July 97 Week 3


In Rome Bo and Billie are getting married, and from afar the fortune teller senses something is very wrong, and senses the wedding will only bring deep sorrow to those involved. The priest reads the vows, and both Billie and Bo say I do, though Bo hesitates to say I do, but is urged by King. When Bo says there is no reason he shouldn't marry Billie, Hope faints. Bo and Franco rush to Hope, Billie tells Bo that he should let Franco to take care of her. Hope gets up and says it must have been the heat, and when Franco wants to take her back to the hotel she says no. Bo and Billie continue with the wedding, and are pronounced man and wife. As Bo kisses Billie he flashes back to his wedding with Hope.

There is a small wedding reception, and the fortune teller shows up and starts walking around and picking up vibrations. She senses danger, and broken hearts. As Bo and Billie dance Hope has to endure the pain of watching them. Hope thinks maybe by watching Bo and Billie together she can accept that it's over and move on with her life. Everyone starts thinking in their heads, Franco wants to help Hope get over Bo, Bo wants to tell Hope the truth, and Billie wants to keep Bo in line otherwise King will kill Hope. JL King congratulates Bo and Billie, and Bo says he's looking forward to finishing their business deal. King says not to think about business tonight, and tells them he's arranged for a romantic night for them. King leaves, and Bo and Billie talk about who is hurting more. Suddenly the owner of the cafe says they have a old custom, the best man dances with the bride, and the maid of honor with the groom! Bo tells Hope she doesn't have to do this, but they dance anyways as the fortune teller starts her night job, singing while the pianist plays. Bo and Hope dance to some song called "His is the only music that makes me dance." Later when Billie throws the bouquette it lands on Hope and Franco's table! Billie says I guess the party is over, and King tells them to enjoy their wedding night. Later the fortune teller approaches Hope, and Hope tells her that her prediction came true. Hope rushes off, and when Franco comforts her the fortune teller senses this is far from over, there is much more pain ahead for all those involved.

At Titan Carrie and Austin show up to see Kate, but she is not there. They do learn from her secretary that Kate wants to send them both away on a trip together for business.

At the Kiriakis Mansion Victor has had another stroke, and Kate blames Sami. As Kate cries over Victor she tells Sami if Victor dies she can consider herself a murderess! Sami, only thinking of herself picks up the photograph, and thinks it was the picture that caused the attack. The paramedics arrive, and Victor is rushed to the hospital. When Sami says she wants to ride in the ambulance with them Kate tells her she's done enough and she will get what's coming to her.

Victor arrives at the hospital and Mike takes him to be examined. As Mike is examining Victor we hear Victor say he forgives Kate for what she did, and this is all Sami's fault.

Back at the mansion Lucas comes downstairs and learns from Sami that Victor had another stroke. Lucas becomes upset because Sami and his mom argued in front of Victor, and Lucas says this is all her fault. Sami says it's not her fault, she still thinks Victor had the stroke because of the blackmail info. Lucas demands to know what she has on her mom, and when Sami tells him no way they start wrestling over the papers Sami has. Lucas' "sprained knee" gets in his way, and Sami gets to keep the goods on Kate. Sami wants to call a cab to go to the hospital, but Lucas says he'll drive her there.

Austin calls home and learns about Victor, and that Sami had an unfriendly visit with Sami. Austin and Carrie both rush to the hospital to check up on Victor.

Lucas and Sami arrive at the hospital, and Sami and Kate start at it again when Austin and Carrie show up, just as Kate said she can't wait to tell Austin and Carrie everything. Kate asks how they learned, and Austin says they learned from Henderson. Before Kate can tell them everything Mike comes out tells them Victor is comfortable, but they won't know the damage until the MRI tests come back. Sami goes into see Victor as Austin watches Mike talk with Carrie. Sami goes into the room where Kate is okay, and Sami starts fighting with Kate again! Kate tells Sami she will tell Austin and Carrie the truth, but Sami says that isn't wise. Sami says perhaps that the stroke as a result of Victor seeing one of the photo's, and maybe that's why he had the stroke, because of Kate's dirty little deeds. Kate tells Sami to get out, and Sami reminds her that she will tell everyone what Kate's secret is, and if one photo could cause Victor to have a stroke, then the other information she has will kill him! (Side Note: I have no idea what the info Sami has on Kate at this time, PLEASE don't e-mail me asking what it is). They continue to argue, and Kate says she is planning on telling Austin and Carrie everything. Austin, Carrie, and Lucas come into the room, and Kate says she has something to tell them all, something that will effect them all.

In the secret room Kristen is jumping up and down and tells Marlena that Stefano is coming to save her tonight! Upstairs Susan is on the phone with Stefano, and is panicked because he tells her he's arriving in Salem tonight to take Marlena away! Susan begins to panic, and reverts to her own voice at times. Stefano says her voice is quivering, and wants to know what is wrong. Susan says nothing, and when Stefano says he'll take care of Susan as well Susan says Susan has already been dealt with. Susan asks Stefano were he will take Marlena, and Stefano says so far away that nobody will ever bother her again. Downstairs Kristen is all happy happy joy joy because Doc's fate is sealed and she'll (Kristen) live the rest of her life with her husband John Black. Stefano asks Susan/Kristen if she's hurt Marlena in anyway, and Susan says no, she's just fine. Downstairs Marlena tells Kristen she's so cruel at taking pleasure separating her from John and her children. Kristen tells Marlena not to worry, she'll take care of her kids, and soon she'll be a distant memory to John and her kids. Back upstairs Susan tries to convince Stefano to let her delver Marlena to him, and Stefano senses something is not right. Susan says that it's to dangerous because John has the police surrounding the house, but Stefano says he'll have no problem outsmarting John and the police. Stefano hangs up, and Susan begins running around screaming what will I do now! Downstairs Kristen starts skipping around singing "Stefano's coming to get you!" Marlena is positive that John will save her, but Kristen tells her to keep dreaming. Marlena says she's forgetting someone else, Susan! Marlena thinks Susan will let her out because of the fear she has from Stefano. Upstairs Susan is packing her bags because she is afraid that Stefano is going to hurt her. Back in his car Stefano tells his driver to speed up, he wants to get to Salem as soon as possible. Kristen goes into the bathroom and gets all dressed up for when she sees John. Kristen tells Marlena maybe she could grow to love Stefano. Marlena says "never!" and Kristen says that's when you'll see John and your kids again, never! As Susan is planning to escape Salem with Elvis, Stefano has arrives at the city limits of Salem.


June 17
In Victor's room Austin asks Kate what it is she wants to tell them. Kate tells them that Victor stood up, and collapsed, but she thinks Victor wanted to tell them something. Austin says when he talked to Henderson he thought he heard Sami and Kate were arguing. Austin asks why Sami went to see Kate, and Sami says it was about some pictures. When Kate is about to spill the beans Mike comes in, and says the tests show some improvement, but he must stay calm or he could suffer more damage. Sami says if Victor gets upset he could get worse, and Mike says exactly. Mike says the slightest outset could set him his progress back indefinitely. Mike asks them all go wait in the hall so he could examine Victor, and Austin asks Kate to tell him what is going on. Kate just says she wants him to be happy and with the women he loves. Sami asks Austin to please go call Wendy to check up on Will, and Sami and Kate go at it again. Kate says she will expose her one day, but Sami says she wouldn't dare. Carrie sees them together, and thinks to herself that the look on Sami's face looks like the old evil Sami. Carrie asks them what is going on, and Sami just says that they are talking about Victor and the type of care he needs. Carrie asks Kate if that is what was going on, and Kate tells her everything will be fine. Carrie says okay, and then leaves to check on Laura. Kate tries to walk away from Sami, but Sami says she's not finished with her yet. Sami tells Kate that she is going to give Austin a big promotion, and then she's going to buy her, Austin, and Will a great big house in the country. Kate tells Sami no way, but when Sami threatens to let Vivian in on her secret Kate agrees.

Kate goes to see Victor, and when Austin comes in she thanks him for being there. Kate tells Austin she wants Will to have the best, and says she wants to buy Austin a home in the country. Austin says he doesn't understand, and Kate says Sami suggested it, and she didn't want to disappoint her. Austin says it's very nice of her, but he is not leaving Salem or Carrie.

Carrie goes and finds Mike, and they talk about how she can't believe Austin thinks something is going between them (The look on Mike's face suggests he wishes there was something going on between them). As they talk Sami butts in, and Mike leaves to check on his mom. Sami starts pouring on the sugar and says that she hopes Carrie and Mike will fall in love some day. She also says that Kate is promoting Austin at work, and she's buying them a house in the country! Sami asks if that isn't the most incredible news, and Carrie runs off. Sami goes off and tells Lucas the good news, but he doesn't think it's so good because now Carrie will spend even more time with Mike.

Mike goes to see Laura, and tells her she was right about Carrie, she's such a great girl, he just doesn't know what to do and wishes she was there to help him. Mike leaves, and then finds Carrie crying, and comforts her. Carrie says she doesn't understand why Kate is doing this to her, she thought Kate was on her side. As Mike comforts Carrie, Austin and Kate leave Victor's room and see them together.

Later in Laura's room Lynn tells Jen she feels Laura will come out of her deep sleep very soon. Jen says she's so grateful to Lynn, and Lynn asks her not to thank her. Mike comes in with some great news, Laura will wake up very soon according to the recent batch of neurological tests. Lynn leaves, and Jen wants to call Jack to give him the good news. Mike says he really doesn't think she should call Jack because he told her not to call him, but Jen says she knows Jack didn't mean it, and she can't give up on him because she does, and always will love him.

In prison Jack is upset that he can't be a family with Jen and Abby, and blames the Dimera's. When Jack says why hasn't anyone found proof that Peter and Stefano are alive, Stefano (in a guards outfit) shows up outside Jack and Travis' cell! Stefano listens in as Travis tells Jack to find another man. Stefano opens the cell and pulls Travis out of the cell (Jack doesn't recognize Stefano). Travis is shocked, and Stefano says he has some big plans for everyone in Salem. When Travis returns to the cell he tells Jack that he's being transferred to another prison. Soon a guard comes and cuffs Travis, and then they both leave. Now that Jack is alone all he can think of is kissing Jennifer, but realize he has to find someone else for her.

Jen returns home and tries to call Jack, but the guard laughs at her and hangs up. Abby says she wishes her daddy wasn't in jail because she wants him to come home (When did Abby learn the truth?). Later Jack gives them a call, and Abby tells her dad Laura is going to be okay and that mommy is coming to see her. Jack then talks to Jen, and says he's glad Laura is getting better, but he doesn't want them to visit, and hangs up.

Suddenly at Jen's front door Travis shows up, he's shaved and has a buzz cut. He tells Jen his name is Trent and just moved in next door, and needs to borrow a drill. Jen goes to find him one, and "Trent" says to himself Jen is one beautiful woman.

Meanwhile Travis shaves off his beard and prepares to start his new job, and he looks at a picture of Jen and says he's going to like this job.

Lynn goes to see if their are any private duty possessions available, and learns another male nurse is doing to private duty work for Laura Horton, and maybe he could give her some info. Lynn approaches the man, and when he turns around it's Stefano with a big honkin rubber nose on (We're talking Wicked Witch of the West Nose). Lynn is shocked to see him, and when he asks how Laura is doing Lynn says better. Stefano is outraged to learn Lynn has stopped drugging Laura, and is shocked to hear that Kristen ordered her not to drug Laura anymore. When Jen leaves Laura's room Stefano goes into the room, and Laura hears him. Being near Stefano jogs all of Laura's memory, and she says she will destroy the entire DiMera family. Stefano leaves, and tells Lynn she does not like this at all. Stefano says he's going to see Kristen to learn what this plan of hers is.

In the secret room Kristen has a fantasy that Stefano has come to the secret room and rescued her. Kristen watches the monitor where she sees Suzanne running around packing in hopes to escape before Stefano shows up. Downstairs a door opens, and Suzanne thinks it's Stefano, and then makes one of her weirdo faces. Kristen, also thinking it's Stefano, begins cheering as well. Susan grabs a bat, and almost clubs Caroline Brady. Caroline asks her what's she's doing Susan says she thought Caroline was a prowler. Caroline says she's sorry she frightened her, and that she came to get some clothes for John Jr. Caroline asks her if she's going away, and when Susan says yes Caroline realizes she must be packing for the honeymoon. When Caroline offers to watch John Jr. Susan says she's taking him with them, and then quickly shows Caroline out so she can keep packing. Susan gets the mini-tv monitor and tells Kristen that she's leaving before Stefano can get her, and Kristen tells her that's a good idea. Susan says she hates to leave John, and then torturers Kristen saying John loves her. Susan says she's leaving now, and she's taking Elvis with her. Kristen warns Susan that if she takes John Jr. Stefano will hunt her down. Susan refuses to leave without her baby, and Kristen says how much this will hurt John. Kristen tells Susan her baby would have a much better life here with John, and says that it is best for him. Unfortunately, Kristen's plan doesn't work, she only manages to convince Susan to stay in Salem! Suddenly Stefano calls and says he's on his way to see her. Susan says he can't come because of the police, and begs him not to come. Stefano says she's acting very peculiar, and is on his way to see her right now. Susan realizes she has to leave Salem, and she's taking Elvis. Susan runs out of the house, and Kristen screams at the monitor for her to come back. As Susan is running through the park Stefano grabs her and she screams, but Stefano doesn't realize it's not Kristen!


June 18
Todays Summary is kinda brief because I'm busy getting stuff together for my trip
Jen brings Trent some tools, and when he asks if she knows where he could get some coffee, and she says she'll go make him a cup. They talk, and Trent says he is divorced and his daughter is out of state. Jen shows Trent a picture of her daughter and Jack, and Jen is sure Jack will get out of prison soon, and she says even though they are divorced they still love each other. They talk for awhile about flowers, and when Unbreak My Heart comes on the radio Jen becomes sad, and Trent says this was a song he and his ex always danced to. Trent thanks Jen for everything, and returns to his place next door.

In prison Jack tells the picture of Jennifer he wants to fine someone for her. Later Trent/Travis calls Jack to check up on him, and Jack tells him he's searching for a ma for her on the net. Travis/Trent says he's doing the right thing, and then says he has to go.

In Rome Billie is sleeping in bed while Bo sits on the window sill looking out. Bo goes over the wedding in his mind, and how Hope fainted. The shot then pans to Hope and she's saying how all her dreams are gone. Franco sees Hope walking around with the bouquet, and when he goes to approach her the Fortune teller says he is in pain and should leave her alone. But, Franco says he'll take her pain away The fortune teller grabs him and says that before Hope and her son can find happiness, but first there will be great pain. She then warns Franco that the person he is taking to on the phone is someone to be ware of. Franco goes to Hope and he holds her as she cries.

Back in Bo and Billie's room neither of them can sleep. Billie tells Bo the reason Hope was there is because King was testing them, but Bo is angry and hurt. Bo says he's going to tell Hope the truth, and goes to leave the room. Billie stops him and says he can't and Bo knows she's right. Bo says the only thing he can do is convince King to finish the drug deal sooner in hopes that Hope will forgive him. Billie says if Hope loves him half as much as she does then she will forgive him.

Bo goes out walking and sees Hope with Franco and becomes angry that he's with her. Suddenly King shows up and asks him why he's out here gawking at his ex when he should be making love to Billie. Bo says he had no idea Hope would be here, and he then tells King that he's angry with him for tricking Hope into being at his wedding. Bo tells King if he doesn't trust him then he and Billie will leave and King can get the drugs into the states all by himself. King tells him either he's really brave or really stupid, and King and Bo agree to meet back here in an hour to work out the deal. Bo returns to the room and tells Billie the food news, but she doesn't feel up to celebrating. When Hope and Franco return to their rooms Hope hears Bo toasting to the first day of the rest of his life with the women he loves.

In the secret room Kristen is overflowing with Joy, and Marlena asks how she'll explain there missing baby, and Kristen says she'll just say that Susan came and kidnapped her. Marlena asks what will happen when John finds Susan and the baby, but Kristen continues to make excuses about how Stefano will figure everything out in the end.

In the park Stefano grabs Susan, who is scarred to death. Stefano says she doesn't seem very happy to see him, and when she tries to leave Stefano senses something is wrong. Stefano asks her why she has a suitcase, and Susan just says it's for the wedding. Stefano goes off about how wonderful of a job Susan did. Susan manages to fool Stefano, and then he wants to go back to the house so he can get Marlena. Susan obeys him because she thinks he's the king of the vampires, and she is afraid of him.

John and Abe are going over various flight logs, but come up empty handed. John goes over various reports, and Abe asks John why he wants to reaffirm his vows. John says that Kristen really wants a real wedding, and then he decides to give her a call at home.

Susan and Stefano show up at the house, and Susan goes in to make sure John isn't around. The phone begins to ring (It's John) but Susan doesn't get to it in time to talk to John, and she thinks it's a vampire. Susan grabs the mini-TV and tells Marlena that Stefano is outside and she doesn't know what to do. Marlena says Susan has to let her out and she will help, but Susan says she can't do that because then she'll take John away. Susan then begins running around closing all the windows and hanging garlic when Stefano comes in and asks her what she is doing. Susan says she was trying to keep John out, and then he senses something different about her. Susan says she changed her hair and makeup, and Stefano falls for it. Stefano gets the TV monitor and tells Marlena how much she missed him, Marlena says she prayed he was dead. Stefano says that's his Marlena, and says he's coming down to get her. Marlena prays for John to show up, and bam! we see John at the come in the front door. Stefano runs to the porch and John and Abe come inside and have a drink. John tells her not to worry about anything because Stefano won't get anywhere near her, and tonight he'll put the ankle bracelet on her. John tells her to go on up to bed, but Susan says she's not really tired. John and Abe leave to check the parameter, and downstairs Kristen start cheering when Stefano comes back inside. Back upstairs Stefano tells Susan to keep Abe and John occupied so he can get Marlena out. Susan looks at the monitor and sees that Kristen is in the bathroom and hopes she stays there so Stefano won't find her. Downstairs Stefano removes the fake wine bottle and tells Marlena he is her to get her. As Stefano is opening the door, John is coming down to get a bottle of champagne, and Susan is covering her tattoo with make-up!


June 19 Summary by Tracy
The show begins with Viv and Ivan sitting outside the convent in robes discussing a feeling of peace when a nun comes up and tells them that Vic had a stroke (Sister Mary remembers hearing Vic say she was Mrs Victor K). They rush off to see how Vic is and are stopped by Kate from seeing him. She says he does not need the stress and for once Viv and Ivan agree and leave. They head to the pier to contemplate their lives and evil doings.

At Sami's apt, she tells Austin she wants to surf the internet for a house and he asks why she suggested the house as she tries to say it was Kate's idea but at least Austin questioned her about it. She made some soup for Kate (yea right probably poisoned it) so he rushed off to take it to her as he wants to question her more. Sami calls Kate and tells her Austin is on the way and she better encourage him to move but Kate hangs up on her. When Austin gets to the hospital Kate tells him not to rush into the move and never give up on Carrie (he says maybe he should let her go) - she loves him as much as he loves her - so he leaves the hospital feeling better. While he's at the hospital Carrie goes home and stops in to see Austin (says it's business). Sami uses the opportunity to do more damage and tells Carrie that Austin is so excited about the house and has even bought a swing set for Will (gosh Carrie why don't you ask Austin about this then maybe you will see that the old Sami is back). Upset by this she rushes out and heads to the roof. When Austin returns he indicates they won't be moving anytime soon and since Will's asleep he goes out for a walk so Sami again calls Kate and asks what she said to Austin but Kate tells her Austin will always love Carrie and never her and hangs up on her again. Austin is looking for Carrie but she's not home and he wonders where she is - he really needs to talk to her. In the meantime, Mike finds Carrie on the roof and they talk. He turns the radio on and naturally C & A's song comes on. Mike says he's no substitute for Austin (that's right you're better!!) and offers to dance with her. Austin walks up about then and sees them dancing and thinks it's too late for them and goes back to Sami and asks to see the houses she found on the internet - they need to call the realtor first thing in the morning. Sami is very pleased. Mike has to leave to work the late shift and says under his breath how beautiful Carrie is and that Austin's a fool for not being with her.

At the DiMera mansion, Stef talks to Marlena and she tells him she would rather stay in the room forever that be out with him. He says he's coming in and tries to open the door but it's stuck - thank goodness. Before he can get it open he hears Abe call out to John and realizes John's outside the door. He hides as John comes in to get him some champagne and Abe some wine. Marlena calls out John's name as John swears he heard Doc call out to him. Abe says they have searched the whole house and he's probably just imagining things as he's so worried about her. In the room, Kristen comes out of the bathroom to find all that's been going on and says it's just a matter of time before Stef gets Marlena - yea she says. John and Abe leave and John goes to spend time with Ksusan as Abe offers to check the cellar again. In the bedroom John wants to put the anklet in Ksusan as M & K watch and M thinks all almost over now. Ksusan offers her left ankle but John says the jeweler says it goes on the right ankle. Before he can put it on there's a knock at the door - it's a guard that Abe brought in for the night and he thinks he heard something in the kitchen. While John goes to check it out Ksusan puts the anklet on herself (which makes Kristen glad now John won't know its Susan ) just as Stef comes in the bedroom. He says he will have to wait til tomorrow to get Marlena (who is ecstatic - maybe she's says John will find her in time). They hear John so Stef hides in the bathroom while Ksusan tells John she's hungry and wants to go downstairs to eat (John was disappointed that Ksusan had already put the anklet on). As she sends John ahead she gets Stef in a disguise as a maid and sneaks him out the front door for the night. After they eat John tells her he is going to sleep in the guest room - since they will be married again tomorrow. Ksusan thinks that's so romantical and heads up to bed alone where she has Lisa Marie and is talking to her. She decides to check on the girls as Marlena tries on last time to get Susan to tell John where she is so Stef won't get her. But Ksusan says no - she wants John herself and that with all the guards around Stef won't get to her. Now over at the pier where Viv and Ivan are they are talking about becoming good people and will be happy when Stef gets Marlena and leaves town forever and Kristen marries John and then they can forget all the evil things they have done. Ivan tries to get Viv to go tell John where Marlena is as he fells sorry for her being with Stef but she says they can't. Then they hear someone sneeze and say bless you as they realize that is was not either of them and Stef is standing behind them. He says he needs their help tomorrow at the mansion as the credits roll.


June 20 Summary By Linda
Bo and Billie start the show looking like they just came from a funeral rather than the morning after their wedding over breakfast. While he's kissing Beelie's hand in consolation for the pain he's giving her due to their farsey wedding, Hope and Franco stroll up. Bo tells Hope about a festival nearby and asks Franco and Hope to join them (oh yeah, Hope wants to go on your honeymoon with you), but they say no, they're flying back to Salem today. Bo asks Hope not to tell Shawn D. about his and Billie's wedding saying he wants to tell him. After they leave B/B, Franco again tells Hope he loves her. He sticks his hand inside a pagan of truth (?) saying if you put your hand in and lie, your hand gets severed (lovely). He puts his in and tells her he'll love her forever, then screams (he's only kidding) as he extracts his arm from his sleeve. He tells Hope he changed their plane reservations. Yes he did, on the Concord so she can get home ASAP. Bo/Billie wedding flashback alert..get your barf bags out. Kings walks up and tells Bo and Billie everything is all right for tonite. Bo tells King to load the stuff onto his new boat (where did THAT come from?) and no one will stop him coming into Salem harbor, right? Hope tells Franco she still wants to go to John and Kristen's wedding. Franco offers to go with her and she thanks him for being a good friend. To himself he vows to be more than that and someone she can trust.

At the hospial Dana reappears (the girl with aids last year at the Horton Center). Jen talks with her and learns that Gram Horton got a job for her at the hospital. (Jen's hair looks nice today). Dana tells Gran the new drugs seem to be working and how wonderful AIDS research is (is tomorrow AID's day or something? it must be as Y & R talks about AIDS tomorrow too) cuz they talk about AIDS research needing money, safe sex, etc.

Stephano calls Lynn on her cell phone telling her he's sending a couple men over to get Laura out of town for good. Stephano had sent Yvonne to get a catering truck that's catering Kristen's wedding. He's going to disguise himself as a caterer to get inside.

Lynn is shaking Laura trying to get her to wake up and sees Stephano's goons outside the door. Goon 1 tells Goon 2 they just can't walk in and carry her out of the hospital, so they find a room containing hospital garb and go to dress the part. While they're doing that, Lynn wheels Laura out of the room and hides her. Laura is awake, but groggy. Lynn says she'll take Laura to the Horton Cabin to hide out. The goons find a wheelchair in the hall and wonder where it cam from. (Duh, it's a hospital!!!) as Lynn falls into a closet with Laura. Why didn't she just keep wheeling her out to her car? (or down the stairs?)

KSusan comes down the stairs (lined with flowers and tables are on all the tables in the entry) excited about her dream wedding while John and Abe make sure the house is safe. On the pier Stephano tells Viv that he'll have Kristen sign over all of Tony's shares of stocks in Titan to her if she helps him get Marlena away. Viv is so excited at that prospect, she'll do anything he asks.

In the Secret Room, Kristen continues to dig thru the wall with the pipe (?) and is making fairly good progress (why didn't Marlena do that weeks ago?), Kristen is desperate to stop Susan from being in her wedding. Apparently Marlena turned off the monitor as Kristen asked why it wasn't working and M asked her if she wants to watch the wedding? Kristen and Marlena are taking turns tearing into the wall. They're worried about if Susan goes on a honeymoon they'll starve to death on top of everything else.

KSusan talks to the guard out front to make sure he'll keep Mr. Stephano Dimera away when John comes up to check with her about the men's clothes, didn't she order them? (uh oh) She'll follow up on it. Shaun and Caroline appear to be there for John on his wedding day. Caroline wishes Marlena was there (Caroline's red hair has turned more orange). Viv asks John why he wasn't dressed when Yvonne shows up. Viv tells John she made sure that the police checked all the caterer id's. In walks Celeste (huge white hat and long white coat-wierd) and says she feels a chill in the house. She feels evil very strongly. Behind them Stephano walks in dressed as a caterer in a beard and glasses. Another caterer hands Stephano a tray of glasses and orders him to take them into the living room Of course no one sees him. Marlena gasps as she saw Belle and Brady walk by the camera, but they're gone when Kristen looks (we know about those invisible kids).

ROFLMAO KSusan is upstairs getting ready for her wedding brushing her fake teeth in the sink and singing Happiness is all Mine and his name is J O H N B L A C K and he's all hers. KSusan shares her wine with Lisa Marie and tells her Kristen is about as much fun as a bag of potato chips and they definately need to give her more sparkle. Only one glass of wine, but she looks drunk.

John delivers a token of his love and appreciation to Kristen and leaves it by the door due to her superstition of bad luck in him seeing her. It's red roses and a glass of white wine. She takes a gulp and understands why rich people drink that stuff as it's very very very tasty. As Stephano plays with the decanters in the living room, the Italian chef comes out and shoos in back in the kitchen. Kristen and Marlena turn on the monitor and don't see Stephano. Marlena comments maybe the security was too tight?

Not sure why, but Dana went to Kristen's with Jen. She tells Jen she finally has hope for a future, yadda yadda yadda. Stephano and Viv talk and he tells her he's going to get Kristen now. Celeste, Lexie and Caroline go outside for some fresh air and Stephano slips into the living room. Marlena spots him on the monitor, but doesn't tell Kristen. Kristen broke thru the wall finally! Unfortunately they hit a metal pipe and wonder what that smell is. Stephano goes to the wine cellar and finds the cops sitting at a table in there (their office?). Celeste is hearing Elvis Presley in her head and just knows that Marlena and Stephano are nearby (why don't they listen to her?????)

Suaan is putting makeup on (spare no expense on that eyeliner, mascara and eye shadow!!!!). She wants to look like Priscilla did (you get the picture) and goes into dressing rooms waving her arms. Opening their clothing bags, everyone finds what KSusan ordered for them. John's black leather outfit with no shirt, Abe's cowboy hat and outfit, Viv in an black dress with full petticoat. The dress has orange border with big orange sequined flowers on it. Yvonne is in an orange suit with black shirt and white tie..ROFL!!! They knock on Kristen's door and see her in her modified wedding dress trying to impersonate Priscilla. She has on wedgie sandle heels, huge wedding dress with poofy sleeves and gigantic head dress. She models and turns around the dress to them.

Marlena and Kristen realize they hit a gas pipe. Credits Roll.

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