June 97 Week 4


June 23
In Rome Bo tells Billie he thinks the drug case will be rapped up tonight. King shows up and tells Bo to be at dock 22 tonight alone. King leaves, and Billie tells him it's to dangerous for him to do this alone. Bo says he has a interpool agent working with him, so she need not worry. Bo thanks Billie for hanging in with him through this madness, and Billie says she'll do anything for him. When Bo leaves Billie says she's not returning to Salem with him because she can't see him with Hope.

Bo goes to the pier and meets Dean, the interpool agent sent to work with him. Bo informs him that they are meeting tonight at 9 pm, and Dean gives him a remote to call him when needed by pushing a button. Later the interpool agent blows Bo's cover to Max, and Billie overhears and says she has to warn Bo. Later Bo meets King at the docks and they prepare for the shipment. The boat pulls in as Billie rushes to the pier to warn Bo. Bo presses the button to call interpool, and Max warns King that Bo is a traitor.

Franco and Hope have arrived in Salem and are at John and Kristen's wedding. Caroline hopes Bo will show up, but Hope tells Caroline and Shawn that Bo married Billie.

Mike and Carrie are also at the wedding, and Carrie is really depressed, but Mike tells her that she'll be marrying Austin soon. Jen shows up and tells Mike when Laura wakes up she hopes she'll drop her obsession with Kristen.

At the hospital Lynn is trying to get Laura out of the hospital as Stefano's men are searching for her. Lynn hides a semi-conscious Laura in the stairwell and is confronted by Stefano's men. The men think she looks familiar, and realize she's the women who is supposed to be guarding Laura. Inside the stairwell Laura becomes dizzy and falls down the stairs. Laura comes to and gets up, but has hurt her leg. As she makes her way down the stairs Stefano's men come after her.

John can't believe his outfit and thinks Vivian is to blame. Vivian confronted Susan, but they don't know she's not Kristen. When Vivian says her wedding gown is awful she throws them out, and Vivian think Susan has ruined the wedding some how. Vivian goes back into the room and tells "Susan" that Susan must have replaced these costumes of horror to ruin the wedding. Susan says that must be it, and Vivian leaves, not knowing Kristen is really Kristen. Downstairs Vivian tells John that she thinks Susan did this on purpose, and says they go along with this Nightmare at Graceland wedding. John says if Kristen is okay with it then he'll go through with it.

Outside Elvis music begins to play, and Celeste tells Lexie that there is evil here, and the wedding is filled with deception. As Abe and John go to the alter everyone laughs at them, and John rocks his hips like Elvis.

In the wine cellar Stefano can't get to Marlena because the cops have set their command post down there. Stefano promises to be back, but he doesn't know that Marlena is in danger. Inside the secret room Marlena sees that Kristen broke the cap off of a gas pipe, and Kristen says the cap fell into the wall so they can't recap it. Kristen realizes they are going to die since the room is soundproof and airtight (doesn't make since, they'd run out of oxygen). Kristen tries to plug the hole while Marlena looks for a way out. Marlena plugs the hole up with some soap, and Kristen thanks her. They both look at the monitor and see Stefano dressed as a waiter.

Out at the wedding Stefano asks Vivian what she is doing in that costume, and she says "Look who's talking Master of Disguises!" Vivian goes off to the wedding as Susan comes down the isle with Ivan. In the cellar Marlena is laughing her head off because she'll be on the cover of all the high society magazines, all Kristen can do is says that she's going to kill Susan.

At the wedding John and Susan are pronounced husband and wife, and then Susan dreams she marries him again as herself. Inside the house Stefano taints some alcohol with a drug and takes it down to the guards in the cellar. Stefano says it's a gift from the bride and groom, and hands them the alcohol. As they are about to toast John and Kristen Abe comes in and Stefano slips out. They explain about the waiter, but when they look for him, he is gone.

Laura escapes the hospital and begins wandering through the park trying to get to the DiMera mansion to warn John. At the wedding John and Kristen celebrate with their friends and John toasts Kristen. Celeste looks at Susan and refuses to toast because she doesn't think that Susan is Kristen. John says the one thing that would make the wedding perfect is if Marlena was with them, and swears to bring her home.

Stefano learns from his men that Laura has escaped, and he fears she is on her way. Ivan and Vivian try to flee, but Stefano tells them they have to get him out of this mess. Stefano tells them if he doesn't get Marlena out of the house soon everyone will suffer, including them.

At the reception Hope tells Carrie and Mike what happened in Rome, and they tell her how sorry they are. Hope tells Franco to make up an excuse so they can leave, and the cake is served. On top of the cake is a pink Cadillac with Elvis and Priscilla sitting in the front seat.

Back at the reception Abe tells John about an odd waiter who served the guards in the cellar, but John says he doesn't see the harm. Suddenly Laura shows up and screams "Kristen you evil bitch!" Laura tells "Susan" that Kristen knows everything, and says that Stefano came to her hospital room to take her and Marlena away. Mike tries to calm his mother down, but Laura knows exactly what was going on, but nobody believes her. Mike grabs Laura and says he's taking her back to the hospital, and Jen apologizes. Stefano scolds Vivian and Ivan and hopes that everything isn't ruined. Inside the house Laura pleads with Mike to let her save Marlena.

Down in the secret room Marlena and Kristen grow tired, and Marlena checks the pipe, the soap is still in place but a faint hissing can be heard. Eventually both become incoherent, and collapse, the soap has fallen out of the pipe!


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Franco is on the phone telling his boss that Bo and Billie have been married, and he tells his boss he will help Hope cope with her pain. Meanwhile Hope recalls another fake flashback with Bo, and says she has to say goodbye to Bo. Franco finds Hope, and she says it's hard to rebuild her life when she is surrounded by so many memories of Bo. Hope says she feels like such a fool, and that she has nowhere to go now. Franco tells her he knows where she can stay, and takes her to his hotel room. Franco says he will get another room, and Hope accepts his kindness. Franco encourages her to go take a bath, and then he calls someone about a total surprise for her.

As Hope soaks in a bubble bath she dreams of Bo joining her. Hope remembers Bo's warnings about Franco, but she says all Franco has ever been was a wonderful friend. Hope leaves the bathroom and finds Franco waiting for her with dinner. Hope notices that there is only setting for one person, and Franco says that he wanted to do something special for her. Hope tells Franco that he's so special, and is sorry for all the accusations Bo made against him. When Frano leaves the room he says he's going to make her forget Bo and fall in love with him.

In Rome Billie is trying to find Bo to warn him that his cover has been blown. On the docks Bo wonders where his backup is while King learns the truth about Bo from Max. Bo plays it cool around King, and King says there's been a change of plan, and pulls a gun on him. King tells Bo he warned him not to double-cross him, and now he has to pay the price. Bo tries to talk his way out of it, but King tells him to save it, and that he's going to make Bo watch his son, Hope, and Billie die. King goes off on this big hero speech and when the interpool agent shows up Bo thinks he's saved, but is shocked when the interpool agent turns on him. Billie hides in the shadows and sees what is going on. Bo tells King to do what he wants to to him, but to leave Billie out of this. Billie suddenly jumps in and tells them to freeze and drop their guns, or they are both dead. Billie pretends to have a gun under her shirt, and Max grabs her. King tells them both they are as good as dead. King tells Bo and Billie that they are coming with him out to sea and then he's dumping them overboard.

At the wedding Susan remembers Laura accusations against "Kristen" and she knows if anyone believes her they'll find Marlena. John tries to comfort Susan and tells her that Laura is confused and nobody believes her anyways.

Inside Stefano tells Ivan and Vivian that when John and Kristen leave for their honeymoon he will get Marlena out of the house and take her away. Stefano goes of to hide and Ivan and Vivian think Kristen is acting just like Susan.

Outback Celeste tells Lexie she doesn't think Laura's accusations are crazy, and she knows Stefano is near. Abe asks John what he thinks of Laura's accusations, and John says that he thinks Laura has lost her mind, and if Marlena was in this house he would know it. Meanwhile Susan begins to sip the champagne a little to much, and says sticking mean mean Kristen in that dungeon was the best thing she's ever done.

John talks to Carrie and tells her that he will find Marlena, but now he and Kristen are going to the airport for their honeymoon.

Mike and Jen are trying to take Laura to the hospital, but Laura says that she has to find Marlena. Laura tells them she was drugged and that Kristen has hidden Marlena in that house, they have to bring the DiMera's down. Laura refuses to return to the hospital and when she tries to go back inside Mike grabs her and tells her no! Mike tells her maybe they should go home and talk everything out calmly, and Laura agrees. Jen goes to get the car, and Mike waits with Laura. Jen pulls Mike aside and when they talk about what to do with their mom, Laura disappears.

Laura runs outback and grabs Susan and begs everyone to listen to her, and Susan downs even more Champaign. Susan tells them not to be fooled by Kristen's sweet face, and in the background Stefano, Vivian, and Ivan watch. John tries to make Laura cool down, but Laura tells him that Marlena is in that house. John grabs Laura and Mike shows up to take Laura. Laura continues to wail and cry about Marlena, and Mike asks Jen to get his medical bag. Mike tries to give Laura something, and she tells him not to come near to her. Laura grabs Susan, and as they wrestle Susan's fake teeth fly out of her mouth and land in Vivian's champagne. Everyone stares at a buck-toothed Susan, who makes one of her funky faces.

John looks at Susan, and Vivian figures out that Kristen must be in the secret room. John senses Stefano's work, and demands to know where Kristen is, but Susan just says she doesn't know. John looks at Abe and says Stefano is here, and Lexie tells Celeste she was right all along. When Vivian and Ivan try to leave Abe has all the exits sealed off, and Stefano is stopped by a police officer inside the house. Stefano tells the officer that he has to go to pick some trays up from upstairs and he has to go to another wedding. The officer tells Stefano that if he wants to leave he'll have to talk to Commander Carver.

Abe tells John that his people are searching the entire house. Susan keeps downing the champagne, and John tells her to tell him everything, and where is Kristen. Susan is totally wasted and says he doesn't need her because she, John, and little Elvis can be a family. Laura asks Susan if she knows where Marlena is, and Susan goes off about being locked in a dungeon and that Stefano was the head vampire. When John asks if she's seen Stefano today Susan says no, but points at Ivan and Vivian and says they're the only vampires she's seen today. John grabs Ivan and demands to know what they did with Marlena and Kristen. Vivian says she doesn't know anything, but when Susan says they know everything about Stefano and the dungeon. Susan says that they locked Kristen and Marlena inside the dungeon in the house. Ivan says he can't take it anymore, and tells John that Kristen and Marlena are downstairs in a secret room. John and Abe grab Vivian and Ivan and drag them into the house to show them where Marlena and Kristen are.

Laura says she knew Marlena was here, and she's not losing her mind. Lexie is in shock, and says to Celeste that Laura was right all along, and Celeste senses Stefano is in the house right now. Upstairs Stefano ducks into the master bedroom when he hears Abe tell the other officers to search every room. Stefano panics when he realizes there is no way out, and that it could be all over for him.

Down in the secret room both Marlena and Kristen have passed out from the gas fumes. While unconscious Marlena dreams that John comes to save her, but he soon vanishes.

Vivian and Ivan take John down stairs and shows them the secret room. John looks in and sees Kristen and Marlena on the floor, and thinks they are dead.


June 25
Sami is at home and is busy looking through new homes magazines and gets up to get herself a brownie. She has another near miss when Austin comes home from the market early. Sami gets into her chair, and Austin tells her she's supposed to be in bed. Austin forgets Ginger Ale for Sami, and he says he can go over to Carrie's place and get some. Sami says she wishes they could have gone to John and Kristen's wedding, but Austin says it's better they didn't go, and Sami goes off about how she hopes Carrie catches the bouquet. Suddenly Lucas shows up, and Austin goes to get Ginger Ale from Carrie's place. Sami tells Lucas that this house in the country will help widen the gap between Carrie and Austin, but Lucas tells her as long as Austin and Carrie are neighbors he'll always be tempted and drawn to her. At Carrie's place Austin wonders why it is that every time they try and get together something happens, and he promises that he will not lose Carrie. Back at Sami's place Sami thinks that Austin's feelings toward her are changing, but Lucas brings her down to earth. Lucas and Sami get into an argument about what Sami has on Kate, but Sami refuses to tell him. Meanwhile Austin considers going to John's place and telling Carrie he loves her, but he thinks it's probably to late. Back at Sami's Lucas warns Sami that her mother could see through this amnesia act, but Sami reminds him that her mother isn't here to find her out! Sami thinks once she and Austin are living in the country that he will realize she is the one he really loves.

At the wedding Jen tells Laura she is sorry for doubting her about Stefano, but Mickey and everyone think that Kristen couldn't have been involved with Marlena's abduction. Laura tells them they are all wrong, and once Susan's spills her guts they will see she was right about Kristen. Jen is angry with her mother, and they get into a huge fight about what Kristen has done to keep Marlena away from John, and Carrie confirms Kristen's evil plans to keep Marlena and John apart. Laura says she was right about Stefano, she was right about Kristen, and she's right about Peter! Jen says "Oh my god, Jack could be free", and then she thinks about Jack.

Inside Susan is whining for John and about the mean vampires and Maggie tells her that she was just a victim of Stefano. Susan is now completely drunk, and starts screaming for her baby Elvis, and Maggie tells her that the baby is safe. Laura confronts Susan about what happened, and Susan says she is in love with John and it was supposed to be the happiest day of her life. Laura asks Susan how Stefano brainwashed her, and when Susan doesn't say anything Laura tells everyone that she remembers being brainwashed with a laser. Laura tries to talk to Susan, but Susan just continues to whine and moan about her tender, loving, John Black.

Abe and a cop are about to bust into the master bedroom where Stefano is hiding. One of the cops goes into the room and searches for Stefano, who manages to escape. One of the cops tells Abe that someone opened up door to the room, and Lexie runs to get Abe to tell him about the gas leak. Meanwhile Stefano continues to evade the cops, and manages to attack one and take his uniform.

In the basement the secret door is stuck, so John gets a crow bar to open it up. When John opens the door the smell of gas escapes, and they drag Kristen and Marlena out. Kristen is okay, but Marlena is not breathing and John gives her mouth to mouth. Mike runs to the basement and tells Vivian to call 911 and have them bring oxygen over. Lexie comes downstairs, and Mike and Lexie work to save Kristen and Laura. Kristen comes too. Marlena is taking to the foyer where it is quieter, and Kristen wakes up to see everyone standing around her. John tells Kristen it's over, and they know everything. Kristen thinks she's a gonner, and John says that Susan told them about her and Marlena being locked up. John says he's been a fool, and says he doesn't blame her. Kristen doesn't understand, and John says this was Stefano's work and she's not responsible, a pissed off Laura then storms out of the room. Kristen says she was forced to marry Susan on the monitor, but John says that marriage wasn't valid, but the one in the hospital was. Kristen asks if the priest is still here, and when John says yes, Kristen asks John to go get him so they can get married as planned. John doesn't think she is up to being married, and Kristen begs him to marrie her and make her dream come true, and he agrees.

Jen and Carrie talk, and Jen says that they have proof that Stefano is alive, but not Peter, but her mom could be right. Laura talks to Marlena, and even though Mike says Marlena can't hear her, Laura says she heard everything they said to her in the hospital. Laura remembers Jack's visit, and they say they have to call him and tell him the good news and give him some hope. Laura and Jen go upstairs to call Jack, and Carrie watches over Marlena with Mike. Carrie tells Marlena that she's the only one on her side, and even though Mike is a great guy she loves Austin (Mike overhears her and doesn't look so thrilled).

Upstairs Laura calls Jack and tells him that Stefano is back in Salem, and that she is sure Peter is alive and she won't stop until she proves it. Jen tells Jack she has to have faith, and that she'll be in touch.

Kristen and John prepare to get married, and Laura is so busy trying to get Marlena to wake up to tell them what Kristen did to her, she is unaware that Kristen and John are preparing to wed. Suddenly Stefano appears behind Laura and Marlena in a cops uniform, and manages to sneak out of the house. The wedding begins and when Kristen and John are about to be pronounced man and wife Marlena bursts in and says "Stop this charade!"

Upstairs Abe learns that Stefano has escaped as a police officer, and as Stefano is driving away in a police car he hears the call go out to be on the lookout for him.

In prison Jack gets some more time on the computer in hopes that someone has answered his post on a bulletin board about finding a man for Jen.


June 26
Bo and Billie are stuck in a cell in King's boat. Billie is scarred that they are going to die, but Bo tries to convince her he'll get them out. Billie says even if they escape they are still trapped miles away from anywhere, but Bo just tells her to believe they will be free and it will happen. Later Dean shows up to escort Bo and Billie to a safer, more secure cell, and says that soon they'll be at the bottom of the ocean. Billie is on the verge of tears but Bo says when they transfer them, that is there time for escape. The guard returns, and Bo hides when the guard opens the cell. Bo and Guard begin to fight, and Billie distracts the guard by saying Commander Carver has shown up. Bo argues with Billie, who doesn't want to escape without Bo. Bo gives Billie his medal for good luck, and she tells Bo she loves him before running off.

At Sami and Austin's place Sami is showing Lucas the house she picked out from a bunch of print outs, a ten acre estate. Lucas says he brought something for Will, and goes to his car to get it. As he is going to leave Austin shows up, and Lucas rubs it in about the move to the country. Will starts to cry and Austin goes to get him some juice and Sami feeds him. Sami then tells Austin she feels bad he didn't go to the wedding, and Austin says they can still go. Sami says the wedding is probably over, and Austin says the reception is probably still be going on. Sami says she won't be in a festive mood with her mom gone, and Sami forces out some tears. Austin tells her that they will find her soon, and Sami continues to push out the tears about her dad as well. Lucas returns and offers to stay with Sami if he wants to go by himself. Austin leaves to get ready and Sami yells at Lucas for what he's done. Lucas reminds her Carrie and Mike will be there, and Sami can't argue, but says she still doesn't like being without Austin. Austin finishes dressing, and leaves for the wedding. Lucas asks Sami about her mother, and she says that unfortunately she couldn't fake her amnesia with her mom around.

At the DiMera Mansion Susan is still whining about the wedding out in the garden when she finally looks inside and sees what's going on. Marlena has barged in on John and Kristen's wedding, and says it's over. Suddenly Abe comes in and announces that Stefano has gotten away, and Marlena is relieved that at least he's not in the house. John says he's so glad Marlena and Kristen are okay, comments how they must have bonded down in that room, and then says now Marlena can be Kristen's matron of honor. Marlena shouts out "NO! I can't be your matron of honor and I can't let this wedding take place." Kristen tells the father they need to sort some things out, and John asks Marlena what is wrong. Kristen tries to say it's the gas and she needs to be taken to the hospital. Marlena says it's truth time, and John needs to know just how much of a DiMera Kristen is. John says she can't be serious, and Kristen says it's just because of being locked in that room. Kristen asks Marlena why she is saying these horrible things, but Marlena says Kristen has been helping Stefano the entire time. Marlena says she will no longer keep silent, and tells John that she doesn't want to see him hurt, but he needs to know the truth about Kristen. John says he can't believe what he's hearing, but he knows she'd never lie to him. John says he thinks he understands what is going on, and then asks the father to continue with the ceremony. Everyone is shocked, and Marlena asks him how he can do this. John says it's just a big misunderstanding and that Kristen is a victim as well. John thinks everything evil was done by Susan, and Kristen says Susan had Vivian and Ivan's help. Marlena says that Vivian and Ivan were Kristen's side kicks, and Susan was her mixed up patient. John finally gets a clue, and Marlena tells him that Kristen is has been lying over and over. Kristen keeps yelling about being married, and John says what difference does it make, they are already married. Marlena says they are not, John married Susan in the hospital, and Susan was the one who gave birth to John Jr. Austin eventually shows up and sees Marlena as she is telling him that Kristen was never pregnant, and John Jr. is Susan's baby. Carrie tells Marlena this is her chance to be happy and to tell John everything. Marlena tells John that Kristen lost the baby in Paris, and faked her pregnancy. John looks at Kristen, who tries to make him believe her by saying he was there when the ultra sound was done, and Marlena can't explain that. Marlena says Susan must have been the one passing as Kristen with Kristen and Stefano's help. Laura says John has to believe her, and Kristen says the only ally is a mental patient. Kristen says nobody can back up her story, but Marlena says Susan can.

Out back Vivian and Ivan are angry with Susan, and they tell her that Marlena is inside telling John everything. Vivian realizes there could be a way out of this for all of them, but Susan has to do what Vivan tells her to. Abe comes to get Susan, and Vivian tells Susan to remember what they discussed. Susan is brought in, and John says he has some questions for her. John asks if Kristen gave birth to John Jr, and if he married Kristen in the hospital, or if it was her. Susan says it was Kristen, and Marlena asks her who she's lying. Laura won't let this happen, and she storms out of the room as Kristen glares at Marlena. Celeste tells Lexie that Susan is lying, and Lexie says she is probably write about this as well. Marlena tells Susan it is very important that she tell everyone the truth, but Kristen gets angry and tells her to stop badgering Susan. Kristen asks John if Marlena could be re-possessed. Marlena asks Susan why she is acting like this, and asks if someone is threatening her. Suddenly Laura shows up with the baby and whispers something to Marlena. Marlena takes the baby and says the only thing to do is to give the baby to his mother forever, since Susan said Kristen is his mother she goes to give John Jr. to Kristen. Kristen is about to take the baby and Susan screams that the baby is hers, and everything Doctor Marlena Evans said was true.

Austin calls Sami and tells her that Marlena is fine, and she's at the DiMera Mansion house. Sami wants to talk to her mom, but Austin says things are very tense and that Carrie will probably explain everything to her later. Sami is relieved, but she is afraid her mom will know she's faking her amnesia. Sami then begins going through the mail and gets a letter about Will's blood test from the hospital, and she notices that Will's blood type is different than hers, but just thinks it must be Austin's type.


June 27
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Sami glances at the letter from the hospital and notices Will's blood type isn't the same as hers, and she guesses it must be Austin's. Austin comes home, and Sami is surprised when Austin returns home early, and he says it was really tense so he left. Sami says she can't wait to see her mom and Lucas says that Mike and Carrie will fill them in on the details about what happened at the wedding. Lucas excuses himself and when Sami asks all about the wedding, and about Mike and Carrie, but Austin says he doesn't have much to tell. Sami asks him if he wants to take a look at some of the plans for the new house, and she points out where the swing-set and pool should go, but he says that the swing-set should go elsewhere because Sami had it to close to the pool. Later Lucas brings Will all these toys, and Austin says he may just be going a little overboard. Lucas just says that he doesn't have anyone else to spend money on, and Austin asks him what he's up to know. Lucas says he's just trying to be nice, and asks Austin to help him put the tricycle together. When Austin goes to help him Sami says she has to find out Austin's blood type. As they put the bike together Lucas tells Austin if he loves Carrie he needs to put her needs over his, and let her be with Mike. Sami asks Austin about his medical records because she wants to keep track of everything for the family records, and wheels away to get Austin's record. Sami looks at the records, and panics when she sees Austin's blood type, and says "Is that possible?"

Stefano returns to one of his hideouts and is pissed that Laura escaped the hospital and showed up at the wedding and ruined everything. Stefano tells Bart he's not about to give up, and asks Bart to tap into the security monitors at Kristen's place so he can see what's going on. Bart eventually taps into the house, and Stefano watches what is going on.

At the wedding Susan says the baby is hers but Kristen says that she's lying and that Stefano probably tried to take the baby so John wouldn't raise his grandson. Kristen tells John that Stefano wanted to kidnap Marlena and John Jr., and the only reason he let the wedding go on because he knew John wasn't marrying is daughter. Susan yells that Kristen is lying at she swears on a stack of Bibles that Elvis is her baby. Celeste butts in and says that she feels Susan is the baby's father, and John says that she has been right before. Kristen says that the only reason Celeste is backing up is because she is still working for Stefano. Laura interrupts and says that at the funeral she saw Kristen adjusting a pregnancy pad at Peter's funeral, and that she saw Stefano and Peter inside the church. She says that is why Stefano kidnapped her, and that is why he used a laser to erase her memory. Kristen says that Peter is dead, and Marlena says that it was Daniel Scott, she heard it from the secret room. Laura says that it was Daniel, and when she tried to expose her Kristen went and cremated Peter. Kristen says that Laura's nuts and will say anything to get Jack out of prison because she still loves him. Marlena says there are two people who could end Kristen's reign of terror, Vivian and Ivan. Viv and Ivan try and run, but Abe catches them and drags them inside. John gives them the chance to come clean because he's losing his patience. Stefano calls Vivian, and when he tries to warn her she says wrong number and hangs up. Vivian says she refuses to speak without and attorney, and Ivan swears that they had no idea Kristen was in the secret room, and Vivian says Stefano said they would kill them if they told about Marlena, and Kristen didn't know anything about him. Kristen says this is all a misunderstanding, and when she asks Jen to back her up Jen refuses and says she doesn't know what to believe anymore. Kristen says that when she learned Susan locked Marlena up she went to save her, and Susan locker her in there to. Susan cries "Kristen you are such a liar!" John says write now all he knows is that Kristen loves him, and that baby, and he has no choice but to believe Kristen. Kristen hugs John and cries how she knew he wouldn't believe the accusations. John says he would believe her if he only looked at the evidence, but he has to follow what his heart tells him. John says Marlena is the most honest person he's ever met, and he has to believe everything she tells. Marlena cries that the nightmare is over, and Stefano says the nightmare has only begun. Kristen says she loves him, and John says she doesn't know the meaning of love. John screams that she lost there baby and didn't have the decency to let him morn the baby. Kristen begins to bawl and says if she told him the truth that she'd lose him, and John says she just postponed the inevitable, she's lost him forever. Kristen gets on her hands and knees and starts begging forgiveness, and admits that everything Marlena said was true. Stefano yells where Kristen's DiMera backbone is, and he can't let him go to Marlena. Marlena tells John she's so sorry he had to be hurt this way, and Susan asks John if he's going to lock her up. John says she's just a victim as well, so he won't lock her up. Marlena tells Susan she'll make sure nobody takes her baby from her, and Susan says she's sorry she tricked him, she just wanted him to fall in love with her. Susan says she would have told him in time, and she says she's loved him since they were married in the hospital. Susan says she's a real good girl, not like that mean mean mean Kristen, and she wants him to know that he made her feel so beautiful when they made love. John is so shocked that he never knew the difference when they made whoopee. Susan kisses John, and Mickey takes her up to see the baby. John hugs Laura and tells her he's so sorry he ever doubted her. Laura says it's okay, and she is glad it's over. John tells Marlena they have a lot to discuss, but first he wants to go check to make sure Stefano is around. Carrie is thrilled that Marlena is safe, and now she and John can be together. Stefano says he'll never let her be with John, and tells the monitor one way or another, she will be his. Stefano says taking her with him now will have to be put on hold, but he does want to take Lexie with him when he leaves Salem. Celeste tells Lexie she and Abraham will protect her from the DiMera curse, but Stefano just laughs when he hears her.

Carrie notices Austin's handwriting on some flowers, and can't believe he didn't even say hello. Jen asks Kristen how she could have been so cruel to her mother, but Kristen says if it wasn't for her Stefano would have taken Laura with her. Jen asks Kristen if she has one shred of decency then tell her if Peter is alive. Kristen becomes furious and tells everyone to get out of her house now. Abe asks Celeste to take Lexie home and for them not to let anyone inside. Everyone wishes Marlena well as they leave. Carrie tells Marlena that today was proof that miracles happen and true love can win out. Abe tells John that they will catch Stefano this time, and he also tells John he knows what has to be done about Kristen. Abe leaves John alone in the garden, and John thanks God for helping him save Marlena from that evil man and his daughter. John goes back inside to see Marlena but Kristen asks him to talk with her alone so she can make her understand. John walks to Marlena, and a cop arrests Vivian, Ivan, and Kristen. John asks Marlena to forgive him, and she says of course she does. Kristen thinks this is all Marlena's fault, and takes a gun from the cops holster and points it straight at Marlena! Stefano begins to scream "No Not Marlena!" Back at the house John asks Kristen not to do this, but Kristen says "If I'm going to lose everything, then so will she!"

Upstairs Susan tells little Elvis she doesn't know what is going to happen to the now.

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