March 97 Week 4


March 24 Due to TV problems today's summary by Laney
The show opens with Sami sitting in hospital bed waiting Lucas to come and take her to Austin's apartment. Meanwhile at the apartment, Austin and Carrie are making out and talking about how lucky they are that they won't have any interruptions from Sami, or anyone else. (think again!) Carrie has noticed how that the bathroom was being set up for wheelchair access and is upset & they discuss Sami (same dialog as previous days). Lucas shows up at hospital and tells Sami that this is NOT a good idea, besides, they didn't get permission from Dr. Mike, but she is determined. Lucas thinks at least he'll be there for her (for damage control) if she does remember. S&L show up at the apartment (while A&C are in the bathtub) Carrie hears something and A goest to check to find S&L. A stops S from going into the bathroom and motions to Lucas that Carrie is in there (and Carrie hears them) A takes S into Will's bedroom and Lucas helps Carrie get her clothes and get out (wrapped in a towel), but she drops her lipstick. Sami is touched because she thinks A is doing all this redecorating for her return home. But he explains it was Kate's idea. A goes to find L and S sees soap suds and water on the floor and is suspicious. In the hall, A threatens to punch L but he explains and Carrie (dressed now) backs L up...Austin, everyone thought we were out of town! Inside, Sami finds the lipstick on the sofa but doesn't know if it's hers. She wheels into the bedroom and finds the sexy nightgown. She says *Oh, Austin* and begins to cry (I'm not sure if she has realized there is another woman OR if that she thinks Austin is a cross-dresser!!! ha-ha)

Billie and the female cop are on their way (all of these scenes are in the car...can only see Billie's face). She tells Billie to relax and B prays that Bo is okay. The cop tells her that she is being taken to a secluded cabin and she will not be able to contact anyone...if she does, it will put Bo in danger. The cop tells Billie that Bo sure went to a lot of trouble to get her in this program...he must really love her. Billie says I wish. At the Snake Pit, King is furious because Billie left town. Says he'll have to get himself another insurance policy as Bo spots Hope on the tv monitor. Franco shows up and Hope tells him what she is up to and he tries to talk her out of's too dangerous. King knows Bo is lying and wants to know if it is to protect Hope...then he spots her too and tells Bo if they are up to anything, he'll kill them both. King sends Max out to question Hope and find out what she's up to. She makes it clear to him that she wants to buy drugs and would really like to meet the man in charge. He tells her to wait and he goes back and tells King, who explodes and they tie Bo up and starts choking Bo wanting to know what's going on. King tells Bo if it is so important for Hope to meet him, the least he can do is grant her last request...before he kills her!

Susan is at her apartment getting dressed and flashes back to when she & John married. She tells Lisa-Marie (teddy bear) that it was all just like a romance novel...John is her prince charming and that K is the evil witch. Then she says but Dr. Marlena Evans is the *good* witch and decides to call her.

Laura and Marlena chat and L tells M something is going on with Kristen. She tells her about the shower and when the subject of breast feeding came up, K acted clueless and they discuss other odd things surrounding K's pregnancy. L says she wants to help destroy K, but M says not to worry, K will do that herself. Around the corner, Vivian and Kristen hoop up (ohmigod, wait til you see Viv's new hat today) K fills her in on the breast-feeding situation. V says it sounds like she has the situation under control. But K says now she is worried about Laura. Viv questions her about that. K skirts the issue and tells V she's got a hungry baby to feed. As they round the corner, they run into M&L. They question her about nursing, and K tells them to politely butt out...but Laura is staring at K and begins to freak out. She tells them that when she was being held, she remembers some machine with a flashing red light (and that's why Billie's gift upset her so) K says she's just confused...has she been taking her medicine? L snaps at her and says yes, Lynn's been giving it to her, was supposed to bring it to the hospital, but she is late. Cut to Lynn in bed snoring (Guess she finished off that bottle of bubbly she swiped). M questions L about the light and machine and she says ask K...she knows all about it. (Marlena's cell phone's Susan, who needs to see her right away). K excuses herself and M tells L that she is convinced K is hiding something. L says she seems clearer today. K calls Lynn and tells her to get to the hospital NOW. Viv has been taking all this in and wants to know from K what is going on. K tells her none of her business. L&M&V all watch K feed the baby (with a bottle) thru window and L is desperate to expose K...M says she won't find anything to bring her down concerning the baby. Even K can't fake those maternal emotions (oh really?) M excuses herself...she has an appointment (Susan). L continues to watch and has flashbacks and remembers K telling her she would not be harmed and telling K if anything went wrong, it was all her fault. Then Lynn shows up with her medicine and swears to K it will never happen again (With Viv taking all this in). Again she questions K but K tells her that Laura is just a lunatic. Viv says, my you sure have everything under control...and K says *yes I sure do*...what she doesn't know is that Susan is at the hospital and spots them. When she sees that weird, weird, weird Vivian girl, heads the other way. Marlena runs into Susan in the hallway and says she doesn't know what to do. She tells M that she is upset because she promised someone she wouldn't talk about it. M assures her again that it will all be confidential, so Susan agrees and they head into Marlena's office.



March 25
Billie and Terri arrive at the cabin where Billie is to stay. Billie is surprised that the cabin is in the middle of nowhere, and how she thought she'd have her identity changed. Terri says she won't be there forever, just until Bo wraps up the case. Bo and Terri eat dinner, and talk about Bo, and she says it must have been pretty easy pretending to be in love with an attractive guy like Bo. Terri then see's the hurt in Billie's eyes, and apologizes because she's new in town and didn't realize it. Later the two watch some cop movie in which an undercover cop is found out and killed. Terri apologizes, but Billie says it's okay. Terri goes to take a walk around the "perimeter" and Billie watches a love story on TV, and later dreams about Bo.

In the back room Bo tells King that Hope never did drugs before, it must be the new crowd she's hanging with. King doesn't believe Bo, and tells him he's going to kill them both, and eventually he'll kill Billie. Bo tries to convince King that Hope isn't trying to nail King, but King doesn't believe him. When Hope leaves and Max returns King orders him to go get Hope and bring her back. Bo says to leave Hope alone, and when King asks why he cares about Hope so much, Bo says she's still the mother of his child. Bo tells King that Hope may no longer be a cop, but if he kills her every cop in Salem will be after him.

Franco thinks Hope shouldn't have asked to buy drugs, but Hope thinks that the dealer will take her to the major runner. Hope looks around, and when Franco asks Hope if she's looking for Bo, and Hope admits she thought he might be there. Franco tries to persuade her that Bo doesn't deserve her, but Hope believes he still loves her and they can work things out. Hope goes to the ladies room and learns about the drug action going on in there. Hope and Franco decide to leave, but when Max comes back Hope says she got what she needed from the ladies in the bathroom. Hope goes home and begins to cry, and Shawn D. comforts her.

Max calls King back and says that Hope and Franco went into a big house together all alone, and King asks Bo if that bothers him. Bo just says that Hope has her own life like he has his. Max returns and both King and Max pull out their guns, and Bo says either let him go or shoot him, but if he shoots him he'll have the entire force on him. King tells Bo he's right, so instead he's going to plant a bomb over at the Horton's house, and they'll dump Bo's body in the rubble and make it seem like Bo was trying to kill Hope. King and Max leave to set up the bomb and Bo tries to break free.

In Austin's apartment Sami finds a negligee, and a credit card receipt from the current day, and she suspects Austin is cheating on her. Lucas, Austin, and Carrie come in, and Sami is in tears. Lucas asks Sami what's wrong, but she says she's fine. Austin asks Lucas to take Sami back to the hospital, but Sami says she though Austin was going to take her. Sami says that she was looking for her clothes and make-up, but couldn't find any, and Austin says that they are all in the drawers.

Austin takes Sami back to the hospital, and Mike tells her Lucas had no right taking her home, but Sami says she insisted. Austin leaves the room, and the therapist comes in and says she's not quite ready to walk out of the hospital yet. Sami says she doesn't care if she ever walks again, and when Mike says she doesn't mean that Sami says "Nothing is going the way I hoped."

Mike asks Austin what happened to Sami in that apartment, and Austin thinks that she must be upset because she couldn't remember.

At the nursery Kristen and John fawn over John Jr. Kristen convinces John to go see Sami, and after John is gone Kristen calls Susan to get more breast milk for the baby, but Susan isn't home.

Susan has come to see Marlena, who wants to help Susan through her troubles. Susan doesn't see how anyone can help her, but Marlena says she can try. Susan tells Marlena she wants her baby back, and when Marlena asks where her baby is Susan says "she took him." Marlena asks if her baby was kidnapped, and she says she wants her Elvis back. When Marlena says "You named you baby Elivs?" Susan says she named him after the King of Rock'n'Roll, who isn't dead as far as she's concerned. Marlena questions Susan about how long the police or FBI have been looking for the baby, but Susan says she's been to afraid to call them. When Marlena goes to give Susan Abe's number, but she stops her and says she can't go to the police. Susan says that the woman who took her baby is the one who stole her husband. Marlena talks with Susan about her marriage, and Susan says she never got divorced. She also says the woman threatened her not to try and get her baby back or she'd cause problems. Marlena tells Susan that she has rights, and Susan asks if she can get her baby back. Marlena says her husband can't take her baby without her consent and when she tries to get a lawyer for her Susan says she told the woman she could have her baby. Marlena asks if she had the deal in writing, and Susan says she just took money for the baby. Marlena tells Susan she can probably get her son back, and Susan wonders if she talks to the women and get her baby back that way. Marlena tells Susan she can try, but if doesn't work out she'll have to get a lawyer. Suddenly Marlena gets a call from John, who is concerned about Sami. Marlena tells Susan their time is up but she wants her to make another appointment with her secretary and to call her day or night if she needs her. Susan asks Marlena if she can use her phone before she goes and Marlena says it's okay. Marlena leaves and Susan calls Kristen, who arranges a meeting in the parking lot to pick up more breast milk from Susan.

Marlena talks with Sami and asks her to tell her what's troubling her. Sami tells Marlena she doesn't feel like talking right now, she just wants to sleep. Marlena kisses and hugs Sami and then leaves her to rest. Outside Sami's room Marlena talks to Carrie, who is upset that they didn't get to the lodge. Later Sami has a dream of a woman putting on lipstick, and when she wakes up she says she knows how to find out the truth. Sami calls Carrie into her room, and says she knows she's been lying to her and she wants the truth!

Susan meets up with Kristen, and tells Kristen she found out that she has rights and she has to give her back her baby. Kristen asks who she's been talking to, and if she mentioned her name. Susan says she didn't mention her name, but now that she has rights she wants her baby! Kristen says they had a deal and she can't back out of it now. Kristen takes the breast milk from Susan, and tells her to go home and use the breast pump because she needs a lot more milk. Kristen walks back to the hospital when she runs into John, who is surprised to see her out in the parking lot, and asks who the woman she was talking to. Kristen says that it was just an off duty nurse she was walking to her car. John and Susan o back inside to feed John Jr., and from her Car Susan thinks maybe she should talk to John about getting Elvis back.

On her way out to the car Marlena sees John and Kristen together, and hopes God will answer her prayers and put them back together again.


March 26
Jack is busy typing away on his notebook computer and begins daydreaming that he's back home and Jen has agreed to marry him again. Later Jack calls Jen, and he becomes upset when he learns Abbey has the flu. Abbey talks to Jack, and says she wishes he was there, and asks when he's coming home. Jack says he'll be home as soon as he can, and tells Abbey he loves her. Jen takes the phone from Abbey, and begins to talk when suddenly Abbey start screaming. Jen tells Jack Abbey's fever is spiked and she's delirious. Jack and Jen get disconnected, and when the guard refuses to let him call back he gets into an argument with him, but no matter what Jack says he won't let him make another call. To get another call Jack makes a deal with another inmate to use his call in exchange for boiler room duty for 2 months. After Jack's gone Travis says Stefano wouldn't believe how much Jack loves his family.

Back at Jen's, Jen talks to the doctor on the phone and gets a set of instructions on what to do. Eventually Abbey's fever breaks, and Jack calls back and is relieved to her Abbey is going to be okay. Jen asks how Jack got to make another call, and Jack tells her he just made a deal. Jen says maybe it would be easier if he forgot about them, and suddenly the phone gets disconnected, and Jack doesn't hear Jen say that she loves him. Jen says she doesn't want Jack out of their lives, if only she could have explained to him how much she loves him. Jack is taken back to cell, and is disturbed at the last words he heard Jen say. Jack thinks Jen doesn't want anything to do with him. Travis slips out and tells the guard to call Stefano because now is their chance.

Sami calls Carrie into her room, and she says that she knows Austin in having an affair and she wants the truth. Carrie says she has no idea what Sami is talking about and doesn't know why she would think such a thing. Sami says of course she doesn't, they are such close sisters and Austin would never let Carrie find out because Carrie is loyal to her. Carrie tells Sami not to dwell on it, but Sami can't think about anything else. She wonders who Austin could be having an affair with, and when Carrie says she doesn't even know if it's true Sami says she has proof. Sami puts the "midnight rose" lipstick on the counter and Carrie says that it's her and she must have left it here. Sami has a vision of Austin and Carrie together, and then accuses Carrie of being the woman Austin is having an affair with. Sami becomes enraged and starts yelling at Carrie and when Austin comes in she accuses him and Carrie of having an affair. Mike makes them leave and tries to comfort Sami.

Outside Austin and Carrie get into a huge fight because Austin thinks Carrie told her something, and doesn't believe her when she says she didn't say anything. Mike comes out of the room and says that they need to turn the situation around and fast, if she slumps into a depression her recovery could be jeopardized. Austin goes in to see Sami, he apologizes to her. Sami asks Austin if he's here because he feels sorry for her, and then asks if she failed him because she was in the hospital and is paralyzed. Austin tries to explain, but Sami says she knows he's sleeping with Carrie. Austin says she has it all wrong, and when Sami asks him to look her in the eyes and deny it. Outside Lucas tries to comfort Carrie because of the way Austin spoke to her.

Back at the cabin in the woods Billie talks to Terri about her feelings of abandoning Bo, but Terri tells her Bo is a good cop and can take care of himself. Billie falls asleep, and has nightmares that King shot Bo because he learned he was undercover.

At the Horton house Shawn D and Hope talk, and Shawn D asks if there is a chance Hope and Bo can work things out. Hope says she doesn't know, but no matter what happens they will always love him. Shawn D. is sick, and Hope takes care of him. Later Hope and Alice talk about how much Shawn D. wants his parents to be a family again, and wishes Bo felt that way to. Alice says Bo does feel that way, she knows. Later Hope asks God to keep the people she loves safe and help Bo find his way back to them.

Meanwhile Bo struggles to get free in order to save Hope and Shawn D., but King catches him and says that it's to late, the bomb is being planted and tonight they're all going to die. J.L. King says Bo has crossed him, and now he has to pay the price. Bo warns him that he won't get away with this, but Max is rigging the place to look like a gas explosion, and it will only go off when someone goes in or out of the place. J.L. then pulls a gun on Bo. Later Bo learns through a phone call from Max that Shawn D. and Alice are also in the house, and J.L. says that's just their bad luck. Max finishes the bomb and calls J.L., who tells Bo everything is ready, and now it's time for him to finish off Bo. Bo tells J.L. he's making a mistake, but as King goes to shoot Bo, Billie runs into the room and screams "Don't!" Billie says they had a fight and she left, and Bo and Billie pretend to "make up". J.L. lets Bo go because he thinks he was wrong, and then goes to try to diffuse the bomb, even though Max tells him there's no time left! Bo asks Max where the bomb is, and when he tries to go J.L. asks why he's going to so much trouble for a woman he doesn't love, but Bo reminds him his son is in that house.


March 27 Due to unforeseen problems Summary by Tracy
At the hospital, Sami tells Austin she has proof that he is having an affair with Carrie and asks that Carrie hear what she has to say. So Carrie comes in and Sami starts talking about how she can't believe that Carrie would go after her husband like that - she would never do that to her (yea right!!!). She asks how long this has been going on and if she knew about the affair. She realizes that maybe she did and that it was going on before the accident. When C & A press her for the proof she finally says she saw the negligee and the sales receipt dated today and the time stamp. Carrie thinks fast and asks Sami if she ever stop to think that A bought the gown for her. But then Sami mentions the lipstick and C again explains that she was looking after Will and probably left the lipstick there - you know how I'm always losing my lipsticks. Sami accepts their excuses and says she owes them an apology. C goes to get S some herbal tea and finds Lucas waiting to see how it went. She explains that everything is OK but was about ready to tell S everything - she's tired of the charade and at this point she just wants to be with A whether married or not. Austin comes out and says S is OK but he will stay with her til she goes to sleep - he'll see Carrie later. So C leaves (hey C I thought you were getting S some herbal tea?) and A goes back in to be with S (I bet he doesn't make it home tonight!)

Bo & Billie are hurrying over to Mrs H's and he tells Billie to stay behind - it's too dangerous but naturally after thinking about it she follows Bo. Hope is in the kitchen when S-D comes down - he can't sleep so Hope offers to fix him some hot lemonade tea. He says he is hot and goes to open the back door (which would set off the bomb) but H stops him - he's hot because he has a fever and it's freezing outside. She takes off her sweater - I guess we didn't have a good enough view of those ta-tas and fixes him some tea. She and S-D look at pics and talk about the drug problem - but at least Dad got the drug dealers from hanging out at the school. He wonders why he hasn't called and so does Hope - after all Bo loves his son and doesn't miss a day to talk to him. Outside the house B & B are busy trying to defuse the bomb and finally manage to get it done (now did you have any doubt that they wouldn't?) They make some noise which Hope hears and comes out to investigate but she doesn't see them. When they leave for good Bo trips over a chair and Hope goes out again and runs down the alley (?) to see who was there. She sees Bo & Billie hugging and says that she & Bo don't have a chance - she was a fool for thinking they did. Bo was hugging Billie because he said he did care for her (but only as a friend) and was glad she was there to help and he will do anything he can to help her in the future.

Ivan comes out of the room for air (too funny) and finds Viv in the hallway. She tells him it's his punishment for trying to trick her. Olga comes out looking for him and drags him back to with her. Viv just glad to have a night free from K (don't hold your breath). At the DiMera mansion, John has a surprise romantic dinner for her in the bedroom. When she realizes she needs to contact S she sends him to get some apple pie. She calls S to tell her to pump her milk and Viv will come by and pick it up. Susan (who was rocking Lisa Marie and saying that she has a right to Elvis - she also put her gun on the arm of the chair) doesn't like this and decides to dress up like K and go feed Elvis herself. K calls Viv saying she needs a favor and asks her to get milk from S - Viv tries to get out of it but K threatens to call a board meeting and throw Viv out - now K Viv has just as much on you - you are taking a chance threatening her. At the hospital as K S feeds John Jr and sings You Are My Elvis (to the tune of you are my sunshine) and a nurse thought she heard her call the baby Elvis and asks S but then she says no - I must be hearing things. S puts Elvis down and tells the nurse she is going to get a heavier blanket (then take him home but doesn't tell the nurse that part). Viv and Ivan get to the apt and realize S has gone to the hospital and manage to grab S when she leaves the nursery and force her to change back into Susan clothes. K & J arrive and when John goes to talk to the doctor the nurse asks where the blanket is - K realizes that S was there to nurse the baby and when John returns she tells him that they feed him by bottle because the nurse didn't think K was coming back. Before they leave the doctor tells them that J Jr can go home tomorrow!!! Yea - K is so happy now she doesn't have to worry about S. The doc mentions that K should continue to nurse J Jr and J says oh yes she will. Guess you better start thinking of how to get out of this situation. In the meantime S goes to Marlena's office looking for her and since the door is unlocked feels that she will return shortly. So she decides to wait and lays down on the couch. Her bag is there with the wig hanging out of the bag - hum do you think M will see this? End of show


March 28
In the hospital Marlena and Caroline look in on Sami and see Austin sleeping in a chair next to Sami. Caroline and Marlena discuss the situation between Austin and Carrie, and how things will become more difficult when Sami moves back home. Marlena says she is determined to see Sami get well and Austin and Carrie be together. She also says that if any good has come out of this, she's the sweet person she was, not the evil and vindictive person she was. Marlena blames herself for the change in Sami, but Caroline says that if anyone is to blame it is Stefano.

In Sami's room Sami starts screaming she's sorry, but when she wakes up she tells Austin she was having a bad dream. Sami says the dream was about how poorly she treated Carrie and Austin. Austin tells her it's all right, and when Sami asks if she forgives him he says their is nothing to forgive. Marlena and Caroline come in and Marlena tells Austin he has some business to catch up on. Austin and Marlena leave, and outside Marlena tells him when she spoke of business she meant Carrie. Austin tells Marlena he loves Carrie, but he feels like Sami needs him. Marlena tells him he doesn't want to sacrifice Carrie for Sami, and Austin tells her she's right, he needs to focus on Carrie now.

Later Caroline brings Will to see Sami, and she says she can't wait till she gets home and can be a real mother to Will. She also says she wants to be a wonderful wife to Austin instead of a burden, but Caroline says that she isn't a burden. Sami says she just wishes she could remember how she used to be, but Caroline tells her not to dwell on the past, just focus on who she is now.

At home Carrie is wakes up and realizes that Austin didn't come home last night, he must be with Sami. Lucas shows up with croissants for breakfast. Carrie tries to rationalize Austin's actions, and Lucas says she deserves to be treated with more respect than the way Austin treated her. Carrie thanks him, but Lucas thinks to himself that Austin is going to ruin his relationship with Carrie, and he'll be there to step in. Later Lucas tries to convince Carrie to take on the European edition of Bella, and she agrees. The two hug, and of course Austin walks in on them. Austin walks in and asks what's going on, and Carrie says they were just celebrating a new deal. Lucas says he was just offering her companionship, something he's neglected. Austin apologizes to Carrie for not coming home, and the two kiss. A hurt Lucas leaves, but is confident he'll have Carrie soon. Austin and Carrie begin to make out when the furniture movers come in and apologize. Austin tells the movers it's okay, they can begin moving whatever they want. Austin then tells Carrie that he wants to take her away to someplace warm and tropical, and far far away.

Lucas goes to see Sami, he knows that as long she is in the hospital Austin and Carrie are safe to romp around their apartment. Sami tells Lucas that Carrie needs a boyfriend, but Lucas says Carrie is just a little to focused on Sami right now to have a life. He tells her that once Sami is home with Austin Carrie will get back to normal. Sami says that's a great dream, and Lucas says it doesn't have to be a dream. Sami can just check out and come to the hospital on an out patient basis for therapy. Sami is unsure, but Lucas encourages her to just do it!

Carrie and Austin arrive at the hospital so Austin can tell Sami he's leaving town for a few days. Carrie runs into Lucas and tells him she has to turn down the European job offer. Inside Sami's room Austin tries to tell Sami about his leaving, but before he can say anything Sami tells Austin she's coming home with him today!

At the DiMera Mansion John wakes up and sees Kristen looking out the window, who is thinking about bringing the baby home. John asks if something is wrong, and Kristen says that she's just thinking about their baby. John leaves to make Kristen breakfast, and Kristen uses the time alone to call Susan. Susan is at the hospital (she fell asleep there waiting for Marlena) and Kristen calls Susan's cell phone. Kristen warns Susan to stay away from the hospital, and that she needs more milk for the baby. Kristen tells Susan to use the breast pump, but Susan says no! She wants to feed him naturally, but Kristen says that he's not her baby, he's John and hers! Susan begs to nurse little Elvis just one more time, and Kristen tells her that she can nurse him one last time. When Susan asks when Elvis is going to be able to leave the hospital Kristen lies to her and says it will be awhile. Susan says she's heading to the hospital, and hangs up. John brings Kristen her breakfast, and Susan dresses up as Kristen at the hospital.

Marlena returns to her office, and narrowly misses Susan there when a nurse tells Marlena a patient wants his dose increased. Susan goes to the nursery to feed her baby, and she tells him not to worry, they won't be apart for much longer, but as long as he stays in the hospital she can see him anytime she wants. She also comments that by the time he's ready to be released she'll figure out a way to keep him. Outside Marlena and Caroline watch Kristen nurse the baby, but they notice something different about her today, but they can't figure out what.

Back at the DiMera Mansion Kristen and John are getting ready to go to the hospital, and Kristen dreams about bringing the baby home where he'll be safe from Susan. Kristen and Susan arrive at the hospital, and when Kristen sees Susan nursing him in the nursery so she stalls John. THey run into Marlena, who's tries to talk about seeing her nurse the baby this morning, but Kristen stops her and tells her that she really wants Marlena to come with them to see the doctor about taking their baby home. Kristen, John, and Marlena leave, and when Susan leaves the nursery she's confronted by Caroline! Caroline asks her if something is wrong, but she shakes her head and says "Gotta go bye" and quickly takes off.

The baby checks out okay, and Kristen and John prepare to take the baby home. Kristen and John take the baby home, and when Caroline tells Marlena about the odd behavior of Kristen just a few moments ago Marlena says she can't think about that right now. Marlena returns to her office where she runs into Susan, who asks Marlena to help her get her baby back! Marlena says she will help her, but she needs to know the facts before she can proceed. Marlena has done some research, but before she can go on she needs to know some things. Marlena asks if there was a judge involved, or papers signed, and when Susan says no Marlena tells her that nobody has a right to take her baby. Marlena tells her there will have to be a hearing, but she doesn't see why Susan can't hold on to her baby until then. Susan is overjoyed and says she's going to get her baby right now, and goes to the nursery. Unfortunately Kristen and John are on their way home with John Jr. right now! Susan asks where the Black baby is, and when the nurse tells her the baby was taken home a few minuets ago Susan starts running around screaming for Elvis.

Kristen and John arrive home, and Kristen goes to take the baby to his new room when Susan rings the doorbell!

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