March 97 Week 3


March 17
Austin and Carrie are at home in bed when Sami tries to call Austin, but Carrie tells him to let the machine get it, and instead of leaving a message Sami hangs up. At the hospital Lucas comes to see Sami, and she says she really wants to go home to Austin. Mike comes in and tells Sami the physical therapist has arrived and wants to start her rehab session, but Sami says she can't do it. Mike tells her she must go through the therapy if she hopes to walk, but Sami says she can't go through it without Austin. Sami tries to call Austin one more time, and this time Austin answers when Sami continues to ask him to pick up the phone over the machine. Sami tells him they are starting the therapy today, and Austin tells her he'll come right over to the hospital, which doesn't please Carrie. Sami tells Austin she loves him, and tells him she can't recall the last time he told her he loved her. Austin then tells Sami he loves her, which really doesn't please Carrie! Austin apologizes to Carrie and tells her not to forget they belong together. Austin gets ready to head to the hospital and Carrie says she'll go by the office and talk to Kate.

Kristen wakes up and John isn't in the bed, and she wonders if he has left her for Marlena. Kristen gets up to search for him, and downstairs she finds a bouquet of flowers, and John brings her out some breakfast. John tells Kristen he loves her and is sorry to make her feel insecure, and he tells her that after she eats her breakfast they can go to the hospital to see John Jr. Kristen tells John she knows know he loves her, and John says that he thinks that Vivian is behind all of this hogwash, and Kristen says it was just a big misunderstanding. John then says he so glad Marlena is going to be the baby's godmother, and Kristen says "Oh yeah."

Austin arrives at the hospital and they go to get started on their session. Sami tries to walk along the parallel bars with Austin's help, but when she can't Sami says she'll never walk again. Austin takes Sami aside to give her a little pep talk to boost her spirit. Austin tells Sami she has to get better so she can play with Will, and when Sami says she really wants to dance with Austin, Austin says they will go dancing one day.

Vivian and Ivan arrive at the DiMera Mansion thinking that Marlena has told John everything and Kristen is probably a miserable wreck by now. Vivian barges in and John tells her she's not welcomed here and he won't have anymore of her lies filling Kristen's head. Vivian is shocked, and says she was wrong and she's sorry. John tells Vivian they are going to the hospital, but Kristen says she's not ready to go just yet, and she'll meet John at the hospital. After John is gone Susan explains that John is committed to her so Marlena didn't tell him! Vivian says thank god they were married by a priest, and when Ivan says John and Susan were married by a priest Kristen tells him to shut up! Vivian reminds Kristen she's still not in the clear as long as Susan is around, and Kristen knows she'll have to get rid of Susan somehow.

John goes to visit John Black Jr., and talks about Marlena and how if she still loved him the temptation would be to great. He also tells John Jr. he loves Kristen and is committed to her. Finally he tells the baby to always follow his heart, and John remembers making love to Marlena in the past. Vivian and Ivan show up at the hospital and sees John with "his" son. Vivian comments that Kristen better take care of Susan if she's going to keep this sharade up, and Ivan says "But Madamn that woman is soooooooooo wired!" John comes out of the nursery to see Vivian, and tells her to just back off of Kristen.

Marlena is at her penthouse looking at her brooch and thinking how she thought she'd be able to wear it again last night when John returned to her. Marlena says she needs John so much, and wishes there was some way he could be free. Suddenly she hears someone downstairs runs to it hoping it's John, but it was Laura leaving a special breakfast for John and Marlena. Marlena tells Laura John isn't here, and explains everything to her. Laura tells Marlena John wouldn't take the vows to Kristen seriously if he knew about the lies and deceit, and that it's the 90's, people get divorced every days. Marlena says John would never do that, and she can't ask him to break those vows. Marlena tell Laura that John and Kristen's marriage was legitimate in the eyes of the church, and the only way out of the marriage was if something was wrong, which Marlena think there wasn't.

Susan is upset about her situation and thinks Marlena will be able to help her and calls Marlena. Laura picks up the phone and Susan asks to speak with Marlena (Her full name is Susan Banks). Marlena tells Susan to meet her at her office in the hospital and hangs up. Laura says at least this will keep her mind off "that woman" and Marlena says Kristen will reveal herself in time. Carrie shows up at the penthouse to see how everything went with John, and Marlena has to explain the whole situation to Carrie. Carrie wants Marlena to tell Kristen, but Marlena is sure in time Kristen will destroy the marriage somehow. Marlena and Carrie hug, and tells her that her situation with John is unlike hers and Austin's situation, and says in the end love will win. Carrie, Marlena, and Laura all go to the hospital (Carrie to see Sami, Marlena to see Susan, and Laura to do paperwork).

At Susan's apartment Susan is getting ready to leave to see Marlena when Kristen shows up. Kristen asks Susan if she is packed and ready to leave for an island in the Caribbean, but Susan doesn't want to leave the baby. Kristen threatens Susan with Stefano's name and when Susan says this is so unfair Kristen makes a little kiddy pouty face and says "Sometimes life isn't fair and you have to roll with the punches." Susan tells Kristen she'll leave, but has some things to do. Kristen gives her some more money and tells her to call her once she's arrived on her Island. Kristen leaves, not knowing the entire time Marlena's card was right in front of her face on the table! After Kristen is gone Susan leaves to see Marlena.

Kristen shows up at the hospital and runs into John and Vivian, and as they celebrate the fact that Susan is off to the Caribbean Laura shows up and sees them hugging. Laura tells Kristen she is happy for her son, and when Kristen walks of Laura tells Vivian she knows the two of them are up to something. Laura also says she feels Kristen was involved in her disappearance and one day she'll remember (little does she know Kristen is right around the corner and heard Laura's speculations!). Laura is beeped away, and when Vivian asks Kristen what that was about she tells her she doesn't want to know. John then shows up with some pictures of the baby, and has extra's for Marlena. John and Kristen then decide to pay Marlena a visit to drop off the pictures!

In her office Marlena is trying to find something wrong with John's wedding, but can't come up with anything. Susan eventually arrives, and begins to tell Marlena how she's gone through an awful time lately. Marlena asks Susan to tell her everything that happened, and reminds her what she says is in confidence.

Carrie shows up at Sami's room and finds Lucas on her bed reading. Lucas tries to comfort Carrie, and says if he had a woman like her he wouldn't leave her for anything. Carrie says Austin always has time for her, and leaves to go see Sami. Meanwhile Sami is sitting in the whirlpool tub after her session, and she asks Austin to join her. Austin says he doesn't think it's a good idea because it's for medical purposes, but Sami manages to talk him into it. As they both sit in the tub Carrie shows up, and just then Sami asks Austin to tell him he loves her face to face, and he does. Then she asks him to kiss her, and as they kiss Carrie is shocked!


March 18
Hope shows up at Titan for a photo shoot, and Franco can see she is upset. He asks her what is bothering her, and she says she heard Bo tell Billie he loved her on the pier. At Billie's place Billie fantasizes that Bo wakes up and chooses to pursue a relationship with her, but it's only a fantasy. Bo comes out of the back room and tells Billie that Abe is finalizing her papers for the witness protection program. Suddenly the phone rings, and thinking it's Abe Bo answers, but it's Franco calling for Billie! Franco asks Billie to reschedule the appointment because Hope is upset, and Billie tells him to go ahead and reschedule it. Franco thanks her and hangs up, and Hope is in shock that Bo spent the night at Billie's. Back at Billie's Bo thinks Hope probably thinks they slept together, and Billie apologizes for the trouble she's caused. Bo vows to bust King and will do anything he has to to bring him down.

At King's office despite the fact that King knows Bo spent the night at Billie's he thinks something is wrong, and the best thing to do would be to take Bo, Billie, and Hope out immediately

Bo meets Abe on the pier and Bo asks Abe to get Billie in the protection program as soon as possible, but Abe says they have to stay cool. Abe knows Bo wants to end this whole thing and explain the situation to hope, but if Bo gets sloppy King could kill them all. Bo tells Abe that Hope learned he spent the night at Billie's and hates what he's doing to her, but Abe tells him if he doesn't stay focused on the case they could all be in danger.

Billie comes to Titan and Franco asks her how she got back together with Bo so soon, and Billie tells him to drop it. Billie asks about Hope, and learns that she's still in the building helping Keith with the lighting on a shoot. Billie decides to go to work in her mom's office to avoid Hope, but as she goes to leave Hope returns and the two meet face to face. Billie tells Hope she's sorry abut the situation, and Hope tells her she's finally got what she want. Hope says she was the one who pushed Bo away, so she doesn't blame or hate Billie. She says she won't pretend she's not hurt or angry, because she had been hoping for a life with him, but obviously Bo doesn't want that anymore. Billie almost tells Hope the truth, but Hope doesn't want to talk anymore and runs off.

Later Bo is confronted by Max, and Bo tells him not to talk to him while he's on the beat or he will blow their little partnership. Max leaves, and Bo calls Billie and tells her that she'll be leaving for the witness protection program soon and they'll come up with a cover story. Billie tells Bo she ran into Hope, and she's really hurting. Billie wants to tell her the truth but Bo says that as long as Hope doesn't know about the situation she won't be in danger.

Bo meets Abe again later on, and Abe says everything is set up for Billie to leave Salem. Meanwhile a cop has been shot while working without back-up, and the word spreads through town. Billie and Hope hear about it at Titan, and Billie imagines Bo being killed and is frightened. Billie thinks that if Hope knew about Bo she could work with him, so she decides she must tell Hope the truth.

Max returns to King, and says Bo was uptight about seen with him, and that Billie used to be a junkie, so they can be trusted. King says he's going to put Bo through a few more tests, and if he fails all three die.

At the nursery Kristen asks Vivian to help her to make sure that Susan gets onto the plane to the Caribbean, and give Susan a shot to help her stop lactating. Vivian refuses to do it for her, but Kristen tells her if she doesn't she'll vote her out of Titan. Vivian reminds her that she has enough info on Kristen to blow her fairy tale sky high, but Kristen says Stefano wouldn't like that. Vivian doesn't want to take the chance that he is alive, and agrees to somehow get Susan the anti-lactation shot/drug.

John has just gotten the baby pictures developed, and wants to go give some to Marlena. Marlena however is talking to Susan at the time! Susan tells Marlena she needs her help and doesn't know what to do. Marlena says that their talks are confidential, and tells Susan to just start at the beginning. Susan tells Marlena that she got into a situation which she can't get out of, and things keep getting worse and worse and it hurts her so much. Marlena asks if it is her husband, but Susan flashes to her wedding to John and says her husband is the sweetest man and wishes Marlena could meet him. Marlena asks if her marriage broke up, and she tells Marlena it's complicated, that he's with another women. Marlena tells Susan she understands that pain, and that what Susan needs to do is sort out her feelings and pain, and to work through them. Marlena offers to help Susan with this, and Susan thanks her because she thought if she talked to anyone about this they'd think she was bad. Marlena says she won't judge Susan, she will help her work through her problems. Marlena then asks about her husband and their courtship, but Susan just cries and says she can't talk about it. Suddenly Marlena is buzzed by her secretary, John and Kristen have arrived to give her the baby photo's. Marlena asks Susan to stay right there, and she steps out to see John and Kristen. Inside Marlena's office Susan phones Kristen from Marlena's phone, and tells Kristen she won't leave without seeing her baby one more time. Kristen steps out of Marlena's office and asks Susan where she is, and she says she's out. She tells Susan to get home because Vivian is on her way over. Eventually Marlena returns to Susan, and Susan asks if the picture of the baby she has in her hand is of someone special, and Marlena says it's of a baby she cares a lot about. Marlena says it's time to make a follow up appointment, but Susan says she doesn't think she can help her because the one person she loved was taken away. Marlena asks if that person is her husband, and Susan says no, but she took him too. Marlena asks who, but Susan says she has to go, and is moving out of town. Marlena wants to help Susan, but she insists she can't be of help to her and runs out. Out in the hall Susan sees John, who is watching Kristen and his son through a window. John goes into the nursery to be with Kristen and the baby, and Susan walks off in discouragement. As John and Kristen prepare go home a nurse comes up to them and says the Dr. said it was okay for Kristen to star nursing the baby right away, and John and Marlena both think that would be best for the baby.

Vivian goes to see Dr. Wu, whose back in Salem. When Dr. Wu sees her he runs and screams "I'm not going to help you bury another woman alive!", but Ivan stops him from leaving. Vivian says the circumstances are different this time, and explains to him why she needs a anti-lactating drug. Dr. Wu gives Vivian the drug and needle and hopes she never returns again. Vivian and Ivan go to Susan's to wait for her to return so they can give her the drug. Susan comes home and is confronted by Vivian. Vivian says she has a drug to dry up Susan's milk and make her feel better, but all Susan can say is Eeeeew!

At the hospital Alice is holding the baby, and tells Caroline that Hope has told her that Bo went back to Billie. Caroline can't believe that and was sure Bo would work things out with Hope, and so was Alice. Alice and Caroline then beginning to wonder about Kristen's odd relationship to Vivian, and wonder why


March 19
Bo and Abe talk about the case, Billie is to leave tonight for the witness protection program and Abe tells Bo King may get suspicious. Bo thinks he can come up with a cover story, the most important thing is that she's safe.

At Titan Franco tries to comfort Hope over Bo and Billie, and once he leavesBillie approaches Hope with the intention of telling her the truth about the situation. Hope doesn't want to talk to Billie about Bo, but Billie says she loves Bo and wants him to be safe, so she must tell her something. Hope refuses to listen, and says she knows Bo spent the night with her so it's over. Billie says it's not like that at all, she hasn't won Bo back yet. Meanwhile J.L. King's goon reports to J.L. that Billie and Hope are together, and J.L. tells him to find out what they are talking about, and to invite them both to the club tonight. Back inside Billie tells Hope there is still a chance for her and Bo to work things out, but Bo comes in just and time and tells Hope he doesn't know why Billie is saying this, but there's no chance left, they are through. Hope is confused, and Bo tells Hope he loves Billie only, and she said what she said because of Billie feels he may return to Hope. Franco barges in and tells him he's not a man worthy of Hope's love, and tells him to leave. Billie says they should go, and when they leave they run into Max (King's goon) who tells them King wants them both at the club tonight. Later on the pier Bo scolds Billie for trying to tell Hope, and Billie tries to reason with him about the situation, and says Hope could be his backup, but Bo doesn't want either of them involved, and tells Billie she's leaving Salem tonight. Billie refuses to go, but Bo says she's going, end of discussion.

Back in the office Franco tries to comfort Hope, but Hope is confused and thinks there is another reason why Bo is pushing her away. Hope says she has to accept Bo is with Billie now, and has to move on with her life. Franco asks how she will do that, and Hope says she is going to keep busy by going after the big drug supplier. Franco realizes he can't change her mind, and tells her he will help her. Hope says that their first matter of business is to go to the club tonight and find the main supplier.

At the hospital Marlena and John learn that Kristen can nurse the baby, and the nurse goes to get the baby. John is excited about watching her nurse their child for the first time, he thinks it will be a special moment. However, when they go to the nursery the nurse says that John Black Jr. was already given some formula, and fell asleep. Kristen pretends to be disappointed, and John says he'll use the time to bring a special rocker to the hospital for when John Jr. wakes up, that way Kristen can nurse him in it. John leaves, and Kristen decides she must do something to get out of this situation.

At Susan's, Susan calls Vivian a wierdo for trying to get her a drug to dry up her milk. Vivian says that the drug is necessary and it will make her feel much better. Susan refuses to take the shot, she says she's scared of needles and besides she's no nurse! Vivian says she's given many injections, but when Ivan says all those people died Susan begins to run around screaming and holding up a teddy bear like it will protect her. Eventually she manages to lock her self in her bathroom. Vivian and Ivan try and throw her off, and pretend to leave. Susan comes out of the bathroom, and Ivan grabs her. Meanwhile Kristen is outside of the apartment hoping Susan will help as Vivian is trying to give Susan the drug! Kristen comes in and shouts for them to stop, and Vivian injects Ivan by mistake! Vivian asks what is going on, and when Kristen tells Vivian that Susan has to nurse the baby Vivian tells her she's crazy to let Susan near the baby. Kristen says there is no other way, and Vivian says maybe Ivan can help, who knows what the drug did to him! Ivan suddenly says there is something wrong, and Vivian and Ivan go to the hospital. Kristen than tells Susan that she has to nurse the baby this one and only time, and Susan excited. Kristen tells her not to get any ideas, and not to talk to John, because she'll be there disguised as a nurse. Susan dresses up as Kristen, and Kristen says that she will be there, so don't do anything to blow it! She also warns her that Susan sold her baby, forged her name, and pretended to marry John, and if John found this out Susan would go to jail! Susan understands, and before they leave she puts on Kristen's wedding rings.

At the hospital Vivian finds Ivan drinking tons of milk, he thinks he's craving it and is turning into a woman because his voice is getting higher. Vivian says that they can only affect his breasts, and Ivan has this hilarious dream in which he grows boobs! Ivan returns to reality, and suddenly has an urge to shave his legs, and Vivian starts saying how she can help him, they can be sisters, Vivian and Ivana! Ivan runs up to a nurse and ask her if his breasts are growing larger, and Vivian says she's taking him up to psychiatric. Vivian then decides to call Doctor Wu to see if anything should be done.

Back at the hospital John looks into the nursery and imagines seeing Kristen nurse the baby, but it quickly turns into fake flashback of Marlena nursing Belle and John is with her (They totally screwed the flashback over, John didn't know Belle was his when she was born). Marlena approaches John, and John tells her they need to talk about the feelings they share for one another. The two go out onto the terrace to talk, and John tells her what Vivian told him about Marlena still loving him because he (John) gave her crossed signals, and asks her if she still has feelings for him. Marlena tells him she cares for him greatly, and would never hurt him. She never directly answers John's question, and changes the subject to why Vivian would discuss this with Kristen and John tries to explain that Kristen feels like she's their only real family. John assumes Marlena doesn't have feelings for him, and thanks her and leaves. Afterwards John says Marlena doesn't know that she's in love with her. Later Abe stops by to see John, and asks him about Marlena. When John tells Abe that Marlena doesn't love him, and has no idea about his feelings for her Abe is confused. He goes to see Marlena, and she explains to him why she couldn't, but hopes one day God will find a way for them to be together.

Kristen and Susan arrive at the hospital, and when Kristen goes to find some scrubs she runs into Marlena! Kristen says she was looking for something sterile to wear, but Marlena says it isn't necessary. She tells Kristen her baby is awake and hungry, and says they better get up there. Meanwhile Susan is already upstairs planning to get away with the baby!


March 20
At the hospital Sami is wheeled out of the room by her therapist. Carrie is waiting outside and can't seem to forget when she saw Austin kiss Sami. Carrie tries to leave, but Sami wants to talk to Carrie about her therapy session. Sami says she has two reasons to get well Austin and Will.

In another part of the hospital Ivan thinks his hands are getting smaller, and he's shrinking. Vivian tells Ivan that nothing will happen to him, and tells him to go see Dr. Wu who has an antidote. Ivan runs off, and Vivian gets a call from one of her assistants that Kate torched a presentation they worked on and were to give today. Vivian is mad as hell and isn't going to let Kate get away with this. Vivian confronts Kate, who says she's not going to pay people for proposing frivolous deals that won't go anywhere. Vivian vows to splash Kate all over the tabloids and papers, and Kate vows to throw Vivian out of Titan. Vivian quickly reminds Kate she'll need need Kristen's vote for that, which she'll never get! Kate threatens Vivian and says that once Victor is better she will lose him, and Vivian says once she learns what Sami has on Kate she'll have Kate right where she wants her.

Vivian returns to the Kiriakis Mansion where she is sadden by Victor's condition, and hopes he'll get better soon so they can be together. Ivan tells her that Victor loves Kate, but Vivian thinks once she exposes Kate Victor will leave her. Ivan tells Vivian that Dr. Wu gave him some bark tea to drink, but he needs Vivian's help. Vivian says she'll do anything, and Ivan says he needs to find a woman to make mad passionate love to. Vivian says that because of his undying loyalty to her she'll help him. Ivan gets ready to make love to Vivian, and Vivian wonders if she can do this. Suddenly Dr. Wu calls and when Vivian learns Doctor Wu never ordered Ivan to make love to a woman Vivian begins thinking a way to punish naughty Ivan. Ivan goes into the room where he thinks Vivian is, and when Ivan jumps into bed it's not Vivian, it's Olga! Olga begins to kiss Ivan and Vivian says "It's not nice to fool Auntie Viv!"

Back at Titan Kate arranges to have Austin's apartment redecorated, and tells the decorator if he finds a grey envelope with photographs with her in it to bring it to her, and not let anyone else see them. Kate then pays a visit to Sami and gives her a fruit basket, but has other motives on her mind other than kindness.

Susan tries to get away with little Elvis when a nurse yells for her to stop. John comes running, and he tells the nurse that is the baby's mother, and it's all right. Another nurse apologizes and says it's the other's first day. John has arranged for "Kristen" to nurse the baby in a private room, but when Susan doesn't say anything John tells her he's getting a strange vibration from her. John than says that it's her eyes, and Susan says she's just been crying a lot. John is ready for Susan to nurse the baby, and as John carries John Jr. into the nursery Susan says "I'm in heaven."

Kristen is trying to keep Marlena away from the nursery, and Marlena tells Kristen she doesn't seem to anxious to nurse her baby. Kristen tells Marlena to back of and get her own life and get out of her bonding moment with her son and John. They argue, and Kristen says her destiny is with John and she doesn't care if she's the baby's godmother, she doesn't want her there to watch her nurse. Marlena says John wants her there, so she will be there. Suddenly Carrie approaches Marlena to talk to her, and Marlena goes off to talk to Carrie. Meanwhile Kristen is approached by a nurse and asks what she's doing here, she just left her with her baby! Kristen says she just got a little lost, and the nurse points her to the room. Kristen wonders why Susan is so close, and she looks into the room to see Susan nursing the baby and is jealous.

Marlena and Carrie talk, and Carrie thinks that she'll never be with Austin. Marlena tells her she must believe Sami will get better soon, just like she will be with John, they can't give up hope. Marlena then comes up with an idea to help Carrie. Back at Sami's room Austin talks to the therapist and she says that Sami's got determination, and she'll probably walk again. Sami continues to watch the wedding tape inside her room wishing she could remember the past four years. Austin brings Will to see Sami, and later when he takes him to get Ice Cream he runs into Marlena and Carrie. Marlena says that she's booked the two of them a room at Green Mountain Lodge, and he thanks her because it's just what they need.

Inside the room Susan is nursing the baby, and John tells her he's neverfelt closer or loved her more than he does at this moment. When it comes time to take John Jr. back to the nursery Susan is sad, and once John leaves and Kristen comes in and tells Susan she needs to change back to Susan. Susan asks if Kristen is going to make her leave town, and Kristen says she still needs Susan to nurse the baby until she can come up with a better plan. Outside the room John runs into a nurse who offers to take John Jr. back to the nursery, so John turns around and goes to return to the room! Luckily Susan is in the bathroom, and John tells Kristen the experience bonded them as a family even more. When they go to get a bite to eat John notices her wedding rings are gone. Kristen says she must have left them in the bathroom and she'll get them. John then offers to go get them for her, but Susan is hiding in there! Susan leaves the rings on the sink and hides in the shower. John gets the rings from off the sink, and when John asks why she took them off she says she was swelling. They decide to go home and rest, because in 4 hours the baby will need nursing again! John decides to go see John Jr. before leaving, and Kristen wants to talk to the nurse.

At the nursery Susan is standing by the window telling "Elvis" she's wants him more than ever now, and is going to take him home real soon. Suddenly John comes to the nursery and points out "his boy" to Susan! Susan eventually walks away, and John gets a funny feeling about her. Marlena approaches John and asks her what's troubling him, and he tells Marlena he was talking to a very sad woman. John then recalls standing in front of this window looking in on Belle, and Marlena becomes teary eyed and emotional. Kristen then returns, and Marlena notices she has her rings on now, and comments how odd that her swelling is fluctuating, when she had Belle her hands were swollen for months. John and Kristen go to dinner, and Marlena goes to do some work. Marlena then runs into Susan, who says she'll be staying in town and would like to make a new appointment.

Later a nurse comes to check on Sami, and Austin is feeling guilty that Sami is still in pain, and is trying to cover it for Austin's sake. Back in her room Sami says she must regain her memory, and has to do something to trigger it. Austin goes into Sami's room to try and break the news to her that he'll be going away for a few days, but when he goes inside a nurse tells Sami that everything is set up. Austin asks what is going on, and Sami says she has arranged for them to have a special dinner to celebrate their love, and that she has arranged for a cot to be brought in so he can stay the night with her!


March 21
Austin tells Sami she really shouldn't have arranged such an extravagant evening for them. When the physical therapist comes to talk to Sami, Austin and Carrie go outside and talk. Carrie is furious with Austin, who is feeling guilty and doesn't want to leave Sami. Carrie tells Austin she'll let him make the decision, but is sure he'll do the right thing. Austin goes back in to see Sami and tells Sami he's really sorry, but he has to leave town to do work, and Sami pretends she's okay with it, but she is disappointed. Austin tells her he wants her to work very hard at her therapy while he's gone, and he gives her a kiss and tells her she loves her. When Austin tells Carrie they can go to the lodge Carrie is thrilled.

At Austin and Sami's apartment Kate has the redecoraters redo the entire apartment, and pays the various people to bring her an envelope if they should find it. Lucas sees Kate giving the men money, and wonders what they she is up to. Lucas asks Kate what is going on she says she's fixing Austin's place up for Sami. Lucas asks her what is going on between Sami and Kate. He then realizes what Kate is doing, and accuses her of searching for something that Sami was using to blackmail her. Lucas begs his mom to let him help her, but she tells him she doesn't know what she's talking about. When Lucas learns from Kate that Austin and Carrie are going away, he once again accuses her of favoring Austin and then leaves, but says he will win Carrie all by himself. However when nothing turns up Kate decides to search herself. Kate finds a box of stuffed animals and wonders what Sami could be doing with them. Suddenly Carrie and Austin come home, and Kate explains she was having he place redecorated. Kate quickly leaves, but says she'll be back to search for the envelope when they're gone.

Lucas drops by to see Sami, and Lucas decides to help her remember. Lucas tells her she should try to remember her apartment, and eventually asks her if she knows where she hid things. Sami says that Kate asked her the same thing, and Lucas manages to get out of it by saying that Bella is doing an article on women's hiding places. Sami says she really wishes she could remember, and then gets an idea. Sami asks Lucas to take her to her apartment, Lucas agrees. Meanwhile at Austin and Sami's apartment Austin gives Carrie a negligee, and the two make love.

Bo and Billie argue over whether Billie will or will not leave town. Bo wants her to leave, but Billie refuses to leave because she loves him. Billie knows he loves Hope, and Bo tells her he doesn't want to hurt her anymore and asks her to leave. When Billie asks Bo to tell Hope he tells her he can't, and when Abe shows up Billie agrees to leave. Billie says she needs to say goodbye to her mother, and attend a baby shower for Kristen before leaving. Abe warns Bo to be careful around King, and Bo says if something should happen to him to tell Hope the truth that he never stopped loving her, and Abe promises to.

Susan is talking to the Lisa Marie doll and tells her about nursing Elvis. Suddenly there is a knock at her door, it's Kristen who as come to tell Susan she can't breast feed John Jr. anymore. Kristen tells her she will go get a breast pump and Kristen will pick up the milk from her. When Kristen leaves Susan says that Elvis is her baby and she will find a way to get him back, and outside Kristen says Susan better accept that John Jr. is her baby now. Susan doesn't want to get a breast pump, and then thinks that Dr. Marlena Evans will help her get her baby back.

Jennifer is preparing a baby shower for Kristen, but the only thing on her mind is Jack. Hope comes over to help Jen get ready, and when Jen senses something is wrong Hope says her life is falling apart. When Hope and Jen start to talk Hope notices she has taken off her wedding ring, but before they can get to into it Laura shows up. Laura asks what is going on, and when she learns that the party is for Kristen she gets an uneasy feeling. Lynn comes down and reminds Laura she needs to take her pill, and later Lynn says she hopes Kristen appreciates what she is doing. Kristen arrives at the party, and when Laura answers the door she tells her that if Jen knew the rotten things she's done to Marlena she'd never have given this party. Later when Jen and Kristen question Hope, she tells them that Billie went back to Bo. Suddenly Billie arrives at the party and everything becomes very tense. Billie says she can't stay, and she gives Kristen a present for the baby, it's a fire truck that lights up. When Laura sees the red light she flashes back to the laser very quickly. Billie goes upstairs to see Abby before leaving, and when her phone rings Hope answers it, it's Bo and he wants to talk to Billie. Billie returns and tells Bo that she's leaving and she'll see him soon. Billie leaves the party, and when she says goodbye Kristen comments she sounds like she's leaving forever. Billie also tells Hope everything will be okay, she'll see, and Hope wonders what Billie means. Later Jen, Hope, an Kristen talk about nursing when Jen gives Kristen a nursing gown. Meanwhile Laura continues to stare at Kristen, and when Jen and Hope leave the room Laura asks what she is up to now. Kristen tells Laura that sometimes Laura acts like she's a little crazy, but Laura threatens Kristen by saying when she remembers what happened to her she will make sure John knows what really happened. Kristen then says she has to go feed John Jr, but reminds Lynn she is being paid to keep Laura from remembering before she leaves. After everyone is gone Jen apologizes about inviting Billie.

Billie drops by Titan and tells Kate she's leaving town for awhile, and when Kate becomes curious Billie tells Kate she has to go, no questions asked. Billie tells Kate she loves her, and then leaves.

Later Lynn reminds Laura to take her pill, and then she swipes the bottle of champagne from the shower! Jen asks Laura if she thinks the medicine is doing her any good, but she only says that it makes her tired. Jen then realizes Billie left her scarf, and when she calls Kate about it Kate asks her if she knew Billie was leaving town. Both Jen and Hope are shocked by the news, and Hope wonders what is going on. Kate says all she can think of is that Bo and Billie had a fight. Jen suggests Hope find Bo, but she says she has other things to do, like go after the drug supplier. Jen tries to talk some sense into Hope, but she won't listen.

Billie shows up to meet Abe, but when Bo isn't there she knows he's gone to meet King. Billie gets in the car and is driven off.

In King's office King asks Bo where Billie is. Bo tries to talk his way out of the situation, but King warns him if Billie isn't there in one minuet things will become very uncomfortable. When Bo's minuet is up Bo says Billie is out of town, and King then pulls a gun on Bo.

Kristen picks up the milk from Susan's apartment, and once again narrowly misses seeing Marlena's card. Susan is upset about the situation, and calls Marlena's office to confirm her appointment for tomorrow.

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