March 2000 Week 5


March 27
Brandon comes to see Nicole at her office. She is in a bad mood over some cover designs, but Brandon thinks that she is just upset because Eric is gone. Brandon tells Nicole that she needs to move on, but Nicole says she need Eric here in Salem or her plan won't work. Brandon asks what her plan is? Nicole tells Brandon about overhearing Victor talking about an investor who can double or triple one's money. Nicole plans to do just that with her money, get out of her marriage, and get Eric back! Brandon tells her that cold cash won't keep her warm at night, and he points out that Lucas treats her like gold. Nicole tells Brandon that she was happier than she was in her whole life when she was with Eric, and he wasn't here to see how happy she was. Nicole says she wants to feel the way she felt when she was with Eric, and the best she can do with Lucas is fake it, and that is not enough anymore. Nicole changes the subject and asks Brandon what is up with him. Why is he happy working in the hospital for peanuts when he could have had a great settlement. Brandon says he loves his job, and he has other priorities. Nicole asks Brandon to let go of this Abe Carver thing, but Brandon says he can't. Nicole tells Brandon to forget about the past and find a nice girl and build a future. Brandon says he needs to settle the score with Abe, and he won't stop until he does it.

Eric and Greta are flying home to Salem. Eric tells Greta that if anyone asks how the trip went, he's going to just say it was uneventful. Greta tells him that nobody would believe them if they told them the truth anyways, especially the ending. Eric tells Greta that she is brave and heroic, and he wouldn't be here if it wasn't for her. Eric tells her that when you save someone, you are responsible for their life. Greta says wow, so Eric tells her he'll take the pressure off and say she's responsible for his happiness. An eavesdropping stewardess tells Greta that if she was responsible for the happiness of someone like her boyfriend, she'd feel really fortunate. The stewardess then asks what she can get them to drink? Eric says that Greta isn't the force in avalon, he is (?) The stewardess says Eric is not only handsome, but a gentlemen too. She tells Greta to take good care of him, and tell her if she needs anything. After she leaves, Greta is upset that the stewardess came onto Eric. Eric says she was just having fun, but she says sexy women are always coming onto him, how is she supposed to react? Eric says she wasn't hitting on him, she was kidding around. Greta says he is so naive. Eric says if she wanted to hit on him then she would have waited till he got up to stretch his legs. Greta thinks he should hop up and test that theory out, but Eric decides to hop over towards her to shut her up with a kiss. After the kiss, Eric and Greta talk about trying to adjust to a normal life back home. Later, Eric sees the copy of Bella with Nicole on the cover and asks why she bought it? Greta says she thought Nicole might get a kick out of it, and she wanted to do something nice for her. Eric is glad that she doesn't view Nicole as a threat anymore. Greta says "right, why should I?"

Belle and Mimi, who are on the same flight, are separated because there were no more seats next to one another available. Mimi calls Phillip from the plane, and Belle calls Chloe. Chloe tells Belle that everyone is talking about what happened on their trip. Belle says whatever horrible things they are saying, multiply it by 10! Chloe is shocked, and asks her how Shawn is? Belle says Shawn has his mother back in his life now, and it is forever. Chloe says that must be an amazing feeling. Belle asks Chloe how Phillip is, has she seen him? Chloe says she has, unfortunately. Belle is angry that Phillip is giving Chloe a hard time, but Chloe says she's going to stay away from him from now on because she doesn't need him or anyone. MEanwhile, Phillip asks Mimi if she and Shawn have grown closer? Mimi tells him that it is hard going through life and death experiences and not bond with someone. Phillip then asks if Belle bonded with Brady? Mimi seems to dodge the question, and asks Phillip if anything exciting has happened? Phillip tells Chloe about the headless Chicken incident, which she thinks is excellent. The plane prepares for landing, so Belle and Mimi say goodbye to their phone friends.

At the hospital in France, Lexie asks Stefano why he is crying? Stefano says they are tears of joy because his beautiful daughter is by his side. Lexie says she is not leaving, and places her head on his chest. Stefano says that he's gone from a bleak situation to looking forward to the future with anticipation. He says that he knows one thing, Salem will never be the same. Lexie wonders where he gets his strength from. Stefano tells her that his greatest strength comes from his children. Lexie smiles and says he can't give her all the credit, and he says "maybe not."

Hope has been released from the hospital and is with Shawn at the hotel. Shawn tells her that she looks great. Hope thanks him and says that Gran and Julie bought her all of these maternity clothes. Shawn tells her that it isn't just the cloths. Hope tells Shawn that she is so proud of him and he is a blessing. Shawn tells his mom that he swore he'd never take her for granted again, and he won't. Hope asks Shawn why her dad and Gran didn't want her to know what Gina did in Salem, what are they holding back from her? Shawn tries to change the subject, but Hope won't fall for it. Shawn tells her a lot of bad things happened, and what is important is that everyone is okay. Shawn says once they get back to Salem, they can sit down as a family and talk about it. Hope agrees to drop the subject for now because she has to do what she has to do. Shawn doesn't like what she is about to do, so he insists on going with her. Before she leaves, Hope cuts the blonde streaks out of her hair.

Hope and Shawn go to see Stefano, and Hope asks Lexie and Shawn for a few minutes alone with Stefano. They leave, and Hope keeps her distance from Stefano. She tells Stefano she came here for two reasons. First, she thanks Stefano for saving her and her baby's life, and she is grateful for what he did. Stefano says they helped each other, their struggle to survive was mutual, they were both innocent victims of a mad woman. Hope thinks it is funny that he used his name and innocent in the same sentence, and she is sure he caused Gina to lose her mind. Stefano tells Hope that he has no idea what happened to that damn Princess to make her go crazy. He asks her what the second reason she came her for was? Hope tells him to stay out of her life, and Salem. She tells him to stay in Paris, he'll have access to an entire content of people to kidnap, brainwash, and steal from. She asks Stefano to promise her that he'll never set foot in Salem again. Stefano says it didn't take long for the Brady Bunch to poison her mind against him. Hope says she didn't need them to tell her that a leopard can't change its spots. Hope begs Stefano to just stay here in Paris, far far away from her and Bo. She says she is having Bo's baby and is looking forward to a long future with her family. She says she is proud to be bringing another Brady into this world. Stefano asks her if she is sure it is a Brady she is bringing into this world? Hope says Bo is the only man she loves and even if she thought she was someone else, she couldn't make love to anyone else. Stefano tells Hope that he won't be able to honor his request, because he has a child in Salem, and it is as much his home as it is hers. Hope warns him not to push her to hard, because the Brady's will push back! Hope leaves, and Stefano vows that if that child is his, no Brady will raise it. Meanwhile, Hope tells Shawn that it is time they returned home to Salem.

At the station, Bo tells John that he's going to force Kurt to tell him everything he knows about Hope and this baby. Bo and John accompany an officer to see Kurt. Kurt is in a straight jacket, and John and Bo are left alone in a room with him. Kurt is angry with Bo for killing Gina, but John says that he is the one who shot his pretty princess through the face, and he'll do the same to him unless he tells him what he wants to know! Kurt proceeds to spit in John's face. Bo and John play a little game, and Bo warns John to stay away from Kurt! John stands in the corner and Bo talks with Kurt. Bo tells Kurt that if he talks to them and answers their questions, he'll get him out of the straight jacket. Kurt asks what he wants to know? Bo questions Kurt about Hope, and if he is the father of her child. Kurt says he won't pin this one on her, he never touched that woman! Kurt says that everything that happened to Gina was Hope's fault, and it should have been Hope in that casket. Bo then asks Kurt about Stefano DiMera. He asks what type of relationship Gina had with DiMera? Kurt says all he knows is that they were very close at one time. However, he says he only met DiMera last year. They ask Kurt how he was paid to take care of the castle? He says a friend of the princess hired him, and the money came from the princesses estate. They don't believe him and John accuses him of working for DiMera. Bo "throws" John out after he gets forceful with Kurt, Bo tells Kurt that the cops have a huge list of crimes against him, but if he helps him out, he can make sure they go light on her. Kurt says he didn't kidnap Stefano and Hope, Gina did, he only took orders from her. Bo asks how he got involved with Gina? Kurt says that Gina's friend hired him when he was 18 to take care of her because she was mad and needed to be locked up for her own safety. However, last year she seemed to be sane again, so he decided to give her a chance to regain her life. He says he knew she'd come back to him, just not in a coffin. Kurt begins to cry and says he should have kept her with him. Bo tells him that he's got that right. Bo leaves, and tells John and the French cop that he'll be able to lock Kurt up and throw away the key. Kurt is then transferred to a psychiatric hospital. Bo tells John that Kurt only confirmed everything he already told them, and that he wasn't the father of Kurt's child. Bo says the only way to bury DiMera is for Hope to remember her time as Gina, and if that happens, she'll remember who the father of her baby is.


March 28
Alice and Greta are back at the Horton house. Greta is pouring Alice some tea, and Alice thanks Greta for keeping her company while Doug and Julie went shopping for the baby. Greta says she is so grateful for everyone for forgiving her for keeping the secret about her mother. Alice tells her it was not her fault, and she hopes Gina has found peace in death. Alice also hopes Greta can find some peace in her life. Greta says she hopes so too. Greta is unsure where her relationship is going with Eric, and what the next step is. Alice knows she means she doesn't know whether she should sleep with Eric. Alice says it was much easier back in her day, and she tells her how gentleman callers wouldn't even touch a woman without asking permission. Greta asks how long a woman would wait before she let a man make love to her. Alice says that no man should let a man make love to her unless she is sure she knows it is what she wants, that is rule number one. Rule number two is never let a man pressure you into sex. Alice asks Greta if Eric is pressuring her? Greta says no, but she's afraid he'll lose interest in her if they don't have sex. Alice says that Eric is a fine young man and he wouldn't see her just to get her in bed. Greta says that she is in her twenties, and most girls have had sex since they were in college. Alice tells her that those same girls have also been hurt and thrown aside by the men they slept with. Alice says she and Tom waited, and their relationship lasted 60 years. Greta asks her if she might ask how long they waited? Alice laughs because it is personal, but says she will tell her. Alice says it was on their wedding night. Greta thanks Alice and says she knows what to do now.

At Titan, Nicole presents the triplets, who Eric shot a cover photo of and won the Peterson award for, with dolls dressed like they were in the photo shoot. Eric shows up and overhears Nicole telling them not to rely on beauty, stay in school and go to college. After the girls leave, Eric goes into the photo shoot room. Nicole exclaims "thank God your back!" and hugs him. Nicole says she's sorry for being all over him, and she gives him a kiss on the cheek and asks him what happened? Eric says nothing, and he wanted her to know he was available for work. Eric tells her that what she did for the triplets was nice. Nicole says she didn't want them to make the same mistake . . Eric finishes her sentence and says she did. They get into a little argument, and Eric tells her that things between him and Greta are great, the trip brought them closer. Nicole asks Eric if that means she slept with her? Eric tells Nicole that is none of her business, and he did not come here to discuss his personal life with her. He asks what his next assignment is? Nicole says the next cover is the August issue, and the concept is a little girl walking on the beach with her daddy. Nicole suddenly becomes upset, and Eric asks what is wrong? Nicole says it doesn't matter. Eric says it does, and asks if she walked on the beach with her dad? Nicole says she spent a lot of time with her father, but they never walked on her beach. She says she doesn't want to talk about it because he is just curious, he doesn't really care. Eric tells her that is not true, they agreed to try and be friends. Eric tells Nicole that he will be here for her if she wants him around. Nicole tells Eric that means so much to her, and she gives him another hug. Eric gives Nicole the copy of Bella that Greta bought for her, and says he has to get going. Eric runs into Greta outside, and Nicole spies on them as Greta tells Eric about her plans for their evening. Nicole interrupts them and asks to speak to Greta. Nicole tells Greta that she just wanted to welcome her home and thank her for the souvenir. Eric says they should get going, so they leave. After they leave, Nicole calls Rex's secretary to make an appointment. Nicole is turned down, so she uses her job and link to the Kiriakis name to get an appointment with him tomorrow.

At the pub, everyone is pulling together to put together a welcome home party for Hope. Nancy asks Chloe to say hello to Belle, but Chloe doesn't want to. Phillip and his cronies come in, and Phillip welcomes Belle and Mimi back. He asks them if they want to watch him and Jason shoot some hoops? Belle says that they have to decorate the pub, so Phillip decides to stick around and help them. Shawn gives Grandpa Shawn a call from the plane, they are all on the way home and should be there tomorrow. Mimi tells Phillip all about the trip and the bomb, and how brave Shawn was. Phillip gets annoyed and asks to change the subject. Mimi asks Phillip about the headless chicken incident with Chloe? Belle is angry when she realizes that Mimi told Phillip and Jason about the day when she and Chloe were joking about drinking chicken blood. She calls them both jerks, and says that Shawn would never hurt someone the way they've hurt Chloe. Phillip says he didn't do it, but Belle says that he and Mimi are unwitting accomplices in this. Nancy and Chloe watch them, and Nancy can't believe Belle is hanging out with that group, and she gave her more credit. Chloe tells Nancy not to start tearing into Belle because she sounds as bad as Phillip and his friends do. Nancy apologizes and says she's just angry and judgmental. Chloe says that some day all of them will regret the things they said about her and the way they treated her. Meanwhile, Shawn tells the kids that if they didn't find Hope in Paris, they would have gone to Ireland. Phillip asks why, so Shawn tells him about what his father learned. Stefano's family built a foreign plant in Ireland, and it didn't sit well with the Irish back then. Belle wonders if it has something to do with why Stefano hates the Brady's. Shawn says he doesn't know why, he was just a child then, and his parents had nothing to do with the DiMeras Chloe tells Nancy she wants to go shopping, so they leave. Belle sees Chloe and says hi, but Chloe rushes out the door with Nancy. Nancy asks Chloe why she didn't want to say hi to Belle?

On the plane home, Shawn tells his mom that he told nobody about the pregnancy, and he asked everyone else not to tell anyone either. Hope thanks John for flying his plane over to fly them back home. John says it is the only way to fly! Shawn is so glad they found his mom and his baby brother or sister. Bo begins to worry, and Shawn asks him what is wrong? Bo just says that he's shocked they found her mom and she was pregnant. Hope says she doesn't know why because he has just as much to do with this as she does. Later, Hope asks Bo if he remembers the night their baby was conceived? Bo says he doesn't, and asks if he can get her anything. She says she is fine. Shawn asks if he can go to the cockpit, and John says he doesn't think that would be a problem. Marlena talks with Hope for a bit about her visit to see Stefano. Hope says she wanted to thank Stefano. Marlena asks her why? Hope says she wanted to thank him for saving her and the baby, and he also asked him to stay out of Salem, but he refused. Hope says that when she told Stefano she was pregnant, he was very caring, attentive, almost paternal. She says it is almost like he was protecting his own child. She says he also asked her an odd question, if she was sure if Bo was the father. Marlena worries, and Hope asks what is wrong? Marlena says she was just remembering when she was pregnant with Belle and had morning sickness. Meanwhile, John talks with Bo. Bo says that Hope is glowing because she believes she's carrying his baby. John asks Bo if he's going to tell Hope the truth? Bo says he can't after the hell she's been through, especially since she could be carrying the Devil's child. Suddenly, the plane hits some turbulence, which sends John into mercenary mode. He tells everyone to sit down! Marlena asks John what is wrong? He says that he's going to find out what is wrong, fix it, and if need be fly this plane back to Salem himself! Bo and Marlena look very worried, and give each other looks. The pilot apologizes and says they just hit a little turbulence. Marlena looks worried, and Hope asks Marlena what the pilot meant about a repeat of the flight to Paris? Marlena says they just had a bumpy ride. Hope says she knows they are keeping things from her, but Marlena says it is nothing for her to be concerned about. Hope notices Marlena's wedding ring, and congratulates her. She says she wishes she could have been there. Marlena tells her that she was. Bo asks John if he is okay, he looked like he did when he pulled that knife on him on the way to Paris? John says he is fine, and changes the subject to Hope's baby. Bo says that the baby was conceived around the time he got married, when she was most Gina like. John is hit with a headache, and Hope calls to Bo to please come to her. Bo asks if something is wrong with the baby? Hope says the baby is kicking, and she makes Bo feel it. He is less then thrilled, and Hope asks him to show a little enthusiasm! She asks him if he wants this baby? Bo tells her that it is all he thinks about, and gives her a kiss. Meanwhile, in the cockpit, Shawn puts on some music for his parents. Shawn puts on their song, so Bo and Hope dance, as do Marlena and John. Hope tells Bo that he is her hero, he is strong and brave. Bo tells her that there is no woman alive who compares to her. Hope tells him he is also the sexiest man in the world, and she has a baby to prove it. Shawn shows up, and Bo, Shawn and Hope have a family hug. Marlena says that they look so happy, and John hopes Bo and Hope's love is strong enough to survive regardless who the baby's father is. However, he looks at Hope with a very worried expression on his face.


March 29
At the Kiriakis Mansion, Victor calls Rex, who tells Victor that Nicole has made an appointment to meet him today. Victor tells Rex not to think of Nicole as a beautiful woman because he doesn't want any complications. Rex assures Victor things will go well, and he can expect a glowing report by the end of the day. Nicole comes in to get some coffee, and Victor asks her if that is what she is wearing to work? Nicole says if it is inappropriate, she'll take it off, which she begins to do right in front of him! Victor says her attire is perfectly appropriate, given it stays on her. Nicole looks over his shoulder and sees that he's reading about the stocks market. Victor wonders when she got so smart concerning stocks, but Nicole says that she does have a brain. Victor and Nicole talk about investing, and Nicole swears to Victor that one day he will respect her. After she leaves, Victor says that day will never come.

Nicole goes to see Rex Rollins, and is told she is late and he can only spare fifteen minutes. Nicole goes in to see Rex, who tells her that he's been looking forward to their meeting. Rex offers her something to drink, but she says she's not thirsty. He thinks Victor sent her, but she confesses that she just dropped Victor's name to see him. Rex tells Nicole that he's not taking any new clients at this time and only agreed to see her because he thought Victor recommended her. Nicole starts showing him some leg and comments that most of his clients are probably old buddies from Yale, but his work revolves around hot new properties. Nicole says she isn't high maintenance, and she's no virgin as far as the stock market is concerned. She tells him that she has a few million in seed money. Rex says this is a volatile area, and he requires his a condition of his clients. Nicole thinks she can meet it, so he tells her it is 50 percent commission. Nicole asks him who he thinks he is, the US government? Rex tells her it was a pleasure talking to her, but Nicole says she is in.

At the hospital, Sami is having a bad first day at work. Brandon shows up with a flower for her and asks how it is going. Sami tells Brandon it is not good, everyone hates her, she can hardly type, and she doesn't understand the medical lingo. Brandon tells her that once the nurses get to know her they will like her. Brandon tells her that she will can do anything, and offers to take her out to lunch. Sami tells him that Austin is taking her out at 12:30, so Brandon offers to take her out tomorrow. Sami says okay, if she's still here. Sami tries to leave for lunch, but is told by a nurse that she can't leave for lunch if she hasn't finished her report. Sami has had enough and says since they are talking about her job, she was hired as a receptionist, and receptionists don't type, so she feels she should be paid extra for that. The nurse tells her to take it up with personel. Austin cancels on Sami due to car trouble, so Brandon offers to take Sami out. Brenda, the nurse from hell, tells Sami that she has forty-five minutes. Brandon says they will be back, but Sami tells Brandon to speak for himself, she's NOT coming back. Brandon tells her that Lucas won't play by the rules, so she shouldn't either. Sami says she promised Austin she wouldn't play dirty. Brandon tells Sami that if she wants to get her son back, then she has to kiss Austin goodbye.

Brandon takes Sami out to Salem Place for lunch, and when a guy bumps into Sami, Brandon tells the guy to watch it. Sami tells Brandon it is okay, but Brandon says when he is with her, he will protect her. Sami says she knows why all the kids love him, and she wishes she could work in his department. Brandon says he'll tell her if there is an opening. Sami dreads going back to work, but she says she needs to prove she can provide for Will. Brandon tells Sami that if she thinks she's going to get custody of Will by doing the right thing, then she is wrong.

In the park, Eric and Greta are having a picnic of sorts, coffee and eclairs. Eric tells her that she is the best thing that has ever happened to her, which makes her uneasy. He tells her that is not a bad things. Greta says she imagined him saying those exact things to Nicole. Eric says Nicole is the worst thing that has ever happened to him, and says who cares about Nicole. Greta cares and wonders why she is being so nice to her. Eric says Nicole is trying to make her marriage work, and she just wants him to be happy. Eric tells Greta that he is happy, when he is with her.

Shawn shows up at school, and Belle is happy to see him. The principal scolds Belle and Shawn for being in the hall after the first bell has rung. Shawn says they were trying to get to class, but it is hard considering they are stuck talking to him. Belle tells Shawn that he's going to get them detention! The principal tells them to get to class, but he'll talk to Shawn later in his office. Belle thanks Shawn and tells him never to talk for her again!

Marlena and John are shopping for Hope and the baby in Salem Place. John gives Marlena kiss and tells her that he loves her just for being her. Marlena thanks him, but wants to talk about what happened to him on the plane, both times. John doesn't want to think about it, but Marlena tells him he can't deny that he became someone he once was, and she has something to say about it. She tells him that what he did that day he did out of love because he was compelled to keep his family safe. John says she is safe, and they should leave it at that. Marlena says she can't because she doesn't know if it will happen again. John says it won't, but Marlena tells him that it has. John says he only got jumpy from the turbulence on the way back home, but Marlena knows it was more. John says that he's not a murderer, it's not like he'll freak out in a movie theater and threaten to kill someone over popcorn. John starts laughing, but realizes that Marlena really is scared. Marlena says she's not scared of him, she's scared for him. John says who he was in the past doesn't matter, because he is not that man today.

Bo and Hope go for a walk on the pier, and the baby continues to kick. Hope asks Bo to feel the baby, and Bo pulls away from her. Hope asks Bo what is wrong, and then has an idea as to why he is so distant from the baby. Hope tells Bo that he doesn't know what to expect from this baby, he missed all of her morning sickness spells. Hope tells him that this is his baby too, and they were bonded from the moment it was conceived. Hope tells him that he can talk and sing to the baby, because the baby will recognize his daddy's voice.

At the pub, Shawn, Caroline, and Julie are waiting for Bo and Hope to arrive, while Alice and Doug are running some errand. Shawn and Belle show up outside the pub, and Belle apologizes to Shawn for blowing up at him earlier. They go into the pub, and Marlena and John show up soon after them. When Bo and Hope head toward the pub, everyone pretends to act natural, and then surprise Hope. Grandpa Shawn jokes with Hope and tells her she's put some meat on her bones. Hope breaks the news that she is pregnant. Caroline asks "How can that be?" Grandpa Shawn asks when? Hope says not long, she's not sure, she wishes she could tell them. Everyone welcomes Hope back, and Hope tells them that she understands everyone has been stressed this past year, but she can't remember it, which shocks them. Doug and Alice show up with the Horton baby crib. Hope shows Shawn the crib, which was his, his mom's, and his grandmother's. Hope thanks everyone for everything they did for her and says she wouldn't be here if it wasn't for each and every one of them. Greta and Eric show up, and Hope tells Greta that it means a lot to her that she is here. Hope tells Greta that her mother did have good in her, and she hopes she remembers that when she stays here to begin building her own family. Hope says she is the luckiest woman on earth because she's loved three men, Bo, Shawn, and her dad. Hope tells her dad that everything she is is because of her. When Hope starts crying, Grandpa Shawn says this is a party and not one for tears. Hope hugs Alice, who gets kicked by the baby. Bo talks to Marlena and John and he tells them that he doesn't like this secret hanging over their heads when they are trying to start their lives together. Marlena tells Bo that to tell Hope sooner is better than later. Bo tells her that he doesn't need advice right now. In private, Marlena tells John that she thinks Bo should tell Hope the truth because Stefano is coming back to town, and he could be the father. However, she wonders if Stefano would protect the child by not claiming it as his own, because if he did, it could ruin his life as well as others.


March 30
Note: Because it is very late, I'm tired, and have yet to eat dinner, I haven't proofed this summary!
At Rex's office, Nicole asks Rex if his services are worth his fifty percent commission? Rex says she will quadruple her investment, but Nicole doesn't think he can promise that type of return. Rex tells her that he can, and she won't be disappointed if she puts her trust in him. Rex tells Nicole that he's very excited about what they can do together. Nicole asks Rex if she is married? Because she is, extremely married. Rex says that didn't stop her from coming to see him, but she says she came to see him to make money, lots of it. Rex says that money can't satisfy all her needs. Nicole wonders what he knows about her? Rex says he knows a lot about her by the way she uses her body, and he knows she's going to be a challenge, which he likes! He says he rarely mixes business with pleasure, but he'll make an exception for her. Nicole tells Rex that they must have gotten their signals crossed, she would never cheat on her husband and she hopes he understands. Rex says he does, and asks Nicole how much she wants to invest? Nicole says she'll start with 250,000. Rex tells her not to waste his time, his entry fee is one million dollars. Nicole says that is a lot of money, but Rex says it takes a lot more than that to write your own ticket. Rex tells her that he can do a lot with one million, and even more with more money, it is up to her. Nicole says she is in, and maybe when he makes her richer than Kate Roberts, she will consider his other offer. She also tells him that he better show her a fast return on her one million. Rex says he will make her a multimillion heir many times over. Nicole asks who she makes the check out to? Rex tells her to make it out to the Noc company. Rex asks her if she's feeling a little nervous, lightheaded, weak at the knees? Nicole asks how he knows? Rex says investing money is like getting into a bed with a new lover, you don't know what to expect, but it is exciting. He also tells Nicole to just ask if she wants to take him up on his other offer. Rex ends up locking the door and starts to put the moves on Nicole. He tells her that he loves her body and calls her a sweet little baby. Nicole becomes dizzy as she hears a man telling her "She's a sweet little baby, so sweet." She ends up grabbing a book end and clobbers Rex over the head! Rex falls to the ground, and Nicole exclaims "Oh my god I killed him!"

At Titan, Phillip shows up and plops his butt down on Marie's desk. She asks the young Mr. K. what he wants? Phillip says he came to see his mom and dad, and asks if they are in a good mood? Marie tells Phillip that he's in a good mood, she hasn't seen him this happy since he came back to Titan. In Kate's office, Victor is in a great mood and asks Kate how she is on this fine spring day? Kate wonders what put him in such a good mood? Victor says the fly is caught in his web! Kate realizes he is speaking about Nicole. Victor says that Nicole is at Rex's office as they speak! Victor says that Nicole's greed and selfishness are his ace in the hole. Kate hopes that he gets the five million back, because then maybe he will restore her signing privileges. Victor says they will see. Kate says she was in between a rock and hard place, and nothing will make her happier to see her back in the gutter with nothing where she belongs. Victor tells her not to get his hopes up, Nicole will be clinging to Lucas even more afterwards. Kate doesn't want to see Nicole leading Lucas around by his . . . nose. Victor tells her not to worry, when the time is right he will eliminate Nicole from their lives. This bothers Kate, who stops giving Victor a massage. Kate tells Victor when he talks that way, it reminds him of what a dangerous man he can be. Phillip walks in at this point and asks what she means Dad is dangerous? Victor tells Phillip that when he gets a little older he'll learn that grown-ups have a secret language of their own. Kate says she meant she didn't know a more romantically dangerous man because he was discussing the plans for their honeymoon. Kate asks Phillip what they can do for him? Phillip has brought his work progress report, the actual cash value he would be earning if he was being paid, and he had Henderson rate his performance. Victor hopes he doesn't expect to be paid the amount at the bottom of the column on his spreadsheet. Phillip says no, but he could use a two hundred bucks to update his CD collection. Victor can't believe he needs that much money for CD's. Phillip says CD's are expensive, but he knows he's not yet worthy of the money, and he was just kidding. Phillip says he has to get back to work, and leaves. After he leaves, Phillip says "It is just a matter of time, damn I'm adorable!" Back in Kate's office, Kate says they have an adorable son! She asks Victor what this company he set up for Nicole is? He says it is the Noc Company, con spelled backwards.

In Salem Place, Sami refuses to give up on Austin because she loves him, and with each year that passes she loves him even more. Brandon thinks she only has a crush on Austin, a teenage one. He says there is no grown-up passions between them, and he bets she's never had grown-up passions with anyone. Sami says her feelings for Austin are above that animal lust, but Brandon sees nothing wrong with lust. Sami tells him that she wants a good man, an honorable man, a trustworthy man, and Austin is that type of man. Brandon points out that it is hard to make love to a saint because the halo always gets in the way. Sami says that Austin is more than a man than he is, but Brandon says she doesn't know him. Sami says that isn't her fault, and she asks what in the hell dumping Austin has to do with getting Will back? Brandon tells her that she can't win custody by playing fair and square, and Austin always plays fair. He also tells her that courts don't give the mother preference anymore, they give preference to the person with the most money who can provide for the child the best. Brandon tells Sami that if she loves Will then she needs to fight dirty to get custody of him, because that's what Lucas did. Sami asks if he is saying Lucas married Nicole to get custody of Will? Has she been right all along? Sami asks Brandon if he has proof of this, did Nicole tell him why she married Lucas? Brandon says he's not going up against his sister. He tells Sami that he is just concerned for her right now, he sees how Austin lectures her and tells her how to act. He says that AUstin doesn't see the real Sami, who is kick ass and gung ho, he wants some goody- tushues Sami he can hold hands with, and since her sister dumped him, he has to settle for her. An outrages Sami slaps Brandon! Sami asks Brandon how he could say that, she thought he was her friend. Brandon says he is, but he had to get through to her somehow because she seems to think she is worthless. He thinks it is sad that she tries to make herself something she's not for Austin when the real her is beautiful and precious. He tells Sami to be strong, powerful, and fight for what is hers. He says if she doesn't fight, she might lose her son to Lucas forever. Brandon gets a call, and tells Sami that he'll meet her in the car because their lunch break is over. Sami leaves, and Brandon talks to Benny. He tells him not to worry, the whole world will know what kind of man Abe Carver really is.

Abe and Lexie have brought Stefano home to the DiMera Mansion. While Lexie helps Stefano inside, Abe stays outside and talks with Roman on the phone. All the maids are crying, and the head maid Iliana tells Mr. DiMera that she was so worried about him. Stefano thanks her and tells her not to stand around crying, this is a happy occasion. Lexie asks Iliana to bring them some tea, so she leaves to make it. Stefano thanks LExie for accompanying him home. Lexie says she wanted to keep an eye on him, and now that he is home and safe she will worry less. Stefano tells her that almost dying in that fire has brought him closer to her. When Stefano gets up and starts walking, Lexie tells him to sit down because he doesn't need to recover in one day. Stefano says he is fine, and very few people seem powerful in a wheelchair. Lexie helps Stefano to a chair and pours him some tea. Stefano comments that it is nice to see her taking over as woman of the house. Lexie says she lives with her husband, but Stefano tells her that this will always be her home. When Lexie comments that she and Abe's marriage is under a little stress, Stefano tells her that he hates to see her unhappy, and he refuses to give up their relationship for him or anyone for that matter. Lexie tells him that nobody can pin any crimes on him, including Abe, and he is a hero after what he did for Hope. Stefano wonders how people in Salem will react to him being a hero. Lexie says she is proud enough for all of Salem. Stefano walks Lexie to the door, and she tells him to get some rest. They kiss one another goodbye and say "choi!" After Lexie leaves, Stefano tells Rolfe that he can come out now. Rolfe comes out and tells Stefano that he is glad to see him. Stefano begins to choke Rolfe and says he doubts that very much. Stefano releases Rolfe and tells him that he knows he was observing him, and asks if he enjoyed himself while he was gone? Rolfe says he was far too worried to enjoy himself. Stefano asks if he never thought about taking over his empire? Did he have fun playing while he was away? Rolfe asks what he means? Stefano tells John that he knows everything he has done, he knows about him rigging John's plane, placing the bomb in the coffin, and causing the plane to crash! He says even when he was at death's door he knew who masterminded this plan, but he doesn't know why. Stefano asks Rolfe what he hoped to gain? Rolfe explains why he did it. Stefano can't believe him because he knew John was remembering by asking him one little question. He wonders if John remembers making love to Hope. Rolfe says who cares about that, what if he remembers the crimes he did for him, and turns him in? Stefano says John hasn't yet, and it has something to do with what is on his mind. He tells Rolfe that he is thinking of using it to his advantage and rebuilding his empire. Rolfe asks him why? Stefano says he has a daughter to think about, and soon he may have another child, perhaps even a son!

Lexie and Abe drive home. Lexie tells Abe that she wishes he would have come in for a few minutes, but she tells him to forget it, she knows she can't force them to act civil. Abe says he'll never break bread with that criminal. She asks Abe what he was doing while she was inside? Abe says he was on the phone. Lexie asks if he was trying to find more evidence to put her father in jail with? Abe tells Lexie that if he can find the evidence he will put Stefano in jail, he is a police officer first and foremost. Lexie tells him that he's proven that over the last few weeks with the entire Brandon thing. Abe asks Lexie what she wants from him? Lexie cries that she's been trying very hard to put her marriage first. She tells Abe she doesn't want him to change his mind or feelings, but she does want him to put them first. Suddenly, a kid runs out in front of Abe's car, and Abe hits the breaks. Lexie checks the kid out, and he is fine. However, Abe is shaken by the entire incident and remembers shooting Larry. Lexie asks Abe what is wrong? Abe asks Lexie to hold him.


March 31
In Rex's office, Rex starts coming onto Nicole really strong, telling her how she is a sweet little baby. Nicole hears her father saying the exact same thing, and she freaks out. She grabs a heavy paper weight off Rex's desk and knocks him over the head with it. Rex falls to the floor, and Nicole exclaims "I've killed him!" Rex's secretary shows up to give Rex a fax, and when she sees him on the floor, she begins to scream. She rushes to the phone to call the police, but Nicole tells her no! Rex gets up, and has a bloody gash on the side of his head. She offers to call for an ambulance, but he says it isn't necessary because he just slipped and hit his head. He asks her for some asprins and an ice pack, so she leaves to get them. After she leaves, Rex asks Nicole what in the hell that was all about? Nicole says that things got fuzzy and she thought she had to defend herself, but Rex asks from what? Rex's secretary returns with some asprins and an ice pack for Rex. She then leaves to do some work. Nicole offers to help him, but he says she's done enough. Rex tells Nicole that she's nuts, gives her her check back, and tells her to get some help! Nicole realizes she is in trouble, so she offers to kiss his boo-boo for him. Rex tells her to stay away from him, he doesn't understand her, she is like that woman in fatal attraction. He says he doesn't need any dead animals in his life, that wasn't part of the deal. Nicole asks him what deal he is talking about? Rex says he was speaking about their deal. Nicole asks if their deal is still on, but Rex doesn't know because his head is still throbbing. Nicole decides to try and make him feel better, and to do that requires her taking off her clothes! She asks what he thinks about her "projections?" Rex says they are nice, but not worth risking his life for if she goes all weird on him again. She tells him to frisk her and he'll see she's defenseless. Suddenly, Rex and Nicole start to kiss one another.

Sami shows up at Eric's place, and when he opens the door, she tells him she's so happy to see him. Eric invites her in, and he asks her what is wrong? Sami tells him that her entire life is going down the tubes and there is nothing she can do to stop it. Sami explains everything to Eric about how Victor has kicked her out, and she is out in the cold and had to take a horrid job just to afford some scuzzy studio apartment. She also says that Mickey feels that she doesn't have a chance of getting custody of Will. When Sami says that Austin thinks she should consider joint custody again, Eric says maybe she should. Sami says hell will freeze over before she lets Will be raised by that looser and his evil wife. Eric tells Sami there is still a chance she can get sole custody of Will, but Sami says everyone says that won't happen, and she won't settle for joint custody. Eric asks if anything is wrong between her and Austin? Sami says no, but Austin is such a moral person. Eric tells her that she says that like it is a bad thing. Sami tells Eric that she's not in the mood for a sermon, she has to focus on protecting her son right now, and she doesn't know how she's going to do that. Eric says he will do whatever he can to help her. He offers her a place to stay, but she doesn't want to cramp his style. Eric tells her that he really does want to help her out, so she accepts his offer. Sami says this opens up a lot of possibilities, and when Eric asks like what, she says "never mind." Eric goes to make some coffee, and Sami tells herself that Eric will help her more than he knows. Later, Sami asks Eric for one more tiny favor. Eric asks what that would be? Sami asks him to fall in love with Nicole again!

Austin meets up with Phillip at Dot.Com, and Austin tells him that he's decided to go back to working at Titan. Phillip asks Austin what he's doing here? Austin says Sami had a bad day at work, and he wanted to get her something to cheer her up. Austin goes over to look at some books and ends up walking into Greta because he has his nose in a book. Austin apologizes and helps her pick up the books she was carrying. Austin notices she has some "inspirational" books, and Greta says she's still trying to make sense out of her mother's death. Austin asks Greta to have a seat, so she does. Phillip says hello to Greta, and then excuses himself to check his email. Austin talks with Greta about Sami and how great she is. Greta doesn't know much about Sami, but thinks she is probably just like Eric. Austin asks her how things are going with her and Eric, they are still dating right? Greta says yes, but she's not sure if she'd call it dating. She says that she and Eric have been through some intense events, and nothing in her life has been as simple as others have had it. Austin tells her that is something they have in common. Austin tells Greta that his entire life has been complicated, and he gives her the abbreviated version of his life's story. They soon start talking about dating, and Austin jokes that they could write a book together, "Never too late to date." Greta doesn't know about that because she has very little experience in the realm of dating. Greta tells Austin that Eric is always being flirted with, and she doesn't know how to handle it. However, she thinks Austin is probably used to things like that, seeing he is such a babe-magnet. Austin has never thought of himself as a babe-magnet. Austin tells Greta that she is a hottie too, and he's sure Eric tells her that all the time. Greta says that he does, but she has a hard time believing it. Greta says she knows she is okay, but when she thinks beautiful, she thinks of Nicole. Austin asks why they are talking about Nicole? Greta admits that she thinks they are the ones who belong together, and she thinks Nicole still loves Eric. Austin says Nicole is no longer in love with Eric, she is just being insecure. Greta asks him how he knows? Austin says he's gotten to know Nicole better, and he feels Nicole is just as insecure as she is, because of some of the things that happened to her in her past. Austin tells Greta that he believes something happened to Nicole in her past that is eating away at her, and he doesn't think Nicole will do anything to jeopardize her marriage. Greta hopes he is right, because she'd likes to think the best about people. Greta says she feels much better about things with her and Eric, and says goodbye to Austin.

John and Marlena and Bo and Hope go out to Tuscany for dinner. They run into Maggie and think she and Mickey have reservations, so they ask if they can sit with them because they don't have any. Maggie tells them that she isn't here to dine, she bought the restaurant and is working! Maggie shows them to a table, and Hope begins asking about what happened this past year when she was Gina, what did she do? John tells Hope that Vivian left town with Ivan, and Bo tells her that Ivan won the lottery, 40 million dollars. Hope says that is nice, but she wants to know what she did while she was Princess Gina? Everyone falls silent, and she asks why no one wants to talk about her past? She asks if she did something terrible? Marlena tells her no, but she thinks she needs time to heal both physically and emotionally first. John tells Hope to listen to Marlena because she only has her well being at heart. Hope thanks them for their concern, but she can't shake this feeling that something awful happened while she was under Stefano's influence. Bo tells her not to think the worst, but Hope can see it in their eyes that something happened, and she wants to know what that is. Maggie shows up just in time with drinks and deserts, but Hope refuses to eat because she's too upset and worried. She begs them all to tell her the truth. Bo tells her they will tell her, but now isn't the time, she needs more time to recover. He promises to tell her everything when the time is right. Hope asks when exactly will that be? Hope agrees, but wants to ask John a question. She asks John if he can honestly forget what happened when he was under Stefano's control? If someone he knew had the answers, would he really mind being in the dark? John tells Hope that she is right, he knows what it is like to want to know what he might have done. John says he and Marlena struggled with that for some time, but they decided to forget the past and concentrate on the present and the future. Hope says he makes it sound so simple, but John says it isn't simple. John says he has to accept that he is not the man he once was, and he tells Hope to forget about DiMera and just concentrate on Bo right now. He tells her that MArlena's love saved him, and Bo's can save her if she lets it. Hope agrees to back off, for tonight, and concentrate being with Bo, the man she loves and the father of their children. Marlena and John take to the dance floor, and John hopes Hope and Bo will be able to deal with the truth. BAck at the table, Hope tells Bo that she really does need to know what happened. Bo tells her that he will tell her when the time is right, and he gives her a kiss. Breathe by Faith Hill begins to play, so Bo and Hope dance to it. Marlena tells John that Hope seems to be glowing, and they are both so in love. John wishes Bo didn't have to tell Hope the truth, he wishes they could marry and love that baby as their own. Marlena says it is a nice dream, but not a reality. John asks Marlena to promise him that she'll never stop loving him. Marlena says she already did the day she married him. John says that she did, and he's going to hold her to it. Hope feels the baby kicking again, so she makes Bo feel it. Bo is once again reluctant, and Hope senses it. She asks Bo what is wrong, the last time he was pregnant he couldn't keep his hands off of her, but this time she senses he's not happy about this baby. She asks him why that is?

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