March 2000 Week 4


March 20
At Tuscany, Mickey tells Sami that the report from the social worker says it all, Will is thriving in his environment. Sami says that is because she and Austin are there with him. Mickey points out that is because Lucas is letting them live there, another thing in his favor as the court will see him as being very generous. Sami is appalled, and Austin asks what the bottom leg is? Mickey says that Sami doesn't have a leg to stand on, she is out gunned. He says that her only hope is to find evidence that Lucas is an unfit father. Sami knows there is evidence and says she will hire an army of detectives if need be. Austin tells her no way and asks her to drop this plan. He tells her that she can't investigate Will's father, how would that look? She says she doesn't care, how does he think it made her feel watching Lucas steal her son from death row. Austin tells Sami that Lucas is still Will's father, and joint custody would have been the way to go. Sami tells them that they seem to think she should give Will up to Saint Lucas the wonder dad! Austin tells Sami that she has to face the facts, Lucas is Will's father and she can't manipulate people or rewrite things the ways she wants them to be. He tells her to deal with what she has right now and work with Lucas to deal with Will's best interest. Sami says that it is not in Will's best interest to allow Will to be raised without his mother, he will think she abandoned him. Maggie says one of them has to give in, but Sami says she was raised without her mother and she'll be damned if she lets her son go through that kind of hell. Austin tells Sami to calm down, but she refuses and walks out. Austin apologizes to Mickey and Maggie, but Mickey says they tried. Austin goes after Sami and tells her that he has something important to show her. Maggie feels sorry for Sami, and Mickey says that Sami has always been her own worst enemy, should could have had joint custody, and now she's going to end up with nothing. Later, Maggie talks with Mickey about the type of restaurant she wants to run. Mickey tells Maggie that she should buy Tuscany!

Lucas shows Nicole the report the social worker wrote up on Will. The social worker indicates that Will is thriving in his current environment. Lucas says that they will have Will all to themselves, and Sami will be out in the cold. He talks about how soon they will be moving into their mansion, and Sami will be moving into some run down apartment. When he comments that if Sami doesn't improve her living conditions, he may not let her see Will. This news seems to trouble Nicole, especially when Lucas says that way Will will think of her as his mother. When he says that they can start working on giving Will some brothers and sisters, Nicole shouts out loud "No Way!" Nicole realizes her mistake, and tells Lucas that it wouldn't be fair to Will to have more children when things aren't settled with Will yet. Lucas thinks she is being very unselfish. Nicole still thinks they should give custody to Sami, but Lucas tells her that she's never had a child so she wouldn't know what it is like not to want to give up that child, but she will soon when they have one of their own. Lucas says he's starving and suggests they go down to dinner. Nicole says she wants to change her earrings, so she'll catch up. Lucas leaves, and Nicole tells herself that there is no way Lucas is going to turn her into a baby making machine. She then says if it was Eric's baby, things would be different. She tells herself that she has to figure out a way to get Sami her brat so she can help her get Eric back.

Kate and Victor are getting ready for an elegant dinner at the mansion. Kate tells Victor that it is so great to have him home, and it is almost like the past few years never happened. Victor says they happened, but now he wants to look towards the future, which includes getting his five million dollars back from Nicole. He asks Kate if she has any questions before they begin playing the game? Kate says she has no questions, and is impressed with his plan. Victor says he's counting on Nicole's greed to cause her to fall into his trap. When Kate says that Nicole is no match for him because she's a low life tramp, Victor tells her that she couldn't me more wrong. Victor tells Kate that Nicole is a natural at playing these games, and she plays them very well. Still, Kate thinks she's just a little tramp. Victor wonders why because she comes from good stock, at least on her mother's side. Victor says Fay was a hard worker and had a lot of dignity, she really impressed her. Kate says it is too bad that dignity didn't rub off on Nicole. Victor discusses his plan with Kate, which includes steering Nicole into investing her money back into Titan somehow.

Later, Nicole and Lucas come downstairs to the dining room, and Henderson signals to Victor that they are right outside. Victor tells Kate that it is important that they tell no one the real reason Rex is coming to dinner tonight because Rex entrusted him with information on a new deal which will make him a lot of money, and he doesn't want to ruin their relationship. Lucas and Nicole listen in, and Nicole is intrigued. Victor tells Kate that the more people who know about this, the less money there is for them to make! Lucas and Nicole go into the dining room, and Lucas asks Victor what he was talking about, would they care to share their information on this wonderful investment? Kate tells Lucas that he shouldn't have been eavesdropping, and Victor says he should have thrown the whole lot of them out months ago. Lucas says the cat is out of the bag now, so what is this great money making tip? Victor tells Lucas that this is to be kept confidential, and he's not going to jeopardize his relationship with Rex Rollins so he can play with the big boys. Victor tells him to drop it, but Kate says Lucas should be involved in this. Nicole silently decides to make her own killing in this deal since she won't be a part of this family for much longer. Victor thinks Nicole must be bored with this business talk, but Nicole claims she is fascinated and tells them to keep on talking. Victor hopes that Rex hasn't let anyone else in on this deal, and Nicole asks why? Victor tells her that the key to making money is to buy the stocks before others do. Kate tells Victor not to worry, Rex has always been trustworthy. Victor says yes, except for his one weakness. When Lucas asks what it is, Victor says that Rex has been known to reveal information to beautiful women. After the dinner, both Kate and Victor believe that Nicole has fallen head first into their trap. Kate tells Victor that she has learned her lesson about giving away money and won't make that mistake in the future. Victor tells her that he's already dealt with that, he's removed the temptation by removing her signing privileges at Titan! Kate is shocked and walks out of the room.

Lucas goes to read Will a story, and promises Nicole that he won't be long. She tells him to take his time. After he leaves, Nicole calls the operator to get Rex Rollins number and address.

At the castle in France, Hope has regained conscious and sees that the place is on fire. She tells Stefano that they have to get out of here, but he is out cold. Hope runs to the door and bangs on it screaming for help, but nobody is there to help them. She looks out the window and sees that the cars are gone, and she screams for Bo to come back. Hope believes it is all over, and as the flames rise higher, she cries. She crawls over to Stefano and tries to wake him up, but he is unresponsive. He finally comes too and tells Hope to save herself. Hope says she will save both of them. She cover's Stefano's face with a wet towel, and prays to God to let them live. Hope eventually passes out, but before doing so she says she will see her family again in heaven one day.

In the cars, Alice notices that there is a fire going in the castle. Bo wonders who could have started the fire if Kurt is gone, and suddenly realizes it is Hope. Bo stops his car and turns around, so John follows him. They arrive at the castle, and John says they searched the top floor. Bo says they never went up to the turret. Doug calls for help as Bo, John, Eric, and Shawn break into the castle. Belle worries about Shawn because the fire is out of control, and Greta worries about Eric. Greta feels guilty because it is her fault Eric came on this trip, but Marlena says Eric has no regrets about anything he does. Alice says that she has faith everything will work out, and Marlena says that faith will carry them through.

Bo and Shawn begin searching one side of the chateau and John and Eric take the other. Shawn remembers earlier that Belle swore she saw the bookcase move, so he tells his dad about it. They start pushing on the bookcase, but it isn't moving. They decide to move the books, and Bo finds the trigger which opens the passage. Bo and Shawn climb the turret and show up at the door, but it is locked. Bo tells Shawn to find something to bust this door down with! Inside the turret, Hope hears Bo and Shawn calling to her and she thinks it is a dream. She wakes up and calls back to them, and they hear her! Bo tells her that they will get her out of there. Shawn finds the keys hanging on the wall, but there are a lot of them on the key ring, so it takes them some time to open the door. They finally get it open, and get to Hope.

Meanwhile, John has a memory of a secret passage in the walls, so they start searching the panels. John manages to find the switch, so they enter the passage. Eric runs ahead of John, and a beam falls on him and knocks him out. John rescues Eric and carries him outside. He apologizes to Hope for the delay. Greta panics when she sees Eric, but Lily tells her not to look because he has a bad head wound. John runs back into the castle, despite Marlena begging him not to. Eric comes too, and Doug and Julie notice that the entire castle is going up in flames. Julie wonders where in the hell the fire department is.

Back inside, John encounters Bo, who has Hope in his arms, and Shawn in the staircase. John says they need to get out of here, but Hope says someone else is up there. John tells Bo to get Hope out and he'll go up for whoever it is. John goes up to the turret and finally sees Stefano on the floor. However, he is shocked when he realizes it is Stefano!

Back outside, Bo and Shawn come out of the castle, and everyone is relieved to see that he has Hope in his arms.


March 21
At the mansion, Nicole goes into the living room and tells Lucas that there is a movie on pay-per-view she has been dying to see, but Lucas says he can't watch it with her because he has to read to Will. Suddenly, Will runs into the room shouting "Daddy Daddy Daddy!" He's got a backpack with him and says he has surprises inside. Lucas and Will decide to have some cookies and milk, so Nicole leaves. She pours herself a drink and says "That damn kid!" Victor hears her and says that is a warm way to refer to her stepson. Nicole says she was just venting because she was looking forward to spending time with Lucas. Victor tells Nicole that he doesn't buy it. Nicole asks Victor if he enjoys embarrassing her and putting her down? She says she is trying to fit in here, but she is not as worldly and sophisticated as he and Lucas are. Victor tells her that she sees right through her and knows when he's being kissed up to. He says that anyone can look through her baby blue bedroom eyes and see there is nothing but pure evil in there. Nicole can't believe he would say that about her and tells her that he knows nothing about her childhood. Victor tells Nicole that the next thing she'll be saying is she needs someone like him to save her and teach her to be good, and then asks what her next tactic will be? Nicole says she won't bother, nothing she says will convince him that she is nothing but . . Victor says "A guttersnipe? A two bit gold digging tramp? I can't argue with that." He tells Nicole that it is obvious she doesn't know what love is. Nicole says that she loves Lucas very much, but VIctor says she didn't marry Lucas for love, she married him for money. Nicole says she has her own money, but Victor says whatever she has managed to save isn't enough to support the life she's grown accustomed to. Nicole tells Victor that he may think he has her figured out, but he doesn't. However, she knows men like him, they desire her and will give her whatever she wants! Victor tells Nicole that he doesn't know who these other men are, but he doesn't want her because he doesn't respect her. Nicole tells Victor that someday he will respect her, and then he'll be forced to admit he wants her. She smiles and tells him who knows, when that day comes he might get lucky. Nicole walks off and thinks she turned that situation around, and soon he'll have that bastard eating out of her hand. She tells herself that her dad was right, all she needs is a beautiful face and a great body, men are so transparent and easy. Meanwhile, Victor calls Rex and tells him that soon Nicole will come to see him, and he wants him to convince her to make small investments at first, and later bigger ones. Victor says before she knows it, that five million will be back in Titan's account!

Austin and Sami show up outside the main house and look in and see Will with Lucas. Austin tells Sami that this is Lucas' bedtime ritual with Will, he's seen it every night since he moved into the main house. Sami thinks they are here to spy on Lucas to get the evidence she needs to get custody of Will. Austin tells her that he brought her here to see what a loving and devoted father Lucas is. Austin tells Sami that the first thing Lucas and Will do every night is have milk and cookies, then he asks him what he did at school that day, and finally they look to see what he has in his backpack. Will gives Lucas a picture he did for his dad, and then shows him one he did for his mom. Lucas tells Will how much his mom loves him and will treasure his pictures. WIll tells Lucas that he loves his mommy and daddy. Austin tells Sami to think about what would happen if she and Lucas were locked in a bitter custody battle. Sami has a vision of Lucas planning Will's party, and him telling her that she is not invited. In her fantasy, Sami and Lucas really go at it, and they wake Will up. Sami tells Will to come to mommy, but Will says he wants to stay with daddy, and runs to Lucas. Sami tells Austin that she doesn't want to hurt Will. They continue to watch as Lucas reads Treasure Island to Will. Lucas starts tickling Will, but Sami thinks he is hurting Will and says they have to get in there and stop him. Austin grabs Sami and says that Lucas is just playing with Will, he rough houses with Will all the time and he loves it. After the story, Will wants to play airplane. Suddenly, the show is interrupted for important breaking news, an accident on the beltway! Very important stuff! When the show comes back, Sami tells Austin that Lucas is still a drunk and is a danger to Will. Austin tells Sami that Lucas loves Will and is not a danger to him, and as far as changing goes, nobody believes she could change and they were wrong, or were they? Sami tells Austin that she has changed and he knows it, but she can't just give up Will. Austin tells her that what is best for Will is what is important. Sami tells Austin that he just doesn't know what it is like to give up a child. Austin tells her to come up with a better excuse because he had to give Will up when he learned she lied about his paternity.

In France, Bo and Shawn come out of the castle, Bo is carrying Hope in his arms. Marlena examines Hope and says she's not breathing, so Bo gives her mouth to mouth. Hope coughs and begins breathing again. She hugs Bo, and suddenly the castle begins to fall down. MArlena worries about John, who is still inside. Marlena asks Shawn if he saw John inside? Shawn says he did, and that John went to save someone else who was in the turret with her. Marlena asks who, but Shawn says he doesn't know. Shawn says he'll go back for John, but Doug refuses to let him go and insists on going instead. Doug goes inside in search or John. Unfortunately, Shawn follows him, so they both end up searching for John. However, SHawn ends up getting lost in the smoke. Back outside, Hope is shocked to see everyone here with her. Alice tells her that they all came to find her. Hope tells them that she loves them all so much. Bo tells Hope that he knows Stefano locked her up in there and he will pay for it. Hope tries to tell Bo about Stefano, and then asks for Shawn D. Julie tells him that Shawn D is with Stefano. Doug ends up coming back out of the castle, and he says that John is still inside and he lost Shawn D.

In the turret, John laughs when he sees Stefano lying helpless on the ground. Stefano comes to and asks if Hope is safe? John says they got her out. Stefano asks John if he's going to save him? John asks why should he, he created this hell, and now he's going to burn in it. Stefano says he learned his lack of mercy from him, and now he is his mortal enemy. John says he always has been his enemy. Stefano asks John if he's sure about that? John remembers celebrating in the dungeon with Stefano after acquiring his Rennets. Stefano knows John is remembering his past. In the memory, Stefano told John that he is more than a soldier to him, he is like a son to him. John tells Stefano that he remembers all the hell he's put him and his friends through, and for that he deserves to die. The castle starts to come down, and Stefano says so be it, he's lived an exciting life, his only regret is that he will never see his children again, not Peter, Benji (he remembered!), Little Elvis, or Lexie. He says he thanks Lexie for accepting her as his father, and asks John to tell her that he loves her. John says he'll tell her that she's better off without him! Suddenly, the roof comes down, and Stefano sees that it is heading right for him.

John saves DiMera, and he and Shawn get him outside. Bo can't believe John risked his life for DiMera, but John says he has questions and he has the answers. Suddenly the castle blows sky high. Alice thanks God and Tom for looking over everyone today, and then goes someplace quiet to say a prayer of thanks. Meanwhile, Greta tells Eric that she is positive that her mother brought them back here to help them find Hope. Greta says that is what her mother was trying to tell her before she died. Eric says her mom told her something else, and asks if she wants to tell her now? Greta remembers when her mom told her who her father was. Greta tells Eric the time is not right to tell him now, but she will tell him when the time is right. Stefano is taken to the hospital, and John asks to have him closely guarded. Lily learns that the castle is beyond hope and all they can do is let it burn. She is furious with John for not letting her take her painting because now his evidence is gone. John says lives are more important, and he has all the evidence he needs because he's sure Hope will remember everything. Meanwhile, Marlena examines Hope as she is being loaded into the ambulance. She notices that Hope's abdomen is distended, but thinks it is from malnutrition. Suddenly, Hope blurts out that she is going to have his baby. Bo says that's not possible!


March 22
At the French hospital, the police assure John and Marlena that Stefano is well guarded and won't escape. John decides to check on DiMera's condition. Marlena checks on Hope's condition and reports back to John, she is stable. John asks about the pregnancy, but Marlena says the nurses didn't say anything about it. Marlena tells John that Bo obviously isn't the father of Hope's child, so there is only one other explanation. John remembers the sub-sex and is about to open his mouth, but Marlena says perhaps that there is no baby, and Hope imagined it after seeing she was so bloated from malnutrition.

Shawn and Bo are in with Hope, who is stable. She wakes up and tells Bo that she was so afraid she was dreaming. He says he is here and won't leave her again. Hope asks where she is? Bo tells her that she is in a hospital in Paris and will be just fine. Hope is reunited with her son, and she's happy to be back with her family. Doug, Julie, and Alice come in to see Hope, and Doug gives her a big hug. The doctor returns with some test results, and he looks a little grim. Hope panics and asks if it is their baby? The doctor says that Hope's malnutrition is more serious than they thought, and there is no indication that the baby is in distress, but he needs to do more tests. Bo tells Hope that they will be right outside, so they leave. Shawn decides to go take care of something, and Bo tells Marlena and John that the woman in there is Hope, and she is pregnant. Marlena tells Bo that he said she and Hope hadn't been close physically. Bo says he's having a hard time dealing with her and another man. Marlena points out that she was living Gina's life, but Bo says that the last time he saw her she remembered everything and didn't tell him she had been with anyone else. Marlena suggests that she got pregnant sometime after he returned to Salem. Bo asks why she would think it was his baby, and Marlena says she has an answer to that question. Marlena suspects that finding out she was pregnant could have caused Hope to loose touch with reality, and believing it was his child could have helped her hang on. Bo says he needs to know who the father is, but Marlena says that if he questions her right now, she may shut down and repress everything. Bo goes back into see Hope, and Hope asks Bo what he meant when he said it wasn't possible that she was pregnant? Bo says that he just didn't expect to hear the news. Hope says she was shocked as well, but is happy now that she and the baby are safe. Hope asks Bo if he is happy to be a father again? Bo opens his mouth, but Hope interrupts him and says she know it is shocking, but her faith and love in her family got her through this. Suddenly, Shawn returns with flowers, chocolates, and a card for the baby. It says "To the newest Brady from your brother and your dad, we promised to love you just like we love your mom." He also bought the baby a dookee bear. Hope is positive that the baby will be as loving and kind as its brother and dad. Bo looks troubled, and Hope asks what is wrong? Bo says they have a lot to talk about. Hope says that she wants to know what has been happening, but part of her is glad she doesn't remember a thing that has occurred this past year. Bo is shocked to learn that she remembers nothing! Hope says the last thing she remembers is a car accident in Salem and lying in the snow, after that it is all a blank. She says she remembers being with Kurt for awhile, and thinking she was his wife. Bo asks if this was when they were in the castle? Hope says no, this was in a small fishing cottage. Hope tells him all about the cottage and what happened there. Shawn asks if Kurt hurt or threatened him? Hope says not while they were at the cottage, but when she tried to run away he locked her in the turret. She says she didn't remember the truth about who she was until she was locked up. Hope is exhausted, so Bo tells her to get some rest. Shawn decides to stay with his mom, and Bo leaves.

In Stefano's room, Stefano asks the nurse how Hope is? The nurse says she doesn't know, but she can check for him. She asks if they are close friends? Stefano remembers being seduced by Hope/Gina, and Stefano tells the nurse they have an interesting relationship. The nurse asks Stefano to tell her about his relationship with Hope Williams.

Doug runs into a nurse in the hall and learns where Stefano's room is. He sneaks into Stefano's room and confronts him. He calls him a sick bastard for what he's done to his daughter. Doug grabs Stefano's oxygen line and tells him if he doesn't get this oxygen, he will die and the Brady's and Hortons will finally be safe! He then squeezes the line which causes Stefano to choke. However, Doug can't go through with it, and says that he will get his revenge when Hope uses her memories to put him away for life! Doug leaves, and Stefano tells himself that Hope doesn't remember being Princess Gina, and she never will, so he will beat him again! Later, Stefano has an out of body experience.

Doug runs into Julie and she realizes something is wrong. Doug tells her about his visit to see Stefano, and how he almost killed him. Julie tells Doug to concentrate on Hope and her recovery now. She says they can go back to Salem and help her recover and prepare for this baby. Doug says the baby is the only good thing that has come out of this nightmare. Julie tells him to leave Stefano to the ISA, Hope must have enough evidence to put him away for life.

The nurse who was watching Stefano meets up with John to talk to him. She is really an undercover agent guarding him. The agent tells John that Stefano is very ill, he has slipped into a coma and she doubts he will survive through the day. Later, Bo tells John and Marlena that Hope doesn't remember anything of her time as Gina. Marlena says it has to be Stefano. Bo thinks Stefano whipped out her memory so Gina could go to Salem in her place, and he wishes John would have let Stefano die. Bo explains how Hope was rescued from a river, and John reminds her that Gina claims Hope jumped off the bridge. Bo refuses to believe she would have jumped and thinks she was pushed. He also has an idea as to who the father of Hope's baby is.

Eric finds Greta outside of Stefano's room. Greta tells Eric that Stefano is really sick, he has pneumonia and smoke inhalation. Eric thinks she sounds sorry for him, and says he can't look at him because of all the unforgivable things he did to his family and to hope. Greta tells Eric that she is also responsible for Hope's pain. Eric tells Greta that she was a victim in all of this as well, and he won't let her beat herself up over this. Eric suggests they go check on Hope, but Greta doesn't want to intrude. Eric suggests they get some breakfast instead, so they do. While buying breakfast, Eric sees a copy of Bella with Nicole on the cover. Greta sees it and can't believe she is still interfering in their lives. Eric is just surprised they are still using the picture, and then changes the subject and says that her picture should be on the cover of the magazine. They end up having chocolate crepes for breakfast, and later Lily shows up to have a word with Greta in private. They leave to talk, and Eric can't stop staring at Nicole's picture. He even imagines that he sees her in the bistro beckoning to him. Eric starts thinking about when he proposed to Nicole, and tells himself to get Nicole out of his head.

Meanwhile, Lily tells Greta goodbye, she's going to her beach house for some peace and quiet. Lily says she has to leave for the airport in a few minutes. Greta is shocked that she's going to fly again so soon. Lily says that is why she is knocking back the champagne at this hour. Lily tells Greta that before she can leave she must tell her something about her mother. Lily tells Great that Stefano was responsible for her mother going mad, but she must be sure that her mother's love for her was good and pure. She tells Greta not to feel guilty for keeping her mother's secret, they trusted a woman who they loved, but they betrayed them because of her decent into madness. She tells Greta to remember the happy times she spent with her mother, not the bad times. Lily tells Greta that she will miss her, but will always be here when she needs her. She wishes her well with Eric, and tells her to follow her heart.

Greta returns to Eric and asks him what he's thinking about, he looks a million miles away? Eric grabs Greta and passionately kisses her. Greta is shocked, and he apologizes and says he just feels so intensely about her. He asks her if she is okay with that? He takes her hand, but she doesn't look very happy.


March 23
At the Wesley's, Chloe can't stop thinking about Phillip and his friends. Nancy finds her sitting on the couch with her dog, which she was looking for. Nancy asks if she minds if she joins her? Chloe tells her that it is her house, but Nancy says it is her house too. Nancy asks Chloe if she wants to talk about anything? Chloe tells her mom there isn't a thing she wants to talk about. Nancy thinks Chloe is mooning over a boy, and tells her that boys aren't worth mooning over, and she should focus on her studies and her friends. Chloe says she has no friends, but Nancy says she knows she and Belle are friends. They talk about what it is like being a teenager, and Nancy tells her how she wanted to be like just like Miss Popular in high school. Nancy shows Chloe some photos of her as a teenager, and one of Miss Popular. However, Nancy says that today, Miss Popular is alone and broke. Nancy tells CHloe that the moral is she was a basket case in high school, but she grew up, discovered boys, and turned out okay. Nancy shows Chloe a picture of a life guard at her family's country club. Chloe thinks they were in love, but Nancy says she hated him. She says that Steve looked great, and he new it, which is why he only dated cheerleaders. However, he used to always send her mixed messages, even though he had no intention of dating her. Nancy tells CHloe that she wouldn't want to be a teen again, and that teen years are tough on everyone. However, the most important thing she learned in high school was that fear is no reason to do something. Chloe asks if she got over all over her fears, but Nancy says no. However, she says she tries not to give into her fears. Chloe asks how she does that? Nancy says that you just have to realize that everyone is afraid of something, even Phillip, Jan, and Jason. Nancy tells CHloe that she can alienate herself from everyone so she doesn't get hurt, or she can put herself out there and treat people the way they want to be treated. Nancy decides to turn in for the night, so she leaves Chloe to think. Later, Chloe tells sugar, Nancy's dog, that being a teenager does suck, and she can't stop being afraid. Worse yet, she doesn't know what she's afraid of.

In France at the hospital, Shawn wakes up in his mom's room, he fell asleep with her last night. Hope wakes up as well and is told she's moving to a regular room. Hope asks Shawn to get John for her because she needs to talk to him. In the hall, Bo tells Marlena and John that he thinks he knows who the baby's father is. John thinks about the sub-sex and worries. Bo tells Marlena that he's pretty sure that Kurt is the baby's father because he told Kurt that he was her husband, and he could have taken advantage of her. The doctor shows up and Marlena asks him how far along Hope is in her pregnancy? The doctor says he can't be precise, but he's guessing that she is in her last trimester. This shocks them all. Bo tells them that he doesn't want to tell Hope the truth about this until he knows who the real father of the baby is. Marlena says that if he's not the father, and Kurt isn't the father . . . . John becomes troubled by this line of talk. Shawn shows up and tells his dad that mom has been moved, and she wants to talk to John. John goes in to see Hope, who tells him there is something she has to tell him. Marlena, Bo, and Shawn are with him, and he tells Hope that whatever she has to say can wait. Hope says she has to tell him now, and he did the right thing. Hope thanks John for saving Stefano's life. Bo can't believe she would say that after the hell he put them through. Hope tells Bo that this baby inside her wouldn't be alive if it wasn't for the sacrifices he made. Hope explains everything she remembers about Kurt, and how he locked her up in the turret. She tells them that later, Gina showed up and locked Stefano in with her. She explains that it was Stefano who sent the SOS out with the radio, he did everything he could to get them rescued. Bo says Stefano just wanted to get out of there. However, Hope tells him that Stefano sacrificed his life for hers by giving him all the food they had, and he saved her when she was bitten by a spider. She says like it or not, they both owe him her life.

In Stefano's room, Stefano has an out of body experience. He floats above his bed and sees Lexie come in to see him. She sits by her father and talks to him. Marlena called her about Stefano. Lexie cries and says she knows her father isn't the monster everyone says he is, and he doesn't deserve to die. She asks him to hang in there because she needs him. She cries for him to come back to her, and Stefano asks her to say it again, before it is too late. Lexie somehow hears him, so she calls to him. Suddenly, Stefano opens his eyes. A doctor examines Stefano and says his recovery is a miracle. The doctor tells Lexie it is too soon to tell whether he will survive, but her presence has improved his health. He tells her that what Stefano needs now is rest, and his daughter's love. Lexie stays by Stefano's side, and Stefano tells her that it was her love for him that brought him back. Abe soon shows up to question Stefano while he's lucid. Stefano understands that he has to do his job, and asks what he wants to know? Abe wants to start with the bomb he planted on the plane to blow everyone up. Lexie yells at Abe, but Stefano says it is okay. Stefano tells Abe that he knows nothing about a bomb, he was locked in that turret for Hope, she is his alibi. The doctor returns and scolds Abe for bothering his patient. Lexie and Abe leave the room, and Lexie accuses Abe of wanting to see her father die. Abe says he needs answers about that bomb, so Lexie suggests he talk to Hope. Abe says that is exactly what he is going to do. Back in Stefano's room, Stefano tells a nurse that it is not his time yet, and he has promises to keep, miles to go, plans to fulfill.

Abe and Lexie go to see Hope, and Lexie is touched when she hears Hope talking about her father the way she was. Hope tells Lexie that every word she said was true. Hope tells John that if he wants to hate someone he should hate Kurt, he is the evil one. The doctor comes in and says everyone must leave, but Hope asks for Bo to stay with her. Everyone but Bo leaves, and John has a talk with Abe outside. Abe says that Stefano denies having anything to do with the bomb, big surprise. Lexie can't believe Abe still doesn't believe her father is innocent. Marlena asks John if he thinks Stefano could have changed? John refuses to believe that and says he still hates the man for everything he's done to them. A nurse approaches John and tells him that Mr. DiMera wishes to see him. Back in Hope's room, Bo tells Hope that he loves her and always will, and he'll never let her go again. Hope wants to sleep in Bo's arms tonight, and ask he holds her, he wonders how he will tell her the truth.

Greta and Eric are driving back to the castle so that Greta can say one last goodbye to her mother. She tells Eric she doesn't know when, or if she'll ever come back. Eric doesn't understand why she wants to do this. Greta says she needs closure in order to make a new start in Salem. They talk about Bo and Hope for a bit, and Greta thinks that Hope should know what really happened, Bo marrying her mother and all, because secrets have a way of coming out and hurting people. Eric tells her that she sounds like she's speaking from experience. Greta says she has her own family secrets to deal with, which is why she needs to go see Stefano DiMera tomorrow. Eric is shocked and wants to know why? Greta says the man is dying, and she wants Stefano to know that her mother is responsible for finding him and Hope and saving his life, even after all the horrible things he did to her.

At the castle, someone begins to dig up GIna with their hands. Later, we see that Gina's coffin has been pulled out of the ground! A pair of hands opens the casket. Greta and Eric show up at the graveyard, and Greta is horrified when she sees her mother's grave has been dug up, and her casket is empty! They soon find Kurt holding Gina, who has started to rot! He is telling her how wonderful she looks and he will take her up to her room. Greta lets out a terrifying scream. Kurt is telling Gina how much she loves him, and she was to good for this world Eric confronts Kurt and the two start fighting. Kurt pushes Eric into Gina's grave to bury him, but Greta knocks Kurt out, and Eric gets out of the grave.


March 24
Benny and Brandon meet at the break of dawn at Brandon's request. He doesn't want Abe to learn about this meeting. Abe says that Abe Carver will not only lose his career and the respect of Salem, but his loving wife as well. Benny tells Brandon that he can't figure him out. Larry shows up for the meeting, and they get started. Benny says that he will be bringing a lawsuit against Abe Carver and the Salem PD for shooting an innocent boy and paralyzing him for life. Larry asks what he needs from him? Benny says he needs him to see a neurologist to verify his condition, and then he and his parents must see a psychiatrist to attest to their mental anguish. Larry has a problem with this, he doesn't want his parents to undergo anymore pain. Brandon tells Larry that he understand where he is coming from, but it will be worth it. Larry wants another lawyer because Benny seems like an ambulance chaser. Brandon tells Larry that Benny is the best lawyer in Salem. Larry agrees to go through with it, as long as Brandon will go with him to the doctors. Brandon agrees, and tells Larry that this isn't just a case to Benny, it's personal for him too. Benny tells Larry that he used to work on the force with Carver, there was an incident, and now he has the chance to pay him Benny asks Larry if they are working together or not? Brandon tells Larry that he can be the one to make Abe pay, so LArry says he's in. Larry wants to get some food, so Brandon says he'll take him out. Before Brandon leaves, he tells Benny that he meant what he said, he wants to bury Abe Carver.

In France, it is a new day. John and Marlena show up at the hospital, John didn't sleep well because he kept dreaming of choking Stefano. Marlena tells John that the doctors say Stefano might not have long to live. John tells her that is why he needs to get answers out of him while he's still alive.

Lexie is sitting with Stefano. WHen he wakes up he calls her an angel and asks if he is in heaven? Lexie tells him no, he's right here on earth and is staying here. Lexie went shopping for a portable CD player and bought some opera for him to listen to, and she bought some Shakespearian sonnets for him to read. Lexie tells Stefano that Hope told them what he did for her. Stefano says he couldn't allow any harm to come to Hope's child, just as he would risk anything for her safety. He says their children are their greatest treasures. She tells him that he is a hero, and so is John. Lexie says that John saved everyone aboard that plane somehow, even though he's never piloted a plane. Lexie tells Stefano about the plane ride from hell, and Stefano realizes that John does remember the past. John comes in to see Stefano, so Lexie leaves after Stefano tells her that it is all right, he asked for him. John tells Stefano that he's done a good job snowing Lexie. Stefano tells John that they say he is dying. John tells him that would break his heart. Stefano asks John how much he remembers of his past? John asks him how much he thinks he remembers? Stefano says from what he said to him in the turret, he's remembering more and more. Stefano tells John to come close because he has something important to say to him. John leans in close to Stefano, who asks John to make sure Hope's baby is well taken care of. John asks why he cares about Hope's baby? Stefano says he knows he is just as concerned, for once they are both wondering who's baby it is. When John says that it is Bo's baby, Stefano tells him that they both know there are other possibilities. John says that Hope only loves Bo, but Stefano points out that Hope hasn't been Hope for over a year. He tells John that GIna was quiet enamored with him, and even his own wife was worried. John tells Stefano that he loves Marlena, and he suggests he keep his disgusting insinuations to himself. Stefano says "My, my, my, we aren't the faithful husband we thought we were." He then asks John how his Hawaiian Honeymoon was? John glares at Stefano, who asks him if he doesn't remember the honeymoon, or does he remember it too well? John tells Stefano that he knows damn well he spent his honeymoon lost at sea, but he tries not to remember it. Stefano asks John to tell him what he recalls! John wishes he had left him to burn in that castle. Stefano tells John that some secrets continue to live on beyond the grave. He also says he's come to a decision that will have a profound consequences on Salem. Stefano says that he has decided to live! John tells Stefano that he has something important to tell him! John grabs the plug to Stefano's life support, and says nobody is here to stop him from sending him straight to hell!

Lexie argues with Abe about her father. Abe still refuses to believe Stefano is innocent. He says that she needs to consider all the evidence because it is possible that Stefano had another reason for wanting to save Hope's baby. Lexie says that Stefano thought he was going to die, and maybe he wanted to spend his last days on earth doing good. Abe says it is a nice story, but he doesn't buy it. Lexie says they all do bad things, and there must be something he has done in his past he is not proud of. She says that it is not fair to judge someone on their past actions, she was taught that everyone deserves to be forgiven. When Abe says the trick is forgiving yourself, Lexie asks Abe what he did that he doesn't feel he should be forgiven for? Abe remembers shooting Larry, and just tells Lexie that he's just being too hard on himself. Suddenly, Lexie and Abe hears John scream "Die you miserable bastard!" Abe pulls John out of the room, and Lexie looks in on her father. Lexie tells Stefano that his vitals are improving, and so is his color. Stefano says that he has regained his will to live, and he's anxious to get out of here. Abe asks John what went on, what did Stefano say to him? John says it wasn't just one thing, it was everything.

Marlena finds Bo talking with Hope's doctor. He tells Bo that Hope is recovering so rapidly because she is happy, happiness is a great healer. Marlena talks with Bo, who is conflicted about whether to tell Hope the truth. Marlena asks Bo how he's going to tell her the truth? Bo doesn't know, and asks Marlena for suggestions. Marlena is clueless, because this news will shatter Hope. Marlena tells Bo that if he needs to talk to someone and if he can't talk to her, she can refer him to someone else. Bo says he doesn't want to think about it, but there is someone she was close to when she was Gina. Bo says the pictures of her with this guy sickens him. Marlena asks him who it is? Bo tells her it is Stefano. When he says he wants to tear that man apart, Marlena tells him that he can't do that because he is a better man than Stefano. Marlena says that Stefano did save Hope's life, but Bo says that makes sense if he is the father. Bo says all the evidence against Stefano is gone, and it is almost like he planned the whole thing. Marlena doubts that because DiMera almost died. Marlena then asks Bo if he was to tell Hope that he wasn't the father of her child and Stefano might be, would Hope want to keep the baby? Bo tells Marlena that Hope loves Shawn and shares a bond with him, but MArlena says Shawn is a child she had with the man she loves. Bo says Hope is so happy right now, but Marlena says she's happy to be alive, and to have his love. Bo knows that Hope won't turn her back on this child, no matter who the father is. Marlena asks Bo how he feels about this? Bo says he'll deal with it, but he hates it and knowing she slept with someone else. Bo says it isn't her fault though, she didn't know what she was doing. However, he is another case, he knew what he was doing when he slept with Gina. Marlena tells Bo that he can't blame himself, Gina fooled him. Bo says he had his suspicions, but he wanted to believe she was his Hope. He thinks that Hope won't be able to forgive him for this, but Marlena is sure their love will get them through this. John shows up and tells Bo and Marlena the bad news, DiMera is going to live. He also got a message from Eric and Greta, who are at the police station. They caught Kurt, and he's in custody now. Bo thinks this is great news, perhaps they can get him to rat on DiMera and tell him who the father of Hope's baby is.

In Hope's room, Hope wakes up and Shawn is with her. She had a wonderful dream and asks where his dad is, she wants to tell him about it. Doug, Alice, and Julie show up and tell her that her tests results are good, so she may be released as early as today! Julie asks Shawn whether he wants a baby sister or brother? Shawn says either way he gets to boss the kid around! Everyone laughs, but Hope scolds Shawn playfully. Doug and Julie are taking Alice back to Salem today, but they promise to stay in Salem for the arrival of their grandchild. When Doug calls Hope princess, Julie suggests he not call her that because it brings back bad memories. Hope says not for her, she has no memories of being Gina, and she knows who she is. Hope then says Bo better make an honest woman of her, she's not having this baby without being married! Alice is sure that is high on his list. Hope says the one bad thing about her memory lapse is not knowing where she and Bo conceived this baby. Later, Hope stuns her family when she asks them what happened to Gina when she returned to Salem, how did she die? They all tell her that Gina was sick and she should forget it. Hope says Gina claimed she was living her life back in Salem, and wants to know if it is true? She also asks, if it is true, how could they have believed her? Shawn swears that he never believed Gina was her, and he tried to convince the others. Hope apologizes to Shawn and says he shouldn't had to have gone through what he did. Shawn says it doesn't matter, Gina is gone and he has his mother back. Hope tells them all that the thought of Gina taking over her life just angers her, and she wants to know how she conned them. Alice tells her that this is not the time to look back, she needs to think about the baby. Hope tells Alice she is right, but she won't forget and they will talk about this later.

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