March 2002 Week 4


March 25
In Vegas, Jen and Brandon go to the casino, and are being spied on by Jack and Greta. Jen and Brandon play video poker, and Brandon gives her a kiss when she wins. This gets to Jack and only makes him want to win this job and Jen back even more.

Liz is furious because Sami has booked the wedding chapel at the hotel in advance, so she can't marry Collin there (I guess she doesn't realize there are 50 billion other ones in Vegas). Liz starts whining about Sami reserving the chapel like she's Madonna or something. Collin sees the craps table, hits it, and loses. Greta and Jack run into Collin and Liz, and they learn about their wedding plans. Greta ends up bringing luck to Collin and helps him win a game. Jack can't believe Greta is hanging out with Collin, and Jen with Brandon. Liz isn't pleased about Greta and Collin having fun either. Greta seems to have the lucky touch, later she wins at the slots.

Meanwhile, Brandon asks Jen if Collin's wedding plans bug her? Jen says she doesn't care, she hopes they have a wonderful life together sneering at one another. Jen then notices Jack, but Brandon tells her to forget about it. He asks her to stay the night in Vegas with him. Jen is shocked, but says she'll think about it.

Nicole and Austin celebrate in Vegas, and Victor shows up and sees them laughing and having a good time together. Carl calls Nicole up and asks to meet her to have one final discussion. He tells them not to go anywhere, he'll be there in twenty minutes. Nicole jumps into Austin's arms, infuriating Victor. Austin wants to go up to the room and check on Sami. Nicole tried everything to keep him from leaving, but he goes anyways. After he leaves, Victor confronts Nicole. Nicole is surprised to see him, and says that they are on the verge of wining the permalash deal. Nicole then accuses Victor of coming here to spy on her. He says he came her to surprise her, only he is the one who got surprised. Victor notices she isn't wearing his engagement ring, but she says she left it in the vault because it is too valuable.

Up in the hotel, Sami wants to go see Austin, but Marlena says it is bad luck to see Austin before the wedding. Sami doesn't believe in bad luck, and wants to know where Austin is. The room is empty, except for some flowers. Sami is shocked to learn the flowers are from Lucas! She wrips up the card, which appalls Marlena. Marlena says Lucas is obviously trying to change, but Sami thinks it is a set-up. She throws the flowers out of her room, and Marlena scolds her even more. She says that Lucas has changed and is trying to make amends. Sami says they'll just see who is right when Kate and Lucas ruin her wedding. As Marlena and Sami argue, Austin walks in on them. He tells Sami to stop being negative today. Austin asks about the flowers in the hall, and when he finds out they are from Lucas, he thinks that Lucas is being nice and sincere, and he can prove it. Austin says Lucas' love for Will, and vice-versa, saved Lucas and is making him want to be a better man, and they should call Lucas and thank him. Sami refuses, so Austin calls him up and asks Sami to listen in. Austin calls Lucas up and thanks him for the flowers and the note. Lucas thanks Austin for being there for Will, and for convincing Sami to let Will see him. Lucas says he'll continue to try and make up for everything he's done to them. Sami still doesn't believe Lucas, and thinks they are still plotting to destroy the wedding. Austin says he has to get back to his meeting, but if she doesn't stop acting negative, she will spoil this day. As Austin is leaving he runs into Carl, and introduces him to Sami. Carl is shocked that Austin is marrying her, because he thought he was involved with Nicole Walker. Sami is unnerved by Carl's words. Austin goes with Carl to meet with Nicole, and Sami has a bad feeling. Marlena works to settle her fears.

Austin and Carl meet up with Nicole and Victor, and Nicole asks him if he has made a decision?

Back in Salem, Lucas is getting stronger and working out. He surprises his mom by showing her that he is now walking. Kate says she has her son back, and soon he'll have his son back and away from Sami forever. Lucas, however, says no! Lucas tells his mom not to stop this wedding, Sami and Austin deserve to be happy. Kate thinks Lucas must not be getting enough oxygen to his brain. Lucas just wants them to all be happy and live in peace, which prompts Kate to ask the nurse if Lucas' medication is effecting his brain? Lucas says he has had a lot of time to think, and he wants to work together with Sami to make sure Will is brought up right. Kate tells Lucas that this is a war they must have to win. Lucas says those comments are inappropriate. KAte tells Lucas to listen good, she and Nicole are working to break up Austin and Sami. Lucas tells his mom to stop it, Sami could put them in prison forever if she chose to. Lucas says it is time for them to make peace with Sami, but Kate refuses. Lucas can't believe his mom hasn't learned anything from what they've been through. Lucas tells his mom that he has seen the light, and if she saw it too, she'd be a better person. Kate tells Lucas that she doesn't know him at all. Lucas says there is no way they can win, so they must draw a cease fire. Kate refuses to accept defeat.


March 26
Mimi meets up with Shawn at Dot.Com and asks him how he could do this to Belle. Shawn says he loves Belle and he wishes this never happened. Mimi asks for details on how Jan got him to sleep with her, but he says this isn't Jan's fault. Mimi says this just doesn't make sense. Mimi thinks Jan is using the JT situation to try and get close to Shawn by saying that their baby can replace JT if and when they lose him. Shawn says nothing could make up for loosing his brother! Shawn says he knows he hurt Belle, but he has to make sure Jan's baby has a shot at living, something good must come out of this mess. Shawn leaves, and Jason shows up. Mimi then lets the cat out of the bag and tells Jason that Shawn got Jan knocked up. Jason had no clue, and runs after Shawn to kill him! Jason confronts Shawn in the park, and the two begin rough housing. Jason promises Shawn that both he and Jan will pay for what they have done. Shawn returns to Dot.Com, and Mimi wishes him luck with everything. Meanwhile, Jason rounds up some friends to jump Shawn! Mimi overhears Jason talking with his friends.

At the Brady's, Jan reads JT a story, and then plays ball with him. Outside, Bo talks with Hope about Shawn's lack of concern for Jan and the baby. Hope says it just hasn't become real to him yet. Bo talks to Hope about Isaac. Hope says she wants her biological son just as much as Glen wants JT. She says she knows Abe and Lexie must love Isaac as much as they love JT, so how can she ask them to give up that little boy. Suddenly JT begins to cry, and Jan calls for Mrs. Brady. She says JT just started fusing, and she didn't know what to do. Hope says that he's probably just hungry. Jan asks if she can feed him, and Hope says okay. Bo thinks Jan is using JT to try and get them to like her, but Hope says she doesn't like her. Bo and Hope agree that they have to stand by SHawn, but they don't have to like it. Suddenly, Jan screams "No JT!" JT throws his food everywhere, and Jan is covered. Bo takes JT to clean him up, and Jan goes to clean herself up. Later, Mickey calls and Bo learns Glen wants an overnight visit with JT tonight. Hope worries, and Bo tells Hope that they have to play by the rules because the law works against them for JT, but for them with Isaac. Hope says taking Isaac from them will kill Abe and LExie. Hope says there will be no happy ending for anyone involved, and she says Mickey should start the paper work for getting Isaac back. Jan returns and realizes she is making things worse for them, and she thinks they want her to leave. Hope says they don't want her to leave, and Hope gives Jan some of her old maternity clothes. Hope talks to Jan about her and Shawn's feelings, and she says she's hoping the baby will bring them closer. Hope realizes Jan is hoping for a future with Shawn. However, Jan says she doesn't think Shawn wants a future with her. Jan also is rethinking about giving the baby up for adoption.

At the DiMera mansion, Lexie plays with Isaac. She tells him that she will do whatever it takes to keep him with her. Abe walks in and hopes she doesn't really mean that. Abe and Lexie begin fighting about what to do with Isaac. Abe says there a limits on what they can do to keep him, but LExie disagrees. Suddenly, Cameron shows up to talk strategy with Abe and Lexie. Cameron says they must get whatever information necessary to totally discredit Bo and Hope Brady in court. Abe refuses to trash their closet friends, but Cameron says Hope is a sex-addict and that is just the facts. Cameron says a private detective has also been hired to do some investigating, and she has found out that Shawn Brady has knocked up an underage girl already on probation. Cameron says this atmosphere is not a good one for Isaac to be raised in. Cameron tells them that they have an excellent case, and if they say the word she'll slam the Brady's right out of the ball park. Abe refuses to take part in this and kicks Cameron out! Lexie refuses to allow Cameron to be thrown out, but Cameron says she is not staying where she isn't wanted. Abe tells her that she isn't wanted, and he tells her to get out! Cameron leaves, and Abe is furious with Lexie. He tells her that she is not the woman he married, the woman she is now disgusts him! Lexie says she will not lose her baby, she doesn't give a damn about what is good or right. Abe realizes she has always known they had Hope's baby, she doesn't know how to love and has destroyed them! Abe tells LExie that she is evil, and she doesn't deserve to be anybody's mother! He says he couldn't live with himself if Isaac grew up to be like her. Abe warns Lexie if she continues to act this way, they will be left with nothing! Abe tells her they must make this right. Lexie tells Abe to just say it, he thinks she's become a DiMera.

In Vegas, MArlena tells John that Sami is getting her hair done in the beauty parlor, and she just picked up the tickets for their Hawaiian honeymoon. John feels bad about their own honeymoon, and he wonders if he'll ever stop feeling like he doesn't deserve her. Marlena tells John that she feels blessed to have him in her life, and she refuses to dwell over something he did when he wasn't himself. John asks her if she'll ever be able to forget? Marlena says she'll never forget, but time will help ease the pain. Marlena asks John to stop punishing himself over this, but John can't. He says Belle is estranged from him, and he doesn't know how to comfort her now that she is dealing with her own betrayal. Marlena thinks she knows a perfect way to make a positive start. She suggests they use Sami's wedding to reaffirm their love for one another, and bring their family back together. John gets an idea, and tells her to wait here while he takes care of something.


March 27
Chloe goes to the penthouse thinking that the videotape has been destroyed. Unfortunately, Brady answers the door holding a videotape, and Chloe freaks out. Brady says he knows why she is here, but she says she only here to get her scarf. Brady says fine, he has to tape Friends for Belle anyways. Chloe realizes that tape isn't the one with Phillip and Cynthia on it, and she thinks Belle did destroy the video after all. Chloe finds her scarf, and Brady tells her that they both know why she is really here. Chloe says she has no hidden agenda, she came for her scarf. The phone rings, and Brady thinks it is probably Belle checking up on them. He jokes that maybe he should have her put Phillip on so he can hear that she is here.

At Dot.Com, Shawn picks up a book he left behind on parenting. Jan calls Shawn up and they agree to meet at Dot.Com. Outside, Mimi hears Jason plotting with his friends to jump Shawn. Mimi tries to warn Shawn, but is caught by Jason. Jason tells Mimi to get lost, and she runs off. Shawn walks outside, and is confronted by Jason and his friends. They drag him into an alley, and are about to beat the tar out of him when Brady shows up and saves the day. Jason and his friends run off, and then Brady punches Shawn! Chloe tells Brady to stop it! Mimi shows up and we learn she is the one who called Brady to try and help Shawn. Brady tells Shawn that he is a pig, and his sister is better off without him. Brady tells Shawn to leave Belle alone, he is no longer his girlfriend. Shawn says he knows that! Brady tells Shawn not to talk or go near Belle ever again. Brady storms off, and drags Chloe with him. Brady tells her that Shawn needs to pay the price, which includes losing all of his friends. Still, Chloe thinks something else is going on here, but she can't support Shawn after he hurt Belle so terribly. Brady thinks by time Belle gets back she'll be over Shawn, but Chloe tells him it might be different for guys, but with a girl your first love always stays with you. Brady thinks Chloe is never going to be over Phillip.

Jan shows up at Dot.Com, and runs into Jason. Jason tells her that she is the slut of Salem High. He is furious with her for going all the way with Shawn and not him. When Jason says he just beat the crap out of Shawn, she runs off. She finds Shawn with Mimi, and Mimi eventually leaves. Shawn then remembers his gift, but it has been trashed by water. She says it is the thought that counts. Shawn says he'll get her another one.

In Vegas, Belle and Phillip show up at the wedding chapel. When Phillip talks about him marrying Chloe, Belle becomes depressed. He apologizes for talking about marriage when she's feeling so down. Belle says she just needs to forget about Shawn, the problem is, she doesn't know if she can. They talk about Vegas weddings, which Belle thinks are tacky, but Phillip doesn't know. Phillip daydreams about marrying Chloe in a Vegas chapel. Later, Phillip tries to call Chloe, but she doesn't answer. He becomes jealous and thinks she may be with Brady again. Belle tells him to relax, Chloe and Brady are nowhere near each other. Belle then begins daydreaming about marrying Shawn, only Jan interrupts the wedding with her baby. Belle tells Shawn that his place is with Jan, and her fantasy is burst. Phillip tells her to forget about Shawn, and suggests they go see Vegas.

In the hotel, Roman runs into Kate and is furious that she is here. He tells her that she is not wanted here, so why is she here? Kate says she and Lucas are here in case Austin needs them. Roman realizes Kate is here to stop the wedding and promises her that he will not allow her to stop this wedding. Kate says that is not why she is here, and suggests they negotiate a truce and find a spot to talk. Roman and Kate go to the casino and have a drink. They end up playing a game, and Kate suggests that if she wins, she stays in town, but if he wins then she'll leave. They play blackjack, and Roman wins. Roman tells her it is time for her and Lucas to say goodbye to Vegas. Kate refuses to leave, and he tells her that she is a poor sport. Kate tells Roman that this is an ill-fated wedding, sooner or later Austin will realize that Sami is nothing but a liar. Roman says he will be watching her and Lucas, and he still has many questions that never got answered.

John finds Marlena and tells her that he has a surprise for her. John takes Marlena to a medieval looking chapel where he tells her they will be renewing their vows. John and Marlena dress in medieval garb, and are married by a friar. Phillip and Belle arrive at the end of John and Marlena's ceremony, and Belle is glad to see her parents working to put their problems behind them. John then tells Marlena they are going on a honeymoon, and surprised her by recreating their wedding night on the jet. John and Marlena make love.


March 28
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Marlena, Belle, and Caroline help Sami put the finishing touches on her hair and makeup. Sami is a bit smug, but genuinely excited that her big moment has finally arrived. However, everyone is worried when a large unidentified box arrives. It turns out to be a gag gift from Eric. He sent a boombox with one of Sami's favorite childhood songs. This strikes an idea in Sami and she decides to parade through the hotel lobby playing the wedding march on the boombox. Her family is mortified, but Sami enjoys every moment of it. Kate lays all of her cards on the table for Nicole, challenging her to go after Austin and seduce him. Nicole refuses and Kate tries to play on Nicole's vulnerability for love. Nicole is shaken, but manages to walk away. As a backup plan, Kate goes to Victor and asks him to help her stop the wedding, but Victor threatens to stop Kate before he prevents Sami from marrying Austin. Lucas, who's insisted on coming to Vegas with Kate, warns Austin about Kate's opposition to the wedding. Austin is appreciative, but confident that someday Kate will understand his love for Sami. Lucas shares a touching moment with Austin and Philip. Later, as Sami is sitting in the bride's room waiting to walk down the aisle, there's a knock on the door and it's Lucas! Carl Liszt stuns Nicole and Austin by asking them to come work for him in New York. They both refuse, and Austin is eager to leave to get ready for the wedding. Nicole stops him and it looks like she may try to do Kate's bidding and seduce Austin. Instead, she is frank with him and begs Austin not to marry Sami. Nicole fears she has crossed the line, but Austin agrees with Nicole. Will Austin call off the wedding?


March 28
Home for Easter, a little shorter than usual because of the holidays (Family Stuff)
In Vegas, Marlena and Roman talk about Sami and what she is up to. Marlena can't help but wonder why Sami is scheming to get married to Austin so quickly. Roman thinks they should be happy for Sami, and Marlena just hopes Austin will continue to be a good influence on Sami. Later Roman asks Marlena if she thinks he's a jerk for still hanging around her and not moving on, but she says no. He then asks, out of concern, if she and John are okay and if she has gotten over her anger. She assures him that she and John are doing great, and they just recommitted themselves to one another.

In the casino, Brandon and Jen talk, and Brandon invites Jen to spend the night with him. She is shocked, but says she'll think about it. Meanwhile, Collin talks to Liz, who is worried about Collin's love for her. Collin assures her that he loves her and only her, no one else. She suggests they pick another chapel to marry in right away. He agrees, and when Jen overhears their plans, she goes to Brandon and tells him that she'll spend the night with him.

Nicole talks to Austin and tries to make him realize Sami has not changed, she has only made him think she has. Austin refuses to listen to Nicole and says he will marry Sami today, and he would like her to be there as his friend. After Austin leaves, Nicole falls to the floor in tears. She eventually picks herself back up and tells herself that she has a ring from Victor Kiriakis, one of the most wealthy and powerful men in the world. She then thinks about Austin and Victor, and who she wants. She realizes she must stop Austin from marrying Sami, and races out of the room.

Kate talks to Victor and begs him to help her stop Austin and Sami's wedding, but he refuses. She thinks she knows why he isn't stopping it, he's afraid if they don't get married that he'll lose Nicole to Austin and end up alone. Victor tells Kate that even if he doesn't end up with Nicole, there is an abundance of other women out there who would kill to be with him. He says he will not end up alone, but she will. Victor tells Kate that she has lost the respect of Austin and Phillip, and only has her stupid son Lucas left, and that she will end up alone and with nothing, which is what she deserves! Suddenly, Austin shows up to hear Victor and Kate arguing, and he hears Kate ask why Victor gave into Sami's blackmail. Victor said he had no choice but to transfer Austin to Hawaii because Sami threatened to reveal to Phillip what she had on her (Kate). Victor says they'll just have to hope Austin eventually wakes up and sees Sami for the lying, manipulating little bitch she is.

Meanwhile, Lucas shocks Sami when he arrives at her door as she is getting ready to go walk down the isle. He claims he wants them to put the past behind them, and make a new start. Sami refuses, and the two begin to argue. Sami ends up getting physical with Lucas and starts smacking him around! She tells him that she will take Will from him and move to Hawaii, and as far as she is concerned she'll make sure Will forgets who he is! Lucas says Austin won't allow that, but Sami says Austin will do anything she says and believe anything she says, just like he believed her when she told him that he (Lucas) hit Will. Lucas says Austin will figure her out, but Sami says Austin will do everything she asks him to. Suddenly, Austin bursts into the room and says no, he won't!

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