June 02 Week 1


June 3
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Father Jansen nearly pours the poisoned water on Zack's head, but Lexie realizes what Rolf's done and erupts from her hiding place. She knocks over the baptismal font, spilling the tainted water onto the floor. Everyone reacts with stunned disbelief, assuming Lexie's gone crazy. Colin and Marlena try to assess her condition and give her a sedative to calm her. She's being taken to the hospital psychiatric ward as the christening resumes; Lexie screams and it resonates throughout the church. Alas, Zack is finally baptized as a Brady... At the hospital, Lexie continues to rant and scream, begging Abe to take her home. Marlena comforts Abe as she hands him the papers to commit Lexie involuntarily. When he tells Lexie what he's done, she is in absolute agony as she blows up. Marlena guides Abe out of the ward, as he struggles to keep it together, watching Lexie scream and pound against the door... At the Brady Pub, no one is in the mood to celebrate after Lexie's disturbance of the christening. Bo and Grandpa Shawn manage to convince everyone to try and forget about what happened at the church and focus on welcoming Zack to the Brady clan. Meanwhile, Jack and Sami continue to plot to break apart Jennifer and Brandon. Colin uses his charm on Nicole for his private agenda with Jennifer. John is deeply impacted by the incident with Lexie at the church, knowing intuitively that this is part of the DiMera threat. Meanwhile, the mysterious man from Paris is watching Bo and Hope from outside the pub... Shawn and Belle eye each other at the party, but the pain of the past keeps them apart. Meanwhile, Chloe, Philip, and Mimi are working to get their friends back together. Philip works on Cynthia and gets her to admit what she knows about Jan, confirming their suspicions that Jan lied to Shawn. Although it's not concrete proof, the three decide they've got enough information to tell Shawn, and they pull him aside at the pub to do just that...


June 4
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Philip, Chloe, and Mimi confront Shawn and lay out all the evidence they've collected to try and prove that Jan lied about how she miscarried the baby; Shawn's evasive, and abruptly leaves the pub. Meanwhile, Belle confides in Caroline that it's become even more difficult to be around Shawn. She joins Philip and Mimi and they press her to talk to Shawn. Bo, Hope and Zack are still at the pub with Roman, Grandpa Shawn, and Caroline, as the mysterious man continues to watch them. Abe arrives and tells them that Lexie has been admitted to the psych ward for observation. Meanwhile, Rolf has two mysterious packages delivered to the pub. He encloses a card on one that indicates it's from Greta. Hope opens the first one, a beautiful silver rattle; she's horrified and frightened to see a phoenix appear on it and realizes it's from Stefano! Hope opens the second gift, thinking it's from Greta, and inside is a jack-in-the-box. It's bugged and Rolf and Bart can hear everything going on in the pub. Shortly after, Bo, Hope and Zack head out, but leave the gifts behind. Mrs. Spears goes to see Jan and admits she's made mistakes; she wants to start over and be a better mother for Jan. As they talk in the kitchen, Shawn comes home and overhears Jan tell her mother that she miscarried when she fell down the stairs. Shawn storms in and rails at Jan for lying. She tries to justify her actions, but Shawn won't listen. Bo and Hope arrive just in time to hear Shawn admit that he wasn't the baby's father! Nancy is at home and reacts when a letter is hand delivered for Chloe. She calls Chloe and tells her to come home right away. Chloe returns and opens the letter, which informs her that she's been selected as valedictorian of the senior class. Meanwhile, Colin gets the results of Chloe's latest blood test and shares them with Craig. Colin thinks it's still possible that it could be something else, but there's only one way to find out. Craig agrees, goes home to get Chloe. Before he can say anything, Nancy and Chloe share the news that Chloe is valedictorian. Chloe and Nancy's bubble is burst as Craig tells them he got the results of Chloe's blood test and it isn't good.


June 5
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Bo and Hope are stunned to hear Shawn's confession that he lied about being the father of Jan's baby. Mrs. Spears is equally surprised, but it only gets worse when Jan says that she was raped. Jan makes amends with her mother and agrees to move back home with her. After they've gone, Shawn tells his parents about all of Jan's other machinations, including lying about how she lost the baby. Belle didn't cause Jan's miscarriage, but Shawn fears that he's lost her forever. Craig tells Nancy and Chloe that there's a strong possibility that she has leukemia. They take her into the hospital for a bone marrow test, which should definitively confirm Craig's suspicions. Colin performs the test as Nancy asks Craig how he could keep this from them. Colin suggests that Chloe get plenty of rest, but she insists on participating in commencement and the Last Blast until they know for sure if she has leukemia. John, Marlena, and Belle interrupt Brady's workout when they arrive at the loft with leftovers from the party. John sees a fortune from a fortune cookie on the fridge and is taken aback to see that it reads, "Your angels are near." He tells Brady that Isabella loved that fortune and always posted them on the fridge just like he's done. Brady admits that the cookie seemed to appear out of nowhere. They talk about Belle's graduation tomorrow and she's a bit somber since she and Shawn are broken up. Once the family has left, Brady sees the snow globe that Chloe gave him is swirling with snow inside, but no one has touched it. Victor is jealous when he learns that Nicole has planned a romantic getaway with Colin at Green Mountain Lodge. He tries to prevent it by assigning her to attend a conference that same weekend, but she refuses. Victor orders a background check on Colin; meanwhile, things start to heat up between Colin and Nicole.


June 6
Its a new day in the Wesley home. Chloe tells Nancy and Craig that she is going to her graduation today, and she won't be stopped. Nancy agrees to let her go, so she asks if she can go to the Last Blast too? Craig says they'll see about that. Chloe leaves, and later Craig gets a call about CHloe's bloodwork. He learns there is a delay, and they won't know the results until the end of the day.

At the highschool, the teachers are getting everything ready for the graduation. Phillip and Mimi arrive and talk about Shawn blowing them off last night. Mimi says they have to get Shawn to believe them. Belle shows up and wonders what they are trying to make Shawn believe? Phillip claims they were going to pull a prank on Shawn, but Belle refuses to believe that is what they are up to. Belle then breaks the news that she is leaving for Columbia to start summer school at the end of the month. Mimi begs her not to go, but Belle has made up her mind. Suddenly, CHloe shows up and asks to speak to Belle in private. They go off to talk, and CHloe asks Belle to look over her speech. Belle loves it, however Chloe hates it and says there are no guarantees in life. Belle senses something is wrong, and asks CHloe what that thing is? Chloe says she's just tense and nervous.

Shawn shows up and sees Belle. Right behind Shawn is Jan. Jan tries to talk to Shawn, but he storms off. She begs him to stop and try and forgive her. Shawn says what she did was unforgivable, so she says she did it because she loves him. She tells him that he is the only person who has ever cared about her, and she says him claiming to be the father of her baby and inviting her to live with him must mean he loves her too. Shawn tells JAn that he does not love her, he loves Belle, and it is about time that she knows the truth. Jan reminds Shawn about his promise to keep the truth from everyone, but Shawn says none of this is her fault and he has to move on with his life and she has to do the same. She says okay, but not to tell Belle today because this is her graduation day. Shawn says he just wants to tell Belle, but Jan says everyone else will learn from Mimi, who Belle will tell. SHe begs Shawn not to spoil this day for her. Shawn says this is Belle's last day of highschool too, and she has been hurt enough. Jan then says this is her last day in Salem. Jan says that she and her mom are leaving town to try and work things out, and they are going to London. Shawn goes to see Mimi and Phillip, and tells them that Jan admitted everything was a lie. Phillip suggests Shawn go tell Belle. Shawn says that Belle deserves to know the truth, about everything. He then goes to talk to Belle. He tells her that JAn lied about the miscarriage, she lied about everything. He tells her that she is not to blame for the miscarriage, and Jan is leaving town and NOT coming back. Belle tells Shawn that if he thinks she is going to forgive him and pick up where they left off, then he is greatly mistaken. Belle tells Shawn that he believed Jan over her, and she blames him for all the hurt she has gone through. Shawn tries to explain everything, but Belle says he always blamed her for everything, and she's sick of hearing about Jan and her lies. Belle runs off.

Meanwhile, Phillip talks to Chloe about the future, and their relationship. He says that in the future as them move on and begin to forget things about highschool, he wants her to remember that she made him different, and that he is a better person because of her. He tells her that she was his first love, and he'll hold that with him as long as they both live. Chloe is touched by Phillip's words, and the two share a kiss. Phillip asks Chloe to go to the Last Blast with him now that he can dump Cynthia, but CHloe says lets not talk about that now.

Mimi, Phillip, and CHloe ask Shawn what he did to Belle, why did she run out of the room? Suddenly, Mr. Woods says they have to get organized, they are about to graduate! Later, Mimi worries about something special she has planned for Belle.

At the hospital, Brandon and Jen have lunch to discuss their trip. Jen and Brandon both think that Jack has found out nothing, and Jen says by time he finds out it will be too late. Brandon suggests they tell Jack a phony place, just to be sure Jack is not a weekend crasher. MEanwhile, Sami and Jack plot to find out where they are going. Sami says Brandon won't tell her, in spite of her best efforts, so Jack tells Sami that perhaps he's not interested in her anymore. Sami and Jack try and crash Brandon and Jen's date, but Brandon says he has someplace to be, and Jen tells Jack to go cover Salem High's graduation. Jen tries to leave, but Sami keeps her busy while Jack snoops on Brandon. JAck overhears BRandon making arrangements at a fake motel, and takes notes.


June 7
The episode is dedicated to the kids graduation. The kids all arrive in their caps and gowns, and the parents arrive to see their kids walk down the isle to their seats. Mr. Woods gives the opening welcome speech, and Belle follows with a speech about what they've all learned. Belle begins to break down as she tells her fellow students how they are now ready to go out into the world on their own, and to take the consequences of their own actions. Chloe gives her valedictorian speech next. She talks about how they are all moving into a new and unfamiliar world. She speaks about their future, how some may go bald, some may gain weight, some may become infamous, and some may leave this world before their time. Chloe becomes a little weak on the stand, but gains her stature. Before she leaves the stage, Chloe announces their class song. The Graduation Song by Vitamin C is played, and everyone thinks about their high school memories in a montage. Later, Jen gives a speech as she is the guest speaker. She urges everyone to love one another, and make some type of family because family is the most important thing. Afterwords, the honors students are announced. Susan, Belle, Phillip, Kevin, and Chloe are the honor students. The teens then walk down the isle and receive their diplomas, and Mr. Woods, Ms. Perez, and the principal graduate the kids.
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