March 2002 Week 2


March 11
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At the hospital, BRandon continues to think about his workout with Jen. Later he talks to Collin about a little girl who just got out of surgery. Collin says she is doing good, and he (Brandon) has a way with the young women. Brandon asks what he means? Collin says he is just saying that he is skilled at his job. Brandon tells Collin that if he has a problem with him dating Jen, to just say it. Collin says he has no problem with their relationonship, it is none of his busines, just like his own with Jen is none of Brandon's business! Brandon leaves, and Collin meets up with Liz. Elizabeth complains about how they are never going to be getting married it seems, and she wonders if Jen Horton, the only person he seems to know in this town, will be coming to their wedding? Collin says no of course not. Liz can't help but wonder why exactly they are in Salem. She says that his cousin keeps asking questions she doesn't know the answer to. Collin asks if Bo is badgering her again? Liz says why is it all about him? She continues to whine and moan to Collin, and eventually leaves when she thinks she is being mocked.

At Jack and Jen's, Jen continues to refuse to believe Jack is gay, and she vows to prove it tonight. Meanwhile, Jack continues to talk to himself, and fears Greta will hate him when the truth comes out. Jen comes looking for Greta, and runs into Jack, and they fight again. Elsewhere, Greta thinks about Jack and how he is the guy she's always been looking for, aside from the gay part. Jen finally finds Greta, and tells her that she will prove Jack is not gay, and she doesn't need her help. Jack soon shows up, and they all begin drinking some wine together. Greta pours the wine, and they all begin to drink. Jack realizes Jen is trying to get him drunk, but it is Jen and Greta who end up getting drunk. Jen does her best to get the truth out of Jack, and Greta keeps coming close to blurting it out. They soon end up playing a poker game, and BRandon calls for Jen. A very drunk Greta answers, and invites him over to joing them. Jen eventually takes the phone and Brandon asks what is going on? Jen says they are only playing poker. Brandon says he just wanted to say hi. She thanks him for calling and quickly hangs up on him to get back to her game. When Jack realizes they want to play strip poker, Jack decides he no longer wants to play. Jack takes off, and Jen says Jack will lose this game eventually.

At the Wesley's, Cynthia ponders whether or not to watch the tape Cyhtnia gave her. Meanwhile, Phillip shows up to see Chloe, and Mama Wesley is not pleased. Phillip says he and Chloe are getting along on friendly terms now, in case she didn't know. Nancy thanks him for the important update, and screams to Chloe that she has a visitor. Chloe comes down to see Phillip, and then invites him up to her room to talk. They go up to Chloe's room, and Chloe asks Phillip if there is something he needs to tell her? Phillip says he loves her and is glad they can talk again. Phillip and Chloe begin making out, and then when Phillip moves over to the bed, Chloe says just because they are in her bedroom doesn't mean they are going to . . . .Phillip says he just thought they'd be more comfortable if they sat down. Phillip says he would never push her, but she says he is just ready, willing, and able and asks if that is how it was with her? Phillip asks what she is talking about. Chloe tells him about Cynthia's video, and he asks if she watched it? Chloe says if he thought she did and he thought she might still be talking to him, that makes her feel better. Phillip's phone rings, and it is Victor. Victor demands to see Phillip NOW, this is about his mother. Phillip tells Chloe that he has to go, but he'll be back. Nancy comes to talk to Chloe about Phillip. Nancy thinks Chloe doesn't seem happy. Chloe says she's tried to forget Phillip. Nancy tells her that she'll never be able to forget. They continue to argue about Phillip, and Chloe tells Nancy that she doesn't know what she is feeling so she should stop trying.

At Austin's place, Lucas cries to Sami that he is so sorry. He tells her that he did horrible things to her and Will, and he let Will down. He asks Sami for a chance to make it up. Sami says his coma must have affected his brain, he will just do or say anything to get what he wants, and she'll never believe him again. Sami then slaps Lucas! The nurse shows up and asks Sami what she thinks she is doing? Sami says she was trying to slap him awake, and the nurse is appauled. Sami asks the nurse about what Lucas has been saying, because she thinks he is plotting against her. The nurse says all he says is Will, mom, and talks about seeing the light. Sami wonders if he's seeing a light at the end of a tunnel, and could be dying. The nurse tells Sami that Lucas will be living a long time, and that she believes Lucas has been touched by a greater being while away. Sami doubts that, accusses Lucas of faking, and starts shaking him! The nurse tells Sami that she is no longer welcomed here! Sami says this is her fiancee's apartment, so she can stay here as long as she wants, but fortunately for them she wants to leave now! Sami leaves, and then begins to think about having a Vegas wedding with Austin. She then calls up a wedding chappel in Vegas and books it! Kate calls Sami up and tells her about Austin and Nicole's romantic dinner. Sami doesn't believe Kate and hangs up the phone.

At Titan, Nicole tells Victor that she's going to have dinner at the Blue Note with Austin. She claim it is a business dinner to discuss their trip to Vegas. Victor gives her a kiss, and she asks what that was for? Victor tells Nicole that he loves her, and she says she has to go and will see him tomorrow. Austin arrives early at the Blue Note and orders himself and Nicole a drink. Meanwhile, Kate is there in a horrid disguise and says she is only doing this for his own good, Nicole is the lesser of two evils and will deal with the consequences later. Nicole soon arrives, and they talk about moving to Hawaii. Austin asks Nicole why Victor has been cool with him lately, and why he might want him on an island far far away? Nicole claims she has no idea. Nicole tells Austin what a great and trusting person he is, and she doesn't know how that happened when he has Kate for a mom. Austin chuckles, tells him that he doesn't want to leave Salem, he really likes it here and his job. Sami then calls Austin up and demands to know where he is. Austin asks what is wrong? Sami reminds him that they had a parent teacher conference today. Austin appologizes and says he's at the Blue Note with Nicole, they are having a meeting. Austin says he'll be home right away and then they can go to the meeting.

Back at Sami's, Austin comes home and Sami gives him hell for being at the Blue Note with Nicole. She says her last fiancee cheated on her, maybe this is a pattern. Sami tells Austin that if he wants to stay in Salem then she and Will will move on their own.

Back at Titan, Victor tells Phillip that they need to talk about his mom. Victor says he needs to stop treating him like a child, so he wanted him to hear this from him first. Victor tells Phillip that he is in love with Nicole and plans on asking her to marry him.


March 11
I'm home once again, and once again forgot a word processor, so no spell checking. Sorry!

At the Blue Note, Kate approaches Nicole with an offer. Nicole thinks she has nothing she wants, but Kate says they both have a common enemy, Sami. Kate and Nicole end up arguing about Victor, and Nicole eventually asks Kate what is going on in her mind? Kate asks Nicole to marry Austin! Nicole asks why Kate is always trying to marry her off to her sons! Kate tells Nicole that it is obvious to everyone that she loves Austin. Nicole says that is ridiculous, and wonders why she'd want the daughter-in-law from hell back? Kate says it is all about getting rid of Sami, but Nicole knows this is about getting Will back to Lucas. Nicole tells Kate to get someone else to do her dirty work, but Kate knows she is attracted to Austin, and he is attracted to her. Kate says if she doesn't marry Sami, they all lose. Nicole soon begins to consider the idea.

At Titan, Phillip is shocked when his father says he's in love with Nicole and is going to ask her to marry him. Victor knows Phillip is angry, but he says they have to get past this before Nicole becomes his wife. Victor tells Phillip that he has to accept that he and his mother will never get back together. Phillip is sick of listening to this and tells his dad that he'll stay out of his love life if his dad stays out of his. Phillip says he needs to get back to Chloe, and wishes his dad luck with Nicole. After Phillip leaves, Victor says Chloe isn't good enough for Phillip and never will be. Later, Victor begins to plan a luxurious getaway to Mexico for him and Nicole, where he hopes they will be married. He also orders the largest diamond engagement ring available.

At the penthouse, Chloe shows up to see Belle so they can talk. Chloe shows Belle the tape and doesn't know what to do. Belle knows about the video, and Chloe asks Belle to watch it with her. Belle says she can't, and Chloe says if there is something else she knows about Phillip then she has to tell her because she is getting involved with Phillip again. Belle says she doesn't know anything else, and she says she is upset because she has some things on her mind. Belle tells Chloe that if things are great between her and Phillip to enjoy it, but she doesn't know what to tell her. CHloe says she does know because she knows what it likes to be with a guy and love the way he treats her, so how would she feel if he was possibly with another girl. Belle breaks down, and Chloe asks her what is wrong? Belle says it is Shawn. Chloe appologizing for not seeing she was upset, and she asks her what is going on. Belle pretends it is about JT, and she tells Chloe to throw the video out if she wants Phillip, but if she watches it she'll be haunted by it forever. Chloe asks Belle what is wrong, did she and Shawn have a fight? Belle says it is over, she and Shawn are finished. Chloe says she never thought they would break up. The phone rings, and Belle wants to let the machine get it. Chloe says she'll answer, in case it is Shawn, so Belle says she'll get it. It is Phillip calling to see if Chloe is there. She gives the phone to Chloe, and phillip continues to tell Chloe how much he loves her, and he asks her not to watch the video. Chloe says she doesn't have time for this, and hangs up on him. Chloe tells Belle that whatever happened she and Shawn can work it out. Belle tells Chloe that Shawn slept with Jan and got her pregnant! Belle says Shawn just strang her along, but Jan was the girl he really wanted. Meanwhile, Phillip calls up a jewelry shop and orders a charm bracelet for Chloe, with a charm of a tree with his and Chloe's initials on it.

Shawn goes back to his house, and Bo asks where he's been? Shawn says he was at the park. Bo wants to talk. Shawn says he's made a mess of everything, and he'll never make things right. Bo asks Shawn to tell him what has him so upset, maybe they can work things out together. Shawn says he told Belle the truth, and she told him that she hates him. Shawn says it is killing him to see belle hurting. Bo tells him that he has to tell Belle the whole truth, because none of this makes since. Shawn says he's just trying to do what is right for the baby. Bo points out that Shawn keeps saying THE baby, not my baby, or our baby. Bo tells Shawn that he knows he's trying to do the right thing and help Jan, but he doesn't think he is the father of this child! Bo asks if he's claiming to be the father of this child to save it? Shawn says he is the father, and he won't walk out on Jan. Bo says he isn't asking her to walk out on Jan, he's asking him to be honest. Shawn says he is the father, but Bo feels he's keeping a secret he shouldn't have agreed to keep. Shawn tells Bo that he's sorry he dissapointed him and mom, but he is the father of this baby. Bo still thinks Shawn is hiding something from him, and he wants the truth. Shawn claims he did sleep with Jan, and the truth is that most of the horrible stuff that happened down on that island was his fault for going after that ruby. Bo tells Shawn that he just has to take things one day at a time from now on. Shawn says that he's lost Belle, and she is the only thing that matters to him.

Sami and Austin are in bed, they made up and made love after their arguement yesterday. Austin then tells Sami that he's been talking to her dad, and he has also decided that they are not going to Hawaii. Sami is not amused, and tells Austin that he only cares about himself! Austin says that is not true, so Ssmi asks Austin why he is so dead set against this move? Austin says he is good at his job and has a future at Titan. Sami doesn't believe him and says the reason he doesn't want to go is because of Nicole Walker! Austin says Nicole is just his friend, but Sami says Nicole is just using him! Austin says she is wrong about Nicole, and he wants to be nearby his friends and family as he builds a new career. Sami says being here isn't what is best for her and Will, and they continue to argue. Austin says they aren't going anywhere, and he tells Sami not to go to Victor again. Sami, however, manages to convince Austin to think about at least giving hawaii a six month trial run.


March 13
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Brandon runs into Lexie on the pier. She is upset about everything, and Brandon is concerned about her. Lexie cries on BRandon's shoulder, but then becomes tough and says she will do whatever and fight anyone who is going to take her baby from her. Lexie says Glen is going to sue for custody, and she fears Bo and Hope will come for Isaac. Lexie says that there is so much tension in their house now, and Isaac won't stop crying. Brandon hugs her, and notices she is very thin. Lexie says she hasn't been eating much or sleeping, and all her friends have turned on her. Brandon says he is still here for her, and begins kissing her hand! Brandon appologizes, but she says it is okay. BRandon tells Lexie that she is not a bad person, but he's afraid she might do something that could end up backfiring on her. He asks her to think twice before doing anything rash. Brandon tells Lexie that she is an excellent mother, and she thanks him for saying that and for being in her life. Lexie asks Brandon about his love life, and he says it is progressing. They talk about Jen for a bit, and then BRandon walks Lexie home.

At the hospital, Marlena is working late, and overhears some nurses gossiping about Hope's baby, and how the father could be Marlena's husband. Collin shows up and tells the nurses that is enough! He tells them both to stop spreading rumors and get back to work! The nurses run off, and Marlena tells Collin "thanks." Marlena tells Collin that she is waiting for news on a former patient, and she offers Collin some tea. Marlena talks to Collin about the situation, and the mix-up made at the hospital. Marlena is glad he thinks it is a mix-up, because some people think it wasn't and that Lexie was involved. Marlena says Lexie wasn't raised by that man, she is not like him and she wants to believe the best about her. Marlena and Collin begin talking about Stefano. Marlena says he seems to have a vendetta against everyone in Salem, and Collin blurts out that he thought it was just against the Bradys. Marlena asks how he knows so much about Stefano? Collin says he is a Brady too, and Marlena apologizes for jumping down his throat. Collin charms Marlena by telling her that she is a beautiful woman, inside and out.

At the penthouse, Chloe is shocked by Belle's news, and thinks this must be a joke. Belle says it is no joke. Chloe says Shawn would never, but Belle says Shawn told her himself. Belle says Shawn just isn't the one for her. Belle changes the subject to the video, but Chloe doesn't want to drop the subject. Belle claims she and Shawn are history, and she no longer loves Shawn. CHloe says that is not true! Belle then decides to do some spring cleaning, and begins throwing away anything related to Shawn. Chloe ends up comforting her friend, and Chloe still doesn't think this makes sense. Belle doesn't understand why Shawn wanted Jan, and not her. Belle thinks Jan will want to get married to Shawn, because that is what she would want if she was carrying his baby. Belle wonders how she will face the other kids at school. Chloe tells Belel that she has nothing to be ashamed of, Shawn should be. Chloe says she hates Shawn for what he's done to her. Belle says she has tried to hate him, but she can't. She also wonders if what they shared meant more to her than it did to him. Marlena calls to check on Belle, and when belle says she needs her, Marlena says she'll be right home. Chloe leaves, per Belle's request so she can have a mom-daughter chat with Marlena. Chloe leaves, but leaves the video behind.

Jan calls Shawn and begs him to come over right away. She claims she can't go into it over the phone, so he says he'll be right over. Shawn shows up, and he asks her what is wrong. Jan says not to worry, her mom is gone. Jan tells Shawn that the baby is kicking! Jan is actually happy about the baby, and she and Shawn feel it kicking. Jan thanks Shawn for helping her make the right decision and keeping the baby. She says she's going to do everything she can to keep this baby happy and healthy. Shawn becomes concerned, and asks Jan if she is still giving this baby up for adoption? Jan says if adoption is what is best then that is what they'll do, but she wants to take one thing at a time. Shawn says that baby will be here before they know it. Jan tells Shawn that he is her hero, she couldn't stand if people knew this baby was Paul's. Jan thanks Shawn for being so understanding, and she says she loves him! Shawn wants to talk about Belle, and he asks if he can tell her the truth. The old Jan's hateful face returns, and she tells Shawn that nobody can know the truth, even Belle!

At Jack and Jen's, Jen's attempt to catch Jack fails miserably. Jen and Greta continue to drink, and Jen tells Greta that she will prove to her that Jack is not gay! Greta tells Jen that she is a beautiful and gorgeous woman, so if Jack doesn't rise to the bait, it proves he's gay. Jen says it just proves he is desperate to stick to this scheme of his. Jen says she will seduce Jack right here and right now! Jen and Greta pour more wine, and Jack scolds them for acting like coeds on spring break. Jack tells them he doesn't trust either of them and asks what they are plotting! Jen gets Jack to drink a glass of wine, and Jen manages to get Jack to spill all over her. Jen thinks she should get these tops off, but Jack stops her from stripping. Jen then says she is going upstairs to take a hot, steamy, shower! Jen leaves, and Jack asks Greta if he told Jen about his secret? Before Greta can say anything, Jen shows up in a bathtowel and says she is having a problem upstairs. She claims she can't get the nozzel working, and "accidentaly" drops her towel while describing the problem to him. Jack is stunned, but agrees to help Jen with the shower. Jack gets the shower working, while in it with Jen, and she starts taking her shower. Jack knows she is up to something, especially when she asks him to join her! Jack wrips his shirt off, and tells her how beautiful she is. He tells her that he has been waiting so long for this.


March 14
This is from NBC. I missed the show cause I was on a train :(, and the VCR wasn't set
Shawn is crushed when Jan refuses to let him tell Belle the truth. When Jan asks Shawn if he's looking for an out, he reassures her that he will be there for her as long as she needs him. Jan panics when her mother returns and announces her plans to send Jan away to a home for wayward girls. As Jan and Mrs. Spears argue, Shawn breaks it up and announces that Jan is moving in with him... Meanwhile, Belle still tries to cope with the shock that Shawn fathered Jan's baby. Belle breaks down with Marlena and tells her what happened. Marlena empathizes with Belle and tries to comfort her. Belle admits that Marlena's support is what is helping her get through this... Victor calls Austin to inform him about the transfer to Hawaii. Austin shocks Victor by declining the opportunity. Sami is fierce when she hears this and tries to persuade Austin to reconsider. Austin is strong and tells Sami he will not be in a marriage where he's pushed around. Sami backs off, but tries to use a more subtle method. She tells Austin how much she likes his new, tough, macho demeanor. Playing him for every second, Sami manages to convince Austin to let her be a part of this decision. Yet, she has every intention of leaving Salem as soon as possible! Meanwhile, Victor sends his limo driver to shower Nicole with a dress, a musical figurine, and a rare Faversham egg to entice her to spend the evening with him. Victor eyes the engagement ring he bought, but hides it when Nicole comes downstairs. Nicole has her guard up with Victor, but softens when he says, "I love you."


March 15
Not as detailed as usual (migraine) sorry!
Chloe is at home looking at books, listening to music, and thinking about Phillip. She thinks about Belle's advice about the tape, and doesn't know what to do. Meanwhile, Phillip is outside of Chloe's window and throws some stones at it to get her attention. Phillip is dressed up, and he asks Chloe if she watched the video? She says she didn't, and she left it at Belle's. Chloe goes down to see Phillip, who is worried Belle might watch the video. Chloe and Phillip talks about the movie, and Phillip says he only did it because he thought she didn't want him, and guys do stupid things. Chloe asks if it was the same with Cynthia as it was with them? Phillip says no, he had a couple a beers and things went too far. Chloe thinks they had sex, but Phillip says they didn't, and begs her not to watch the video. CHloe doesn't know if she can ever get passed this video, she thinks it is better to know the truth up front and deal with it. Phillip says if she watches it she's just going to think about him and Cynthia every time he touches and kisses her. Phillip talks sweetly to Chloe about what she means to him, and Chloe is happy that he cares about her. Chloe lets herself get swept away by Phillip, and promises not to watch the video. Chloe and Phillip then kiss. Phillip asks CHloe to go out to dinner with him to Tuscany. Chloe agrees, and goes to get fixed up.

At the penthouse, Belle continues her talk with her mom about Shawn and Jan. Brady shows up, and hears enough to be very angry with Shawn. Brady wants to go beat up Shawn, but Belle tells him that it will only make things worse. They all try and figure out what is going on in Shawn's mind. They wonder if he was drinking, but Belle says Shawn doesn't drink. Brady and Marlena try to comfort Belle. Marlena tries to cheer Belle up, and says Capris is coming to see them. That distracts them only long enough until they all realize John won't take this news well. Belle says she won't let her life end because of Shawn, and she wants nothing to do with him.

At Jack and Jen's, Jen is shocked when Jack wrips off his clothes and says he's waited for this for so very long. When he tries to kiss her, she shoves a sponge in his face! Jack asks if she is playing games with him? She says he is the one who plays games. Jack tells Jen that he loves her, he always has. Jen asks what about Greta? Jack dodges the question, and kisses Jen. Jack insists that his loving her is no game. Jack asks why she invited him in here, is she trying to break his heart and show him what he's lost? Jack says he will wait forever for her to come back to him. Jen is moved by Jack's words and kisses him! Jen begs Jack not to stop, and Jack says he can't and runs out of the shower! Jack says this is wrong! Jen thinks Jack is playing games, but Jack says he just can't and runs off. Jen wonders what went wrong, and Jack runs back to his room. JAck thinks Jen is his for the taking, but Jen is actually disturbed. She didn't know Jack could make her feel that way again, and she doesn't understand why he stopped. Jen wonders if Jack could be gay? In reality, Jack stopped because she was drunk and he wants her to want him when she isn't drunk. Greta asks Jen what happened in there, is he or isn't he? Jen says this has all been a mistake, and she's gunna go lay down now. Jack talks to Greta about what he and Jen are up to? Jack says he knows they are playing games, but his love for Jen is not to be trifled with! Jack tells Greta he didn't make love to Jen because she was drunk, and she doesn't know if she can believe him or not. However, she says if Jack ends up being straight she'll make him regret it! MEanwhile, Jen says if Jack is gay then he will regret keeping it from her! Jen decides to just come out and ask Jack if he's gay, and was their whole marriage a lie? Jen says she can't stand not knowing, and is determined to get the truth from him.

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