June 02 Week 4


June 24
At the Penthouse Grill, everyone is shocked when Tony DiMera walks into the restaurant. John lunges at Tony, and screams that he's looking pretty good for a dead man he was framed for murdering! Roman and Bo hold him back, as Abe questions Tony. Tony claims he is Tony DiMera, and he says he said he came here to meet Lexie and hoped to make his presence known to the rest of Salem gradually. Roman says they have enough evidence to arrest Tony for framing John for his murder. Tony says he wants to explain his death and his return. Bo accuses Tony of being sent to kidnap his son. Tony has no idea that Bo and Hope have another son, and that Stefano kidnapped him for Lexie. LExie sticks up for her brother and asks to let him speak. John also wants to hear the story, so Tony explains everything. Tony takes them back in time, to when Kristen was having an affair with John. Tony says he knew of the affair and hated John for it, enough to want to see him dead. Tony says, however, that it was his cousin Andre who died, and it was he who framed John. John asks if this is the same cousin who died in quicksand while he watched him? Tony swears the body was his cousin, and that Stefano saved Andre that day and told no one. Tony says that he became ill with a supposedly fatal blood disease, the next thing he knew his father was flying him out of Salem and promising to find a cure. Tony says he fell into a coma, and was out of the loop for years. Tony says that Stefano took control and decided to kill his own "son" in order to have John framed for his murder. He says Stefano used Andre, who he also hated, by convincing him that he would die of the same blood disease Tony had, and to help him frame John to save the DiMera family honor. Tony says his father was out to kill two birds with one stone. Tony also says he can prove his story. He tells them to look at the diary and the handwriting, but Roman says handwriting isn't fool proof, it's not like DNA. Tony then suggests they dig up his body and test it, then they will find out it is Andre. Suddenly, Tony becomes weak and woozy, and Lexie catches him. Lexie asks if he is okay, and he says he is fine. LExie thinks it is just the stress from everyone attacking him. Tony glances at Collin, and Bo sees this. John still thinks Tony is a liar just like Lexie and his father. John asks when Stefano is returning. Tony says he does know where Stefano is, and it is time he told everyone. Lexie asks when their father is coming home? Tony says he's not, their father is dead!

Nicole asks Collin to take her home, but he refuses. She wonders what his interest in Tony is. He tells her, very coldly, that if she is bored to shut up and go home! She says she wouldn't leave if he paid her, things are getting interesting. When Tony sees Collin in the shadows, Nicole realizes they do know one another. Collin tries to get out of this place with Nicole, but Bo stops him. Bo calls him scum and tells him that he knows a lot more about the DiMera's then he's letting on. Collin claims he only came here to be with his beautiful Nicole, and then the two of them leave. Bo knows Collin is lying, as does Jack. Jack wonders why Collin is still hanging around and not rolling around with Nicole.

On the balcony, Sami boo-hoos to Brandon about her life, but he says she got where she is by her own doing. Brandon says he tried to open up to her, but she hurt him. He tells her that when he first saw her he did want her, and he overlooked her running back to Austin all the time. Brandon says he thought if he stuck with her then she would fall in love with him, but she never gave them a chance. Brandon thinks now that she has lost Austin, she wants him back like he is the rebound prize. Sami says he always said there was something between them, and he was right. Brandon asks Sami exactly what she feels for him? Sami says she did have feelings for him, and they made her feel guilty because she was in love with Austin at the time. Sami says she really does want to fall in love again, and she asks Brandon if he still loves her? Brandon is shocked, and lays into Sami because she needs to wake up and stop expecting everyone else to give while she gives nothing. Sami says she gave Austin her whole heart and he threw it back at her. Brandon tells Sami that he told her that Austin didn't want her, he wanted the perfect little wife he had imagined in his mind. Sami tells Brandon that part of her still loves Austin, he was her first love and the one for a very long time, and now it is over. Sami says that AUstin now pity's her and thinks she'll never have a real relationship, but she says she'll show him. Sami says she has more feelings than Austin Reed, and she says she sure as hell doesn't need him anymore! Sami then throws Austin's letter over the balcony. Sami then asks Brandon if he is through with her as well? He asks her why she wants to know? He asks if she wants to be just friends, or a real relationship? Sami says she can't just tell him that she love him so soon after Austin. Brandon says until she can stop thinking about Austin, and can't stop thinking about him, then she can give him a call. Sami admits to Brandon that she used him to get Will back, but she did care about him and she still does, but she doesn't know if she can call it love. However, she says she would like it to be love someday, but she doesn't want to hurt him anymore. Sami tells him to go and do what is best for him. Brandon tells Sami that she can't help who she is, just like he can't help coming to her rescue when she is in trouble. Brandon tells Sami that maybe she should be alone for a little while, it might be good for her. Sami thinks Brandon is rejecting her, but he says he's trying to be her friend. Sami wanted them to be more than just friends. Brandon says he needs to get back, and Sami knows he is going back to Lexie. Sami wonders why she told Brandon the truth, and thinks she should have lied to him. She decides to follow Brandon and lie to him to try and get him back, only to be shocked to see Tony DiMera.

At Brady's loft, Belle is furious that her parents aren't responding to their calls. Brady says whatever the emergency at the Penthouse Grill was, it is under control. Belle decides to call Shawn, which Brady refuses to let her do. Brady says Shawn isn't good enough for her, so Belle explains everything to Brady, about the rape and why Shawn lied for her. Brady and Belle argue about Shawn, and Belle tells her brother that she and Shawn may not be perfect, but they do love one another. She says Shawn is worth taking a chance on, and so is Chloe. Belle tells Brady that CHloe is in the hospital fighting for her life, so now is the time for him to admit how he feels about her. Brady admits that he does care about Chloe as more than a friend. Brady reminisces about his and CHloe's time together last summer while they were off in Puerto Rico. However, Brady says that Chloe is still obsessed with Phillip, which means she is to immature for him. Belle says perhaps she is just insecure, and maybe he should ask her out. Brady says he can't do that now. Brady then begins to feel guilty about his mom's death, and he blames himself because if she didn't have him then maybe she would have been stronger. Belle says that is not true, but Brady says all he knows is someone else in his life is suffering and dying and he can do nothing about it. Belle tells Brady that he can help Chloe, he and her connect through music. She says they are almost like soulmates, and whenever Chloe sees him she lights up. Belle says that positive energy helps CHloe, probably more than anything and anyone else is. Isabella's ghost shows up and urges her son to open up his heart and give love.


June 25
At Brady's loft, we see a little recap of the end of yesterday's show in which Isabella's ghost shows up and urges her son to open his heart and give love to Chloe. Brady sees the snow in the snowglobe Chloe gave him churn, and he blurts out that he loves Chloe. Belle is shocked, and Brady says he didn't mean to say that. HE says the words just came out as he watched the globe, and Belle says that the words came from his heart. BRady decides to go for a walk, and leaves. Belle thinks her brother is in love, and that it is so cute.

At the hospital, Phillip shows up to see Chloe, but she's not that happy to see him. Phillip thinks that Chloe doesn't want him here, but she says that is not true. CHloe says nobody is allowed to be in here past visiting hours, and he could get in trouble. Phillip says he just used the Kiriakis name to get in, and he says he may even be able to talk the nurses into letting him spend the night. CHloe doesn't seem impressed by Phillip's arrogance. Phillip then produces a ton of gifts he's bought for her, and she yells at him to just stop. Chloe accuses him of trying to take control, but he can't control this. She says nothing can change what is happening to her, and he can't change that. Chloe says she needs some time alone to deal what is happening to her. She wants to get back to listening to music, and when he realizes Brady gave her the CDs, he says fine, listen to the music, he won't bother her again. Phillip storms out, and Chloe returns to her music. Later, Brady shows up. She is happy to see him. He says he can leave, but she asks him to stay. She says she's listening to the CD's he made her. BRady says music is so soothing, and it's always there for you. Chloe falls asleep, and Brady takes off her earphones and gives her a kiss on the forehead. Brady then turns off the lights, closes the shades, and sits by her bedside.

Phillip shows up at Brady's loft where BElle is still hanging out. She says Brady went out, and Phillip wonders where he went. SHe asks what he wants with Brady? Phillip says he wants him to stay the hell away from Chloe! Belle says that CHloe needs Brady right now, in case he hasn't seen it she responds to Brady and she needs all the help she can get. Phillip knows that Belle knows CHloe is attracted to Brady, and he demands she admit it! Belle refuses to talk to him about this, she only wants CHloe to get well no matter what it takes. Phillip says Brady being with CHloe won't help, and he will put a stop to this once and for all!

Collin and Nicole return to Titan's offices, and she wants to know why he really took her to the penthouse grill tonight. Nicole says she knows he knew that DiMera guy was going to be there. Collin says none of that matter anymore, and he kisses her. As they make out, Jack spies on them! Jack runs off as they begin to do the nasty. Nicole thinks Collin is using sex to distract her and not answer her questions. Collin assures her that he doesn't know Tony DiMera, the only person he wants to know tonight is her! Collin and Nicole make love, while Victor shows up and finds Jack once again snooping around. Jack claims he came to see Nicole, but victor doubts she is still here. Jack says okay, if that is what he wants to believe, then so be it. Jack leaves, and Victor walks in on Nicole and Collin doing the nasty! Victor is furious and tells Nicole to get out now or she is fired. Nicole leaves, and Victor then warns Collin that he knows about him and his past. Victor warns Collin that he can find out anything, and unless he calls it off with Nicole, he will reveal everything about him!

BAck at the grill, Sami is shocked to see Tony DiMera, and Marlena fills her in. Lexie asks when father is coming home. Tony says father isn't coming home, because he is dead. LExie says that can't be true, and John laughs and says Stefano is as dead as Tony. Tony says he was there when father died, and produces a death certificate. Lexie cries out "No, no no no!" Abe says it will be all right and to take it easy, but she says it is not all right and she will not take it easy. SHe asks Tony how it happened? Tony says he tracked Stefano down and followed him, and saw his car go off the road outside of Monte Carlo. Tony says he held Stefano as he died, and he said everything he did was to take care of his family. Tony says Stefano asked him to look after her, and then he was gone. LExie breaks down, and Tony comforts her. JOhn thinks this is insane and asks for Tony to be arrested. ROman looks at the death certificate and says it does look like a forgery. Meanwhile, Jack questions Bo about Collin. Bo says he just has a gut feeling that Collin knows more than he is letting on. Abe and Roman decide to take Tony down to the station, and he agrees to go with them and get this over with. John begins to lay into Lexie, so Marlena insist they go home. John says he needs to cool down and runs off. Bo runs after John to check on him, only to find John missing! Marlena fears that John has gone after Tony. Lexie thinks Tony needs her and rushes off. Brandon follows Lexie, and Celeste heads to the Salem Inn to keep a watch out there.

At the police station, Abe and Roman begin questioning Tony and having things authenticated and checked out when Cameron Reese suddenly shows up to represent Tony. Lexie shows up after Cameron, she is the one who contacted Cameron. Suddenly, John shows up screaming that he wants Tony! He finds Tony, and says that he better pray they throw his lousy butt in jail, because if they don't, he is all his! LExie tells John to stop this, and JOhn asks her if she ever looks into the mirror and wonders what happened to Dr. Lexie Carver, he knows her husband probably thinks that when he looks at her. Marlena and Bo show up, and everyone tries to calm John down. Pat Hamilton, the DA, shows up, and John demands she throw Tony DiMEra in jail! In Abe's office, Tony continues to claim he has nothing to hide. HE once again explains his story to Abe, Pat, and his lawyer Cameron. Tony claims he returned to make amends for what his father has done to everyone here. John learns that Tony is going to be let go, because they can't hold him. John vows to prove that Tony is full of it. Meanwhile, Sami shows up at the station to see Brandon, but he brushes her aside and focuses on Lexie who he claims needs him. She realizes the only way Brandon will ever be there for her is if she needs to be rescued. Brandon offers to take Lexie back to the Salem Inn, but Lexie says she's taking her brother home to the mansion. Meanwhile, Sami then puts the moves on Tony. She tells him that she believes him, she knows what it is like to be set up, so she is here to help him if he needs it. Later, Roman tells everyone that the ISA has confirmed Stefano's death.


June 26
At the hospital, Brady wakes up the next morning to find CHloe watching him sleep with a smile on his face. Brady says he was dreaming about her. She asks him what his dream was about, but he says he'd rather not say. She begs him to tell her, so he says that they were sitting on a hill top watching the shooting stars. CHloe asks if the dream means she will be in heaven? Brady says the dream means she will beat this and become a star. Meanwhile, Craig tells Nancy that he's made arrangements for a private investigator to find Frederick Sykes. Craig and Nancy go to see CHloe, and are shocked to find Brady spent the night in Chloe's room. Craig drags Brady out and scolds him, while Chloe tells Nancy that Brady was just what she needed last night. Brady apologizes to Craig, but Craig soon realizes that Brady helped Chloe last night. Brady says he wishes there was more he could do for CHloe. They go back in to see Chloe, and Craig tells CHloe that she's going to require a bone marrow transplant. Chloe says okay, but Craig says it won't be easy, they're going to have to find her a match. Craig is paged and has to leave, and Nancy goes with her. Later, Brady and CHloe read the intruder and see the story on the Gemini meteor shower. Brady suggests they watch the meteor shower together, it will be like his dream come true. HE asks her if it is a date, and she says yes. Meanwhile, Nancy calls her father and he says he and her mother will be tested, but nobody sees to know what happened to Dr. Sykes, he just disappeared years ago.

Shawn meets up with Belle at Brady's loft, and she tells him that she's not going to Columbia early for the summer program. Belle says she wants to stay here for them to spend time together, and to be with CHloe. Shawn is happy that she's decided to stay around a little while longer. Belle wonders where Brady is, and then she realizes he must have gone to the hospital. Belle wants to tell Shawn what Brady said, but she realizes she can't. She has Shawn guess, and he guesses correctly, after some nudging from Belle. Later, over some donuts SHawn brought over, Belle sees the morning paper and freaks when she sees the headline about Tony. Suddenly, Caprice shows up, and when Belle tells her about what happened at the Penthouse Grill, Caprice thinks about seeing Celeste. Caprice has come by to drop something off for Brady, and as Belle talks to her about Tony's return, Shawn reads the article about the meteor shower in the paper which talks about the end of the world. Shawn thinks it is cool, and that maybe the meteors will hit Salem. Celeste tells Shawn and Brady that meteors are signal of upheaval in the universe, and it can also be a magical time for young people in love. Caprice heads out, and Shawn tells Belle that their special summer will begin tonight.

At the Spectator, Jack and Jen wake up, they spent the night working in Jen's office. Jack wakes up first and brushes Jen's hair with his hands. She wakes up, and says she didn't mean to fall asleep like that. Jen and Jack are happy over their latest headline, and Jen says it is all because of him. JAck tells JEn that this story is just the beginning, he has a new lead for an even better story! Jen demands Jack tell her what he is up to now, as his boss she needs to know. Before he can answer, Harold shows up and congratulates them on the great story. Later, Jack tells Jen that last night Collin didn't look all that surprised when Tony returned. Jen tells him to stop it right now. Jack says that Collin didn't seemed surprised to see TOny, and Bo thinks he knows about the DiMera doings, but Jen says Collin is a Brady and that Brady's and DiMera's don't mix. Jen tells Jack that his next story is on the meteor shower. JAck, however, has other plans. He vows to find out what Collin is hiding.

At the penthouse, John is working on his computer and tells Marlena that he will stop Tony DiMera before he hurts those he cares about. Marlena doesn't like this side of John, but John says the only way to stop Tony is to hit him first, and hit him hard! John asks Marlena to trust him, and to let him do what he has to do. John decides to head out to do some work, and Marlena gets the feeling that he's not going to Basic Black. After John leaves, Marlena grabs her purse and heads out after him.

At the DiMera mansion, Eliana gives Tony and Lexie her condolences about their father. Lexie begs Tony to tell her that it is a mistake and father isn't dead. Tony tells Lexie that he has a secret to tell her. Tony says that he will never lie to her and never deceive her. He says that Stefano wanted her to know that he will always be with them. He says Stefano also gave him his ring, and asked them to carry on his legacy. Tony says that he promised their father that the DiMera name will be one they are proud to have, and that the world will respect their name! Over breakfast, Tony shows the article on the Gemini meteor showers, and he says it is a sign from the heavens, a memorial for Stefano. Lexie wants a proper funeral for her father as well, and he says they will have one. As Lexie grows concerned about Tony's health, John shows up. Tony invites John in and acts like they are old friends. John goats them about Stefano's death, and Lexie tells John to let them grieve in private. Tony tells John that he's crossing a line here, and MArlena appears and says she agrees. Suddenly, Eliana shows up and tells Tony that a man is at the door and his says his father is here! It turns out that Stefano has turned up, as ashed in an urn! John doubts they are Stefano and won't believe they belong to him until they are tested. Tony hands them over to John, and asks him to treat the ashes with respect. John and Marlena leave, with Stefano's ashes, and Lexie asks Tony how he could do that? Tony says he knows what he is doing, and to trust him. Outside, Marlena tells John that if those ashes are Stefano's, their nightmare may finally be over. John, however, says with Tony back, the nightmare is still to come!


June 27
At Titan, Victor tells Nicole that she is never to invite Collin back here for sex. Nicole says fine, he calls the shots at work, but she isn't going to stop seeing Collin. Later, Nico shows up and Victor learns Collin is in Titan and has gone to see Nicole. Victor threatens to destroy him! Meanwhile, Collin thinks about Victor's threat to destroy him if he doesn't call things off with Nicole. Collin tells himself that he'll play Victor's game for now, but he will deal with him later. Collin goes to see Nicole, and sneaks into her office. He lays on her desk and waits for her to show up. They flirt with one another for a bit, and talk about power. Nicole says she likes power, and he, as a doctor, holds the ultimate power in his hands, that of life and death. Collin thinks that is a cynical attitude about medicine. Nicole asks Collin why is here? Is he remembering last night? Collin says he is, but what they shared last night can't happen again. Collin says he enjoyed last night, but his life is very complicated right now and he can't be involved in a relationship. HE says he would like to pick up their relationship in the future, but Nicole knows he is only dumping her because Victor has scared him! Collin claims Victor had nothing to do with his decision, but Nicole says she knows he is blackmailing him. Collin says he has nothing to hide, so Nicole thinks he must still be in love with Jen. Collin says this has nothing to do with Jen either. Nicole wishes Victor was the reason he is bailing, because that would have made sense. She advises Collin to talk to Brandon about Jen's games before getting involved with her again. Collin says nobody has to warn him about Jen, and no man, not even Victor, will keep him from something he wants. Nicole thinks that doesn't include her. Collin asks to say goodbye as friends, but Nicole gives him a kiss to remind him what he will be missing, and then orders him out. Collin leaves, and Nicole says she's had it. She swears that Victor has medaled in her life for the last time. Nicole goes to see Victor and admits to him that he was right about Collin, so she ended up dumping him. Victor asks if that means she is a free agent? Nicole says that she is never free. Victor says whatever she is selling, he's not buying. Nicole appeals to VIctor's patriotic side and asks him to spend the 4th with her. He says he'll consider it.

At the hospital, Sami snoops on Brandon's phone call with Lexie. Sami is sick of Brandon running to rescue Lexie all the time, and she says she will get rid of Lexie just like she got rid of Jen. Brandon takes off for the DiMera mansion, and Sami says when he gets there he will find a little surprise.

At the DiMera mansion, Lexie is furious that Tony handed over Stefano's ashes to John. Tony assures Lexie that everything will work out if he trusts her, everything will turn out for the best. Lexie asks Tony what he knows that she doesn't that makes him so sure? Tony says he has nothing to hide, but Lexie says she wants to see John suffer because he is responsible for her losing Isaac. TOny says he has no love for John, but giving John the urn was the right thing and father would have approved. LExie thinks Tony is accepting defeat, but she says she won't! Lexie storms off, and Tony tells himself that he is doing what father would want him to. LAter, Sami turns up to see Tony and once again welcome him back. Sami insists to Tony that she wants to be his friend, which makes TOny laugh. Sami wants to forget the past, and she says he needs a friend. TOny asks her if she is here to spy on him for her family? Sami says her family would commit her if they knew she was here. Sami says she has been the town pariah and survived, so maybe she can help him. Suddenly, Brandon bursts in looking for Lexie, only to find Sami. Tony demands to know why he is barging into his house. Brandon asks Sami why she's here, and she says TOny is her friend. Tony adds a quick "not true!" Sami tells Brandon that if he can reach out to Lexie, she can reach out to Tony. TOny adds a "not necessary!" Brandon thinks Sami is still playing games, and he says this one won't work. Tony suggest they both hit the road, but Sami says not until she's done talking to Tony. Brandon says she is done, and drags her out! After they are gone, Tony thinks perhaps Sami could be of use to him and his family.

Back at the hospital, Brandon accuses Sami of going to the DiMera mansion to keep him from being alone with LExie, but she says she went there to see Tony. Brandon tells her to stay away from Tony because he is as dangerous as his father is. Sami refuses, so Brandon asks her what she is up to? He demands Sami tell him the truth this time, what is she doing with Tony!

At the station, John shows up and shows Abe, Bo, and Roman the urn containing Stefano's supposed ashes. They ask how he got it, and he says Tony gave it to him. ABe, however, can't help John because this isn't police business, and Tony gave the urn to John. Roman doubts they can even do a DNA test on the ashes, but Bo says there are some big bone fragments in the urn, and it even smells like DiMera! Bo pretends like he's going to sneeze into the urn, and says ROman is right, they can't get a DNA sample from these. John says SHane at the ISA thinks they are wrong, they have new techniques to get DNA from just about anything. Roman and ABe give John the go ahead, but Lexie shows up and demands they give her the ashes because it's been proved Stefano is dead. Abe says Tony owns them and gave them to John, so she can not demand them back. Lexie accuses them all of betraying her, of ganging up on her, of vilifying her when all she did was try to protect her son! Bo tells her that he's not her son, she has to accept that! Lexie says the only thing she has left of her father is his ashes, and she wants them back. John says he will treat them with respect, and he will give them back after he has proved Stefano is dead. Lexie says of course he's dead, he wouldn't do this to her, to his own daughter. Bo says Stefano is capable of anything, and Roman tells her that she never understood what her father really was. Abe asks for time alone with LExie, and she begs Abe not to do this. Abe tells Lexie that they have to make sure Stefano really is dead. Lexie thinks that Abe never loved her or their son, he proved that when he let them take Isaac. Abe says he didn't let them take Isaac, the law demanded they give him back. Abe says Isaac is Bo and Hope's son. Abe says that he knows now that Isach, then he corrects himself and says Zach will always be loved, and he is glad that Bo is his father and not someone else, that makes the loss easier. Abe asks Lexie if she can't see anyone's pain but he own? Abe tells Lexie that he loves her and he always will. Lexie tells him to prove it by giving her back her father's ashes. Abe refuses, and LExie says she was a fool to expect compassion from him. She says all he cares about is impressing his friend, he cares nothing for her and she's had it! LExie storms out of the station, and Roman checks on ABe. LExie says even though Stefano is gone, Lexie seems caught in the DiMera web forever. Meanwhile, Roman makes plans to head to Aremid and dig up TOny's grave. John heads out to do his own little detective work, and refuses to say what he's up to.

Lexie returns home and warns her brother that everyone is conspiring against them, and she vows to protect him. Tony tells Lexie how connected he feels to her. She says they are family, they are DiMeras! Later, Collin shows up to see Tony! Lexie asks Collin why he's here. Bo, who has shown up to see Tony, wonders the same thing!


June 27
Typed AFTER I saw the show
At the DiMera mansion, Bo asks Collin why he is here? Collin tells Bo that he's not here doing anything sneaky or nefarious, he's here as a doctor. Collin claims he knows a lot about Tony's blood disorder, and in the name of science and worldly good, he wants Tony to tell him about the cure so he can share it with others. HE also wants to examine Tony to make sure he is okay. Bo doesn't believe Collin, and Lexie begs Tony to let Collin check him over. Tony insists he is fine, when he suddenly collapses and goes into a trance like state. Bo, Lexie, and Collin all rush him to the hospital.

Shawn surprises Belle with a picnic under the stars. Belle gives Shawn a special gift. She has the heart, which she tore up, that he put on the snowman they built which read "I love you" and she asks Shawn to help her tape it back together. She says they can never forget the pain and hurt that has happened, but she believes their love can grow just as strong as it was before. Later, Belle tells Shawn about a dream she had in which someone promised to take her on an adventure that led her to another world. She says she woke up before going to this world, but she really wanted to go.

At the hospital, Nancy reads Chloe's will, which she finds next to Chloe's bedside, and breaks down. She shares it with Craig. In the will Chloe tells Nancy that she's sorry she wasn't nicer to her while she was alive, and that she is happy she found her. Chloe tells Nancy that she leaves her the most precious gift she can, the name mom, and wishes she had used it more while she was alive. When Chloe begins to come to, Nancy quickly rushes out of the room. Chloe asks Craig what that was about, and soon realizes Nancy read the will. Craig tries to give Chloe hope by saying she is on a national bone marrow transplant list. Chloe thanks Craig, and tells him that she knows she was a pain in the ass when Nancy first brought her home, but he was always there for her. She says he has been a dad to her, and that she loves him. Craig tells Chloe that he loves her too.

Out in the hall, Phillip shows up and catches Brady hanging around. Phillip is furious, and he begins on one of his jealous tirades. Nancy shows up and scolds them both. She says Chloe loves both of them, she knows this from a will she made, and she says they need to work together to help Chloe, not work against one another. Brady and Phillip realize she is right, and that this should be about Chloe, not them. They agree to put their differences aside and focus only on getting Chloe better.

Phillip and Brady go in to see Chloe, and they cheer her up. Soon, Shawn and Belle show up, and they all agree to do whatever it takes to help Chloe. Belle is going to try and get Jen to put an ad in the paper asking people in Salem to be tested for a transplant, and Brady says he can get word out through Basic Black. Shawn thinks his grandparents would be happy to put up notices in the pub. Chloe thanks them and tells them that she loves them all. Meanwhile, Craig sees Bo in the halls, and gets an idea. He talks to Bo about how to go about finding someone who seems to have fallen off the face of the earth. Bo gives him a name and a number.

Brandon and Sami continue their argument about Tony. Sami insists she is just trying to be friendly, but Brandon warns her to stay away from him because he is bad news. Suddenly, Tony is brought in. Collin checks over Tony, who makes a miraculous recovery. However, upon learning what happened, he mutters "not again." Tony insists he is fine and leaves. Bo is suspicious and thinks Tony was faking his attack. He confronts Lexie, who honestly believes her brother is sick. Bo tells her that he didn't believe a word out of her father's mouth, so he doesn't believe her brother or her!

Tony heads home, and finds Collin waiting for him. Collin applauds Tony's performance; he says the fake fainting spell threw both his sister and Bo off track. He says they need to get down to business, but Tony says not now because he's tired, and shows Collin out. Tony tells himself that he wishes he knew what was causing these attacks, and then heads to bed.

At the penthouse, John returns, with a mysterious bag, and Marlena is worried about him. He tells her not to be. HE says he has to leave again, and he won't be back tonight so she shouldn't wait up. Marlena becomes even more worried, and he says even though he's acting like Commando Black, he is just borrowing his skills to bring down Tony. John leaves, and heads to the mansion, which he breaks into using special gadgets.

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