July 97 Week 1


June 2
At the hospital Mike and Carrie talk about the accident, Carrie feels guilty about what happened to Will but Mike says nobody blames her. Mike assures Carrie Will is safe, but Carrie doesn't understand why Austin hasn't come to see her.

Austin is trying to go see Carrie but Sami is manipulating him, using Will to keep him there. Kate butts in and almost tells Austin the truth but Lucas yanks her away. Sami tells Austin that Will needs him, he's quivering. Austin holds Will and then hands him to Sami. Austin tells Sami she needs to stop worrying, and then wonders where Lucas and Kate have gone off to.

Lucas tells Kate she can't tell Austin the truth or Sami will reveal her secrets. Kate says she no longer cares and all she can do is pray that her loved ones forgive her. Lucas says that some mistakes are unforgivable, and that if Kate fails Billie and Austin one more time they could shun her.

Austin tells Sami he needs to go see Carrie when Lexie comes in to talk to them about Will. Lexie says Will is just fine, but there is one last test result she needs to check out before they can leave. Austin wants to go see Carrie and Sami asks why he's so obsessed with Carrie. Austin says he just wants to tell her that her nephew is okay.

Mike tells Carrie she needs to go get her x-ray, and he wheels her away and when Austin shows up she's already gone. Austin finds Kate and Lucas and Kate says she's being x-rayed. Austin asks Kate and Lucas to come back to see Will, and Kate looks at Sami with disgust. Kate then tells Austin that Sami is his wife, and Will is his son, and that he belongs with her right now. Austin asks Kate if she thinks he's not a good father, but she says no, he just needs to be with his family. Lexie tells Austin that Carrie is back, and they all decide to go see Carrie.

Mike wheels Carrie back from x-ray, and Mike tells Carrie about his mom.

At prison Jack is called to a phone to speak with Jen. Jen is at the hospital talking to Jack on the phone while Laura is trapped in her motionless body, but she is aware what is happening to her. Jen tells Jack Laura has had a relapse, and fill him in on what happened. Maggie and Mickey come in as Jen and Jack talk. Jack tells Jen all he's done is bring her grief, and she'd be better off without him. Maggie asks to speak with Jack, and she tells him he needs to be strong for her and one day they will be back together. Jack and Jen say their goodbye's and Mike stops to check in on Laura.

Lynn and Vivian are talking about Laura, Lynn assures them Laura won't be awake for a long time now. Vivian says they can't keep her sedated forever.

Susan is in John's bed waiting for John and she looks at the camera and says "Eat your heart out Kristen Loser Black. John comes to bed and Susan says she's going to take care of him. John says he wants Kristen, he wants her now more than ever. Susan tells John if he comes under the covers she can help him relax.

In the secret room Kristen arms her self with a her high heels and warns Marlena to stay away, but Marlena says it's pay back time. Marlena and Kristen start rolling on the floor, pulling each other's hair, and flipping each other over and over. They then begin slapping each other back and forth, and calling each other bitches. As they fight John starts getting naked on the tv monitor and the both stop and realize what Susan is doing. Kristen starts screaming that's not a wig it's extensions. Kristen says how dare she seduce her husband, but Marlena says Susan thinks she's her husband. Marlena says John is so preoccupied with finding her he won't realize that's not Kristen. Marlena realizes that Susan wants John for herself, and it looks like she's going to have him. As Susan and John begin to make love Kristen starts whining "Don't do that!" Kristen starts screaming "How can you kiss that buck toothed moron!" Marlena turns away from the monitor while Kristen keeps screaming how he can not know it's not me. Suddenly John Jr. starts crying, but John tells Susan that "Susan" will take care of the baby. When the baby doesn't stop crying John goes to take care of him and then he says he'll find Susan. Susan gets out of the bed and says she can't let John find out. John goes to see the baby and Susan comes in the room back as herself. She claims she was in the laundry room and couldn't hear the baby. John leaves to go back to bed and Kristen starts asking the monitor "What are you going to do now Susan?" Susan tries to convince John to stay with the baby, and Kristen thinks it's all over for her and Susan now.

Suddenly Mike calls John about Carrie and asks him if he could come to the hospital because Carrie needs someone. Susan tells John she'll let Kristen know what happened, and John leaves. Back in the secret room Marlena asks Kristen what she's going to do now, and Kristen thinks Vivian will figure everything out. Meanwhile Vivian and Ivan are driving over to see Kristen. Vivian comes to Kristen, and Susan says "Vampires!" Vivian says those jokes aren't funny anymore, she already gets enough of them from Susan. Vivian informs her on Laura's condition, and Susan keeps silent. Vivian gets mad and leaves, but Ivan sensed something was wrong with her. After they are gone Susan say she's gonna like being Mrs. John Black.

John goes in to see Carrie, and she is upset that Austin hasn't come to see her. John invites her to come stay at his place, but she wants to go home. Mike offers to give her a ride home, but Carrie says he should be with Laura. John asks what happened, and Mike is surprised that Kristen didn't tell him what happened. Mike fills him in on everything, and he goes to see her. When Austin and Sami finally go to see Carrie they see and hear her with Mike, telling him she couldn't have made it without him today, and that he's the best.

Meanwhile Mickey explains to Mike about Laura having Peter Exhumed, but Kristen had him cremated before they could get to the body, and John is shocked and wonders why Kristen didn't tell him that.


June 3
At the hospital Kate tells Lucas she may changed her mind about telling Austin, besides Sami can't hold onto Austin forever. Lucas tells her it doesn't matter because with Austin's guilt and Carrie's new relationship with Mike Sami just has to watch Austin and Carrie's relationship dissolve.

Austin sees Mike with Carrie and walks off when Sami says "Don't they look perfect together." In her room Carrie tells Mike she doesn't know how much more of this situation with Sami she can take. Mike offers to find Austin, but she tells him not to bother. As Mike hugs Carrie Sami watches and smiles. Sami goes down the hall and tells Austin Carrie is crying about something, it's good that she has Mike with her. Kate encourages them to go see Carrie, but a nurse brings Will back to Sami and they decide to take Will home instead. Mike comes out to the hall and sees Lucas, who tells Mike Austin went home with his wife and son. Mike goes off to see Laura and tells Lucas not to make any more trouble. Lucas smiles, and walks into Carrie's room. Carrie asks about Austin, and Lucas says he went home with Austin. Carrie is upset, and thinks Sami is faking her amnesia and is purposely spoiling all their plans. Lucas tells her that's not true, Austin just has responsibilities and his son comes first. Carrie says he's right, and when Lucas offers to take her home Carrie runs into Mike and tells Lucas she'll get home on her own.

Sami, Kate, Austin, and Will all go back home, and when Sami puts Will down for bed Austin tells Kate he can't believe he didn't see Carrie. Kate tells him that he needs to be with Carrie, and Austin says he doesn't have the time, and now she's reaching out for Mike Horton. Kate assures Austin Carrie loves only him, and when Kate convinces him to go see Carrie Sami stops him. Kate says Austin was going for take-out, but Sami convinces him she has all the food he needs. Austin tells Kate he'll go after dinner when Lucas shows up and says she's with Mike.

In Laura's room Jen is talking to Laura, who can hear everything Jen is saying, but can't respond. Lynn comes in and tells Jen she can watch out for Laura if Jen wants to take a walk. Laura begs Lynn to help her (in her mind), and Lynn tells Laura she's sorry but Kristen is making her do this, and then give's Laura more drugs. As Lynn finishes giving Laura the drugs Mike and Jen come in, and when Mike asks what she's doing she says she was checking the drip. Mike looks at the test it indicates that she had a presence of the drugs in her system, but Lynn says she never gave her any drugs. Lynn says Kate stopped by to see Laura and the two of them fought, and when Mike asks what about Jen tells him that Laura thinks Mike is better for Carrie. Mike feels bad and says he thought he made it clear that they were only friends.

Back outside Mike tells Carrie that Laura and Kate had a huge argument about them being a couple. Mike tells Carrie he's sorry to burden her with his problems, and Carrie says it's okay, she's glad he trusts her. Mike says he trusts her with his life, and when she says the same thing Mike gives her a look.

Mike takes Carrie home, and Kate sees them talking in the hall. Kate says she can't believe she isn't going to see Austin, and Carrie says he can't believe Kate would attack a sweet fragile woman such as Laura. Kate tries to defend herself and Austin, and Carrie attacks her for saying those things about Laura, and says she had no right to pry into Laura or her own personal life. Carrie says Mike has been a good friend, but Carrie says sooner or later Mike will want her for himself. Carrie says if the future is like the present it might not be a bad idea. Austin overhears that and goes to tell Carrie it's not true, they will be together. Carrie tells Austin not to hug her because Sami might catch them, and when Sami yells for Austin Carrie gets mad and goes inside her apartment. Sami and Lucas come to the door and when Kate tells Austin to go after Carrie or he'll lose her Austin spots Sami and thinks she may have overheard what they were saying. Austin asks Sami if she heard what they were talking about, and when Sami says she doesn't understand Austin says he'll explain exactly what's going on with Carrie.

Mike returns to the hospital and when Mike asks her if she can squeeze his hand she does. Mike and Jen talk about Carrie, and when Jen says Carrie is lucky to have such a good friend Mike says yeah. Mike takes a break to call Carrie to check up on her, and when she says nothing will change until Sami gets her memory back Mike says "Yeah, then everything will change." Mike doesn't seem to happy about that happening!

Kristen and Marlena are watching Susan plan a romantic dinner for John. The maid says she's so happy not to make fried chicken for that weird Susan, and Susan tells her never to badmouth Susan again! The maid leaves and Susan starts talking to herself and drinking wine when John comes into the room. John looks at her and says "I just found out what you did to Laura Horton, what the hell were you thinking." Susan doesn't understand what John is talking about (Marlena tells Kristen oops, shaky ground). John says why he didn't tell her about Laura's breakdown, and Susan says she didn't know what Laura was talking about and Susan starts crying. John says he didn't mean to upset her and when he gets her a tissue he finds the phony letter Peter left requesting to be cremated. John understands, and says realizes that she kept it from him because she didn't want to interrupt his search for Marlena. Susan say she's sorry and hugs and kisses him, and he says there is something weird about you tonight. (Down in the room Kristen can't believe that stupid hick could be such a conniver, and Marlena says she learned from the best).

John and Susan sit down to eat dinner, and when she learns that Caviar is fish egg she gets grossed out. Down in the secret room Marlena and Kristen argue, Marlena is sure John will figure everything out, but Kristen thinks Stefano will save her in time. Susan then begins kissing Susan and crying, and Marlena tells Kristen now she knows how she felt being forced to watch John with her. Susan tells John he has to make love to her right now, and when they hop on the bed the maid knocks on the door cause Brady and Belle wanted to say goodnight. Brady looks at Susan and says "That's not Kristen." John says of course it is, and when Brady says she looks different Susan says he must be tired and takes him to bed. John promises Belle Marlena will come home real soon, he takes hands her to the maid who takes her to bed. John, all alone in the room, picks up a picture of Marlena and says he'll bring her home because they all love her and miss her very much. John says if only he'd known she loved him things may be different, and says she'll always be the greatest love of his life. Down in the secret room Marlena tells John he is her life, and Kristen looks at Marlena with hate. Susan returns and says he cares about Marlena a lot. John says of course he does, but he's married to her and will never break those vows. John and Susan return to bed, and down in the secret room Marlena taunts Kristen with John's words. Marlena tells her John loves her, and when Marlena says John would probably prefer Susan above her Kristen goes nuts and starts strangling Marlena. Marlena says she can kill her, but she'll never be out of John's heart. Suddenly Marlena sees John and Susan on the screen about to make love, and Kristen refuses to watch, so Marlena forces her too! Unfortunately just as they are about to do the nasty the phone rings. It's Abe, and he needs John to go check on a new lead he got. While John is away Susan puts on Elvis and starts dancing around. Kristen calls her a freak and wonders if she realizes they can see her, and Marlena says maybe she does and this is her way of revenge.


June 4
Caroline comes over to see Carrie, who is hurting because Austin never came to see her at the hospital. Caroline says he probably wanted to see her but was possibly concerned about Will, but Carrie says she was concerned about Will and he could have told her he was okay. Caroline says she hates to see this charade to tear them apart, and Carrie says she feels Austin will never be there fore her again.

At the door of Austin's place Austin tells Sami it's time she know the whole truth. Sami says she understands, Carrie isn't in love with Lucas, Sami pretends to think that Kate was talking about Lucas, and Austin plays along with her. Austin leaves to check on Will and Kate goes with him, and Sami tells Lucas they have to continue scheming until there is no such thing as Carrie and Austin. In the other room Kate asks Austin why he just didn't tell Sami the truth, and Austin says with everything going on with Sami's parents she could relapse if she "learned" the truth. Austin then says he's going to talk to Carrie because she's worried about her, but an eavesdropping Sami plans to get to Carrie first.

Sami goes to see Carrie and says she's sorry Austin couldn't see her because Will is her number one priority. Austin comes over to see Carrie and tells Sami Will needs her. Austin tells Carrie he's sorry he didn't get a chance to see her in the hospital, but Carrie asks him if he really is sorry.

Sami goes over to see Will, and gets up and walks to see Will! Kate is utterly disgusted, and while she's in the other room Kate starts searching for the papers she has on her. Kate asks Lucas to help but he says no way, and she says he doesn't deserve Carrie's love or any other woman's love. Sami says she's going to Austin, and when Kate asks her to give them some time Sami says no way. Sami then makes a point to say in front of Lucas that the evidence she has on Kate proves that Kate is a bigger schemer then she ever was. Sami leaves, and when Lucas asks Kate what she has on her Kate says "What I did I did out of love." Kate refuses to tell Lucas what she did because she's not only protecting herself, she's protecting the people she loves. Later Lucas tells Sami he doesn't like what she is doing to his mom, and after he leaves Sami says she may have to keep Lucas in line if he starts to cave in.

Austin tries to apologize, and when Carrie's shoulder begins to ache and Austin asks if she's in pain Carrie just responds "As if you care." Austin says he loves her, and when he did try to see her she was with Mike. Carrie says Mike was her doctor and her friend, and he's been there when she needs him, unlike Austin. Austin and Carrie begin arguing about the Hortons and what Kate did to Laura as Sami eavesdrops from the hall. Carrie says she thinks Sami has her memory back and is doing everything on purpose, which Sami smiles about.

Kate and Lucas run into each other later outside and Kate warns him that he and Sami are creating a storm that could do irreparable damage if they aren't careful.

In Rome Max and King have arrived to make sure the deal goes down. King is upset that they don't have Hope and Shawn as insurance, but Max says Hope is in Rome for a model shot and he has men looking for her now.

Hope is having a nightmare about Franco telling her that Bo and Billie are getting married when Franco comes in with breakfast as a surprise. Franco wakes Hope up and tells her the photo shoot is in an hour. Hope asks how he got in, and Franco says he told the maid the women he loved is inside, so she let him in. Hope says she doesn't love him, and even if it is over between her and Bo she couldn't start a relationship so soon.

Hope gives Shawn D a call to check up on him, and when Shawn D asks if she's ever been to Rome before Hope has a fake flashback about spending time with Bo in Rome years ago. Hope and Shawn D say goodbye, and Hope wonders about what Bo meant by saying their relationship will be clearer when they return. Franco tells her that he hopes Bo does marry Billie because he (Franco) is better for her than Bo is.

Hope and Franco go down to the shoot where they meet the coordinator for the shoot, and Keith tells them this shoot could take weeks to finish! Hope realizes by time she gets back to Salem Bo and Billie will already be married.

In Bo and Billie's room Billie wakes up to find Bo standing by her bed (he slept on the floor). Bo says that Hope will never forgive him for what he did, and then asks Billie if they could rekindle their love. Bo kisses Billie and says he was a fool to let her go. As they continue to kiss Billie wakes up, it was all a dream.

King calls Bo to check up on him and then invites him and Billie to meet him in the plaza. King gives Bo and Billie some money to have fun, and says once the shipment is over he'll get a reward that will make that look like a chunk a change.

Monique (the woman doing Hope and Franco's shot) spots Billie at the plaza, Billie was Monique's old boss. They talk for awhile, but Monique doesn't tell her who she is shooting, and she is eventually beeped back to the shoot. Meanwhile Bo calls Shawn D. to talk to him, but Shawn D. doesn't know Bo's in Rome as well.

Meanwhile King says he has a surprise for Bo since he's so gungho to get back home and marry Bo. King finds Bo later and tells him he has a surprise for him and Billie, he's arranged for them can get married right here in Rome.

Back at the photo shoot Hope is upset and it's affecting her performance. Keith gives Hope a break, and Franco sees a guy he knows and pays him to do a favor for love for him. Franco tries to get Hope to enjoy Rome with him, but all she can do is remember being their with Bo. Franco and Hope run into a fortune teller, and when Hope has her fortune told the fortune teller tells her her love is in great danger!


June 5
Todays Update is by Tracy
In Rome, the fortune teller tells Hope about her great love and also that he will marry someone else soon. She then tells her that she has a son with 2 first names and he is safe. She also tells her that people she loves is in danger. Franco is upset and ask the guy he knew what is going on - she was only suppose to tell her that Bo & Billie would be married and hope it would convince Hope to forget Bo. The lady stops as Franco suggest they leave. As Hope walks off the woman tells Franco that he and his boss are playing a dangerous game. The lady knew nothing about Hope or Franco before now. Hope and Franco go off to visit a lace shop. In the meantime, King tells Bo & Billie he has made all the arrangements for them to marry in Rome. Bo says they can't because they want to marry in Salem in front of friends and family. Billie's friend shows back up and Billie goes to talk to her and tells her that she is getting married this weekend in Rome - her boyfriend asked her last night to marry him and she wants to know if Bo & Billie can be there. Billie says of course and also ask if it is difficult for Americans to marry in Rome and says she would love to get married in Rome - just in time for Bo & King to hear it so King says see there Billie wants to marry in Rome. After King leaves Bo talks to Billie and says he will find a way for the wedding to be stalled and reminds her he loves Hope. As King suggested earlier Billie goes off to find a wedding dress and goes to the same lace shop as Hope but they manage to never see each other as Billie went into the backroom to look at more lace. Hope finds a piece she likes and dreams of her and Bo's wedding in England (real flashback) and leaves before Billie comes out. She has picked a piece of lace that belonged to a woman that after she bought it he boyfriend married her and they remained married for 50 yrs so she returned to shop to sell in hopes that someone else would have her luck. Billie hopes so too and buys the lace. She joins Bo where King is having a pre-wedding party for them with some of his friends in Rome. Hope and Franco here the party but never see Bo & Billie and decide to go to another place as this looks like a private party.

In Salem, Carrie is giving Austin h*ll (which he deserves) and suggest that he just tell Sami the truth but then she sees Roman's letter and decides against it again. Sami is hearing all this and said (sarcastically) she is glad Carrie is so caring (hey you should take lessons from her). Carrie tells Austin that she feels she is not a top priority to him and that maybe they should just split if off before they hurt each other more. But he says no and that they are still going away tonight. Sami hears this and rushes back to the apt to figure a way to stop Austin. Carrie is excited that they are going to get to spend some time together as Austin goes off to tell Sami he still needs to make his business trip. He walks in just as Sami is telling Will how rough a life is Daddy had - his mom left him and his dad did too sometimes. She tells Will that his Daddy loves him and will always be there for him. She knows that Austin is there but acts like she didn't when Austin says she is right he will always be there for him. He tells her he needs to go away and she starts this guilt trip about leaving Will after such a traumatic day. Austin says Will is fine and Caroline will stay with her is she wants. Sami says no and suggest that if he has to go away she can get Carrie to stay with them but Austin says no she is sore from the accident and needs rest. Sami says she wants to check Will's temp before putting him to bed and when Austin leaves the room she sticks it in the cup of tea. She hollers for Austin to read it and it says the temp is 100 - which is not much for a child - and calls Mike to be sure. Since Mike says everything should be fine Austin says he is going on the trip. But then Will cries and when Austin gets him he quits crying and Sami tells him how much Will needs him. Austin has a childhood memory of he and Billie and her running a fever and since Curtis left he Billie ask him to stay with her and he promises not to leave. He mentions the neighbor down the hall - Mrs Hennessy as did Billie to Bo in Rome - interesting. In her apt Carrie is dreaming that Austin comes in and has 2 huge bags - he and Sami had a fight and she got her memory back so the charade is over. Then there's a knock at the door - it is Austin without bags this time. Seems he is concerned about leaving Will. Carrie is very upset and says she is going away alone - she needs time to think. So Austin goes back home to find Will's temp just fine now and he goes to call Carrie (she's in the car on the way) and tell her he will be up there in the morning to spend the day with her. But naturally Sami hears this and says she has to find a way to stop Austin and Carrie from being together. Credits roll.


June 6
Today's Summary is by Linda (I, Dustin, am having a problem I need to fix)
Carrie is sleeping by herself in Green MMountain Lodge, dreaming about a prior time that she and Austin were there together. Back in Salem, Austin wakes up in a chair. Sami and Lucas strategize in the hallway as to how to keep Austin home and away from the lodge. Sami comes up with a plan, however, to let Austin go and tear him and Carrie further apart.

Susan and John are asleep. John is laying on his side away from KSusan, with KSusan on her back with her fake teeth hanging between her mouth and chin (she should have used denture-grip!) Kristen wakes up on the floor complaining about Marlena sleeping in comfort while she's on the floor. Watching the monitor, Kristen is torn whether she wants John to find out she's not really Kristen. The phone rings (it's Viv) in their bedroom and still half asleep, Susan answers the phone in her normal voice. John mutters what's Susan doing in the room, and Susan mutters hello in the phone. Viv can't figure out why Susan is answering Kristen's phone. Susan, realizing what's going on, throws the sheets over John's head and whips the mouthpiece in. John comes out of the sheets and cuddles up to KSusan. Viv tells KSusan she'll be over soon to discuss what to do with Susan and KSusan says ok, fine. KSusan tells John she covered him as she didn't want Susan to see him naked and he tells her he's got his PJ's on. He asks why Susan was in there and was anything wrong with JJ. (Ta-da, they finally called him something other than JOHN JR.!) John apologizes for running out the night before and they have all day together. He tells her he's all hers after he takes his shower. Humming happily Susan pulls the little tv monitor out and asks how Kristen and Marlena are doing. Kristen (shouting at the monitor) says Marlena is still sleeping. (my, Doc sure can sleep, can't she?) and that she's hungry. KSusan tells her she'll make them some breakfast and then she's spending the rest of the day with her husband and turns off the monitor. Kristen says she has to get rid of that nut case before she ruins her life.


Mike talks with Maggie and Alice. He tells them about Laura's court order and they discuss Laura. Maggie tells Mike to go home and get some rest. He was going to go check on Carrie's shoulder first and Maggie tells him Carrie went to GM Lodge, ALONE.

Carrie and Austin talk on the phone. He tells her he's still coming to the lodge today and looking forward to spending day with her. Sami wheels in with the newspaper. Will woke up, had some juice and went back to sleep. (that kid sure can sleep!) Before Austin heads out, Sami asks him to go to the store for juice, vitamins, and diapers. She couldn't shop while Will was in the hospital. He agrees, but THEN he has to leave. Sami said he can't go til her surprise is in place. He calls Carrie, and she starts telling him about the massage she has scheduled for them. He tells her he's just got to shop and will be an hour late. After hanging up, Carrie speculates if he'll get there at all.

Lucas calls Mike's exchange. He tells them that a patient of Mike's was in an accident at GM Lodge and needs him. Mike's exchange calls him with the news and Maggie and Alice realize it might not be Carrie, but Mike said he's going anyway.

Susan throws a baggie with 2 sandwiches into Kristen. Kristen, as hungry as she is, can't believe KSusan is giving them SANDWICHES for breakfast, and on WHITE bread, she only eats WHOLE WHEAT! KSusan said whole wheat ruins the taste. Peanut Butter, Banana and Mayo sandwiches. Elvis' favorite. (hey, they're good, I love them myself!) Susan says that Kristen and Marlena have to get some meat on their bones and stop eating all that lettuce. She then throws a bag of Pork Rinds in too, ROFL! KSusan tells Kristen the teeth hurt her mouth and it takes a long time to put Kristen's make-up on. Kristen tells her nothing will happen to her if she lets her out and Stephano won't hurt her, but KSusan tells K that John makes her all tingly when he kisses her. KSusan says there's always a way when a woman loves a man like she loves John. Kristen starts banging the wall with the pork rinds bag.

Mike walks into GM Lodge looking for Carrie and she walks into the lobby. After seeing that Carrie is ok, Mike wonders if it's a setup and Carrie can't figure out why when we see Lucas peering around the corner (oh, bad boy!). Lucas must have bribed the desk clerk as he tells Mike his patient was better and left, promising to call and cancel Mike's coming and lunch is on the house if he wants to stay. After they walk away, Lucas pays off the clerk (see, told ya!). Mike gives Carrie a pep talk. Carrie tells Mike she's getting a massage and to go to her room, take a shower and a nap (oh sure). She won't let him crash that new sports car after all. He agrees and Lucas calls Sami and tells her what's going on.

After shopping (Will is awake now) Sami tells Austin Will wants Mr. Bear (how does she know, the kid doesn't talk), but it's in the basement and she can't get to it easily. He finally agrees to go play fetch and THEN he's GOT TO LEAVE! After finding Mr. Bear, Austin grabs his suitcase and takes off.

Viv shows up to talk with Kristen. Viv goes on about Susan pretending she's Kristen and Susan just looks at her. John comes down and tells Viv plans will have to wait, he's got Kristen to himself all day. He tells them Susan is gone, but her clothes are still in the closet. Time to call Abe, he doesn't like the sound of what may be going on. Downstairs Kristen is yelling to Susan that she blew it now, when Kristen goes over to the phone and hangs it up. She tells John she let Susan go and gave her a nice bonus. Susan will send for her clothes. John says he'll miss Susan, she was a warm and caring person. As he looks away, Susan gets THAT Susan look. John leaves and Viv questions whether she's Susan or Kristen and pulls Kristen's hair. KSusan yelps and Viv thinks she's Kristen. After Viv leaves, KSusan is glad she got those extendos! Viv and Ivan head back to the spa until the wedding leaving Kristen a wreck in the secret room.

Back at GM Lodge, Carrie sneeks into the room to get her swim suit out of the dresser. She asks the maid to tell the gentlemen she's expecting (and left a key for at the front desk) that's she's in the hot tub when he arrives. Mike wakes up to find his clothes gone. The maid said she saw him sleeping and took them out to have laundered. (I would be screaming on the phone to the manager if a maid took my clothes that way without permission). She thought he was staying with Miss Brady (didn't Carrie just tell her a gentlemen would be coming and his key would be at desk after she came out of the room?) Mike says, oh, ok, and heads off to buy a swim suit to join Carrie at the spa. Lucas again smiles in background.

On the monitor, Kristen sees Susan trying on her wedding gown and is crushed (Marlena sure is taking a lonnnggg shower) and dreams about her and John on their wedding day as John scoops her up and carries her up the stairs. She crys and wants to know how long it'll be before Stephano comes to take Marlena away. KSusan, humming to herself, says she wants something more stylish, and makes some changes to the sketch of the wedding gown. Kristen yells NO, and designer gets a strange look on his face, but KSusan said that's the dress she's always dreamed of. (this ought to be good). Later, John brings a bottle of wine upstairs and KSusan panics and asks how everything is going down there. She then starts to massage John a little and tells him he's doing everything he can to get Marlena. John sees the soft side of her and they kiss. She starts stripping his shirt off with Kristen going nuts downstairs watching.

Sami tells Will that Austin ought to be at the lodge soon. Austin joins Carrie in the spa (in her dreams) in his baggie red suit (hey, if I was dreaming, it would've been a speedo) and looks around to see Mike standing there in his black suit (not a speedo, but better than Austin's suit). Mike tells her to hang in there, Austin will be there soon and climbs in the tub. Walking in the room with a big bunch of flowers, the bellboy delivers the laundered clothes (Mike's) and Austin tells him he has the wrong room. The bellboy says no, they're for Miss Brady's room. Looking at the unmade bed, he goes out and the maid tells Austin Carrie's in the hot tub. Lucas calls Sami to fill her in and Austin spots Carrie and Mike in the hot tub. Mike was comforting Carrie and has his arm around her stroking her hair while her eyes are closed.

At the airport, Viv and Ivan are planning their spa stay. Viv sends Ivan off for magazines and Ivan freaks out when a nun walks by (we don't see her face). Ivan tells Viv it was HER. Viv said Susan does have a face no one can forget and they head off to find her.

Watching the monitor, Kristen watches KSusan and John heading up the stairs together to make love. The doorbell rings and there's Snun at the door. KSusan strolls up and shocked at first, composes herself to ask What are you doing here? The nun (man, she's uglier than Susan), gets this look on her face like she's sizing Kristen up. Credits roll (and Marlena's still in the shower).

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