March 97 Week 2


March 11
At the hospital Sami is under the impression that Austin and Will will be coming with her to Hawaii, and Austin is surprised. Sami thinks they can make this into a honeymoon, and Carrie then tries to rush out of the room, but Sami tells Carrie she didn't think about her and says that she can come too. Austin then tells Sami it's not going to work out, that he can't go with her to Hawaii. Austin says he can't just leave his job at Titan, and Sami says she doesn't want to be in Hawaii by herself. Carrie leaves the room, and remembers how Austin kept promising her Sami wouldn't keep them apart any longer. Meanwhile Austin tells Sami he'll take some time off from work and leaves to call his mom. Outside Austin and Carrie talk, and Carrie tells him they don't have a choice, he needs to go to Hawaii with Sami and Will Austin manages to correct the situation and gets Sami enrolled in a rehab clinic in Salem.

Hope is on the docks with Franco and she tells him she is going back to the club to straighten things out with Bo, and Franco tries to persuade her not to go back. Franco tries to make Hope think Bo is possibly dating Billie, but Hope doesn't believe him. Hope tells him she needs to know what's going on with Bo, and when she decides to return to the snake pit Franco goes with her.

In J.L. King's office King has found Billie hiding in his closet, and isn't to pleased about it. J.L. tells one of his goons to take Billie off and deal with her, but Bo interrupts and says he hasn't been truthful with him. J.L. becomes angry and throws Bo onto the desk and tells him nobody messes with J.L. King. Bo tells J.L. King that Billie is his jealous girlfriend and that he was trying to keep it a secret because he knew J.L. was planning to use Billie and Hope as insurance, and he wanted King to think he loved neither. Bo then yells at Billie for following him around, and tells J.L. Kings Billie won't tell anyone. Bo tells J.L. he'll be no use to him dead, and if Billie is hurt he'll come after J.L. and tear his heart out. Bo asks tells J.L. he know knows which one of the two women he love, and if they have a deal. J.L. says that he does need Bo, and they have a deal but if he steps out of line Billie gets it. Billie and Bo leave, and Billie demands to know what's going on. Bo tells Billie that they are being watched and have to make things look real, and the two talk. Billie thinks maybe Bo does love her, but he tells her this is an act, he loves Hope. The two begin to dance while J.L. watches from afar.

As luck would have it Franco and Hope arrive at the club and Hope sees Billie and Bo dancing and kissing. Hope throws a glass of water on his and slaps him. She tells Bo he's a hypocrite and she no longer knows him, he's let down the department, her, and his son down. Hope tells Bo it's over and runs out of the room. Franco tells Billie to take her chance while she can, because he plans to do the same.

Franco goes after Hope and comforts her on the docks.

Bo gets called to see J.L., and J.L. tells Bo he believes his story for now, but he better not find out Bo's been lying to him. Bo leaves his office and goes to Billie. Billie figures out Bo is undercover, and Bo tells her if she tells anyone about this both of them will be dead.

In some basement room at the hospital Susan tells Kristen she is not leaving Salem without her son. Susan goes to get her boy, but Kristen tells her it will be over her dead body. Kristen tells Susan if she takes the baby she'll have her arrested for kidnapping, so Susan promises to be good. Kristen says Susan can't afford to take care of the baby, but she can, which is why he's better off with her. Kristen says it will be best if Susan leaves Salem, but they will remain friends and Kristen will inform her about his life. Susan is happy about that and Kristen then takes her to catch a cab out of Salem.

Meanwhile Vivian is distressed about the situation and begins to hyperventilate. Eventually Kristen returns and Vivian tells her Marlena and John are talking!

Marlena has taken John into a hospital room to tell him everything. Before she can tell John anything he butts in and thinks she is uncomfortable with the living arrangements, but Marlena manages to stop his rambling and tells him what she has to say is about Kristen. John continues to butt in and pretends he knows what this conversation is about, and Marlena becomes fed up as says she's just going to tell him straight out. Suddenly Vivian shouts from the hallway for help, and when John and Marlena go to see what's wrong Kristen is lying on the ground. Kristen has fake fainted and Marlena rushes to get the doctor while John fawns over her. When Marlena returns Kristen is up, and Marlena realizes she's been duped.

Dr. Robins comes to examine Kristen, which is the last thing Kristen wants. Kristen tries to make Dr. Robins believe she is okay, but he doesn't buy it. Kristen asks if she can come back tomorrow, and she gets her wish when he is called to the ER. Kristen leaves and tells John they can go home but they are stopped by Marlena, who tells John that they will finish their conversation tonight after he gets Kristen home.


March 11
Vivian and Ivan are at the Salem Club discussing their dealings with Kristen, and Ivan says he sympathizes with Marlena because like her he loves someone that is being kept away from him. Vivian continues to drink, and Ivan says the last time she had three martini's she buried Carly alive. Vivian recalls how brilliant that plan was and wonders where Doctor Woo is when she needs him, Ivan replies "China."

Marlena and Laura return to Marlena's penthouse where Marlena has stashed Belle and Brady so they don't pick up on the tension in the house tonight when Marlena tells John the truth.

At the DiMera mansion Kristen is busy trying to work on a plan to keep Marlena from talking to John. John and Kristen bicker over her fainting and not being examined, but Kristen insists she's fine. John wants Kristen to eat, and goes off to get the cook to prepare dinner for her. While he's gone Kristen tries to get through to Stefano, but he's gone off with Peter and won't be reachable for a few weeks. John returns and says the cook is making all her favorite foods, but suspects something is wrong. When John asks what is wrong Kristen just says it's just everything, and she then tries to convince John to just go off to bed for the night. John refuses because he wants to know what Doc has to say to him, and then tells Kristen to go to bed.

Desperate, Kristen calls Marlena at her penthouse to appeal to her sense of fairness. Kristen asks Marlena to wait until tomorrow to talk to John, but Marlena says NO! Kristen says she wants to be rested before Marlena drops the bomb, but Marlena refuses to sacrifice herself for Kristen any longer . Kristen and Marlena began to bicker about Marlena's need to take John from her and destroy her life. Marlena says that she took the one thing from John that meant the most, his right to choose. Marlena says this will be the worst night of her life, and says "I'll see you soon!"

Downstairs Vivian and Ivan show up at the Dimera Mansion, and John becomes suspicious of her and Kristen's newfound friendship. Vivian has dropped by to give him and Susan a wedding present, she has arranged for a honeymoon to anywhere they want to go, the Alamain jet is ready to go. John says they can't leave the baby, and Vivian then goes upstairs to see Kristen. Once in her room Kristen tells Vivian she has a plan, and pulls a gun out from her dresser! Vivian tells Kristen to put the gun down, but Kristen says she's going crazy with all that's happened, but Vivian has a plan.

Vivian goes downstairs to see John and tells him that Kristen is afraid she is going to lose him to another woman, Marlena. Vivian tells John Kristen is devastated over John's feelings for Marlena, and fears he only stayed with her because of the baby. Vivian tells John that Kristen knows he loves Marlena, but John doesn't believe it. John then goes to have a talk with Kristen, who is packing her things. When John asks where she's going Kristen says she's leaving because he doesn't love her. John tells her he'll call Marlena and straighten things out, but Kristen says no and tells him to leave her alone. John leaves, but he is hurt and confused, and feeling guilty. John thinks Marlena can help Kristen, but Vivian tells him it will only make things worse, because Marlena still loves him. John tells Vivian she's wrong, but Vivian says Marlena loves him and John's mixed signals aren't helping. John becomes angry with Vivian, who keeps insisting Marlena wants him, and he asks Vivian what is it that she wants from him. Vivian says she's just interested in protecting that sweet little baby, and John realizes he could actually be hurting Kristen and Marlena so he vows to find out the truth tonight. Vivian tells Kristen her little plan has blown up, and Kristen realizes she's going to lose everything.

On the docks Abe and Lexie talk, but Abe is preoccupied with other thoughts. Lexie says she's so glad John and Kristen's baby is safe and wants to have a baby one day with Abe, but can't help but remember she's a DiMera. Abe assures Lexie that evil isn't genetic, and that Stefano's dead now. Abe then starts blabbing about how Kristen will be a good wife and mother, and Lexie says Abe sounds like he's trying to convince himself. Abe then tells Lexie that he talked to John about his marriage but can't discuss with her, and Lexie says the same thing about Marlena. Abe asks if she's saying what he thinks she's saying, and Lexie tells Abe to break John's confidence this once and talk to Marlena, and Abe agrees.

Abe and Lexie show up at Marlena's, and they all go and leave Abe to talk with Marlena. Marlena tells Abe she plans on telling John she loves him, and she knows he loves her. Marlena explains to Abe she read the letter and didn't go to John before because of Kristen's pregnancy. Marlena then tells Abe that Kristen has done some terrible things to keep John, but she asks him not to say anything to John until she talks to him. Abe wishes her the happiness she so deserves, and Marlena believes she will have what she wants.

Marlena puts on an elegant black dress and Laura tells her she looks radiant. Marlena is hopeful John will come home with her, but she feels sorry for John and his child, who will be hurt by Kristen's lies and actions. As Marlena fixes her hair she daydreams about John kissing her.

Meanwhile Susan is packing to leave town and keeps talking to her Lisa Marie baby doll. As Susan goes to leave she hears her baby crying in her head for his real mother. Lexie and Abe run into Susan on their way home, and for some reason they both get a bad feeling about what will happen between John, Kristen, and Marlena tonight. When she returns home she decides to go see John, tell him the truth, and give her baby back.


March 12
Jack is in jail trying to write a letter to Jen telling him he's sorry for killing Peter and taking away her chance to come to terms with her feelings for him. Travis walks in and asks Jack what he's doing, and Jack explains to Travis about Peter, and how he killed Peter. Travis looks at a picture of Jen and notices she's still wearing her wedding ring, and Jack says that's why he has to help her move on and bring closure to her relationship with Peter. Jack continues to explain why he did what he did, and Travis tells him it sounds like he made the right choice. However, Jack thinks as long as Jen wears Peter's ring she isn't thinking about him, but he won't give up.

Back at Jen's, Jen is telling Alice how she's confused about her feelings for Jack and Peter. Even though Peter is gone Jen still loved Peter and she can't come to take off her wedding ring, even though she knows she should get on with her life. Alice tells Jen she shouldn't dwell on the past and focus on the future and focus on other feelings, and to listen to her heart. Jen comments on how Alice and Tom had the best relationship ever, and when Alice says one day she'll have that kind of love Jen wonders if Jack is the man she was meant to be with.

Jack makes a call home and Abby answers. She tells her dad she's going to a friends tomorrow and wants him to pick her up, but he tells her he can't. Jack says he loves her and his mommy very much, and Abby gives the phone to Jen. Jack tells Jen he tried to write her a letter, but thought it would be better to tell her. Jack tells her he never apologized to her for killing Peter, and he tells her he's sorry for the pain he has caused her, and hopes she can find the happiness she deserves one day. Jen puts down the phone and Abby picks the phone up and tells Jack that Jen has just taken off her wedding ring. Jack tells Abby to tell his mommy he loves them, and hangs up. Abby passes on the message, and Jen says she loves him too.

At the DiMera mansion John is torturing himself over what Vivian told him about Kristen, but he is sure Vivian is wrong. To prove Vivian is wrong John decides to talk to Marlena. Meanwhile Marlena is in joy as she prepares to tell John everything tonight, and hopes he'll come home with her. Laura tells Marlena to get out of here, but Marlena says she has forgotten something important. Marlena pulls out a diamond heart shaped broach which John gave her as a symbol of their love. Marlena leaves to see John, and Laura promises to have everything ready for when she brings John home.

At the DiMera mansion Vivian tells Kristen the plan hasn't seemed to work like she wanted, and she tells Kristen she should just leave town. Kristen refuses to leave and give up John. Suddenly Ivan comes into the room and tells them John has left the house! Outside John has decided to take a walk to clear his thought.

Meanwhile Susan is on her way to see John, she's convinced he'll give her her baby back if she tells him the truth. Susan comes to the house and rings the doorbell. Ivan goes to the door and Ivan tries to push her out but she gets in. Kristen asks what she's doing here, and Susan says she want's her baby back and starts screaming for John. Susan wants to see John and refuses to leave until she sees John. Kristen reminds her of their deal, but Susan calls the deal off and gives her the money back. Susan claims her body needs the baby and she has to nurse her little Elvis, and make him strong on her mama's milk. When Susan learns John is out she refuses to leaves and decides to wait for John. Kristen and Vivian are expecting Marlena to show up any minuet, and Vivian says it's all over for Kristen. Kristen refuses to give up now, and will figure out something. Kristen tells Susan she understands she's going through hormonal changes, and if she leaves now Kristen won't tell Stefano anything. Kristen says tomorrow she'd realize that this would have been a big mistake and tells Susan to go. Susan begins to walk towards the door, but then she stops and refuses to leave without her baby.

Abe is on the docks and is sad that all his friends are hurting, Bo and Hope, and Marlena and John. Suddenly John appears on the docks and he and Abe talk about what went on tonight at the mansion with Kristen and Vivian. Abe says perhaps Vivian is plotting to mess things up for them, but John isn't sure. Abe is tempted to tell John everything, but because he promised Marlena he wouldn't he keeps quiet, but he says that perhaps Vivian is right and Marlena still loves him. John refuses to believe it, and if it was true why would Marlena keep quiet. Abe then says that perhaps Marlena didn't want to hurt him, or Kristen's delicate pregnancy. John can't believe this is happening, and Abe asks John if he would have married Kristen if he knew Marlena still loved him. John says he has no answer for that question, and Abe understands. John says he loves Kristen, but Abe says what he and Marlena had were one of a kind. John says his feelings for Doc were deeper than he experienced with anyone, like they were two of a kind. Abe then asks if John would consider an annulment, and John says no way, he has no grounds to get one. John is shocked that Abe suggested it, and says he doesn't want to talk about this anymore. He says he can't think about the subject until he talks to Marlena, and then leaves.

For some reason Marlena goes to church and prays to God to ask him to help her express her love for John tonight. Marlena goes to the side room to light a candle for John, when John comes into the church to talk to God. As Marlena goes to leave she sees John praying, and listens in on him.


March 13
Franco and Hope meet up with Abe in the park, and Hope tells Abe her problems with Bo and Billie. Abe is shocked to hear Hope tell him Bo and Billie are back together, but tells her that Bo needs time to get his head together and not to give up on him. Abe leaves, and Hope wonders if Abe is right, but Franco is quick to douse her hopes. Hope thinks perhaps something else is going on with Bo, and she has to find out. Hope says if she hadn't doubted Bo's love they'd be married, but Franco says her doubts where confirmed tonight. Hope still can't understand Bo's actions, he's changed so much, and even though Franco tells her people change, Hope can't believe someone can change that much. Hope decides she needs to get some answer from Bo, but Franco tries to persuade her not to. Hope says she needs some time alone to think things over, and Franco tells her to call him if she needs anything. Hope swings on a swing in the park and remembers her life with Bo through real flashbacks.

At the Snake Pit Bo and Billie continue to put on their act for King. Bo tells Billie he'll figure a way to get them out of this, and as they go to leave King confronts them and says his goodbyes, then has a man follow them. The man follows Bo and Billie, but loses them in the park. Meanwhile Bo meets Abe under the docks and tells him everything that happened with Billie. Bo asks Abe to put Billie in a witness protection program, and Abe says he'll get right on it, but Billie says no way. Bo tells Billie it's the best thing to do, and he'll deal with King. Billie and Bo continue on toward Billie's place, and when Bo realizes they are being watched again they continue with their "happy lovers act." However, when Bo and Billie kiss Hope sees it!

At the church Marlena listen's in on John as he prays to God for guidance. John talks about his love for Marlena and wonders if she loves him as much as he loves her. John then asks God not to allow Marlena love him because he's committed to Kristen now. He goes on and says even if Marlena told him she loved him he'd never be happy because even if he left Kristen for Marlena he'd live the rest of his life knowing he broke his wedding vows. Marlena can't believe what she's hearing, and thinks if John knew the whole truth they could be happy. Marlena comes out of the shadows to confront John, but he is already gone. Marlena doesn't know what she should do next, and she asks God to help her decide what to do. Suddenly a priest approaches Marlena and asks if he can help her. Marlena asks the priest if a marriage based on lies and deceit can be annulled, and he believes it can be. However, the priest says annulments aren't viewed lightly, and tells Marlena that if they entered the marriage willingly than the only way out is a divorce, and that would break the vows of the church. However, before Marlena goes he tells her if there was something wrong with the wedding than the wedding is not valid and the man can marry whoever he choses freely. Marlena remembers her past with John through real flashbacks. Marlena prays to God once more and says that she can't believe he would let evil win over good. She asks God to help her, because she doesn't know what to do. Marlena decides she needs to see John, and once they talk she'll know what she has to do.

At the DiMera Mansion Susan refuses to leave before talking to John and getting her baby back. Kristen pulls Vivian aside and blames her for everything, and then goes to get her gun to take care of Susan! Vivian tells Kristen she can't shoot Susan, but Kristen is only going to threaten her. Meanwhile Ivan begins to plaster Susan with Brandeis. Kristen eventually tells Susan it's time for her to leave, and when Susan says she'll cut up their agreement, Kristen reminds her they didn't have a written agreement. Susan says than she has nothing to hold her too, and she will get her little Elvis back from John because he'll understand. Kristen tries to reason with Susan, and promises Susan she won't yell at her anymore. Kristen then goes into her "You can't give the baby the care he needs" speech, and Kristen says she'd by her a condo in the Caribbean and every month or two she'd bring the baby to see her. Susan doesn't know whether she can trust Susan, but she says she can trust John and wants to see him. Suddenly John arrives home, and he knows someone is there. When he asks if Marlena is there Kristen says no, so John walks into the living room to see whose there! However, when he goes into the room he only sees Vivian, and asks her to leave so he an Kristen can talk. John tells Kristen he loves her, and nothing will come between them if she wants to remain his wife. Kristen says yes, and they embrace. Meanwhile Vivian and Ivan have managed to get Susan out of the house, and Vivan tells her to go home and call Kristen in the morning. Susan goes to leave, but then runs to the house and sees John and Kristen through the window. Kristen panics, and John thinks she's panicking about her insecurities about Marlena, and John tells her he loves her (Kristen) and is committed to her. Outside Vivian and Ivan grab Susan and tell her to leave, but she wants to see John. Vivian says that if John found out Susan sold her baby he would take her to court to get custody, and Susan believes her. Back inside John tells Kristen they should talk to Marlena to straighten everything out, but Kristen says it's way to late to bother her and suggests they go to bed. John realizes she's right and says maybe they should go to bed, but Kristen asks him to make him so Coca before they go up. Kristen goes to see Vivian and tells her that John said he's committed to their vows, but Vivian says once Marlena gets a hold of him he won't stay committed. Kristen fantasizes what may happen when Marlena arrives, and realizes the only thing she can do is leave town, with John! Kristen goes inside and asks John to take her away tonight, but John has doubts leaving the baby. Meanwhile outside the mansion Marlena has finally shown up!


March 14
Bo and Billie are on the docks kissing to convince the person that has been following them, but Bo doesn't know that Hope is watching as well. Not only do they kiss, but they both tell each other they love the other! Bo even tells Billie she's the one he's loved all along, and only her. Hope is devastated by what she hears, and blames herself for handing Bo over to Billie by pushing him away. Hope walks off, and Bo and Billie stop their acting. Billie asks if everything he said was just an act, and he tells her yes, he loves Hope and will get her back after everything is over. Bo tells her the last thing he wants is to hurt her, and she asks Bo honestly when they were together did he really love her. Bo tells her he did, but things changed when Hope came back. Billie says if she hadn't come back they'd probably be married and have their own baby. Bo tells her he's sorry, but he really belongs with Hope, they are bound by a special love. Billie asks what will happen if he can't work things out with Hope, but Bo says he will get her back. In her head Billie says he could lose Hope, and if he does she'll be waiting. Bo takes Billie back to her apartment, and they talk for a bit and Bo tells her that if it had been any other woman maybe they would still be together, but it's not any other woman it's Hope. Later Billie dreams that their little romantic sharade forced Bo to realize he still loved her, and they remarried. On the docks Bo recalls showing Hope the North Star, and how she picked it to be their star, Hope is also looking at the star from the park.

Susan returns home and starts talking to her Lisa Marie doll, and she tells the doll and a teddy bear that Elvis needs her, and she needs him too. Susan decides to go to see Elvis, but as she looks for her gloves she can't find them, then remembers they are on the table at the DiMera Mansion. Susan calls the hospital to check on the baby, and when she learns he is going to be fine she decides to go over to Kristen's and share the good news.

At the DiMera Mansion Kristen tries to convince John to leave Salem, but John says no way, they aren't going to put their sons health at risk. John tells Kristen he know why she's in such a hurry to leave town. John tells Kristen she knows Vivian has put doubts in her mind about his love for her and possibly leaving her for Marlena, but he says he'll never leave her. Kristen asks John if they can go to bed, and they leave the room and head for the stairs.

Outside Marlena has arrived, and she tells herself when she looks into John's eyes she'll know what she has to do. Marlena goes inside the mansion, and catches John and Kristen right as they were about to go up to bed. Marlena asks John if she can talk to her in private, but John doesn't want to leave Kristen. Marlena says that's okay, maybe she should be here when they talk. Marlena looks into John's eyes, and he wonders if he has done something to hurt her. She says no, he could never hurt her, and John says "That's because we are very good friends, and he knows she'd never hurt him either." Marlena flashes back to the priests words about breaking church vows when the phone rings. It's the hospital calling, and they tell John that the baby will make a complete recovery. Kristen hugs John and Marlena says she's happy for them both. John thanks Marlena for everything she has done, and then asks her what it was she wanted to tell him. The priests words once again ring through Marlena's head, and Marlena says she is moving back to the penthouse tonight, and Kristen is stunned. Kristen asks if this is what she wants, and Marlena says it's best. John asks if there is something more she wanted to say, but Marlena says nope. John thanks her for everything she's done, and Kristen just nods her head in shock. Marlena leaves to go back, and when she's far enough away she says she loves John, and always will. Marlena packs everything and tells John goodbye. John takes her bag out to the car, and Kristen thanks Marlena for not telling John. Marlena tells Kristen she despises her as much as Stefano, and she is a DiMera through and through, and will never forgive her or Stefano. Kristen asks why she is doing this, and Marlena says she loves John, and hearing the truth would destroy him. Kristen says Marlena realizes now John wouldn't leave her because he loves her, but Marlena says he wouldn't leave her because they married in front of a priest. Marlena warns her if she finds any reason for John to be released from the vows she will tell him everything. Suddenly Susan calls and tells Kristen she's coming over to get her gloves, but Susan says it's not a good time for her to talk, and coming over is out of the question. Kristen hangs up on Susan, and Marlena asks who was on the phone. Kristen says it was just Vivian, and Marlena asks when her and Vivian get so close. Kristen asks if she's going, and Marlena says yes, but before she goes she warns her once again if their is a way for John to be released from his vows she tell John, and one day they'll be together. John returns and Marlena says goodbye and leaves. John and Kristen decide to go to bed, and Kristen thinks she's won.

Hope is in the park and is confused about Bo's feelings, and thinks it's over. Suddenly she hears Susan crying about how her baby is gone. Hope talks to Susan, and then tells Susan she should talk someone. Susan doesn't think she can talk to anyone, and Hope suggests Susan talk to Marlena and gives her Marlena's card.

Marlena goes back to church to pray to God. She tells God she understands now that unless there is a way for an annulment John would stay trapped in a loveless marriage. She then asks God to free John somehow from this marriage so they can have a life together. Suddenly Marlena's cell phone rings, it's Susan calling for Marlena's help! Marlena says that she's not taking any patients right now, but Susan says her friend gave her the card and she needs help badly. Marlena agrees and tells Susan to come by tomorrow morning, but before she can get her name Susan hangs up.

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