March 2002 Week 1


March 4
At Sami, Austin apologizes for his mom bringing Lucas here without telling or asking him. Sami tells Austin it is okay, she will enjoy pampering him this week up until the big event. Austin asks what is going on? Sami says they are getting married in less than a week, unless he has changed his mind. Austin says of course not, he was just hoping that she didn't have too much more to do. Austin says he will be at the wedding, he just has that meeting in Vegas coming up. Austin leaves for work, and Will shows up. He refuses to go to school today and says he wants to see his dad. Sami says he can see him this afternoon after school, but Will throws a fit. Lucas' nurse shows up to check on Will, and to try and convince Sami into taking Will to see Lucas.

At Austin's place, Kate stays by Lucas' side. Lucas asks where he is? Kate tells him that he's in Salem in Austin's apartment, and Will is across the hall. Lucas asks where WIll is? Lucas keeps asking for Will, and Sami finally brings Will to see Lucas. Will and Lucas visit, and Kate and Sami argue. Kate eventually pushes Sami down to the ground! Kate tells Sami that everything she's fought so hard for she's going to lose! Kate then goes and tells Will that his mommy says he can visit his daddy anytime he wants! Meanwhile, Sami goes and finds the blackmail she had on Kate, and gives Victor a call!

At Titan, Nicole gets a call from Brandon. He asks her how she is, and she says she is doing great. SHe asks him what he's doing? Brandon says he's picking up Jen for a breakfast date. Later, Austin shows up and he tells Nicole that Lucas is back in town. Nicole is not moved at all, and says it would be like Carrie coming back to town for him. Later, when Austin asks for some time off soon, Nicole asks why? Austin says he's getting married. Nicole can't believe this, but he says he is trying to do what is best for everyone. Nicole knows Austin is going to adopt Will and try and get Sami to give Lucas visitation, and she can't believe him. She tells him that he deserves to be happy, and Austin says he will.

At Jack and Jen's, Greta notices that Jen has been lifting weights and counting calories, and she wonders if she trying to impress Jack? Greta tells Jen that she is torturing herself and Jack, because he is gay. Jen says he is not gay! As they argue about him, Jack shows up for breakfast. Jack asks Jen what she is up to? Jen says nothing, and Brandon shows up. Jen says they are going to work out together this morning. Jen answers the door, and takes off with Brandon. JAck is steamed, and he and Greta end up arguing. Greta says she should never have moved in here because the only one who is jealous is her! Jack asks her what she is jealous about? Greta tells Jack that she led him on for a long time before he told her that she was gay, and that is nothing compared to what he is doing to Jen. Greta says regardless of him being gay, he obviously wants to be with Jennifer and not her! Greta begins to cry, and says she has to leave. Jack tells her that there is something he has to say to her. Jack says he's sorry, and he knows he doesn't say that often, which is why she deserves better. Greta says she knows she deserves better, and walks out of the house. Jack realizes Greta is going to be hurt when she learns he is straight, and he hopes he can make it up to her some day.

Meanwhile, Brandon and Jen head to the gym to get physical. Jen runs into one of Abbey's friend's mothers. Jen lets the woman think Brandon is her trainer, and he is hurt. Jen says she is sorry she didn't say he was her boyfriend, but she doesn't like the world knowing her business. Brandon is shocked and asks if she wants him to be his boyfriend? Jen says she does, so Brandon asks Jen to have dinner at his place and stay over!

At school, Shawn is looking for Belle. HE runs into Chloe, but she hasn't seen Belle yet. Shawn leaves, and Phillip shows up and gives Chloe a red and white rose, which makes her smile. However she says he really shouldn't have done this, but he says he only gave it to her because it is beautiful and reminded him of her. Phillip and CHloe then share a kiss! Chloe ends up pulling away and reminds him that they really aren't good together, but Phillip thinks it would all be worth it to try again.

Meanwhile, Belle tells Mimi that she is afraid of what Shawn has to tell her. Belle and Mimi see Phillip and CHloe together, and Belle says they look so happy, she hopes Cynthia doesn't ruin everything for them. Belle then decides to go find Shawn and get this over with. Shawn and Belle meet up, and Belle tells Shawn that she went to Jan's house last night and her mom had some awful things to say about him. Belle tells Shawn that she needs to know what is going on. Shawn tells Belle that he doesn't think she's going to be able to forgive him for this. BElle says this is starting to feel like goodbye. Shawn tells Belle that Jan is pregnant, and Belle begins to cry. Shawn then tells Belle that he is the father of her baby.


March 5
Sami drives to Titan and has the blackmail in hand. We see a flashback from years ago of Sami going through Kate's closet and discovering the blackmail. At Titan, Nicole tells Austin that she wants to talk to him about something personal. Nicole tells Austin that he doesn't really need to marry Sami, he can just live with her. Austin says he's has explained this before. Nicole says she just feels he is doing everything he can to keep Sami, Lucas, and his mom from fighting. Nicole asks what he wants? Austin says once he and Sami are married it will be better for everyone. Nicole tells Austin that he is more naive than she thought if a marriage to Sami will make peace between Sami and Kate. She asks again what he wants? As they talk, Sami shows up and hears them through the door. Sami is caught eavesdropping by Marie, who tells her that she shouldn't be eavesdropping. Sami says she isn't here to see Austin or Nicole today, she's here to see Victor. Sami then barges into Victor's office! Nicole learns Sami is with Victor, and wonders what is going on. Victor tells Sami that he is giving her five minutes, so speak. Sami whips out the photos of Kate, and he says that is Kate's problem, not his. Sami says there is someone in his life that will care, Phillip! Sami says Phillip would be pretty embaresed if these photos appeared in the Spectator. Victor wonders how Sami can live with herself, and she says she is a joke and has brought a shame on herself and her family! Victor feels sorry for Will, and asks her what she wants! Sami says this won't cost her a dime, she just wants him to transfer Austin to Hawaii.

At school, Jason tries to come on to Cynthia, who tells him he is a jerk! Cynthia tries to talk to Mimi, who doesn't want to talk to Cynthia. Cynthia asks Mimi if she warned the others about the video? Mimi claims she did, but Cynthia doesn't believe her because Chloe would already be demanding to see it. Mimi asks Cynthia not to hurt Phillip, but Cynthia refused to be dumped for that outcast weirdo! Phillip continues flirting with Chloe, which angers Cynthia. Mimi says they are in love, and she only accuses Cynthia of wanting to score with Phillip. Cynthia vows to make Chloe and Phillip's lives miserable with her little tape. The kids all goof off, until Mr. Woods arrives and settles them down. He takes attendance and realizes everyone but Jan, SHawn, and Belle are present. Mr. Woods gives them an oral pop quiz, going around asking them questions. Phillip and Chloe are both in la-la land, but manage to answer their questions. Cynthia also answers a question, but is thinking about her makeout session with Phillip and says she was thinking about something else. When MR. Woods asks for her to share with them, she says she can't right now, but pretty soon they'll all know about it. After the bell rings, Mr. Woods talks to Phillip about his academic performance. He tells him that he still needs to work hard even though his college applications have been handed in, he can't just stare at girls and not pay attention to his teacher. Meanwhile, Cynthia hands over her sex tape to Chloe and tells her that she should watch this and see what really happened between her and Phillip. Elsewhere, Jason asks Mimi about Jan and how she is, but Mimi doesn't know. Jason says if Shawn is trying to hook up with Jan, he's going to regret it.

Elsewhere. Shawn breaks Belle's heart when he tells her that Jan is pregnant with his child. Shawn begs Belle for a chance to explain in private. Belle and Shawn go outside, and when Shawn tries to comfort Belle, she tells him not to touch her! Shawn says he is sorry, and Belle remembers how Shawn refused to sleep with her on the island. SHe thinks Shawn didn't want her, but he obviously wanted Jan. Belle begs Shawn to tell her that he's lying, but he says he's sorry. Belle says they are supposed to be the perfect couple who were supposed to be together forever! Belle tells Shawn that he has been lying to her for months about Jan, claiming they were only friends. Belle thinks she has been stupid. Shawn says it didn't mean anything to him, but Belle says the Shawn Brady she knows would not sleep with a girl for the heck of it and not use protection. Belle says she thought she knew him, but she doesn't and never did. Belle says her mom and Brady tried to warn her not to think of him as the most important person in her life, and that she should be prepared for a fall some day, but she didn't listen to them. Belle can't believe he did this, and asks who else knows about this? Shawn says only his parents and Jan's parents. Belle doesn't think she means anything to him at all, but he says she means everything to him and he loves her. She screams at him not to say that, and she says she'll never believe him. Belle tells Shawn that she hates him and runs off. Shawn goes berserk and starts kicking anything he can kick. He hopes someday Belle will understand, and someday they will be together again.

At Bo and Hope's, Hope is confused about the white blurs she keeps seeing when she tries to remember who Isaac's father is. She also wonders why Bo is the one person they are sure isn't Isaac's father. They switch the topic of conversation to Shawn. Bo and Hope talk about him, and Bo can't believe Shawn let this happen. Hope says that while they are facing losing their baby, their seventeen year old son is having one. Later, Mickey shows up and discusses their case with them. Mickey says in many cases such as these the biological parents have terminated custody when they realize the child is better off with the other parents. He thinks Glen might do this after a few more visits, especially now that he's seen JT's medical bills. Bo then tells Mickey they have another problem, and tells them about Shawn's predicament. Hope still thinks this isn't like Shawn and makes no sense. As they talk, Mickey gets a call and learns Glen has been granted another visit with JT tomorrow.


March 6
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At Jack and Jen's, Jack feels bad about hurting Greta, but he can't tell her that he's not really gay until he gets the job in Vegas. Jack looks in the mirror, and sees himself talking back to him. Jack's honest mirror image urges him to tell Greta the truth, but he says if he tells her the truth he could lose everything. Suddenly, Greta walks into the room and asks "the truth about what?" Jack just gives her some bull excuse, and Greta says she can't be friends with him if he can't be honest about who he really is. Jack says he wants to share something with her about his sex life, something he's never shared with anyone else. Jack tells Greta that he thinks he and Jen were soulmates, and that being with her meant everything to him, and even the sex was great. He speaks eloquently of love, and how it crosses all boundaries, and Greta wonders who he is and what he has done with Jack. Greta tells him that was beautiful, and he should be proud of being in touch with his feelings the way he is. Jack then gets a call from Oliver, who tells him about the job. As they talk, Greta begins to wonder who Jack really is. Greta then tells Jack if he told Jen what he just told her, she would beg him to marry her. Jack says no, Jen would just shoot her down and he could never open up to her that way. Greta tells Jack that whoever he is, she's glad he is in her life. She then gives him a hug.

Jen and Brandon continue to work out. Jen asks Brandon what he meant earlier about staying at his place? Brandon asks her what she wants it to mean? Jen thinks he is being mysterious, and an eavesdropper tells Jen that he meant he wanted to sleep with her! Jennifer thinks that guy is a jerk, and Brandon asks her if that is what she wants? Jen tells Brandon right now she's just not ready for late night action, and Brandon tells her that he was just kidding around with her and is not putting any pressure on her. Brandon says when she is ready he will be happy, but he would also be happy if they ended up just being good friends. Brandon tells Jen that whether she realizes it or not, Jack is holding her back because she is still drawn to him. Jen assures him that after Jack's latest stunt, things are going to change. When Jen tells Brandon what Jack has done, Brandon asks her how she doesn't know Jack isn't gay? Jen says they were married, she would know. Brandon says it happens all the time, and he tells her a story about his gay football player friend, and how some people don't realize they are gay until much later in their life. Jen stil insists Jack is not gay, so Brandon says fine. He asks her if she still has a thing for him? Jen says she is tired of answering this question all the time. Jen says all she wants to do is prove to Greta what a liar Jack is.

At Austin's place, Lucas strives to get better for Will's sake, despite the pain his exercises are causing. Roman shows up to see how Lucas is doing. Kate says he is continuing with his miraculous recovery. Roman tells her that she is a good mom, and she hugs him and says that is the nicest thing he could say to her. Roman is shocked that she has hugged him for the second time in less than a week. Kate says she didn't know he was counting. Roman says he just wonders why, and she says she is just affectionate. Kate says perhaps all the losses she has suffered this year have softened her and made her realize what matter. Kate says children are all that matter, and she hopes one day she and Sami can be a real family. Kate spews total BS about how when Lucas came back to her, she realized her life would never be filled with hatred for anyone again, and that is why she hugged him, because she is very happy. Roman says he just can't stand around and talk all day, he has to get back to work. However, they still stand around and chat, and Roman finds himself telling Kate things he never admitted to anyone else. Kate says he is just in a vulnerable place right now and wondering if she can help him finally get over Marlena. Kate says she can, and she wants to. Roman asks her if she is hitting on him. Kate says she isn't looking for a relationship right now, just a friend. She says if he is looking for a friend too, then he knows where to find him.

At Titan, Nicole tells Austin that Sami is in Victor's office right now, and whatever she is up to it isn't good. Austin refuses to listen to her badmouth Sami anymore. Nicole begs Austin to just listen to her. She says that she considers him a friend and doesn't want to see him throw his future away. She begs him not to marry Sami! Austin says he considers a friend too, but he and Sami work these things out. Nicole tells Austin that he is a dream come true, and he will make some woman out their very happy. She begins to caress the back of his neck, and tells him what a great guy he is. Austin tells Nicole that she doesn't know Sami the way he does, but she says he doesn't know her the way she does.

In Victor's office, Sami demands Austin be transferred to Hawaii! He laughs and tells her to get out, and she says she was expecting that. Sami calls of Phillip and asks him if he ever wonders why he's such a star on the playing field. Sami says she has some information about his mom's past, and she sure had stamina, flexibility, and always went for the gold. She says she has already sent it over to him, and if he has any questions he can call her. Victor goes nuts and tells Sami if she doesn't stop that package from getting to Phillip, her son will grow up without a mother! Sami tells him to hit redial, and when he does, he learns she just called her own house. Sami says this was just a rehearsal for the performance she could give, if he doesn't transfer Austin to Hawaii. Victor asks why she thinks Kate wants to ruin her? Sami says because Kate told her, and she's not going to sit around and take this from Kate. Sami says she went to the one person who hates Kate more than she does, and she thinks it is poetic that he is helping her make Kate miserable. Victor tells her that she thought wrong, he will help Kate this time, and together they will destroy her! Sami accuses Victor of bluffing, because he'd never go back to Kate even to wipe the smile off her face. Victor tells Sami that she is going to far this time, and to get out of her office. Sami says she came here to say what she had to say, and she gives him 24 hours to transfer Austin to Hawaii. Victor goes out and asks MArie where Nicole is. He learns she's in a meeting with Austin and has asked not to be disturbed. Victor peaks in and sees Nicole and Austin sharing a tender moment together, and he is not happy when he hears her talking sweetly to Austin. VIctor tells MArie to have Nicole cut her meeting short and get in his office now! Nicole goes to see Victor, and they argue about Austin, who Nicole praises. Victor says if Austin is so great perhaps he should be promoted. He asks her if she would miss him? Nicole says she would miss his input, and then asks Victor if he is jealous of Austin? Victor says should he be? Nicole says of course! Nicole says things with Austin haven't gotten very far, they are still in the flirting stage. Nicole starts talking about the day Austin comes to her for comfort, and how ready she will be! Victor says that is enough, and she laughs. She tells Victor that he doesn't own her, he had access to her but gave it up! Victor says he didn't want to end their relationship, but Nicole says she is not going to be a whore for him or any man! Nicole tells Victor to enjoy his empty bed, and her bed is no longer any of his business! Nicole storms out, and Victor considers sending Austin away after all.

Meanwhile, Austin finds Sami at his work and scolds her. He says they have had this talk before, she is not supposed to be coming to his work and causing problems. They begin arguing, and Sami says she refuses to allow Kate to take him and Will from her. Austin asks her what she has done now? Sami says she came here to ask Victor to transfer her to Hawaii.


March 7
At Titan, Sami reveals to Austin that she came here to ask Victor to transfer him to Hawaii. Austin says there is no way he is leaving Salem now. Sami says they have discussed moving away, but Austin says they have only discussed it, not made a decision. Sami says it would be a great change for all of them, but Austin says no it wouldn't, and this is only about Kate moving Lucas into his place. Austin accuses Sami of doing this to get back at his mother. Sami tells Austin that if he keeps taking his mother's side, they are not going to have a marriage! Austin tells her that if she doesn't stop telling him and her brother how to live their lives, he is history! Sami apologizes, and Austin says they aren't moving end of discussion. Sami tries to paint a picture for him about what it will be like living in Hawaii. Austin still says this is a terrible idea, but Sami realizes she is starting to get to him. Sami says if Lucas really wants to see Will he can move to Hawaii too, and maybe Victor can give him a job there as well. Austin asks why Victor would do her a favor? Sami says he is crazy about her, that how she got him to agree to transfer him to Hawaii. Sami says she and Victor are trying to work things out, and Victor assumes he is all for it. Austin still doesn't want to go, but Sami tries to seduce him into liking the idea.

In his office, Victor is furious with what Sami is doing to him, and says she won't get away with it. He also thinks about Nicole and Austin's relationship, and Nicole claiming she will be ready for Austin when he comes to her for comfort. He refuses to lose Nicole. In Nicole's office, Nicole talks to Marie about things she may have heard about her? Marie says people are just wondering why she and Victor aren't getting along anymore. Nicole says they are getting along fine. Victor walk in and orders Nicole into his office, and she says for him to ask nicely. HE walks out and screams "get in my office!" and she screams back "when I'm good and ready!" Nicole goes to see Victor, who says he is transferring Austin to Hawaii. Nicle says Austin isn't going anywhere, she needs him! Victor says she doesn't need him, but Nicole says he is valuable to her work. Victor tells her that she is not listening, he is transferring him and this is not a joint decision. Victor accuses Nicole of only wanting to keep Austin around because he feeds her ego and flirts with her. Nicole tells Victor that he has no right to say that to her, and then realizes Sami Brady is behind this transfer. Nicole can't believe he is letting her blackmail him, and she asks what Sami has on him. Victor refuses to answer that question until she answers his question, is she worried about losing Austin as an executive, or because she wants to get him into bed? Nicole says no way, she doesn't even like him. Austin says he sees that they are becoming friends, but Nicole says she would never lower herself to sleep with someone below her. When Victor says why not, he did when he was with her; Nicole slaps him! Nicole says he never had it so good than when he was with her, and he just threw it away. Victor tells her to get out of his office! Nicole says she doesn't need him, she has five million in the bank!

At Austin's apartment, Kate yells to Lucas how Roman was putty in her hands! Suddenly there is a knock on the door, and it is Roman. He tells her that her voice carries all the way down the hall. Roman tells Kate if she wants to say something to him then she should say it to his face! Kate panics, and Roman tells her to relax he only heard his name. Kate says she was just telling Lucas to keep rolling because he's doing a great job, and he must have thought she said his name. Roman believes her, and says he's been thinking about what she said earlier about wanting to get along with Sami. Roman says Sami won't come around on her own, so they should team up and work on Sami together. Roman agrees that WIll and Lucas should be able to spend time together, and he wants to help make this work. Roman says first they needs to stop Sami and Austin from moving, because Sami's plan is to move Austin and Will to Hawaii. Kate goes berserk, and Roman tells her to calm down. Kate won't calm down, and she says that Sami is probably already trying to get Austin transferred to Hawaii.

At Bo and Hope's, Bo and Hope are shocked by Mickey's news that Glen is getting another visit with JT tomorrow. Mickey tells them to be prepared for a custody battle. Mickey says that the situation with Shawn could hurt their chances in getting custody of JT. Hope thinks Shawn has nothing to do with JT, but Mickey says the facts that Shawn got this girl pregnant, and she has a baby out there with some man she can't recall, doesn't paint a positive picture of them. Mickey also says the law is on Glen's side, and Hope begins to cry when it is made real for her that she is going to lose JT. Mickey tells them they have a very difficult decision ahead of them whether to fight for JT or not.

Belle goes to the park and continues to think about what Shawn told her. Shawn shows up and wants t explain things to her. Belle apologizes for saying she hates him, because she doesn't. Shawn says he knows that, and he says he loves her and will continue to love her no matter what. Belle asks Shawn when he and Jan did it. Shawn says it was on the island, which infuriates Belle. Belle is hurt because he pushed her away on the island, but obviously he didn't push Jan away. Belle tells him that he is a liar, and she feels stupid and pathetic for thinking they had a deep connection. Shawn wants to talk, but Belle doesn't want to listen. She also tells him to stop looking so upset because she doesn't believe him. Belle says she'll always remember that night on that island that he didn't want her, that he pretended to be in love with her when he really wanted Jan. Shawn tries to explain, but Belle says if he talks she'll scream. She thanks God they didn't do it, at least he didn't make a bigger fool of her! Shawn tells Belle that he wants her to know that he would never do anything to hurt her, and that he didn't betray her. Belle says if that is the case, then tell her that he didn't get Jan pregnant. Shawn can't do it, and when he says he never wanted this. Belle tells him to just shut up and say nothing to her unless he's going to say this is just some huge, sick joke. Belle looks into his eyes and says something is telling her that something isn't right. She doesn't think he is the father. Shawn says all that matters is that they will be together forever. Belle says that he says that like she's supposed to wait for him, and like she can't live without him. Belle tells Shawn that her life doesn't revolve around him, and right now she can't even look at him! Belle tells Shawn that he is a coward and a liar, and she tells Shawn that it is over! Belle walks away, but comes back and says she hopes his parents get to keep JT. She wishes him luck with Jan and the baby, and then walks away for good. Shawn vows to make Belle trust him one day, and to tell her the truth.

Nancy and Craig take a walk during lunch down to the pier. Nancy continues to worry about Chloe, but Craig tells her not to because she will be fine. Craig decides to eat the lunch Nancy made for him, and he ends up chocking on her cookie! Craig is only kidding, and says this is the best cookie and it had him all chocked up. Craig says she could enter this in a contest and win, but Nancy says the recipe is a secret not to be shared.


MArch 8
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Sami schemes a plan to agitate Lucas. She cons Lucas' nurse to let her sit and keep vigil with him. Once the nurse is out the door, Sami starts to emotionally torture Lucas. She wakes him up and calls Lucas a drunk and a loser. Sami reveals her plans to move to Hawaii with Austin and Will. Lucas starts having trouble breathing and Sami taunts him even more. Lucas catches his breath and tries to make amends with Sami. His desire to repair their relationship seems genuine, but Sami refuses to accept that Lucas has changed... Meanwhile, Austin confides in Roman that he's having second thoughts about rushing into this marriage with Sami. Roman is stunned to learn that Sami is serious about moving to Hawaii. Austin admits he doesn't want to leave Salem because it's his home and he enjoys working with Nicole. Austin reiterates his opinion that Will needs to be near Lucas and Roman agrees. Austin fears Sami will freak out if he tells her that he doesn't want to go. Roman promises Austin he'll talk to Sami and try to reason with her... Victor asks for Nicole's forgiveness, but Nicole storms out of his office. Kate sees Nicole and barges into Victor's office, asking if there is trouble in paradise. Victor is abrupt with Kate and doesn't have time for nonsense. Kate wants to know if Sami is really trying to get Austin to move to Hawaii. She is astounded when Victor reveals that Sami is threatening to show the damaging photos of Kate's past to Philip. Kate is steaming and vows revenge on Sami. Meanwhile, Nicole opens up to Marie about her despair that Austin may leave Salem. Marie interprets Nicole's feelings as love for Austin, but Nicole vehemently denies. Later, Nicole issues an ultimatum to Victor: if Austin goes, then she will too. Victor admits his love for Nicole and invites her to dinner. Upset and confused, Nicole tells Victor she'll let him know about dinner. Back in her office, Nicole gets a call from Austin, who offers to take her to dinner. Will she choose Victor or Austin?

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