June 99 Week 3


June 14
This hasn't been proofed! I have just watched 4 hours of soaps and need to get get some rest after getting up early and flying home!

At the hospital, the Wesleys return from a trip to Hawaii and ask Ali what is new with the law suit. Ali says that she spoke to Mike and he still doesn't understand that she's suing him for love. Nancy pages Nurse Ali back to earth, but Ali says someone has to be there when Carrie dumps him. Ali says that Carrie poisoned Mike's mind against her, that is why he dumped her. Craig and Nancy ask Ali what she told Mike? Ali says she threatened to drag him and his whore girlfriend through the mud. She thinks Carrie is dumping Mike right now, and decides to go buy some lingerie. Nancy thinks Ali is a fruitcake, but Craig says she is the only shot he has of being Chief of Staff. Nancy fears that Ali will turn on them, but Craig thinks Claire won't let that happen. Nancy asks what if mommy dearest can't control her? Craig says then they will come up with a plan. Nancy says that the ball has been in Ali's court way to long and they are taking it back.

In her office, Carrie is shocked that Mike doesn't want to see her. Carrie doesn't know how they can avoid seeing each other. Mike tells her that she'll have to quit her job. Carrie says she can't because the summer fund raiser is coming up, but Mike tells her that he needs no publicity right now. Carrie says that is her job, but Mike says not any more. Mike says he wants her out of the way of fire in case of scandal, his decision is final. Carrie knows something happened and asks Mike to tell her what it is. Carrie asks if this has to do with Ali? She knows something is going on between them. Mike says that he and Ali were discussing hospital matters, which are none of her business anymore. Carrie can't believe Mike is treating her this way, but he says it's for her own good and walks out.

Mike runs into Craig and Ali and asks how their second honeymoon was? They say fantastic and Nancy gives Mike a lei. Craig asks if they missed anything while they were gone? Mike says it has been quiet, and leaves. Nancy and Craig know better, and wonder what they can do to make Mike get in touch with his real feelings.

It's now nighttime, Austin and Sami are walking in Salem Place and Austin is carrying all the clothes he bought for Sami. Sami looks at the stars and tells Austin that she'll never forget being on death row, and will never forgive who sent her there. Sami knows Lucas and Kate are hiding something, but Austin tells her that they may never know and need to concentrate on her freedom. Sami tells her that it nice of him to spend time with her, but what about Carrie? Austin says Carrie is fine, and tells her that he has things to take care of and will meet her at Tuscany. After he leaves, Sami plans to invite Carrie to the dinner as a surprise for Austin. Austin gets a call from Mickey about the divorce, he isn't about to change his mind. Mike wonders who the person who sent him the email was. Ali shows up and knows Austin was thinking about Mike and Carrie, and tells him that they can talk about it. When ALi says she is just a concerned friend, Austin wonders if she sent him the e-mail.

Back in her office, Carrie is typing her resignation when Sami shows up. She sees Carrie crying and asks her what is the matter?

Gina is pouring herself some brandy at Lilly's place and doesn't realize that she has paint on her arm. Lilly tells Gina that there is a TV special on tonight that they should watch together. Bo and Greta show up and Bo tells "Hope" that they are here to pick her up for Vivian's party. "Hope" says that she is not going. Lilly learns that Vivian is dying and is upset that "Hope" did not tell her. Lilly says she knew Vivian back in Europe, they travelled in the same circles. Greta notices the paint on "Hope's" arm and "Hope" says she's trying to jog her memory, but it's not working. She says she is feeling lost and is trying to deal with John's abandonment. Bo doesn't understand why she is so upset, and Hope says that John is making a huge mistake. "Hope" says that examining the past could be the way to save John's life. Bo tells "Hope" that he's working on something for Stefano, and then goats "Hope" into going by saying John is expecting her. "Hope" wants to bring Lilly with her, and Lilly asks them to make themselves comfortable while she and Gina change. She then apologizes and says she meant "Hope." Greta asks Bo why he didn't tell "Hope" about the paintings? Bo says that he wants to see "Hope's" honest reaction to them.

Stefano is getting ready for Vivian's party while Rolfe is working on turning John back into the pawn. He says he will not only have his greatest mercenary back, but he will punish Marlena. He says that Marlena will be desolate once again, and few things are as moving as Marlena's suffering. Stefano tells Rolfe to keep working while he goes to play Vivian's husband.

At the penthouse, John jumps onto the balcony ledge and is prepared to take his own life. Marlena returns and sees him on the ledge about to jump. She screams at John and runs to the ledge. John tells her to stay back. When Marlena asks what he is doing, John says what he has to do. John only hears Stefano's voice when Marlena talks to him. Marlena orders John to step take her hand and step down. Unfortunately, John is hit with a migraine and teeters on the edge of the balcony. Marlena manages to grab John and pull him inside. John snaps out of it and tells Marlena not to worry. Marlena fears that Stefano has done something to him and asks why he was on the railing. John tells her that this head stuff will go away when they marry because the only way to defeat Stefano's evil is with love. John says they have a party to go to, and insists that they go.

The townhouse is decorated and the guests are arriving. Upstairs, Celeste helps Vivian look like she is on deaths doorstep. She thinks that Victor will realize she is the one who should be his better half, and Kate will be gone. Celeste gets Nicholas for Vivian, and Ivan vents to Celeste about his dying Madam. Celeste asks Ivan not to drink too much because Vivian might need his help tonight. Ivan tells Celeste that he has not given up on her, he just needed some time to recover from their nights of passion. Victor and Kate arrive at the party, Kate can't believe Victor talked her into coming to this party. Victor tells her that he helped her with her son, so she should help him with his. Celeste greets everyone and tells them that Vivian will be down shortly. Ivan tells Victor that he is glad to see him so well. Abe and Lexie show up and look at Vivian's art collection. Upstairs, Vivian tells Nicholas that Victor will be hers by the end of the evening, and she is happy to help Bo get "Hope" back by giving away her paintings. Vivian tells Nicholas that her only goal tonight is to get Victor back and hurt Kate. Back downstairs, Kate is bitching and moaning to Victor about the party. Kate heads for the bar and Vivian makes her debut. Ivan rushes to her side and tells her that she looks beautiful. Vivian thanks Victor for coming to say farewell to her. Kate and Nicholas' eyes lock and he becomes interested in her. He heads over to the bar to see Kate. He tells her how beautiful she is, thinking she is Victor's nurse. He says that he has been wondering what the witch Kate looks like, and Kate introduces herself. Nicholas introduces himself, and they are not what either one had pictured the other to be. Nicholas apologizes for insulting her and hopes she will let him make it up to her. Vivian approaches Victor and tells him how his happiness has always been in her forethoughts. Kate approaches as Vivian is asking Victor for forgiveness and laughs. Vivian asks for some compassion, so Kate asks her to croak and get it over with! Vivian says she wasn't going to bring this up, but Kate's mismanagement has left the company in ruins. However, she says she will be happy to step in and run things. Kate tells her that she can't run anything when she doesn't own a cent of the company. Vivian then gives Kate a little newsflash and tells her that Stefano gave her his 49% of the company! Vivian says all she needs another 2% and she will be out. Stefano shows up at this point and Kate gives him a cold stare. Stefano tells Victor that he is glad to see him out and about again. Stefano wonders why nobody is talking and approaches Kate. Kate is angry with Stefano and says that she knows he gave his 49% of Titan to Vivian. John, Marlena, "Hope," Bo, Greta, and Lilly show up and run each other outside the townhouse. Bo tells Ms. Faversham that tonight they may learn who stole her art collection. "Hope" watches John and Marlena enjoying each other and just smiles.


June 15
In Salem Place, Ali tells Austin that she knows he's thinking about Mike and Carrie. When Ali says that she is a concerned friend, he remembers the email he got. Austin asks her what she knows about Mike's relationship with Carrie. Ali says that the hospital is buzzing about Mike and Carrie's business trip. Austin asks Ali if she was in Vegas with Craig and Nancy? He says that someone emailed him photos of Mike and Carrie and it was signed a concerned friend. He asks her if she sent him the pictures of Mike and Carrie? Ali says she would never do anything so horrible. Austin tells Ali that he caught Mike and Carrie together in bed. Ali becomes upset and tells Austin that Mike got her into bed, made promises to her, and then dumped her! Austin tells Ali that no man should treat her that way and encourages her to fight back. Austin says that Mike has to be stopped before he does this again. Ali says that she hopes Mike doesn't hurt anyone else like he's hurt her. She then tells Austin goodbye and leaves. Austin gets a call from Mickey about the divorce and they plan to meet at the Java Cafe.

At the hospital, Craig tells Nancy that he has a plan to bring Mike down without implicating them. Craig takes off and as Nancy says "poor Mike." Mike shows up right behind her. Nancy tells Mike that he looks upset and asks if there is anything she can do for him? Mike tells her that he feels that Claire McIntyre has it out for him and is manipulating Ali against him. Mike asks Nancy if Ali has said anything to her about him? Nancy says no, but she will ask for him. Mike asks her to keep their talk confidential.

Craig and Claire have a strategy meeting. Craig wants to drop the lawsuit on the hospital now, but Claire wants to deal with Carrie first. Craig asks Claire if her only concern is the money? Claire says that Ali is emotionally scarred for life and will need intensive therapy, so Mike should pick up the tab. When Craig returns to Nancy, Nancy tells him that she's feeling bad about what they are going to do to Mike. Craig takes Nancy out to the terrace and tells her that she better get over her guilty feelings because everything is about to come crashing down around Mike.

Carrie is sitting at her desk typing her resignation and crying when Sami comes in. Sami asks what is the matter? Carrie says she'd understand if she never forgave her, she's hurt so many people. Sami asks what she means? Carrie says she hurt people like her, she wasn't there for her when she needed her. Sami tells her that is the past and she wants them to be close again, and invites her to dinner tonight. Sami leaves and thinks that tonight Austin and Carrie will fall in love all over again. Sami finds Mike and tells him that she'd like to talk to him about Carrie. Sami tells Mike that she's made a lot of mistakes regarding her sister, but she thinks that Austin and Carrie are about to make up. Back in her office, Carrie gets a visit from Ali. Ali tells Carrie that she just had an interesting conversation with Austin, and asks if she wants to hear about it?

At Vivian's party, Stefano explains to Kate that Vivian's shares in Titan stocks revert back to him after she dies. Kate asks what if she doesn't die? Stefano pulls Lexie over to tell Kate that Vivian is dying and probably has only a few weeks left and maximum. Still, Kate doesn't think Vivian will check out anytime soon. Nicholas tells Vivian that Kate is nothing like she described. Vivian says that Kate will be out and she will be in when the night is over. When Vivian goes to get some food, Kate picks a fight Vivian about all she has done to her. Kate tells Vivian that God will not forgive her, neither will Victor. Kate says that she knows she's not dying, but Vivian says she is dying, she is! She says the only important thing is to make peace with those you love before dying. Victor says holding a grudge is unseemly, but he agrees with Kate, some things are unforgivable.

John, Marlena, Gina, Bo, Greta, and Lilly arrive at the townhouse. Before going in, John tells Marlena that he has a plan, and Bo tells Lilly that they may find out who stole her artworks tonight. They all enter the townhouse and when John sees Stefano, he remembers more of his mercenary days. Bo tells Stefano that he is here to settle a score, but quickly covers by saying he is only here to support his father. Vivian thanks them for coming, but can't believe Lilly is here. Vivian tells Bo that she is so glad he is here. Stefano gets a moment with Gina and is upset that she didn't tell him that she would be here. Gina says she couldn't get out of it, and that Bo is up to something. Stefano says Bo can scheme all he wants as long as his masterpieces are safe. Bo sees them together, but "Hope" tells him that Stefano didn't want anything important. John sees Nicholas and the two hug, they are happy to see each other. John introduces Nicholas to Lilly Faversham. Nicholas knows her and says that he works at her bank, she's his boss. Lilly introduces Nicholas to Greta Von Amburg. Nicholas asks her if she is Princess Gina's daughter, and Greta says she is. Vivian pulls Nicholas away from Lilly and tells Nicholas to stay away from that horrible woman. Nicholas wonders what she has against Lilly?

After the dinner, Kate tells Victor that she would bet her life that Vivian is faking her illness. Victor assures Kate that he will not allow Vivian to take over Titan and oust her. Nicholas asks Vivian what the story on Lilly is? Vivian says they were once good friends, but had a falling out one particular day. However, Vivian refuses to get into the details. Gina asks Stefano when he plans to bring back the old John? Stefano tells her to be patient, but Gina says she wants John back now! John continues to have memories of being trained as a mercenary, and he worries Marlena. Marlena notices how deep in thought he is, but John says he's just thinking about their future together. Later, "Hope" talks to Marlena about John, and "Hope" accuses Marlena of keeping John from trying to remember the past. She tells her that remembering the past is the only way John's headaches will stop, and then tells Marlena she only thinks about herself. Nicholas confronts Gina and tells her that he knows who she is. Before anything else can happen, Vivian decides to make her announcement. She tells them all that she wants them all to know why she is giving this party. She tells them all that before she dies she wants to bequeath her entire fortune to her friends and family. She says that she wants to see the faces of her friends and family when they receive her gifts. She goes on and says that she wants to give them her treasures tonight, and will start with her paintings. Stefano stops her from taking a picture of the wall and says he can not allow her to do that. He asks why she would give them away? Vivian says she wants the pleasure of sharing them with her friends. Stefano says she seems to be getting better, so maybe she'd like to enjoy them a bit longer. Vivian says she is dying, coughs, and then leaves to get some water. Gina realizes that she has to get to Stefano, but Nicholas refuses to let her leave. Gina tells Nicholas that she only looks like Gina. Bo hears this and asks Nicholas when he meet the princess? Nicholas says it was in Stockholm about six years ago. Nicholas then talks with Kate and suggests they step out on the terrace for some air, but Kate says she needs to get back to Victor. Vivian returns and tells everyone that she wants to give her paintings away. Stefano says they are hers to give away and helps her take them down. Gina is shocked and watches as Stefano helps Vivian give away the paintings.


June 16
The show kept being interrupted today due to a local hospital which was taken hostage

At the hospital, Sami apologizes to Mike for being angry with him for spending so much time with Carrie. She says that she thought he was taking advantage of Carrie, but she should have had more faith in his and Carrie's integrity. In her office, Ali tells Carrie that her husband is very sad about their fallout. Ali tells Carrie that she has big news, which she will hear very soon. She warns Carrie to forget about Mike and work, and make her husband happy. She says that once she learns what she knows, Mike will lose his luster. Carrie goes to see Mike and hands him her resignation. He thanks her, and then gets a call asking for Carrie. Carrie answers the call, which is about work. Later, Mike says they can't resolve until she deals with Austin and her marriage. He promises her that he will wait for her. Carrie leaves and Mike says that this is the right thing for Carrie. Carrie goes back to her office, takes her briefcase, and leaves. After she is gone, Ali walks up and wrips Carrie's name plate off the wall and says Mike is all hers now. Later, Mickey pays Mike a visit about the law suit. Mickey asks Mike to tell him exactly what happened between him and Ali. Meanwhile, a server shows up to present Carrie with an envelope.

In Salem Place, Nancy is really feeling guilty about what they are doing to Mike. She doesn't think they can trust Ali's word about what Mike supposedly said to her the night they climbed into bed. Craig says that Mike is far from innocent and does not deserve to be Chief of Staff. When Craig says he's doing this for her, he stops and says that he's really doing it to prove to her father that he can provide her with the life style she deserves. Nancy tells him that she loves him and is proud of him, but Craig wants the respect of her father and everyone else. Craig tells Nancy that he can't do this without her and needs to know they are a team. Nancy, who is sobbing, says they are a team. Nancy and Craig go to a clothing store and Nancy does a seductive dance to cheer Craig up as she tries on a lot of clothes. Later, Craig gives Nancy a gold chain bracelet. Nancy has a surprise for Craig, boxers which have COS on them.

At the Java Cafe, Mickey meets up with Austin and convinces him to think twice about divorcing Carrie. Austin then tells Mickey about Sami's plans to sue Lucas for sole custody of Will. Mickey says that the judge will never change his mind, but Austin says he is going to try and prove Lucas killed Franco. Austin also tells Mickey that Lucas has agreed to joint custody, and Mickey says Sami should take his offer and see what happens down the road. Mickey also tells Austin to take his time before filing for divorce, and call him when he's made up his mind.

Austin meets Sami at Tuscany for dinner. As they walk into the restaurant, everyone applauds for Sami. A couple at another table even sends them champagne. Sami keeps looking at her watch and tells Austin that she's thinking about Will, Lucas just picked him up. Sami says she is going to start the custody suit tomorrow. Austin tells her that Mickey suggests she take Lucas' offer. Sami refuses to do so. Austin excuses himself for a minute, and Carrie shows up. Carrie wonders who else is having dinner with them, when Austin returns.

At the townhouse, Vivian is about to give away her most treasured painting, and Gina panics because the Gogan (Sp?) is underneath it. She pretends to faint, and when Bo catches her, she tells him to get his hands off of her! "Hope" apologizes and says he was hurting her arm. Bo takes "Hope" over to a chair so she can get her bearings. "Hope" apologizes to Vivian for knocking over a table, but Vivian says it isn't her fault. Meanwhile, Abe and John wonder what is so important in this house to Stefano if it isn't the paintings. Bo wants to take "Hope" home, but she says she just needs to get some air, alone. Stefano also excuses himself to take care of some things. Outside, Gina lights up a smoke and Stefano asks her what the hell is going on? Stefano tells her that he can see through her and she faked the fainting spell to stop Vivian from giving away the seascape, which she obviously never replaced. Stefano is furious and tells her that she almost cost him millions! Stefano asks her if she is lying to him about anything else? He says that if there is, she better tell him now! Gina tries to dodge the question, and when Bo shows up, Gina puts on a show for him so his suspicions aren't aroused. Back inside, John has more mercenary memories. A worried Marlena tells Bo about JOhn's memories, and the incident on their balcony. John comes up behind Stefano and says "at ease" and "as you were." Stefano warns him that he's playing a dangerous game.

Kate whines and bitches to Victor about Vivian. Victor assures Kate that Vivian can't hurt her now. Nicholas offers to get Kate something to drink, and she asks for some white wine. Kate tells Nicholas that he smiles a lot, and it's not a bad thing if it is genuine. Nicholas asks why his smiled would be anything but genuine? Kate tells him that this isn't the most pleasant of settings. Nicholas tells Kate that he always sees the bright side of things when he's with a beautiful woman. Nicholas continues to sweet talk Kate, who can't believe he is an Alamain. Victor talks to Nicholas about how much he has changed since they last saw one another. Nicholas tells Victor that he is the only man that his aunt Vivian has ever truly loved. Victor tells Nicholas that a lot has happened, and love is no excuse for deceit. Nicholas asks Victor if he hasn't done things he regrets? Victor asks Nicholas what he's getting at? Nicholas says that his forgiveness would make his aunt happy during her final days. Victor wonders how many days she has, and then asks if Vivian is really dying? Nicholas says of course she is and he resents the question. Kate asks Lexie what exactly Vivian is dying of? Lexie says it is a rare and fatal nerve disease. When she continues to question Lexie, Lexie uses the doctor patient confidentiality excuse to get out of her questions. Later, Vivian tells Nicholas that he wants him to have the seascape painting. Nicholas thanks her and asks her to hold onto it while he settles in. Gina hears this and tells Stefano the good news.

Marlena asks John if they can go home? John says soon, but first he has a surprise for Stefano. John chimes his champagne glass to make an announcement, he and Marlena are getting married the day after tomorrow! Stefano tells himself that John has no future with Marlena, he will be his pawn again.


June 17
In Mike's office, Mickey asks Mike to tell him all the facts about what happened between him and Ali. Mike tells Mickey that he slept with her, but only once. Mickey says that he's not judging him, but when something like this happens someone always gets hurt. Mickey asks Mike why he let it go so far if he didn't care about her? Mike says he never promised her anything, but Mickey says that isn't what Ali is claiming. Mike says he never promised her anything, but he did make a joke about the head nurse job. Mike says it was playful, but Mickey says that Ali took him very seriously. Mike says this is just great, this is just what he needs on top of everything else. Mickey knows he is speaking about Carrie. Mickey says that the pain from Laura and Bill's betrayal is still with him. Mike says that this is not the same situation, for one thing Carrie isn't having his child. Mickey asks if that makes it all right? Mike says that Austin deserted Carrie, and he (Mike) is doing the best he can. Mike says he has gotten Carrie out of the line of fire, and the best thing he can do is try and move forward with his life, which includes Carrie. Mickey says that he needs something on Ali to discredit her. Mike says the only thing he knows is that Ali is nuts. He tells Mickey how Ali rants and raves and changes emotions like a yoyo. Mike says that Ali's mother destroyed Ali's sense of worth long ago. Mickey says if he can come up with a psychiatric evaluation on Ali he may be able to get the lawsuit thrown out. Mickey says good night to Mike and leaves.

At the nurse station, Ali tells the server that Carrie Reed no longer works here, and asks what is in the envelope? The man doesn't know and says that he'll deliver it to her house, but Ali tells him that she knows exactly where Carrie is. She tells him to go to Tuscany. Elsewhere in the hospital, Nancy is still feeling guilty about what they are doing to Mike. Craig tells her to focus on the prize and how she can call her daddy and tell her dad that she's married to the chief of staff. Nancy sees Ali and asks her what is going on. Ali tells Nancy that someone has bad news for Carrie, the former PR director of this hospital. Nancy says "former?" and Ali tells her that Mike fired Carrie, making the path clear for her. Craig shows up and tells Ali that her mom wants her to call her immediately, but Ali says she has to focus on getting Mike back. Ali tells Craig that Mike has fired Carrie, which shocks Craig. Ali thinks that Mike has realized that the woman he loves is her. Nancy asks Ali to beam back to earth, Mike only loves Carrie. Craig asks her to take a good look at what is really going on. Ali says she's beginning to see things clearly, they are both traitors! She wonders if Mike may offer her Carrie's old job, but Nancy tells her that Mike doesn't want her around! Ali tells Nancy that she'll realize she was right all along at their wedding and will expect an apology. Ali storms off and Craig says Ali has totally shut down. Nancy and Craig spot Mickey on the phone telling Gregory that he wants to set up a psychiatric evaluation for his client. Meanwhile, Ali continues to have fantasies about Mike forgiving her.

At Tuscany, Sami tells Carrie and Austin that she wanted to bring them together. Sami asks if it is okay, and Austin says of course it is. Sami tells Carrie that she wants what is best for her, no more competing, no more jealousy. Sami says she wants to be a good sister and friend to Carrie, and she wants to become stronger and independent so she doesn't have to rely on Austin so much. Sami then suggests that they dance, but Austin and Carrie both say they are too tired. Sami asks them to do it as a present for her, so they dance. They both agree that they hate this pretending. Austin wants to tell Sami the truth, but Carrie says she can't. The server shows up with the papers, and serves Carrie when they are at the table. Sami asks what is going on? Carrie says she has received divorce papers. Austin apologizes for the bad timing. Sami doesn't understand what is going on? Austin tells Sami that they didn't want her to find out just yet. Austin asks Carrie if she wants to explain? Carrie runs out of Tuscany. Sami feels responsible, but Austin tells her that it is Mike's fault. He explains everything to Sami about Carrie and Mike, and Sami is shocked. Austin tells Sami that he is divorcing Carrie, and that is final.

Carrie ends up outside the hospital, but realizes that she doesn't work here anymore. She cries that she has no place to go. Suddenly, Mike shows up behind her.

At the townhouse, everyone applauds John's wedding announcement, everyone but Gina. Gina suddenly shouts out "no!" However, she recovers by saying "no one deserves to be happier than the two of them." John says nobody will stop this wedding, not even Stefano. Stefano says he is happy for them and he shouldn't mar this occasion. Marlena says that she wants all of their friends to continue celebrating with them because this will be one of the most important "Days of Our Lives." As John and Marlena kiss, Gina stares at them while sipping her drink. Victor and Kate both congratulate Marlena and John. Kate steals Marlena away from John for a moment and tells her that she has missed her friendship. MArlena has missed Kate to and says that she is thankful for what she did to help Sami. They both agree to be friends again and hug. Bo approaches "Hope" and asks her how she really feels about the wedding? "Hope" says she thinks it is fabulous, but Bo knows it bugs the hell out of her. He asks her why she doesn't want John and Marlena to get married? "Hope" toasts to JOhn and Marlena and says satisfied? When she walks off, Bo says "no, not by a long shot." Nicholas distracts Kate for his aunt so she can get to Victor. Vivian goes over to see Victor and thanks him for coming. Victor tells Vivian that he doesn't care about him, she's only using him to get revenge on Kate. Vivian says that is not true, she only wants to run Titan the way it should be. Vivian says he thought she was a good business woman once, and Victor says there was a time he thought she was a good woman period. Victor returns to Kate, and Nicholas tells Victor that he certainly has an eye for women. Ms. Faversham tells Greta that she was hoping to hear something about her paintings by now. Greta tells her not to give up just yet. Marlena and John talk and John assures Marlena that what happened tonight will never happen again. Bo pulls John aside and tells John that he is very happy for him and Marlena. Stefano tells Gina that he's going to get rid of everyone so he can get rid of the painting. Gina asks what about the wedding? Stefano assures her that he won't let this wedding happen. Stefano asks everyone for their attention. He thanks them for coming to the party, but has to close the party because it is obviously taking a toll on his wife. Stefano asks Gina to stay behind and meet him downstairs. Vivian tells Celeste she did a smashing job, but Celeste says that everyone is commenting on how much energy she seems to have. Vivian asks Stefano why he put an end to her party? Stefano says it has gone on long enough. Victor and Kate leave, and Bo thanks Victor for coming tonight. Kate wants to leave so she doesn't have to say goodbye to Vivian. Nicholas bids Kate a fond farewell. MArlena and John say good night to Vivian and John tells his aunt that he loves her. Gina lingers behind and stares at the last painting. Bo tells her that they should go. Stefano walks over to bid them good night, and Bo and "Hope" leave. After everyone has left, Stefano tells Vivian to run on home. Vivian looks at Stefano and says "I don't think so!" Vivian tells Stefano that he wants him with her to hold her as she falls asleep. Stefano gives in and agrees to go home with her.

Outside, Bo asks "Hope" why she is lagging behind? "Hope" says she is not ready to go home and says she'll find her own way home. Bo becomes suspicious of "Hope," who says she just wants some time alone. Greta tells Bo that she's sorry he didn't uncover the truth tonight. Bo says it wasn't a total bust, he's getting closer to finding out how Stefano and "Hope" are involved. John and Marlena drive back home. John thinks Stefano feels he is powerless to stop their wedding this time. Marlena hopes that he is right.


June 18
Billie is at the Cheatin' Heart wondering where Roman is. She gives him a call and learns that Roman left a message for her, he can't make it. Billie didn't receive the message because she came to the Cheatin' Heart straight from work. Eric shows up and offers to buy her a soda and play some pool. Billie accepts and asks Eric where he has been? He tells her that he went to Colorado to visit his grandparents. He says he had a good time, except for having to return to Salem. Eric asks Billie if the knot in your stomach from a past love ever goes away? Billie tells him that he will learn to live with it. Billie asks Eric to tell him about Colorado, so he does. Billie asks Eric if he visits old friends or girlfriends when he goes back? Eric says that he feels like he's being given the third degree. Billie says she's not spying on him for his dad, if that is what he's thinking. Billie says Colorado sounds like a good life and wonders why he'd want to leave? Eric says he wishes he had stayed. However, Billie says if he felt that way he wouldn't have returned. Billie asks Eric what brought him back to Salem. Eric tries to dodge the question, but Billie tells him that he can talk to her. Eric says that maybe he came back because he's a glutton for punishment. Billie agrees to lay off and tells Eric that she is glad he is back because it means he's not running away from his problems. Billie tells him that he will have to learn to accept the situation and move on with his life. Eric asks her how he can accept that Nicole is married to Lucas? Eric says he can't accept it because knows that Nicole doesn't want to be married to Lucas. Billie says that maybe Nicole is trying to tell him to move on with his life. She tells him that she doesn't want to see him make the same mistakes she did, obsessing about a life he can never have. Billie tells Eric that he has so much to offer, he is a great guy and is special. Billie then gives Eric a big hug.

Lucas, from his limo with binoculars, spies on Nicole in the park. Nicole and Brandon are horsing around, Brandon is tickling her. Nicole tells Brandon that she's glad he came to help her. Brandon tells her that she has to help herself first by getting rid of her husband. Brandon whips out a picnic basket and Nicole tells Brandon that leaving Lucas isn't that simple. He asks if it is the money? Nicole says it isn't his money, so Brandon asks whose it is? He asks her what she has gotten herself into now? Nicole says she hasn't got herself into anything and to just forget about it. Brandon tells her that when she is ready to talk about it he will be here. Brandon then suggests she take advantage of her current financial position. He tells her to enjoy the good time while she can. He promises her that he will make sure they both have the time of their lives. Nicole tells Brandon that she needs him so much and asks him to stay in Salem. Nicole says that at least she can be with him when she tries to escape. Lucas confronts Nicole at this point and asks her if she's trying to escape from her husband?

At Tuscany, Austin tells Sami that he is divorcing Carrie. Sami says if she had known she wouldn't have invited Carrie. Austin says that she had good intentions. Sami hopes that Carrie is okay. Austin says she probably went straight to Mike. Austin explains everything to Sami about what happened in Las Vegas. Sami says that she just assumed Carrie leaned on Mike while he was gone because she felt abandoned. Austin says feeling abandoned is no excuse for sleeping with another man. Austin says trusting in his and Carrie's love was a mistake, and he feels that Mike planned to seduce Carrie all along. Sami says that it sounds like Carrie wanted to be with Mike as much as he did. However, Austin still believes that Mike pressured Carrie to get her to sleep with him. Austin says that Mike dates the women he works with and then dumps them. Sami asks him to elaborate, so he tells her about Mike's involvement with Ali. Sami is shocked and says that she will never forgive Mike for hurting him. Austin says that he appreciates her support, and what she tried to do for him tonight. Austin says they should stay and enjoy the evening. Sami says that he's sacrificed so much for her. Austin says he has to accept the fact that he and Carrie don't belong together and move on. Austin asks Sami to dance, and the two take to the floor. As they dance, the couple dancing next to them congratulates Sami for finding such a wonderful guy. Austin says he is the lucky one to have Sami in his life.

Outside the hospital, Carrie runs into Mike. Mike realizes something is bothering Carrie. Carrie tells Mike that Austin wants a divorce. Carrie explains how she received the divorce papers during a dinner with Austin and Sami. Carrie says she deserved this, but didn't expect it to happen so quickly. Mike says that Austin knows she is meant to be with him (Mike), but Carrie can't believe her marriage will end with a signature. Mike says this is why he wanted her to leave the hospital, he didn't want to make things worse. Carrie tells him that he did, and she asks why he is pushing her away? Mike says he is not pushing her away, he just wants to take care of her and protect her. He says he doesn't want her to go through the hospital gossip when the news of her divorce hits. Mike says he's trying to protect their future together, but Carrie knows there is still something he's not telling her. Mike tells Carrie that he loves her and is just trying to make sure they don't have to go through anything like this again. Mike tells Carrie that he loves her and kisses her. Carrie says she loves him too.

Gina and Stefano meet at Stefano's command central room. Gina asks Stefano if he has put the painting in the basement so she can work on it? Stefano says no, so Gina says she'll break in and fix things. When Gina says it's no big deal, Stefano says it is a big deal because they were set up by Bo tonight. Stefano says he can not stand being lied to, and she lied to him. Stefano says he would never have allowed Vivian to give the party if he knew she hadn't finished the paintings. Gina says that she couldn't do the work with him breathing down her neck all the time and she thought she could get it done easier if he thought she had done them all. Gina says that she can't work in this setting, and he's constantly badgering her to paint faster. Stefano asks her when she will be finished? Gina says that the Gaugain is the last painting, and she can finish it by tomorrow morning, and no one will suspect a thing. Stefano tells her not to be so sure, Bo is getting very close. Gina says that Bo will never learn the truth, she knows what she is doing. Still, Stefano wonders if he can believe her. Gina says that she made one little mistake, and she has handled it. Gina then reminds Stefano that there is something more urgent they have to deal with, they must bring the old John back before he remembers everything and exposes them both. Stefano tells Gina that she does not give the orders, he will decide what to do with John Black! Stefano tells her that she is starting to make mistakes and could have landed them in prison! Gina tells him to trust her, she won't let it happen again. Stefano informs Gina that she is one of his creations and should keep in mind that he can turn her back into Hope. Stefano says that he had a plan to turn John back to the old John, but it relied on her and he's not sure he can trust her anymore. Stefano tells Gina to go to the townhouse and finish the painting.

At the Horton house, Bo tells Greta that there is more to Vivian's paintings than meets the eye. Bo says that the timing of "Hope's" fainting spell was perfect, she was obviously covering up something. Greta asks Bo if he thinks "Hope" is working for Stefano? Bo says perhaps Stefano figured out a way to control "Hope" again. Bo says that they had the perfect opportunity to connect Stefano to the paintings, but it was "Hope" who stopped them. Bo finally realizes that "Hope" and Stefano are working together. Bo says the "Hope" he knows wouldn't give DiMera the time of day, but now she is having little secret powwows with the man. Bo thinks about what happened tonight and realizes that "Hope" didn't want Vivian to give away the seascape. Greta says that is the painting which reminded her of her mother. They realize that Stefano stopped the party when Hope signaled him. He says that "Hope" knows something about the seascape that she isn't telling them. Greta says that Vivian's art collection is lovely, but if they were valuable Stefano wouldn't have let her give it away. Bo says that she didn't give away the seascape, it is still on the wall. Bo decides to go to the townhouse, so Greta offers to go with him. Bo thinks that if they can uncover the secrets of the painting tonight, they can bring down DiMera.

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