March 2002 Week 3


March 18
At Jack and Jen's, JAck calls Oliver and learns the meeting is happening in Vegas soon, and Oliver is looking forward to meeting Jack's girlfriend. MEanwhile, Greta comes to talk to Jen and says she knows what happened, NOTHING. Jen and Greta argue about Jack. Jen says he did jump at the chance, but then backed off. Greta says perhaps Jack is finally ready to fully admit he is gay and can't live a lie anymore. Jack shows up and tells both Jen and Greta that he doesn't know what they are up to, and even though he may have played games in the past and bent the truth, he has never purposely set out to hurt them or play with their emotions, so he has no idea what they are up to in regards to him. Jack then tells Greta that their date to Vegas is coming up, so she better get ready to woo Oliver with him. Jack leaves, and Jen is truly puzzled as to whether Jack is or isn't. Many couples and families head to Tuscany for dinner. On their way to Tuscany, Victor gives Nicole a gift, a porcelain egg. She says this belongs in a museum, and Vic says that is where he got it. He says it was designed to fit in the palm of an empress. They arrive at Tuscany, and when Nicole heads to the powder room, Victor opens the egg and puts an engagement ring inside. Meanwhile, MArlena takes Belle out to Tuscany for dinner, and they meet up with John. Belle breaks the news about Shawn to her dad, who is furious. MEanwhile, Phillip and Chloe show up, and when Phillip wants to say hi to Belle, Chloe says they better not. They sit down to eat, and Phillip notice Belle looks upset and thinks it must have to do with Shawn and Jan. Chloe realizes Phillip will hear about it sooner or later, so she tells him what Shawn did. Phillip is furious, and goes over to give Belle his condolences, and offer to kill Shawn for her. Later Chloe and Phillip go to say hi to Victor and Nicole. Victor says they are sort of interrupting, and Phillip asks what? Victor opens the egg and then proposes to Nicole! Phillip is NOT pleased. Also at Tuscany are Sami and Austin. Sami tries to talk to Austin about Hawaii, but he tells her they aren't moving end of discussion. She then changes the subject to their wedding, and asks Austin to marry her tomorrow. Austin says he's going to Vegas, and she says that is where they should marry! Austin agrees, and Sami tells John and Marlena. John offers his jet and says he'll fly them all to Vegas for the wedding. Elsewhere, Collin and Liz are dining, and they also begin planning a Vegas wedding!


March 19
Shawn and Jan arrive at the Brady house. Jan is unsure about this, but Shawn has made up his mind. Inside, Hope wonders where Shawn is. Bo says Jan called and he took up. Shawn and Jan walk into the house, and Shawn tells Bo and Hope that she needs to move in with them because her mom threw her out, and he knows this is what is best and they will agree. Bo and Hope are surprised, and Bo demands that Shawn go for a drive with him and talk. Bo tells Shawn that he's not happy that he just dumped this on them, because his mother has a lot to deal with right now. Bo says it looks like unless Glen changes his mind, they will have to give up JT, and that will kill his mother. Shawn tries to stay positive that they won't lose JT. Bo and Shawn eventually end up at Tuscany to get some dinner, only to run into Belle and her family. Back at the Brady's, Hope talks with Jan. Jan hopes she hasn't messed up their lives too much, but Hope says she is more worried about Shawn's life. Jan says this baby is her problem, but Hope says IF it is Shawn's baby, it is his problem too. Hope asks Jan exactly how she got pregnant, if her son had done this, he would have used protection. Hope suspects Jan is trying to trick Shawn into thinking this baby is his. Jan says this is not her fault, Shawn got her pregnant! Hope tells Jan that if she's going to live here, she will have to abide by their rules, so when she asks a question, she wants an answer! Hope asks Jan to be honest with her. When she presses Jan for answers, Jan gets nasty and tells Hope "aren't you the one who just had a baby with someone your not married to!" Jan asks Hope to be more understanding, she didn't ask to get pregnant, so stop accusing her. At Tuscany, Phillip and Chloe are basically shoed away from Nicole and Victor, so that Victor can propose properly. They go to console Belle, and both Belle and Shawn convince Chloe not to watch the tape. Chloe agrees, and Belle says she'll give she'll get rid of the tape. Also at Tuscany , Nicole is blown away by Victor's proposal, but stalls on her answer. Victor suggests she wear it on her right hand as a cocktail ring until she is sure she wants to marry him. Nicole agrees and promises to give Victor an answer when she returns from Vegas. Later, Nicole tells Austin about the Permalash meeting. Victor senses the chemistry between Nicole and Austin and is not pleased; it could affect her response to his proposal. Sami and Austin talk to John and Marlena, and Sami is furious when she learns about Belle and Shawn. In order to make things easier for Belle, she tries to cheer her up by asking her to be her maid of honor. Austin asks Phillip to be his best man, and Phillip gets excited that they will be going to Vegas for Spring Break. Later, Austin and Sami run into Nicole and Victor, and Austin tells Niccole Sami is coming to Vegas, and they are to be married there. This news pleases Victor. Bo and Shawn show up, and John approaches Shawn and tells him that Belle is moving on with her life, so if he cares about Belle he will stay away from her. Belle sees her dad with Shawn and freaks out, so Marlena goes to make sure everything is okay. Abby comes home from a sleep over upset. She got homesick, and she thinks she is a failure. Jack assures her she is not. They soon end up talking about her mom, and Jack thinks soon they will be married again. At the gym, Greta and Jen continue to argue over whether Jan is gay or not. Alice overhears this and asks them what is going on? They explain the whole story, and ALice thinks Jack is playing a game, but she soon realizes Jen actually has doubts about whether it is a game or not. Alice tells Jen that she should ask Jack, because she deserves the truth.


March 20
It's a new day in Salem. At Austin's, Austin and Kate argue about Sami and Will in front of Lucas. Lucas tells them both to shut up and listen to him. Lucas says he has treated Sami horribly, and he wants her forgiveness even though he knows he doesn't deserve it. Lucas tells them that this war, the schemes and fighting must stop. Lucas says he's been given a second chance, he wants to make peace with Sami and be a man that Will can look up to. Lucas also knows he's treated Austin horribly, and asks him for forgivingness as well. Austin says of course he forgives him, and he is proud of him. Kate is shocked speechless by Lucas' new attitude, but Austin thinks it is great. After Austin leaves, Kate asks Lucas to please tell her that the things he said about Sami were just to please his brother. Lucas says he meant every word, he knows what he has to do. At Sami's place, Sami and Marlena pack for the wedding and invite people. They also talk about Lucas and Kate. Sami thinks Lucas is trying to trick her by claiming he wants to change, but Marlena says people who survive such a trauma often have breakthroughs. Sami thinks Kate and Lucas have gotten to her mom, and she's falling for their tricks. Marlena says she hasn't fallen for anything, Lucas has had a miracle happen to him and she believes both Lucas and Kate will make a fresh start because of this miracle. She tells Sami to stop looking for trouble and stop holding grudges. Marlena uses her and Roman's relationship as an example, in spite of everything they have been through they are the best of friends. Sami says she will never be friends with Lucas, and since she brought it up, perhaps her and dad will get back together one day. Marlena says that will never happen, she loves her husband. Marlena says Roman will always have a place in her life, but John IS her life. Marlena tells Sami that she needs to begin thinking about how she treats people, and perhaps she should think about becoming someone a bit better as she starts this new life with the man she loves. Austin shows up and asks if she is packed and ready to go. Sami says she is, and she's so happy about this. Marlena, however, has her doubts about this wedding. At the hospital, Collin talks to someone on the phone about his plans to marry Liz. They are not happy, but he says he knows exactly what he's doing! MEanwhile, Brandon calls up Sami and tells her that he'll be happy to come to her wedding. He asks if he can bring a date, and she says he can. Brandon says to just tell him when and where, he'll be there!

At Jack and Jen's, Jack asks Greta to fly to Vegas with him, but she's unsure because of her hangover. Jack begs Greta not to desert him now, and Greta agrees to go as long as he stops shouting at her. However, Greta doesn't know if they will like it when they find out he deceived them and is gay. Jack says they won't find out, and when he gets the job he has a big announcement to make, he just hopes she won't hate him. Greta asks what could make her hate him? Jack says not to worry about that now, and after he gets this job, he will help her find a man. Greta says she thought she had with him. Jack says if it was possible, and his heart was free, who knows what would have happened. Brandon calls Jen and invites her to Las Vegas for Sami's wedding. She tells Brandon that Jack and Greta are going to Vegas too, it seems they are jinxed. Jennifer says she'll understand if he wants to take someone else, and then explains the whole Jack/Greta/Gay thing to him. Jen admits she's having doubts about whether Jack really is gay or not. Brandon says he'll talk to her later about the flight details, and hopefully they can make sure they aren't on Jack and Greta's plane. At the Brady's in Shawn's room, Bo and Shawn continue to talk. Bo still doesn't believe Shawn is the father of this baby because he's going to give it up for adoption, yet he's fighting tooth and nail for JT. Shawn says all he can say is that nothing is more important to him than what happens to JT. Shawn walks out of his room, and out on his dad. Downstairs, Jan apologizes to Hope for causing these problems. Hope asks how Shawn ended up sleeping with her? Jan says she is the school tramp, she puts out for everyone! Hope asks "then how can you be sure Shawn is the father?" Jan says she was joking, but she does have that reputation. Jan tells Hope that she was a virgin until she got pregnant. Still, Hope asks how she got involved with Shawn? Shawn shows up, and tells his mom to stop cross-examining Jan. Shawn pulls Jan aside and asks how she is doing? Jan says she is okay, and she got up early to cook breakfast for everyone since she screwed up their lives. Shawn says Belle's life is the one that has been screwed. Jan says at least she's not having a monster's baby. She also tells Shawn that he can't tell Belle the truth, and Shawn says he knows. He says he knows he and Belle are meant to be together, and one day they will work this out. Meanwhile, Bo and Hope both agree that something fishy is going on with Shawn.


March 21
At Sami's place, Roman and Marlena are trying to help Sami finish getting packed. Meanwhile, Nicole is in her hotel room in Vegas thinking about Victor's proposal, when Austin knocks on the door. She quickly puts her "engagement" ring away, and invites Austin inside. Austin hasn't had a good day at all, due to the airport lines, and having to fly in coach, and he had to take a taxi here, which got lost. Nicole gives him some coffee, and suggests he have a massage. Austin says he doesn't have time, he has to have the meeting and get married. Nicole tells Austin to call off the meeting, if he goes through with it he will be cursed for the rest of his life! She tells Austin his horoscope tells him not to make any important designs today, but he refuses to listen. Austin has to take a shower, but his bridal suite isn't ready, so Nicole says he can use hers. Austin goes to take a shower, and the site of his nearly naked body sends her swooning. Austin's cell rings, and Nicole answers knowing it is Sami. Nicole hangs up on Sami, and lies to Austin about the phone. Nicole then turns his ringer off! Later, Carl Liszt calls about their meeting. Nicole then answers Austin's phone when she realizes Sami is calling, and Sami is furious. Nicole says Austin is in her room, in her shower! Austin shows up, in a towel, and asks Nicole to hand over his phone. Sami asks him what is he doing in Nicole's shower, how could he do this too her? Austin explains things to Sami, and she apologizes for over-reacting. Afterwards, Austin scolds Nicole for what she did, but he does think it was kinda funny thinking how nuts Sami probably went. Austin thanks her for being a good friend, and reminding him to laugh once in awhile. Austin goes to get dressed, and Nicole vows to find a way to make sure Austin does not marry Sami. At Jack and Jen's, Greta walks in on Jen while she's on the phone with Brandon talking about Vegas. Jen says she'll talk to him later. MEanwhile, Jack comes down the steps spouting business strategies, and ends up tripping and falling. Jack then pretends he's really hurt himself so someone will come doubt over him. Greta runs to him, but Jen says he is faking it. Jen gets him to prove he's faking by claiming she sees a twenty on the floor, and Jack of course looks for it. Greta leaves to get Jack some ice, and later Abby is picked up for her camping trip. Jack gets ready for Vegas, and he's sure when he gets back from Vegas everything will fall into place. Jen thinks he means she will come back to him. Jen leaves to call Brandon and work out the plane details, while Jack tells Greta that when he comes back from Vegas; he, Jen and Abby will be a family! Jack and Greta head to the airport, and when Jack sees Jen there, she thinks she is following them because she is jealous. However, they soon learn Jen is there with Brandon! Jack refuses to get on their plane, which is boarding, until he knows what Jen is up to with Brandon. They learn they are going to Vegas, on another flight, so Jack rebooks him and Greta for the same flight Brandon and Jen are taking! However, the next flight ends up being full, and they have to take a later flight. Jack says he can't miss the next flight, so they have to figure out how to get on it! Jack and Greta get on the flight, and Jen is not pleased when they sit next them! Phillip comes to the penthouse to check on Belle. He comforts her, and they talk about the situation. Phillip tells Belle that she will be fine, and she did nothing wrong. He also says the guys will be lining up to date her. Belle, however, says she doesn't want to date anyone again. Belle asks Phillip about Chloe, and if they are getting back together? Phil says who knows, they were just out walking and talking, when she said she couldn't go to Vegas, and then ran off! Belle says she never thought she and Shawn would ever break up, and when Phillip says something about perhaps one day they may end up with one another. Belle says that would never happen, things wouldn't work between them because she's not pretty enough. Phillip says she is gorgeous, and he'll prove it. Phillip suggests their Vegas trip be about them having fun. Belle tells Phillip that he is sweet, but she'll be okay. Phillip begs her to come with him on his dad's jet, and she eventually says yes. Phillip goes to leave, and Belle grabs the tape to dispose of it. She is however delayed by her dad's call, and ends up forgetting all about the tape, which she leaves on the desk! At the Brady's, Chloe shows up to see Shawn. She sees Jan on the couch, and asks Shawn if they can talk in private. Shawn and Chloe go outside, and Chloe doesn't understand what is going on, why is Jan here? Shawn says he did not mean to hurt Belle, and he tells her to just go home. CHloe tells Shawn that she knows he is lying, and she's not leaving until he tells her why! Shawn tells Chloe that she is a good friend, but his life is messed up and there is nothing that he can do. Shawn says his family is probably going to lose JT, and he's hoping Jan will give "their" baby up. Chloe finds it odd he's willing to hand Jan's baby over, but not his own brother. Chloe knows Shawn is hiding something, but he says he isn't. Chloe looks in on Jan, and tells Shawn that she's sorry. She says whatever he is hiding she knows it is killing him. She thinks he needs to tell someone, so he says there is something. Shawn just asks Chloe to tell Belle that he loves her, but Chloe knows that is not what he wants to really tell her. Shawn goes back inside, and back to Jan. Chloe says something still feels wrong, and she vows to find out what.


March 22
On the plane to Vegas, Jen and Brandon are shocked when they end up sitting next to Jack and Greta. Jen accuses JAck of spying on them, but Jack says he and Greta planned their trip to Vegas first. Meanwhile, Jen is shocked when she learns that Collin and Liz are also on the plane. Jen tells Collin that she's attending Sami's wedding, and as they talk, Jen begins to relax and laugh. Jen then remembers she is supposed to be angry with him. Jen asks him why he's going to Vegas? Collin says personal business. Liz shows up, and asks Collin why he doesn't want Jen to know that they are getting married? Jen congratulates them, but Liz wonders why Collin doesn't want anyone to know about their wedding. Meanwhile, Greta and Jack continue to blabber about anything and everything, and spy on Jen and Brandon. Phillip and Belle play Nintendo on their plane to Vegas. After Belle beats Phillip, they talk about how much they have in common. Belle tells Phillip that Caprice is coming back to Salem to stay with them. Belle says she loved Caprice, and so did Brady, and when she comes back he'll have to come visit her. Later they start talking about Chloe, and Belle realizes she didn't get rid of the video. However she says nobody will find it, Brady would never go into her room. The problem is, the video is in the living room! Belle realizes Phillip is nervous, and she asks Phillip if what went on between him and Cynthia is more serious than he is letting on? Phillip assures Belle that they didn't go all the way, he just doesn't want Chloe to get hurt again. Belle and Phillip then talk about love, and Belle says maybe they just don't know what love is. Phillip thinks he knows what love is, it is what he feels with Chloe. Belle says that having love last is really rare. Phillip and Belle depress themselves talking about love, so they decide to play another game. Meanwhile, Victor looks over the permalash account, and Marie tells him not to worry, Austin and Nicole are working very hard on this account, they always seem to be together. Victor tells Marie that it won't last much longer, Austin is on his way out. Victor tries to call Nicole, but can't reach her. Victor continues to worry about Nicole and whether she'll accept his proposal. Later Victor watches Phillip and Belle, and wonders why kids these days are in a rush to pair up. John talks to Carl from his jet, which is flying the entire Brady crew out. John tells Carl that the proceeds from permalash will go to the charity of his choice. Carl tells John he is a good man and he'll think about the offer. Later, Roman talks to John about his business. Roman then begins talking about how much they have in common, and Roman starts making cracks about his relationship with Hope. John feels like Roman is judging him, but he says he isn't. Roman says he just wants them to move on. John says he is, but accuses Roman of being locked up in the past. MEanwhile, Sami shows everyone her dress, and Shawn wonders if it isn't bad luck for them to see the dress before the wedding? Caroline says it isn't, and Sami says nothing will ruin her wedding to Austin. Sami pulls Roman away from John, and talks to him. She wants to make sure he's not upset with her for coming between Carrie and Austin. Roman says he just wants both of his daughters to be happy, and they are. Later, Sami tries to get a hold of Austin but can't. She worries what Nicole is up to now. The gals then give Sami her something new, borrowed, and blue for the wedding, while Caroline tells Shawn to choose his words around Sami more carefully because he keeps upsetting Sami with his talk about bad luck. Meanwhile, when Will talks to John about the plane, John has a flashback to being a mercenary pilot. John snaps out of it, and later talks to Marlena about Belle and Shawn. John says Belle will be okay because she is strong. In Vegas, Nicole and Austin meet up with Carl Liszt, and when he finds out Austin might be going to Hawaii, he says that he will only sign with Titan if both he and Nicole are handling permalash. Austin assures Carl that he's not going anywhere as long as Nicole needs him. Carl looks over their proposal and tells them that they've both done a fine job, and if this doesn't work out he wishes them well in future endeavors. Carl gets up, and Nicole stands up to stop him, and her dress strap falls down almost exposing her breasts! Fortunately Austin catches the strap, and Carl just stares at them. Carl leaves, and Austin begins sweating about his wedding. Austin changes the subject and asks Nicole about Victor's proposal, and how she feels about it. He asks her if she's going to marry him? Nicole says she is in no rush to get married, her number one goal right now is to get the permalash account. Austin and Nicole then toast to success. When Austin decides to call Sami, Nicole grabs his phone and tells him not to! She says they have to leave the line open for Carl Liszt! Austin says fine, and Nicole vows to keep Sami from marrying Austin.
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