March 2000 Week 1


February 28
At the Kiriakis Mansion, Victor is on the phone talking with Roman about Stefano. Victor still has no news on him, and Roman hasn't heard from Bo or John yet. Elsewhere, Kate, who Victor thinks is planning their wedding, can't stop thinking about Nicholas. Victor approaches Kate from behind and startles her. Victor tells Kate that he wants to start courting her again, and he thought they would go dancing tonight. Suddenly, Kate bursts into tears and runs out of the room. In the foyer, Nicholas shows up to talk to Kate, but she says there is nothing more to say, and she leaves. Victor shows up and tells Nicolas that Kate suddenly started crying and ran off, and he doesn't know why. Victor then asks Nicholas if he has something he needs signed? Nicholas says no, he just came to deliver a message from Aunt Viv, she bids him a fond farewell. Victor is confused, so Nicholas explains that Vivian went on a cruise with Ivan after he won forty million dollars. Victor is completely stunned, but he realizes Vivian was trying to say goodbye to him last night. Victor says that he has to get in touch with Vivian to talk to her about her stocks. Nicholas says that has all been taken care of, she has handed them over to him, and he is taking over her 49% of the company. Victor tells him to think again because there is no way he's taking over Vivian's place at Titan. Nicholas is insulted and says he does have an MBA, but Victor says that Vivian had an instinct for running a company and that is something you can't learn in a business school. Victor tells Nicholas that he is a young man and should take advantage of this time, and when he is ready then he will welcome him as a partner. Nicholas vows to prove to him that his aunt was right and he can run this company, and then he leaves.

Upstairs, Kate is in her room crying when Lucas shows up demanding to talk to her. She tells him that she wants to be alone, but he says that is important and he has to talk to her. Kate opens the door, and Lucas realizes she has been crying. He wants to know what is going on because he wants to help her. Kate tells him that nobody can help her. He refuses to leave until she tells him what is wrong. He asks if Victor is causing problems for her again by treating her like his servant. Kate says it is not Victor. Lucas doesn't like the way Victor treats her in her own house, but Kate says this is his house. Lucas says if that is the way she feels then they should all pack up and move out. Lucas says that he doesn't like the way Victor has treated her ever since he came home from the nursing home, and he hasn't said anything about it out of his sense of loyalty to Victor. However, he doesn't like seeing Victor treat his mother like she is beneath him and not living up to his standards. Kate says that perhaps she's not living up to his standards, so Lucas says "To hell with him!" Kate tells Lucas that he should be proud to be part of Victor's life and family. Lucas doesn't understand what is going on with his mother. He tells her that all he sees is her loving Victor and treating him like the center of her universe, and she gets nothing in return. Kate tells Lucas that it may look like she treats Victor as the center of her universe, but that doesn't mean that is what is in her heart. Lucas asks Kate what she's trying to tell him? Kate says that she has made mistakes, so Lucas tells her to stop making them. Kate tells him that it is too late, and there is someone else who knows what she has done and could destroy her. Lucas realizes his mom is talking about Vivian. Kate says that if Vivian tells Victor what she has done, she could lose Victor forever. Lucas says that Victor may be critical of her, but he loves her and she'll never lose him. However, Kate is still troubled by Vivian. Lucas tells her not to let Vivian get to her, and she only has power over her if she gives it to her. Kate asks him if Sami's presence in this house doesn't drive him crazy? Lucas says not anymore because Sami can't hurt him. Kate doubts that and says that if Sami had scene Nicole at Tuscany on New Years, she would have dragged him to court. Lucas becomes angry and wonders why his mom turns everything to an attack on his wife. Kate only wants him to be happy, and Nicole doesn't give a damn about his happiness or Will. Lucas is upset because he came here to comfort her, and all she is doing is attacking his wife. KAte eventually apologizes, and Lucas tells Kate to just trust in Victor's love for her the same way he trusts in Nicole's love for him. Lucas leaves, and Kate remembers Vivian catching her and Nicholas at the lodge. She knows Vivian is just waiting for the perfect moment to drop the bomb on her.

Kate goes downstairs to see Victor, who tells Kate that he has to go to Chicago and invites her to come with him. Kate says she can't because she has too much to do. Kate hopes Victor knows how much she loves him. He hugs her and assures her that they will have the life they always wanted.

In Paris, Kurt pulls a gun on a sleeping Stefano, but Hope yells out "No!" Kurt fires the gun, but Stefano rolls over just in time. Stefano jumps up, and Kurt and Stefano wrestle over the gun. Stefano yells at Hope to run when he gets the gun away from Kurt, but Kurt quickly grabs Hope and uses her as a shield. Hope tries to persuade Kurt to let them go, but he refuses to listen to them. Stefano warns Kurt to let Hope go, but Kurt knows Stefano won't shoot him. Hope yells at Stefano to just shoot, so he does! Kurt falls to the floor, and Hope runs for it. As she is running down the steps, she hears another shot, and wonders what is going on. She runs downstairs and tries to use the phone, but it is dead. Back upstairs, Kurt has been shot in the shoulder, and Stefano has passed out. Hope runs around the mansion trying to find a way out. She ends up putting on some of Gina's furs, only to be grabbed by Kurt. She begs Kurt not to do this because her baby deserves to live. Kurt tells her to be quiet, and then knocks her unconscious.

Onboard the plane, John tries to get rid of the bomb before it explodes, but he's not quick enough! The bomb goes off and rocks the plane. The lights flicker and the plane jumps all over. Mimi is frantic, and Marlena and Belle try to calm her. Meanwhile, Lily, who is totally zonked on tranquilizers, decides to play stewardess and asks if she can get anyone some tea or coffee. Greta wants to check on Eric, and she goes to the cargo hold. Marlena tries to chase after her, but she has to attend Mimi, who faints. Meanwhile, Julie manages to get the pilot to wake up for a bit, but he ends up passing back out. Lily totally loses it and starts handing out cotton towels to everyone.

Down in the cargo hold, John's ears are ringing, and he calls out to his "men" to wake up. Eric and Shawn were out cold, and he slaps them awake. Eric says they have to close the door, but John says it won't close. He instructs them to push the containers in front of the door to try and create some sort of a seal. Greta shows up to be with Eric, so John head up to the cockpit.

In the cockpit, Bo and Doug lose control of the plane and Bo sends out a mayday. John shows up to help try and fly the plane and works to try and restore the power. John splices some wires and manages to get the power back. Bo realizes that they are not heading towards Paris because it is dark out, they are in an entirely different time zone. Suddenly, the engines begin to blow out. Doug shows up at tells Bo and John that the pilot and co pilot are coming too, and they say that they should be in Paris soon. John says they aren't anywhere near Paris, for all they know they are headed to the arctic circle. Another engine blows out, and John says they have to land this plane now. He sees an island up ahead and says they will have to land it there. Bo goes to the cabin and tells everyone to put on their life vests and buckle up. The pilot goes up to the cockpit to help John, and the pilot realizes the plane has run out of fuel and they are flying on empty! John and the pilot are forced to crash land the plane into the sea.

Onboard Rolfe and Bart's jet, Rolfe and Bart hear screaming, but then the screen goes black. Bart is furious and calls Rolfe a sick bastard for letting all those innocent people die. Rolfe says there was a chance that this could happen and they both knew it, but Bart says this was all just a sick game to him. The TV screen comes back on, and they see Bo and Doug trying to get John to respond. Bart tells Rolfe to help them land the plane. Rolfe refuses to help them because he wants to put John to the ultimate test. Rolfe knocks out all the instruments on the plane. Bart asks him if he wants them all to die? Rolfe says no, he wants John to save them to prove what a genius he is for creating him. They watch them on the TV for awhile, and Rolfe can't believe John didn't figure out they were flying in the wrong direction hours ago. Bart begs Rolfe to help them, but he refuses. Rolfe says that there fate is in John's hands now, and if he doesn't save him, it will be the greatest disappointment of his life. Rolfe turns the monitor off and tells Bart that they are going home now and will no longer think about those people. Bart can't believe Rolfe is going to let all those people die. Rolfe says if John is the man he thinks he is, then he will save them. If not, C'est la guerre (not C'est la vie).


February 29
At the Kiriakis Mansion, everyone is eating breakfast. Victor reads the paper and he becomes angry about Brandon's feud with Abe and tells Brandon to resolve this quickly and quietly or move out of this house. Nicole says if Brandon goes, I go! Sami says that would be the silver lining, and Lucas and Sami start arguing. Victor says as long as Brandon lives in his house, he is a reflection on the Kirkias' name. Brandon says he just wants to see justice, but Victor says this is about one thing only, revenge. Brandon asks why he would think that? Victor says he's had it out for Abe since the boxing match. They end up in a huge argument. Brandon says that he's only trying to protect his civil rights and he will move out because he doesn't want to live in a house with someone who condones police brutality. Victor says that he doesn't have to move out, just tone it down and don't get into any mud-slinging. Meanwhile, Faye shows up outside and can't believe the palace her children live in. Henderson confronts Faye and tells her that this is private property, no soliciting. Nicole shows up to handle her mother. Faye has shown up to see Brandon, but Nicole tells her to see him at work because she would only embarrass him here. Faye refuses to leave and demands to see Brandon now! Nicole tells her mom that she'll go get him, but tells her mom to go around back and use the service entrance. Nicole fetches Brandon, who runs to see his mom. Sami's curiosity is sparked, and she wonders who Brandon is so anxious to see. Sami and Nicole start insulting one another, and Victor tells them to stop it. Nicole says she wouldn't have to deal with this if her knight in shining armor would defend her. Victor tells Nicole to grow up, and he excuses himself. Nicole thinks they all like being mean to her, and Sami feels really sorry for her. Lucas warns Sami that she's about this close to finding a new place to live. Sami says if she goes, Will goes with her. Nicole says she's had enough fighting, so she leaves. Elsewhere, Faye tells Brandon that she saw the latest headline, and she's worried that this whole Abe Carver thing will lead to disaster. Faye tells him that Abe was a nice man and she wants him to stop this. Brandon refuses, and he grows angry when she says he is as stubborn as his father. Nicole shows up and is angry that her mother has come inside. Brandon tells Nicole that this is their mother and she should be welcomed here. Nicole says this is her home, but Brandon says he lives her too. Nicole and Brandon start arguing, and Victor shows up to break it up. However, he recognizes Faye and tells her that he hasn't seen her at the country club and he misses his favorite waitress. He asks her what she is doing here? She tells him that she came to see Brandon because he is her son. She says she has to go now, so she gives Brandon a kiss goodbye. After Faye leaves, Brandon leaves as well.

At the Wesley's house, Chloe is giving Craig a hard time about drinking coffee, but he teases her for drinking decaffeinated coffee. Craig says he does drink too much coffee, so she offers him some of hers. He tells her that he can't expose his patients to caffeine withdrawal, and begins to get the jitters. They both start laughing, until Nancy shows up dressed just like Chloe! Craig asks her if she lost her way to the closet? Nancy says it is her new look, she wanted to find out what it was like to where no color at all. Nancy says she wanted to see if she got anything out of it. Chloe tells her that she looks ridiculous, and tells her to were the attention grabbing clothes she usually wears, that awfully gaudy stuff. Nancy asks if she's saying she craves attention? Craig says that his wife looks good in anything, and he decides to get a camera to take a picture of this moment for posterity, which angers Chloe. She tells them both to just stop it! Chloe "how dares" Nancy for mocking and ridiculing her. Nancy says that she was only trying to get close to her and she's sorry she made a mistake. Chloe says she is sorry, and she is making a fool of herself. Nancy says she only wanted to get to know her, but Chloe says she doesn't want to be known by anyone. Craig tries to play peacekeeper between them. Chloe tells Nancy that she focuses way to much time on trying to make her feel loved, but she doesn't need it. She says perhaps when she was a little girl she would have enjoyed it, but that time has past. Chloe says all she wants to be is left alone! Nancy ends up in tears and doesn't understand why she would want to be alone. Nancy begs her to let her be friend, but Chloe tells her that she's old enough to be her mother! Nancy cries that everything she does is wrong, and she asks Chloe what she could do that would be right? Nancy says she only did this to try and get close to her, she didn't want to dress up in these stupid clothes. Clhoe thinks Nancy just called her stupid, and she becomes even more angry. She says she's probably late for school now, and storms off. Craig comforts his wife, who wonders what possessed her to think that she could do this. As they talk, Chloe listens in on them. Craig tells Nancy that Chloe has a lot of emotional baggage, she is distant, she is eccentric, and she's not going to conform to her ideal notion of a daughter. When Craig tells her that she's doing good so far, Nancy jokes that she could write a book about the do's and don'ts of living with a teenage girl, but so far all she has is a lot of don'ts. Nancy cries that the books say that you should spend quality time with your child and make them feel loved and important, but those don't work with Chloe. She continues to cry about how foolish she feels and how Chloe makes her feel so much less about herself. Craig tells her she has plenty of time to grow closer to Chloe. Nancy doesn't understand how was getting along with Chloe so well this morning and making her laugh. Craig tells her that there is no formula, he just isn't trying as hard as she is. When Craig says that Chloe will have forgotten the entire incident when she gets home from school, Chloe says, to herself, "Don't be to sure Craig!"

In France, Kurt has brought Hope to Gina's bedroom. He tells a woozy Hope that a doctor is on the way. Hope asks if he knows she is his prisoner? Kurt says he doesn't like that word and tells her that she is his girlfriend, who he got pregnant. He warns her that if she doesn't go along with his story, she will go back up to the turret. He also tells her that he'll use his gun if she tries to escape again, and this time he won't miss! The doctor shows up and asks Kurt what happened to his shoulder? Kurt says he was cleaning his gun and it went off, but he is fine. He says that it is his girlfriend that he is worried about. He looks at Hope and tells Kurt that this woman is very ill! Hope moans that she needs him to help her. Kurt claims that he and his girlfriend broke up last fall, and she just showed up yesterday on his doorstep. As the doctor examines Hope, Hope tries desperately to get a message through to him that she needs help, but she is too weak. Later, the doctor tells Kurt that Hope has been bitten by a poisonous spider and that is what is making her sick. He also says she has a bruise on her cheek, which Kurt claims she got when she fell. Kurt asks if the baby will be all right? The doctor says that depends, and he asks Hope how long she has been bleeding? Hope is shocked by this news and says she didn't know. She looks at Kurt and tells him that he did this to her, it is all her fault!

John and the pilot have landed the plane in the ocean safely. John asks why they aren't sinking yet if they are in the water. The pilot looks outside and says he thinks they are. Everyone onboard is grateful to be alive, and they do a head check to make sure everyone is okay. Lily doesn't respond to the role call, but she is alive. She eventually wakes up and says that she thinks she concerned her fear of flying, with the help of her pills! She asks for some more, but ends up passing back out. John shows up to be with his family, and Doug asks him where they are? John says they are on a sandbar in the ocean, and it is only a matter of time before they begin to shift around. Suddenly, the plane jerks, and John tells everyone to hold on. Suddenly, Shawn notices that Bo is nowhere to be found. John says that he must be in the back, so he'll go check it out. John makes it to the back of the plane, and the door had been blown open with the crash. John realizes Bo might be out in the water, so he dives in to find him. John finds Bo, who he calls soldier, and he tells him to hold on because he's the one man he didn't count on loosing on this mission. John and Shawn carry Bo into the main cabin for the "doctor" to administer therapy. Marlena checks on Bo and announces that he is not breathing. Marlena performs mouth to mouth on Bo, and he eventually spits up the water. The plane continues to shift, so John tells everyone to get ready to abandon ship. The pilot, who was out surveying, tells everyone that there is an island not far from them. ALice announces that the only thing to do is to swim for it! Everyone jumps out of the plane and into the sea. As Greta is about to jump, John tells her not to think about her mother right now other than how much she loved her. One by one, everyone jumps out. Belle and Mimi are among the last to go, and Belle telling her dad how much she loves him seems to snap John out of mercenary mode for a second. John asks the "doctor" if she is ready? Marlena tells him that with him she is already ready, and they kiss. The plane suddenly shifts as John and Marlena prepare to jump.


March 1
Due to the fact that I have a major school project due tomorrow, I am using NBC's recaps for today. Thanks for understanding.

Kate is a nervous wreck, worried that Vivian is going to expose her near lovemaking encounter with Nicholas. But Nicholas tells her that Vivian has left town indefinitely. Kate breathes a sigh of relief until Nicholas informs her that Vivian left him in charge of her 49% of titan. That means Nicholas, Kate, and Victor will be working very closely. Later, Nicholas drops the bomb and tells Kate he knows Victor is impotent... Brandon meets with his lawyer who fills him in on the upcoming hearing with Abe, the commissioner, and the arbitrator. Benny is sure Brandon will come out victorious. Brandon says he couldn't care less about the money. All he wants is a public apology from Abe. He wants everyone to see carver crash and burn. Later, Abe and Lexie really have it out... Much to Brandon's delight... The plane crash survivors all turn up on a deserted tropical island. John, in mercenary mode, instructs the guys to build a fire so they can send out a signal for help; Bo questions John about his harsh, drill sergeant behavior and John reveals that he's been slipping back into his old self; Eric rescues Greta from the strong undertow; Alice suggests they have a memorial service for Princess Gina; and Mimi is in heaven now that she is trapped on an island with Shawn. Later, a rescue chopper sweeps in, but it can't land on such a small area. They'll have to drop a rope and rescue only one person for the time being. Who will it be? The french doctor checks Hope out and tells her that her pain and the bleeding may be connected to a pulled muscle. But he'd like to take her to an obstetrician. Kurt, playing the role of her Boyfriend to the hilt, speaks up and says that won't be necessary. And he manages to convince the doctor to keep Hope right there at the castle. The doctor packs up to leave, taking Hope's chances of escape with him. But then Hope gets a strong vibe and prays that Bo saves her before their baby is Born...


March 2
At Dot.Com, Sami watches Phillip and Austin as they play computer games. Phillip ends up beating Austin. Chloe comes into Dot.Com and approaches Phillip. She tells him that he really has to stop following her because it is getting embarrassing. Austin asks Phillip if anything is going on between him and that girl, but Phillip says there is nothing going on between him and Morticia. He says that Chloe isn't his type because she is just plain strange. Austin tells Phillip that he's noticed he can't stop staring at the girl, which means he digs her. Phillip denies that and says that he just wishes she'd leave him alone. Chloe, who was listening in, approaches them and tells Phillip that he is the one who asked her out, she turned him down, and now he has to get over it. Chloe tells Austin that she seems to fascinate Phillip because all he does is stare at her. Phillip tells Chloe to stop her fantasy because he is not buying this. Chloe starts teasing Phillip about being all alone tonight. Phillip tells her not to put down his friends, but Chloe says that his friends flew to Paris, and they probably didn't invite him because they knew he had nothing to offer. Phillip claims they did invite him, he just had other things to do. Chloe doubts that, and she tells him that he should stop thinking his is God's gift to females, especially Belle Black. Phillip is shocked that she thinks he is lusting after Belle Black, but Chloe says she knows he is, and that is probably why she went to Paris with Shawn Brady. She tells Phillip that he spends so much time calling her a loser, when he's overlooked the biggest loser of them all, himself!

Sami sees Lexie, so she decides to go talk to her. Lexie tells Sami that she came here to get away from her life because things are bad, really bad. Lexie tells Sami that she and Abe can't start arguing lately. Lexie tells Sami that Abe wants her to back him up 100%, but what he did to Brandon was wrong. Sami tells Lexie that she still loves Abe, and that is what is most important. She knows she misses being close to Abe, and Lexie says she does. Sami tells her to go home and be with him, but Lexie says she can't do that. Lexie tells Sami that she hasn't discovered the wonders of marriage yet, it can be wonderful or drive you mad! Sami hopes to discover the wonders of marriage soon. Lexie asks Sami how things between her and Austin are going? Austin shows up to see if Sami wants anything, and when he leaves to get her a coffee, Lexie comments how sweet they are together. Sami says she knows, and some people, including Brandon, didn't think they'd last. Lexie says that Brandon talked to her (lexie) about her and Austin. Sami is shocked, but Lexie says that he cares about her and doesn't want to see her hurt. Austin returns, and Lexie decides to give them time alone. Sami tells Lexie that she'll give her a call and perhaps they can have lunch. Lexie leaves, and Austin tells Sami that he wants to take a long walk with her in the park so they can be alone, and then he gives her a kiss.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Nicole reads about Brandon in the paper and tells her brother that she's so proud of him. Nicole gives him a bravo for going after the police department and Abe for the money, which is what she thinks he wants. Brandon tells her that he is not her, it is not about the money. Nicole knows he wants money, but Brandon says he wouldn't sell himself to get it. Nicole asks him if it isn't about the money, what is it about? She asks him what Abe Carver ever did to him other than keep their dad from killing their mom, not that she didn't deserve it. Brandon tells her to leave mom out of this, but Nicole says that their mom doesn't deserve to have them in her life. She tells him to forget about mom and go for the mother of settlements. Brandon remembers his dad hitting him and his mom, and he tells Nicole to shut up. Brandon refuses to prostitute himself to make a buck. Nicole says she hasn't, but Brandon tells her that she was paid five million dollars to be Lucas' . . . Nicole finishes his sentence with "whore!" Nicole says she is not a whore, she saw a way out of her rotten life and she took it. She once again tells Brandon to ride this lawsuit to easy street, but Brandon says he is in this for payback, not money. Nicole says if he wants to blame someone then he should blame mom, she was the weak one. However, Brandon thinks that if Abe hadn't butted in, their family might have stayed together. Nicole tells Brandon that doesn't make any sense, and she wants to know what he is not telling him. Brandon says there is nothing else to tell, Abe ruined their family and that is all there is. Brandon asks if they can stop fighting now, so she agrees to call a truce. They hug one another, and Nicole asks Brandon if he's interested in any girls in Salem? Brandon says there may be one, but he has to take things slowly. Nicole asks if she knows this girl? Brandon says he's not saying a word. Brandon gets a call from his lawyer about setting up a meeting tonight to prepare for his hearing tomorrow. Nicole thinks this is a bad idea, but Brandon says she'll see what this is about tomorrow, which is only the beginning. Brandon leaves, and Nicole is determined to save Brandon from himself. She says she can't do it alone, and she knows where to go to for help.

On the island, Marlena sits and talks with Shawn. Shawn says that Alice is taking a nap, and Mimi's talking about a TV hunk put Mrs. Faversham to sleep. Marlena doesn't think it will be long before they are rescued. She asks Shawn if he is worried about his dad? Shawn tells her that he is glad the helicopter took his dad because he needs to start looking for his mom. Eric shows up and asks them if they have seen Greta? Shawn says he saw Greta go into the woods awhile ago, so Eric goes looking for her. Marlena asks Shawn to watch Belle for a few minutes so she can talk to John. Belle is busy sleeping, but is having nightmares about the plane crash. When she wakes up, Shawn is there to comfort her. Shawn tells her that she is safe, and when he says he'll go get her folks, she stops him because she doesn't want them to worry about her. Shawn asks her if she wants to talk about the dream? Belle says no and that she's awake now and isn't afraid anymore. Shawn says that he is, and when he starts talking about the explosion and crash, Belle asks him to stop. Shawn tells her that it is okay to be afraid, and she eventually breaks down in his arms. He holds her and tells her that she doesn't need to be perfect with him. Belle thanks Shawn and feels better after a good cry. Belle says this is not what she thought this trip would be like, and as she talks about Paris, she apologizes because she knows the trip wasn't supposed to be about just Paris. Shawn tells her that it is okay and he knows everyone dreams about going to Paris. Shawn and Belle make a fire, and Belle says they need some marshmallows. Shawn thinks his grandmother probably brought some, but he doesn't want to wake her up, and he doesn't want to move from this spot.

Marlena finds John in the woods alone and he's lost in his thoughts. SHe wonders where he is. John turns to her, and Marlena asks him not to shut her out. John remembers being trained as Soldier John Black. MArlena knows a way to get through to him, so she grabs him and kisses him! John tells her that he has never needed her love more then he does right now. When she asks why, he says it doesn't matter. However, Marlena says it does matter. She says that they survived because of what he did, but she tells him that the man on that plane was not her sweet and caring husband, he was a man who would do anything to survive. Marlena asks John if Stefano's mercenary has returned, because if he has he must fight him and she will help him. She tells him that she will not let him go, and she will not lose him. John tells Marlena that he promised her that once they were married she wouldn't lose him, but Marlena is having a hard time believing it. John says that was him on the plane, he did what he had to do to save those people. Marlena isn't so sure because she felt a tremendous need in him when he kissed her. John tells her to just give him her love, because it is his strength, and he kisses her again. Later, John sleeps and Marlena strokes his hair. John dreams about being a mercenary, which jolts him awake. John is his cold self again, and he leaves to check on the others. Marlena tells herself that John is lying to her.

Greta is by herself in the woods and is looking into a lagoon. Eric shows up and asks her why she ran off the way she did? Greta says she is okay now that she found this place. She says it makes her feel like she's found her way home. She kneels down and begins to smear mud on her face and looks at herself in the water. Eric asks her why she feels at home here? Greta says the first thing she noticed was the air, it is heavy and you can feel your body move through it. She tells him that it reminds her of the years she spent in the bayou. Greta tells him that when she lived in the Bayou she had forgotten about Paris, and she felt safe there. She begins to doubt that she has made a better life for herself in Salem. She also thinks that perhaps their crashing here was a sign that she belongs here. Eric cleans the mud off of Greta's face and tells her that even though some people have to be alone, she isn't one of them. Eric tells Greta that people think he is helping her through rough times, but she was the one who helped him through his rough times. He tells her that he saw something in her that made him realize he would be okay. Eric tells her that he would do anything to make her feel safe. Greta apologizes for walking off and worrying him, but she hasn't fully accepted the fact that he isn't going to leave her like everyone else in her life. Eric makes Greta say "Eric won't leave her," and then he gives her a kiss. Greta tells Eric that she wants him, but . . . Eric tells her that there is no timetable, no expectations, they can take it one step at a time. Eric backs away from her, and then starts to undress! Greta is shocked, but Eric says he only wants to go swimming, he has a swimsuit on underneath his jeans. Eric jumps in, and soon Greta joins him.


March 3
Chloe has a fantasy about singing opera on the stage, and she looks absolutely beautiful! Back in the real world, Nancy sees Chloe singing with her eyes closed and she watches her. Chloes cries that is the kind of life she wants, but this is what she has instead. Nancy approaches her, and Chloe accuses her of spying on her. Nancy says she couldn't sleep and thought she had gone to bed. Nancy sees that Chloe is crying, and she asks if it is her fault? Chloe says the opera she was listening to was very powerful, that was why she was crying. Nancy tells Chloe that they should talk, and it is hard for her to admit when she is wrong. She tells her that she was only trying to give her guidance, she didn't mean to be insensitive or upset her. Chloe tells Nancy that she doesn't know what she was thinking or feeling. Nancy says she is right, there are a lot of things she doesn't know about her. Chloe responds "and you never will . . " Chloe tells Nancy that she doesn't know what she wants, and Nancy says that is because she won't tell her what she wants. However, Nancy says she does know one thing she needs, love. Chloe asks Nancy if that is why she is here, because she loves her? Chloe tells Nancy that she is not like her, she doesn't need other people. Nancy doesn't believe that because she said she wanted to be part of this family. Chloe says that was then, this is now. Chloe tells Nancy that the minute she turns 18 she is leaving! Nancy says, to Chloe, that she likes to put people down and it is so much better to be cold and unfeeling because emotions get in the way. Chloe tells Nancy if she was more like her she could have given birth to her and thrown her in a dumpster! Nancy begins to cry, and Chloe runs upstairs.

At the station, the Commissioner brings Roman a copy of the latest paper, which indicates Abe and Brandon's hearing is closed to the public. Roman says they aren't hiding anything, but the Commissioner has his doubts. He tells Roman that it may be time for Abe to retire.

Lexie returns home, and Abe tells her that he was so worried about her. She tells him that she was at Dot.Com, she needed some time to think. Abe tells her that he's sorry about what he said, but Lexie tells him that she thinks he meant every word of it. Abe tells Lexie that Brandon is trying to recruit her and play on her sympathies, but Lexie says Brandon didn't want it to go this far. Abe says that is a lie, but she believes every word he says. LExie says that Brandon didn't want it to go this far, but if he doesn't fight he will lose his self-respect. Abe asks her what about he's lost, does she give a damn about that? Lexie tells Abe that she loves him and has always looked up to him. She tells him that she wants a family with him because she knows any child would be lucky and proud to have him as a father. Abe tells Lexie that he loves her, and the two make love. The phone rings, and Lexie wonders who could be calling at this hour. They let the machine answer, and it is Roman calling for Abe. Abe answers, and Roman asks him to come down to the station because the commissioner and city attorney need to talk to him before the hearing. Abe realizes he is in a lot more trouble then he originally thought.

Abe goes to the station and learns that his hearing has been closed to the public. They tell Abe that they need to be fully prepared when they go in front of the arbitrator tomorrow. Abe says he plans to tell the truth, and then he starts losing control. He wishes the department would stand behind him for once! The city attorney tells Abe that if he acts like that in the court room, the department won't be able to stand behind him. Abe thanks them for their vote of confidence, and if they aren't going to back up then they should tell him now. They tell him that they are behind him, they just don't want him to blow up if Walker goats him in the courtroom. The attorney says he wants to present his testimony in written form, but Abe refuses. Abe promises he won't lose his temper, so they tell him to get a good night sleep. Later, Roman asks Abe if he is sure he can do this? Abe tells Roman not to worry about this, it isn't his problem.

BRandon and Benny have their meeting in Brandon's car by the side of the road. Benny wonders if they should call one of his family members to attest to his condition after his arrest, but Brandon refuses. Brandon tells Benny that Carver has no idea the damage he did, how hard it was for him to tell his patients why they had to go through kemo alone. Benny snickers that Abe has no idea who he is dealing with. Benny says that once he is done with Abe Carver, they'll drop the second bomb on him, Larry Morris. Benny says that if they don't run Abe out of town, they will destroy him! Suddenly, Lexie shows up and is shocked by what she hears. She tells Brandon that Abe was right about him all along! Lexie says she couldn't sleep and decided to take a walk, and when she saw his car she thought he had broken down, but she didn't expect to find him planning to ruin her and Abe's lives. Brandon says that was his over zealous lawyer talking, and Benny tells Lexie not to blame Brandon for his own hatred for Abe. Benny leaves, and Brandon asks Lexie to get in so they can talk. Lexie gets in, and Brandon tells Lexie that he's just nervous about the hearing and Benny was just trying to pump him up a little. Brandon says his mom has worked hard to do right by him, and he just wants to do the same for her. Lexie is confused and asks what his mom has to do with this? Brandon says that his mom has worked hard all her life, and he just wants to help her out. Lexie asks what this has to do with him suing Abe? Abe says the money isn't important, his integrity is. Brandon tells Lexie about his mom and how hard she used to work to keep his clothes clean to make him presentable and respectable. He says that his mom taught him everything he knows about dignity, and he won't let her down now. Lexie says she sounds like a remarkable woman, and she'd like to meet her. Brandon says perhaps she will meet her one day. Brandon tells LExie that she better get home, and he thanks her for understanding. He tells her that she is an incredible friend, and he says he really does care about her. Lexie leaves, and Brandon tells himself that tomorrow he will destroy Abe. He says when he is through with Abe, he will lose his job, his reputation, and his wife.

Nicole heads to see her mother and plans to use liquor to cause her mother to tell her the truth about Brandon and Abe. Fay is shocked to see that Nicole has come to see her. Nicole apologizes for freaking out about her visit to the mansion, but claims that Mr. K is picky about who is let in his house, but since they know one another she should feel free to drop by any time. Fay asks if she wants anything to eat, but Nicole says she just wants something to drink. Fay offers her a soda, but Nicole says she wants something stronger, and finds some liquor. Fay tells her that she can't drink that because it has been here forever, but Nicole says that alcohol doesn't go bad. Nicole tells her mother to join her for a nightcap, and she shows her how to drink tequila. Nicole tells her that it tastes like the hot lemonade she used to make her and Brandon when they had colds, so Fay downs the tequila. Nicole keeps serving up the drinks, and Nicole tells her mom that she has a question about having babies, and she's the only one she can talk to. Fay asks Nicole if she is pregnant? Nicole says no, but she and her husband do want to have a family, but she has questions about raising kids. Fay asks how she can help? Nicole says she just needs to know the usual, what to do, what not to do, whether she'll regret the whole thing. Fay tells Nicole that nobody should regret bringing a child into the world because nothing makes her more proud than her children do. Fay says her only regret is that she had to work so hard and not spend enough time with them. Nicole says they couldn't depend on dad, and Brandon believes their problems are the fault of their dad's drinking and the police. Fay says that her father was a selfish man. Nicole tells her mom she could have moved out and taught him a lesson, but Fay says she took vows and had to honor them, even when things got bad. She says marriage is till death do you part, and that is what she wants for her and Lucas. Nicole says she can't forget all the screaming and yelling, and worse. Fay tells Nicole that she has to let this go in order to have a happy life. Nicole says she has let it go, but Brandon hasn't and it has something to do with the lawsuit. She asks her mom why Brandon is doing this, what did Abe Carver do to Brandon that was so bad? Fay says that Abe was one of the officers who used to come check on them. Nicole remembers that she used to call him Aberacadabra, and he used to give her lollipops. Nicole asks her mom what she remembers? Fay remembers Abe offering to protect her from her husband, but Fay told Abe she didn't need protection. Fay tells Nicole that she only vaguely remembers Abe, but Nicole knows her mom is lying. Nicole grabs her mom and demands the truth. To get out of telling Nicole the truth, Fay claims she is going to be sick and runs into the bathroom.

On the island, Greta and Eric are kissing in the lagoon. Later they look at the stars, and then the fish swimming among them. Greta tells Eric that there is a whole world out there that she wants to see, and she wants to see it with him. Suddenly, Eric disappears! Eric only went under the water, and soon surfaces. She splashes him for teasing her. Greta tells Eric that she is tired of bad things happening, and she wants to go home with him to Salem. She says her mother is gone now, and her body is gone, all she has left are her memories. She says there is no reason for her to even go to the chateau now because there will be no grave there for her to visit. Eric and Greta start getting hot and heavy, and Greta tells Eric not to stop. Suddenly, something brushes up against her leg. Greta see's Gina's bloated corpse float to the surface, and she lets out a terrifying scream.

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