June 99 Week 2


June 7
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At the station, Eric, Nicole, and Lucas are all arguing, Eric still believes that Lucas killed Franco and not Roberto. Eric asks Nicole to tell Lucas that it is over and that she needs to get away from Kate and Lucas before she ends up just like them. Eric tells Nicole that she deserves a real marriage, and Lucas says their marriage is real in every way. This stuns Eric, but he still tells Nicole that she is a free person. Nicole asks Eric to let her talk to Lucas alone. Eric leaves and Nicole lays into Lucas. She says that she knows he lied to her, he killed Franco! Lucas says he would never kill anyone. Nicole says she knows he killed Franco and she covered up for him that night when he was about to confess to Roman so she "slipped" down the stairs. She says that she believed he was innocent. Nicole can't believe that she married him. Lucas thinks they still have something and reminds her about the necklace he bought her. Nicole says you buy hookers, not wives. Nicole then storms out of the room.

Meanwhile, Kate is in the middle of Abe's office on the phone telling Victor over the phone that they bought Roberto's story, but she fears that Roman can see through her. Roman is talking to Mickey about Kate and Lucas. Roman knows Lucas killed Franco and vows to make him pay for the crime. Roman goes in to see Kate, who claims she was happy to help Sami. Roman tells her that the way he sees it, she was helping herself and Lucas stay out of jail. Roman asks her how it feels to get away with murder? Kate says he must be under severe strain, but Roman says he won't let her get away with this. Roman says he will prove that Lucas killed Franco and she framed Sami. Kate tells Roman that she was the one who helped him get the confession from Roberto, but Roman accuses her of writing the script to which Roberto confessed. Roman tells Kate that he will find the truth, that is a promise.

Roman goes out to the hall were Eric is standing, and when Nicole rushes out of the room, Eric grabs her. Nicole tells him to let her go, and then takes off. Nicole runs into Kate, who asks where in the hell she thinks she's going? She asks her why she isn't with Lucas? She purchased her services until death do them part. Nicole says that she doesn't own her, but Kate says 5 million dollars says she does. Back at Roman's office, Eric and Lucas are still throwing words at one another. Eric tells Lucas that Nicole won't stay with him, and then leaves. Kate and Nicole find Lucas and Kate says they should all go home. Nicole says she's not going, she needs time to think. Nicole then walks off. Nicole makes a call on the docks and asks someone for their help. Meanwhile, Lucas tells his mom that he's afraid of loosing Nicole. Kate says he won't and they should worry about Roman now. Lucas asks her if she has a plan, and she does. She tells Lucas that he is to continue playing the hero.

John and Marlena return to the penthouse. Marlena thinks their problems are over, but John says they aren't as long as DiMera is in their lives. Marlena says they should just focus on Sami's freedom for now, and John agrees. Later, Marlena wonders if they can ever live their life without Stefano interfering. John doubts it. MArlena then asks John what changed his mind about searching for his past? John remembers kissing "Hope" and says that he realized that his life with her and their future is what is important. He says now that Sami is free, he wants to start planning their wedding. John tells her that he wants to marry her as soon as he can. John tells her that he wants to make all her dreams come true. Marlena says he already has by loving her, but John wants to give her the most beautiful, memorable, romantic wedding that Salem has ever seen.

At Lilly's place, Bo tells "Hope" that they can move on as long as the love one another. Bo kisses her, and "Hope" imagines he is John and kisses him back. Bo pulls away and says that she's never kissed him like that before, she's not Hope. "Hope" becomes upset, but Bo says that he knows Hope, and her kiss wasn't Hope's. Bo says he's had feelings for months that she is no longer the woman he loves, and it started with her accident in the snow storm. "Hope" tells him that he's losing it, but Bo says she has changed. "Hope" says that she is the same person she's always been and asks what she can do to convince him. She then puts her hand on his cheek and kisses him, and then asks if he believes her now? Bo says that it just isn't any one thing, and then tells her his theory. Bo tells her that as she digs more and more into her past, she becomes Princes Gina more and more. "Hope" says maybe they have just grown apart, but Bo doubts that. Bo says that for some reason Stefano wants her for himself. "Hope" says he's always blaming Stefano, so Bo asks if he should blame John? That grabs "Hope's" attention. Bo says that he knows she made a duplicate of the compact to try and bring John's memory back. He asks her what John means to her? "Hope" says John is her friend, so Bo asks what about Princess Gina? "Hope" says that if she could remember being Gina she would tell him. "Hope" says GIna is not the problem, his triste with Billie is what caused all their problems. Bo doesn't understand how she can want to be friends with Billie, but still can't forgive him for sleeping with her. "Hope" gets upset with him and says he broke her heart. Bo apologizes for upsetting her and then invites her to Vivian's farewell bash. "Hope" asks Bo why? What is he up to? Bo says he just wants to see her dressed up and having a good time with him. Bo tells her that he will call her later and says good night. Bo leaves, and says that tonight he will pay Stefano back for what he did to Hope. Back in her room, Gina fears that Bo is getting to close to the truth and says she has to get John back.

The hospital staff is watching the news about Sami on the TV. Nancy feels awful about what happened and feels like Sami's blood could have been on her hands. ALi says Mike saved the day, which angers Craig. Craig tells her to snap out of it, Mike won't be a hero for much longer. Craig asks Ali if she has heard from Mike's lawyer. She says no, and she's glad. She says that once Carrie learns about the affair, she will drop him and she (Ali) will be there to pick up the pieces. Nancy calls Ali and nut job and tells her to read her lips, "Mike Loves Carrie!" They begin to argue and Craig breaks up their shouting match. Craig tells Ali not to fall for Mike's attempts to sweet talk his way out of this lawsuit. Both Craig and Nancy tell Ali to be prepared for Mike to try and change her mind.

In Sami's room, Mike has to do one last check over Sami before she can go home. Carrie tells Austin that he was right, Sami has changed. Austin says that it is sad that it took an execution for her to realize that. Carrie says what is important is that Sami can go home to Will, but Austin says that Lucas has custody of Will. Carrie thinks that Lucas and Sami can work it out. Austin says he will make sure Will is returned to Sami. Austin and Carrie go in to see Sami and learn she is allowed to go home, but Sami says she doesn't know where home is. Austin asks her to come live with him, but she says that he and Carrie need time alone. Shawn and Caroline show up and invite Sami to stay at the pub with them, where Will is. Carrie leaves and Sami tells Austin that he can go with Carrie, but Austin says he won't leave her. Austin and Sami leave the room, and Sami is hounded by the press. Sami sees Tracey and runs into her arms. Sami thanks Tracey for never losing faith in her. Tracey tells Austin and Sami to be a family with Will because they belong together. Sami asks Tracey how they can thank her, and she asks them to invite her to the wedding, or they can cohabit if they want to, just as long as they have a long and happy life together.

Meanwhile, Carrie tells Mike that she thinks she should find a new place. Mike wants to help her look for a place they can both live in. Carrie tells him that they can't move in together. Mike thinks that she and Austin are separated, but Carrie says there is nothing on paper. Carrie tells Mike that she has to think about her family and she doesn't want another scandal. Furthermore, she says that they need to think of his reputation. Nancy approaches Carrie and Mike and she tells Carrie that she is so sorry about Sami and wouldn't blame her for never forgiving her for convicting Sami. Carrie tells Nancy that she doesn't blame her and she shouldn't blame herself. Mike asks ALi if he could talk to her alone, and the two walk off. Mike and Ali go into his office and Mike tells ALi to drop the lawsuit, she has no grounds for a sexual harassment suit. Outside, Carrie wonders why Mike is speaking with Ali. Craig says it's probably nothing to worry about.

Sami and Austin go to the pub where a big welcome home sign has been hung. Sami tells Will that she is home forever this time. Will asks "forever?" and she says forever, she won't leave him this time. Sami tells Will that is time for him to go to sleep, but she promises to be there when he wakes up. Roman, Eric, and Mickey show up and she thanks them all for what they have done. Sami and Austin then decide to go watch Will sleep. Roman takes the time to give Eric a lecture. He tells her that Lucas killed Franco, Kate framed Sami, and Nicole helped them get away with it. Eric refuses to believe that Nicole had anything to do with it, but Roman says he's too hooked on her to see it.


June 8
Marlena and John are in bed enjoying one another's company and being happy. Marlena rubs John's tattoo, and John says he thinks he's going to have it removed. Marlena wish it was that easy to get rid of Stefano. John tells her no more thinking about Stefano, from here on out they will think about Sami and her freedom. That reminds Marlena to go get the newspaper to read something positive about Sami. John stops her because he has a surprise, and asks her to close her eyes. John leaves and returns with a gift. Marlena opens it and finds a date book. John tells her that it is to set a wedding date and make appointments for the caterers and flowers, etc....

Stefano is reading the news on Sami and eating breakfast when Gina shows up. Gina asks Stefano if he knows what Marlena needs to do to pay him back for all his troubles, but Stefano says that Marlena will not know that he did not stop the execution. Stefano hopes that Gina has come to tell him that she finished the paintings, but she says no. Stefano says they must be completed before Vivian's party at the townhouse tonight! When Gina learns that the party is at the townhouse she tells Stefano that he must stop Vivian. Stefano asks her why she objects so strongly? Is it because the paintings aren't complete? Gina tells him that all she has to do is put the last finishing touches on them and tells him to relax. Stefano then gets a call from Vivian. He is upset that she ran off this morning, but she says she is fine and he doesn't need to worry. Vivian says good bye when someone arrives at her door. Gina says to herself that she can't let Stefano know she hasn't started copying the final painting. She then gets a wonderful idea how to keep Stefano's mind off of the paintings. Meanwhile, Stefano tells her that she needs to be careful when switching the final painting tonight. Gina decides to take his mind off of the paintings and asks him to bring John back. Stefano says no way, what would he gain from it? Gina answers "everything!" Stefano tells her not to even bother, it is a losing battle. Gina tells him that John is a walking time bomb right now with MArlena hypnotizing him, and there is his upcoming marriage to MArlena. She asks him if he really wants to lose his precious MArlena forever? She knows his feelings for her haven't changed, just been put on hold. She says if he brings back John, Marlena will be left alone and vulnerable. Stefano tells Gina that he can not bring John back, ever! He says their focus needs to be on the paintings. He tells Gina to get over to the townhouse and paint! Gina says she will, and then she leaves. After she is gone, Gina tells herself that she has something far more important to take care of instead of painting. Later, John shows up to see Stefano. He grabs the queen off of Stefano's chess board and tells him that he has manipulated Marlena for the last time! Stefano begins to laugh and says to himself that if he does turn John back into Father John, he'll never have to deal with this again. Back at the penthouse, Marlena receives a visit from "Hope." "Hope" says she thinks it is time that they cleared the air.

At the townhouse, Vivian is preparing her party and talks with Nicholas about her plan for revenge. Bo shows up at the townhouse, which he thinks holds the answers to what happened to Hope. He is shocked to see Nikki, who prefers to be called Nicholas now. Bo tells Vivian that he invited Hope, but told her nothing about the party. Bo leaves to check on the caterers, and Nicholas worries about his aunt getting revenge on Stefano. Vivian says she will risk everything to get Victor back, and to see the blood run out of Kate's face when it does. Vivian then spots Bo looking at one of her paintings and she asks him what he is doing. Bo says that it looked like it was hanging crooked and thought it was hanging over a safe. When Bo talks about Stefano controlling Hope, Vivian says that tonight she will be the one in control. Vivian tells them her plans, she is going to gather everyone around her and tell her dear dear friends that she is giving away her paintings tonight instead of after she dies! She then proposes a toast to Stefano and Kate's demise tonight. Bo says he has to go, and tells Vivian to rest up. Nicholas asks Vivian why she's talking so much about bringing down Kate? Vivian says that Stefano's downfall is an added bonus, her real goal is to bring down Kate and get Victor back into her life. Nicholas worries about her angering Stefano and fears that Stefano could kill her for real.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Lucas tells Kate that Nicole didn't come home last night and he thinks she knows why. Kate avoids the question by showing Lucas the front page about Sami the martyr. Lucas tells her that there is no use bitching, and maybe she has changed. Kate says she doubts that, but he has to continue playing the hero. She says that Sami will stop at nothing to destroy them if she finds out the truth. Lucas continues to whine about Nicole, and Kate tells him that Nicole will come to her senses and return. She tells Lucas that she needs to go shopping for a dress, Victor has a surprise for her tonight, they are going out. KAte says the best surprise would him be moving back here. Kate leaves, and Lucas decides to go see Nicole and surprise her with breakfast for two. As Lucas is about to head out of the house with a picnic basket, Austin shows up and tells Lucas that he's not going anywhere until they chat. (This happens after the scene below with Sami and Austin.)

Roman runs into Eric at Salem Place. Eric is on the phone and Roman asks if he is calling his sister? Eric tells his dad that he's calling Nicole, he hasn't given up on her. Roman tells Eric that Nicole was using him, but Eric refuses to believe that. Eric believes that Lucas has forced her to marry him. Roman tries to change Eric's mind about Nicole, but it does no good. Eric says he knows Nicole isn't a gold digger, and Roman says he hopes he's right. Eric tells his dad "no, you don't" Eric walks off and Roman plans to catch Kate when she lets her guard down.

Nicole is at her old place letting the phone ring, thinking it is Kate. It's actually Eric. There is a person at her door and when she answers it, Brandon tells Nikki that he came a runnin when she called. Nicole invites him in and he asks her what is going on? Nicole says it is a long story, one she's not too proud of. Brandon says that he has time, his return ticket expires in thirty days. Nicole tells him that she was hoping he could stay longer, like for good. Brandon asks what is wrong, and she tells him that she married a man she didn't love so the man who does love never learns about her past. Brandon asks her if she wants him to get rid of the guy? When Nicole touches her necklace, Brandon asks her if that is the real thing? Nicole says it is, it was a gift from her husband. Brandon says that this Lucas doesn't sound like a bad guy, and jokes about marrying Lucas' sister. Brandon then bums some money off Nicole for some food and spending money. She gives him two hundred dollars and tells him not to worry paying her back, money is no longer a problem. She then fills him in on her real problem, her husband is probably a murderer! She tells Brandon that she is confused and asks him to stay in Salem, he is the only person she can trust. Nicole puts her head on his shoulder, and Brandon spots Nicole's bag of cash. Nicole tells Brandon that Lucas knows everything about her past, and she thinks he accepts her past because it doesn't compare to what he's done. Brandon says that he would be more than happy to get rid of her blood money. Nicole laughs and tells him to go buy some clothes. BRandon leaves and Nicole opens the door to leave, and runs into Eric. Eric says that he figured she would be here, without her husband. Eric asks her to go away with him.

Sami, Austin, and Will are out in Salem Place. They decide to buy Will a toy, and the merchant tells her that he and his wife stayed up all night watching her on the news, and then he asks her for her autograph. She says okay, and Sami autographs his copy of the Spectator. Sami can't believe how close she came to dying. Austin says she didn't, and she is here with him now. Austin says he couldn't imagine his life without her. Sami asks Austin not to say that. Sami thinks that Carrie is probably wondering where her husband is, but Austin just avoids the question. Sami asks him why he changes the subject when he brings up Carrie? Austin then spots someone and asks what he is doing here? The "he" is Carson Palmer. Carson tells Sami that he has to apologize to her, and that he thanks God that the truth came out in time. He also tells Sami how much he admires her grace and courage. Carson leaves, and Austin is not impressed. Sami and Austin eat some breakfast and Sami begins to worry about Lucas and Will's custody. Austin says he has some errands to run, and he will see them later. Sami and Will take a walk and run into Kate.


June 9
At Nicole's place, Nicole tells Eric that she can't go with him because she's married to Lucas. Eric asks her why she is married to Lucas, is it the money? Or maybe his dad is right and she's been conspiring to help Lucas keep from being convicted for murder. Nicole can't believe he would even think that. Eric says Lucas was after her so his wife couldn't testify against her husband in court. Nicole says that his dad trying to pin this on Lucas even after getting a confession, and it isn't fair. Eric asks her why she is here if she believes Lucas is innocent? Nicole says she came here to pick up the last of her things, but Eric refuses to believe that. Eric says she knows nothing about her husband, and she doesn't love him. Eric says she would never have walked away from him if she wasn't forced, and wonders what Kate and Lucas are hanging over her head. Nicole says it isn't what you think. Eric asks her to tell him, they can handle it together if she believes in their love. He begs her to come back to him. Nicole tells him that one day he will see that her ending this was the right thing to do and he won't hate her. Eric says that he could never hate her, he loves her. Nicole tells Eric that love isn't always enough. She asks him to leave and never come back. Eric refuses to give up. Nicole tells him to find someone else who can love him and make him happy, and then asks him to leave again. Eric leaves with his tail tucked between his legs. After he walks out, Nicole breaks into tears.

Austin shows up at the Kiriakis mansion to talk with Lucas about Will's custody. Lucas says the court gave him custody. Austin tells Lucas that Will deserves to be with his mother, but Lucas says Sami will never convince the judge to give her custody. Austin says it doesn't make sense why he confessed to killing Franco to save Sami for Will if he refuses to let Will be with Sami. Austin then says it makes perfect sense, he confessed because he had a guilty conscious. He killed Franco! Lucas says he did not kill Franco and is appalled that his own brother would accuse him of murder. Lucas refuses to allow Sami to have unsupervised visits with Will because she will try and kidnap him again. He also tells Austin to relay that message to Sami. Austin says Sami has no idea he is here, he came here hoping he would be reasonable about this. Lucas asks Austin if he is doing Sami's dirty work now that he and Carrie are over? Austin turns around and asks Lucas where his wife is right now? Lucas says that his wife is none of his concern. Austin tells Lucas that he will find out that he bribed Nicole to marry him. Lucas says he'll find no money changed hands. Lucas says he is leaving, but Austin says they aren't done arguing about Will. Austin asks Lucas to think about a joint custody so Will can have both his parents in his life. Lucas just laughs and says he would never share anything with Sami. Austin tells him he is a selfish bastard and says if he wants people to believe he isn't guilty than he better agree to joint custody. Lucas calls him a selfish pig and walks away from him.

Brandon is out shopping and is thinking about Nicole's money, and decides it is time to clean up his act. Brandon buys some new clothes and trashes his jeans and t-shirt. He buys a copy of the newspaper and reads the story about Sami.

Kate runs into Will and Sami in Salem Place. Sami asks Kate why she is here? Kate says she is on her way to get a dress because she is going out with Victor tonight. Kate blames Sami for causing Victor's stroke, but doesn't want to fight about it. Kate tells Sami that she is part of the reason she is free, and she thinks she should express her gratitude. However, she says seeing her with Will is thanks enough. Sami doubts that and thinks Kate expects something from her. Kate tells her that she is happy that she is free, but is probably looking forward to making her life miserable. Sami tells her that is not what she is planning at all. Sami says she has changed, she's decided to live her life with the people she loves. Kate refuses to believe that, and reminds Sami that Lucas has custody of Will. Sami says that is because he threatened Nicole into marrying him. Kate says Nicole married Lucas of her own free will, and she and Eric have to deal with it. Kate tells Will that she will see him at home, and then leaves. Later Sami runs into Brandon, who introduces himself to her. He offers to buy her a cup of coffee to celebrate her freedom. However, Sami says she thinks she wants to spend the day with her son. Brandon says he doesn't blame her and will see him around. Next they run into Eric, who is down in the dumps. Sami asks Eric if he is sad about Nicole? Eric says yeah, he has decided to go to Colorado to clear his head for a few days. Sami wishes her brother happiness and they hug.

Brandon runs into Nicole, who is in tears. She tells Brandon that she just lost the best thing that ever happened to her. Brandon tells her to buy herself a good time, they should do the town.

Vivian is putting the final touches on her party while acting the part of the dying wife so she doesn't arouse the caterers' suspicions. Vivian tells Nicholas that she is going to get Victor back tonight. Nicholas doubts that Victor will just fall out of love with Kate, but Vivian thinks he will when he learns how he mismanaged his company. Nicholas says he's interested in meeting this Kate Roberts. Vivian tells Nicholas that Kate and Stefano share a secret past together, which is about to be exposed. However, Vivian says first she plans on getting Victor back into her life. He asks how she will do that, and Vivian says watch and learn! Vivian tells Nicholas that he has to live life in the moment and be optimistic. Vivian wishes he could stay with her, and Nicholas says investment banking can wait, he likes the idea of exploring what Salem has to offer. Vivian is thrilled and says they will be unbeatable together.

"Hope" shows up at the penthouse to talk to Marlena. "Hope" says she is here about her talking to Stefano about trying to save Sami. She says that she understands why she did it, but now she and John are in debt to Stefano. Marlena says that she and John will deal with Stefano, it will not consume them or delay their wedding plans. "Hope" tells Marlena that she must be very pleased. Marlena says she is, but she senses that she isn't. "Hope" says that she is envious because she and Bo are drifting further apart. MArlena tells her that is her fault, and she doesn't believe the Billie excuse. Marlena says Billie is not coming between her and Bo, John is. "Hope" asks Marlena if that is what she said to Roman when she slept with John? Marlena tells "Hope" that she came to terms with the Billie situation months ago, but now she is suddenly obsessed with John. "Hope" tells Doc not to psychoanalyze her, her past is tied to John's. Marlena says that John's past with the real Gina has nothing to do with her. "Hope" tells Marlena that it has everything to do with her! Marlena tells her that she was a robot and was programmed with memories of John, who happens not to care about the past anymore. She tells her that John has moved on and is committed to his family and her now.

At the DiMera mansion, John tells Stefano that he knows he didn't help Marlena. Stefano says that he could not refuse helping Marlena. John says that he knows he didn't agree to help her out of the goodness of his heart, and Marlena doesn't owe him a thing. Stefano tells John that Marlena's agreement is with him, but John responds by saying that right now he has his hands full with him. John tells Stefano that Roberto got Sami off, so Marlena's debt to him is canceled. Stefano tells John to stop speaking for Marlena, she is a woman who can make her own choices and speak for herself. John refuses to allow him to control her like he did him and Hope. Stefano asks John why he has to compare everything, each situation is unique. John grabs Stefano by the throat and tells him that there won't be a situation, because he will be dead! Stefano tells John "at ease!" and John lets go because he's hit with a migraine. He is then flooded with images of being trained as a mercenary by Stefano. We see him fighting another man to the death in a dungeon. Just as John is about to kill the man, he stops when Stefano yells out "at ease!" Back in the present, Stefano asks John if he is okay? John repeats what Stefano told him in the memory, "prepare to fight or die!" Stefano's eyes widen. John begins to laugh and tells Stefano that his days of controlling people's lives are over. Stefano tells John that he gives him to much credit, he has no control over people's lives. John tells Stefano that he worked for him a lot longer than he thought, and he knows he was never a priest. John says he remembers being his mercenary and remembers more and more every single day. John tells Stefano that the day when he can put him away will be here very soon. John walks out of the mansion and Stefano makes a call to Gina, who is still arguing with Marlena. Stefano tells Gina that he must see her immediately in the basement of the townhouse in twenty minutes.

Back at the penthouse, Gina tells Marlena that Shawn D was on the phone and she has to go buy him a gift. She wonders what could be wrong, Stefano sounded awfully upset. John returns to the penthouse and tells Marlena that he went to see Stefano. John tells her that he told him that he can't hold Marlena to the promise she made him. John says Stefano won't be a problem, they should concentrate on their wedding.

At the townhouse, Gina slips in through the secret enterence in the basement and sets the studio up to make it look like she has finished the paintings. Stefano shows up and tells Gina that he had a visit from John, who is remembering more of his past. Gina tells him that she warned him of this. Stefano says he has no choice but to bring back the old John to keep him under control.


June 10
Billie goes home to the Kiriakis mansion and sees Austin. They hug and Austin tells his sister that he is still suspicious about Lucas, but is happy that Sami is alive and can get on with her life. Billie asks him what about his life with Carrie? Austin says that he and Carrie are finished, their marriage is over. Austin explains to her how he found Carrie in bed with Mike. Billie asks why he didn't say anything before? Austin says he wasn't up to talking about it, and he hasn't told Sami because she has enough to deal with. Billie asks Austin to try and talk to Carrie and work things out. Austin says they tried, but it became apparent that Carrie is in love with Mike. Billie says there may still be hope, maybe Carrie was only attracted to Mike on the rebound. Austin says that is what he thought at first, but he knows there is much more now. Austin says he wants to move on and be there for Sami. Billie doesn't understand what he can do for Will now that Lucas has custody of him. Austin says he talked with Lucas about agreeing to joint custody and he hopes Lucas will come around. Austin has to leave and says goodbye to his sister.

Claire confronts Alison at the hospital and the two argue about the lawsuit. Ali says she hasn't been able to talk to Mike yet. Claire tells Ali to stick to her guns, her reputation is at stake, as well as a lot of money. Ali tells her mom that she sounds just like Craig. Claire says that they both care about her. Ali says she hasn't have the hospital served yet, so Claire says she will take this into her own hands if she won't do it.

Mike is in his office when Carrie shows up. Carrie wants to talk about some fund raisers and conferences, but Mike says he'd like to hold off on them right now. Carrie asks Mike why? Mike says that they don't need any more tension right now. Carrie knows something is bothering him and tells him that he can tell her. Mike says he can handle it. Ali shows up to finish their conversation, and Mike asks Carrie to excuse him while he talks business with Ali. Carrie leaves and runs into Claire in the hall, who is very snotty to her. Back in Mike's office, Ali tells Mike that she realizes Carrie doesn't know about the law suit. Mike tells her that her allegation are unfounded, but Ali says she has a very strong case against him. She says that she has been wrong and when she's finished everyone here will know it. Mike asks if she is after money? Ali says she is after much more, and she will get it.

Sami and Lucas are still in Salem Place. Sami tells Will that she's had a wonderful day with him, but now she has to take him back to Lucas and Nicole. Sami tells Will that she will do everything in her power to get custody of him again. Lucas shows up and says hopefully it won't come to that. Sami asks how he found her and he says he figured she would be here enjoying the fresh air. Lucas asks how she is doing and she says she is still in shock about what happened. Sami asks Lucas why he tried to save her? Lucas says that he did it for Will, but Sami says to tell her the truth for a change. Lucas says he told the truth, he never wanted her to die. Sami says that he and his mom obviously wanted her put away so they could get Will, which only happened because he forced Nicole to marry him. Sami tells Lucas that she will not let the custody ruling stand. She says if he really did save her for Will's sake, then he should prove it by giving her custody of Will, otherwise his whole story is a lie. Lucas tells Sami that she lies too, she only got custody of Will because she lied about him hitting Will. Lucas says he would never hurt his son intentionally, he hasn't had a drink in months and has turned his life around. He asks Sami to give him a second chance because she wants others to give her a second chance. He says that they may not be friends, but they share a bond and need to end this war between them. Lucas says he doesn't want Will to be the next casualty of their war. Sami asks Lucas what he is suggesting? Lucas says that they should share custody of Will fifty-fifty. Lucas says that they should each get Will every other week. He says this is the best solution because if they go back to court, she may not win. Lucas tells her to think about this. Lucas plays with Will and Austin shows up. He asks them what is going on? Lucas spots Nicole with Brandon at this point and tells Sami that he has some stuff to do. Lucas leaves and Sami tells Austin what Lucas proposed.

Elsewhere in Salem Place, Brandon tells Nikki that if she went on a huge shopping spree she might feel better. Nicole eventually agrees. They take a break and an old friend runs into Nicole and they gossip about her marriage to Lucas, and her big ole rock. As Brandon and Nicole hug, Lucas wonders what the hell is going on.

Bo and Greta show up at the townhouse and Bo tells her about the party. He says that if everything goes as planned tonight, they will know why Princess Gina was so important to Stefano. He explains to Greta the entire story of the townhouse and Vivian, and how Stefano owns it and everything in it. He then tells her about Vivian's surprise give away tonight. Greta asks Bo how he thinks her mother is connected to all of this? Bo says that Princess Gina and Stefano are both linked to the art world. Bo thinks that Stefano has some stolen paintings, but not the ones in this townhouse. He says that for some reason Stefano is desperate to hold onto these. Greta looks at one of the paintings and exclaims "Oh my God Bo, look at this painting!" Bo asks what about it? Greta says that the brush strokes and technique match those of her mother's. Bo says there is no signature and nothing on the back, but Greta swears this is her mother's work. Bo says that they know her mother never sold anything, but Greta says maybe it was a gift. Still, Bo doesn't understand why they would be important to Stefano.

In the basement of the townhouse, Stefano says that he is thinking of bringing back the old John because he is becoming a risk. Gina is delighted and says he's finally getting the picture. Stefano asks Gina why she wants the old John back so badly? Is there something she is not telling him? Gina says that she is just concerned about John remembering the past. Gina says they also need to stop John and Marlena's wedding. She tells him that they need the old John back on their side again. Stefano says that he has to give it more thought, but right now he has to focus on Vivian's party. Stefano thinks that all his masterpieces are finished. What he doesn't know is that Gina hasn't finished the paintings! One is still left upstairs. Stefano asks Gina if something is wrong? Gina says of course not, its not like anyone going to be taking paintings off the wall tonight. Gina switches the subject and asks him about Vivian's health. Stefano says that it seems to have perked up because of Nicholas, but she will still pass on and her heirs will receive a bunch of forgeries. Stefano gives Rolfe a call and asks him to start working on bringing John back. Meanwhile, Gina finishes one painting and has one left. Gina is happy that she is going to have John back, and remembers a romantic kiss the two shared in the past.

At the penthouse, MArlena tells John that she feels like he is rushing into the wedding to push something else aside, and asks what that would be? She asks if he is having the headaches again? John says his meeting with Stefano was a little intense, but Marlena knows there is something more. John tells her that he lashed out at Stefano. John says Stefano warned them that they won't like the man he once was, but Marlena says he will never be that man again. John says she is right and they should set their wedding date. They browse through the date book and finally pick a date.


June 11
This hasn't been proofed
Marlena shows up at Carrie's office to talk to her about Mike. Marlena says she wants to help her, not to fight. Carrie invites her in and Marlena tells Carrie that she worries about her like a daughter. Carrie tells Marlena that she loves her too, but there is nothing she can do to make up for what she did. Marlena suggests that she fight for her marriage, and quit her job. Carrie says that she can't, her marriage is over and she is living in her office for the time being. She says that her job is all that she has left. Marlena still believes there is hope, but Carrie doubts that. Marlena says that Sami's execution put pressure on everyone, and they all did things that are in the past now. Carrie says that she still can't make Austin forgive and forget, but Marlena says that there is still a chance. Carrie tells Marlena that she is confused. She says she is trying to do what is best for Austin, but Marlena asks what about Mike? Marlena says this could hurt Mike's career, and if she loves him then she would want to protect him from a scandal. Marlena tells her to think about it and leaves.

In Mike's office, Ali tells Mike that she promised her the head nurse job in exchange for sex. Mike said it was not a contract, it was said in a playful context. Mike refuses to allow her to extort money from him or the hospital. Ali says this is not about money, it's about love. Mike think this is about revenge, not love. Ali says that he treats her like she doesn't exist. She tells Mike that this job is torture because he looks at her like she is nothing, and she loves him. Mike says that you don';t hurt someone you love. Ali says why not, at least it gets their attention. Ali feels like he treated her like a whore, and she will not stand for that. She tells him that his days of putting her through hell, it's her turn now. Mike apologizes for hurting her and says their relationship just didn't work. Ali says that still doesn't make it right, and they will allow a jury to decide who is right and who is wrong. Ali says that she'd rather make love, not war. She says she'd drop the lawsuit if they could work out their problems in private, and then plants a kiss on him. Mike pushes her away and tells her that she is insane, he's told her a million times it is over. Ali says she's told him a million times that she loves him, and then says that she knows about him and Carrie. Mike tells Ali to leave Carrie out of this. Ali says that Carrie is the star of this movie and will drag him and her through the mud, and then she leaves. Ali calls her mom and tells that she was brutal, just like she coached her. Ali says that she thinks Mike has a newfound respect for her and will dump Carrie for her. Ali then tells her mom that she's not delusional and she can go to hell. Ali hangs up and says all she has to do is get Carrie out of the way.

Mike goes to Carrie's office to talk to her. Mike says that he doesn't think they should see each other anymore.

In Salem Place, Sami tells Austin that Lucas agreed to share custody of Will. Austin is shocked and says he didn't think he'd really back up. Austin admits to talking to Lucas. Sami says she still wishes she had full custody, but Austin warns her that she could lose all her custody privileges. Sami says that if Lucas is guilty, then Kate is involved, and she doesn't want Will raised in that environment. Austin says whatever she decides he will stick by her. Austin says that they should think about tonight. Sami says that he probably wants to get back to Carrie, but he says his plans are with her. Austin wants to celebrate her freedom at Tuscany, without Carrie. Sami asks if something is wrong? Austin says no, he is fine and Carrie is fine. Austin and Sami go shopping so Sami can pick out a new dress. Austin picks out a red dress, but Sami says it is too expensive. Austin tells her that it is his treat. While Sami is in the dressing room, Austin calls Mickey to tell him that he wants to end his marriage legally. In the dressing room, Sami plans to surprise Austin by inviting Carrie to dinner tonight.

Kate arrives at the nursing home to pick up Victor for their night on the town. Kate asks him where they are going? Victor says they are going to a party at Vivian's townhouse. Kate asks him if he has gone completely mad? She asks him if he has forgotten the horrendous things she's done to them? He says of course not. Kate asks why he is doing this? Victor says because Bo asked him to, and explains the situation. Kate doesn't understand why Bo is so interested in Vivian's dying wish. Victor says this is a way to reconnect with Hope, it has nothing to do with Vivian. Kate disagrees and thinks Bo is siding with her because she caused problems between him and Hope. Kate tells Victor that she will not go to the party with him tonight. Victor tells her that Vivian is going to die, she is not, so she wins. Kate says that is true, and says she does win.

Stefano meets up with Rolfe, who wonders why Stefano wants John back? He asks if Gina put him up to this? Stefano asks why he would ask such a thing? Rolfe says because Gina has wanted this for some time. Stefano says that John has brought this upon himself. Rolfe doesn't think this is wise, but Stefano says he doesn't pay him to make decisions. Stefano says that he has to make sure he and Gina can share their life together. Stefano asks what if Kate finds out about the stocks? Stefano says that it doesn't matter because the stocks become his after she dies. He tells Rolfe to concentrate on turning John back into his pawn, that is priority numero uno. Rofle says that it isn't that simple, they can't transform John with a satellite because his chip is older. Rolfe says they need John in their grasp, so Stefano says he will arrange it. Rolfe says this is far too risky, but Stefano says John is becoming too dangerous because he is remembering things. Rolfe says he will prepare things, but it will take some time.

At the townhouse, Gina hears Bo and Greta discussing the painting. Vivian and Nicholas show up and Bo tells her that something is not quite right with her painting. Greta tells Vivian that she believes her mother painted this, and it is only priceless to her. Vivian refuses to believe that. Vivian has to leave to talk to the caterers, and Gina says that Greta knows her so well. She says that she must make sure Bo never figures out what is going on, and that she must replace the painting. Meanwhile, Bo asks Nicholas if his aunt is really dying? Nicholas says she is, his aunt is just rising to the occasion. Bo and Greta continue to look at the paintings while Nicholas tells Vivian that Bo is growing suspicious of her health. Bo talks strategy with Vivian, who says she knows how to make a scene. Gina continues to try and figure out how to get replace the painting. Meanwhile, Nicholas stares at Greta, who giggles and leaves the room. The decorator then tells everyone to leave so he can make a miracle with this room. Bo and Greta leave to get ready as do Nicholas and Vivian. Once they are gone, Gina sneaks out and replaces a painting. She has one more painting to finish, but there isn't time to finish it and hopes that Steffie never finds out.

John comes home and is greeted by Belle and Brady. They ask her where mommy is? John says she had to step out, but he has good news to share with them. Suddenly, John is hit with a migraine. Belle and Brady ask him if he is okay, and he says everything is fine. John then tells Brady and Belle that he and their mommy are going to get married. Brady and Belle jump up and down and cheer. He then shows them when they will be getting married. John is then hit with another migraine. He recovers and then tells Brady and Belle how the wedding will go. He is then hit with a major migraine and stumbles to the floor. He assures them that he is fine and tells them to play. They begin to bang on the piano and fight. John begins to remember Stefano yelling stop at him, and John screams at the kids to stop. John apologizes for yelling and tells Belle and Brady to go upstairs, but not before giving them a hug and a kiss. They go upstairs and John steps onto the terrace for some air. He is hit with a light and then has more memories of Stefano training him. Stefano orders John to kill anyone who tries to stop him or get in his way, and if he is captured he is to commit suicide. Stefano says that to die is more honorable to be captured. John falls into a trance and jump onto the balcony ledge and plans to jump. Marlena comes home at this point and runs to the balcony to stop John.

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