March 97 Week 1


March 3
At the Snake Pit J.L. King and his henchman watch Brady and his two ex-wives from a television monitor, and he vows Brady will be sorry if this is all a deception.

At the Snake Pit Hope is determined to nail the drug king. Hope tells Franco to pretend he's looking to score some drugs and mingle the crowd. When Franco is skeptical she tells him she knows what she's doing, and recalls past undercover assignments with Bo. Hope tells Franco she thinks she and Bo can work it out, but then she sees Bo at the bar with Billie. Hope feels like a fool because she thought Bo was over Billie, but she refuses to leave because she came her for a purpose.

Billie has shown up and Bo tries to convince her to leave, but she won't. Bo orders Billie to leave, and she agrees, but only if he goes with her. Bo tells her that he knows she thinks there may be a chance for them to be together, but that she's wrong. Bo then tells Billie to leave, and she does so but is stopped by Franco who overheard the conversation and urges her to continue to go after Bo no matter what he said to her. Franco tells Billie Bo is confused but Billie is tired and she doesn't want to be hurt again because Bo doesn't want her. Franco tells Billie she must fight and make him love her just like he is doing with Hope. Eventually Billie decides to stay in Salem, and fight for the love of her life.

Hope then approaches Bo, and when she asks why he was with Billie and Bo says she just showed up. Bo tells Hope to take herself and Franco and leave, but Hope says that since they are no longer together he can't tell her to do anything anyone. Hope and Bo begin to argue and when Bo sees one of J.L.'s thugs he tells Hope to get lost. Bo then goes to see the guy, who takes him to J.L. King. Hope is hurt and confused about her conversation with Bo, but she won't let it distract her from her plan.

Bo meets with J.L. King and gives him the file, and when Bo tries to leave J.L. says he has much more planned for him.

At the hospital Kristen and Vivian look at the baby and Vivian tells Kristen she must keep Marlena from telling John the truth. Kristen tells Vivian she will stick close to John's side, but Marlena knows how worried John is about the baby so she won't say anything for the time being. Vivian tries to talk some sense into Kristen but she won't listen to reason and just walks off.

In the hospital room a sleepy John reaches out, pulls Marlena into bed, and begins kissing her. John wakes up and sees Marlena and wonders if this is a dream, and when Marlena says it's real they continue kissing but then reality kicks in and he stops. John apologizes and says he was dreaming and didn't realize what he was doing, and she says she understands. Marlena also thinks it's time John knew the truth, and as she goes to tell John everything Kristen comes in and asks why Marlena. is in bed with her husband. John fesses up to Kristen about what happened, and she understands. Then John leaves to check on "their" son, and Kristen accuses Marlena of trying to seduce her husband. Marlena warns Kristen not to argue with her over John and she refuses to let her manipulate John any longer. Marlena tells Kristen she has given her no choice but to go to John now and tell him the truth. Kristen pleads with Marlena not to tell John until after the operation, and Marlena agrees for John's sake. Marlena then tells Kristen she will not make love to John, she will not let him touch her, and she will not try anything behind closed doors. Kristen tells Marlena "She's such a bitch" and Marlena comments "I was think the same thing about you!"

While John is checking on the baby he runs into Dr. Robins and asks him whether it's too early to make love? Doctor Robins says that he usually recommends they wait three or four weeks. John thinks it's odd she wanted to make love so soon, and he also comments how she's lost all her pregnancy weight so quickly, almost like she never even had a baby.

Outside the room Vivian and Ivan listen in an Vivian comments she doesn't know what to do. Suddenly John shows up and asks what mischief they are up to now. Vivan just says she's there to support her family, and she wants to do whatever she can to help the baby, but John already has the best doctors working for him.

Later Marlena is approached by Dr. Robins and is concerned about Kristen. Marlena asks what he means, and he says at times he felt like he was examining and talking to two different people.

In another hospital Susan is told she can go home today and be with her baby, but Susan knows her baby is with Kristen now. Susan decides as long as she knows her baby is doing okay she can leave him behind, and decides to check up on him. Susan decides to call the hospital to check up on the baby, and when she learns her baby is in critical condition she heads for the hospital. As she walks into the hospital Susan says "My baby needs me."


March 4
In the hospital Sami is with Lucas and is waiting for her test results because she is anxious to get home and continue her life with Austin and Will. Sami tries to find out some of Austin's likes, but when Lucas says he doesn't know much Sami thinks about asking Carrie. To save Carrie the pain Lucas tells her he's sure he could think of some things that Austin likes.

Outside Sami's room Mike has Sami's test results, she may never recover her memory or be able to walk again. Kate shows up and suggest they tell her the truth, but Mike says that could cause her to regress. What everyone can agree on is that they need to tell her about her condition, no matter how much it will hurt her.

Austin goes into the room where Lucas and Sami are still discussing Austin's likes and dislikes, and Austin asks Lucas to leave. When Sami asks for some ice water Austin spills it on her legs and she becomes upset when she can't feel it. Sami asks Austin to get Mike because something is wrong, and when Austin looks at her she can tell that he knows her paralysis isn't temporary. Sami begins to scream and cry and Austin tries to comfort her. Mike and Carrie come in and when she asks Mike to be honest he tells her the odds are against her, but with time and therapy she may walk again, but Sami doesn't believe him and wishes she was dead. Austin tells her that everyone will be there for her but she says she can't live like this.

In another part of the hospital Dr. Robbins tells Marlena when he examined Kristen in the past she's seemed like two different people. Marlena ask how she seemed different, and he tells her when she's been in the office to see him she was always kind and interested, but outside of the office she couldn't care less what he thinks.

Kristen has a dream about Marlena revealing Kristen to be a liar to John after they baby is safe, but then John tells Marlena Kristen is his wife and the mother of his child so he's staying with her. Kristen wakes up and John is with her, and comforts her and believes God will protect their child. John tells Kristen he's proud she didn't turn out like Stefano, and then leaves her to get some rest.

Outside Kristen's room Vivian tells Ivan if Kristen doesn't pull this scheme off it could meant the end of her "life" at Titan and with Victor. Vivian then go in to see a napping Kristen and tells her they have work to do. Kristen is sick of Vivian pestering her, and when Vivian says her future depends on Kristen's Kristen accuses Vivian of being selfish.

Susan has come to the hospital to see her baby and when she asks Dr. Robbins how her baby is he tells her doesn't know what she means. Susan says he delivered her baby and wants to know how it is, but Dr. Robbins says she's mistaken and he will get her some help. Before Dr. Robins can say or do anything else Susan takes off.

Marlena and John bump into each other in the hall, and they decide to go see the baby together. Meanwhile Susan has come to the ICU to see her baby but is confronted by a nurse when she wants to hold him, and another nurse calls Kristen and security. Back in Kristen's room Vivian sends Ivan to see what is happening, and up in the ICU the police have arrived and are dragging Susan off! Ivan returns to the room and tells Vivian that the woman is Susan and they rush up to keep Susan from being arrested. Up in the ICU Susan demands John Black be called so she can tell her story but before John is called Vivian and Kristen show up and clear her.

Kristen and Vivian take Susan aside, and Susan tell Kristen their deal is off and she wants her baby back! However Kristen convinces Susan that the baby needs medical attention only a wealthy family could afford, and if she truly loved the baby she would leave.

Before John and Marlena make it to the baby Carrie shows up and tells them Sami needs her mother because she just learned she may never walk again. Marlena shows up and comforts Sami, who continues to ask for Roman. John leaves the room out of guilt and Carrie follows to comfort him. Later both Austin and Carrie comfort Sami and tell her she can walk if she believes she can.

Outside Sami's room Marlena asks John to try and find Roman, but John says he's so deep undercover it could be difficult. John then takes off to check up on some things and when he returns to see Kristen he finds Vivian and Ivan outside her room, unaware that Susan and Kristen are inside talking. Vivian says she is there just checking up on the baby, and knocks on the door to alert Kristen John is here. Kristen manages to slip out of the room and convinces John to go on a walk with her, and Ivan and Vivian manage to get rid of Susan, or so they think. Susan hasn't left the hospital, she's in the lounge crying when Marlena approaches her and tries to help her! Susan tells Marlena she knows what she has to do, and after Marlena leaves Susan says she has to take her baby home!

Austin prays to God to let Sami walk again, and let him be with Carrie. Carrie who overheard the conversation says Kate might have found a way for both his prayers to be answered.


March 5
In his cell Jack fantasizes about being with Jen as Toni Braxton plays over Jen's radio, who is also fantasizing about Jack. Jack and Travis talk about Jack's family in Prison, and Travis comments he'd like to meet her when she comes to visit, but Jack won't let Abby see her father in jail.

Back at Jen's place Abby is missing Jack, and Maggie decides to take Abby to the zoo. Jen tells Alice that this is so hard on Abby, and she doesn't know how to tell her the truth. Alice asks if she's seen Jack yet, but Jen says she can't leave Abby alone right now.

Jen decides to see Jack in prison, and he's glad she did. Jack tries to hide from Jen that he has a black eye, but she finds out and is shocked. Jack tells Jen that he got hit with a basketball and then quickly changes the subject to Abby. Jen gives Jack a drawing Abby made, and Jack gives her a letter for Abby. Jen wants to bring Abby to see Jack, but he refuses to let her see him like this, and then Jack's time is up and he has to go. Jen promises to come visit him real soon, and he thanks her.

Later the crooked guard calls Travis out of the cell and tells him that Jen still seems to love Jack, and Travis comments that Stefano won't like this. Travis calls Stefano and fills him in, and Stefano is furious. Travis says that Jack is going to be put through such torture he's going to wish he were dead.

Franco comes to see Hope because he was worried about how upset she was last night after leaving the club. Hope says she's upset she didn't find the drug dealer, but Franco tells her he think she was upset at seeing Bo with Billie. Hope says Bo explained the situation to her, and Franco says that maybe Bo asked Billie to meet him, thinking Hope would never see them at a place like the Snake Pit. Hope doesn't want to accept that Bo and Billie are dating, and she asks Franco for some time alone so she can think.

Billie has a dream that Bo comes to her room and tells her he loves her and wants her back. Later Franco comes by to pay her a visit and encourages Billie to go after Bo, but she has given up on Bo and is thinking about returning to Paris. Franco can't let them happen and he convinces Billie to stay in Salem and continue chasing Bo.

Bo and Abe meet, and Bo tells Abe he will get the evidence they need to nail King. Abe tells Bo to be careful, but Bo says if something goes wrong King will go after Hope and Billie, not him. Bo explains what happened at the club with Billie and Hope, and he tells Abe he hate's having to hurt the people he cares about. Bo says that before he can go after King he has to make sure Billie and Hope are out of harms way, otherwise he'll have to drop this case because he can't put them in danger.

Bo goes to drop off Shawn D.'s baseball mitt, and also to tell Hope to stay away from the Snake pit. Hope says she can't do that because she is going after the drug king and is going to take him down, and nothing is going to stop her. Bo however says he is going to stop her, and tells her she will not go through with this investigation. Bo and Hope argue over the situation, and Bo tells her to leave it to the police and stay the hell out of it. Bo argues that innocent people and police officers lives could be at stake here, and she agrees to stay out of it. Hope then tries to make up with Bo and kiss him, but all Bo can think about is J.L.'s warnings, so he pushes her away and leaves. Hope however knows Bo wanted to kiss her back, and she's not going to give up on him.

Abe returns to the office where the DA shows up to see the evidence he has on King so she can nail him. J.L. King and his lawyer then show up to see the evidence that Abe has against him. However when Abe open's up his safe to get the file, it's gone of course. J.L. King leaves because they have no case against him, and the DA is furious with Abe and plans to go to the commissioner.

Meanwhile J.L. thinks Bo is on his side, and he's not letting him out of his employment now. Later when J.L. meets with one of his goons he plans to use Billie and Hope as backup insurance to keep Bo in line. J.L. plans to arrange a charity party, and get Billie and Hope there and he will find out which one he cares more for, and then that one will be the one he'll use against Bo.


March 6
Abe and Bo have another meeting to decide their next move. Abe tells Bo to go deeper into King's operation and find out everything, but Bo realizes how much time that will take and how it will intrude upon his future with Hope. Bo also knows Hope and Billie will be in danger if he isn't careful.

Meanwhile the case against J.L. King has been dropped, but he's still set on finding out which woman has a hold on Bo, and he plans to use that woman to keep Brady in line.

At Alice's house Hope tells Alice and Maggie she feels Bo and her will be getting back together, and they are happy for her. As Hope, Alice, and Maggie talk Hope says she loved being a cop, and likes the money from being a model, but right now she'd love to re-marry Bo and have another baby.

Outside, Shawn D. gets into a fight with another kid who wanted to teach him and his friends a lesson for turning him in for drug dealing. Hope breaks up the fight and the guy runs away, but when Hope finds crack pills scattered on the ground she becomes furious and is determined to put an end to it all. Hopes gives all the boys a lecture on how they did the right thing, and tells them the police will handle everything. Hope calls Bo and tells him everything that happened, but Bo tells her he has to call her back because he is on his way to Abe. Later Bo calls back to Hope, and she tells him that some boy tried to plant drugs on Shawn D., and Bo tells Hope she'll have narcotics will have to handle the problem, and Hope becomes furious that he refuses to get involved.

Bo is hurt that he had to act like he didn't care, and Abe tells him the best thing he can do is keep on doing what he's doing. Bo goes to te Snake Pit to meet J.L., unaware that J.L. has set him up. Bo asks for the videotape back, but King tells Bo all in good time and then tells Bo drinks are on the house and to relax for a bit.

Hope receives an invitation a charity benefit at the Snake Pit. She decides to check it out because she thinks if she gets involved Bo will to, and it just might be what he needs to pick himself back up. Hope shows up and J.L. introduces himself to her. When Bo sees Hope he approaches her and tells her he's tired of her following him around.

At the hospital the priest has arrived to baptize John and Kristen's son. The baby is baptized John Black Jr., and Marlena and Shawn are made god-parents. After the baptism the surgery is delayed due to the fact that the specialist to be flown in is stuck in Boston due to weather. Kristen leaves to get some rest and she runs into Vivian, the two chat and then they realize Susan was never taken care of, they thought each other took care of her! John comes out and sees them talking and tells Kristen to get some rest. Kristen asks where he is heading and he says Doc has a surprise for him at the nurses station. Kristen panics, and fears Marlena is going to tell him everything she's done. However, the surprise is Belle and Brady, which makes John very happy. Brady asks if he can see his baby brother, but John says his brother isn't strong enough yet.

Suddenly a problem comes up, the blood they needed to use for the baby's operation has been used up, and they need more. John says that he and Kristen will donate blood, and Marlena also offers as well. This could pose a serious problem for Kristen, who's blood isn't compatible with Susan's.

In another art of the hospital Susan is desperately searching for her baby. Susan tries once again to get into the nursery but is stopped. Susan says she's very very very very very very very very very close friends with the family, but the nurse says one of them will have to vouch for her. Susan decides she has no choice but to go see John, and begins practicing how she will break the news to him. Susan eventually finds Caroline sitting with Brady and Belle, and when Belle runs off Caroline chases him down. Susan learns that they are John's son and daughter, and when she overhears Shawn say the baby needs blood Susan decides to help out by donating her blood.

Meanwhile John confronts Kristen with some news he found out about Kristen's blood type. Kristen thinks she's been found out, but what he found out is that she's anemic, and he says she doesn't have to worry about giving blood because he matches. Kristen is furious that Susan once again forgot to tell her an important piece of information.

As John is donating blood, Susan is in the next cubicle donating blood as well. John can't see Susan but he can hear her and the two begin talking and he thanks her for donating blood. Kristen and Vivian walk in and wonder who John is talking to, and when they hear Susan's voice they panic. Susan and John talk, and John says he'd like to see her face to face, and Susan slips up and says she'd like to see him again too. John wonders if he knows Susan, and Kristen comes in to distract John and tells Vivian to get rid of her, which they manage to do just before Marlena opens the curtain. Kristen gets a shocked expression on her face when Marlena pulls the curtain back, and Marlena asks her what is wrong, she looks like she's just seen a ghost. Kristen just says she's very tense about the surgery and walks out of the room.

Vivian tells Susan to leave the hospital, but she won't leave until she sees her little "Elvis Black." Vivian pushes Susan into an elevator and sends her downstairs, and as the elevator descends Susan cries she'll be back for for Elvis (Elvis' mother has left the building! Sorry, couldn't resist).


March 7
At the Snake Pit Bo has approached Hope and he tells her it's over and to stop following him around everywhere. Hope tells Bo she was invited here, and with the way he's acted towards her she won't be calling on him any more. Hope suspects something's up and asks Bo what's going on. Bo, who is aware King is watching him, tells Hope nothing is going on, he's just having fun. Hope tells Bo this isn't his style, and Bo calls her a loser and a hassle. Hope is hurt by Bo's rejection but thinks something is going on with Bo. She tells Bo to tell her he no longer loves her, but Bo can't do it, instead he just says it's over. Hope asks if that's it, and Bo says that's it, he'll stay out of her life if she stays out of his.

Meanwhile Franco is with Billie and tells her Bo and Hope are at the Snake Pit. They go to the Snake Pit to try and stop any reconciliation between thetwo, and are shocked when they hear Bo tell Hope it's over. Hope tells Bo she's gone from his life and walks away. Franco then encourages Billie to go after Bo, and he goes after Hope.

J.L. has one of his goons bring Bo to his office to make Bo and offer. As Bo is lead off Billie watches and overhears a conversation between King and his goon about Bo. Billie thinks Bo is in danger so she sneaks into King's office and hides in his closet. Bo and King arrive, and King offers Bo a position on his payroll full time. Bo refuses to work for King, and King tells him he's in a tough position, Bo knows to much about his business to be let out alive. King asks Bo if they have a deal, when suddenly Billie knocks something over in the closet she's hiding in!

Franco finds Hope on the dock in tears and comforts her. However Hope tells Franco she is positive Bo is hiding something for her.

At the hospital John Black Jr. has been admitted into surgery. Lexie, Abe, and Celeste have shown up to support John and the others. Lexie comforts Marlena who is hurting over seeing John with Kristen, but she is sure everything will be over after this evening. Later Laura and Marlena talk, and Marlena tells Laura she will tell John everything tonight after the baby is safe.

Meanwhile Celeste senses something is not right with Kristen. When she approaches Kristen, she backs off. Lexie asks Celeste what is wrong, and Celeste says Kristen doesn't have the aura of a woman who has just given birth.

Abe is there for John, and he tells him he feels John should let Marlena know how deeply he loves her. John tells Abe that he can't tell her because his love has done nothing but ruin her life, and that she doesn't even love him anymore. Abe asks if he's asked her if she loves him, but John hasn't and refuses to. Abe then says for the sake of the argument, if John found out Marlena did love him what would he do? John says that even if he could have a life with Marlena he could never abandon Kristen or his boy.

Later after everyone prays for John Black Jr. Caroline suggest they pray for another woman's baby who is having surgery. However Lexie says no other baby is scheduled for surgery tonight, and Caroline is sure Susan told her it was tonight. Vivian overhears this and tells Kristen all hell is about to break loose. Vivian tells Kristen about Susan's conversation with Caroline, and Kristen decides to take care of Susan once and for all.

Susan returns to her apartment and begins cuddling her baby doll, who she calls Lisa Marie, and tells her how horrible Kristen is for not letting her stay with her little Elvis. Susan calls the hospital to check up on Elvis and becomes upset when she finds out he's still critical. Susan asks how critical the baby is, but when the nurse hangs up on Susan after refusing to give her anymore information Susan becomes mad. Susan dresses her little Lisa Marie doll and tells her no matter what, she is going to be there for her boy.

Susan arrives at the hospital, and is spotted by Kristen who rushes after her. Susan is happy because she learns her baby is okay, and Kristen tells him the baby is hers now, and orders Susan to leave Salem. However Susan tells Kristen she can't leave Salem now that she has a husband and a baby. Kristen tells Susan John is her husband and she wants Susan to be far far away from Salem, but Susan refuses to leave Salem without her baby.

While Kristen is off chasing Susan the Dr. gives everyone the news that John Black Jr. is safe. Marlena decides this is her chance to tell John everything, and takes him to an empty room to talk. As Marlena begins to talk to John, Vivian spots them in the room and thinks everything is over. Meanwhile inside Marlena tells John what she has to tell him will change their lives forever.

In Sami's room Kate has arranged for Sami to go to rehab at a center in Hawaii! Sami is delighted, and excited about going to Hawaii, and Carrie and Austin think this is a way for them to finally be together. However thanks to Lucas Sami becomes aware that the center provides living space for families, so she thinks Austin and Will can come with her!

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