June 02 Week 2

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June 10
Sami and Jack run into Kate at Salem Place before they leave town; Kate warns Jack to avoid Sami, but she retorts that Kate is upset because Sami has moved on with her life. Jack and Sami take off and end up at the Full Moon B&B, thinking that Jennifer and Brandon are staying there as well. The place is run by a sweet old couple, Iris and Harry, but things are not as they seem. Sami finds an antique gun, but Iris says it's just for protection and is not loaded; when Sami finds a butcher knife, Iris claims she was carving a ham when their guests arrived. Brandon calls and reveals that he's made a deal with Iris to lie and do whatever it takes to keep Jack and Sami there. Meanwhile, a book falls off the shelf and Sami fingers through it. She screams when she finds a passage highlighted with a fingerprint in dried blood. Jack comes up to see what's wrong and Sami shows him the page; he starts to read and they hear the scene from the book coming to life in the next room. They hear the voice of a mob hit man, then gun shots. Jack and Sami are preparing to leave when Sami's grabbed by Harry, who's holding a gun. Harry clamps his hand over her mouth and they disappear behind a revolving bookshelf... Victor goads Kate about being alone, but she turns the tables on him when she sees Nicole pass by with Colin in Salem Place before they leave for Green Mountain Lodge. Kate rubs it in about Nicole dumping Victor, urging him to get revenge and make her pay. Later, Victor meets with Nico and learns that Colin has some large holes in his background that need to be uncovered... Brandon pulls some strings to get in to see Lexie, but Abe throws him out. Jennifer is enveloped with jealousy when she witnesses Colin and Nicole's first kiss, which he initiates for Jennifer's benefit. After Colin/Nicole take off for their getaway, Jennifer finds Brandon and learns that he needs to tend to a patient before they can leave. They finally make it up to Green Mountain Lodge, unaware that Colin has arranged to have the suite right next door. Colin orchestrates it so that Brandon and Jennifer catch him/Nicole naked in their adjacent terrace hot tub... Lexie lashes out at Abe for throwing Brandon out of the psych ward, for committing her, and for always assuming the worst of her. She angrily plays the role of a crazy woman, which horrifies Abe and Celeste. Abe insists on hearing the worst case scenario from Lexie's doctor and he admits that an extreme diagnosis could require long term institutionalization. Lexie overhears and manages to escape from the ward...

June 11
Belle and Marlena are at Salem Place to exchange a graduation gift from her grandparents when Shawn comes up, wanting to talk to Belle. Marlena moves off to give them some privacy. Shawn pleads with Belle to forgive him, but she's too heartbroken to listen and runs off. Meanwhile, Mimi enlists Marlena's help with her plan to get Shawn and Belle back together. Philip breaks things off with Cynthia, resolute on helping Mimi and Chloe with their plan. Chloe continues to hide the fact that she may have leukemia, pending the results of her bone marrow test. Craig and Nancy worry, but they can't dissuade Chloe from going... There's a grand celebration at the Brady Pub for Shawn's high school graduation and Zack's second birthday. Bo and Hope surprise Shawn by calling JT to wish him a happy birthday as well; Shawn is elated when he hears JT call him "bro." Abe shows up and shares the bad news that Lexie escaped from the psych ward. Bart and Rolf also learn of Lexie's escape as they listen to the conversation via the bugged jack-in-the-box. Roman and Abe discuss possible tactics of how to handle the situation; Abe admits that he thinks Brandon may be helping Lexie. Hope and Bo take Zack home, where Abe has police security posted outside. Hope manages to talk Shawn into going to the Last Blast. After Shawn's left, Bo gets an idea of how to keep Isaac safe... Shawn picks Chloe up and Craig's worries are apparent as he gives Shawn all of his contact numbers. Nancy continues to take snapshots until Chloe has had enough and they head out. Meanwhile, Mimi shows up to see if she can talk Belle into going to the dance with her. Belle is adamant that she won't go, but then Philip arrives in a tuxedo and asks her to the dance. She realizes that Marlena, Philip, and Mimi were all in on this and she agrees when Marlena tells Belle that she bought the dress she'd been eyeing at Salem Place. They take some pictures and head out to their last high school dance...

June 12
Brandon/Jennifer face off with Colin/Nicole, naked in the hot tub next door. Nicole storms inside and Jennifer convinces Brandon to let her talk to Colin alone. Colin is coy and admits that he knew Jennifer/Brandon were staying here, but he didn't know that they were right next door. Jennifer knows Colin is trying to make her jealous and he asks if it worked. Upset, Jennifer goes inside, wanting to forget about Colin and Jack, and tries to seduce Brandon into bed. Meanwhile, Nicole gets her revenge on Colin and throws a lamp at him. Brandon and Jennifer are interrupted as they're about to make love and rush next door. Brandon sees the broken lamp, assumes Colin threw it, and punches him. Nicole admits she threw the lamp, but orders Colin out by the time she returns from the spa. Jennifer/Brandon return to their room to be interrupted again by a call from Lexie. Brandon covers with Jennifer, but Lexie convinces him to come back to Salem to help her... Sami is trapped in a secret passage with Harry, who threatens to kill her; she escapes and disappears down the dark passage. Meanwhile, Jack doesn't know where Sami went. Iris lies and says she saw Sami leaving the inn. Jack runs outside but only finds that someone has tampered with his car engine. He's alerted when he hears screaming from within the walls and confronts Iris, who pulls a gun on him and admits that Sami was the first victim and Jack is next. Before Iris can shoot, Jack jumps her and makes a run for it. Meanwhile, Sami tries to find a way out of the secret passage and sees something that makes her faint. Jack secures himself in the room and calls for help. Iris intercepts the call, pretending to be an emergency operator. Jack doesn't trust the response and calls Jennifer on his cell phone; she's alone now and he begs her to come help. Just then, Iris forces her way into the room, gun in hand, and shoots. Jennifer hears the gunshot over the phone and then the line goes dead. Nicole sees Jennifer leave with Colin and is livid. In the meantime, Harry drags Sami deeper into the secret passage. Jennifer is worried sick and Colin offers to drive her to the inn. Back at the inn, Iris has Jack pinned against the wall; he unwittingly falls back into the secret passage and is horrified to see Sami's disembodied head floating in mid-air... Bo wants to take Hope/Zack out on the Fancy Face II until Lexie is caught and returned to the psych ward. Lexie is hiding out in the boat and is nearly caught when Abe orders a sweep of the boat before Bo/Hope leave. As she waits for Brandon, she's shocked to see Bo and Hope arrive at the dock with Zack, and overhears that they're leaving Salem. Lexie freaks when she assumes they're leaving for good; desperate to stop them, she dives into the water after the sea-bound boat just as Brandon arrives...

June 13
Jennifer/Colin arrive at the Full Moon B&B and find a note that reads, "Deveraux must die." Jennifer is genuinely afraid, but Colin figures out what's going on when he answers the ringing phone. Meanwhile, Jack realizes that Sami fooled him and her head is still intact; however, they are still on the run from Harry. They try to figure out what's going on and how Iris and Harry know about "Dever-rocks" and the purple feather boa. Sami shows Jack what made her faint earlier: a message on the wall saying that Jack is dead. Sami is touched that Jack stayed, in spite of his fear, to find and rescue Sami. The emotional moment is broken when they finally stumble out of a wall panel. Sami and Jack are stunned to see Jennifer and Colin there; the real shock comes when Colin raises a gun and shoots Jack! Brandon pulls Lexie out of the river, under the mistaken assumption that she's trying to kill herself. Lexie makes it clear that she was trying to follow Bo/Hope, who just sailed off with Zack. Brandon/Lexie run to a seedy motel to escape the police. He scolds Lexie for escaping, but she defends her motives and opens up about the emotional pain she's been experiencing. Brandon feels for Lexie, but insists on taking her back to the hospital. Lexie tries to run, but he pleads with her not to ruin her life by fleeing... Meanwhile, Abe is concerned about Lexie's state of mind and is conducting the search for her. Celeste is more concerned about Stefano; she reveals to Abe that while she was in Tibet, she got a message from Stefano, reading, "We must preserve our youth." At the time, she thought it was a proposition to rekindle their old romance, but now she fears that it was a warning that Stefano was returning to claim his child, Lexie... Belle and Philip arrive at the Last Blast at the same time as Chloe and Shawn. Belle barely looks at Shawn, which hurts him. Meanwhile, Chloe struggles to hide her illness. In a private moment, she urges Belle to give Shawn another chance. Shawn finally corners Belle and says she has to listen to what he has to say. Jason and Cynthia secretly plot against Shawn/Belle/Chloe/Philip. Mimi sees Jason and Cynthia together and is sure it can only mean trouble...

June 14
Shawn finally tells Belle that he didn't father Jan's baby; she was raped by Paul Mendez. Belle is reeling as Shawn explains the details and all the horrendous mistakes he's made. He realizes he hurt Belle, but hopes she can find it in her heart to forgive him. Belle is silent and walks away, leaving Shawn feeling all is lost. Meanwhile, Chloe downplays Philip's worries about her health, but her attitude remains fatalistic. Kevin and Mimi overhear Jason/Cynthia plotting and he and Mimi take action to stop their revenge. As Philip/Belle and Shawn/Chloe dance, Jason and Cynthia plan to throw balloons filled with grape juice at the couples. Mimi and Kevin spoil the plan by screaming for the foursome to get out of the way and pushing Jason and Cynthia together, causing the balloons to explode all over themselves. Chloe makes an impassioned speech about how life is too short to be mean and not relish every precious moment of it (also referring to her illness). Cynthia and Jason are jeered out of the gym by the rest of their classmates. Chloe's speech has a deep impact on Belle and she goes to Shawn as the last dance is announced. As Shawn/Belle and Chloe/Philip dance, Philip tells Chloe he loves her; before she can reply, Chloe collapses in a dead faint... Meanwhile, Craig and Nancy are at the hospital, waiting for the results of Chloe's bone marrow test. The lab finally calls and confirms that Chloe has leukemia. Worried because she could be susceptible to infection, Craig is going to get Chloe and bring her back to the hospital... Brady, who's called John and is waiting for him, is stunned when the piano begins to play by itself in the loft. John arrives and Brady recounts all the weird things that have happened since he moved into the loft. John is skeptical and tries to logically explain everything Brady's described. Meanwhile, unseen by either of them, Brady's computer monitor turns on by itself. After John exits, he sees a copy of The Spectator outside Brady's door and reads that Lexie has escaped from the psych ward. John's furious, thinking Stefano had something to do with it. He also sees The Intruder nearby and focuses on the words "or They Could Destroy the World?" He snaps into mercenary mode and rushes out to stop "them." Back inside the loft, Brady goes to check his e-mail and sees the computer screen on. He checks his e-mail and walks off; he's stunned as he hears the "ping" of a message typing. Brady slowly approaches the computer, perplexed to see a message that says, "Go to the hospital now."

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