristen..... Stefano apologizes, but Susan says he doesn't have to apologize for loving his children. Stefano says no, but he does owe her an apology. Stefano apologizes for what Kristen did to Susan. Edmund asks Stefano if he sent the men to England to find Susan and Stefano says he did that only to make sure Susan and Elvis were safe. Stefano tells Edmund to talk good care of Susan and Elvis, and then he leaves. Edmund says that Stefano isn't the monster he thought he was, but Susan says he doesn't know him. Edmund is confused by Susan's fear over losing her baby and then he asks her why she never answered his proposal. Susan says that so much has happened and she just got swept up in it all. Edmund hugs Susan and she asks him to go get her some ice water. Edmund leaves and KRISTEN says it wasn't supposed to be this way, Susan wasn't supposed to die.

Outside Abe's office, Marlena tries to comfort John, who is still feeling guilty about Kristen's death. John confronts Stefano and tells him not to think about taking Susan's baby. Stefano tells him that he has to worry about burying the daughter that he (John) killed. John does a "say what" and Stefano says that they both know that Kristen killed herself because she couldn't live without his "so called" love. John goes somewhere, not sure where, and he remembers how much he once loved Kristen. John then checks his answering machine and discovers that he has a message from Kristen! Kristen tells John that everything she did was out of love and that her love for him was never a lie. Kristen says she'll never bother him again and the call ends. John picks up and tosses the answering machine and says that he let Kristen kill herself.

Back at the station, Roman talks with Marlena and tells her that he won't pressure her, but he loves her more every minute she's with him. Stefano sulks and says one day Elvis will accept that he is a DiMera and will take the name with pride.


March 5
Kate comes to Salem Place to talk to Franco in person. Kate isn't so sure about Franco's plan to control Sami and she wants to know what he's up to. Franco tells Kate he has it under control, but Kate doesn't believe him and she tells Franco to stop seeing Sami. Franco tells Kate that he has to spend time with her to keep her under control, besides Franco says he likes her. Kate tells Franco that Sami is a lose cannon and nobody can control her. Kate asks Franco what if Sami fell in love with him and exposed him to Hope. Franco says that if Sami loved him then she would never betray him like that.

At the Java Cafe, Sami makes Hope promise to never tell anyone what she is about to tell her about Kate. Before Sami can tell Hope the truth, Hope starts whining about Kate and how she mislead Bo about her relationship with Franco. Hope talks with Sami about her relationship with Bo and how Bo believed that Franco was manipulating them. Sami tells herself that if she wants Austin to believe that she has moved on with Franco then she has to get Hope out of the way. Sami returns to her original conversation topic and tells Hope there is something she wants to tell her about Kate. Unfortunately, Franco returns before Sami can tell Hope the truth, but Sami tells Hope they can talk another time. Hope leaves and Franco asks Sami if she was thinking about telling Hope about his involvement with Kate. Sami tells Franco that she wouldn't do that and Franco reminds her that if she exposed him then she would also expose herself as a blackmailer. Sami says that she knows a lot more about Kate than his little deal with her. Franco then tells Sami that he REALLY likes her and wishes she'd trust him.

Kate returns home and tells herself that she has to stop Sami and find out what Sami has on her. Kate then begins to search Sami's room. Lucas comes in and finds his mom searching and he says that he's already searched Sami's room and found nothing. Lucas says that she should just tell him what Sami has on her. Kate says why not and she agrees to tell Lucas.

Billie is at the pub with Bo. Roman comes in and he talks with Kim about Kristen's suicide. Roman feels bad for John because he is blaming himself for something that is Stefano's fault. Roman sees Bo with Billie and he's glad that Bo is committing to her because Roman says that Bo has a responsibility to Billie. Roman goes over to see Bo and Billie and to ask how Billie is doing. Billie says she is fine, but she can't believe that Kristen would take her own life. Bo gets beeped and has to check in with the station. Roman asks Billie how she is really doing. Billie says that Bo couldn't be nicer to her, but she knows he is there for her out of obligation. Billie switches the topic to Roman and Marlena and if he believes he has a chance. Roman doesn't know, but he hopes he does. Billie then talks about how they ran into each other in Paris and how they both thought they had lost the loves of their lives. Roman says that they are home now and things seem to be changing for them.

Eric goes to Marlena's place and he still senses that he's being followed. Eric asks his mom about Kristen's death and Susan's involvement. Marlena fills Eric in on all the details about how she found the body and his dad's involvement in the case. Marlena still can't believe that Kristen would give up and Eric says maybe suicide was her final scheme. Marlena wants to talk about something else and she asks Eric how he is. Eric says if she wants to know if he's decided what he wants to do with his life, he hasn't. Marlena offers to try and help him get a job with the Spectator as a photographer, but Eric says he wants to do something on his own. Marlena's phone rings and it's Roman asking her out to dinner, which she accepts. Eric decides to leave and on his way out he sees someone going down the elevator and he wonders who it could have been.

John has smashed his answering machine and he picks up the pieces of it. John is now officially blaming himself for Kristen's death. John somehow puts his answering machine back together and listens to Kristen's message again. John puts his coat on and decides to go to the station because the tape is a suicide note and is evidence.

At the station, Kristen is remembering what happened the night of the "murder" Kristen remembers how Susan was holding a letter opener to her throat out by the pool. Kristen pushed Susan into the pool and just laughed. Kristen tells herself that Susan must have drowned from the drugs she gave her. She tells herself she was only going to pretend to be Susan until she got the baby and that the man in the turban was supposed to take Susan off to some exotic land. Edmund returns with "Susan's" ice water and he tells her something isn't quite right with her. Kristen apologizes for acting so weird and she blames it on her nerves. Edmund senses her hesitating when he brings up marriage and he thinks it's because of John. Kristen tells herself that she has to keep up this charade or she will go to jail. Edmund says all that he can offer her is protection and his undying love, but those may not be enough if she is still in love with John. Edmund asks "Susan" if she is still in love with John. Before she can answer, John comes into the station. John apologizes and goes to leave, but Edmund says they were talking about him and how Susan is grateful to him for all he's done. John says it was nothing and that he cares for Susan and her son and doesn't want to see them be hurt anymore than they already have been. Edmund is shocked when John says he loves Susan, but John says he only loves her as a friend, he's in love with Doc. Edmund asks him about Kristen and John says that once upon a time Kristen was a very nice person, a person he fell in love with. Kristen says that "Kristen" was so mean, but she can't help but feel sorry for her. Kristen asks John if Kristen had changed if he could love her again, but John says all that he would feel towards her would be pity. John tells Edmund he's lucky to have found someone like Susan and then he leaves. Edmund then asks Susan if she will marry him or not. Susan doesn't answer and Edmund says that perhaps she should go back to England. Edmund walks out and Kristen realizes if she doesn't return with him to England then she'll never get her baby back. Kristen chases Edmund down and says she will not let him go back to England without her and she says she will marry him.

In some other country, the man with the turban locks Susan in a room and tells her to get used to her new home. Susan starts banging on the door to be let out and she swears that she will get Kristen for this.

Back at the pub, Billie asks Bo if he'd like to have dinner tonight, but he says he has to work late. Bo leaves and Roman tells her not to give up on Bo. Billie tells herself that Roman is the only one on her side and maybe he can help her.

John goes to the docks to think and runs into Hope. Hope tells John that what happened is not his fault, but John believes it is. Hope tells John that he should be with Marlena, but John says he doesn't even know if he has a future with her.

Marlena goes over to the place where John is staying and she sees his wrecked answering machine and wonders what has happened.


March 6
Eric is walking in Salem Place and realizes that he's still being followed. He goes to the Java Cafe where Nicole waits on him. Nicole sees that Eric has a copy of Bella and he tells her it's kinda a family business. Eric spots Sami and he asks her to sit down. Sami has just finished her shopping spree with Franco and Eric questions Sami about Franco. Sami starts whining about how she can't trust people because all the people she's cared about have hurt her. Eric tells Sami that they can't focus on the past and have to take control of their own future. Eric asks Sami if she's using Franco to make Austin jealous, but Sami says she's not. Sami tells her brother that she thinks Franco is the man who can help her move on with her life without Austin. Sami asks Eric if he's found someone to make him happy and he says not yet. Sami notices that Eric is scanning their surroundings and Eric tells Sami that he thinks someone is following him. Sami says he should tell their dad, but he says he can handle it. Sami leaves and Nicole asks Eric if that was his girlfriend. Eric laughs and says it was his sister. Nicole asks Eric if she works for Titan and he tells her she does. Nicole becomes very interested when Eric says his sister is starting a campaign to find new models. Sami runs into Roman and he tells Sami he is very proud of her for turning her life around.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Lucas tells Kate to please tell him what Sami has on her. Kate agrees to tell Lucas the truth. Kate tells Lucas that he already knows about Curtis kicking her out and keeping her children away from her. Kate says that is when she meet Bill Horton and she had him (Lucas). Kate says that she had to make a safe and secure life for herself and Lucas, but money isn't free. Kate tell Lucas that she did what she had to do to protect him. Lucas asks his mom what she did that was so terrible. Kate says she can't tell him, she'd rather live with Sami's blackmail then hurt him with the truth. Lucas says that he is going to sue Sami for full custody of Will if she doesn't hand over the blackmail material. Kate tells him that he cannot anger Sami or back her into a corner. Suddenly Franco shows up and Kate has to put her argument with Lucas on hold. Kate asks Franco what is so urgent and Franco tells her that he heard Sami and Hope talking and that Sami almost told Hope the truth. Kate is pissed and she says Hope is already suspicious of her. Franco assures Kate that he can control Sami with some work, but Kate tells him to stay away from Sami. Franco says he can handle her and that he has to make her feel things she's never felt from a man. Kate wonders if Franco is attracted to Sami, but he says no. Kate tells him to back away from Sami, but Franco says he's in to deep now and he can't back out.

Roman is remembering how he bought an engagement ring for Marlena and he swears that he will put that ring on her finger one day. Stefano sees Roman and realizes that he hasn't let go of Marlena. Roman says no he hasn't and he doesn't believe that he (Stefano) has let go of Marlena either. Stefano says there will always be a part of him that loves Marlena, but he has folded and is out of the game. Roman tells Stefano that is bull and he knows Stefano is still plotting to get Marlena somehow. They begin to argue about Stefano's intentions in Salem. Stefano says that he has lost everyone but Alexandra. Roman tells him that if he stays away from her then she will be safe and he also warns him to stay away from Marlena. Stefano laughs and he says that he should concentrate on his battle with John. Stefano tells Roman that he trained John to be like Roman, so Roman has to be unpredictable to stay one step ahead of John.

Marlena comes over to see Laura, who is so relieved that the police don't think Susan killed Kristen. Marlena stares at Laura and Laura asks Marlena what is wrong. Marlena tells Laura that the coroner examined Kristen and they know how she died, she killed herself. Laura says "She shot herself?" and Malrena says that she drowned. Marlena tells Laura about the drugs in her system and how she drowned herself, but Laura wonders if she could have slipped into the pool. Marlena also tells Laura about what Kristen did to Mary and Susan. Laura tells Marlena that it really doesn't matter how Kristen died because she got what was coming to her. Marlena asks Laura about how she left Jen's funeral and if she found Kristen, but Laura says no. Laura tells Marlena that she isn't going to grieve over Kristen and she's not going to pretend that she is sorry that Kristen is dead. Laura says that she's sorry that Kristen didn't get the chance to repent before dying, but perhaps Stefano will become a real person now that he's suffering just like the people he's hurt. Marlena leaves and Laura begins to laugh. We then see a flashback of Laura at the Blake House with a gun and she is looking out at the pool where Kristen is standing. Laura goes out to Salem Place and is confronted by Stefano. Laura lets Stefano that she is very happy that the house of DiMera is falling all around him. Stefano tells Laura that he detects a hint of insanity in her voice.

Kim comes over to Marlena's place to baby-sit Belle and Brady so Marlena can go out with Roman. Kim tells Marlena she hopes things will turn out they way she wants and that she knows when Marlena picks her man, she will stay with that man.

Roman runs into Eric in Salem Place, who jumps. Roman asks him if he is okay and Eric says he's just shaken up about Kristen's death.

Roman goes to pick up Marlena and he tells her she looks gorgeous. Roman surprises Marlena with a rose and she thanks him. Roman tells Marlena he hopes this can be a new beginning for them and that this could be like their first date. Roman gets a call from someone and excuses himself to take it. Marlena then makes a call to John's hotel and leaves a message to have him call her when he gets in. Roman hears this call and isn't seem very pleased. Roman tells himself that he won't let John ruin his night with Marlena.

Sami goes back to the Java Cafe and offers Nicole a shot at modeling. Nicole says she would like that and Sami sets up a test session. A mystery man shows up and tells Sami that he has been sent to pick her up. Sami gets into the limo and Franco is waiting for her. Franco tells her that he has a very special evening planned for them. Lucas sees this and wonders who would send a limo for Sami.

The show ends with Eric grabbing the person who is following him and yelling "why are you following me!" at them.

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