June 99 Week 1


June 2


May 31
Roman confronts Joe Moroni at the Blue Note. He asks Moroni's goon if he shot his daughter? Moroni tells his goon that Roman is just upset because of his daughter is to be executed tonight. Roman tells Moroni that he is going to stop the execution. Roman tells him that they both know Franco worked for him, but Joe says he most certainly did not. When Roman asks Moroni to turn in his hitman, he refuses. ROman offers him a deal, he gives him the name of the hitman and he will give him immunity. Joe tells him that he feels for his situation, but there was no hitman. Roman asks him then who did kill Franco? Joe says he always assumed Sami did. Moroni tells him that he had nothing to do with Franco's murder, and if Roberto says otherwise than he is lying to protect himself.

John and Marlena burst into the Governor's office and John demands that he grant Sami clemency. Marlena begs the governor to reconsider and help her daughter. The governor asks if they have any new evidence, but they say no. The governor tells them that they wasted a trip because he can't help them. Marlena refuses to leave without a stay of execution. The governor says he can't help because of Sami's breakout. Marlena says that she only broke out because the judicial system let her down, and if he does his he will be a hero and will revive the public's faith in the judaical system. The governor thinks it over, but still refuses to help them. John and Marlena return to town and learn that Mickey's appeal has been denied as well. Marlena says there has to be something else they can do. Marlena gets an idea and tells John that she will meet him at the prison later. John watches the news and as people are shouting "Kill Sami Now!," John learns that Sami has five hours to live. Meanwhile, Marlena goes to see Stefano.

Austin is taking Will to see his mom. Austin and Will show up at the prison and Austin thanks Tracey for doing all of this. AUstin talks to the reporter and tells everyone how much of a tragedy it will be if Sami dies, because a little bit of them all will die with her. Later, an angry couple whose son was murdered have a nasty confrontation with Shawn and Caroline.

At the prison, Eric visits Sami and they talk about their twin connection. Sami makes Eric promise to be happy, because she'll still know his feelings no matter where she is. Sami asks him about Nicole, and he tells her about the lies she told him and how he doesn't believe her excuse that she didn't love him as much as he thought she did. Sami tells Eric to fight Lucas and Nicole as hard as he can so he wins. Austin shows up with Will and Sami hugs her little boy. Mickey shows up and tells Sami that the supreme court has turned down her appeal. Shawn and Caroline show up and Sami tells Will how lucky he is to have such a wonderful and loving family. Sami is surprised that Lucas let him bring Will to him. Austin says he doesn't know, Lucas and Nicole went on their honeymoon. This news blows Eric away, but he says he doesn't care, he only cares about Sami right now. Austin tells Sami "me too." Sami makes Austin promise not to stop fighting for Will.

At the hospital, Kate tells Roberto that Roman will take care of his family if he names a hitman, but Roberto thinks it is Sami. Kate tells him that the only way to protect his family is to tell Roman that he shot Franco! Roberto refuses because he thinks Sami knows the truth. Kate tells Roberto that Sami will do anything to keep her off death row. Kate then tells Roberto about how he confronted Franco at the house about skimming money off the Moroni's, so he shot him and framed Sami after she fainted. Still, Roberto refuses to confess because he doesn't want to spend his life in prison, or get the death penalty. Kate asks him what other choices he has? Roberto says he would rather die with honor than live with shame. Kate tells Roberto that she overheard the doctors talking and he is not going to live much longer. Kate tells him that Rosa has called a priest to administer his last rites. Kate tells him that if he goes along with her story, she will protect his family. Still, Roberto thinks maybe he will live and asks to talk to his sister so she knows he isn't dying. Kate leaves to get Rosa for him. Kate calls the Green Mountain Lodge and makes sure that Lucas does not have a TV in his room and receives no newspapers. Rosa goes in to see Roberto, and then leaves and tells Kate that Roberto wants to see her again. Kate tells Roberto that if he doesn't go along with her, Roman won't protect his family because they aren't American citizens. Roberto asks why she wants to save Sami so badly? Kate says that Sami is her family, she is the mother of her grandson. Kate promises Roberto that she will protect his mother and sister forever if he takes the fall. Suddenly, Roman shows up.

Lucas and Nicole arrive at the honeymoon suite at Green Mountain Lodge. Lucas apologizes for kissing her earlier and says he can be patient. Nicole tells Lucas that she has something to tell him that may change his feelings about her. Nicole tells him that earlier she fantasized he was Eric while they were kissing. Lucas says he is hurt, but can forgive her because he loves her so much. Later, Lucas arranges for a tennis pro to give her lessons so they can play a game. However, Nicole says that she'd rather do something with him, and suggests that they take a dip in the hot tub. Lucas and Nicole jump in the hot tub and later, Lucas tells her that she and his mom have a lot in common. Lucas then gives Nicole a present, a necklace that once belonged to the royal family! Lucas tells her how happy he is to have her with him and will never force her into anything. Nicole remembers Kate telling her to make Lucas happy, so she kisses Lucas. Lucas tells her that she doesn't have to do this, but she continues to kiss him. As Lucas kisses her, she thinks about Eric. Lucas and Nicole consummate their marriage, and then Lucas leaves to answer their door. Room service brings them their dinner and he learns from the man that Sami Brady is being executed at midnight!


June 1
Marlena shows up at the DiMera mansion and asks Stefano for help saving Sami. Stefano thought it was about John at first. Marlena asks Stefano to talk to the governor and get him to grant Sami a stay of execution. Marlena tells Stefano that he is Sami's last hope. Stefano tells Marlena that he's not sure if even he has that much power, but Marlena is positive that he can do it. Marlena says that she doesn't want to play games with him, he is the last person he wants to ask for help from. Stefano says his heart goes out to her, but Marlena says it was he who took Sami's mother and father from her. She says that she can't recapture that time, but she can make sure she has a future. Marlena yells at Stefano not to think about refusing her, she was the one person who believed he could change for his children's sake. Stefano says that there may be a day when he requires a favor from her, and she says anything. Stefano tells her that he will do what he can.

Outside the prison, Tracey and her friends are still protesting as the news reporter says that Sami has five hours to live. Inside, Sami is visiting with Austin, Will, and the rest of her family. Carrie shows up and apologizes for being late. Sami tells both Austin and Carrie that she wants them to continue fighting for Will as husband and wife. They both promise her that they will do everything they can. Caroline cries as she hugs Sami. She tells her that she knows their prayers will be answered. Shawn asks Sami if she remembers the rhyme she and Eric used to says before they said their prayers? Sami does, it's "Tomorrow will be a joyous day and all our troubles will melt away." Will gives Sami a kiss goodbye and Austin puts him to sleep. As Austin takes him out of the room, Will keeps saying goodbye mommy. Sami then breaks down on Eric's shoulder. Sami says she was trying to believe something would happen to save her, but she knows that won't happen now. Carrie assures Sami that everything will be all right, and they both tell one another that they love the other. Sami tells Carrie that she's so glad she is trying to work things out with Austin. Sami then admits to Carrie that she had a dream about being a family with Austin and it made her happy. Meanwhile, John tells Mickey that the governor won't budge. Mickey says it will take a miracle to save Sami. John and the warden go in to see Sami and the warden tells Sami she can have whatever she wants for her last meal. Sami says she is not hungry, so he leaves. JOhn asks Sami how she got so pretty? Sami laughs and says he used to tell her that when she was eight years old. Suddenly, Eric tells everyone that he heard from his dad and Roberto is ready to talk! Sami is afraid because they have been so close so many times before. Sami then asks John to take care of her mom because she believes Stefano is still after her. Sami makes John promise to protect her mom from Stefano and stop him. He promises her and the two hug. Later a priest shows up to give Sami her last rites. Sami is told that her visiting hours are over and she has to return to her cell. The priest asks the guard to give Sami a little more time, so he does. Sami asks John once again to look after her mom, but he tells her that they both will. Carrie tells Sami that she'll say goodnight, but not goodbye. Sami asks Carrie to look out for Will and Austin. Sami then asks Eric to look after Carrie, and she knows he will be okay without her. Sami wonders where her mom is, and John says he will try to reach her. Carrie returns with news, Roman and a stenographer are in with Franco. Marlena shows up and tells John that she's positive that Sami will be granted a reprieve. John asks how she knows this and she tells him that she went to Stefano for help. John asks her how she could go to him? Marlena says that she had no choice. Meanwhile, Sami has a moment alone with Austin. Sami tells him that she can't say goodbye to him, but Austin has faith that she will be saved. Sami asks him how he can have such hope? Austin tells her it is because he loves her. As they hug, Carrie watches from the side lines. The guard returns to take Sami back to her cell and drags her off by the arm.

At the hospital, Roman shows up as Kate is making a plea to Roberto to confess. Roman asks her what she is doing? Kate says she is trying to help Sami, but Roman refuses to believe that. Kate assures him that she doesn't want to see Sami die and wants Roberto to name the killer. Roman tells her that there isn't a damn thing Roberto can do to save Sami. Roman says that Roberto has been stringing them along in order to get protection from the Moronis. Roman tells her about Moroni, and Kate asks him how he can believe that mobster? Roman says he believes Moroni, and Kate says that must mean Sami is guilty. Roman says of course he doesn't believe Sami is guilty. Roman decides to question Roberto and Kate hopes he confesses to killing Franco. Roman tells Roberto that Moroni told him that he couldn't be trusted. Roberto is upset that he talked to Moroni about him. ROman tells Roberto not to jerk him around anymore, and Kate tells Roberto to clear his conscious and not let his family live in fear. Kate tries to play on Roberto's fear for his family to convince him to confess. Kate tells him that Roman knows there was no hitman, and the only thing he can do is to confess to killing Franco. Roman, who left the room, returns to get Roberto's statement and he has a stenographer with him. Roman asks Roberto if he has been coerced to give this confession? Roberto says no, and then tells Roman that there was no hitman at the wedding.

At Green Mountain Lodge, Lucas learns from the room service guy that Sami is going to be executed. Lucas says that he can't let this happen. Nicole says she had no idea about this and Lucas says he knows she didn't. Lucas then asks Nicole if the honeymoon was her idea, or did his mom have something to do with it? Nicole says that Kate suggested it, which angers Lucas. He says that his mom knew Sami was scheduled to die. Nicole asks him why his mom wouldn't want him to know about this? Lucas says that it doesn't matter. Nicole tells him that Sami is the mother of his son, and Lucas says he knows that. Nicole tells Lucas that maybe there will be a miracle and she will be cleared. Nicole leaves to get dressed and Lucas says that only one thing can save Sami. Lucas begins to reflect on the night he killed Franco and how he learned that his mom framed Sami. Lucas then has a vision of the future in which Will tells his dad that he learned that he let his mother die and he hates him. Nicole asks Lucas what is wrong? Lucas says they are checking out, there is something he must do.


June 2
At the hospital, Roberto says that Sami murdered Franco. Roman is furious and calls him a bastard for stringing him along. Roman panics when he realizes he has nothing left to save Sami. Kate is furious with Roberto and tells him that he is dying and his sister and mother will be alone with no one protecting them. Kate tells him that she will help them if he confesses, but he refuses. Kate leaves the room and finds Roman telling himself that he has let Sami down. Kate puts her hand on his shoulder and he asks her what he's going to do now? He wonders who the real killer is. Later, Roberto's mother shows up to say goodbye to Roberto and the priest shows up to anoint him. Roberto finally realizes that he is going to die. Roman and Abe prepare to leave for the prison, and Kate says she wishes she could help him and hopes he doesn't hold her responsible. Roman tells her that he knows there is good in her and if she could save his daughter he knows she would. Kate asks God to forgive her. She then begins to be eaten away by guilt and asks Roman to wait. With tears in her eyes, Kate tells him that she has something to say. Suddenly, Mike tells Kate and Roman that Roberto wants to talk to them. They rush into Roberto's room and as he is about to save Sami, his heart stops!

Lucas and Nicole are in Lucas' limo. Lucas tells his driver to floor it. Lucas reaches for a drink, but Nicole tells him no. Lucas starts ranting about how he told her this would happen, but she wouldn't listen. Nicole asks him what he is talking about? Lucas tells her to forget it, but she wants to know what is going on. Lucas and Nicole arrive at the prison, but they can't get close because of the protests. Lucas says he's getting out here and pushes his way through the crowd.

Sami now has one hour to live, and the news reporter is telling the audience about how Sami will spend her last hour. The reporter explains how the execution will go down and what each of the three drugs will do to Sami: one calms her, one stops her breathing, and the third stops her heart. As the reporter speaks, Sami watches from a TV set across from her cell. The reverend wants to say a prayer, but Sami says she doesn't want to die, she is innocent.

John is still talking to Marlena about her going to Stefano for help. He says there will be one hell of a price to pay, but Marlena says that she'll do anything to save Sami. Marlena goes to see Sami, who is telling the reverend that it would take a miracle to save her. Marlena tells her that she may have that miracle. Marlena says that she went to Stefano for help and he's going to talk to the governor. Sami apologizes to her mom for everything she did to her, and she's so sorry. Marlena tells her that is the past and is over. Sami tells her mom that when she went away she thought it was her fault and if she was good she would return, but she didn't. Sami says that she began to hate her for leaving, and she was spiteful towards her when she finally came back. Marlena says that she was still a little girl afraid of being abandoned again. Marlena hold Sami and tells her that whatever happens she will always be able to feel her arms around her. Sami asks her mom to give Will a letter that she wrote when he's old enough. She says that she doesn't want Will to have nightmares like she did. MArlena remembers singing Sami a song when she was little, and Sami asks her mom to sing to her now. Marlena holds Sami and sings her own special version of "Rockabye Baby." Later, Sami, Marlena, and a priest say a final prayer for Sami. The warden then arrives and tells her that it is time and asks Marlena to leave. Marlena and Sami say a final goodbye. MArlena tells Sami to feel her arms around her and loving her. Sami is shackled and lead down the hall to the execution chamber and the guard cries out "dead woman walking!"

Bo shows up at prison to see if there is any news, there isn't. The family is lead to the viewing room where they will be able to view the execution. John shows up and tells the family that Marlena has asked Stefano for his help. Later, Eric hears from his dad and he tells the family that Roberto said there was no hitman, Sami killed Franco.

Sami arrives at the execution chamber and is strapped to the gerney and the needle is inserted in her arm. Everyone takes their seats in the viewing room, Marlena is praying that Stefano will come through for them. Sami's gerney is turned around so that she is facing her family. Sami is given a chance to make a final statement. Sami tells her family that she regrets that they have to watch this and she's sorry for that, and she says that she's sorry that she won't be here for them, but she hopes they know and will help her son to know that she was innocent. She tells them all that she used to think that she didn't deserve their love, but now she understands what love really means and she's sorry it took so long. She says she's finally learned how to be a better person, but it's too late. She says that the most important thing she can says is thank you, she thanks them all for believing in her and supporting her. The clocks clicks to midnight and suddenly the warden gets a phone call. MArlena stands up, and Sami looks around. The warden hangs up the phone and tells them to proceed with the execution. The buttons are pushed, and Sami is given her lethal injection. Sami begins to have memories of playing with Eric as a child, and growing up with him and Carrie. She also remembers dancing with her dad, and Carrie and Austin dating. Later she remembers giving birth to Will and watching him grow to a five year old. The second drug is administered to Sami, and finally the lethal injection. As her heart monitor slows to a crawl, Lucas bursts in and screams that he killed Franco! As Sami is dying, Lucas screams his bloody head off and pounds on the glass.


June 3
Outside the prison, Tracey fears that Sami is gone. Suddenly, a chopper lands on the roof. Carson Palmer makes a speech saying that justice has been served and Sami Brady is most certainly dead. The TV reporter then gets news from the inside, the execution has been halted. Tracey falls to her knees and thanks God.

Inside, Sami is given her lethal injection. John is furious with DiMera for not keeping his promise to Marlena. As the third drug is administered, Sami fades away. Suddenly, Lucas bursts into the viewing room screaming that he killed Franco. He sees Sami dying and begins to pound on the glass. Inside the execution chamber, the phone rings. Lucas tells everyone that he killed Franco. Roman, Kate, and Abe show up and the warden, who was on the phone, announces that the execution is to be halted. Kate asks Lucas what he is doing here? John tells her that Lucas confessed to killing Franco. Everyone rushes into the room to help Sami, but she flatlines. Austin decks Lucas and tells him that he killed Franco and let Sami die! Carson shows up and asks what is going on. Carrie says that Lucas confessed to killing Franco, that it why they stopped the execution. The warden says that wasn't it, the governor ordered a stay of execution. When Roman learns that Lucas confessed to killing Franco, he is very shocked. Kate says the reason the execution was stopped because Roberto confessed on his death bed to killing Franco, and she, Mike, and Roman were rushed here in a police helicopter. The TV reporter talks with Palmer about what is going on, and Kate asks Lucas if he has lost her mind? Lucas says she should have told him what she was working on, but Kate says she thought he would screw things up!

MEanwhile, Marlena pleads with Sami to return to them. She asks God to spare her baby girl as Mike performs CPR on her. Sami is walking through a swirling tunnel towards a bright light. She hears her family praying to God not to take her away from them. We see Sami turn into a little girl as she continues toward the light. Sami then hears Austin asking her to come back to him and Will, they both need her. Sami turns back into her adult self and continues toward the light, but stops when she hears Austin tell her that they love her. Austin gives Sami a kiss, and her heartbeat returns.

Roman rushes out to the viewing area and tells everyone that Sami is alive. Roman asks Lucas what this is about him confessing? Lucas says he lied to save Sami to give them more time to find the real killer. Carson says they can't let this go and orders Lucas to be brought into the station for questioning, and Kate tags along. The paramedics arrive to tend to Sami and the family remembers an incident when Sami and Eric were almost split up in grade school, but Sami wouldn't let that happen. Roman is busy telling Sami that she is going to be just fine, but he has to go and take care of something. He tells her that he will see her later at the hospital and tells her that he loves her. Marlena thinks that Stefano came through for her, but John and Bo tell her what really happened. Marlena says that all that matters is that Sami is alive. Mike plans to ride along with Sami to the hospital, and Austin says he is going as well. When Carrie asks if there is room for her, Austin gives her a look and walks off. Sami is taken to the hospital and Bo makes a statement to the press about how love and truth are the most important things, and because of them Sami was saved.

At the hospital, Marlena breaks down in John's arms. Mike checks Sami over and Austin is there when she comes too. She is very weak and groggy and asks Austin if she is in heaven? Austin tells her that she is alive and tells her to relax. Austin tells her that her dad came through for her and she was saved. He tells her that it is all over, and Sami smiles.

Back at the execution chamber, Nicole asks Eric if he is okay? She then says "dumb question." Eric says that this never should have happened, it never should have gone this far. Eric asks Nicole how it feels to be married to a murderer?

At the station, Kate fills Lucas in on why Roberto confessed to the murder. He asks her why she sent him away? She tells him to keep him from confessing of course! Roman shows up and asks Lucas to look over Roberto's statement. Lucas says he doesn't need to, he's sure it's not a lie. Roman says he wonders who is lying, and wonders if he killed Franco. Lucas says he only confessed to save Sami, but Roman doesn't believe him. He says that either his or Roberto's confession is a lie, and asks which one is the truth?

Stefano is at his house watching the execution on TV when Gina shows up to see him. Stefano tells Gina about his visit from Marlena earlier. Gina says that she was listening to the news and he obviously ignored Marlena's plea for help. Stefano is gulping down brandies and Gina asks him if he's unnerved because he couldn't save Sami? Stefano tells her that things are never as they seem. Gina asks him what he did, but Stefano tells her to be quiet. Stefano watches the news as the news on the execution continues to unfold. When they learn that the execution was stopped, Stefano tells Gina that he did nothing to help Sami. Gina asks him why he didn't help Marlena? Stefano says that he couldn't help Sami because of his pact with Kate. Gina can't believe that he gave up the chance to have Marlena indebted to him, but he says he plans to lie and say that he tried to help. Stefano says that he plans to call in his debt when the time is right. Gina then makes a toast to deceit, fraud, and trickery, and the two drink up. When Gina sees Bo on TV talking about truth and love, she seems to be moved by his words.


June 4
At the station, Kate tells Lucas that it is all over for them now. They argue about the evil things Sami has done, and Kate thinks that spending life on death row wasn't punishment enough for what she has done. Kate tells Lucas that she had everything covered, but Lucas thinks his mom should have filled him in on her plan. Meanwhile, Roman, Abe, Mickey, and Carson are all talking about which confession is the real one. Carson asks Roman who he think killed Franco? Roman says that he always believed Lucas was the killer, but Kate sent him on the trail of a hitman. Carson and Roman both find this suspicious. Roman calls Lucas into the interrogation room so he can question him about Franco's murder. Carson is present and Lucas tells them that he only confessed to killing Franco to save Sami. Lucas says that he knew Roman was trying to save Sami, so he decided to give Roman some more time. Abe asks Lucas if he was driven to confess because of a guilty conscious? Lucas says that the night Sami broke out of prison, Will was crying for his mommy. He says that he wanted to be a hero for his son, and he didn't want to answer questions about his mom's death. Lucas says he wouldn't have been able to look his son in the face if he knew he didn't do everything he could to save his mother. Abe gets a call, which is for Carson, so he goes into Abe's office to take the call. Roman tells Lucas to be a man for once and tell the truth. Lucas says that he has said all he has to say. He tells Roman that Sami is free, isn't that all that matters? Roman goes to see Kate and tells her that he can't help wondering why she was with him at Roberto's side? Kate says she was desperate to help him save Sami. Still, Roman wonders how she was so sure he would confess. Roman says perhaps she talked Roberto into taking the wrap for Franco's murder, and she promised him something in return. Kate asks Roman to let Lucas go, Sami is free! Roman knows Kate would like him to do that. Carson calls them all into the room and tells them all that forensics just got back to him and they know without a doubt who killed Franco Kelly. Carson says that Roberto's confession proves that he was at the house and killed Franco because only he could know how it was done. Carson also says that Sami will be publicly exonerated. Mickey, Abe, and Carson go to start the paperwork, and Roman tells Kate that she must be relieved. After he leaves, Kate tells Lucas that nobody will ever know the truth now. Still, Lucas says the memory will haunt him for the rest of her life. Kate tells him to put it behind him because he now has everything he's ever wanted. Lucas says she is right, and he should find Nicole and tell her the news. Kate says that Nicole is probably on the way here, and that everything she has done she has done for him. Lucas thanks his mom and tells her that he loves her.

Eric asks Nicole what it is like being married to a murderer? Nicole says she had no idea that Lucas was going to confess. Eric then asks her how long she's known that Lucas killed Franco and framed his sister? Nicole says that it wasn't Lucas' confession that stopped the execution. Eric asks why Lucas would confess to a crime he didn't commit? Nicole says that he didn't want Sami to die, but Eric says he believes that as much as he believes she loves Lucas. Eric tells Nicole to look at him and tell him that she honestly believes Lucas is innocent. Nicole remembers Lucas commenting on how he had something to do that he should have done months ago, and she says that Lucas was just desperate to save Sami. Eric can't believe she is taking Lucas and Kate's side against Sami, her supposed friend. Nicole gets a call from Kate, who tells her to get over to the station now to support Lucas. Nicole tries to leave, but Eric asks Nicole to let him help her. Nicole runs out of the room, and once she's gone she tells herself that she did what she did to protect Eric because she loves him too. Eric vows to make Lucas pay for what he did to Nicole and Sami.

Nicole heads to the station, and Eric follows her. He is hoping to see Lucas lead out in chains. They argue about what Lucas has done when Lucas walks out. Lucas tells Nicole that he has been freed, Roberto is the real killer. Eric calls him a liar, but Lucas said he only was trying to help Sami. He says that he's going to go home now and spend his life with his beautiful wife and wonderful son. Meanwhile, Kate tells herself that everyone will look at Sami as a martyr now, but she knows that Sami will be in their lives forever.

Gina is watching the news report at Lilly's place and wonders how she can use Marlena's debt to Stefano to her advantage. Bo suddenly shows up and tells "Hope" that he needs to be with her right now, and he asks if he can come in. She lets him in and Bo tells her how watching Sami die brought back memories of her dying in the cage. He tells her that right now, he feels like he's losing her all over again. "Hope" tells him that Sami did survive, and that is all that matters. Bo says that John and Marlena can go ahead with their wedding, but he's sad to say it's not the same for them. Bo tells "Hope" how Marlena went to Stefano for help, but he did nothing to help her. However, he says he's sure Stefano will tell Marlena he helped so he can have her in debted to him. "Hope" doubts he would be that cruel, but Bo says of course he would! Bo says that is why he has to bring him down before he can call in his debt to Marlena. However, Bo says he came here to talk to her about their future together. "Hope" is about to say something, but Bo cuts her off and tells her that he doesn't want to hear her say how unsure she is, because it doesn't matter. Bo tells her that watching Sami die made him realize how short and precious life is. Bo says he's sure Sami has been changed by her near death experience, and she has changed too. Bo says that she isn't the woman he fell in love with, and he doesn't want her to be. Bo apologizes her for not being more patient with her, and "Hope" tells Bo that she has been so selfish lately. She says that she never took the time to think about what he has been going through. Bo says as long as they have love, they can get through anything. He suggests they look forward to their future, and then kisses her.

At the hospital, Sami is getting stronger as her family gathers around her. Austin tells Sami that Roberto confessed to killing Franco, and so did Lucas. Austin says that Lucas has retracted his confession, but he swears Lucas looked like he was telling the truth. Sami is further surprised when Sami learns that Kate helped Roman get Roberto's confession. Mike has to take some blood and asks everyone to leave, but Sami asks if Austin can stay with her. Mike tells her that he can. Later, Carrie tells Mike how watching Sami almost die made her realize how Austin never doubted Sami's innocence, and he never doubted in her (Carrie) love for him, but she let him down. Carrie says that she now realizes that Sami has changed, and she deserves a full happy life. Mike says they do too. Back in Sami's room, Austin tells Sami that he doesn't know what he'd do if he lost her. Roman shows up and everyone goes in to see Sami. He tells her that she has been exonerated. Sami thanks her dad for saving her. Roman says that the DA believes Roberto killed Franco, and Lucas is a free man. Sami says that she can't wait to see Will, but then asks Mickey if she will be prosecuted for drugging the guard when she escaped? Mickey says no, and she won't be prosecuted for her jail break either. Mike asks everyone to leave so Sami can gets some rest, but Austin says he wants to stay with Sami. Austin tells Sami that he can't wait to take her home so she can see Will. Sami says that she hopes Lucas is in a sharing mood. Meanwhile, Carrie tells Mike that she wonders if Austin has feelings for Sami now. Mike says maybe Austin is meant to be with Sami, and she's meant to be with him. In the hospital corridor, Roman tells Mickey that he's positive that Lucas killed Franco, and he won't let him and Kate get away with this.

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