March 2000 Week 3


March 13
Lexie takes Abe to Lady Vi's to celebrate. Nicole takes Brandon out to Lady Vi's as well, and she tells him that Victor evicted them all. Brandon doesn't say a word, and Nicole wonders if he is appalled or angry. Brandon says why should he be, it is Victor's house and it is his call. He says he respects Victor for not taking crap from anyone, he thought she would too. Nicole says the only thing she respects is Victor's money. Nicole sees Abe and Lexie, and comments that he seems pretty happy. Brandon mumbles that he won't be for long. Nicole asks him what he means? Brandon says Abe's troubles are just beginning. Nicole says if he is talking about what happened in Abe's file, that is the past. Brandon doesn't care and says that Abe has to pay. Nicole then asks why he settled for so little money? Brandon says it was never about money, why can't she understand that? Nicole says probably because she is so shallow. Nicole thinks money can make one happy, but Brandon tells Nicole that she is far from happy, she is married to a man she doesn't love, and is still in love with Eric. Nicole says she is not in love with Eric still, and she sees her marriage to Lucas as a temporary inconvenience. Brandon asks Nicole if she has a plan to get out of her marriage? Nicole says she does, she says all she has to do is poison Lucas, collect on his insurance, add it to her own stash, and disappear! Brandon asks her if she is serious? Nicole laughs and says she was just kidding, but she had him going. Brandon was hoping she would try to make this marriage work, but Nicole says the only part that works for her is the prestige and power, and the fact that it protects her from her past. Brandon tells Nicole that if Eric is who she wants, she should go for it, and he can take care of her past for her. He promises Nicole that he'd never let anyone hurt her life that again. Nicole is touched, and she gives him a hug. Abe and Lexie celebrate, and Abe can't figure out why Brandon did what he did. Lexie says that Brandon is a decent and caring person, and she asks him to admit he was wrong about Brandon. Abe smiles and skirts around the subject. Abe decides to go talk to Brandon when he sees that he is here, and Lexie follows, trying to convince him not to. Abe extends his hand to Brandon and says "Peace brother." Brandon shakes his hand and says peace, but whispers in his ear that he'll never be his brother! A photographer snaps a picture for the paper, and Abe tells Lexie that they are leaving now because Brandon is a sociopath. Lexie doesn't understand what happened, and neither does Nicole. Brandon tells himself that it is way to early for Abe to be celebrating.

At the Wesleys, Nancy has bought new furniture and is ordering the delivery men to move it around. Chloe and Craig are watching, and Chloe says that by the time she finishes arraigning her new furniture, they'll be antiquities. Craig asks Chloe if she has any opinions? Chloe says not really, but even if she did, Nancy wouldn't listen to her. Outside, Phillip and his friends show up to get Chloe's chemistry notes because they have been skipping class and just not taking good notes. They chose Phillip to be the one to go see Chloe, and tell him to pour on the charm to get them. Phillip knocks on the door, and Craig answers. Phillip asks for Chloe, but Chloe tries to signal to Craig not to tell him that she is here. Craig says she is here somewhere, so Chloe is forced to see Phillip. She says they can talk outside, so they leave. Nancy is intrigued, so she and Craig spy on them through the window. Outside, Chloe asks Phillip point blank why he's here? Phillip claims he wants to be friends, and then he tells her that she has pretty blue eyes and wonders if she has to wear her glasses all the time. Chloe smiles and says she does, but then she tells him to tell her what she wants and stop tap dancing. Phillip claims he's been sick the past few days, and he wondered if he could borrow her notes for the test. Phillip says he thinks she is a good student, and she should be flattered he is asking for her notes. Chloe doesn't care what he thinks of her, and then she sees his friends. Chloe wonders if they came to protect him from the wicked witch? Phillip says they are his friends, but she says none of them are friends of hers. She tells Phillip that he cannot borrow her notes, and as far as she is concerned he and his buddies can go straight to hell! Back inside, Nancy wonders if Phillip is asking Chloe out on a date. Craig thinks anything is possible, he could be into goth. Nancy says if Phillip is interested in her, Chloe has attracted the son of the most influential man in Salem. Craig says what is important is that she is fitting in. Craig says if they do go on a date he'll have to lay down some ground rules: curfew, not to drive out of the city with her, etc. . . . Nancy tells Craig that he is sounding like a dad. Craig says they do have to take care of the girl, and she acts like her mother. Nancy says she wishes she was her mother sometimes, and asks Craig if that would be so bad? Craig says that Chloe isn't her daughter, and every time she tries to bring her out of her own little world it ends up a disaster. Nancy asks him to try because he gets along with her better, Craig refuses and says that Chloe has every intention of leaving when she's of age, and frankly he can't wait till that day comes. Chloe comes back inside and Nancy asks "Well?" Chloe tells her to move the chair and sofa against the wall, and runs upstairs. Chloe goes to her room and takes off her glasses. she looks at herself in the mirror, but quickly puts her glasses back on. Back outside, Phillips friends are out for revenge and say they are coming back her later.

In France at the chateau, Greta thanks Marlena for taking care of her mother's funeral. Marlena asks where Bo and John are? Eric says they are searching the castle, and Marlena knows they won't stop until they have searched every inch of the castle. Upstairs, Bo asks John what he is doing? John believes that there is a secret panel behind the wall he is searcging. Bo asks why he'd think that? John claims he read somewhere that these old castles have a lot of passages. Bo starts tapping around for a spring release mechanism. Behind the wall, Kurt uses all his strength to keep John from opening the door. John gives up and thinks he's just watching too many horror films. Eric calls to John, so they go downstairs. In the passage, Kurt decides to forget about Gina's orders and save himself.

Downstairs, everyone assembles and talks about Kurt and how odd he has been acting lately. Kurt returns and says hello to everyone, and is introduced to Marlena. Kurt asks Greta why she has come back to the castle? Greta says she has brought her mother back to the castle to be buried, and Kurt is shocked to learn that she is dead. Greta says that Gina died years ago, why would he be shocked? Kurt says like her he hoped she was still alive. Everyone informs Kurt of what Gina has been up to, and that she only recently died. Kurt asks how she died? Bo says that Gina was insane, and he explains the shooting to him. Kurt is devastated and mumbles "All those years I took care of . . . " John asks him took care of what? Kurt claims he was talking about the castle, but John knows better. He accuses Kurt of knowing Gina was alive, what she was up to, where Stefano is keeping Hope, and he demands to know where she is. Kurt says there is nothing he can tell them. Bo warns him that he could be an accessory to murder, and Marlena says they can protect him from Stefano. Kurt refuses to stand her and be accused of this, but when he walk off, John grabs him by the neck and threatens to break it unless he tells him what he wants to know. Marlena tells John to come back to her and let Kurt go. John breaks out of his spell and lets Kurt go. Marlena asks John what happened to him? John tells her that he's okay as long as he knows she'll always love him.

In the turret, Hope is all tied up, but is freed by Stefano, who is not dead after all. Hope tells Stefano that she has good news, John and Bo are here! Stefano knows John knows every inch of the castle, if his memory could return they would be saved. Stefano says they must know the truth about Gina, and Hope says she knew Gina couldn't fool them forever. Stefano tells Hope that the only way they will be saved is if they get Kurt to talk, because he secretly believes John will not remember, but Hope knows Bo will save her. Hope helps Stefano back into bed, and she tells him that Kurt did bring a doctor to check on her. Stefano says at least he has some humanity, but Hope doesn't think he has enough because he left him to die. Stefano tells Hope that he does not die easily, and he tells Hope that he remembered who he was and that Stefano DiMera does not give up, and he tells her not to either. Hope looks out the window and realizes someone other than John and Bo are here. hope tells Stefano that she sees grave diggers, and Stefano thinks the grave is for them! Hope begins to lose hope and realizes if Kurt convinces Bo and John to leave, then they are dead.


March 14
Due to VCR problems (no tape!), I have to use NBC's Summary for today
Upset that Chloe didn't give them her chem notes, jason and jan leave a headless chicken on the wesley door step. Craig and Nancy assume Philip is responsible. Nancy marches over to the Kiriakis estate to have a word with Victor and Philip, but when asked about the prank, Philip refuses to comment. Later on, Philip comes clean to Victor and tells him that jason and jan were responsible for the gag, and he didn't want to rat on them. Meanwhile, Chloe is furious with Nancy and wishes she'd just stay out of her life... Brandon tells Lexie that he and Abe made up, but she's suspicious. She says that after Brandon and Abe shook hands at lady vi's, Abe seemed very upset, but he wouldn't talk about it. Brandon hides the truth and says he has no idea why Abe would be upset. Later, Lexie tells Brandon that Abe doesn't hate him, he's just concerned about Brandon's temper. But she assures Brandon that she believes in him... Lucas and maggie have a heart to heart on a break from their a.a. Meeting. Lucas tells her that Victor kicked them out of the house, and now Sami wants will to live with her. Lucas admits he's upset, but says he isn't going to keep will from his mommy. Maggie is proud of Lucas for really keeping his life on track, and she advises him not to let Sami get to him... Sami is totally thrown for a loop when Nicole says she thinks Sami deserves custody of will. After all, she is the boys mother. Nicole carries on about how she is a firm believer in a mother raising the children. She knows it won't be good for will if he's carted back and forth between Sami and Lucas every week. Sami is suspicious of Nicole's intentions at first, but then Nicole tells her that she and Lucas discussed it. And she thinks he just might come around. Later, Nicole finds Austin working out in the Kiriakis garage and tries to seduce him... Sami corners Kate and asks her for a well paying job at titan. If Kate doesn't cooperate, Sami says she may have to resort to the blackmail material. Kate takes the upper hand and tells Sami that if she reveals the truth about her past as a call girl, Kate is going to expose Sami as a blackmailer. And then there will be no way for Sami to ever get custody of will...


March 15
At the Wesley's, Chloe asks Nancy where Craig is? Nancy says he had an early surgery at the hospital. Nancy has made Chloe oatmeal from scratch, but she's sure she'll find some reason to hate it. Chloe tells Nancy to chill, she loves oatmeal. Chloe then tells Nancy that they really need to talk about last night. She wants to know what happened last night at the Kiriakis Mansion. Nancy explains what happened, and Chloe suddenly feels sick and says she needs to lie down. Nancy feels her forehead and says she doesn't have a fever, and she asks if she's trying to avoid the kids at school? Chloe swears she is sick, so Nancy says she'll call Craig to have him examine her. Chloe tells her not to, and Nancy tells her that she knows what she is going through. Chloe says she saw all the signatures in her yearbook, but Nancy says her friends didn't protect her from the cruel jokes she was the subject of. However, Nancy says that she realized only she could protect herself, and for every mean and nasty kid there is out there, there is a nice one, and those are the ones she hung out with. Chloe says she doesn't need anyone, she has gotten along fine on her own with her music. Nancy tells Chloe that music was important to her too, she was a huge Jonie Mitchel fan, and her records made her feel not so alone. She tells Chloe to use her music to draw courage, and then deal with her enemies. CHloe asks why she has to do that? Nancy says the artists she loves want their fans to use their music to inspire, to help them find love and happiness, not for them to hide behind. Later, Chloe gets ready for school, and Nancy is glad to see she is taking her advice. Chloe tells Nancy not to get her hopes up, she is not going to find love. Nancy tells her that not all guys are creeps like Phillip Kiriakis. Chloe says yeah, Craig is Mr. Wonderful. Nancy says her father is also wonderful, but Chloe points out that he was the one who convinced her to give her baby up. Nancy says she thinks her father would realize what a mistake it was if he met her, and she asks if she'd like to meet her grandfather? Chloe says she's not ready for that yet, she has to deal with the Salem High brats first.

At school, Phillip reams Jason out for their prank. Phillip says that Chloe's new mommy blamed him for their prank, and now he has to apologize to Chloe. Jason has an idea, but Phillip says no more nickel and dime pranks, they will play this one like the big boys. Phillip tells them his plan, but they don't like it. He tells them that they don't have a choice, they got him into this and they will help him get out of it. Later, Chloe shows up and sees everyone staring at her. She decides to teach them not to mess with her, but when she turns around, she comes face to face with Phillip. The kids go to chemistry class, and after it is over, Phillip shuts the door after everyone but Chloe and his friends have left. Jason and Jan start telling Chloe that they'll make her sorry if she does anything to them, and Phillip tells them to stop. Phillip apologizes, but Chloe says she knows Jan and Jason put the chicken on her doorstep. Phillip asks why she didn't tell that to Nancy? Chloe says the line of communication between her and Nancy aren't that great. Phillip asks Chloe if they are square, and she says yes. She also thanks him for being a man about all of this.

Sami shows up at the hospital and tells Lexie that she's here looking for a job because Victor killed everyone out of the house. Lexie says "even Brandon?" and Sami says yes, but she's sure he'll be all right. Sami says she's here to apply for a clerical job, so Lexie offers to put a good word in for her, and she's sure Brandon will too because he likes to help people. When Sami says anyone but Abe, Lexie says that is not true and tells her about what Brandon did for Abe, getting him his job back. Brandon, who was spying on them, shows up and talks with them. When Sami tells him that she's here for a job, Brandon tells her not to get her hopes up because the one who has the influence in hiring new employees is Nancy Wesley. Later, Nancy shows up and when she learns Sami is here for the clerical job, she agrees to give her an interview immediately. They go into Nancy's office, and Nancy tells Sami that she left off some thing off her application, such as her breaking into the hospital computer years ago. Sami says she is not proud of that, and Nancy says she hopes not. Nancy tells her that she has to prove to her that she can be trusted again. Sami says all she can say is that she has changed, and she wants a chance to prove she can be trusted. She says she's not proud of what she did, but she did them for her son, but she wouldn't understand because she has no children. Nancy says she'll think about it and will let her know. After the interview, Brandon goes to see Nancy to put in a good word for Sami. Brandon tells Sami that no matter what flaws Sami might have, she loves her son, which is a lot more than the mothers of the kids they see in here. Nancy thinks about Chloe, and Brandon leaves after he is beeped. Nancy goes out into the hallway and gives Sami the job. Sami thanks her and promises her that she won't forget this. After Lexie and Brandon leave, Sami wonders why Brandon helped her. Nancy says she can only think of one reason.

In France, Bo and John are in suits for Gina's funeral. Bo thinks that Hope isn't here and they should check out the DiMera home in Ireland. John thinks that might be a good idea because it would help them understand this vendetta DiMera has against the Brady's. Bo says he would be with Hope right now if Stefano hadn't kidnapped him, he was with her, not Gina. John remembers sub-sex, and rubs his head. Marlena asks John what is wrong? Bo says they were just talking about Hope, and John adds and how much they have to find her. Later the rest of the funeral guests show up. Greta shows up a little late, she was in her mother's room saying goodbye. In the passage, Kurt says he must keep Gina's secrets safe, nobody must know what she did to them, or what he's about to do to them. Marlena and Alice tell her that they are here for her today. Shawn becomes fed up and tells his dad that he's sick of hearing about how hard this is for Greta, and how this funeral is putting off their search. He says even now it could be too late.

In the turret, Stefano's pneumonia is acting up again. He sees Hope at the window still and asks if she's been up all night? She says she couldn't sleep with Bo so close, she's been sending him her love. Hope sees that a hearse has arrived, and Stefano realizes the grave was not meant for them when they pull out a casket. Hope wonders who they are going to bury. Stefano says there is only one person who could have been laid to rest here, and Hope realizes they are here to bury Gina. Hope thinks Bo has figured out her plan, but Stefano says he doesn't know she has imprisoned them in this turret, he probably thinks that he kidnapped her. Hope doesn't care because she is positive that Bo will find them any second now.

Outside the funeral begins. Hope spots Bo from the turret window and tries to alert him by banging on the window, but she doesn't see her. The priest speaks, and then they go to lower the casket. However, Greta stops them and says there is something she'd like to say first. Greta tells everyone that she knows her mother hurt them all with her lies and deceptions, but she has to believe she told them because she was misguided, not evil. She remembers the last time they went shopping and she bought her an outfit she never would have worn on her own. She cries and says her life was always brighter and richer when she was in it, and now that she is gone, it won't be as bright. however, she believes her mom will always be here watching over her. She believes that her mom came to her at the lagoon to tell her that she wanted to be brought back here because she wants to tell her something she didn't get to tell her before she died, she just wishes she knew what it was. Suddenly, Kurt blurts out "I know!" Bo asks why? Kurt says Gina loved this place and would have wanted to spend eternity here. Greta thanks them all for forgiving her for her part in her mother's deception, and if her mother could right the wrongs she did, she would. Eric comforts Greta, and the men lower the casket. Suddenly, The casket falls open, and Gina points to the turret! Lily faints, and Bo notices that Gina looks like she's pointing. Shawn agrees, but John tells him not to read into it. However, Bo thinks Gina is trying to tell him something. Up in the turret, Hope prays Bo looks up. Bo thinks Gina is trying to finish what she told him before she died. Bo looks up at the window, but the sun is reflecting on the window and Hope can't be seen.


March 16
At Dot.Com, Phillip shows up and looks in the window and sees Chloe talking with a guy, and he seems a bit upset about it. Jason and Jan show up, and Jason asks Phillip what Chloe said to him after they left the room, after refusing to apologize. Jan says who cares, and invites Phillip to see Scream 3 with them. Phillip agrees to go, and Jan wonders what Phillip keeps looking at. Jason looks inside and says ghoul girl hooked up with looser guy. When Phillip asks who the guy is, Jan asks him if he's jealous? Phillip tells them that they are nuts, and should go catch that movie. They say it doesn't start for a half-hour, so he tells them to buy him a ticket and he'll meet them there because he wants to go in and buy a CD. They leave, and Phillip goes inside and spies on Chloe and her "date." When he overhears her asking him how she can get to New York, and the man tells her to come sing for him. Phillip lets out an "Oh my God!" and knocks over some CDs. Phillip recognizes the guy as Mr. Howard, the choir teacher at school. He was trying to convince her to join the choir, and then he leaves to meet his fiance. Chloe tells Phillip that she doesn't appreciate him spying on her, but Phillip claims he doesn't care what she does. Phillip and Chloe start arguing, telling one another that they think they are better than everyone else on earth. Jason and Jan show up, and Chloe tells Phillip that he and his friends are all sorry. Jason, Phillip, and Jan eventually all leave for the movie, but not before Jason and Jan call Chloe a freak. After they leave, Chloe finally breaks down and starts crying.

At the station, Roman is talking to Abe about the outcome of the hearing. Abe tells Roman that he tried to make peace with Brandon last night, but he through it back in his face. Roman tells Abe to let it go because it is over, but Abe says they'll just have to see about that. Abe tells Roman that he doesn't think this is over yet. Roman tells Abe that he's going to give himself an ulcer, but Abe says his wife still spends time with Brandon at the hospital and there is nothing he can do to protect her. Later, a man in a wheelchair shows up, and he is drunk. He says he wants to report a crime, some kid stole his money. The officer tells Abe that some kid took two dollars from him, so he was throwing beer cans at him, so he arrested the guy for being drunk and disorderly. Abe tells the guy that he'll call his sister for him and she can come down and get him. The guy thanks Abe and says he doesn't deserve to be treated so well. Abe remembers shooting Larry Morris and tells the guy that it is the least he can do. The man's sister shows up, and she thanks Abe and tells him that her brother is a Vietnam vet, he was a dispatcher, and has been having a lot of problems lately since he lost his job. Abe decides to offer him a job at the station, and he promises to do a good job. The man and his sister both thank Abe. Roman tells Abe that is why they need him around here, he is a good man. However, Abe can't forgive himself for shooting that seven year old kid all those years ago.

At the hospital, Brandon and Lexie are both busy catching up on missed work. Lexie once again tells Brandon how grateful he is for handling everything the way he did. Benny gives Brandon a call and is still upset about the turn of events. Benny says that Carver is one lucky bastard, but Brandon says he doesn't think so. Brandon excuses himself from Lexie's company, and asks Benny what the problem is? Benny says that Larry Morris won't come to see him unless he comes with him. Brandon says he can't be involved in this, but Benny tells him that he is involved and he better not ruin this for him! Brandon says he'll fix things and Carver is going down. He slams the phone down, which Lexie sees, and she asks him what is wrong, knowing that was his lawyer on the phone. Brandon tells Lexie that she was right about Benny, he wanted the money for himself. Lexie tells him that every time she thinks she has him figured out, he says something to surprise her. Brandon tells Lexie that because of what happened between him and Abe, he doesn't know if they can be friends anymore. Lexie is beeped, but says they will continue this conversation later. Brandon calls Larry and offers to go with him to see Benny, but it must be kept a secret. Larry agrees to go meet with Abe. Lexie returns and wants to finish their conversation. Lexie tells Brandon that she has discussed their relationship with Abe, and Abe wants to try and be friends with him, so why can't it work out? Brandon says they'll see.

At Titan, Lucas and Nicole go to Nicole's office to talk. On the way there they pass a man and woman in the hall, and Nicole asks Lucas who the man was? Lucas ignores her and gives her a present that he bought her. She asks him once again who that studly guy was? Lucas says that was Rex Rollins, a Wallstreet banker and internet king. Nicole says that Victor has more money then God, why does he need that guy? Lucas says that not many people know this, but when Victor was in the nursing home and his mom was in control of Titan, she had a lot on her mind and Titan lost millions. Nicole wonders if Titan will go under? Lucas says of course not, and asks if she thinks it has something to do with her? Nicole remembers accepting the five million dollars from Kate to marry Lucas. Nicole says of course not, why would she think that? Lucas says that he was the one who told his mom to hire her, so Nicole asks if she will become the scapegoat? Lucas tells her no, and that she is the director of one of the most profitable divisions of Titan. Lucas tells Nicole that he makes her very proud. Nicole says that is a first, and says that nobody has ever complimented on, or acknowledged that she had a brain. Lucas tells her that she is very bright and he loves her. Nicole thinks this is weird because the only reason he wanted to be with her was because of how she looks, it's always like that. She wonders why she should even care about herself when men don't. Lucas tells her not to talk that way because he will always love her. Nicole starts to cry and she tells Lucas that women, all women, hate her, but men love her, and her dad always told her that would happen to her because she is beautiful. Nicole admits to Lucas that she is scared, and she has something to tell him. Lucas realizes she is referring to Will. Nicole thinks Sami will make their lives miserable trying to get Will away from him. Lucas tells her that he talked to his lawyer today and they have a secret weapon, and when Sami sees what it is, she'll realize that she's lost.

In Victor's office, Victor tells Kate that he's ready to get back that five million dollars from Nicole. He tells Kate that Rex Rollins, a wall street tycoon, is here and he has him sent in. Victor tells Kate to follow his lead. Rex comes in and tells Victor that this situation is fascinating, and it sounds like it will be a lot of fun. Rex says he can't believe this woman accepted five million dollars to marry her (Kate's) son. Victor says he's not pleased to have a high priced prostitute in the family. Kate remembers her own past, and how Sami threatened to reveal the truth about her days as a hooker. Rex asks Victor how he can help? Victor tells him to do what he does best. Victor tells Rex that he and Kate will lay the groundwork, and this will be a lot easier for him then he thinks. Kate says that she doesn't think that is true, Nicole and her money will not be easily parted. Victor is positive that Nicole's greed will be her downfall, and he'll call Rex within the week. Rex leaves, and Kate tells Victor that this could be dangerous. Victor says it will be dangerous for Nicole.

Mickey and Maggie are driving to meet Sami and Austin to discuss her getting custody of Will. Maggie tells Mickey that she feels disloyal to Lucas by coming with him. She says that Lucas has taken such a mature outlook on this custody battle, and when she thinks of the things Sami has done it makes her so angry. Mickey tells her that Austin will be there too, and Maggie says she can't picture those two together. Mickey says they seem very happy together. This is Maggie's cue to make a confession to Mickey. She tells him that she knows he is happy, but she isn't, in fact she's bored. Mickey is so stunned that he almost drives into the other lane! Maggie apologizes and says she didn't mean she was bored with him or their marriage, she's bored with her life in general because she isn't doing much. She says she usually goes to the hospital, alphabetizes the magazines, reads to the patients. She feels like she's not contributing and making a difference since Nancy Wesley took over, and then she remembers when she and Alice were running the restaurant. She says she wants that again, and she still has her Countess Willamenia profits which she can use. Mickey tells Maggie that he wants her to be happy and healthy, and running a restaurant poses a risk, but he won't stop her if it is what she wants.

At Tuscany, Austin is toasting to Sami for building a new life for herself and Will. Sami asks Austin what about himself? Austin says that a year ago he and Carrie were planning to buy a house and have a child, but it wasn't meant to be. He tells Sami that Carrie is happy now, and he is happy, but Sami adds "You still don't want to marry me . . . " Austin says he didn't say that, but they aren't ready. Sami tells Austin that she's loved him since he was fifteen, and she knows he thinks it is just about Will, but she really just wants to be with him. Austin kisses her, and Sami tells Austin that she has something to tell him, and he might hate her for it. Austin tells Sami he doesn't want to hear that she is plotting something he won't like. When Mickey shows up, Austin realizes they are here to have a strategy meeting with her lawyer. Maggie tells Sami that she had a long talk with Lucas yesterday and she's confident they can work things out for Will's sake. Sami thanks her, but is interested in what Mickey has to say. She tells Mickey that she wants full custody of Will, and she wants him to make sure it happens. Mickey tells Sami that there is nothing he can do to help her. Sami asks if he isn't going to help her? Mickey reminds her that he ignored his advice to accept joint custody, but Sami says the judge thought she could get full custody. Mickey reminds Sami that she told the judge that Lucas would start drinking again and she would prove that Lucas framed her for Franco's murder, but she was wrong about all of it. Austin tells Mickey that he and Sami are hoping to build a life together, and will be able to provide Will with a stable life. Mickey tells Sami that as her lawyer, he can only tell her to expect the worst. He tells Sami that he received papers from family court today, and he doesn't see how she can ever regain full custody of Will. He tells her that when she reads it, she'll understand what he's been trying to tell her.


March 17
At the castle, Lily is complaining about how cold it is in this castle, and how she couldn't sleep because she couldn't help but think about Gina when she was younger. Alice tells Lily that Gina is at rest now. Doug becomes upset and says Gina is gone and they have yet to find one sign of Hope. Lily apologizes and says she didn't mean to canonize Gina, and she prefers to remember her during the good times of her life. Kurt shows up and announces that he's closing the castle up, and he's currently checking to make sure all the flues are closed. Kurt ends up getting a mouth full of suit, and when Alice reaches to hand him his bag, Kurt screams at her not to touch it! Doug scolds Kurt for speaking to mean to Mrs. Horton, but he just limps off.

Shawn is walking around the castle and runs into Belle, who startles him. Belle tells Shawn that this place is pretty spooky. Shawn asks where Mimi is? Belle tells him that she is so convinced that this place is haunted that she stayed up all night, and this morning she crashed. Belle tells Shawn that they'll find his mom soon, and then she gasps. Belle swears she saw the bookcase move, so Shawn tries to push it. He tells her that it is too heavy to move, and she must have imagined it. Shawn then sees a can of soup on the table and is puzzled. Belle starts cleaning up the bookcase because she can't stand it being messy. Shawn teases her about being a neat freak, and she says at least she's not a slob. Belle realizes that they are complete opposites. Belle ends up hitting a book, which opens the secret passage! However, she doesn't see it because Shawn wants to talk to her. He tells her that he doesn't want to fight with her, and he apologizes to her for the things he called her, like obsessive compulsive. Belle apologizes for calling him a slob. Belle promises Shawn that they will find his mom, and then they leave.

John, Bo, and Marlena are all walking around the castle searching for a secret door which leads to a tunnel which leads to a room in the bottom of the castle. Marlena feels they are just wasting their time here, but John refuses to give up until he finds the passage. Marlena tells John that they should leave, and John turns mercenary and orders Marlena out of his way. He pushes her aside. Marlena asks John what is wrong with him? He says he is sorry, but Marlena says an apology is not enough. John says he was focusing on something and needed to get to it. He kneels down and begins to feel the grass. He finds a secret entrance buried under the grass, and he and Bo open it up. They all descend through the enterance and down a set of stairs. Bo asks John what the place is? He ignores Bo and begins walking around, and finally welcomes them to the dungeon. There are skeletons in horrible contraptions and weapons shattered about the place! Marlena asks John if he has been here before? John remembers that this is where he would hide the Rennets for Stefano. John starts walking around like a zombie, and they come across all of the Rennets. Lily shows up wondering what this place is, and then she sees her Rennet. She runs for it, but mercenary John pushes her away from it and says "Nobody touches these paintings!" Lily is scared stiff by John's violent behavior. John tells Lily that these painting are his evidence, Stefano's finger prints are all over them and they will remain in place until the authorities get here! He coldly asks her if she understands, and as he does so he shakes her. Marlena gets John to release Lily, and she tells Lily that she will get her painting back. Bo believes that the reason he felt Hope's presence here is because she helped Stefano steal these paintings. Marlena says she was probably here in this room. Bo wishes she was here now.

In the Turret, Hope tries to figure a way to get Greta and Eric's attention. She pounds on the window when she sees them in the graveyard, but Stefano tells her the sun on the window will impair their vision. Suddenly, Kurt shows up and yanks Hope down from the window. Kurt tells Hope that nobody can see her anyways because of the sun, and he tells her that she is not to go near that window again! Hope breaks free from Kurt's grasp and starts pounding on the window again. Kurt says he didn't want to have to do this, and grabs a rope and heads for Hope! Kurt ties her hands behind her back, and then ties her to a chair. Kurt gives them a sack of food. He says he's leaving the castle for awhile and there is enough food to last until he gets back. Hope asks how she will feed herself when she's tied up? Kurt tells her that she is resourceful, she'll find away to free herself, after everyone is long gone. Hope asks Kurt what he's saying? Kurt tells her that Bo Brady and Company are leaving this morning. Hope begs Kurt not to leave them alone because her baby and Stefano won't survive. Kurt tells her that nobody will die, and he leaves. Stefano gets out of bed to untie Hope, despite Hope telling him not to because he is too weak. As he unties Hope, he looks at the fireplace and says "a fire!" Hope asks him what he means? Stefano tells her that the fire will make smoke, and Hope realizes he wants to send smoke signals.

In the graveyard, Greta says goodbye to her mother. She tells her that she's going back to Salem. She is conflicted about leaving, and asks for a sign from God to know that her mother is at peace. Greta looks up at the Turret and gasps. She tells Eric to look, so he does. Greta says she saw a white dove spread her wings and fly away. She tells Eric that her mother loved white doves, and she thinks God answered her request, her mother is at peace. Greta thinks that when her mom fell from the casket she was pointing at heaven and trying to tell her that she is okay now. Greta knows her mom is in heaven with God. Greta and Eric go inside, and Alice tells Greta that she knows how hard it is to let someone you love go. She says that when Tom died she relied on her friends and family to get her through it. Greta tells her that she has some wonderful people in her life. Alice tells her she does too, and she takes her hand, as does Eric. Bo, Marlena, Lily, and John all return to the castle, and tell everyone what they found. Bo says they are ready to leave and are heading to Ireland to check out a lead Stefano found there. Greta says there is one more thing she needs to do, and excuses herself. Marlena then confronts John and tells him that he is also being held captive by Stefano, when will she get him back? Marlena tells John that ever since they left Salem he has been slipping in and out of this past persona, and she tells him to admit it so they can deal with it. John refuses and says now is not the time. John says he cannot find Hope if she is constantly questioning him. Marlena tells John that she can't stand by and just watch because she feels like she is losing him. John tells her that she won't lose him, and gives her a passionate kiss. He asks her to just trust in his love for her and let him do what he has to do.

Back in the graveyard, Kurt goes to Gina's grave and tells his princess that he has to leave her now, but he doesn't know where he's going. He tells her that he'll miss her with all his heart, and he remembers their times together. He apologizes for not being able to protect or save her, but he did everything she asked of him. Suddenly, Greta calls out "liar!" Kurt turns around and finds Eric and Greta standing behind him. Greta tells Kurt that he claimed he never knew her mother, yet here he is at her grave telling her that he will miss her and wishes he could have protected her. Kurt says that he's lived here so long that he's imagined living her with her in a fantasy life. He says that she was so real to him, but that has all changed now. He cries and says now he has to leave his fantasy behind and face reality. He kneels by her grave and begins to cry that he loved the princess. Eric tells Greta that this guy is freaking her out, and Greta agrees. however, she says she can't leave until she does what she has to do. She places an old picture of Gina on her grave, and then she and Eric leave.

Everyone begins to get into their cars, and Bo still can't help but feel that Hope is here, even though they know she's not. John tells him the feeling will pass once they are gone. Bo and John get into the cars and begin to drive away. Back in the Turret, Hope and Stefano start a fire, unaware that Kurt has closed the flues. Hope sees everyone about to drive away, and she screams for Bo to come back. Stefano gets the fire roaring, and then envisions Spring Morning in the fire! Suddenly, smoke begins to pour into the Turret, and Hope realizes the flew is closed. unfortunately they are both so week that they collapse to the floor! To make things worse, a spark ignites the a fire on one of the rugs! Back in the cars, Alice looks in her side-view mirror and seems puzzled. Alice says that Kurt supposedly closed the flues and put the fires out, but there is smoke coming from the castle. Eric says that Kurt is gone, he and Greta saw him leave.

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