June 00 Week 2


June 12
At the hospital, Chloe tells Belle to drop it, but Belle refuses. Belle says that Mimi is falling apart and she needs to know why, so if she knows something, she has to tell her. Chloe tells Belle that she thinks Mimi is doing drugs. Belle is stunned, but says Chloe must be mistaken. Chloe tells Belle what she saw last night, and how Mimi attacked her. Suddenly, Shawn shows up and tells Belle and CHloe about the baby, and Belle hugs Shawn. Chloe feels out of place, so she heads off to see Nancy. Shawn realizes something is bothering Belle, so she tells him about Mimi. Shawn and Belle talk, and Shawn thinks that Mimi is just worried about money, maybe her parents cut her allowance, that is all. HE tells her not to worry, and then heads off. Belle thinks Shawn is right, Mimi doesn't even have money for drugs.

Mimi meets with some hooligans in the alley to do business. Mimi gives them some silverware, but they say they can't move it because it has initials on it. However, one of the guys smiles and says maybe they can work something out. Another guy tells her that with her body, she could rake in the money. They say they can set it up for her so she won't even have to hang on the streets. Mimi says she is not that kind of person! One of the guys says nobody is until they are desperate, and that is what she is. Mimi screams that she doesn't need that type of help, and yells at them to get out of here! Mimi thinks the only way out of this situation is to drop out of school and move elsewhere.

In the hospital nursery, the nurses look at the babies in their bassinets and their ID tags. After they leave, the names on the bracelet magically change. Rolfe watches this and smiles. The nurses return later and realize that the babies have been put in the wrong bassinets. Rolfe watches as the nurses yell at one another, and they agree not to mention this to anyone. The nurses then take the babies to their mothers.

A nurse congratulates Lexie on her new baby. Craig shows up and tells Lexie since she achieved motherhood via paperwork he expects her to show up for her regular ER shift tonight. Alice overhears this and is not pleased.

Julie comes into Hope's room, with others, and asks Hope who the baby looks like? Hope says it is kind of hard to tell who he looks like right now. A nurse brings the wrong baby to Hope, and Lexie, who is with Hope, is handed Hope's baby. Hope says her baby has changed, but Lexie says that is normal, they change so much from the time of birth, but LExie says she'd know her baby anywhere. Alice has arranged for Lexie and Abe to have a room of their own to enjoy their baby in, and they thank her. Lexie leaves with Alice, and Abe thanks Bo for convincing him to adopt this baby. Abe leaves, and Hope nurses "her" baby. The baby doesn't want to take the milk at first, but the nurse pushes him to do so.

Bo goes outside to talk to the family, he tells them that both mother and baby are sleeping. Doug produces some cigars, but says they can't light up until they name the baby. Doug thinks they should name it Doug, since they named their first son Shawn, but Julie reminds him that his name is Shawn Douglas! Suddenly, the baby begins to cry, and Hope worries. Later, Bo and Hope tell Shawn that they are going to stay at the hospital with the baby, and Bo tells Shawn he can stay at the house on his own. Hope says absolutely not, someone could break in! Bo says that he is a man now, and he will stay very close to the phone. Hope agrees to let him stay home alone, but tells him they she will be calling to check up on him!

Craig goes to see Nancy and tells her that Lexie have finally gotten her baby. Nancy is thrilled, but Craig is not. Craig says that Lexie has to decide now if she wants to be a mother or a doctor. Nancy asks why she can't be both? Craig says because it can't work, Lexie can hardly handle her job here, how will she cope with the job and a new baby at home? Nancy looks uneasy. Later, CHloe shows up and Craig asks Chloe if anything has changed since the announcement that she is Nancy's daughter. Chloe says there has been no change, nobody has treated her any differently. Chloe asks Nancy if anything is different with her, being a biological mother that is. Nancy says it is wonderful. Chloe then asks Craig if he can ditto that, but he says nothing, and she says she didn't think so. Craig and Chloe exchange smart remarks, and Craig eventually high fives her, and tells Nancy that there is nothing to worry about, she is the same old sarcastic Chloe. Craig hugs her to call a truce before leaving, and he whispers in her ear to be good to her mother. After he leaves, Nancy tells Chloe she is sorry about that. Chloe asks sorry about what? She says that Craig is a nice guy and he understand her better than anyone else in Salem. Nancy makes a comment about herself, which upsets Chloe. Chloe yells that it is always about her isn't it, how Nancy is hurting. Chloe storms out of the office, and Nancy wonders why she can't bond with Chloe like Craig has.

Rolfe goes to see Marlo, who wants to get out of here and drink and smoke. Rolfe lectures her about how she could have harmed that poor baby, but fortunately, thanks to God, the baby seems healthy. Marlo says she is just glad she got that brat out of her. Rolfe then goes to see Lexie and Abe, who have a VERY healthy baby. Lexie says she was a bit shocked to see the babies name is already Carver. Rolfe says the baby is was legally hers the moment it was born. Rolfe says he's going to keep Marlo overnight, but since she is a doctor, she can take the baby home tonight if she wants. Lexie and Abe want to, but before leaving, Lexie decides to go thank Marlo. She runs into a nurse, who says that Marlo is a very disturbed woman, she seems to hate her baby! Lexie thinks Marlo is just putting on an act because she is giving up her baby, and the nurse says LExie must be right. Lexie is still troubled by the nurses comments, so she goes to talk to Marlo.

Chloe walks by Marlo's room and overhears Marlo shouting that she hates her baby and she doesn't want to see it! Chloe goes in and tries to talk to Marlo, but Marlo doesn't want advice from some bastard teenager. Chloe leaves, and runs into Belle. Chloe tells Belle about her conversation with the awful woman. Chloe apologizes for upsetting her about Mimi, but Belle thinks Chloe is wrong about Mimi being on drugs. Chloe tells Belle to believe what she wants, but if she doesn't help Mimi soon, it might be too late.

Lexie goes to see Marlo, but learns she has checked out. Lexie then asks Craig for maternity leave, but he refuses to allow her to have maternity leave. Lexie says she is taking it, so Craig says she is fired. Alice, who overheard everything, tells Craig that she knows this is about Lexie taking Mike's side all those months ago! She says she is still a senior member on the hospital board, and the rules state that adoptive mothers are entitled to maternity leave. She tells Lexie to take her baby and go home, her job will be here when she returns. Craig asks Alice not to mess with his business, but Alice says this hospital is her business, and she may have had a stroke, but she can still walk all over him! She then orders him to approve the leave and apologize to Lexie and Abe.

John shows up at the DiMera mansion to see Stefano. Stefano taunts John and says that Hope's son must resemble him, and Hope must be very happy. John says that he doesn't want anything to destroy Hope's happiness. Stefano says, for example, Hope discovering that he is the father of the baby? Stefano says that he has talked to some scientists who think it is possible to keep Hope from remembering. John tells Stefano that he wants him to permanently erase Hope's memory! Stefano tells John to be patient, these things take time. John wants Stefano's guarantee that Hope will never remember making love to him. Stefano says everything will be fine, as long as he keeps his wife out of their business! Later, Rolfe and MArlo show up, and John thinks Rolfe looks familiar. Stefano says he is the doctor who delivered LExie and Abe's baby, he probably saw him at the hospital. He then shues John out, claiming he has to take care of his cousin now. Rolfe tells Stefano that the switch went perfectly, and the chemical compound he put on the bracelets reacted perfectly with their body heat, which caused the names to switch.

John returns to the hospital and is urged to go in and see the baby, but he says that Bo and Hope probably need some time alone with the baby. John wonders to himself if that baby could be his son.


June 13
At the Brady Pub, Shawn and Chloe are studying Trig. Shawn thanks Chloe for helping him catch up, but she says it is no big deal, she was going to study for their test tomorrow anyways. Later, Caroline gives Chloe an article she clipped out of the paper on the history of the metropolitan opera, which Chloe thanks her for because she dreams of singing there one day. Caroline says one day she'll be clipping articles out about her, and she can say that girl hung out with her grandson. Caroline offers to make them something to eat, which Shawn says would be awesome. Chloe says they should get back to work. However, Shawn wants to hear more about CHloe's dreams. Caroline brings them some food, and Shawn asks CHloe if she's going to the last blast dance? Chloe says of course, her phone has been ringing off the hook! Shawn asks Chloe what her problem is? Why is she always putting herself down? Chloe says a little healthy sarcasm never hurt anyone. Shawn tells Chloe that he thinks she is one of the most interesting people he's ever met, and he's positive she will be voted most likely to succeed next year. Later, Caroline asks Shawn and Chloe to do a duet for her, so they do.

Phillip runs into Belle outside the pub. Belle drops her books, and Phillip sees a trig book. He asks if the final is tomorrow, and she says yeah, so he says he should probably study. Belle tells Phillip that she was going to go help Shawn study, since he missed school today, but Phillip tells her that position has been filled. Belle looks inside and sees Chloe with Shawn. Belle wonders why Chloe didn't tell her that she was studying with Shawn. Phillip asks Belle what is with her and Chloe's newfound friendship? Belle says she likes her, and he would to if he gave her a chance. Phillip then taunts Belle by asking if she's sure they aren't studying chemistry? Phillip then jokes that Ghoul Girl probably put a spell on Shawn to get him to ask her to the dance. Belle asks him to lay off Chloe, but he says she is the one who is a jerk, what has he ever done to her? Belle tells Phillip that he's done plenty. Phillip asks what he's ever done to Chloe? Belle tells him that he acted like a jerk to Chloe when she saved his life. Belle changes the subject and asks who he's going to the dance with. Phillip says he doesn't know yet, but he has big plans. Belle know Phillip is up to something. As they talk, they see and hear Shawn and Chloe singing and playing together. Belle doesn't understand why Chloe would sing again if she was so embarrassed to do so last time? Phillip tells her that perhaps she doesn't know her new friend as well as she thought. After they finish, Belle and CHloe share a big hug. Belle becomes upset, and asks Phillip to walk her home.

At Brandon's loft, Brandon and Larry meet with Benny, who tells them to keep a low profile because no one can know what is going on until they drop the bomb on Abe. Meanwhile, Sami is on her way to Brandon's, unaware what is going on there. Sami walks in on them, and Larry and Benny decide to leave when Sami accuses Brandon of plotting against Abe Carver.

Outside, Fay runs into Benny and is angry with him because he is the one who got her son into all that trouble. Benny says that he just helped her kid because he was a victim of police harassment. Fay says Abe would never do that, and that Brandon is a good boy and doesn't need to make enemies at Salem PD! After Fay walks away, LArry asks Benny what that was about? Benny says he doesn't know, but he intents to find out.

Fay knocks on Brandon's door, Sami and Brandon are inside still fighting. Brandon invites Fay in, but when she sees Sami, she decides to stop by another time. Sami tells her it is okay. Brandon gets them some drinks, and Sami asks Fay why Brandon hates Abe?

At the hospital, Hope tells Bo that she can tell something is wrong with her baby, she can feel it. Bo tells her nothing is wrong, she just needs to relax. He orders her to close her eyes and get some sleep! Hope eventually falls asleep. In the nursery, "Hope's" baby won't stop crying, and one of the nurses says she thinks they have a problem. Later, Dr. Bader goes to see Bo, and Bo asks how the baby is doing? She tells him that he's going to be fine. Bo realizes something is wrong with the baby. Bo tells him to relax, his son is doing quite well under the circumstances. Bo asks what that means? Dr. Bader says that Hope didn't get any prenatal care, which is bound to have an effect on the baby. She says that the baby has lost a little more weight than she would like, he isn't getting enough milk, which is making him irritable. However, he is being fed additional food, and is getting stronger. She assures Bo that the baby is healthy and will be fine. Bo returns to a sleeping Hope, and he tells that "their" baby will be fine, he'll make sure of it. Bo decides to go check on "their" son. Back in the nursery, "Hope's" baby still won't stop crying. The nurse tells another one that she's handled a lot of newborns and she disagrees Dr. Bader, there is something wrong with this baby.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano and Rolfe watch Marlo pig out on junk food. She wants to know which one of them will go get her some cheese wedges for desert and a bottle of champagne. Stefano tells Marlo that she shouldn't be drinking, but she doesn't care what he thinks. She says that he got exactly what he wanted from her, so now she is calling the shots. Stefano calls Marlo an ungrateful little pig viper and tells her never to speak to him like that! He says he is paying her handsomely to do what she is told to do, so she should show some respect! Marlo informs Stefano that unless he wants the world to know what he has done, he better treat her with some respect. Stefano tells Rolfe to do whatever it takes to get Marlo to shut up because he's leaving to see his new grandson. Marlo continues to boss Rolfe and Eliana around after Stefano leaves, and Rolfe becomes fed up with her. He orders her to bed, but she says it is party time. Marlo says she's going to go upstairs and freshen up, and he should have the limo pulled up and filled with lots of cash. Rolfe tells her to stop this now, but she says she has only started because she knows everything he and DiMera have done with the babies. Rolfe tries to tell her that the medication hasn't worn off, she is delusional, but MArlo says she knows exactly what is going on. She threatens to sell the story to Hollywood, and Rolfe warns her not to cross Stefano DiMera! She tells Rolfe that if he doesn't keep the money flowing, then the whole world will know what went down.

Abe and Lexie take "their" baby home. He is a perfect angel, and Abe can't stop taking pictures of him. Later, Abe feeds "his" son, and he and Lexie put him to bed. Abe is relieved that nothing is wrong with the baby, considering it's natural mother. Lexie tells Abe that she knows he doesn't want to believe it, but her father would never have allowed them to adopt Marlo's baby if he knew something was wrong with it, he wouldn't hurt them like that. Abe says she may be right, but he sure has done a number on their friends. Abe sees the hurt in LExie's eyes and apologizes for ruining such an important day. Suddenly, Celeste shows up to move in, despite them telling her that they wanted her to hold off moving in. Celeste says she was not there for Alexandra when she was growing up, so she is going to be there for her grandson! The doorbell rings again, this time it is Stefano coming to see the baby. Stefano tells Abe that there is nothing more gratified than fatherhood and the boy is lucky to have him in his life. Abe thanks Stefano. Stefano then tells Celeste that she is much too young to be a grandmother. Stefano gives LExie a gift, which she opens. It is the necklace he ordered for her that belonged to Alexander the Great. Stefano then asks where his grandson is? Celeste says they just put him down, and Lexie asks if he can wait till tomorrow? Stefano says he can, and he will see them bright and early in the morning. Stefano leaves, and says that could be his son in there and he won't let them keep him from him! Back inside, Lexie and Abe try to decide on a name for their baby, and they settle on Isaac after the sacrifice that Abraham made in the Bible. Lexie also wants to name his Theo after Abe's brother, Isaac Theo Carver.

Stefano returns home, and Rolfe and Marlo are still arguing. They are now at the top of the steps. Marlo calls Rolfe a fool, so he tosses her down the steps!


June 14
Belle is sitting on her bed thinking about Chloe and Shawn's hug. She tells herself that she's being stupid worrying about Chloe and Shawn. At the Wesley's, Chloe is busy singing and thinking about Shawn. Chloe wonders why she feels uncomfortable around people she likes. She thinks that perhaps the ticket is finding people more like she is. Belle gives Chloe a call, and Chloe asks what is up? Belle tells Chloe says that she stopped by the pub earlier to help Shawn study, but she didn't want to interrupt them. Chloe asks Belle what is going on, why would she come all the way down to the pub and not say hello? Belle says she didn't want to interrupt, but Chloe says she wouldn't have minded, she was a bit uncomfortable. Belle says she saw her and Shawn singing, and it didn't look like she was uncomfortable. Chloe tells Belle that she is making too much out of this, but Belle says "we" saw you together. Chloe says who she was with? Belle says she ran into Phillip outside the pub, which upsets Chloe. Chloe can't believe she chose to hang with that jerk instead of saying hi to her. Belle defends Phillip, and then tells Chloe that she doesn't understand why she is cool and happy when she hangs out with SHawn, but gloomy with everyone else. CHloe accuses Belle of being jealous and not wanting anyone but her to spend time with Shawn. Belle apologizes, she just felt . . Chloe says "A little left out?" Belle says that is it. Chloe is sorry she felt that way, especially after all she has done for her. Chloe tells Belle that she's never had a best friend, but in her mind, she is exactly the type of person a best friend should be. Belle says she is proud to be her friend, but Chloe says she is her only friend, her best friend. Belle says she is touched. Belle hopes Chloe will remember her one day when she is a famous singer, but Chloe says with her looks and talents, she could wind up being a lot more famous than she will be. Belle then makes Chloe promise to think about going to the dance with her, and they say goodnight.

At Brandon's, Sami asks Fay why Brandon hates Abe so much? Brandon brings them their drinks, and realizes he's interrupted something. He asks them what they were talking about? Brandon suddenly gets a call from a guy who owns the building, he left his car lights on, so he has to leave to turn them off. Once Brandon leaves, Fay tells Sami that Brandon hates Abe for harassing him, but Sami doesn't buy it, this goes a lot deeper. Fay tells Sami that Brandon is just very protective of people, he's protected her since he was very young. Sami asks what he protected her from? Fay says that they went through some rough times together, times she chooses not dwell on. Fay questions Sami about her feelings for Brandon. Sami assures Fay that Brandon is only a friend, she is practically engaged to another man. Sami then asks Fay once again, why does Brandon hate Abe? Sami says that Brandon is a firm believer in justice and doesn't like when people are wronged, and he feels like Abe mistreated him. As they talk about Abe, Sami mentions how Abe and Lexie have a new baby. This troubles Fay, and she begins to cry. Sami asks if she upset her? Fay says she is just happy for Abe and Lexie. Sami then asks Fay about her children and why they are so different. Sami says that Taylor is sweet and honest, but Nicole has a different set of priorities, and then there is Brandon, who refuses to open up about things. Sami asks Fay if Brandon's dad is as mysterious as he is. Fay says it is hard to tell who they take after, and she prefers to think of them as unique individuals. Fay then remembers kissing Abe a long time ago, and telling him how much she needs him. Abe told her that he'd always be there for her.

Meanwhile, Brandon goes out to meet Benny, who was the guy who really called Brandon. Benny tells Brandon that they might have a problem, and it has to do with his mother. Brandon becomes upset and says that his mother has nothing to do with this case! Benny says that his mom is obviously an Abe Carver supporter, she told him and Larry that Abe was a good man and she was glad the feud between them (BRandon and Abe) was over. Brandon says his mom was just trying to protect him. Later, Benny says they are ready to move forward with the next part of their plan, which pleases both Brandon and Larry. Brandon says he has to go because Sami is waiting. Larry asks Brandon if he plans on moving in on Sami with Austin gone? Brandon asks "wouldn't you?"

Brandon returns and finds his mom crying, and he asks Sami what in the hell she said to her?

At the Carvers, Abe is telling Isaac how proud his uncle Theo would be of him. Lexie tells Abe that they have Marlo and her father to thank for their bundle of joy (don't forget HOPE). Abe tells Lexie that he admits he is grateful to Stefano for finding this baby for them, but the whole idea of Grandpa Stefano is tough to get used to. Lexie asks if he will get used to it? Abe tells her that he honestly doesn't know, but he will try. Abe is tired and decides to go to bed, but Lexie says she is going to stay up because she's a little wound up. Later, Abe finds a note from LExie explaining that she has gone to her father's to thank Marlo before she leaves town.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano returns right as Rolfe pushes Marlo down the steps. Stefano sees Marlo at the foot of the steps and asks what is going on? Rolfe checks Marlo, who is still alive, so he breaks her necks! Stefano asks Rolfe if he has gone insane? Rolfe says there is no other way, she was blackmailing them! Rolfe says that she found out about the baby switch and her threats were not idle, she would have bleed them dry! Stefano asks how he will explain this to her family? Rolfe says they washed their hands of her years ago. Stefano says that he does not commit cold blooded murder! Rolfe says he does, he has killed before to protect him. Stefano asks him who else he has killed? Rolfe tells Stefano about the back-up pilot he hired to fly John's plane, and he had to kill him when he threatened to betray him. Stefano doesn't like this side of Rolfe, and he is furious because by killing Marlo he has not only put him at risk, but the entire plan in jeopardy. Rolfe says he only acted in his best interests, so Stefano tells him to get the body and any evidence out of here now! Bart shows up and is shocked to see Marlo dead. Rolfe tells Bart that MArlo fell, and he accidently snapped her neck trying to help her up. Bart whispers to Stefano that Captain Rolfe has gone off the deep end again, should he take care of him? Stefano tells Bart to just help Rolfe dispose of the body, and then he says, as he looks at Marlo, "Rest in peace you greedy little bitch." Later, Lexie shows up and finds Marlo's dead body in the middle of the floor. She screams, and Stefano comes running.


June 15
At Brandon's, Brandon asks Sami what in the hell she did to make his mom cry? Fay tells Brandon that Sami didn't do anything, and he should apologize to her. She says they were just having a nice conversation. Brandon asks why she is crying? Fay says they were talking about matters of the heart. Brandon apologizes to Sami, who says she is impressed he is so protective of his mother. Brandon says he is protective of all the women in his life. Fay decides to leave, but Brandon asks why she came over? Fay says she came by for a very important reason, she brought him a plant. She also brought him some food, a box of oats to keep him healthy. Fay eventually leaves, and Sami tells Brandon that she likes his mom. Brandon becomes angry and asks if they were talking about Abe? Sami says she asked why he hated Abe, because his hatred for him is very irrational. Brandon asks "Oh, like your hatred for Lucas?" That shuts Sami up. Brandon tells Sami to go get ready for the strip club, so she leaves to change. Sami changes into her Laura Branigan hooker look, and Brandon changes into his Backstreet Boys pimp look. As they are about to leave, Sami feels like she is losing her courage.

Fay goes to the station to see Abe, but learns he is not in. She asks when he will be in, but the female cop refuses to give out any info on Abe's schedule unless Fay leaves a name. Fay refuses, claiming she wants to surprise him, so she leaves. She tells herself that she has so much to tell Abe.

At the hospital, Doug is reading Hope a poem. Hope tells her dad it was beautiful. Hope tells DOug that she was so scared for awhile that something was wrong with her baby. Doug says there is nothing wrong with his lungs, and Hope says maybe he'll be a singer like his grandfather. Doug decides to let Hope get some rest, but Hope rather go visit her son and watch him sleep. DOug suggests she wait till Bo gets back and then they can go to the nursery together.

In the nursery, Bo overhears the nurses say they should give the baby a bottle of milk Hope expressed because if she saw him she'd just be upset. Bo asks why Hope should be upset? He demands to know if something is wrong? Alice shows up and becomes worried and demands the nurse answer. The nurse says the baby has lost a little weight and is just agitated, that is all. ALice tells Bo that perhaps after he is fed he will quiet down.

Alice and Bo go to see Hope. Hope asks about the baby, and Bo says he was crying again. Hope becomes upset, but Bo says that the nurses will give him a bottle and want her to get some rest. Hope doesn't care about rest, she wants to make sure her baby is okay. Bo tells her that she needs to remain calm because if she is upset, it won't help their baby out any. Hope tells Bo that he is right, but she just wants the best for their baby. Hope then asks Bo if he looks more like a Brady or a Horton? Bo says it is hard to tell, but he thinks he looks like a smurf. Hope smacks Bo playfully and says she does not give birth to smurfs! Bo tells Hope that they need to come up with a name soon. As Hope is about to tell Bo her name, a nurse comes in, and Hope knows something is wrong. The nurse says that they just brought her the baby to show her how much he has grown. They give the baby to Hope, who refuses to take Hope's milk. Bo leaves Hope for a second, and he talks with DOug and Alice about the baby. Alice is worried about the baby and tells them that they should be prepared for anything. Meanwhile, the nurse helps Hope feed the baby, and the others look in on him and Hope.

At the Carver house, Abe tells Celeste how blind Lexie is to Stefano's faults. Celeste says she was as well, for many years, but then she saw the light. Abe asks how they can make Lexie see the light? Celeste tells Abe that Stefano is Lexie's father, so she wants to see the good in him. She says that Alexandra is clinging onto the hope that Stefano has changed. Abe rants and raves that Lexie thinks Stefano is changed because of how he cared for Hope, when it is his fault that Hope was locked up in the first place. Celeste tells her that they can't destroy Stefano for Lexie, because she will despise them, not him. She tells Abe that Lexie must realize for herself that Stefano has not changed. She is positive that Stefano will shoot himself in the foot very soon, and LExie will see his true colors. Abe can't wait for that day to come because he wants to put as much distance between his family and Stefano as possible. Later they talk about adoption, and Abe says Marlo really didn't seem to care about her baby at all. Abe tells Celeste that he really fears what would happen if Marlo changed her mind about this adoption, and he hopes they never have to see Marlo again.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano tries to calm Lexie down after she has seen MArlo's body. Lexie says there must be something they can do for her, but Stefano says there isn't. Lexie tells Stefano to call 911 as she performs CPR on MArlo, but Stefano pulls her off her and says she is dead. Lexie sees the bruises and asks if she was beaten, did someone break in? Stefano says no, and he makes up this elaborately stupid story about how Marlo wanted to go home, and she fell down the steps in her hurry to leave and broke her neck. Lexie asks where her suitcase is? Stefano says that Marlo was so weak she could hardly stand up, so she was probably coming downstairs to ask him for his help. Lexie wants to check Marlo's room to see if she left a note for the baby or for her or Abe. Stefano tells LExie not to go to the room, she shouldn't touch anything up there! Stefano tells Lexie to go home to her baby, he will take care of things here. Lexie refuses and says she wants to help him deal with this horrible tragedy. Lexie decides to call Abe to take come over and take care of things, but Stefano grabs the phone from her and asks her not to do that. When she refuses, he takes the phone from her, claiming that he didn't want her to wake the baby. Lexie walks back out into the foyer, and Marlo's body is gone. When she asked what happened to the body, Stefano asks "What body? What are you talking about?"


June 16
Nicole goes to Rex office to meet him and is suddenly hit with a stomach pain. Rex comes in and catches her as she is about to fall on her face. Rex thinks she's "falling into his arms," but she tells him that she's not feeling good. Nicole says she came by to look at her portfolio. Rex says sure, and when she looks at it, she'll be in the mood to celebrate. Nicole looks at her stocks and says this is awesome, and it is time to cash out. Rex tells her she can't! Nicole says of course she can, she wants out of all of this. Rex tells her if she cashes out now it would be short-sided, in fact if she invests another million it will be very profitable. Nicole tells Rex that she's not giving him anymore money! Rex offers to double her money in thirty days. Nicole tells Rex that he's giving her a headache. Rex knows what would make her feel better, but Nicole says her stomach is already churning! Nicole leaves, and Rex says Nicole is one hell of a player.

Greta and Eric go out to dinner at Tuscany and can't stop kissing. Meanwhile, AUstin is Tuscany, and wonders where Sami is. Austin approaches them and asks them if they know where Sami is, she hasn't been answering her cell phone, and she does have to get to work early tomorrow. Eric tells him not to worry, Sami can take care of herself. Greta says maybe she went out with some friends from the hospital, and she thinks it is sweet that Austin is worried about her. Austin says that lately he thinks Sami is avoiding him, but Eric says that is not the case. Austin thinks Sami is upset with her for not agreeing with her wanting sole custody. Eric agrees with Austin, he thinks Sami should just go for joint custody. Austin says Sami won't settle for that, and he fears what creative ideas she is conjuring up. Greta assures Austin that Sami won't try anything drastic, for example kidnapping Will again. Later, Nicole comes into Tuscany and orders a club soda. They all see Nicole, so Eric excuses himself to check on her, which bothers Greta. Austin says if Eric hadn't gone over there then he would have, she looks sick. Eric offers to take Nicole to the hospital, but she refuses. Nicole says maybe Saint Austin can take her, so he says he'll ask her. Eric goes back to his table and asks Austin to take her to the emergency room. Suddenly, Nicole passes out!

Brandon and Sami, aka Lola, go to the strip club in their hooker and pimp get-ups. Sami is hit on by some guys, but Brandon says the lady is with him tonight. They end up talking to the bartender about a drink their friend Roberto recommended. Unfortunately for Brandon and Sami, the bartender talks to the manager and says some guy is bending his ear about Borelli. The manager approached them and throws them both out!

At the penthouse, Belle overhears her mom talking to another doctor on the phone about a patient. After Marlena's call ends, Belle talks to MArlena about her problems. Belle tells her mom that she spent a whole month's allowance on clothes, and she wishes she hadn't now. Marlena says she can take them back, but Belle says she doesn't wish she hadn't that much! Marlena laughs and says she'll be fine. Belle talks to MArlena about her call, and she says when she grows up she hopes she makes a difference in people's lives the way she does. MArlena says she already does make a difference in people's lives. Marlena offers to spend tomorrow with her, and she can invite Chloe and Mimi if she wants. Belle says that Mimi doesn't like CHloe much. Marlena asks if Chloe has made any other friends? Belle says she hopes Chloe will join everyone with the summer project. Marlena asks if they have decided on a charity? Belle says she has, Habitat for Humanity. Belle then starts talking about the Last Blast Dance, and that if she doesn't get asked by . . somebody . . she's going with a group of girls. Marlena asks if this somebody is someone in particular? Belle says maybe, so Marlena asks who the boy she likes is? Belle says she didn't say she liked him. Marlena guesses Phillip, but Belle says no. Marlena then guesses Shawn, but Belle says Shawn is just everyone's friend. Belle then starts talking about how she saw Shawn with Chloe tonight, and she felt jealous. Marlena tells her that is normal. Belle just hopes that CHloe will come to the dance with her, and Marlena does as well. They continue their talk about friendship and teenagers, and Belle tells her mom that she's such a good parent.

At the Wesley's, Chloe approaches Nancy, who is sitting on the couch. Nancy gets up an approaches her, and in unison they apologize. Nancy asks why she is sorry? Chloe says she wasn't very nice to her before. Nancy tells Chloe that she is the one who should have known better, she provoked her and should have been more considerate of her feelings. CHloe asks Nancy what she's reading, and Nancy says it is just Bella. Nancy tells Chloe about an article she was reading about snagging a guy, and how one day this will have meaning to her. Chloe says it already does. Nancy asks if there is a boy she likes? Chloe says she meant that she knows girls who read these articles and dress and act a certain way to get a boy, as if mutual connection doesn't count. Nancy says sometimes the connection is there, but the boy just needs a little help to know you feel the same way. Chloe says if a guy likes you it should be about you. Nancy tells Chloe that she is so wise, wiser than she was at that age. Chloe wonder if she takes after her dad. She apologizes for the comment, but says she just wonders who her dad is because they are nothing alike. They talk about adoption for a bit, and Chloe tells her about the woman she saw at the hospital (Marlo). Chloe says that the woman who gave her baby up did the right thing, she had no business being a mother. However, she (Nancy) is nothing like that woman. They then start talking about the Last Blast dance. Nancy thinks she should go, and CHloe says she sounds like Belle. Nancy then uses guilt and asks CHloe is she wants to disappoint Belle?

At the Carvers, Abe worries about Lexie, so he decides to send a patrol car over to DiMera's to make sure Lexie got their safely. Celeste hangs the phone up and tells Abe that nothing is wrong, and he will only look like a crazy man. Later an Officer Simmons calls and tells him about the strange woman at the station looking for him. Abe thanks her for letting him no and thinks it is probably just an old friend from high school.

At the DiMera mansion, MArlo's body is gone, and Lexie asks where the body is! Stefano asks what body? What are you talking about? Lexie begins to cry and tells her father that she is the person everyone says he is! Stefano tells Lexie that as his father he only has her best interests at heart. Lexie wants to call the police, but he tells her that he cannot let her do that! Lexie demands to know where Marlo's body is? Stefano says it is gone and will never be found. Lexie asks where the body has been taken? Stefano says no one will find it, it ends here. Lexie says Marlo will be a missing person, people will ask questions and will learn she died here, he can't cover this up! Stefano says Stefano DiMera can! Lexie tells her father that she doesn't even know him! Stefano says she does know him, he is a man that always puts his daughter first. Stefano tells Lexie that if she listens to him, she will raise the baby as her own, but if she goes to the police, her future will be ruined! Lexie is confused and doesn't understand. Stefano says the police would immediately think something suspicious is going on, and his part in the adoption would be contested, which would result in her losing the baby to Marlo's next of kin. He says that Marlo's kin will fight for this child, because children are wealth to her people, and he will end up in an Eastern European slum. Stefano then uses the biblical story about Isaac's name to try and convince her to keep silent, but Lexie says he is not God! Lexie says she can't keep quiet because it goes against everything she stands for. Stefano tells her that this is her first day as a parent, and obviously the protective mothering instinct has not kicked in. Lexie says nobody loves Isaac more than anyone else does, and even if she wanted to lie, she couldn't because she is a terrible liar. Stefano tells her that she is a DiMera, and she will find the strength in him! Lexie says she won't lie, there has to be a better way. Stefano says there is no other way! Suddenly, Abe shows up at the front door!

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