June 97 Week 2


June 9
At Green Mountain Lodge Lucas is talking to Sami on the phone about their plan. Out at the hot tub Mike is comforting Carrie, who thinks Austin isn't going to show, they are unaware that Austin is watching from the bushes. Austin thinks maybe Carrie is really interested in Mike, but from where he is standing he can't hear that Carrie is talking to Mike about Austin. Lucas comes out of the lodge and sees Austin watching Mike and Carrie and calls Sami to fill her in on everything that's going on, and tells Sami it her turn to act. As Austin is about to confront Mike and Carrie Sami calls and says Will's really sick again and he needs to come home. Austin says once Will goes to sleep he'll be find, but Sami doesn't let up. When Austin finally returns to the hot tub Mike and Carrie are gone.

Mike and Carrie return to the lodge and they talk about love and romance, and how Mike says that her love for Austin is his inspiration in the romance department. Mike and Carrie leave to get some coffee, and Austin returns to Carrie's room. Downstairs Carrie asks the man at the desk for any messages, but she has none. Carrie confides in Mike that she thinks maybe Austin and her weren't meant to be, but Mike tells her that she has to listen to his grandma who says when two people love each other god will find a way for them to be together. Upstairs Austin calls Sami back to check on Will, and Austin tells her to take Will to a doctor, and then Sami pretends something came up and yells for Will and hangs the phone up. Austin remembers a scene from his childhood about being left by Curtis, and he says he has to go home, which makes Lucas smile like a Cheshire cat. Sami prepares herself and the apartment to make it look like she's gone through hell, and Austin returns home.

Back at the lodge a man serves Carrie a romantic dinner she ordered when she thought Austin was coming, and of course Mike shows up with flowers. Carrie asks Mike to stay, and as they hug Lucas watches from the hall.

At the prison Jack tells Travis that he feels at fault about Laura's breakdown because she was trying to help him. Jack says he wishes he could be there to help his family, but Travis says he needs to let go of his family because he's never getting out. Jack tells Travis he doesn't need a lecture about this again, and says he will be getting out of jail somehow, but Travis tells him to face reality.

At the hospital Jen pleads with Laura to give her a sign that she's okay, and Laura hears her. Mickey and Maggie come in, and Jen tells them the doctor recommends some type of motivation to come out of her state, and Mickey has an idea. Jen asks what he's thinking of, but Mickey doesn't want to jinx his idea and leaves.

Outside Laura's room Ivan and Vivian have shown up to make sure that Lynn is keeping Laura sedated, and Ivan keeps rambling about seeing Susan dressed as a nun. Lynn tells Vivian that she hates doing this but Lynn reminds her of Stefano and Kristen and what they'd do to them.

Mickey returns to the room with Abbey in hopes she can help Laura to wake up, but it doesn't work. Laura does manage to move her hand, but Abby doesn't understand why she won't talk. Mickey says plan B is going take effect soon, and leaves to see how it's progressing. Mickey returns to the hospital with plan B, Jack! Jen rushes to Jack and they hug.

In the secret room Kristen can't believe what she sees on the monitor. Upstairs John and Susan have answered the door and meet Susan's twin sister Sister Mary Moira. John invites her in, and Susan's sister says she has come because she's received some very disturbing letters from Susan and she wants to check up on her. John tells Susan's sister that Susan doesn't work for them anymore, and this really really really really makes Susan's sister concerned about Susan. Susan's Sister says she's very concerned, because Susan has always been slightly unbalanced, which makes Susan angry. Susan's Sister says she is confused, because in one of her letters Susan says she married John. Susan's Sister says she only said his first name was John, Susan jumps in and says that "Susan" mentioned she was seeing a John Smith. Susan's Sister than says that Susan also wrote about being abducted by Vampires, and John says it must have been his Aunt Viv and her servant Ivan. Susan tries to get her sister to leave, but Susan's Sister wants to check her room to see if she left something behind. Susan says that "Susan" did leave a note, and runs out of the room to write one saying she was going off to marry her boyfriend John Smith. When Susan giver her sister the letter she suddenly feels Susan's presence and she stares right at Susan when she says this. John says that she must be mistaken, but she doesn't think so. Susan's sister reads the letter, but she's still suspicious. Susan leaves when she hears the baby cry, and John tells Susan's sister than Kristen is going to miss her. Susan's sister and John talk, and Susan's sister tells John about her sister and how she had Elvis' name tattooed on her ankle, which makes Kristen panic! Susan's sister leaves, and we then see a shot of Susan's bare ankle with Elvis tattooed across a heart on it. John and Susan sit down on the couch and have tea, and Susan waves her leg around giving John every chance to see the Elvis tattoo on it. As they begin to kiss, John has to leave the room for something, but tells Susan not to move a muscle. John returns, and says that he has arranged a very special evening for them, a spine shattering night of love making. In the secret room Kristen begins to throw a tantrum.

Vivian and Ivan then go out looking for Susan, but Vivian thinks Ivan is seeing things and says they are going to the spa now. Ivan continues to hassle every nun he sees and they eventually find Susan's sister, but Viv and Ivan think it's Susan. They eventually corner, and nab Susan's sister!


June 10
Jack shows up at the hospital in hand cuffs and leg irons and is escorted by police officers. Mickey persuades the cops to take off the handcuffs for his daughter's sake. Abby asks Jack if he's coming home, but he says not this time, he's just here for a visit. Mickey and Maggie take Abby out for some ice cream so Jack can be alone with Jen and Laura. Jack blames himself, but Jen says it isn't his fault, and he's here for her now which is what matters. Jack sits by Laura's bed, who can only think about how he should be free. Laura squeezes Jack's hand, and they all take it as a good sign. Jack says he wishes he could be there full time, and Jen says he's here now and they need to make the best of the time they have together. Jack talks to Laura, and tells her that they are both trapped, but the difference is she can be released from her prison if she want. Suddenly Laura sits straight up, and Lynn yells "Wholly Moley!" However, she just lays back down, and Laura doesn't understand why she can't wake up. Jen asks him to try again but the police come to take him back to prison, and Jen pleads for 5 more minuets. The police offers gives them the 5 minuets, and Lynn leaves them alone. Jack tells Jen not to waste her life waiting for him, and she needs to think about her and Abby's future. Jack wants her to find someone to love her and a father to Abby, but Jen says no way, he is the only man for them. Jen tells Jack she loves him, and they kiss. Jack hugs Abby, and is then taken back to prison. Maggie becomes emotional, and Lynn feels even more guilty when she what it's doing to them so she plans to talk to Vivian. Before Jack is taken away he tells Jen not to visit her in prison, but she says she can't make that promise because she loves him. Jack says he loves her to, that's why this has to be goodbye. Abby asks her daddy not to go, but he says he has to, but she'll always be in his heart.

Vivian and Ivan nab Susan's sister thinking she's Susan, but she manages to get away. As they chace her Susan's sister falls on the pier and they grab her. Susan's sister says she is not going anywhere with them because she is not Susan! Vivian and Ivan want to know how she got of the secret room, and she proves to them she's Susan's twin sister. Ivan says "We kidnapped a nun, we are going to hell!" Susan's sister then becomes suspicious, and wonders if they are behind her disappearance, but they manage to convince her otherwise. When Vivian and Ivan ask about Susan's obsession with Elvis, she tells them about Susan's tattoo. Susan's sister then says that kidnaping is a federal offense, and a sin, so she has to report this to the police. Vivian and Ivan try to persuade her to not turn them in and to forgive them. Susan's sister forgives them, but says they will have to pay a penance by surrendering all their money and material possessions, and will be returned after their penance is payed. Susan's sister takes their money, and them makes them come with her to the convent she is staying at. Vivian and Ivan are made to scrub the convent floors because only when they are clean will their souls be cleansed. Lynn then calls Vivian's cell phone and informs Vivian that she can't do this anymore, and will no longer drug Laura. Before Vivian can tell her otherwise Susan's sister grabs Vivian's phone from her. Unfortunately Lynn thinks Vivian agrees with her and it's okay not to drug Laura any longer!

In the secret room Marlena has finally left the bathroom and Kristen fills her in on Susan's sister, and the Elvis tattoo on Susan's ankle. Marlena is overjoyed at that news because she thinks once John sees the tattoo she'll be saved. Upstairs John surprises Susan with a candlelit bedroom, and promises to make all her dreams come true, and all Marlena and Kristen can do is watch and bicker. John and Susan begin to kiss, and Susan begins to cry because he's been so nice to her. John tells her about how he used to bring her flowers when they were dating, and he tells her just because they are married the romance isn't dead. John makes a toast to his "wife" and as he looks at her he sees only Marlena! Susan asks what he is thinking about, and John says he wants to be honest, he's thinking about Marlena and her whereabouts. Susan says she's worried too, but they need to have a night alone to concentrate on each other. John and Susan begin to dance and kiss, and Marlena fantasizes about her and John being together. Susan and John kiss some more, and Kristen swears she'll burn down Graceland!. Back upstairs John informs Susan he's going to make love to her like it's their first time, and they get nekkid and down to business, though John continues to think of Marlena! Downstairs Marlena turns her back to the monitor, and Kristen pouts. Suddenly the phone rings, it's Mr. Tracy who has finished her wedding dressed. John gets up and checks on the baby, and Susan says she'll make a bubble bath for them. When John is gone Susan stars singing about how John made her feel like a woman, and he gave Elvis a run for his money. Downstairs Kristen can't believe John did*n't know that wasn't Kristen, and Marlena says because he feels no connection to her. Marlena says John can have sex with Kristen and Susan, but he makes love to her! Kristen cries and pouts for Stefano, but Marlena says even Stefano can't make John love her.

Kristen begins to eat the junk food Susan gave them and says not only is she stuck with Doc, but she'll get fat. Upstairs John calls Abe to get the latest on Marlena, but they have nothing new. John says he'll talk to Kristen about it, but he's having a hard time hiding his feelings from her. Susan runs out to tell John that the bubble bath is ready, and John tells her he fears Stefano will come looking for her. Susan becomes frightened, and John says Abe has the police standing watch outside their house. Downstairs Kristen says Stefano will never reach her now, and that Vivian and Ivan are her only hope. Back upstairs Susan and John are in the bubble bath, and Susan says this has been the most incredible night of her life. John then comments about how they need to find a new baby nurse, hopefully one not as flaky as Susan. John tells her he talked with Susan's sister about her obsession with Elvis, and even says Susan has a tattoo of Elvis on her ankle. Susan panics and tells John to get out. John does, and then shows her a skimpy little nightgown he's dying to see her in, but Susan realizes John will see her tattoo if she wears that! Susan then comes out in the nightgown on, but has socks on her feet because she says she's cold! John says he'll warm her up, and goes to take the socks off! Marlena begins to cheer and say "I'm saved!"


June 11
I feel bad I can't write the summary, but today's summary is by Linda
Lucas and Will touch base about what's happening in both Austin and Carrie's locations. She assures him Will is fine and he tells her that Mike is having dinner with Carrie. Lucas is peering thru the shutters watching Mike comfort Carrie, saying to himself that Mike is not going to have Carrie. Mike and Carrie discuss the Horton/Brady picnic and hear a fire alarm going off (must be Lucas..yup!) He says it should take care of any fire in their romantic dinner and stands by the alarm (hey, you would think that's where the lodge people would look and have his butt arrested for a false alarm!) Sami smashes the idea about Will being secure with the love of both his parents into what little brain he has left. Mike and Carrie are wandering the halls (no one else is) and the manager comes up to say he found a man unconscious on the floor while checking the rooms. Mike tells him he's a Dr., so lead the way. Lucas feels bad (oh sure!) as he didn't mean to hurt anyone by the alarm, just break up C & M. Mike is giving the man CPR and says he'll never forgive himself if anything happens to the man. Slow news day in Salem as when Austin turns on the tv, the news report a fire alarm at the lodge, but it was a false alarm. They report a guest may have been seriously injured (a heart attack is not injured!). Austin rushes to call Carrie while Sami worries this may screw up their plan. The tv shows Carrie and Austin and explaining how they saved the man's life. On tv, the reporter tells Mike and his girlfriend (Mike tries to reclairfy who Carrie is, but can't) that the mgmt has given them the honeymoon suite whenever they want it being their romantic dinner was interrupted by the false alarm. Austin watches with his mouth open and Sami rubs in again how wonderful Mike and Carrie look together. She sends him off to get milk for Will and calls Lucas for what really happened. Flashing back to the lodge, Austin gets back to the apt and finds Carrie and Mike in the hallway. Austin tells her he heard about the lodge and when she comments he was suppose to be there with her, he says it worked out better that he wasn't.

In Salome (Salem/Rome), Franco and Hope discuss Bo and Billie (don't they have anything else to talk about!). We see Billie sleeping in bed with a lot of covers pulled up over her dreaming about her and Bo's wedding with Bo watching her sleep. Billie wakes up to find Bo on the phone making reservations for Billie to go back to Salem. Max informs King that Hope is staying in the same hotel as Bo, but Bo doesn't realize it. King says it falls right into their plan and calls Bo to meet him. He tells Bo the wedding has been moved up to tonite. Later King finds Bo and Billie outside walking and gives Billie a wad of cash to go get a wedding gown. While gazing at a wedding gown, Monique comes up and Billie tells her she's getting married that night. Monique shows her the wedding gown they used in the photo shoot and she can borrow that and shows her a poloroid of Hope in it. Later we see Hope's head is not in the picture, just the dress, and Billie likes the dress and accepts. At the cafe, Bo tells King they can't get married there as they want a family wedding. King tells him he'll fly whoever they want over to Rome for the wedding and Bo says no. King even said he'll fly Shawn D. over and Bo tells him that S.D. wants him to get back with Hope and is still recovering from his wounds from the shooting. Bo is trying to get Billie to leave, but she refuses. He tells her there's a part of him that still loves her, but he loves Hope. If he marries her, it'll bring up memories that he doesn't want to put her thru. Hope is in the hall and thinks she hears Bo's voice. Bo hugs her and tells her he'll see her back in Salem and walks her out. Hope and Franco get wedding invitations and Franco comments that Italian weddings are real fun, let's go. Hope thinks she knows who's getting married, but doesn't say who. (maybe she thinks it's Monique?) Bo talks with King and Billie shows up telling him she loves him and wants to marry him tonite.

Franco and Hope are doing their phot shoot and of course, STILL talking about Bo.

Prepare to laugh, John is loving KSusan. He wants to take off the socks, she says she likes them, they're sexy. He makes it a challenge/game to get them off and she takes off kinda screaming saying he'll have to catch her first and he laughingly says it's like old time and takes off after her around chairs..ROFL! In the secret room Kristen is still stuffing pork rinds down her face. John finally catches KSusan and saying he's taking her back to his cave to knock her socks off. He whips off her right sock and (oh, be still my heart) massages it, then pulls off the other sock to find something. He asks her what the Hell is that? Marlena is so excited in the room watching, saying the truth will come out now, while Kristen just stares. Turns out it's just a bandaid that Susan put over the tatoo. John is concerned about what happened and she tells him she cut herself shaving and doesn't want to take it off yet. Kristen is so happy pork rinds are flying out of the bag. Kristen says Susan is more clever than she gave her credit for.

KSusan is in bed and John has all her favorites there to feed her. He loads up some of those fish eggs on a cracker and puts it in her mouth and she said what she's really craving is a deep fried oyster poor boy. John said you don't eat fried foods. He reminds her last time she craved something it was before she had the baby and she sent him around town for ice cream and chinese. She comments chinese food sounds real good (looking at the fish eggs) and he promptly gets dressed and heads out the door to fulfill her every wish that night and he has another surprise for her too (I don't think KSusan would want you to leave the room then John!!!!) Kristen mumbles I don't eat stuff like that and looks at the pork rinds. Susan pulls out the monitor and talks to Marlena and Kristen, telling them she knows why they love John so much and how wonderful a time they've had. She tells them she's going to fix them something real special and bring it down. Kristen tells M that Susan doesn't realize the camera is voice and sound activated (aha!).

In a pink dressing gown, Susan brings food for K & M. She hands thru a styrofoam container saying cook made it for her dinner and K, without looking, hands it to Marlena. M opens it to find a Spinach salad and is delighted. K wants it back and M says No!!! Susan then hands Kristen a container with biscuits and gravy (Elvis special) and for her to sop up that gravy in the biscuits. She tells her you'll die and go to heaven with them and Kristen agrees, by OD'ing on cholesterol! She then reaches in the bag and hands some party food threw..cocktail weenies and chips and tells her to share with Dr. Marlena Evans. Kristen trys again to talk Susan into letting her go and Susan said, no and there are guards all over the property in case Stephano comes, but not to worry Dr. Evans, cuz she won't let Stephano take her away. Marlena is in background telling Susan not to believe Kristen and thanks her for not letting Stephano take her and she knows Susan will let her out then too. Susan says no, as she knows she loves John and he's HER husband. She tells them bye bye and shuts the passageway.

John comes back with the food and sets it up on the table. She looks for the ribs and he tells her he got her the steamed rice veggies. Kristen comments (while gulping biscuits & gravy) that Susan's an idiot, she never eats fatty foods. Marlena just snickers. John tells Susan he won't rest til he finds Doc. He tells her the truth about Marlena, that she always will have a very special place in his heart. When she asks if he still loves her, he tells her YES. Marlena watches as when Susan asks if he wants to divorce her, he tells her no, as Marlena doesn't feel the same way anymore. He doesn't want any more secrets between them. She's the mother of his child and he is dedicated to making their marriage work. He tells her he loves her pure and innocent soul and that's why he loves her so much and leaves to get her surprise. Kristen is chewing on a fried chicken leg watching. Marlena comments about Kristen had a chance of winning John's love and she said she DID get his love and points at the monitor with her chicken leg.

Susan gets on the monitor and in her Susan voice tells Marlena and Kristen that John will love only her. Flash to a scene with her in her natural hair with a rose in her mouth. She takes off her glasses and realizes she can't see, so puts them back on. She crawls on the bed to John who's lying shirtless in bed and John tells her he once loved Doc and Kristen as he was confused by their physical beauty, but he loves her now as she's beautiful inside and that beauty never fades, nor will his passion for her. She throws herself on top of him. Back to reality, she tells M & K to get use to that room as they'll be in there a long, long time. Kristen picks up her back of pork rinds and starts at em again. Marlena reminds Kristen they may be there a long time and we see Kristen in a daydream 20 years later weighing about 300 pounds with a pile of chicken legs and food containers all around the room. She's in a purple tent dress and hair all stringy. She yells at the bathroom to Marlena, is she going to be in there all day and Marlena waltzes out in a black evening gown, hair all made up and earrings (ROFLMAO!!!!). Kristen's true nature comes out according to Marlena and Kristen scratches her chest.

Upstairs John gives Kristen an ankle bracelet. The next day he's planning to put it on her ankle after he removes the bandaid. Marlena is happy as he'll see the tatoo and know the truth.


June 12
Kate is reading the story in the paper about Mike and Carrie saving the man at the lodge, and the article claims Mike and Carrie were having a romantic dinner. Carrie comes in and explains to Kate what happened, and that Austin never came, or even called to tell her he wouldn't be coming. Carrie says when she finally questioned Austin he told her he felt things worked out for the best. Carrie says if she learned that Sami had her memory back she would prove it to Austin in a minute, but she sees no sign of her memory returning. Kate thinks, but only tells her she has to work things out with Austin.

At Austin's place Sami tells Lucas pulling the fire alarm was ingenious, but Lucas is upset about Mike and Carrie growing closer. Lucas has broken his leg, and he says that he slipped while trying to leave the lodge. Sami tells Lucas everything worked great, so he should be proud of himself because the plan is working perfectly. Sami decides to get up and stretch her legs while Austin is out, but she doesn't know Austin is at the door and is about to come in. Unfortunately Sami gets into her chair before Austin gets in. Austin says that they need to get to the gym, and Austin mentions that Shawn may take Will to the pool. Sami says that's such a great idea, she thinks Will should learn to swim as easy as possible. Lucas decides to go down and check up on Carrie at Titan and leaves.

Lucas goes to Titan and runs into Kate, and she knows that Lucas was at the lodge and that he pulled that fire alarm. Kate tells him he's becoming like Sami, obsessed with someone who will never love him. They argue, Kate tells Lucas if he loved Carrie he would want her to be with Austin and Lucas tells Kate not to lecture him on love and sacrifice when she won't sacrifice her secrets for her precious Austin's happiness.

At the gym Austin and Sami are working on Sami's exercises when Mike and Carrie come in. Mike is there to help Carrie exercise her shoulder, and when Sami pours on the "I saw you on TV" bit Austin leaves to get fresh towels. Kate shows up and she and Sami have words, and Sami says she'd love for them to be friends for Will's sake. Kate says they can be friends as soon as Sami hands over the papers and photos she stole. Sami says sure, only after she and Austin celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. Kate walks off, and Austin returns. Mike tries to get Austin to talk to Carrie, but they only fight. Austin says he went to the lodge and saw the unmade bed and Mike and her in the hot tub, he knows what she was doing. Mike tries to explain what really happened, and Carrie tells Mike not to bother because Austin won't believe her anyways. Mike tells Carrie he wishes she would let him talk to Austin, but Carrie says if he doesn't believe her then maybe they shouldn't be together at all. Lucas shows up, and Sami encourages Austin to go be with Will, who is fishing with his Grandpa Shawn.

Kate returns home to find Caroline visiting with Victor. Both Kate and Caroline feel that Victor is getting better, and Victor says (in his mind) that he feels he'll be better any day now. They then talk about Bo and Billie, and then about Carrie and Austin. Caroline eventually leaves, and Kate asks her to come again because Victor enjoys seeing her. Kate dumps all her problems on Victor and says she feels so guilty about how she didn't try hard enough to find her children when Curtis took them away. Kate says she wants her children to be happy, and she knows what she must do, despite the terrible price she may pay. Kate picks up the phone and calls Marie at Titan publishing and asks her to arrange an out of town business meeting for Austin and Carrie. She then says "There's no turning back now."

In Rome Franco tries to cheer Hope up by taking her to some Spaghetti Tree Orchard. Franco comments about the odd wedding invitations they received, and ironically Hope says she thinks it is Bo and Billie. Franco and Hope argue, and he makes her realize that Bo would never invite her to his wedding. Hope then recalls that the fashion coordinator is being married, and it has to be her. A man comes to the door of Hope's room, and asks them if they have made a decision about being the witnesses at the wedding, and they agree. Hope and Franco then go out on their picnic to the Spaghetti Tree Orchard (I'm guessing it's Spaghetti Squash ??). They have their picnic, and talk about how Franco loves Hope but Hope only loves Bo. Later Hope asks Franco why he hasn't introduced her to his parents, and he says his parents were killed in an accident, and he doesn't like talking about it. Time passes, and Franco has a special appointment he needs to attend, but they make plans to meet later and shop for a wedding gift. Later Hope sees Franco speed off in a silver sports car and Hope calls a Taxi to follow that car!

Hope shows up at a church/convent which cares for orphans. She learns from a nun that Franco Kelly is one of their benefactors, and that he grew up there! Suddenly Franco shows up, and she apologizes because she followed him as a joke. Franco says the reason he didn't tell her he grew up there is because he didn't want her to pity him. Hope tells him he's such a wonderful and caring man, and they hug.

Out at the cafe Billie tells Bo she hope he's not mad at her, and Bo said he isn't. Billie says they have to get married to keep the act up, and Bo says he can't marry her because it will be to painful for her. Billie says she's okay with it, and Bo says he hopes that Hope never learns about the wedding. King and Max shows up and he tells them that everything is set, tonight they will be Mr and Mrs. Bo Brady. King has everything worked out, even the witnesses for the wedding! King leaves, and Billie says once they catch King they will get the marriage annulled because she doesn't want to be like Sami, clinging to Austin. Bo tells her she's an amazing women, and says he wishes things could have been different. Bo and Billie decide to split up, each has things to do before the wedding.

Bo runs into King and King sees Bo looks worried, but he knows Bo won't cross him when he knows where Hope and his son are. Later Bo has another fake flashback of him and Hope in Rome. Billie gets her wedding dress, and hopes Bo will learn to love her again one day.

Later Hope dreams of marrying Bo in Rome. Franco shows up to see Hope, and Hope decides to help the bride get ready, and learns the room number from the hotel manager. Hope goes to the room, and comes face to face with Bo and Billie!


June 13
Due to the fact that I had no cable Today's Summary is by Linda
Sami and Lucas are encouraged about the success of their plan to keep Carrie and Austin apart when Kate's secretary notifies them about the trip Kate planned. She asks Lucas to wheel her home so she can pick up the evidence on Kate & go see Kate. Meanwhile, Kate tells Victor what may happen (not WHAT it is, but what Sami may do) and he looks at her and tells himself he loves her so much and nothing would separate them. He wants so much to be there for her. Oh my gosh, we see Phillip. His nanny carries him in (just woke up from a nap) and they give Victor a picture of her and Phillip in a I LOVE DADDY frame (kinda early for Father's Day, but we know why) to put by his bedside. Victor mind mumbles he loves it and not to worry and smiles at her. Kate is encouraged by this smile as progress.

Outside the house, Sami tells Lucas she's only gotten to threaten Kate with evidence so she'll cancel Carries and Austin's trip, In wheels Sami. Kate put Phillip down or to the nanny and challenges Sami saying she's going to send Austin and Carrie away and there's nothing she can do about it.

The picture falls out of Sami's envelope (folded so we don't see it, but Victor does). He mind mumbles that if that's what Kate's secret was, he could have told her. Kate kicks Sami out and Sami said where should I go, the Tribune or home, your call. To show support for Kate, Victor tries to get out of his wheelchair and collapses. So it wasn't the blackmail that gave him the stroke, it was the effort of getting out of the chair that did it.

SALOME (Salem/Rome) In Salome, Hope confronts Bo and Billie and tells them she thought it was Monique getting married and didn't realize they were there and rushes off. Bo tells Billie he's going to tell her the truth and Billie tells him not to. In spite of seeing Bo upset about everything, she's still anxiously awaiting their marriage. Down by a fountain, Billie tells Franco about Bo and Billie. Franco claims what an incredible coincidence and Hope said, no, it was fate. She's got to give up Bo. Bo finds Hope and tells her he has to talk with her. He asks for some time alone to explain and Hope actually agrees (for once) and sends Franco off. Instead of telling her quickly what the truth is, he apologizes that he didn't know she was staying there and she saw them (what a weenie). Hope asks Bo if he really loves Billie so strong that it erased all his feelings for her. He tells her it's time to tell her what's really going on (of course King is standing around the corner listening, don't these people know about rooms with closed doors??). King walks up and behind Bo and interrupts them and introduces himself to Bo. He asks him if he's in the wedding and can he go to their wedding as it's always nice to run into hometown people in a foreign country. He then asks how his son is doing (hidden threat) and leaves. Hope, in tears, leaves as Bo tells her he would never ask her to stand up for him. Franco finds Billie and they catch up on what's happening. Billie warns Franco not to lose time getting her or he might lose her.

Billie and Hope meet in garden too and she tells Billie that if Bo were to marry anyone else, she's glad it's Billie and to make him happy. She then thanks Billie and leaves. Later she rushes up and tells Bo and Billie she'll stand up for them. She knows Billie would do the same for her and that she and Bo have to stay friends for their son. Hope walks threw the garden in her bridesmaid dress, but Bo sees her instead in a wedding gown and dreams it's their wedding (she looks gorgeous). He tells himself he's doing this for her. Next we see Billie in her gown and BIG flowers. It's a straight on shot with the flowers, but you can still see she's pregnant if you look. Franco comforts Hope on the side and they rejoin Bo and Hope as the wedding continues.


Laura, to herself, says she's got to force herself to open her eyes. Lynn worries about what to do next. Susan didn't sound like she wanted her to continue with the shots. Then she remembers Stefano's lecture to her, threatening her if she ever double crosses HIM, she'll regret it the rest of her life. If she helps Laura, she'll put her own life in danger. She spots Susan in the hall and calls her name, but Susan doesn't answer at first. Lynn tells her she cannot keep giving Laura the medication, it's tearing her family apart, so Susan said ok, not to do it anymore and she'll accept the consequences. Susan then asks Lynn if she knows a Dr. there that will remove tattoos and she refers her to one. Being Kristen said it's ok to stop the shots, she's off the hook.

Kristen goes to make appointment with Dr. and nurse tells her he can't do it till next Thursday. That won't work she says, and leaves. The Dr. goes in and asks nurse if it wasn't Kristen Black and she says yes, she wanted a tattoo removed. Dr. told nurse Kristen didn't have a tattoo last time he saw her.

Laura, to herself, says she's going to bring Kristen down soon.

At DiMansion, Susan (dressed again in street clothes) brings them more food before she goes to the hospital. A plate with a double cheeseburger with extra bacon and french fries and a nice salad. Kristen complains she'll turn into a tub of lard, Susan says nah, she grew up on this stuff. She passes the salad threw and when Kristen asks what the Hell it is, she says a jello salad with marshmellers. (it's a clear container with red on bottom and big whipped topping look which is probably marshmallows) Doc's in the bathroom again, as usual (for the whole show). Kristen asks Susan about the tattoo and Susan said she's going to have it removed with a laser today. Pan off to a study where we see Stefano tell his servant it now time to return to Salem. Stefano is gloating that Marlena will finally be his. He laughs when he says John doesn't even know Marlena is in the same house as him.

Susan passes thru some sodas and asks Kristen if they want to some beer for later. Kristen threatens Susan with Stefano again and Susan tells Kristen she's got her Kristen routine down so much that Stephano won't know. She says she use to dream about moon pies falling all over her before she had Elvis, but now she has better than that..she has JOHN BLACK. Kristen beats the bed about how that hillbilly is taking over her life and her husband.

Eating and ranting about Marlena being able to hide in the bathroom, where can she hide, she at least know Laura's under control by Lynn.

After she returns from the hospital, Susan tells Kristen she didn't get her tattoo removed and she's glad. She tells Kristen she's mean, mean, mean. She then indirectly tells her about what Lynn said and her telling Lynn to stop the drugs to Laura. Nurses are suppose to help people, not hurt them. Kristen gets furious at that.

Stephano calls Kristen on her cell phone. When he asks how she's doing and Marlena, she says fine. He tells her he's on his way to Salem and he'll be there tonight. Kristen overhears this and is so happy. Susan reverts to Susan with that "face". Credits roll.

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