June 00 Week 4


June 26
Lucas comes into Kate's office for advice and says he's wrecked his marriage to Nicole. Kate says she is not one to give advice because she may not even make it to the alter with Victor. Lucas asks if this is about Nicholas? Kate starts to cry, and she tells Lucas about her Nicholas problem. Lucas advises his mom to fight if she loves Victor, and Kate tells Lucas that he is right. Kate refuses to let Nicholas ruin her life. Kate goes to see Victor, only to learn that Nicholas is in with him. Kate fears it is too late. Lucas asks Kate what is wrong, he thought she loved Victor? Kate says there is a problem with their relationship, and she tells him about Victor's impotence. Lucas still can't picture her and Nicholas together because he is his age. Kate says she he is young, and she never realized until today how immature and reckless he is. Lucas asks his mom if she and Nicholas . . . Kate says no, she was never unfaithful to Victor. Lucas says he could never do what she is doing, but Kate says she hasn't handled it with dignity. SHe asks Lucas not to tell anyone about this, and he promises he won't.

Nicolas barges into Victor's office and tells him they need to talk about his impotence. Victor asks him how he came across this bit of information? Nicholas says he was in his office when the fax came in, and his eyes caught the word. Victor is shocked and says he always treated him with respect, it is ashame he never grew up! Nicholas says he is the man in this room, he (Victor) can't make Kate happy or love her half . . . Before Nicholas can finish, Victor decks him! Victor asks if he's going to fight back and prove his manhood? Nicholas tells Victor that he's not afraid of him, he respects him far too much to raise his hand to him. Nicholas tells him that he loves Kate, but Victor says Kate is going to marry him, they share a son, and she loves him. Nicholas says "Like a friend or father, Kate is a passionate woman!" Victor demands to know how Nicholas knows that. Nicholas says Kate knows how he feels about her, but Kate is standing by her man. Victor calls him a stupid bastard, but Nicholas says this isn't just about sex. Victor says no, it is about a young man with no class and a big ego, and he hopes if Kate would be unfaithful it would be with someone who wasn't as shallow as he is. Nicholas tells Victor that he doesn't need a wife, he needs a nursemaid! He tells him that if he loved Kate then he'd want her to be with someone who could make her happy, instead she's going to be living in hell! Nicholas asks if that is what he wants for her? Victor says he loves Kate and wants the best for her. However, he tells Nicholas that he is immature and irresponsible, he's known this all along which is why he didn't increase his responsibilities when Vivian left. He tells him the only reason he kept him here was for Vivian, but now he wants him out of Titan and out of his and Kate's lives. He also warns Nicholas that if he touches Kate, he'll kill him! Nicholas leaves, and Marie buzzes Victor about the trip to Hawaii. Victor tells Marie that he'll have to get back to her on the trip.

Nicole goes to the hospital to have the tests Dr. Bader scheduled for her, but she has a fear of needles. As she has her blood drawn, Nicole says she is sick, really sick. The guy drawing the blood thinks Nicole looks familiar, and she says she was a model for Bella magazine. After all the blood is drawn, the man tells her some of the results will take a week to be completed, and he tells her not to worry. Nicole goes to the park to talk to God, she is too ashamed to go to the church. She knows she doesn't deserve to have him listen to her, ands he knows people have to pay for their sins, but she begs God not to make her pay with her life.

At the video store, the man sees Eric looking at Nicole's porn movie and he tells him that is a hot one. He says they were supposed to pull it awhile ago, but he couldn't because Misty is double-jointed. Eric buys the video, and the clerk asks him to "play Misty for him." Outside, Eric tells himself that he thought he could handle what Nicole had done.

Elsewhere in the store, Nancy searches for a movie for Chloe and her to watch. She considers Amadeaus (sp?), but then decides to get a romantic movie for Chloe to watch in order to convince her to go to the dance.

At Dot.Com, Shawn and Phillip continue argue over who will take Belle to the dance. Phillip prays that Chloe will tell him no so he can take Belle to the dance. Shawn says a rejection from Chloe would look pretty bad, and Jason agrees. Jason tells her that he better charm CHloe into saying yes, or rejection will be his new reputation.

Belle continues to try and convince Chloe to accept Phillip's invitation. She tells her that if Phillip turns out to be a drag she can still come hang with them. Still, Chloe can't believe nobody has asked Belle. Belle says she was hoping someone would ask her, but it is no big deal. Phillip approaches Chloe and asks her to go out with him again, and he reminds her of the promise she made him this morning. Chloe tells Phillip she will go to the dance with him. Everyone congratulates Phillip, and Chloe leaves to talk to someone. As she leaves, she smiles and says "I'm going to the dance." Back inside, Belle asks Shawn why Jan, Jason, and Phillip are acting so strange? When Shawn accuses Belle of not wanting Chloe to be happy, she tells him that is not true! He apologizes, and Belle asks if he is going with anyone? He says he doesn't know, so she hints that it doesn't have to be a date, he can take a friend. Shawn says "which is why your going with a whole group of them, right?" Belle sulks and says "right."

Chloe goes home to talk to Nancy about what happened to her. She tells Nancy that she has a date to the dance. Nancy squeals and starts jumping up and down. Nancy then starts dancing around, but Chloe tells her to chill. She asks if she is going with Shawn Brady? Chloe says no, she's going with Phillip. Nancy tells her no way! Nancy says that Phillip is the scarecrow and the cowardly lion all rolled up into one! Chloe asks what she's getting at? Nancy says she doesn't like the boy and neither does Craig! That boy is welcomed in this house! Chloe says she'll just have to meet him somewhere else. Nancy realizes how much she and Chloe are alike, and she agrees to let her go with him. Nancy asks when the dance is? Chloe says Friday, and Nancy says they have so much to do before then!

Roman runs into a beat cop in the park and they discuss the drug problem and the kids running them. Later, Mimi shows up and starts rummaging through the trash. Phillip goes to the park to sulk, and catches Mimi in the garbage. She claims that she threw her hamburger away and her ring came off, so she was searching for it. Mimi asks Phillip what is wrong with him? When he says he's going to the dance with Chloe, Mimi asks what he's planning on doing to her? Phillip says nothing, they are just friends, and he walks off. Later, Belle shows up and asks Mimi if they can talk, because she really misses her. Mimi is dying to hear the latest gossip, so they talk.

Roman goes to the station, and Eric shows up to see his dad. Eric tells his dad that he was so right, and asks to talk to him in private. They go into Roman's office, and shows Roman the porn movie. Eric apologizes for everything he's said to his dad, but Roman apologizes to Eric and says he never wanted it to be as bad as this. Eric says both he and Greta knew what was Nicole was doing to him, but he couldn't see it. Eric asks "What is happening to me?" Roman tells him that he just needs to move on with his life. Still, Eric says she was just a kid, and the look on her face, she is enjoying it. Roman says the money sucks these girls in. Eric asks how this can happen? Roman says it's not illegal, and as long as people watch it, there will be a demand. Roman also says that so many of these girl's lives are thrown away doing this because of disease. Eric wonders how Nicole could do this, and says perhaps there is still something he can do to help her.


June 27
Phillip and Shawn are playing a game of a game of one on one, and Shawn manages to beat him at that too. Phillip pretends to be coming down with pneumonia, but Shawn won't let him do this to Chloe. Shawn reminds Phillip that he wouldn't let him back out of the tournament, so he's not going to let him back out of the dance. Phillip yells that there is no way he's going to the dance with Chloe Lameo! Jan, Jason, and Ashley show up, and Ashley says she'd be interested in going to the dance with Phillip, but it is too bad he's taking Vampira. Phillip is furious, but Shawn says that Phillip doesn't deserve an hour with Chloe. Phillip tells Shawn if he likes her so much then she should take him, but Jason reminds Phillip that he lost so he has to take Chloe. Jan then jokes that she could embroider a big L for Looser on his jacket if he'd like. Shawn laughs, and Phillip asks big man Shawn who he's taking to the dance? When Shawn says he doesn't have a date, Jason tells Shawn that he should teach Phillip a lesson and ask Belle out. Jan says that he would be crowned king with Belle on his arm, and he would make such a handsome king. Phillip tells Shawn not to think about it, but Shawn says Jan and Jason make good points. Phillip warns Shawn that if he asks Belle, then he'll tell Chloe all about their bet. Jason says it would break ghoul girl's heart if she found out she was a boobie prize. Shawn is furious with Phillip, who always has to win. Shawn says they are talking about someone's feelings here, but Phillip says he doesn't want Shawn going with his girl! Shawn yells "your girl!" Phillip warns Shawn that he will make Chloe pay if he goes with Belle. Shawn asks what that is supposed to mean? Phillip tells him that he'll find out when he sees what he does to her at the dance.

In Nancy's office, Nancy is excited that Chloe is going to the dance, and asks Chloe to be a little more animated. Chloe asks "like a cartoon?" Craig, who is sporting a beard, shows up, and Nancy tells Craig that Phillip has asked Chloe to the dance and she has accepted! Craig smiles and says he knew it, and then gives her a hug. Chloe says she was in shock when he asked her, how could he have known? Craig says he was a teenage boy once, he knows how boys work. He says that the night Phillip came over to borrow his notes was a dead give away, and then there is the way he checks her out. Craig asks if he ever told her she was pretty? Chloe says looks aren't everything. Craig jokes that all men are shallow and looks are everything to them. Chloe says he is not like that, but Craig says he is, all men including him are attracted to women's physical attributes. Chloe says that Phillip did says she had pretty eyes, and Craig tells her that she, like her mom, is quite a catch. Chloe thanks him for saying that. When Nancy gives Craig a kiss, she asks him why he hasn't shaved? Craig says he thought he'd try this out for ten days. When Chloe says she likes it, he says maybe he'll try it out for five. After Craig leaves, Nancy talks to her about her relationship with Craig. Nancy asks why she gets along with Craig so much better than she does with her? CHloe says she doesn't know what to say, Nancy. Nancy thought she was calling her mom these days, but CHloe says she doesn't really know the rules to this game. Nancy changes the subject to her dress, and suggests they get something in blue to match her eyes. They then leave to go shopping.

Elsweher in the hospital, Hope is in normal clothes and is sitting in the waiting room looking like she is about to die. Lexie shows up and asks Hope if she is okay? Hope tells her "my baby" and buries her head in her hands. Lexie asks what she is doing here? Hope says she was leaving, but the elevator is out so she was taking the steps. Lexie is furious because Hope looks like she is about to pass out. She asks where Bo is? Hope says he is sleeping and she didn't want to wake him, so she called a cab for herself. Lexie wants to have Hope re-admitted, but Hope says no way! Hope says there is nothing wrong with her health, it is normal to be tired after birth. Lexie tells Hope if she stays her she will get rest and be near her baby. Hope thanks Lexie for the pep talk, but tells her that she should go home and be with her baby there. Lexie refuses to leave Hope until she knows she'll be okay. Suddenly, Dr. Bader shows up and tells Hope it is good she is still here because she has some news about her baby. Dr. Bader says that she the fever has broke, his weight is fine, and he is sleeping. All in all, Dr. Bader says baby Brady is ready to go home. Hope is thrilled and thanks Dr. Bader.

Craig runs into Lexie, and he gives her a hard time for taking maternity leave. Lexie says she is still waiting for her apology. Craig says he will apologize to her, publicly and officially, but she should watch out when she returns to this hospital. He tells her that he expects a high degree of professionalism from his staff, so she should watch out for her job! Later he privately hopes Lexie enjoys motherhood so much that she will decide not to return to the hospital.

In the park, Mimi and Belle talk like real human beings. Mimi wants all the details about Phillip asking Chloe out. Mimi doesn't get why Phillip would ask the lowest of the low to the biggest dance. Belle defends Chloe by saying she is smart, talented, and pretty in her own unique way. Belle thinks Chloe deserves at least one happy day at Salem High. Mimi asks Belle who she is going with? Belle says no one, but she doesn't want to go with just anybody. Mimi asks who she wants to go with? Belle tells her you, and she asks Mimi to come. Mimi says she doesn't have a dress to were, so Belle suggests she charge a dress. Mimi says they have some big bills to pay off, so Belle says they will figure something out. Belle says she misses their talks, and Mimi says she misses telling her things. Belle tells Mimi that she can tell her anything. Mimi gets angry and says she is not on drugs, if that is where this is leading! Belle tells Mimi that friendship is not a competition, and even though she and Chloe are becoming friends, that doesn't mean they aren't still friends either. Mimi comments that nobody can help her. Belle asks her to talk to her about this, it might help. Mimi says that talking about this won't help, but going to the dance would cheer her up. Belle says they are still going together, they just need to solve her dress problem. When Belle suggests they go raid her closet, Mimi says they can't go to her house! Chloe says she's seen her room a mess before, chill out. Mimi says it is not that, her mom is just really sick and it wouldn't be a good idea. Belle says they'll have to be more creative, but Mimi says forget it. Belle says no way, she is not going without her. Belle convinces Mimi to go and let her help her, but Mimi says to herself that nobody can solve her real problem.

At Titan, Nicholas tells Kate that he told Victor he loves her and he is the only man who can make her happy. Kate can't believe this, but asks him to meet her in fifteen minutes because she has some things to say to him! Kate leaves to meet Nicholas, and Victor sees them both leave and thinks maybe Kate isn't as innocent as he'd like to believe.

Kate and Nicholas meet at the Blue Note to talk. Kate asks him what exactly he told Victor? He tells her that he told Victor he knows he can't perform in bed, which angers Kate. Nicholas tells Kate that she can't lie to herself or Victor anymore, they belong together, they need each other. He says he asked Victor to give her her freedom, which Kate calls him insane for. She says that she and Victor are engaged! Kate tells Nicholas that he has no idea what he's done, you can't threaten Victor Kiriakis and live to tell about it! Nicholas says he doesn't have a life without her. Kate tells Nicholas that she has a connection to Victor, and she never realized until now how innocent he is and how much she meant to him. As they talk, Victor shows up to spy on them. Kate tells Nicholas that he has been sweet to her, and as much as she cares for him, it is not the kind of love she has for Victor, and it is not the kind of love which can last. Nicholas says he will wait for her love for Victor to fade because it can't last too much longer if he can't make love to her. Kate says she will love Victor as long as he loves her. Nicholas says his love for her is unending, and he can make her happy. He tries to kiss her, but she stops him and asks him to accept her decision. Kate leaves, and Victor says he new he could trust Kate. Later, Nicholas grabs Kate out in public and kisses her, and she ends up kissing him back. Unfortunately, Victor sees them, and is not pleased!

At the DiMera mansion, Bart tells Stefano that Lexie's little angel is at home and is doing great, but the baby Hope got is in big trouble. Stefano asks what is wrong with the baby? Bart says that they all know that Marlo was a boozer, so it shouldn't be a shock that the baby has problems. Stefano becomes upset and asks what type of problems? Bart tells him the baby won't shut up, it is loosing weight, and is having feeding problems. Stefano doesn't like this because if the child's problems persist, they will run more tests and they will ask questions. Bart points out that Gina liked to drink, but Stefano says there is no comparison, Marlo was a drunk. Stefano says there will be hell to pay for everyone if this baby gets sicker and sicker. Stefano says if Bo finds out the baby he is raising isn't Hope's then he won't rest until he finds out where Hope's child is. Bart says what if, for arguments sake, that kid isn't his? Stefano tells Bart that he makes an excellent point, he must find out who the father of Hope's child is. Bart suggests he and John go on Sally Jesse Raphael, and Stefano tells him the whole point of the baby switch was to keep the true identity of Lexie's baby a secret! Bart says he didn't think about that, and Stefano tells him not to think, it is too much of a strain.

Lexie drives Hope home from the hospital. Hope's baby is in the car and is screaming. Stefano calls and worries when he hears Hope's baby crying. Stefano says he is very concerned about the health of Hope's child because the situation in the turret was not ideal. Lexie says she can't talk right now, and hangs up. Lexie then asks Hope if she needs to nurse the baby because she could pull over? Hope says no, she just wants to get him home. The baby finally shuts up, which Hope takes as a sign that the baby knows he is going home.


June 28
Nancy and Chloe are shopping at the dress shop. Belle and Mimi show up, and Mimi can't believe that Chloe is shopping at the coolest dress shop in town. Belle says that Chloe is just trying to be more like them. Back inside, CHloe is upset that they only have one black dress in stock. The woman working there tells her that bright colors are in this year, but Chloe says she only wears black and refuses to buy anything. Chloe and Nancy leave, and Nancy then tells Chloe that if she was going to the opera she would insist on dressing the part. Chloe doesn't like the comparison at all. Nancy says all she is saying is dress for the occasion. Nancy begs her to at least try on a few nice summer dresses. Chloe agrees, if Craig she can get Craig's opinion. Nancy says all right then, let's get busy!

Elsewhere in Salem Place, Jan and Jason are still teasing Phillip. Shawn tells Phillip that he will be taking Chloe to the dance, and if anyone should be dreading it, it should be Chloe. Phillip exclaims "That is it!" Phillip says he only has to take Chloe to the dance, he doesn't have to stay with her. Shawn tells him that he can't ditch Chloe, he should be a stand up guy and show her a good time! Phillip says that girl is always ragging on him and making him look like an idiot, but Shawn asks if he can blame her for all the crap he put her through? Shawn tells him that he's taking her to the dance and will treat her with respect. Jason notices Chloe and Nancy across the way, and Jan reminds him, R E S P E C T. Phillip approaches Nancy and Chloe, and says hello. Nancy asks what brings him out to the mall? Phillip says he is just hanging out. Nancy asks about his father, and Phillip says he is fine. Nancy asks Phillip if he has a summer job lined up. Chloe doesn't think that is any of her business, but Nancy says she is just making pleasant conversation. Phillip says he has sent in job applications and his resume to a few places and is waiting for a response. Nancy asks if he has decided on a career path? Phillip says he's thinking about going to NYU to produce things, Broadway shows for example. Nancy then says that Chloe has goals and ambitions too, and she brags about Chloe. CHloe is embarrassed, but Phillip thinks it is sweet. Nancy asks Phillip if his father brags about him. Phillip says not to his face, but he has bragged about his little league games in the past. Nancy says that is how it should be, and she says she is glad he and her daughter have resolved their differences. Nancy leaves to say hello to Shawn, and Chloe is embarrassed. Phillip says he thinks her mom is sweet. Chloe says that Nancy is oblivious to the world's feelings and opens her mouth without thinking about what she is saying. Phillip says it is better than thinking about everything you say before you say it, and end up not saying anything at all. They continue talking about Nancy and CHloe's relationship. Phillip thinks she's just trying to make up for lost time, but Chloe says there is no way she can make up for the time they lost, and she wishes she's just back off. Chloe apologizes for going on and on, and asks him what time he wants to pick her up for the dance? Phillip says he hadn't thought about that. Chloe asks if he's changed his mind? Phillip says no, they have to go to the dance. Chloe says they don't HAVE to do anything. Phillip says of course he wants to go, he just got distracted by finals. Chloe asks "haven't we finished finals?" Phillip tells her that he'll pick her up at 8, and says goodbye.

Meanwhile, Nancy confronts Shawn, Jan, and Jason and says she knows something fishy is going on with Phillip asking Chloe out, and she's not leaving until one of them tells her the truth. Shawn says nothing is going on, Phillip asked Chloe and he is going to take her. Nancy tells them that if this is a joke, there will be hell to pay and not one of them wants to incur her wrath because seeing they are grounded for six months will be the least of their problems. Jan tells Nancy that they may not be big fans of her daughter, but at least they didn't dump her when she was a baby. Nancy tells Jan that she thought she was doing what was best for Chloe. She warns them that if Chloe gets hurt, they will answer to her! Phillip walks by Nancy and says goodbye to her, but she glares at him and tells him not to even think about walking away from her! Nancy returns to her daughter after giving Phillip the evil eye, and Chloe tells Nancy that she gets the feeling that Phillip doesn't want to take her to the dance. Meanwhile, Phillip tells his friends that he is going to ditch Chloe at the dance and be with some other girl. When Shawn tells him no way, Phillip says nobody orders him around!

Belle and Mimi go back to Belle's place, and Belle shows Mimi her doll collection and other things and they reminisce. Mimi says this trip down memory lane is fun, but why are they doing it? Belle says she wanted to remind her how close they are, they are like sisters and Belle tells her that they are closer than she is with Sami and Carrie. Belle tells her that there was a time where they would tell each other everything, but that has changed. Belle cries that she knows something has happened to make her incredibly unhappy, and asks her to tell her what is wrong. Mimi says nothing is wrong with her, but Belle says that is not true. She says that she is no longer interested in fashion, and she has no energy anymore. Mimi swears on the triple oath that she's never done drugs and she never will. Belle hugs her and says she just wants everything to be okay. Mimi explains that she is just going through hard times because her dad is still out of work, but he has some stuff lined up and will get a new job any day. Belle suggests she charge the dress to her parents card, and she can pay them back whenever. Mimi says she can't do that, but Belle says she is going to make sure she has a new dress. She offers to buy her the dress out of her own money as a gift, and Mimi thanks Belle for doing this for her.

Outside of the Blue Note, Kate pushes Nicholas away from her and tells him that she can't do this. Victor confronts them and says of course she can't! Victor says he'll see Kate and home and walks off. Nicholas tells Kate that Victor saw the way she kissed him, he knows she loves him. Kate tells Nicholas that what happened between them has nothing to do with love, it never has! Nicholas tells her that she doesn't mean that, she is just angry that Victor caught them together. Kate tells Nicholas not to tell her how she feels. She says that Victor is the man she has chosen to be with and if this has destroyed their trust, then she will fight to get it back. Kate then storms off.

Nicole goes to see Dr. Bader, who says the tests results show nothing, so they'll have to do more tests. She asks Nicole if she has left anything out from her past that could effect her diagnosis? Nicole says that she covered everything, and then asks if she is running an HIV test? Dr. Bader asks if she should? Nicole nods and says she should. She says she'll have the results in 24 hours, and she'll test for other STD's as well and should have those back in about a week. She orders Nicole to rest, and says if the pain gets worse to call her. Nicole leaves and cries that the things her daddy made her do are going to kill her.

Lucas shows up at Eric's place and tells him that he needs his help. Eric tells Lucas that he doesn't want him barging in his house unannounced! Lucas apologizes for being a jerk at the office, but says he is afraid that Nicole still loves him. Eric tells Lucas it doesn't matter anymore because he married Nicole, but if he is insecure about his marriage perhaps it is due to the circumstances he married her under. Lucas says he came here because he thought he would want to help Nicole regarding these tests she's undergoing at the hospital. Eric asks Lucas how much he really knows about Nicole's past? Lucas says he knows enough, and if he doesn't want to help him or Nicole that is fine. He tells Eric that ever since he came back to work at Titan, Nicole has acted different. Lucas suggests he start looking for another job, he will give him references. Eric realizes Lucas wants him to quit so Nicole can't be angry that he fired him. Lucas says he's just trying to save his marriage, and he warns Eric that he will do whatever he has to in order to hold onto her.

Eric dresses up like a hood and goes to meet some seedy porn producer about getting a job as a porn star. The man asks Eric how old he is? Eric says he is 18, so the porn producer tells the cowboy to strip down so he can see what he's got.

Kate returns home and finds Henderson and the maid moving her things out of Victor's room and into the guest room. Nicole, who is drinking, says it seems Kate has gotten in a bit of trouble. Kate tells Nicole to shut up, slaps her, and calls her an ungrateful bitch. Nicole asks "who you callin a bitch?" and then knocks Kate out with one punch! Kate falls to the ground and Henderson comes to her rescue. Henderson helps her up, and Victor shows up to see what is going on. He sees that Kate has blood coming from her mouth, and orders Nicole out of his site. Nicole says "Whatever you say daddy-o." and leaves. Victor and Kate then go into Victor's office to discuss some things. Kate tries to say the kiss wasn't what it appeared to be, but Victor knows exactly what he saw. Kate tells Victor that she loves him and she doesn't want this to be over. She says whatever she felt for Nicholas it was not love. Victor tells Kate that he doesn't want to hear it because it is not about what she's done, it is about what she's going to do. Victor tells Kate that he has a proposal for her. Kate asks if this means he still wants to get married? Victor says this is a proposal of a different nature, he's going to make her an offer she could refuse.

Lucas goes back to Titan and sees Nicholas. He lays into him for ruining both his mom and his life. Nicholas tells Lucas he is selfish and asks if he gives a damn about what his mom is going through? Lucas says what affects his mother affects him and his son. Nicholas accuses Lucas of being afraid of loosing his meal ticket. Lucas warns Nicholas to stay away from his mother! Nicholas hands him a note to give to Kate and walks out.


June 29
Belle and Mimi go to the Brady Pub for some chow. They were shopping for Mimi's dress, and Caroline tells them it is a bit last minute to be buying a dress. Belle tells Caroline that Mimi couldn't make up her mind. Caroline says whatever they wear they will both look beautiful Caroline leaves, and Belle wishes Mimi would have let her buy her the other dress. Mimi tells her the other one was twice as much, and she already owes her so much as is. Mimi tells Belle she doesn't just mean about the dress, she means how she is sticking by her and being her friend. Belle tells Mimi that her dad will get a job soon and everything will be fine. They start talking about getting ready, and when Belle mentions coming over to her place, Mimi says No! She says her mom is still sick. Belle says they can get ready at her place then. Mimi asks if she could take a shower there, because she likes to put her rollers in while her hair is still wet. Belle suggests she spend the night. Mimi tells Belle that she's glad she doesn't have a date, because she is happy they are going together.

Phillip and Shawn are playing darts, and Phillip asks Shawn if he'll let him off the hook? Shawn can't believe Phillip is trying to welch on their bet, and he tells him if he would stop worrying about what other people think, he would probably have a really nice time with Chloe. Caroline shows up and offers them a soda refill, and they say no thanks. Shawn then tells his grandma that he's thinking about asking Belle out, since Chloe has a date. After Caroline leaves, Phillip threatens once again to tell CHloe all about the bet. Shawn threatens to tell Victor about his betting problem, and he also says that Nancy would have their heads if he told Chloe the truth. Shawn calls Phillip's bluff, and Phillip storms out. Caroline then encourages Shawn to go ask Belle out. Shawn goes up to Belle and Mimi and asks them if they have dates for the dance yet? Mimi says they don't have dates, they are going together, it is going to be a girl's night out. Shawn asks if they are friends again? Belle says they have always been best friends, they just had a misunderstanding. Mimi says she has to go do something, but will be right back. After Mimi leaves, Shawn asks Belle how many people are going in her group? Belle says a bunch. Shawn asks if they'd mind if someone decided not to go with the group? Belle says she doesn't think the group would mind. As Shawn is about to ask her out, Mimi returns. Shawn feels guilty and ends up asking them both to go to the dance with him, kinda like the three musketeers. Belle says she doesn't know, but Mimi jumps at the chance. Belle says if Mimi wants to, then it is fine with her. She asks Shawn to pick them up at 8 at her place. Mimi is thrilled, and admits that she thought for a moment Shawn was going to ask only her, but this is amazing. She says she thinks she's died and gone to heaven. As she goes on and on, Belle and Shawn stare at one another.

Phillip runs into Jason and Jan outside and tells them about his plans to dump Ghoul Girl at the dance tonight, but they tell him no way because they have a big surprise for the both of them at the dance.

At the mansion, Victor tells Kate that he is about to make her an offer she could refuse. Kate tells Victor that she is listening. Victor tells her that there will be no marriage, but only they will know that. Victor continues to say that they will continue to share a house, but not a bed, and they will continue to present themselves as a happy united couple. He also says they will continue with this until Phillip is an adult. He asks Kate if she has any questions? Kate says just one, what would make him think that she'd agree to this? Victor asks if she loves her son? Kate tells him not to insult her! Victor is furious and says she's the one in the wrong here! He caught her and Nicholas in a passionate embrace! Kate tells him that he's being unfair, so Victor asks what they can do to rectify it? He says he think he has a solution, they'll ask her lover to move in with them! Kate tells Victor in spite of what he thinks, she has never been unfaithful to him. Kate says that she loves him, she's always loved him, and was faithful to him even when he was in a coma. She tells him that when he finally came home he was a mean and bitter man, and where he was cold and judgmental, Nicholas was kind and understanding. Kate says perhaps she turned to him for understanding and affection, but it never went further than a kiss. Kate tells Victor no matter how much he pushed her away, he is and always will be the only man she will ever love. However, Victor says her actions have consequences, and they are as stated earlier. Kate thinks that this is just an excuse to let him rebuild his empire and allow power to replace love in his life. Kate tells him that she'll save them both a lot of trouble, instead of moving downstairs, she'll move out! Victor calls her bluff and says she's not going anywhere and they both know why. Kate tells him that he's right, why should she leave. She says she spent years running his life, estate, affairs, and she won't be bullied out of any of it! Suddenly Phillip walks in and asks what is going on? Phillip says he saw all of mom's stuff being moved out of their room. Victor tells him that he and his mother will be living in separate rooms until they are married. Phillip tells them this is the 21st century, but Victor says this is how they are doing it. Phillip asks his mom if this is what she wants? She tells him that his father and her are in complete sync about everything. Kate tells Phillip that he should be getting ready for the dance. Victor asks if he has a date, and he says he does, Chloe Lane. Kate doesn't seem to pleased about it, but tells him to have a good time. Victor says he'll see Kate at dinner. Kate tells herself that she'll be there for every bite of every meal in this house.

Brandon is working out at his loft when Sami shows up to see him. When he answers without his shirt, Sami is very turned on. Brandon says she is early, and Sami says she wanted to get to work early so she could get home. Bradon asks if she wants the information, or wants to stay home? Sami says she is feeling a little guilty, and Brandon realizes it is because of Saint Austin. Sami says that she had to put off having dinner with Austin tonight, but if they could finish early . . . . Brandon asks her where her priorities are? Sami says Will is her number one priority, but Brandon says that is not what he meant, he was referring to her dumping Austin because he doesn't respect her needs or passions. Sami says that Austin wants her to get Will back, but Brandon says not enough to help her. He also says Austin won't understand what she did to get Will back when she finally does. Sami says he will, but honestly she isn't sure. Brandon tells her that if Austin is stupid enough to dump her then there will be another guy waiting for her. Brandon ends up going to take a shower, and Sami can't take her eyes off him as he struts from the bathroom to the bedroom in nothing but a towel. Sami also goes into the bathroom to put her makeup on, and sees Brandon in all his glory through his see-through shower curtain. However, it turns out that the guy who she imagined was Brandon was actually the guy across the way in his shower. She saw him through the window in Brandon's shower.

Brandon and Sami head to the club, and Sami grabs a tray and plays waitress to the patrons. As Sami works the club, Brandon tries to get info about Roberto, claiming Roberto owes him money. He says that Roberto stashed his money and he needs to find his girlfriend, because she knows where it is. The club manager tells him that Angela is long gone, and if she knew where it was, she would have spent it! Brandon then threatens the man and says if he doesn't play ball with him, then he's out of the game! The manager says he'll check things out for him.

Nicole is busy sulking in the park and worrying over her test results. Austin shows up and sits down next to her and says something, and realizes something has her upset when she doesn't snap at him with some witty comeback. Nicole tells Austin that she is scared. She tells Austin about how she went to the doctor, and she is waiting for results. Austin asks if there is a possibility that it could be nothing? Nicole says yes, and she tries not to think the worst. She tells Austin to forget it, but he wants to help her. She says she doesn't need his help, and yells to leave him alone! Austin wonders what in the hell is wrong with her. Nicole says she just doesn't want to talk about this with him! He asks who with then, her husband, Sami, one of her close friends, oh wait she has no friends. Nicole says she likes it that way, and if she had a friend she wouldn't want it to be a holier than though fool like him! Nicole tells Austin that she doesn't want to be saved and she doesn't want a ticket to heaven in case she drops dead. Austin asks what she wants then? Nicole tells him that she wants him to leave her alone. However, Austin doesn't buy it, because she can't want to go through this alone. Austin becomes angry and demands to know what the doctor said. Suddenly a dad and his little girl run into Austin and Nicole, they were playing with a ball, and it makes Nicole sad. Austin asks her what she's thinking? Nicole says she was thinking about how things should have been. Austin realizes she is thinking about her own dad. Suddenly, Rex runs into Nicole and tells her that he finally remembers how he knows her!

At the porn studio, the producer tells Eric to strip and show him what he's got. Eric refuses do that for a guy, maybe a good looking girl, but not a guy. The producer says he's no pervert, he is a professional. He tells Eric that he needs to be sure Eric can deliver the goods, and that the goods are worth delivering. The man tells him that time is money, so is he going to get naked or what? Eric says like he said . . . The producer calls in Bambi and asks her to check out shy-boy and make sure he is okay. Eric is nervous and tries to make excuses, but the producer says there is no place for shyness in this business. Bambi tells Eric to relax because it will be fun, and then she leads him to the back room. Later they return, and Bambi gives Eric two thumbs up. The producer offers to give Eric a job, but says all his movies basically have the same plot. Eric says that is not so, one of his filsm had a pretty interesting plot twist. However, he says that he can't find it on the shelf anymore. The producer says that is part of his scheme, he pulls the old ones off the shelves and replaces them with new ones to make more money. Eric says this film stared Misty Circle, and the producer remembers her. Eric says she looked very young, and the producer says costumers like them young, but he needs documentation to prove they are 18. However, he says can't verify people's ages, so he has to believe what they tell him, but Misty Circle's dad was the one who brought her to him. He says that he even got her father swearing she was 18 on the out take real. Eric asks why she wasn't in anymore movies? The producer says her father got weird and protective of her like he was her boyfriend. He says it is all on the out take real, which is locked up in his warehouse. The producer finally becomes suspicious and asks Eric what is with all the questions? Eric says he just likes to know the facts about projects he is committing himself to. The producer says all he needs to know is lights, camera, action, emphasis on action. The producer tells Eric to just do his job. Eric asks him what his job is? The producer says he does it all, he is the porn king of the prairie. Eric still keeps asking questions about where he keeps his films and claims he might be interested in working at his warehouse. The producer says he's not hiring him to work in the warehouse! Eric ends up leaving, and vows to find out the truth about Nicole.


June 30
Stefano is getting a massage from a very sexy woman as he talks to Rolfe on the phone. He tells Rolfe that it is time for him to come back and help him find out who is the father of Hope's baby. He also laughs and says that John will be the one to make sure Hope never remembers her night of passion with him, and even if he did remember, John would have a lot more to loose than he would. The doorbell rings, so the masseuse hands Stefano his robe, and then kisses him. Stefano presents her with a piece of jewelry and tells her "until next week!" Stefano then answers the door and it is his favorite house guest, John! John asks Stefano if he has found a way to keep Hope from remembering? Stefano tries to offer him a cigar, but he says cut the bull! Stefano says he talked with the scientists and described to them about how he claimed to see a mysterious chip fall out of his neck, and that a few years ago there was some experiments that went on in the field of mental illness. He says that chips were inserted into the brains of people who were sick to try and controls the illness . . . John calls Stefano a son of a . . . and asks if that is what he did to him and Hope? Stefano says he was sick and those memories are part of his illness. John wonders if maybe he was never with Hope, but Stefano tells John that he knows without a doubt that he made love to Hope on that submarine. Stefano also warns John that Hope giving birth, or any other traumatic event, could trigger her memories. Stefano then tells John to go over to see Hope and find out if she has that chip in her head, and if she has it in there, he should remove it. John says he can't do brain surgery! Stefano says he thinks he has the skill and knowledge to do this, if he allows them to resurface like he did on the plane. John ends up leaving, and Stefano chuckles.

At the Brady house, Bo has finally put the baby to sleep, and Hope is a wreck. Hope feels terrible because every time she tries to touch her baby, he pushes her away. Hope says the baby never responds to her touch, he doesn't look at her eyes when she looks at him, she almost feels like this is someone else's baby! Hope says she is also suffering from post-pardon depression, and she never had this with Shawn. Bo tells her not to worry, all they have to do is love the little guy and he will love them back. Hope fears her baby's problems have something to do with what she did as Princess Gina, and those evil actions transferred over to the baby. She also fears Gina may come back, but Bo tells her that won't happen. Hope says there is nothing that could stop Stefano if he wanted to do it! Bo tells her that he won't let it happen. Hope then reminds Bo about his promise to tell her everything once she had the baby. Bo says he will, in time, right now they should focus on the baby. Bo ends up leaving to do something, and John shows up, looking very evil, to see Hope. Hope answers the door and hugs John, telling him that she has missed him.

Mimi ends up going to the woods and starts digging a hole in the ground. She ends up digging up a box and says she can't use it all, she has to make it last. She then reburries the box after taking out something.

At the Brady pub, Shawn is playing a song on the piano. Caroline offers Shawn a ride home when he wants to go, that way she'll get to sneak a peak at her grandson. She asks how he is, and Shawn says not good. Shawn says he won't stop crying, and asks if he was like that? Caroline says no, he was so quiet that Hope used to put mirrors under his nose to make sure he was breathing. Shawn thinks kids are a lot of trouble, but Caroline says he'll change his mind when he meets the right girl.

Phillip walks in and tells Jan and Jason to get a room, they are kissing. Jason says that is the plan after the dance, but Jan tells him to get real! They ask why he isn't home getting changed? Phillip tells them not to worry, he will look smoking in his jacket. Jason asks if that is the one he bought to impress Belle? Shawn approaches them, and once again Phillip says he's dropping Chloe at the dance and spending the rest of the evening with Belle. Shawn tells Phillip like hell he is! Phillip says there is nothing he can do, but Shawn says there is if he shows up. They soon end up talking about outfits for the prom, and they tell Shawn that he better change soon. Shawn says he likes these clothes, they are his normal clothes, and doesn't care what others think. Phillip makes a joke about how he would like them considering the house he lives in. Shawn says that money doesn't buy happiness, and makes a crack about Phillip's happy little family. Phillip becomes furious and says not to talk about his family! Shawn sees Mimi walk by the pub, and runs out to ask her what is wrong because she looks upset. Mimi runs off, and the other kids join Shawn. They all think she is on drugs, because Mimi is not the girl they once new. Jason and Phillip then tell Shawn to come to the dance because he won't want to miss what they have planned for Chloe.

At the penthouse, Marlena and Belle discuss the dance. Marlena asks how she will wear her hair, and she doesn't know because Shawn will probably tease her. Marlena doesn't like this idea of Shawn taking two dates, but Belle explains the situation and what happened. Marlena realizes that Belle wishes Shawn had only asked her. Belle says she does, but Mimi was sad and she thinks Shawn picked that up and asked them both out. Marlena thinks that was nice of him, but she says, just between them, that she thinks Shawn likes her more than he lets on. Belle says if that is true, what if they don't hit it off? And what if she doesn't want a relationship? Marlena tells her to give it time. Marlena then changes the subject to Mimi, and how she is concerned about her. Belle says she is to, and she even suspected Mimi was on drugs. Marlena says she could be, most drug users never admit they are addicted, even to themselves. Belle tells Marlena that she plans on finding out what is wrong with Mimi tonight, and if she doesn't, then they'll talk about Mimi again soon and she'll take her mom's advice, no matter what it is. Later, a registered letter is delivered to Marlena. As Marlena is reading the letter, which is bad news, Mimi shows up covered in dirt, and Belle asks what happened to her!

At Salem Place, Nancy still hasn't found a dress that CHloe likes. Chloe just wants to go home and wants the stupid dance to be over. Nancy wants to prove she is the prettiest girl in Salem and convinces Chloe to go in one more store. They try on dress after dress, but we never get to see them. Nancy doesn't like any of the dresses, and Chloe's clogs don't really compliment them. The dresses she finally does like, Chloe hates. When Nancy sees one she likes, she says they'll take, Chloe says no they won't! Nancy talks to Craig on the phone, but she drops it to argue with Chloe about the dresses. Nancy decides to buy all the dresses so Craig can decide, but Craig, who heard Nancy, yells "Noooooooo!" The lady at the store says a new dress came in today that might look good on her, so Nancy tells her to get it. Chloe thinks that this is a sign that she shouldn't go to the dance because she hates all the dresses. The woman brings the dress out, and Chloe smiles. Nancy says they'll take them all, but Chloe says no, just that one.

Nancy and CHloe return home, and Chloe heads upstairs to get dressed. Nancy wants to help her with her hair and make-up, but CHloe tells Nancy that she'll let her know. After Chloe leaves, Nancy collapses on the couch and says she feels like she has been through a war. Craig says if the war was to see who could spend the most money, she won! Chloe goes upstairs and starts daydreaming about her date with Phillip. In her dream, Phillip tells her that she looks incredible. Unfortunately, her fantasy turns into a nightmare. Jan and Jason show up and start chanting "geek freak geek freak!" Phillip dumps chicken feathers on her, and Craig tells Nancy that her daughter will never fit in. Chloe realizes she has to cancel, and Craig hears her planning to call Phillip.

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