June 02 Week 3


June 17
At the hospital, Craig tells Nancy that they will deal with CHloe's illness one step at a time. Craig says he will go get CHloe now, and they will start her treatment immediately. Suddenly, Phillip shows up carrying Chloe; Belle, Shawn, and Brady are with him. Craig rushes her into an exam room, and Brady yells at them for not seeing something was wrong with Chloe earlier. Belle tells Brady that it was hot and stuffy at the dance, so how were any of them to know. Shawn tries to comfort Belle, and Brady tells him to get away from his sister! Belle explains that Shawn was never unfaithful to her, but Brady refuses to forgive him for the hurt he caused Belle.

In her room, Chloe wakes up to find Craig and Nancy next to her bed. Craig tells Chloe that she is in the hospital, she passed out at the dance. Chloe says she feels really sick, and asks what the blood test results were. Chloe realizes, without Craig saying it, that she has leukemia. Nancy tells Chloe that she is so sorry, and that they will fight this with everything they have! Craig tells Chloe that they'll start her on chemo tonight, and he asks if her friends should be told? Chloe asks to be left alone for a few minutes, and asks them to tell her friends.

Nancy and Craig go out to see the kids, and Nancy tells the kids that CHloe has leukemia. The kids all go in to see CHloe, one at a time. Belle goes in to see her first. Phillip is furious and asks Craig how he didn't see this coming? Phillip accuses Craig of blowing it! Phillip vows to make sure Chloe gets well. Phillip says he will have his dad fly out the best specialists for Chloe, but Craig says that is not necessary. Phillip threatens to have Craig fired, but Craig won't stand for it. Craig says he wants what is best for Chloe and will make sure she gets it. Phillip doesn't care and calls up his dad anyways and asks for help.

Meanwhile, Belle goes to see Chloe, and she gives her a hug. Nancy puts on a brave face and goes in to see them. Belle tells Chloe that if anyone can fight this it is her. Belle says she wants to be here for her, and asks Chloe not to turn her or her other friends away. Chloe promises not to push them away or go through this alone. Phillip comes in to see CHloe, and Belle leaves them alone. Phillip says that his dad is bringing the best doctor out to look at her. Chloe says she trusts Craig and the doctors here. Phillip asks what he can do? Chloe gives Phillip back his necklace, because she's not allowed to wear it here. She asks him to hold onto it and keep it safe. Phillip says he'll hold onto it, for now, but it will be going back on her one day. Phillip says everything will work out, and gives her a kiss. After Phillip leaves, Nancy comes and waits on Chloe to make sure she is okay.

An upset Brady vents his anger outside by trashing things in the back lot. Shawn sees Brady's anger, and Brady yells at him to stop spying and leave him alone! Shawn tells BRady that he has every right in the world to be angry with him. Shawn explains that he loves Belle, and his mistake hurt her. He says Chloe is now going through a crisis, and he urges Brady not to make the mistake he did, don't turn his back on CHloe. Shawn tells Brady that Chloe needs them all, and she needs him. Brady goes to see Chloe, and she sees that he hurt his hand. He says it is nothing, but he really hurt it during his anger outburst. Brady tells CHloe jokes to try and cheer her up, but Craig soon shows up to take Chlow to her first therapy session. As Chloe is taken to therapy, all her friends wish her well. She promises them that she will not leave them.

Brandon returns to the hotel room to find a note from Lexie. The note says that she thought about his words and realizes she has to stop running. SHe says she's going home to Abe. Lexie goes to ABe's place, and begs him to listen to her and not turn her in just yet. She says she wants to explain everything. Lexie says everything she did was to try and hold onto Isaac. She says she still aches for Isaac, but she realizes now she can't get back what she's lost. Lexie breaks down, and Abe comforts her. Suddenly, Brandon bursts in and tells Abe to let Lexie go! Abe asks Brandon who in the hell does he think he is? Brandon tells Abe that she shouldn't have come here, but Lexie says she knows what she is doing. Abe if furious that she has turned to Brandon, but she says she realizes going to Brandon was wrong. She then tells the both of them if they care about her to stop fighting him. Abe and Brandon seem to call a truce, and Abe tells Lexie that he is proud she came to him, and he can see she is stronger now and has accepted their loss. He says she still needs help though, she committed crimes and terrorized people, the law holds her responsible for that. LExie hands Abe the phone and tells him to make the call, turn her in. The cops come and pick up Lexie. Before she leaves, she receives a call from Rolfe. Rolfe says he is being called away, but he says for her not to worry. He says she will get the help she needs, his father will see to it!

MEanwhile, John breaks into the DiMera mansion to find DiMera's and stop them. Marlena is with John, and begs him to calm down. Roman shows up because he was searching for Lexie, and he asks Marlena what she is doing here? MArlena says that John has gone into mercenary mode, and he is scaring her! As they talk, Bart and Rolfe spy on them from the secret room. Suddenly, Rolfe gets an urgent phone call. HE says he understands, and will prepare immediately. Roman also thinks something in this house can lead them to DiMera, but he won't let John do this on his own. Roman tells John that he want to help him stop DiMera. John, Roman, and Marlena search the basement and find a secret room. It was the room with Rolfe's computers and equipment, but now the room is empty! MEanwhile, Rolfe tells Bart that he has to leave Salem for a bit, so he must hold down the fort. Rolfe tells him to lay low and wait for further instructions. BAck in the secret room, John finds an order form for Stefano's favorite wine to be delivered at the end of the week. They all fear Stefano is returning.

At the Full Moon B&B, Jen tells Jack to die after Collin shoots him. Sami is stunned, and Jack thinks he is going to die. Sami goes nuts, but Jen says it's dye, D-Y-E. Collin says it was fake blood. Iris and Harry applaud the players, and say that Jennifer and her accomplice win for pulling off the most dramatic murder. It turns out the whole thing, the entire hotel is a murder-mystery weekend place. Jack and Sami are furious, and they learn that Brandon was behind this. Jack asks where the hell Brandon is anyway? Jen says Brandon had to go back to Salem, and Sami accuses Jen of putting Brandon up to this. Jen says she came here because she was concerned, and then she learned this was a game and thought Jack was in on it, which made her angry. Jen says all she knew is that Brandon sent them on a wild goose chase, but she didn't know he had this in mind. Sami is furious with Jen and accuses Jen of playing games since the day she came back to Salem. Sami accuses Jen of stringing along Brandon, Jack, and Collin all at once. Jen refuses to stand here and listen to this, but Sami won't let up. Jen attacks Sami back by saying she lacks everything that makes a human being human, and she wonders why anyone would waste time on her. Sami tells Jen that her biggest problem is she likes playing this game with her men, but she is afraid to score. Jack tells Sami that is enough, they are getting their things and leaving. Jack and Sami leave, and Collin asks Jen if she is okay? Jen says she is fine, and asks Collin to wait in the car while she makes a phone call. Collin leaves, and says it is time Jen stops playing games, and he's going to see to it that she does. Jen calls Brandon to check on him and his emergency patient. He says he can't make it back, and Jen says it is okay. Jen says she's coming back to Salem, and they really have to talk.


June 17
At the penthouse, Belle sleeps on the couch, and Marlena watches over her. John comes downstairs, and Marlena tells him that Belle kept asking about Chloe all night, and why this had to happen to her. Marlena and John go out to the terrace to talk. Marlena is concerned about John's behavior yesterday. He tells her to just trust him and not question him. BElle wakes up and asks her parents why they are fighting. John and Marlena say they weren't fighting, just talking. John leaves, and tells MArlena to call if she needs him. MArlena talks to Belle about Chloe's problems, and her own. Belle says she can't really worry about her problems next to Chloe's, and things are going better for her. Belle tells her mom that SHawn didn't get Jan pregnant. She explains everything to Marlena, who is unhappy with Shawn's actions. Belle knows what Shawn did was wrong, but she won't continue to be angry with him. MArlena is not pleased that her daughter is so quick to forgive and forget, but Belle says dancing with Shawn last night felt right.

At his loft, Brady sits and thinks about all odd things happening, especially the computer message urging him to go to the hospital. Brady looks at his PC and sees the web browser suddenly pop up. He can't get it to go away, so he ends up searching for info on leukemia. Later, Belle shows up to talk to Brady. She asks him how he knew to go to the hospital? Brady says someone sent him a message on his computer, and he doesn't know who did it. Belle also wonders, and asks if he did a search. Brady said he searched everywhere for the messenger, and says it was almost like it was . . . . Brady doesn't want to talk about it, so Belle talks about sending Chloe a gift. Belle decided to go shopping and takes off. Brady sits back down on his couch, and asks God to help CHloe, and to help him. Suddenly, Isabella's ghost appears!

In Salem Place, Collin tries to make up with Nicole, but she says she hates him. She says she knows he used her, and no man gets away with that! Collin tells her that he's sure she's used many men before, and asks her to just hear him out over one cup of coffee. They go to the Brady Pub, and Collin admits that he did use her. Collin then proposes that they help one another get what they want, and enjoy a little gratification along the way. Kate shows up, and picks on Nicole for dating someone her own age. She tells Collin that most men wouldn't date someone who has crossed Victor Kiriakis, but Collin says he can take care of himself. Collin is paged by the hospital, and says they will have to continue this talk another time.

Later, still at the pub, KAte asks Roman to join her and a mystery guest. Roman informs KAte that he really doesn't give a damn how she spends her time, or with whom. KAte begs him to stay and find out who her guest is. Roman wonders what she is up to. John is the mystery guest, and as soon as he shows up, Roman takes off. John tells Kate that what he needs to talk to her about must be kept from Marlena. John asks Kate to help him with his and MArlena's anniversary party. She insists on planning the whole party, and they get to work. John wants to have the party this friday. Kate says it is last minute notice, but she thinks she can pull it off. Later, Roman talks to John about Stefano. Roman has talked to Shane, and he has learned that there are rumblings going on in the DiMera empire. After collin takes off, Roman vows to keep a closer eye on him because he thinks something is not right about him. Meanwhile, John returns to Kate, who thinks Basic Black should cash in on the Gemini Meteor shower with a fashion show and party. John goes a little nuts, and Kate asks if he is one of those Armageddon nuts? John says no, he just wants to keep his family safe and show his wife a night she will never forget. Suddenly, Marlena shows up and says she'd like to hear more about this night. Kate leaves, and Marlena ask if there is anything he wants to tell her. John says he was just telling Kate how much she means to him, and how he tries to make every night more memorable than the last. Marlena once again starts in on what happened at the mansion. John says he is convinced that Stefano is coming back to Salem. BArt spies on John and Roman the whole time, and wonders if they should be taken out because they are getting too close for comfort.

At the hospital, Nancy is busy looking up information on leukemia. Craig tells her not to do this to herself, she should go home and rest. Meanwhile, Chloe wakes up, and finds red roses waiting for her. She thinks they are from Phillip, and they are. A nurse says the boy stopped by, but she can't have visitors right now. The nurse thinks he'll return, because he seemed persistent. Craig comes to see Chloe, and they talk about her treatment. Chloe knows the chemo will make her feel worse, but Craig says it will save her life. Chloe says he doesn't know that for sure. Criag suggests she keep a positive attitude. Later, Nancy watches Chloe sleep, and Marlena checks on them. MArlena tries to comfort Nancy, and says she is here to help in any way. Nancy thanks her, but says everyone should focus on CHloe right now. Craig returns later and tries to get Nancy to go home and rest, but she insists on being here when CHloe wakes up. Nancy says she is going to make sure Chloe wins this battle, and that all her dreams come true. Collin shows up to check on Chloe. She asks how much longer she will feel like this? Collin says another week to ten days, and they can give her something to help with the nausea. Chloe knows even if she does get better, they can't guarantee she will stay well. Collin says no, and the only thing she can do is fight to stay well. Collin sees the flowers, and asks if they are from her boyfriend? She says no, she doesn't have one. He finds that hard to believe. Chloe asks Collin about his love life, which he says is complicated. MEanwhile, Nancy talks to Craig about CHloe's treatment. Craig tells her that when Chloe goes into remission, she will probably need a bone marrow transplant. Nancy wants to be tested, and he says she can be, but parents and children rarely match, siblings are the best chance. Nancy says CHloe doesn't have any siblings, but Craig says she could have half- siblings they don't know of. Craig begs Nancy to reveal who Chloe's father is. Nancy says she will tell him, but only if she is not a match. Craig says okay, and they go to test her. Elsewhere, Nicole arrives to see Brandon, but runs into Collin. She tells him that she's been thinking about it, and she would like to meet him for drinks sometime.


June 18
At the spectator, Jack is sitting at his desk thinking about Sami's accusations that Jen was playing all the men in her life against one another. Harold shows up and gives Jack the research he wanted on the meteor shower. Harold tells Jack that Jennifer gave him an article to write on "The Day of Compassion" and he reads his story about HIV and AIDS awareness to Jack for proofing. JAck thanks Harold for the research he did, and HArold realizes something is bothering Jack. Jack said it is just his life. Suddenly, Collin shows up, and JAck asks what he is doing here because Jen is not in today. Collin tells Jack that he needs to accept that Jen is through with him, and he hangs onto her through guilt. Collin tells Jack that Jen opened up to him in Africa about how she doesn't love him anymore, and he suggests Jack let Jen get on with her life.

At Alice's, Jen has a heart to heart with Alice about her weekend trip. She tells her about Sami's accusations, and how she now realizes she has been playing the men in her life because she's afraid to make a commitment. Suddenly, Brandon gives Jen a call, and they agree to meet at the Brady Pub to talk.

At the hospital, Sami meets up with BRandon and accuses him of setting her and Jack up. Brandon says he had to do something to get her off his trail. Sami says he scared her to death, and it took Jen and Collin to rescue them. Brandon is shocked to learn Jen met up with Collin. Sami says she is sorry, but Brandon accuses Sami of being thrilled because she wants him to dump Jen. Sami says she is sorry he has been hurt, and if he needs her then he can call her.

Abe meets Lexie and she tells him that she is getting out of the hospital today! Abe thinks she's trying to escape again, but she says she is well. Lexie's psychiatrist tells Abe that Lexie is no longer a danger to anyone, so he is releasing her. Abe is shocked, and Lexie accuses him of wanting her to stay locked up in here. Abe says that is not true, and says they should get her home. Lexie tells him no, they need to talk, and he won't like what she has to say. Lexie says she's going to seek retribution from the hospital, but Abe says that the hospital is not to blame, she knows that. Lexie says neither is her father, she hasn't seen or heard from him in months. Abe tells her that Stefano is on the move and may be returning to Salem. Lexie says this is news to her, and she is no longer involved with her father in any way. Abe tells Lexie that they need to move on and start getting over the loss they've suffered. Lexie agrees and tells Abe that she loves him and always will, but damage has been done to their relationship. LExie suggests they live apart for the time being, and she says she's not going back home with him. She says she will move into the Salem Inn, and she assures Abe that she will be okay.

At the Brady Pub, Shawn and Belle celebrate their reunion over Brady burgers. Shawn once again apologizes, and Belle says he doesn't have to keep telling her. She says it doesn't make what happened go away, and she doesn't want to be reminded about it. Shawn gives Belle a gift, earrings, and she thanks him. He also reveals that he is going to Peperdine after all, his parents ended up sending his acceptance letter for him. Shawn hopes that Belle will reconsider going to Peperdine with him, but she says she still wants to go to New York. Shawn thinks that she doesn't want to be with him, but she says that is not it. Belle says she realized that she made him her whole life, and she can't do that again. She says she needs her own life, and that is why she needs to go to Columbia. She says she will miss him and won't stop loving him, but she needs a life separate from him, and he needs one separate from her. She also tells Shawn that she's going to COlumbia earlier than expected to take summer courses. Shawn asks when she leaves, and she says in a few weeks. Shawn decides to make the most of the time they have left, and they go for a walk. Belle tells Shawn that she loves him, and she believes their love will grow stronger. Shawn and Belle then share a kiss.

Meanwhile, Jen meets up with Brandon to talk. Jen wants to talk about "us" but Brandon says there is no us. Brandon tells Jen that they both know this isn't working out. Brandon says his patience with her has run out. Jen tells Brandon that she came here to tell him that it is better that they not see one another anymore, because she has been unfair to him, Jack and Collin. Jen says she has messed up, and is sorry, and she needs to get her act together. Brandon tells Jen that Jack and Collin don't deserve her, she is way out of their league. Brandon then goes back to the hospital. Caroline sees that Jen is upset and tries to comfort her. As Jen begins to cry, Collin walks into the pub. Jen asks Collin if he followed her, but he says no. Jen refuses to sit here with Collin, and walks out on him. Shawn Sr. talks to Collin about his reputation with women, and what he's doing to Jen. He warns her not to toy with Jen, because people around her respect her. Collin tells himself that he is not going to toy with Jen, what he has in mind is very serious.

Sami goes to the Spectator to try and get Jack to go after Jen, but he says he is out of the game. Jack says he's not going to make anymore plays for Jen. Jack says he has had it with the pursuit of Jennifer, and he is finally giving up on her. Sami refuses to let JAck give up, and tries to convince Jack that he is nothing without Jen. Jack decides to prove to Sami that he's moving on, and plants a kiss on her! As he does this, Jen walks in and sees them kissing.

Brandon goes back to the hospital and runs into LExie. He tells her that he's happy she's been released. LExie runs off to call her mom, and Brandon tells Abe that this is good news. Abe, however, says Lexie is still going ahead with her crazy lawsuit. Brandon says he told her that would be a mistake. Lexie returns and says she is going to meet her mom. Abe offers to drive her, but she says no. Lexie says she is fine, and she will prove it by taking care of herself.

At the DiMera mansion, Lexie's psychiatrist meets with Bart, and is paid off for releasing Lexie. Later, LExie comes home, and learns her shrink was paid off to release her. She also learns that Rolfe left town without an explanation. Lexie believes that Rolfe has gone to get Stefano and bring him home. Lexie says they must keep her father's return a secret from everyone, and she doesn't want anyone to know she was even here. Suddenly, Brandon appears at the mansion to see Lexie.


June 20
Nicole arrives at the Brady Pub to see Collin just as he's ending a mysterious phone call. She asks him what that was about? He ignores her question, and she goes on to say that she'd prefer they meet at more upscale restaurants from now on. Collin says they can go elsewhere and talk, but there is someone he must see first. Nicole knows he wants to see Jen Horton, and she's not very happy. Collin says that isn't it, and goes to see his uncle Shawn. Shawn picks on him about dating Nicole, and Collin basically brushes Shawn's insults aside and asks him to give Bo and Hope a message. He tells Shawn to tell Bo and Hope not to come home. Shawn says they are already on their way back, so if he knows something he should tell him. Collin says there is movement in the DiMera organization, and something will be going down soon! Collin says he doesn't know what is going to happen, but it will be big! Nicole sneaks up behind them and asks if something big has happening, she wants to know about it! Shawn claims they were just talking about the Gemini Meteor Showers. Collin and Nicole sit back down, and Nicole senses Collin is tense. As she asks him why, he gets a call which worries him even more. Nicole says she's not going to believe that is meteor related. Collin says that was the hospital, but he says they will have dinner tonight at the Penthouse Grill. Nicole tells Collin that if he's a good boy tonight, he might think he's died and gone to heaven. Collin asks what if he's bad? She tells him "Even better!"

At the Spectator, Jack decides to prove to Sami that he's moving on, and he kisses her! As he kisses her, Jen walks in! Sami slaps Jack, after a little tongue wrestling, and asks him what that was for? Jen walks over and asks what is going on here? Jack says that is none of her business since they are no longer together. Jen tells Jack that she wants his story on her desk in one hour, so Sami better get lost so he can work. Sami thinks Jen is being a bitch because she had a fight with Brandon. Jen says she didn't have a fight with Brandon, they broke up. Sami ends up leaving, and decides to teach Jen a lesson. She calls Brandon and asks to see him and for him to call her cell phone as soon as she gets this message. Sami thinks that Brandon is as good as hers! MEanwhile, Jack turns his story into Jen, and tells her that he's sick of the game playing, he quits. Jack says he is ready to move on, and the two of them need to be honest with one another. Jack says he wants to see other women, and Jen says he should. Jack tells JEn that the kiss was not a setup or a game, it was his declaration of independence, his own little fourth of july. Jack tells Jen that he'll always love her, but he can't keep pursuing her when she is pursuing other men. He says he can no longer pursue her anymore, he won't do it anymore. Jack tells Jen that if she wants him back, she has to come and tell him. However, he tells her not to wait too long, because he's going to start looking and might end up with someone else. Jen admits that she has been playing games with him, and now that she has admitted that, she needs to look into her heart to figure out where she is headed and who with. JAck says no matter how bad things get in their personal relationship, they still click at work. Jen refuses to allow Jack to bury himself in work and ignore the rest of the world. Jack and Jen reminisce about their wedding, and then return to their jobs. Later, Jen gives Jack a big story, "Where is Stefano DiMera?" HE asks why she is giving this to him, and she says because he is the best. She also asks Jack to be careful when doing this story.

At the DiMera mansion, Lexie is stunned to see Brandon show up, and even more stunned when John shows up. John wants to know what Lexie is up to now. She says she is only here to collect her things, and she is planning to move on with her life. John thinks she is in cahoots with Stefano, and asks when he is coming back. LExie tells John if he really wants to know she'll tell him, but he better brace himself. Lexie tells John that she doesn't know where her father is, but she wish she did. John tells Lexie that once Stefano returns they will both go to prison, and if there is any justice in this world he will die soon! John says he will put Stefano in jail the minute he comes to town, and then he leaves. LExie says she hates that man, but Brandon says John was right about a few things, she isn't being honest about a lot of things. Brandon then suggests she pack some things so they can get the hell out of here.

Sami heads to the police station to meet her dad for lunch, and overhears Abe on the phone talking to someone about Lexie moving into the Salem Inn with Brandon. She quickly cancels lunch with her dad, and takes off to the Salem Inn. Later, Roman talks to Abe, who fears Stefano will be making contact with Lexie soon. John suddenly shows up, and tells Roman and Abe that they must stop the DiMeras! Abe agrees to let John help them, but he has to report and abide by both of their orders. John agrees to Abe's terms. John also asks for another favor, he wants to make sure Marlena and his family is safe tonight at the Penthouse Grill. Abe agrees to make sure they are safe. John then asks Roman for a favor that has to do with him and Marlena. Roman asks John what he's afraid he will do? John says he is not afraid he will do anything, however, if he seems upset Marlena will want to help him, and he doesn't want Marlena to spend her anniversary that way. ROman understands, and says he won't come to the party.

Brandon helps Lexie move into the Salem Inn, and he has an attitude. SHe asks him why he is angry? Brandon says he's just tired, and upset. Lexie thinks perhaps she should have moved back in with Abe, but Brandon says no. Brandon tells LExie that Abe is not right for her. Lexie wishes her father was here. Brandon says her father is not God, he can't make her problems go away with a finger snap, especially when he causes most of them. LExie becomes upset with Brandon for joining the Stefano haters club. LExie says when she needs him, her father is always there for her. Brandon tells Lexie that right now the only person she can count on is herself. Meanwhile, Sami shows up and begins searching for Lexie and Brandon. She refuses to let Lexie sink her claws into her man. Back at Lexie's room, there is a knock at the door, and Brandon answers it. HE ask the person at the door what they want? A man delivers and envelope to Lexie, and she smiles (the Stefano music plays) and she tells Brandon not to let anyone know about this. LExie opens the envelope, and tells Brandon that her father is coming home tonight!

In the secret room at the mansion, Bart gets a call and can't believe who is coming to town tonight. Bart says Salem is about to be rocked.


June 21
Off to pick up someone from the bus station and then out to dinner, this will be proofed later (if I have time)
Belle, Mimi, and Brady show up at the hospital to meet CHloe. Belle says everyone from school is calling and asking how she is doing. Chloe asks why they are all dressed up? They say it is John and Marlena's anniversary party tonight. Brady tells Chloe he was thinking about staying here with her, if she'd have him. Chleo tells Brady that she will not be an excuse to bail on her families party. They see the roses and DVD player Phillip gave her, and the others give her their gifts. Brady gives her a CD player and some CDs, and Belle and Mimi give her magazines. They then recall that they forget the latest issue of Bella, so the leave to get it. Brady and CHloe talk, and Brady tells her that she will beat this. Belle and Brady leave for the party, and Mimi stays to keep Chloe company. She tries to talk about her and Brady, but Chloe says Brady is just a friend. Mimi then suggest they watch TV, and says love story is on. CHloe says that is the LAST movie she needs to watch right now. Mimi says it is a great love story, but CHloe says the woman dies of leukemia at the end!

Elsewhere, Craig tells Nancy that CHloe may go into remission soon, but she needs a bone marrow transplant. Craig says they need to find CHloe's father and see if she's had any other children. Craig asks Nancy to put her fears aside and tell them who CHloe's father is. Nancy tells Craig it happened when she was 19 and a freshman in college. She says she was home on break from school, and she thought they had broken up. She says that one night her parents threw a dinner party, and there a friend of the family, a doctor her father worked with took advantage of her. After pretending to be sympathetic and listening to her problems with him (Craig), he plied her with alcohol, took her to his house, and raped her. Nancy says she tried to forget, and hoped things could go back to normal, but then she learned she was pregnant. Craig asks for the name of the son of a bitch who did this to her. Nancy begs Craig not to let Chloe know about the rape. He says she won't, so Nancy tells him that it was Dr. Fredrick Sykes. Craig says he will find this man, see if he can help CHloe, and then kill him!

At the penthouse, John talks to Nu-Caprice about the party, and how they have to keep it from Marlena. Marlena shows up and asks what they are keeping from her? John tells Marlena that he wanted to surprise her with a night out at the penthouse grill. Marlena says that sounds great, but they can't do it. MArlena tells John Caprice is staying with them, so he suggests they take her with them.

At the station, Jack tries to find out, from Abe, if Stefano is returning. Abe is furious and throws Jack out! Suddenly, Sami shows up to talk to Abe about his wife shacking up with BRandon at the Salem Inn. Sami then bursts into Abe's office and says Lexie has checked into the Salem Inn with Brandon walker. Abe says he knows, and tells Sami to stop gossiping about his wife! Abe calls Roman into his office, and Jack learns about John and Marlena's party. JAck asks Sami to take him to the party as her date, but she says no way.

At the Salem Inn, the note to Lexie asks her to meet him at the Penthouse Grill, and she thinks it is from her father. Celeste shows up and tells Lexie to stay away from her father, but Lexie says she needs him. Celeste decides to go with Lexie if she insists on going, and Brandon suggests they make it a table for four.

At the Brady Pub, Bo and Hope return home, and Collin tells them that coming home now was a big mistake! Bo says what he and Hope do is none of his business, but Collin says DiMera may be returning to Salem. Bo says DiMera is on the run, not them, and they will never run from Salem. Later, Jack shows up at tells Jen what he's learned about Stefano. They decide to have a working dinner at the penthouse grill, where John's party is going to be, in order to try and get a scoop if anything does happen.

At the Brady Pub, Bo and Hope show up and meet up with Abe. Abe questions Bo about his cousin Collin and if he has connections with the DiMeras. Bo doesn't know, but he doesn't trust him. Speaking of COllin, he shows up with Nicole on his arm, and Jen shows up with Jack. Jen assures Jack she could care less about Collin, she is here for a story. John and Marlena show up, and everyone surprises them. MArlena thanks John, and her family and friends. Everyone begins to mingle, and Nicole asks Collin why they are really here? Collin assures Nicole that he is only interested in her tonight. John makes a toast to his beautiful wife, and to spending the rest of their lives together. Meanwhile, Lexie, Brandon, and Celeste show up. Everyone gasps, and Abe asks what in the hell they are doing here? Lexie says they are here for dinner! Lexie, Brandon, and Celeste are shown to their table, and everyone thinks LExie is up to something. When Caprice sees Celeste, she freaks out and says "it can't be!" Caprice tells MArlena that she's not feeling well, so she's going to head home. Meanwhile, Kate shows Sami a letter that Austin sent to her, and she's mentioned in it. Sami says Austin still loves her, but Kate says that isn't so. Sami reads the letter, in which Austin says Sami will always ruin any relationship she has and will end up all alone. Brandon sees Sami reading the letter, and realizes she is upset. Elsewhere, Abe warns Bo that he can see it in Lexie's eyes, her father is on his way home. Roman shows up and announces that there is a fire in the kitchen, and he needs everyone to leave. The fire is a ruse, its just to get everyone out of here because they feel Stefano is on his way. LExie refuses to leave, and when Marlena learns John is waiting to confront Stefano, she insists on staying with him. Bo and Hope stay as well, and Collin and Nicole hide in a corner. The elevator doors open and out walks Tony DiMera! Tony says the phoenix has risen!

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