March 2000 Week 2


March 6
Benny and Brandon arrive at the courthouse to see Lexie comforting Abe. Benny tells Brandon to stick to the plan, if he lets his emotions take over they'll never win the case. Roman shows up, and he and Abe go into the hearing room. The arbitrator announces that this arbitration is non-binding, so if one party is not happy with the outcome they can still take this matter to court. Benny, Abe, and Brandon talk calmly for awhile. Brandon admits to shoving Abe after the boxing match, but says it was no big deal. The arbitrator tells Brandon that he agreed to counseling, and Brandon says he did only to stay out of jail. Brandon says he does not have a problem with his anger, it is Abe who's anger is out of control. Benny calls a recess when he realizes things aren't going well, so he tells Brandon to go work his magic. Abe goes into the bathroom, and Brandon goes in after him and starts antagonizing him. Brandon tells Abe that he's finally going to pay today. Abe tells Brandon that he should have thrown him in jail a week after the fight, but he gave him time and the benefit of the doubt. Brandon tells Abe that he must have a selective conscious and that is how he sleeps at night. Abe goes to leave, but Brandon gets in his way. When Abe tells him to get out of his face and pushes him, the arbitrator walks in and sees this. Brandon comments that he should add assault to his charged against the commander, and then leaves. Abe tries to explain to the arbitrator what happened, but the arbitrator doesn't buy Abe's story. Abe returns to the hearing and blows up when he hears the city attourney tell Roman they should cut their losses. Abe says that if he won't defend him, he'll do it himself! The arbitration continues, and Brandon says that Abe Carver came to the hospital to purposely embarrass him. Abe says that is a lie, but the arbitrator tells Abe that he'll have his turn when Brandon is done. Brandon says he filed this lawsuit to get his respect back, but Abe says he filed it to get big bucks! The arbitrator once again tells Abe that he will get his turn to talk after Brandon. Brandon continues his sob story about how Abe humiliated him at his place of work by arresting him, and he abused his powers. When it is Abe's turn, Abe says that this lawsuit has nothing to do with justice or dignity, it has to do with Brandon's rebel cop of a lawyer trying to milk this department for a huge settlement. They get into a huge fight, and the arbitrator calls a recess. Lexie shows up and learns that Abe has pretty much blown his case. BRandon tells Lexie that Abe lost control, and Lexie asks Brandon if he set Abe off? Brandon says ABe is abusing his power, abusing him, and he asks Lexie if Abe abuses her too? Lexie is appalled by that suggestion, and Brandon apologizes and says he is just upset. Lexie goes to see Abe and asks him not to lose it in there. Abe saw Lexie talking to Brandon, and he tells her to tell Brandon to just stay out of both of their lives.

At the Kiriakis guest house, Austin surprises Sami with some hot chocolate to cheer her up. Austin asks her if she is okay? Sami says yes, but she can't stop thinking about what her family went through. Austin says that according to Bo they will be rescued today, but Sami won't believe they are okay until she talks to her mom and Eric. Sami hates the waiting, so Austin tells her that he has an idea which may help her theory it. Austin takes Sami to Green Mountain Lodge, and Sami tells Austin that he didn't have to bring her here because he knows it reminds him of Carrie. Austin says he and Carrie had some good times here, but right now he is concentrating on making her happy. Sami tells Austin that he does so much for her, but she tells him that he does a lot for him to. Sami tells Austin that the past few days she's wondered if he's been coming on strong lately because he's pushing away his feelings of pain which Carrie caused. Austin tells her that he's over that pain. Austin tells Sami that he's concerned that now that he's free, she's no longer interested in him. Sami tells Austin that she's been throwing herself at him for years, but Austin says for the past few weeks she's been distant. He asks Sami point blank how she feels about him. Sami is shocked, so Austin just kisses her, and she kisses him back. Later, Austin orders some onion rings because he needs some fried food, and one of Austin's gym friends show up. His friend asks Austin what he's doing here? Austin says he's just having some food with his girlfriend, which touches Sami. After Austin's friend leaves, Sami tells Austin that he just made her day. Later, Sami and Austin engage in a snowball fight. Sami suggests they make snow angels, but Austin tells her that he has a real angel right next to him. After some kissing, Austin suggests they finish this in a dryer setting.

On the island, Gina's body surfaces in the lagoon, and Greta screams. Her screams bring Shawn and Belle running, and Belle cringes when she sees Gina. Shawn asks Belle to get some blankets for the body, so she runs off. Shawn wonders when this woman is going to stop bringing misery into their lives. Eric tells SHawn not to do this, but Shawn says that his mother is in danger because of this woman, and then he looks at Greta and tells her that she is as much to blame as her "saintly" mother. Eric and Greta get out of the lagoon, and Eric demands Shawn apologizes. Shawn refuses because Greta lied about her mother taking his mother's place. Greta says she is sorry, but she believed her mother when she said Hope was dead, and she wanted her mother in her life so badly that she would have done anything. Shawn tells Greta that her mother was crazy, and if she believes her mother was well adjusted, she is just as crazy as her mother was! Eric tells Shawn to back off, but Shawn wonders if Greta isn't keeping secrets from them still. Greta says she isn't keeping anything from them, but Shawn is positive that Gina must have told her something on her death bed. Greta says that her mother did tell her something, but it had nothing to do with Hope. Shawn asks her what it was because it couldn't have been small talk. Greta says it was personal and is nobody's business but hers. Shawn says that it is his business because it could help find his mother. Eric and Shawn start shoving one another, and Belle breaks it up. Belle tells them that they have enough trouble as is trying to figure out what to do with the body. Eric says he'll use the crates to build a casket, and Belle says Shawn will help. Shawn refuses to help Greta, and he leaves. Greta tells Eric that Shawn didn't have to be so violent, but Eric says that Shawn is just reacting to his loss, and he is desperate to find his mother. Later, Eric tells Greta that she should bury her mom in Salem, but Greta says her mother wants her to take her home. She also feels that her mother's spirit is still alive! Elsewhere, Belle finds Shawn by himself, and Shawn tells Belle that John and Eric finished the casket for Gina. Belle thinks Shawn owes Greta an apology, but Shawn thinks Greta knows something she isn't telling them that could help find his mother.

In France, Bo shows up at the Duke and Duchess' house and demands to speak to them. The Duke asks Bo what he's doing back here? Bo tells him that he needs to know everything he knows about Princess Gina. The Duchess shows up, and Bo pleads with them to help him find his wife by telling him all they know about Gina. The Duke refuses and thinks that Bo helped Gina steal their painting. Bo says he didn't, and when the Duke tells him to leave, Bo grabs the DUke and demands to know about Gina. The Duke tells him that she has the castle and summer house in Paris, that is all he knows. Suddenly, the Duke's men show up and begins to rough Bo up. Bo is knocked to the floor, but gets back up and makes mince meat of the Duke's men. When one of the men calls the cops, Bo finally leaves.

In the Turret, Kurt brings Hope some tea for her and the baby. Hope wishes she was back in Salem so she could deliver this baby in the hospital with Bo. Kurt tells her that if Bo learns the truth, he won't want to be there. Hope asks him what he's saying? Kurt tells her that her baby's father is not who she thinks it is, it is not Bo. Hope tells Kurt of course Bo is the baby's father! Kurt tells her that while she was in Europe as Gina, she had many suitors. Hope tells Kurt that no matter who she thought she was, the only man she could make love to is Bo. Hope then wonders if Kurt raped her when she had amnesia. She asks him if he did, and he says of course not. Hope doesn't know if she can believe him because he is holding her prisoner. Kurt hints that they won't be here for long, and he says that soon he will disappear and start a new life for himself, and she's going to help him! Hope asks what she can do? Kurt says that he needs money, and he understands that her parents are very wealthy. Hope promises him anything he wants as long as she can go home. Kurt tells her that she can't leave yet because she might jeopardize the baby, but when the time comes they'll discuss her future and his. Kurt leaves, and Hope wonders if Kurt will really let her go back to Salem. However, she tells herself not to get her hopes up, and then she is hit with a cramp. Outside Hope's room, Kurt vows not to let the Princess down and says that Hope's family can never know she is still alive. Kurt makes a call, and asks the person on the other end if they are still interested in making the deal? The person on the phone is interested, and Kurt tells them that he won't part with her without proper compensation. He tells the person that she needs time to regain her strength, and he also needs to know that the baby won't be separated from it's mother. After the phone call ends, there is a knock at the door. When Kurt answers it, he comes face to face with Bo!


March 7
AUstin and Sami are driving home from the lodge. Sami tells Austin that she really likes this dating thing because she's never done it before. Austin enjoys dating her too, and they share a kiss. As they are about to arrive home, Sami says the house is probably empty and they could go into the main house and snuggle by the fire.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Henderson brings Nicole her second martini of the day. Nicole tells Henderson that his martini's are great, he is like the Martini God and should give Lucas some pointer on how to make them. Nicole grows bored talking to Henderson, so she answers the door when someone rings the doorbell. However, she is shocked to find out it is her mom. Nicole invites her in, and Fay starts questioning Nicole about her husband. She asks Nicole if Lucas is good to her? Nicole says of course he is, he gives her whatever she wants. Fay says she doesn't look very happy. Nicole tells her mom that the only role models she had where her and her father, so what made her think she'd have a better marriage then they did? Fay tells Nicole that she wants her to be happy and in love, even if it means being poor. Fay says she wants her to have a better life than she did. Nicole says she is happy, and she does have a better life than she did. Nicole tells Fay that if she insists coming here in the future she could at least where some better clothes. Fay says she will go, but the reason she came was to give her some books on child-rearing which she saved. Nicole wonders why, but then she remembers her ulterior motives for going to see her mom last night. Suddenly, Austin and Sami arrive home. Nicole tells her mom to stay put, and she goes to spy on them. Austin and Sami are busy kissing one another and having a good time. Austin sees Nicole watching them, so he says hello. Nicole tells them that they seem like the perfect couple, all they need is little Will to bounce on their knees. Nicole begins to insult Sami, and Nicole walks off after she says she's sick of looking at her face. Austin and Sami follow Nicole into the living room and meet Nicole's guest, who she claims is no one. Austin and Sami introduce one another to Fay, and Nicole claims that this woman is interviewing for a cleaning job. However, Henderson comes in and asks Mrs. Walker if she'd like something to drink? Austin and Sami figure out that this is Nicole and Brandon's mother, and Austin is not pleased. Austin tells Nicole that he wants to speak to her alone in the living room! Nicole tells Sami that she told her that Austin couldn't wait to get her alone. After the leave, Sami says Nicole is such a . . . Sami apologizes, but Fay tells Sami she knows exactly what her daughter is. Fay tells Sami that she knows it is not an excuse, but Nicole has had a hard life. Sami says there is no excuse for what Nicole did, and she tells Fay how Nicole broke her brother's heart and married Lucas to get custody of her son, and she doesn't even like kids. Fay says that is not true, and Sami sees the pregnancy books in Fay's arms. Sami asks Fay if Nicole is having a baby? Fay says no, these books are for someone else, a friend who she is going to see again. Fay says she should go now. Sami asks if they will see her again? Fay doesn't know because Nicole doesn't like having her around, but Sami says Brandon must enjoy seeing her. Fay smiles and says Brandon has always been good to her. Sami says she has a hard time believing that Nicole and Brandon are from the same set of parents. Meanwhile, Austin asks Nicole why she's being so rude to her mother? Nicole tells Austin that her mom is a professional victim and feeds off of people's pity for her. Nicole says that to make it in this world you have to be hard and tough, otherwise you'll be left with a scrapbook of memories you'd rather forget. Austin asks her if she is talking about her mom, or herself? Austin and Nicole rejoin Sami and Fay just as Sami and Fay were talking about Brandon and Nicole's parents. Nicole tells her mom that her time is up, so Fay leaves.

On the Island, John and Marlena are cuddling, and John gives Marlena a kiss. They soon make love, and afterwards Marlena tells John that they should let the others go Home and they can stay behind. John asks how they'd get home? Marlena says the navy could send a hot air balloon for them, or a submarine. Marlena's words hit home, and he asks her why she'd say that? John remembers sub-sex, and Marlena worries about him. However, he cools down and tells Marlena not to worry.

Doug and Julie bring the kids breakfast, a variety of fruits they have found on the island. Suddenly, Lily shows up in a sarong she found in one of her suitcase. Lily has taken another one of Marlena's tranquilizers, and is high on life. Greta and Eric talk about her mother, and as they do, Belle tries to get Shawn to ease up on Greta. Shawn doesn't give a damn about Greta's feelings and he vows to get whatever she is keeping out of her. Later, Mimi talks with Belle and Shawn and tell them how romantic this island is. Shawn and Belle don't think it is romantic at all. Later, Marlena and John show up for breakfast, and Lily tells everyone that they need some entertainment. Mimi says they should have a talent show, and Lily loves the idea. Lily tells Shawn to crack out his keyboard, and she tells everyone that she used to entertain the troops during the war with her voice. Lily takes Alice's hands and says that they are kindred spirits, two of a kind, they have faced their hardships and are still alive and kicking! Shawn breaks out his keyboard and begins to play a tune which Lily sings to. After her performance, everyone applauds. Alice then requests a solo from her grandson, and he agrees after everyone shouts his name. Shawn plays a song, Celine Dion's "That's the way it is" which he dedicates to his mom. After Shawn's number, Mimi and Belle perform a number. Mimi says that they decided to elect Alice as president, and they dedicate this number to her. Mimi and Belle and then perform "Alice's Isle" to the tune of Gilligan's Island. Alice thanks them all, and Shawn begins to play Alice and Tom's song because it is their anniversary. Doug and Julie then sing "I'll be loving you always" for Alice. Soon, everyone joins in. After the song ends, the boat to rescue the stranded islanders arrives. Shawn gives Belle a hug and tells her that they are finally going to find his mom.

At the Chateau, Kurt is shocked to see Bo at the front door. He tries to prevent him from coming in, but Bo shoves him and manages to hit him in the shoulder where he was shot. Bo barges his way in and announces that he is here to find Hope, and he's not leaving until her does. Bo starts looking all over the place, in drawers and closets. Kurt pretends he is sick, but Bo won't leave. Kurt tells him that this is a private residence and there is nobody in this castle but him. Bo doesn't believe him because he has a special connection with Hope, and he can feel her here. Upstairs, Hope senses that Bo is near, and she asks him to come find her. Bo tells Kurt that he's going to search this castle with or without his permission, so Kurt offers to give him a tour so he doesn't get lost. He excuses himself to get a sweater, and while he's gone, he goes to check on Hope. Hope is out of bed and clinging to the bed post. He asks Hope what she is doing? She begs Kurt to help her save her baby. Kurt picks up Hope and carries her off, and a snooping Bo hears her moaning. Bo barges the way into the room, but Kurt has put Hope in the closet and has gagged her. Bo calls out to Hope, but she is too weak to answer him. Kurt tells Bo that he told him there was no one here, but he will show him the rest of the rooms if he wants. After Bo and Kurt leave, Hope musters the strength to kick the door of the closet, but she is too late. After the tour, Bo apologizes for being rude to Kurt. Bo says perhaps he'll go to Germany because Stefano has hideouts there. He also gives Bo his card in case he thinks of anything which might help him, and Bo asks Kurt for his number in case he needs to get in touch with him. Kurt gives him a number, and Bo leaves. After Bo leaves, Kurt goes back and gets Hope. Kurt tells Hope that Bo is gone now, and he's not coming back. Hope tells herself that she needs to give Bo a false sense of Hope, but secretly hopes that Bo will come back. Outside the chateau, Bo wonders where he should go now. Bo asks God to help him find Hope.


March 8
At the courthouse, Abe is waiting for the verdict in his case. Lexie shows up to support Abe, but they only end up in a fight about Brandon. Abe tells Lexie that if she is going to defend Brandon, then he doesn't want her here. Lexie says she is here for him, she was only trying to explain why he is doing what he is doing. Meanwhile, Benny tells Brandon that today is the big day, and when the city attorney offers them a settlement, he'll turn it down and work his magic. Later, the hearing begins, and the Commissioner and the city attorney warn Abe not to lash out at Brandon again. Benny wants Lexie to leave, but Brandon says he doesn't mind if she stays. The city attorney says that she is Abe's wife and has every right to be here. The arbitrator starts the hearing to work out a fare and final settlement. The arbitrator thinks that it is in everyone's favor that they come to a settlement. The city attorney makes an offer, which Abe thinks is outrageous! Before Benny can reject the offer, Brandon stands up and says he has something important to say. Brandon starts making a speech about how he didn't want it to come to this, and he never wanted anyone to get hurt. Benny drags Brandon outside, and the two argue. Benny thought they had this worked out, but Brandon makes a change in their plans. Brandon wants Abe reinstated on the force before they have Larry sue him, because it will be all the more damaging! Benny likes the plan and tells Brandon that he is smart. Brandon says Abe will think he's dodged the bullet, but a bigger one is coming his way. Back in the courtroom, Lexie thinks Brandon wants to make peace with Abe, but Abe doubts that. Brandon and Benny return, and Brandon says that he has the deepest respect for the force, and he regrets that this had to happen. However, he feels that the police department should not have to suffer financial difficulties for Abe's mistake. Brandon says that he will use his settlement money to pay his lawyer and then he will donate his money to a center for kids on south street. Brandon announces that he will accept the settlement, on the condition that Abe Carver does not lose his job. Brandon is asked why he has had a change of heart? Brandon says his needs are simple, he doesn't want to be responsible for the end of a man's career, and he doesn't want to jeopardize his working relationship with Lexie Carver. He says he is hoping to make peace with both her and her husband with this gesture. The city attorney asks for ten minutes to review the offer. Lexie tells Abe that she told him that Brandon was a decent man. Benny and Brandon make a deal with city attorney, and Roman and Lexie congratulate Abe. Brandon smiles and tells himself that it is far from over, the real fun is about to begin.

At the Kiriakis house, Nicole and Lucas are in bed, and when Lucas goes to make love to Nicole, she suddenly pushes him off her! Lucas asks what that was about, and Nicole quickly covers by saying she has a cramp. As Lucas massages her leg, Nicole takes a drink, and then suggests they go down for breakfast. Lucas stops her and says the only problem is he can't keep his hands off her. Nicole stops Lucas once again and suggests he go take a shower. Lucas makes a comment about them having a child soon if they keep this amount of love making up, and then he jumps in the shower, Nicole finds her hidden birth control pills and takes one. She tells herself there is no way she is having his kid!

In Victor and Kate's bedroom, Kate wakes up and gives Victor, who is still sleeping, a kiss. He wakes up and begins kissing her back. The two begin to go at it, but Victor stops and says this isn't right. He feels bad that he can't satisfy her needs, and he tells her that they can't get married. Kate tells Victor that his love is enough for her, but Victor tells Kate that she is a young woman, what if she wants another child? Kate says that four is enough, and she doesn't want him to give up on them. Victor asks Kate to look him in the eye and tell him that she doesn't miss having a physical relationship and doesn't dream of making love to a man. Kate remembers passionately kissing Nicholas, and Victor knows Kate wants it. Kate ends up storming out of their bedroom.

At the guest house, Austin shows up to see Sami, and brings her a rose. Sami invites him in, and Austin tells her that he's here to escort her to breakfast. Austin tells Sami, who is in her bathrobe, to get some clothes on. However, he changes his mind, and carries her to the couch to make out. However, Austin stops before they go to far because he wants to take it slow, and because making love is a big step. He tells her that he doesn't want to do this and have reservations later on. Sami thinks this is about her past, and she tells Austin that she will prove to him that she is no longer that Sami.

Everyone begins to assemble in the living room for breakfast. Kate gives Victor a kiss and tells him never to doubt her love for him. Lucas is glad to see his mom and Victor are getting along better, and he tells them that they may be grandparents before they know it. Out in the living room, Austin and Sami show up, and Sami shares the news that everyone has been rescued with others. Nicole is relieved that Eric is safe, which upsets Sami. Sami and Nicole start arguing, first about Eric, and then about Nicole's mom. Nicole soon stars telling Sami that she's just sexually frustrated because she isn't sleeping with Austin, and she knows Austin sexually starved by the way he looks at her. Sami tries to walk away, so Nicole goats her some more by accusing Sami of having the hots for Brandon. Nicole starts telling Sami that her brother's ex- girlfriends claim Brandon is the best in bed, and Sami thinks Nicole is a prude for talking about her brother's sex life. Sami accuses Nicole of trying to break her and Austin up because she wants him for himself, but Nicole says that Sami doesn't really want Austin, he is just a trophy she stole from her sister. Nicole tells Sami that Brandon is who she really wants, and when she gives in to her brother, there will be no turning back. Nicole goes into the dining room and joins the rest of the family for breakfast. Sami hasn't joined them yet, and Nicole says that Sami seemed distracted this morning. Lucas wonders why, and he asks Austin if he has any plans for the future with Sami. Austin says they have plans, and Kate begs Austin not to tell her that he's going to marry that girl. Sami walks into the room as Kate says this, and she lays into Kate. Sami says that no one in her family know what the meaning of love is, and soon Lucas and Sami start arguing about Lucas' marriage. Lucas thinks Sami is just jealous of his marriage because she can't find anyone stupid enough to marry her. Austin asks Lucas if he is calling him stupid? Victor tells them to stop it now because he's not running a halfway house for disfunctional families. Victor says he's had it with all of them, and tells them they have one month to figure out what they are going to do and where they are going to live, but it won't be under his roof! Victor tells Lucas and Sami that they have 30 days to decide who will get custody of Will, and then they all have to get their lazy butts out of his house! Victor leaves, and Kate goes after him, leaving the freeloaders very shocked.

In France at the castle, Kurt tells Hope that Bo is gone and won't be back. Hope knows Kurt knows where Bo is, and she asks him where he went. Kurt doesn't know, and he tells Hope that he has plans for her. Hope looks at him and asks what he's planning to do with her? Kurt refuses to tell her, and tells her to consider herself lucky that she won't end up like Stefano. Hope asks Kurt where Stefano is, what has he done with him? She asks Kurt if he shot Stefano in cold blood, is he dead? Kurt only says that Stefano DiMera is no longer worth worrying about, and the only reason she is not in the Turret with him is because she is pregnant. Hope offers Kurt a lot of money if she lets her go home to Salem and have her baby, but Kurt claims he has other plans for her and her baby! Hope begs Kurt not to hurt her baby. Kurt asks why he should do what she wants, he hasn't made this easy on him or the poor princess .Kurt says he'll be relieved once Stefano is gone and he can ship her off to have her baby elsewhere. Hope asks Kurt for one favor, to check on Stefano. Kurt agrees to check on him, but warns Hope that she won't escape. Once Kurt is gone, Hope tries to get out of bed, but is too ill. Hope begins to hear a baby crying, and she tells herself that she has to do this for her baby. Kurt checks on Stefano, who Kurt says is knocking at death's door.


March 9
Due to illness, I have not proof read this summary!
At the Kiriakis Mansion, Phillip shows up for breakfast late and asks what he missed? Lucas tells him not much, just his father kicking them out of the house! Phillip laughs and thinks they are joking, but Sami and Austin tell him that they are serious. Nicole is glad that Victor kicked them out because this means they can build their own mansion, far away from this dump and certain people. Nicole looks at Sami when she says this. Sami tells Lucas and Nicole that if they think they are talking Will with them then they can forget it. Lucas tells Sami that he's not going anywhere with her! Sami warns Lucas not to do this, but he says "Consider it done!" Sami tells Lucas that she gave birth to Will, and she'll be the one to raise him, but Lucas says he doesn't think so! Lucas says he has soul custody of Will, so Sami tells him that she will take him to court and blow him out of the water. Lucas tells her that he'll never get soul custody, and she blew joint custody. He tells Sami that Will will live with him and his wife, end of discussion. Sami tells Lucas that he better not even try to take her son away from her! Austin takes an angry Sami out of the room, and Nicole celebrates having her own house. Lucas is troubled by the entire Will situation, especially moving him away from his mom. Nicole says she isn't going to stay in this house. She tells Lucas that she married him so he could get custody of Will, so he owes her a mansion! Lucas does not like her tone of voice and asks her what she means he owes her? Nicole apologizes and says she was just upset. Nicole tells Lucas to look on the bright side, this is the chance for the two of them to get away. Lucas reminds her that they are taking Will with them, and she says of course, Will too. She then starts telling Lucas how much she loves Will, but she worries that if he takes Will away from Sami, he will end up hating him in the long run.

Kate confronts Victor about his suddenly announcement that her children have to move out in thirty days. Victor tells Kate that these are big boys and they can make their own way. Kate tells Victor that if they leave, she leaves. Victor gets a suitcase out of the closet, throws it on the bed, and tells her to start packing! Kate asks Victor if he really wants her to leave? Victor asks Kate if she wants to leave? Kate says she doesn't, but she has to protect her children. Victor tells her that they are no longer children, they are adults and need to separate from her. He tells her that as long as they are here they are dependant on her. Kate knows that, but says she will miss them. Phillip walks in and says he'll visit her often and says he can be out first thing tomorrow, but he'll need some money, 25,000 should do it. Kate tells Phillip that he doesn't have to leave, and Victor tells Phillip that he admires how he tries to seize every opportunity for his own gain, and thinks that he will make a good businessman someday. Phillip tells his parents that with the others gone, there will be no one left to give him lifts places, so he'll need a car. Victor tells him nice try, but he's still paying off his gambling debts. Besides, Victor tells Phillip he has a new job for him. Phillip says he'll do it later after he gets back from his spring break trip, he's decided to go abroad. Victor has no intention of paying for his vacation until his debt is paid off. Phillip looks at Kate, but she says she can't help him, she can't help any of her children. Victor asks Phillip to excuse them so they can talk, so he leaves. Victor tells Kate that she realizes once the boys leave, Nicole and Sami will follow them. Kate knows that, and dreads Sami getting her claws into Austin even further. Victor doubts that and points out that with Lucas and Sami separated, Lucas will take Will with him, and Sami will return to her old ways to gain custody of Will, and she'll drive Austin away.

Meanwhile, Phillip calls his friends to see if they have heard from Belle or Shawn, but they haven't. He prays that Shawn doesn't move in on Belle, because Belle is his!

Sami and Austin go for a walk, and Sami tells Austin that she has no money, no job, no place to live, and no way to hold onto Will. She cries that this is the worst thing that has ever happened to her. Austin tries to comfort her and tells her that she'll see Will more than every other weekend. Sami says she knows what he's trying to do, but it isn't going to work. Austin tells her that if she believes that, then it won't work between them either. Austin tells Sami that he will talk to Lucas about this, but Sami says Lucas won't listen to reason. Sami tells Austin that the only way to get custody of Will is to fight dirty, and she asks him if he is ready for that?

In Paris, Belle and Mimi hit the town and Bell flirts with some guys at a French restaurant. Mimi thinks Belle is so cool because she can speak French so well. The French guys come over to see Belle and Mimi, and Mimi embarrasses Belle at first because she can't speak French, only Franglais. however, Belle soon accuses them of being Americans. They eventually fess up, and Mimi is angry at them for trying to fool them. The guys eventually leaves when Mimi and Belle give them the brush off, and Mimi is disappointed. They talk about boys, and Mimi tells Belle that she is lucky because she has boys falling all over her by the dozens. Belle says she should care less about having tons of boys after her, all she wants is that one special boy. Mimi asks her if she has meet him yet? Belle says she doesn't know, maybe she has, maybe she hasn't.

John, Shawn, Eric, and Doug show up at Bo's hotel room to surprise him, but Bo isn't in his room. Shawn uses the key he got to go in and check on his dad. Suddenly, a gun is pointed right at Shawn from behind a curtain! Bo appears in the dark, and Shawn yells that it is only him. Bo apologizes, and John asks him what he's doing? Bo says he thought it was the police. Doug says "The police are after you again?" Bo explains what happened to the Harrimans, and how the police are after him. John decides to make a call to Shane to try and get this mess cleared up. Bo explains to them that Gina's Paris house is clean, and nobody is at the castle. John asks him if he checked the castle out thoroughly? Bo says that Stefano would never take Hope there because it is too obvious. John looks at Bo and announces that they are going back. Bo says it would be a waste of time, but John says they are going back! Bo asks everyone to excuse him while he and John talk alone, so they leave. Bo accuses John of trying to take control like he did on the plane, he's becoming DiMera's soldier again. Bo thinks John is trying to keep him from finding his wife and burying his boss. John tells Bo to look him in the eye and tell him what he sees. John says it is just him, his friend, and he wants to find Hope as much as he does. Bo apologizes, and John tells him that he has every reason to be skeptical. John promises Bo that they will find Hope, and he questions Bo about the castle. John believes there could be some secret places in the castle, and they have to return anyways because of Greta. John tells Bo what happened on the island with Gina's body, so Bo agrees to re-check the castle out. Outside, Shawn becomes upset because everyone is taking shots at one another, and it is causing them to waste valuable time. Later, John tells everyone they are heading to the castle. Bo wants to call Kurt to let him know they are coming, but John stops him and says they are going to surprise Kurt.

At the castle, Kurt returns to Hope after checking on Stefano. He tells Hope that her cell mate is dying. Hope asks Kurt to help him, but Kurt says he is beyond help now. Hope asks to see him, but Kurt refuses. He tells her that she's too sick to move, and then later they will take a trip far away to meet someone who will take care of her and the baby. Kurt says he is tired, and decides to rest. Hope pretends to be tired as well, and once Kurt is asleep, she gets up and grabs the gun in his belt. Kurt wakes up, and Hope holds the gun on him. Kurt tells her that if she wants him gone She'll have to shoot him. When she pulls the trigger, nothing happens. Kurt tells her that he is not stupid enough to leave the bullets in it after what happened with Stefano, and he tells the princess to go back to bed. Kurt leaves Hope, who begins looking for ways out of the room. However, all the windows are barred. She finds one window which doesn't have bars, but it is small and high up. There are vines outside the window, and Hope tells herself that she has to take this risk.

In the turret, Stefano is lying in bed and is close to death. As he looks out the window, he sees the mythical phoenix come into the room and hover over his bed! It lands on the edge of his bed, and Stefano thinks this is a sign that his time has come and he will not rise again. Stefano asks the phoenix to take him away. Suddenly, the phoenix morphs into a specter of himself. Stefano asks him who he is? The specter says he knows who he is, and why he is here. The specter tells him to get out of that bed and take control of the situation, but Stefano says he can't, he is too weak. The specter tells Stefano that he has gone soft because of Hope and her child, but Stefano says the child is . . . . The specter says he knows all about the child. Stefano says he can no longer hold on, so the specter decides to take him out of his misery and begins to breath smoke on him. Stefano begins to chock, and the specter stops. He reminds Stefano of all the other times he has almost died, yet he fought his was back despite the odds. We see flashbacks of Stefano's various deaths. The specter asks Stefano if he has had a change of heart, or does he still want to succumb? Later, Kurt goes to check on Stefano, who is just lying there. Kurt thought Stefano was dead at first, but Stefano isn't dead yet. Kurt leaves, and the Stefano specter chuckles, and then turns back into the phoenix and takes off.


March 10
In Salem Place, Sami tells Austin that she is going to have to fight fire with fire to get custody of Will. Austin doesn't like what he is hearing, but Sami says if she doesn't play dirty then the courts will side with Lucas, and he knows that. Austin tells Sami to think what she can do to better herself instead of damaging Lucas' reputation. Sami says she'll need a job, and an apartment, and her biggest problem is that she is still single. Austin tries to calm her down and tells her not to panic, but Sami says she can't calm down. Sami fears Lucas will move to God knows where and take her son with him. Austin says Will is Lucas' son too, and he isn't a bad father. Austin tells Sami that he doesn't believe Lucas will harm Will, he only wants what is best for him. Austin suggests Sami try and talk to Lucas about joint custody, but Sami refuses to share custody with Lucas, ever! Austin tells Sami that she needs to think about what is best for Will. Sami says that is all she thinks about, but Austin tells her that if she really felt that way she would have waited till she got married to have him. Sami is furious with him for that comment and lays into him about how he's accusing her of sleeping around and she how he thinks she should have given him up or worse, but Austin says that is not what he meant. He asks Sami to just do the right thing for Will's sake. Austin tells Sami that he has to go be some were, and he promises her that it will work out.

At the mansion, Nicole tells Lucas that if he takes Will away from Sami, Will will hate him. She says that Will loves him, but he is not his mother and any child psychologist will tell you that a child needs to be raised by his mother. Lucas becomes angry and says his son loves him more than life itself, but Nicole says she is just trying to save him from making a big mistake. Lucas says that Sami is no role model for his son, but Nicole says kids don't judge parents at Will's age, all he'll know is she took his mom away. Lucas tells Nicole that she is one to talk, she hates her mom. Nicole says she doesn't hate her mom, they just clash like Kate and Billie. Nicole says mothers and daughters fight, but it is different with sons, she sees it with her mom and Brandon and she sees it with him and Kate. She warns him that messing with a boy and his mother is messing with nature. Lucas says he knows Will needs Sami in his life, just not every day, and Will will be happy with him. Still, Nicole doesn't want to see Lucas end up getting hurt, and if he lets him live with Sami he'll look like a good guy. Lucas suddenly gets a great idea, they can build Sami a guest house and they can have everyone close to them. Nicole tells Lucas that she is nuts, she doesn't want them close to them she wants them out of their lives! Lucas asks her if she wants Sami to take Will away from him? Nicole says no, she meant Sami and his do-goody brother. She tells Lucas that she wants them to have privacy. They talks about Lucas makes a comment about their deal, which Nicole uses against him. She says she's tired of thinking they are just a deal, and it hurts her when he talks like that. Lucas buys into her act and tells her that he is sorry. Nicole asks once again to let Will go live with Sami but he refuse and walks out of the room. Nicole pours herself a drink and wonders when Eric will get back from Europe. She wishes she could find a way to keep the five mill and get Eric back, but she realizes that Eric will never forgive her for the way she treated him, unless she could help Sami get her son back! Nicole stands in front of the mirror and practices a speech she's going to give to Sami about how it would break her heart to see Will grown up without his mother's love.

In Salem Place, Lucas runs into Austin and warns him to stay clear of any woman name Brady. Austin says Sami just wants what is best for the son, the same as he does, and he suggests they try hard to work this out. Lucas says he's saved that bitch's life one too many times, and he suggests he gets away from her before she ruins his life. Sami watches Austin from afar and tells Austin that he doesn't know it yet, but they will be married sooner than he thinks.

At Titan, Kate and Nicholas are working, but Kate is distracted. Nicholas thinks she is thinking about him, but Kate informs him she's thinking about Victor. She tells Nicholas that they had a scene at breakfast this morning, and Victor handles everything so calmly and smoothly. Nicholas asks her what about "us?" Kate tells her that there is no us. Nicholas says there is an "us," he was there and so was she. Kate tells Nicholas that Green Mountain lodge was a mistake, and what they had was a fantasy. Nicholas tells Kate that her rosy future with Victor is a fantasy because he can't fulfill her needs. Nicholas tells Kate that he read that medical file, he knows what is going on. Suddenly, Victor walks in and asks him to please tell him what is going on. Victor says if something is going on, he shouldn't be kept in the dark. Kate says it wasn't about business, and Nicholas says it was about his aunt Vivian. Kate switches the topic and asks how his workout was? Victor says his trainer couldn't keep up with him. Nicholas decides to leave and give them some time alone, and Kate tells Victor she is glad everything went well for him. She tells Victor that everything will work out perfectly, even though she will miss Lucas and Austin. However, Victor says he doesn't share her optimism because she created a major problem for him. Victor says he is still out the five million dollar she gave to Nicole. Kate says he'll never get it back, but Victor says he will get it back and he needs her help. Kate doesn't want to put Lucas' happiness at risk, but Victor tells her that Lucas' happiness is an illusion. However, if Nicole were to find herself flat broke, she may be more willing to hold onto Lucas. Meanwhile, Nicholas goes down to the gym to work out, and when a trainer sees him beating a bag to a pulp, he asks Nicholas who the woman is and what she did to him? Nicholas says he came here to work out, not to share.

At the Chateau, Hope was about to climb out the window when Kurt returns and finds her there. He asks her what she thinks she's doing? Hope says that she needs air. Kurt starts telling her that she does not need fresh air, she needs rest. Hope sees Bo and John on the grounds, and is overjoyed. Hope tries to keep Kurt distracted and not let him learn that Bo is here, and she vows to make sure Bo finds her this time. Kurt locks the window so she can't be tempted to get out of bed for more fresh air, and then he leaves and locks the door behind him.

Bo and John show up to search the castle, John is positive that it holds some secrets still. They walk into the castle, and begin looking around. Kurt shows up, and John and Bo decide to talk to him. Kurt asks why there are here, Hope isn't here. John says they are back to search again, and if he has nothing to hide, he won't have a problem with it. Kurt says that he is only the caretaker and can't give them that permission, but Bo says they have Greta's permission. Kurt says very well, but he tells them that there is nobody here. He claims he was going to take a shower and left the water running, so he leaves to turn it off. Kurt goes upstairs and grabs Hope. Downstairs, Bo asks John where they should start searching? John suggests they let Kurt lead the way. They go upstairs and begin to search rooms. Meanwhile, Kurt gags Hope and takes her up to the turret. John begins to remember the secret passage to the turret, and starts searching for it.

Greta and Eric visit the cemetery at the chateau. Greta tells Eric that it was sweet of his mother to take care of the burial service arrangements. Eric tells her that she cares about her, they all do. Greta says she never realized how beautiful this place was because last time she was here she was filled with so much anger, and now she has to go through it all again. Greta apologizes for getting upset, but Eric tells her it is okay and these feelings are normal. Greta hugs Eric and tells him that she's so glad he's here with him. She can't believe how much has happened since they were last here. Eric tells her that she got to be with her mother. Greta turns away from him, and Eric tells her that he knows she feels guilty about what her mother did, but she can't be held responsible because she had been separated from her mom for so long that she would have done anything to have her back. Greta tells Eric that he is the only one who really understands how precious that time was. She hopes by burying her mom here it will put her to rest. She also hopes that Bo finds Hope so Shawn can have his mother again. Eric tells Greta that he knows Gina hurt a lot of people and told a lot of lies, but the one pure and honest thing about her was that she loved her daughter. Greta hugs Eric again and says she doesn't know how she'd get through this with out him. Eric asks her what she'll do after the funeral? She says she'll probably go back to Salem and start on her new life. Eric says that sounds nice, but he suggests that they make it their new life. Later, Greta tells Eric that for some reason, her mother wanted them to bring her here.

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