June 00 Week 3


June 19
At Tuscany, Nicole passes out, and Eric goes running to her rescue. Nicole comes to and tells Eric that she is fine, but Eric doesn't believe her. He says he's taking her to the hospital, but she yells that she's not going anywhere! A doctor happens to be at Tuscany and offers to check out Nicole's vitals. She asks Nicole if she is on a crazy diet, and asks if she ate anything tonight? Nicole says no because she wasn't hungry. The doctor tells Eric she really should be checked out, but Nicole fights Eric when he says he wants to take her to the hospital. Greta watches everything unfold, and begins to worry. Nicole says she is leaving, and Austin and Eric follow her because they don't want her to be alone. Greta thinks Nicole is up to something. Outside, Nicole tells Eric that she is scared. Eric takes Nicole to the hospital, and asks Austin to tell Greta that he'll call her later. Austin goes back inside and Greta knows where Eric is, he is with Nicole. Greta is upset because she knows now that Eric cares a lot more about Nicole then he does about her. Austin tells her that she is reading too much into this, but Greta says she isn't. She says that Eric still cares for Nicole. Austin says he'll see her home, but Greta says she will take a cab, and Eric won't have to worry about taking her home ever again!

On the way to the hospital, Nicole yells at Eric to stop the car! Eric asks if she is going to be sick? Nicole says no, he was driving way to fast. Eric says he would never forgive himself if she was hurt because of him, and he really worries about her. Nicole tells him that is not right, she is not his problem anymore. Eric tells Nicole that he doesn't think of her as a problem. Nicole tells Eric that she is feeling better now and asks him to take her home. Eric agrees, but only when she promises to see a doctor tomorrow. Nicole tells herself that tonight proves how much he still cares for her, and she hopes he'll let himself love her again.

At the strip club, the manager tells Brandon and Sami to get out of the club. Brandon tells Sami to follow his lead. The bouncer tells Brandon and Sami to get out, but Brandon says his woman and him are staying right where they are! Brandon ends up getting into a fight with the guy, and the manager shows back up and tells Brandon to take his bitch and beat it! Brandon says he's down from Chicago, throws some names around, and says he's here to find some new girls. The manager says this territory is taken and if he tries to muscle his way in then he will find himself in big trouble. As Brandon assures Sami it will be okay, the bouncer produces a gun! He tells Brandon to get the hell out of here! Brandon and the guy start to fight over the gun, and the manager calls Bruno off and allows Brandon to stay. Brandon warns the manager not to try and 86 him because he is a serious business man. The manager apologizes, but Sami blurts out that apologizes don't cut it loser! Brandon grabs Sami's arm and tells her to shut her stupid face, she talks when he says so! Sami is stunned, to say the least. Brandon orders her to go to the bathroom and fix herself up, and then Brandon asks the manager if they can do business? The manager thinks they can come to an understanding. Later, Sami returns, and Brandon tells her that they are in.

Bo shows up at Dr. Bader's home and tells her that something is wrong with the baby, and he'd like to know what it is! Dr. Bader tells Bo that if there was a problem the hospital would have paged her, but Bo says there is a problem. He says perhaps the baby's condition hasn't gotten worse, but it hasn't gotten better. Dr. Bader says they have been monitoring the baby and so far no red flags have gone up. Bo asks what about the sudden weigh drop after his birth, and the fact that they didn't recognize him after the brought him back from the nursery? Bo says it is almost like this is a different baby! Dr. Bader calls the hospital, and then tells Bo that there has been no change in his condition. Still, Bo knows something is wrong with the baby and will find out what it is.

At Bo and Hope's house, Shawn and Phillip are continuing the tournament, and Shawn is in the lead. Jason and Jan tell Shawn that he's pretty lucky to have the house all to himself. Shawn says his parents trust him, what can he say? Jason wants to break open Bo's beer, but Shawn says no way. Phillip decides to call Belle, but Jan says she'll probably bring ghoul girl along with her. SHawn says that her name is Chloe and she is a great girl. Shawn also doesn't want Chloe to learn about this, she is nice and he doesn't want her to get hurt because she's done nothing to them. Jan tells Shawn that if Phillip has to ask Chloe to the dance it will be social suicide! Later, Bo shows up and is furious to find Shawn has friends over and they are partying it up. Shawn says they are just playing videogames, but Bo says this place looks like a pig stye! Bo says he will be down in two minutes and this place better be clean! Jan and Jason says they can leave, but Shawn asks them not to because he's going to go see what his dad's problem is. Shawn goes up to his dad's room, and Bo apologizes for loosing it. He says he's just tired and this day has been kinda long. Shawn says he thought this was the happiest day of his life? Bo says he's just run out of steam, and assures Shawn that he is happy. He just says the baby is cranky and needs a lot of attention, and his mom feels like it is her fault. Bo says this whole thing has been a mess from the start. Shawn says if there is something wrong then he should tell him. Bo says he is just cranky because his mom didn't get the proper prenatal care she should have. Bo apologizes for embarrassing him, but Shawn says if there is something he needs or can do, just tell him. Bo says there is something, he has to call off their camping trip because of the baby and the house. Shawn says it doesn't matter. Later, Bo apologizes to Shawn and his friends and tells them to carry on, and then he leaves. Phillip and Shawn continue their tournament, and they end up in a tie, it is down to one game. Meanwhile, Bo tells himself that he's tried to love this baby for Hope's sake, but if this kid is DiMera's then this nightmare will never end.

Rolfe and Bart take Marlo out to a lake to dispose of her body. Rolfe is dressed like some retired old man living in Florida and BArt is in drag, with a blond wig. Bart doesn't understand why they are in these outfits. Rolfe says is so they aren't seen by some lunatic who has recently escaped from the local asylum. Bart and Rolfe row out into the middle of the lake and toss Marlo and her cement shoes overboard. As they are rowing back, Rolfe tells Bart that he doesn't think he can be trusted, and he doesn't want to leave any loose ends. Bart says he can trust him, but Rolfe pulls a gun on Bart anyways. Rolfe asks Bart if he has any final words? Bart says "Help?" Both Rolfe and Bart make it to shore, and Rolfe assures Bart that his attention was merely to frighten him. Rolfe says he has to disappear for awhile, but he will be watching to see if he's good or not. Bart wonders if he's Santa Claus or something?

At the DiMera mansion, Abe shows up to check on Lexie. Lexie panics, and Stefano tells her to do as he tells her, she must keep the secret! Abe continues to pound on the door as Stefano lectures Lexie as to what will happen if she tells Abe about Marlo, in short, she will lose her baby. Stefano lets Abe in, and Abe tells Lexie that he's worried about her, she disappeared the first night they brought their baby home. Lexie asks if Isaac is okay? Abe says yes, but he misses his mommy. Stefano tells Lexie to go right home to her son, but Lexie cries and says she can't do this. Abe asks LExie what is wrong? He looks at Stefano and asks what he's done now? Abe says Lexie has waited a long time for this and he should have known he would ruin it! Stefano says he hasn't done anything to try and break their family up. Lexie tells Abe that she is fine, she is just worried about the baby. Abe asks Lexie if she got a chance to speak to Marlo? Stefano says Marlo is gone, she didn't want to stay around Salem because it was too hard. Suddenly, Eliana returns and says she got the cheese wedges Marlo wanted and more champagne. Eliana also says she's glad Marlo changed her mind about leaving, she shouldn't be traveling in her condition. Abe asks Stefano how Marlo could leave if she was such a mess? He demands to know what is going on here? Lexie says that she knows. Lexie tells Abe that she did see MArlo one final time just before she left. Lexie assures Abe that she left right after Eliana left for the store. She says that one of Marlo's friends from out of town dropped by, and they both left for Chicago. Stefano gives Abe the champagne Eliana bought in order for them to take home and celebrate with. He then tells Lexie that he loves her very much. Abe is glad Lexie said goodbye to Marlo, and asks if she had any last words for them? Lexie says that Marlo wanted them to know that she'd rest easier knowing that they are raising her son. Abe says Isaac is there son now, and they leave to go home to him. Stefano is relieved that Lexie didn't rat him out.


June 20
At the high school, Mimi shows up and Belle tries to talk to her. Mimi says she doesn't want to talk to her ex-best friend. Belle says she never stopped being her best friend, and Chloe happens to care about her too. Mimi tells Belle to give it a rest and walks off. CHloe looks at the poster on the wall about the Last Blast Dance. Shawn approaches Chloe and asks what is going on with Belle? Chloe says Belle and Mimi just need to talk, alone. Chloe asks about the baby, and Shawn says he is okay, and has a healthy set of lungs. Shawn hopes he will be a good big brother, and Chloe tells him that she's sure he'll be great. Shawn then asks CHloe about the Last Blast, and if she's interested in going? Chloe wonders if he is going to ask her out. Shawn tells her that he wasn't going to go, but now his trip with his dad has been cancelled. Chloe says she and Belle were going together if they couldn't find dates, and asks if he is going? Shawn says he might go, it depends. Chloe asks "on what?" Shawn says he doesn't know. Chloe makes an analogy to the little old lady in a shoe, which Shawn doesn't get. She says she likes to make nursery ryhme analogies, and then she rambles on and on She eventually runs away after making a fool of herself.

Elsewhere, Belle finds Mimi and confronts her about the dark circles under her eyes. Mimi says maybe she was up all night crying because Belle isn't her best friend anymore, boo hoo. Belle tells Mimi that she will always be her friend, when they are 80 she will be her best friend. Belle hates to ask Mimi this, and asks her if she remember some girl from 7th grade. Mimi says that alcoholic druggy? Mimi then realizes Belle thinks she is on drugs. She is outraged and blows up at Belle. Belle asks Mimi why she can't tell her what is wrong? Mimi says perhaps she isn't the one who has changed, has she ever thought about that? Belle says of course she has changed, she's not six anymore. Mimi thinks she is being called immature, and wonders why she ever wanted to be her friend! Chloe shows up, and hears Mimi telling Belle that if she wants to be suspicious about someone doing drugs, she should look no further then her spacey new best friend! Belle says she is the one who is acting weird, but Mimi says Chloe is the weird one. Mimi says she always knew Chloe was a witch, and she guesses that is something else they have in common! Belle storms of and slams her locker, and Chloe feels like she wasn't meant to have friends.

At the DiMera mansion, John shows up to see Stefano, who asks John if he's seen his new son? John tells Stefano to shut up, and Stefano tells him he needs to learn to control his anger. Stefano tells he has the perfect solution for him, he and Hope should raise their son on some uncharted island, and the rest of the world will forget about them like they've always wanted to. He then asks if the baby has a name? Bo Douglas Brady perhaps? John realizes he's made a mistake. He tells Stefano that Hope could have been with anyone while she was Gina, so that child may not be his, and his memories might not be real. Stefano says they are real, and if he wants he can go around asking about blood types and make everyone suspicious. John decides to do just that, and leaves. However, Stefano doubts John will really do it.

At the hospital, Brandon says hello to "Lola." Sami says she is so tired, she couldn't sleep last night because she was thinking about Will. Brandon says he couldn't sleep either, but he wasn't thinking about Will. Brandon tells Sami that they have to go back to the club tonight, and every night. Brandon tells Sami that they are working at the club now, which troubles Sami. As she is about to ask what he means, John shows up. Sami blurts out that she is close to getting Will back, and John asks how she will do that? Brandon tells Sami they have to get back to work, so John says he'll talk to her about this later, and leaves. Sami assures Brandon that she wasn't going to tell him. Later, Sami calls Austin and leaves a message for him. She says that she can't make dinner because she has a lot of work to do at the hospital.

Bo has a nightmare about the baby. He dreams he walked into the nursery and found Stefano with the child, and Stefano taunted him that the baby looked nothing like him. When Bo looked at the baby it looked like something out of "It's Alive." Bo runs into Hope's room and finds her with the baby. The baby soon begins to cry, and Bo worries. The nurse takes the baby, and when Dr. Bader shows up, Hope and Bo beg her to tell them if something is wrong with their baby because not knowing the truth is worse than whatever is wrong with him. Dr. Bader says so far all the tests have come back fine, but she will keep them posted if anything comes up. Dr. Bader suggests they name their son. Bo and Hope start discussing names, and Dr. Bader eventually leaves. Hope suggests Grady, but Bo says no. Bo suggests Shannon, but Hope hates it. Hope says the name should mean something to them, and then she comes up with the perfect name, John! Bo likes the idea, so they name their baby John.

John runs into Dr. Bader, who thinks John wants to grill her about the baby. John says no, why would she think that? Dr. Bader says everyone else has. They talk about the baby, and John asks why they were drawing blood from him in the nursery? Dr. Bader says it was for routine tests. John asks how long Hope will be in the hospital? Dr. Bader tells him that she's going to go home today. John goes to see the baby, and is allowed to go in and hold him. The minute that John picks the baby up, it shuts up! The nurse says he won't even do that for his mommy, and the baby must know he loves him a lot. John quickly puts the baby down, and once he does, the baby starts to holler again.

John goes to see Bo and Hope, and learns that they have named the baby after him. He tells them that he'd rather they didn't!

At the Carver's, Abe and Lexie are enjoying Isaac. Abe wants to track Marlo down and thank her properly. Abe notices a strange expression on Lexie's face, and he asks what is wrong? Lexie says she is fine, she is just tired. Abe says he isn't, and Lexie says that is because he is Mr. I Slept 8 Hours Last Night. Abe has to go to work and kisses Isaac and Lexie goodbye. Lexie tells Isaac that he's only been on this earth a few days and he's already lost his mother. However, she tells herself that she is Isaac's mother, she just wishes she wasn't lying to Abe. Meanwhile, Abe leaves for work, and Bart is spying on him with binoculars as he leaves. Later, Bart sees someone else, and wonders who the hell it is. Stefano shows up at the house to see Isaac, but Lexie says no! She tells Stefano that he has ruined her life! Lexie says that everyone warned her that he hurt people, and last night she became an accessory to murder! Stefano says it was an accident, and she made the right choice for herself, her baby, and her family. He promises to protect her, and then asks if he can see her beautiful little boy? Lexie caves and lets him hold Isaac. Stefano looks at him and says he must be his son and not John's. Lexie tells her father that her life wasn't complete until now, and now she knows true joy. When she says "If only . . " Stefano tells her to move on from this incident. Lexie wonder's how Hope's baby is, and Stefano assumes she has never been happier.

Abe goes to work and gets a surprise party from his staff. As they all celebrate, Faye shows up, and watches. She wonders why her son is trying to destroy him? The officer who saw Faye the other day spots Faye, and tells her that she will get the Commander. The officer goes to get Abe, and Faye splits. The officer thinks this woman is trouble, but hopes she is wrong because Abe deserves to be happy right now.

Faye goes to the hospital to talk to Brandon about Abe. Brandon doesn't want to go over this again. Faye thinks Brandon is lying to her, and she wants to know why. Brandon says he is late for an appointment and has to go, so he takes off. Faye wonders what Brandon is hiding from her.


June 21
At the high school, Belle and Mimi storm off after their argument, and CHloe feels to blame. She feels like she can't have a normal conversation for five minutes, and maybe she's not meant to have friends. Chloe runs after Mimi, who tells Chloe to back off. Mimi doesn't want to hear anything Chloe has to say, but Chloe says she wants to make a deal. Chloe says she will stop being friends with Belle, but Mimi thinks this is just a scheme to make her look good. Chloe asks if she knows what today is? Mimi doesn't know, so Chloe tells her it is the day of compassion, it is about aids awareness. Mimi asks what that has to do with her? Chloe says compassion is about more than aids, it is about reaching out to others who need help. Mimi doesn't believe she wants to help her. Chloe says she will back off Belle if she gets help for her problem. Mimi smacks Chloe with her books and accuses her of spreading those nasty rumors about her being on drugs. Mimi tells CHloe that she can have Belle, because she will never be friends with her again!

Elsewhere, Phillip taunts Shawn about how he's going to lose the tournament, so he better go to the florist now and special order that black corsage for Chloe. Shawn approaches Belle, who blows up and accuses him of sneaking up on her. Shawn asks her what is going on? She says nothing is going on, but Shawn knows she is lying. He asks if something is going on at home or with school? Belle tells Shawn that Mimi is what is wrong, something is really wrong with Mimi. Belle says she was in denial about it for awhile, but now it's like she doesn't even know her. Belle says something has to be making her act this way, and she thinks it is drugs. Shawn and Belle compare notes on Mimi, and Shawn says he hates to admit it . . . Belle says she knows Mimi and she would never . . . there has to be another explanation. Shawn says they will keep their eyes on her. Shawn says Mimi hasn't even begged him to take her to the dance. Belle says not to remind her, and he asks if they are talking about Mimi, or what happened at the last dance with her? Belle is angry at Shawn for throwing that in her face. Shawn asks if she has anyone lined up to save her this time? Belle calls him a jerk, and they bicker and argue. Belle says that it was Phillip who saved her last time by saying he was her date, but Shawn reminds her that he was the one who saved her on the dance floor when Phillip was nowhere to be found. Belle tells him that he's right, and asks if he wants a standing ovation or something? Shawn tells her that she is so over the top with this, and the bickering continues. Belle tells Shawn that she has decided to go with a group of girl friends to the dance, and she couldn't care less if he goes to the dance alone!

Outside school, Phillip witnesses Mimi and Chloe's argument, and after Mimi runs off, Phillip asks Chloe if she is okay? Chloe finds a dead bird on the ground, and he says it is just a dead bird. She wraps it up in a handkerchief, and Phillip tells her that she is so weird. Chloe wants to bury the bird and asks him to help her find a rock or a stake. Phillip gives her a rock, and she buries the bird in the school garden. Chloe starts crying, and Phillip thinks this is about that night isn't it? Chloe says she doesn't care about that night, big deal if he is afraid someone saw them talking. Phillip says that is not what he's talking about, he was talking about the headless chicken on her porch. They end up in a big argument, and CHloe tells Phillip that people aren't weird, they are different, there is a reason there are many colors in the rainbow. Phillip ends up grabbing her glasses and tells Chloe that her eyes are so beautiful. Chloe asks for her glasses back, but Phillip says he'll give them when she answers a question. He asks if she is going to the dance? Chloe says she wouldn't be caught dead there. Phillip asks what if someone asked her? Chloe remembers when Shawn asked her if she was going. Chloe says if she is asked she's not going, but Phillip makes her promise to go if someone asks her. Chloe doubts that will ever happen, so she agrees.

Mimi goes to meet some kids and asks them about their "operation" and who their contact is. They tell her there is plenty of money to be made, especially by someone like her. Mimi asks why her? They tell her because she is so innocent looking, so young. Mimi says she needs a way to make fast money.

At the hospital, Eric calls Greta and gets her machine, for the tenth time. He apologizes for last night and says how really really sorry he is and how he wants to make it up to her. Eric sees Sami, and goes to her for advice. Sami says she is working and can't, so Eric asks Nurse Brenda if his sister could take a break so he could talk to her. Brenda agrees because Eric is just to cute to say no to. They go out on the balcony, and Eric explains what happened with Nicole and Greta last night. Sami says she can't have Nicole getting sick on her, which makes Eric angry. Eric says he came to her for advice, not to hear what she wants. Sami tells Eric if he wants advice then he should drop Greta and get back with Nicole. Eric knows this is all about what she wants, but Sami says this is about her son. They really start to argue, and Sami accuses Eric of being the selfish one and not caring about his own nephew. Eric says he loves that little boy, and Sami says she knows and apologizes. She says she is just upset about Will, and offers to help him with Greta. Eric wants to get her a present, so they discuss what she might like. Eric says she likes movies, and has a favorite movie, Snow White. Sami says that Will has a copy she could borrow, and Eric laughs, but tell her to knock it off. Sami tells him to go buy her the DVD, but he says she doesn't have a player. Sami tells him to buy her a player then, and slowly but surely he can introduce her to movies with real life people in them. She also says that every time Greta watches her favorite movie, she'll remember her very own prince charming gave it to her. Eric thanks her, and then asks Sami what her plan to get Will back is? Nurse Brenda tells Sami to get back to work, so Sami runs off and doesn't answer Eric's question.

Meanwhile, Nicole is in major pain, so she goes to see a Dr Bader. She hopes this isn't the thing from her past again. Dr. Bader agrees to examine Nicole immediately, so they go into her exam room. Dr. Bader asks her the standard questions, and can't believe Nicole hasn't had an exam in seven years. They talk some more, and Dr. Bader eventually gives Nicole a gown to put on. The exam begins later, and Dr. Bader asks about birth control and her period. Nicole says she is on the pill, and she her cycle has skipped a month her or there in the past. When Dr. Bader asks if she's ever had an STD, she quickly says no, never. Dr. Bader says they'll have to wait for the test results, and leaves to set the tests up. Dr. Bader returns later, and says the test results will be back in a couple of days. Later, Eric learns Nicole is in obstetrics, and wonders if she is pregnant.

At Greta's place, Greta refuses to answer the phone, or the door. On cue, there is a knock at her door. She looks through the peephole and sees it is Austin, so she answers it. Austin wants to know how she is? Greta says she is fine, today is a new day, so she's staring with a fresh slate. Austin knows she was upset last night, but Greta says she got over it. She then starts rambling on at high speed about how she is young and has so many possibilities for a wonderful future, and she's thinking about getting a job in an art museum or something. Austin eventually steers the conversation back to Eric. Greta says Eric is out of her life, she trusted him and thought she had a future with him, but she knows now that she doesn't. Greta tells Austin that she sees now that Eric still loves Nicole. Austin says that you can't stop caring about someone you were engaged to, but Greta says she can't stand feeling like she has to measure up to Nicole constantly. She tells Austin that she doesn't know how he got over Carrie's betrayal, but then again he is a man so perhaps he doesn't feel as deeply as women do. That pisses Austin off, and he tells her that she doesn't know him well enough to judge him that way! Greta says she is sorry, and he says it is okay because he has a lot of feeling bottled up inside, and it feels good to let them out. Austin then advises Greta to think long and hard before throwing away what she has with Eric.


June 22
Belle and Chloe go shopping, but Chloe feels bad about causing problems between her and Mimi. Belle says Mimi is just going through a hard time. Chloe tells Belle that she is in denial, and she tells Belle about the deal she offered Mimi. Belle tells Chloe that is ridiculous, she can be both her and Mimi's friend. Chloe says if Mimi doesn't get her act together than Bell will be Mimi's only friend. Belle wants to break their deal about going to the dance together, but Belle won't let her. Chloe tells her about her odd conversation with Phillip, but Belle says once you get by the snobby rich kid persona he can be okay. Chloe asks for an example, so Belle tells her how Phillip saved her at the last dance. Chloe says that Phillip probably did that to make himself look like a hero in her eyes. They talk about boys, and Belle says that her dad says when a guy teases you he is usually interested in you. She says that Shawn teases and makes fun of her (Belle), but she has a feeling that Shawn has a thing for her (CHloe). CHloe says that is not true, Shawn only hangs out with her because she can help him with his homework. Chloe says they are going as a group, so who cares if Shawn likes one of them. Belle asks if that means she's going, and Chloe says she will. However, Chloe says she knows Belle will get asked, but Belle says they probably won't, but even if she does go with a guy, she will have the rest of the girls. Chloe says she is the only one who talks to her, which is why Belle says it is important she goes with the others. Chloe tells herself that if Belle does get a date then she will suddenly get the flu. Belle and CHloe then head off to Dot.Com.

Shawn and Phillip meet at Dot.Com for the last game of their tournament. Shawn thinks any guy would be lucky to take Chloe to the dress, so Phillip suggests he give up now. Shawn says fine, he will. They all tease Shawn and claim he is afraid of loosing, so they eventually play the final game of the tournament. The tournament ends, and everyone is shocked by the outcome. Phillip says he didn't think it would end like this.

Mimi agrees to do what the guys want her to in order to make some cash, as long as she doesn't get hurt or caught. They laugh and say their is always a risk. When Mimi asks what they are involved in, the guys warn her that she better not be a narc. Mimi swears she is not a narc. She changes her mind about this and leave, but they tell her that she is not going anywhere. She promises she won't say a word, and they tell her that she better keep her mouth shut because they know where she lives. Mimi runs off, and one of the guys says he knows what is up with her and she will be back when she gets desperate enough.

At Titan, Nicholas shows up and demands to see Victor. Marie says he is busy, so he asks if Kate is free? Marie says she is with Lucas. In her office, Kate remembers how close she and Nicholas came to making love the other night. Lucas walks in and asks his mom what she was thinking about, she looked a million miles away. Kate says she was thinking about Brandon Walker. Lucas asks why? Kate says that while he went to Green Mountain, Sami left Will with a baby sitter and went out with Brandon. Lucas is furious and says "So much for Sami's claim that nothing is more important than Will." Kate says that she's done some investigating, but Lucas says she didn't have to because Sami is out of their lives. Kate says that it will only remain that way as long as he has sole custody of Will. Lucas says he won't give up his son, no matter what anyone, including Nicole, say. Kate is furious and asks why he puts up with Nicole? Lucas says she is a woman and identifies with Sami, but Kate thinks Lucas lets Nicole push him around out of fear that she'll leave him. Lucas tells her to stop talking about Nicole, and asks what she found out about Sami? Kate says that Sami is on a mission to get her son back, and she thinks Sami will go pretty low to get dirt on one of them. Suddenly, Nicholas walks into the office and demands to talk to Kate alone. Lucas asks what right he has to be here? Nicholas says he is here to fight for the woman he loves. Lucas tells him to write to Dear Abby if he's having female trouble, this has nothing to do with his mother. Nicholas says his mother is his love life. Lucas realizes what is going on and exclaims "Oh my God!" Kate asks Lucas for a minute alone with Nicholas. Lucas can't believe this, and that his mother isn't even denying it. Lucas warns Nicholas, and then leaves. Kate asks Nicholas if he has completely lost his mind? Nicholas says he has, his mind and his heart. He says he loves her and he doesn't care who knows it. He tells Kate that the minute Victor gets back, he's going to tell him that he's in love with her.

In the photolab, Nicole can't stop thinking about what could be wrong with her. Eric looks in on Nicole, and walks in and confronts her about seeing Dr. Bader. Eric doesn't want to invade her privacy, but wonders if congratulations are in order? Nicole asks for what? Eric says he figured that she was pregnant. Nicole says she is not pregnant, but she wishes it was that simple. Nicole says she doesn't know what is wrong with her, but thinks it has to do with her past. When Eric probes her, she closes up. He says here we go again, she is shutting herself off to him again. She apologizes and says she is just scared. Eric holds Nicole, and she says "what if . . . . " Eric asks "What if what?" Eric asks if this could have anything to do with the mistakes she made in the past? Nicole almost tells Eric what her father made her do, but she doesn't. She says she should have known better, but she was just a kid. Nicole asks Eric to hold her. Suddenly, Lucas walks in and says "Hold me Eric?"

At the hospital, John asks Bo and Hope not to name the baby after him. Hope asks why this makes him feel so uncomfortable? John asks Hope to just drop it. He gives them some other ideas, such as Evan. Bo says that he read about Evan in a book Mrs. H. gave him, and it is derived from the Hebrew name John. Hope thinks it is a sign, so the baby will be named John. Dr. Bader comes in and tells Hope that she has their release papers for her. Hope asks if this means the baby can come home with her? Dr. Bader says no, not before they talk. Hope asks Dr. Bader if something is wrong with their son? Hope asks John if he can excuse them? He says of course, but spies on them. Hope says she wants to know if something is wrong with their son. While Bo is calming her down, John decides to find out what is wrong with the baby. Dr. Bader tells Hope and Bo that the baby is still irritable and not eating well, but Hope wants to take him home. Bo tells her that perhaps that isn't a good idea. He says maybe they should do as the doctor says. Hope agrees, but asks to see him before they leave.

John goes to the nursery and sees the baby crying. He flashes back to his mercenary days and how he remembered using good old fashion charm in one mission to get what he wanted. John talks to a nurse and says that Dr. Bader just told him, Bo, and Hope that there might be a problem with the baby. He asks if there is something to be concerned about? The nurse says there is a possibility of fetal alcohol syndrome, so they need to monitor him closely. The nurse tells him what the normal symptoms are, most of which they haven't seen in this baby. However, if the baby is suffering from it, the mortality rates are extremely high. John says that the mother is not at fault here if the baby does have fetal alcohol syndrome. John asks to see the baby, so the nurse lets him in. John holds the baby, and he shuts up. John wonders if it is possible, could this baby be his son?


June 23
At Titan, Kate tells Nicholas that he is mad, he has declared his undying love in front of Lucas and now he wants to tell Victor? Nicholas says that it is time for Victor to be honest about this life he and if forcing her to live, and if he doesn't do this then they will both regret it. Kate says Victor isn't forcing her to stay with him, but Nicholas feels he needs to fight for Kate. Kate says this isn't a fairy tale, and her hand has already been won. Nicholas knows, despite her protests, that she wants to be with him. He asks her to be honest with herself for once. Kate says she will never choose him over Victor, so this is pointless. She tells him that they'll never be together, and he'll never win her love. Kate then finally realizes what he's up to, if he can't get what he wants then he will make as many lives as miserable as possible. She tells him that he is a true Alamain, he is selfish and vindictive! Nicholas asks if she really believes that? Kate says if he goes to Victor then people will gossip about them. Nicholas says he doesn't care, but Kate says she does. Kate tells Nicholas if he really loves her then he will prove it by cooling it and doing what she asks. Nicholas walks out of Kate's office. Later, Kate has fantasies about Victor washing her back. He tells her that he never stopped loving her and he can't wait for them to get married and start their life together as a family. She also remembers a time when she and Victor were late to a party to spend some time in one another's arms. Kate hugs Nicholas' stuffed dog and hopes Nicholas will move on with his life and accept that hers is with Victor.

Victor's doctor comes to see him at his office because Victor feels more comfortable there. Victor tells his doctor that he thinks the drug he has been taking is actually working. Victor thinks he's starting to get some sensation back, and the doctor says it is possible that the impotency was caused by his stroke or the medications he was on. The doctor tells Victor what is important that he doesn't force himself. Later, Victor calls Marie into his office and asks her to clear Kate's calender without her knowing because he wants to take her away someplace special. Marie has a suggestion for him as she heard Kate talking about a photo shoot the other day and someplace she'd really love to go. She gives him the info on the place, and Victor thanks her. Victor hopes he'll be able to relax on a beautiful Hawaiian Island with his lovely Kate. Suddenly, Nicholas barges into Victor's office. Victor is not pleased and tells Nicholas never to do that again, and in the future if he wants to see him to make an appointment. Nicholas tells Victor that he wants to talk about an important topic, his impotence.

In the photo lab, Lucas overhears Nicole ask Eric to hold her. Eric tells Lucas that this is not what he thinks, he can explain. Lucas tells Eric to get his damn hands off his wife, and begins shoving Eric. They almost come to blows until Nicole butts her way in between them to stop them from throwing punches. Nicole asks Eric to leave so she can talk to Lucas, so he does. Nicole tells Lucas that he made a fool of himself, Eric was only comforting her. Lucas says that is not his job, his job is to take pictures. Lucas says she told him when they married that she was over Eric, but he guesses that is not the case. He tells her the only reason she asked him to rehire Eric is so she could spend as much time possible with him, and he finally gets the message. Nicole wants to explain, but Lucas says there is no explanation needed. He says he's given her everything, but it just isn't good enough. Lucas says the only thing he wants from her is fidelity, and she can't even give him that. He wonders what kind of marriage this is. Lucas goes to walk out, but Nicole stops him and tells him that Eric was comforting her because she went to the doctor today, and she's scared. Lucas asks her why, so she explains what happened at the Blue Note last night. Nicole says that Eric came in her today to see if she was okay, and she was scared and wanted a hug. Lucas asks why she didn't tell him because he would have gone with her. Lucas asks if she is pregnant? Nicole says no she's not pregnant, but something is wrong with her. Lucas asks what is wrong? Nicole says she was going to talk to him about it, but she's changed her mind. Lucas comments "You can talk to Eric but not your own husband!" Nicole says she can talk to anyone but him. She tells him that he promised to take care of her, but anywhere outside the bedroom he treats her just like his mother does! She says that both Kate and Victor embarrass her, and he stands by and lets them do it. Now, she says, he is embarrassing her too, and she asks him for one reason not to walk away from this marriage? Lucas apologizes for embarrassing her and for doubting her, and he tells her that he'll help her deal with whatever is wrong with her because he loves her. He says he is sorry, but Nicole says his apologizes are meaningless because this will happen again the next time he sees her talking to Eric. She says she's surprised he hasn't thrown her past in her face, but she's sure that is coming to. Lucas says he would never judge anyone for their past mistakes, but they both know Eric would. Still, Lucas says she is always confiding in him. Nicole tells Lucas that he is never there for her. When he tries to hold her, she yells at him to stay away from her, and she runs out of the room.

Belle and CHloe walk into Dot.Com, and Chloe wonders what the crowd is about. Belle says Phillip and Shawn are probably playing videogames as usual. They run into Greta, and ask her to join them, but she says no thanks, she just came to get some CDs. Greta has bought some piano music and a copy of Snow White. Greta says she identifies with Snow White because she ran away from Stefano like Snow White ran away from the Queen. Greta leaves, and Chloe and Belle watch the crowd. They wonder who won, and Chloe hopes it wasn't Phillip because he's arrogant enough as is. Belle tells Chloe to try and be nice to Phillip, it might help her get along better with him.

Meanwhile, Shawn wins the videogame tournament. Jason tells him that he has to ask CHloe to the dance in front of everyone, and she's here right now. Shawn decides to go to the dance after all and thinks he'll ask Belle, but Phillip tells him not to even think about asking Belle! Jason tells Phillip to go ask Chloe, but he says he can do it tomorrow. However, Jason thinks he should do it now.

Phillip goes over to Belle and CHloe's table, and he talks to CHloe. He tells her that he knows they haven't been the best of friends, and he's sorry if he's hurt her, but they have had some nice conversations which he has enjoyed. He asks her if she is okay now, and she says yes and thanks him. Phillip then talks about the Last Blast, and he asks Chloe to be his date. Chloe screams "Not on your li . . . " Belle tells Phillip he hasn't gotten his final answer, and drags Chloe off. They talk and Belle convinces Chloe that she wants to go to the dance with Phillip. Chloe thinks this is strange, because Shawn and Phillip have both asked her about the dance, and she gets the feeling that something is not right. Belle says that Phillip is just trying to help people see how special and terrific she is, and she thinks it is incredibly sweet and romantic. She begs Chloe to say yes.

Meanwhile, Phillip talks with Jan, Jason, and Shawn about Chloe. Shawn says thinks Chloe would be a great date, but Phillip doesn't agree. Jan says they should rent that movie Carrie and see if art can imitate life, or in this case if life can imitate art. Shawn doesn't like this idea at all. Phillip tells Shawn if he likes Chloe so much then she can take her, but he is to stay away from Belle! Shawn asks what is up with him and Belle? Jason tells Shawn that Phillip wants to be crowned King, but he can only be crowned King with Belle on his arm. Phillip prays that CHloe will say no to his offer.

At Greta's apartment, Eric knocks on Greta's door, but she tells him to go away. He continues banging on the door, so she answers it and tells him to go away because she doesn't want to see him right now. Eric barges his way in and tells her to hear him out. Eric says that Nicole was sick last night and needed him to take her to the emergency room, and if she can't understand that . . Greta says she understands, he is just a kind hearted guy who is nice to everyone, including his ex-fiance. However, Greta tells Eric that there is a lot more going on here, a lot more. Eric and Greta sit down on the couch and Eric tells her that Nicole is married, but that doesn't mean he can't care about her or others. Greta says that she saw how he looked at Nicole last night, and she saw love in his eyes when he was looking at Nicole. Eric says he was only concerned about her, and says for the last time he is not in love with Nicole and she can either except that or leave it, and then he walks out. Greta says it is up to Eric, and she'll have to wait and see what his next move is. Greta then opens the bag from Dot.Com and looks at the copy of Snow White she bought. She wonders why Eric is doing this.

Eric goes to a video store to buy Snow White for Greta. He asks the guy for Snow White, and he says oh yeah, we have that one. He says it is a hot seller and tells him to go all the way to the back and look to his right. Eric follows his directions, and ends up in the porn section! Suddenly, Eric sees a movie called Locker Room Lolitta XXX with Nicole on the cover!

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