June 00 Week 1


June 5
The lovefest at the townhouse between Kate and Nicholas continues. Kate asks Nicholas to make love to her, make love to her NOW. They start to go at it on the couch, and fortunately Kate pushes Nicholas off of her because she can't breath. Kate takes a drink, and then pushes Nicholas away, but he keeps on kissing her, and she starts kissing back. However, she stops him again and says this has to stop. Nicholas tells Kate that she can't stop fate, they are meant to be together. Kate and Nicholas then begin to argue about Victor. Kate tells Nicholas that this is wrong and there is no way he'll convince her it isn't. Nicholas tells Kate that she can't be happy in that house, and she admits that she isn't. She says she does like men and sex, but she is in love with Victor. Nicholas asks "What if Victor gave them permission to have an affair, would she do it then?" Kate says that would never happen! Kate leaves, but Nicholas says he will have Kate, because Victor is not only the problem, but the solution.

Mimi looks inside the Book Cafe and sees Belle and Chloe inside, so she tells herself that she has to wait. Inside, Belle tells Chloe that she's very worried about Mimi. Belle says if Mimi was herself she'd be talking all about the Last Blast dance. Belle tries to talk Chloe to going to the dance, but CHloe says she doesn't want to go by herself, or with any of the other creeps at the school. Belle tells Chloe that it doesn't matter if she has a date or not, she's going with or without one. Belle tells Chloe that she didn't even have a date for the last dance, and tells Chloe about the whole Brandon Walker fiasco. Belle tells Chloe that it made her realize she didn't need a date to have fun, and she did have fun. Chloe tells Belle that was a great story, but she isn't like her, she just can't have fun because she wants to. They start talking about boys, and Chloe becomes upset when Belle thinks Chloe needs a make-over to attract a guy. Chloe asks why she would want to date someone so shallow, someone who'd only date her for her looks? Belle says what she meant was that once she has a guy interested in her, then he can learn more about the real Chloe. Suddenly, Chloe sees Mimi standing at the door looking in, and wonder what is wrong with her. Mimi decides to leave because she thinks she'll never get "it" done with everyone here.

Phillip is talking to Jason about the dance, and he is positive that he will be the one to take Belle to the dance. Phillip says he has a plan to make sure Belle accepts when he asks her. Jason tells him that he's not so sure because he's heard Belle has a major crush on Shawn. Phillip says that is not true, and then he approaches Belle and Chloe. Chloe decides to leave, but Phillip asks her not to. Phillip offers to buy them both cups of coffee, but Chloe says another time, and runs out after Mimi. Phillip talks to Belle about Chloe, and how he did appreciate her saving his life. Phillip admits that he can be a jerk sometimes, which Belle finds amazing. However, Belle soon realizes that she's being set up for something. Phillip says he's not setting her up for anything, and tells her that she's looking really great today, especially her hair. Belle thinks the hair jokes are coming, and Phillip eventually gets fed up when Belle goes on and on about Shawn. Phillip asks if they can stop talking about Shawn? Belle changes the subject, and talks about the dance. Belle then gets a great idea, she and Phillip should work together to find CHloe a date. However, she says that Chloe would kill her if she heard her saying that. Belle then changes the subject to Mimi, and how odd she's been acting. Phillip thinks that maybe she's having a tough time at home or something.

Chloe follows Mimi, actually she chases her, through the streets of Salem. Mimi ends up in an alley where a car approaches her.

At Bo and Hope's house, Hope goes into labor. Bo calls the hospital, Julie gets the suitcase, and Shawn searches for the keys. Alice yells at everyone to get organized! Alice takes charge and gives everyone orders. Shawn pulls the car around, and Hope begs Bo to take care of the marriage before the baby is born.

Bo, Hope, and Shawn arrive at the hospital and learn that Dr. Bader is on vacation. Bo becomes upset, but the nurse assures him that there are other physicians qualified to deliver this baby. Hope reminds Bo about the wedding. Bo tells her that Shawn is handling things right now. Hope is taken to be examined, and Shawn tells Bo that Father Jansen is on his way over here. Bo starts rambling on that everything will be fine, and he accidently says "It doesn't matter who this baby belongs to." Shawn asks him what he's talking about? Bo covers and says that he just meant it hasn't seemed real until now. Shawn and Bo go in to see Hope, and she says she doesn't understand what has happened. The nurse says that Hope's contractions have slowed down, and this labor could take up to twenty-four hours. Hope asks Shawn to call Father Jensen and see what is taking so long for him to get here. Shawn leaves, and Hope tells Bo that there is one more thing she needs to take care of before this baby is born. Hope asks Bo to call Lexie and let her know the baby is coming.

At the DiMera mansion, Marlo goes into labor. Lexie tells her father that they have to get her to the hospital, but Stefano says she is not going anywhere. Abe asks what in the hell Stefano is talking about, and unfortunately the satellite lost the signal for a bit. When the show comes back, Stefano is asking Rolfe to stop Marlo's contraction with a shot, but Marlo asks how he is supposed to do that with Lexie and Abe around? Stefano realizes Rolfe is right, and comes up with a plan. He tells Rolfe to stand near the door, he will get Marlo over there so he can inject her. Stefano returns to the parlor and tells them all that he knows exactly what Marlo needs, she doesn't need a doctor. Stefano says all she needs is a walk, so Stefano walks her around the room, and Rolfe gives her a shot. She screams, and Abe thinks something, or someone, in the hallway hit her with something. However, Marlo says she is fine, and her labor has stopped. Marlo lies down on the couch and says the pain is gone, which surprises Lexie. However, Abe is still suspicious of what is going on here. Lexie knows exactly how to get to the bottom of this, and says she will, right now. Lexie says she wants Marlo to see an obstetrician. Suddenly, Lexie gets a call from Bo about the baby. Stefano is shocked to learn that Hope is in labor, and says she can't deliver her baby tonight! Abe and Lexie leave, and Stefano asks Rolfe to give something to Marlo to induce labor. Rolfe says that could be dangerous, but Stefano doesn't care and tells him to do it!


June 6
Chloe follows Mimi to an alley, where a car pulls up to Mimi and the door opens. Some guy propositions Mimi, but she runs away from him. Chloe realizes that the man in the car thought Mimi was a prostitute, and she wonders what is in the bag Mimi is carrying. Chloe continues to follow Mimi as she runs through Salem Place. Some guy ends up taking Mimi's stuff and running, and she cries that she'll never get the money now. Chloe tries to help Mimi, but Mimi pushes her away. Chloe tells Mimi that if she won't tell her what is wrong, she will tell Belle what is going on! Mimi says she can't do that, and the two start fighting. Mimi picks up a pipe and swears she will kill her if she tells Belle or anyone else what she saw tonight, and then she runs off.

Nicole is driving to meet Rex. She calls Lucas and tells him that she has to go to a meeting for Bella. Lucas isn't pleased, and tells her that he'll see her at home later. Rex calls Nicole, and says he's looking forward to meeting with her, but she refuses to go to his office. She demands they meet at Tuscany, so he agrees. Rex thinks that once Nicole has given over all of her money, she will be willing to do anything for him.

Nicole arrives at Tuscany and learns that Maggie is not here tonight. She meets Rex at the bar, and he tries to give her a kiss, but she backs away from him. Rex puts the moves on Nicole, but she isn't falling for his lines. When Nicole says all she needs is money, not sex, Rex experiences Deja Vous. He knows he knows her from someplace else, but he doesn't know where. Nicole tells him to get back to business, so he says he has a new hot tip and she needs to invest another two million. Nicole says she'll give him one million, and he can use the profits from her other investments to make up the other million. Rex says he can't do that, so Nicole tells him that they are through, and she wants to see a check from him in the morning. Rex agrees to do what she suggests, so she writes him a check for one mil. She tells him if he gets her what she wants, then maybe he can have a little more of what he wants. Nicole leaves, and is unaware that Rex recorded her voice. He is positive that he knows Nicole from somewhere.

Lucas is at Dot.Com telling himself that he needs to stop being so suspicious. Elsewhere, Greta calls Eric and makes plans to come over and see him. As she is leaving she runs into Lucas. Greta asks why he is home so early? Lucas says that Nicole had a meeting suddenly come up, so they had to leave, which Greta finds very convenient. Lucas talks to Greta about his problems with Nicole, and Greta soon realizes that Nicole has been lying to Lucas about hanging out with Eric. Greta says she is planning to go over to see Eric, and Lucas says he happens to be going over to pick up Will. Greta thought he was spending time with Sami? Lucas says he only agreed to let Sami take care of him as long as he was gone, and now he's back. Greta asks him to at least let Sami keep him for one more night, but Lucas says he doesn't want Sami to get used to having her around. Greta says that it is just one more night, so Lucas agrees. He tells her that she should be a social worker, and she tells him that he needs to get out of that suit more often because it loosens him up. Lucas asks Greta if she wants to have kids some day? She says of course, but first she has to make sure she's with the right guy. Greta decides ro head over to Eric's, and Lucas says he'll follow her to kiss Will goodnight.

At Eric's place, Sami asks Eric to tell her all about running into Lucas and Nicole at the lodge. Eric says there isn't much to tell, they just bumped into him and Nicole at the lodge, they were supposedly on a romantic getaway. As they talk, Sami suggests that it seems like Nicole isn't letting him get close to Greta. This upsets Eric, and tells Sami that Nicole doesn't control his life, and it was just an unfortunate coincidence that they were there at the lodge. Sami wonders if Nicole and Lucas knew that he and Greta were leaving, and he says that he told Nicole that they were. This upsets Sami, who blurts out "Then why didn't she keep Lucas at the lodge and do what she was supposed to do!" Eric asks what was Nicole supposed to do? Sami says that Nicole promised to keep Lucas away for a few days so she could have Will.

Lucas and Greta show up at Eric's, and Sami blows up because she thinks he is here to take Will away from her. Will ends up waking up because of Sami's yelling. Greta says that Lucas only came by to give him a kiss, and he's going to pick him up in the morning. Lucas and Greta go to tuck Will in, and Eric tells Sami that it looks like she was wrong. However, Sami knows Lucas is up to something. Lucas returns and demands an apology, but she refuses. Lucas then tells Sami that after tonight, she'll never have Will again! Lucas leaves, and Greta follows him and tells him how proud of him she is. Greta compliments Lucas, and tells him that he is a very good person. Greta returns, and Sami gets into it with Greta. Greta tells Sami that she thinks Lucas acted a lot more maturely than she did, and Eric agrees. Sami refuses to stand here and be bad mouthed, so she leaves to be with her son. Eric tells Greta that he was very impressed with the way she just handled Lucas and Will, and then they start kissing. Meanwhile, Sami calls Brandon to make plans to go to the strip club tomorrow night.

At the DiMera mansion, Marlo refuses to allow Rolfe to induce labor because Rolfe says it is dangerous, but Stefano orders it to be done. Stefano grabs Marlo, and Rolfe gives her a shot. Marlo goes into labor, and Stefano tells Rolfe to get to the hospital and make sure everything is ready to switch the babies. Rolfe gives Stefano a stop watch and tells him when to take her to the hospital, and then he leaves.

At the hospital, Hope is still worrying about Father Jansen not making it in time. Lexie shows up to be with Hope, and Hope gets another contraction. Lexie yells at Bo and Shawn to leave for a bit so she can examine Hope. Shawn wishes there is something he could do, so Bo tells him to call everyone and tell them to stay home because the baby isn't coming yet. Meanwhile, Lexie check's Hope, and she's only dilated two centimeters. Stefano calls Lexie to check on Hope's status. Lexie says there should be a new baby in the next twenty-four hours. Stefano asks Lexie to give Hope his best, and to stay in touch. As Hope is screaming from pain, Lexie tells Hope that Abe has agreed to the adoption. Bo returns, and Lexie asks Hope if she's come up with a name yet. Hope says no, not yet. Hope asks Lexie if she has? Lexie says they know it is a boy, but haven't settled on a name. Suddenly, Bo gets a phone call and learns that Father Jansen isn't coming. However, they are sending over a Father Peter instead. Elsewhere, Lexie catches Nurse Rolfina spying on the doctors talking about Hope's delivery. She doesn't recognize him/her, and asks what he/she is doing here? Rolfe says he is nurse Rhianna and "she" is new here. Lexie ends up believing "nurse Rhianna's" story, and Rolfe tells himself that he has a plan to switch the babies without ever having to touch them.


June 7
This was written hours after I saw the show, so it is very short
Mimi wakes up in the park, and eats breakfast out of the trash. She then goes home to change for school, saying her mom and brother are counting on her. Later at school, Belle confronts Mimi about her odd behavior. Her home is nothing but boxes filled with stuff, all the furniture is gone. At the station, Roman and Abe try to convince the commissioner to assign an undercover agent at the strip club, but he refuses because the Franco murder case is closed. At the hospital, John, Marlena, and Alice show up, spoiling Bo and Hope's attempt at a private wedding. Marlena worries about John's odd behavior because he's not looking very happy about Hope giving birth. When Bo finally gets everyone out of the room, the priest shows up, only to end up leaving to give some their last rights. Meanwhile, Stefano shows up with MArlo, and Rolfe poses as Marlo's doctor. Lexie learns Marlo is in labor, so she calls Abe, who rushes over to the hospital. Abe sees Larry and tries to talk to him, but Larry says he doesn't want to talk to ABe, and wheels off. Abe then goes to see Lexie in order to go be with Marlo, who is busy screaming at Rolfe to give her drugs. Meanwhile, Sami and Brandon discuss the strip club operation over coffee. Roman shows up and tells Sami that the commissioner won't allow an undercover cop at the strip club, but he doesn't want her investigating this on her own. After he leaves, Brandon asks Sami if she wants to abandon their plan, but she says no way.


June 8
At Salem High, Belle confronts Mimi and wants to talk about her odd behavior. Mimi fears Chloe told Belle what she saw. Chloe tells Belle not to bother Mimi, but Mimi wants to know exactly what she told Belle about her. Belle says CHloe didn't tell her anything, she is just concerned about her. Belle says that she is always late to school and she is avoiding her like a plague. Mimi claims she is avoiding her like a plague because she spends all her time with that weirdo! Belle says Chloe is not weird and she's sick of seeing everyone treating Chloe like a freak. Belle says she's glad Chloe told her what she saw, because now she knows Mimi needs help. Mimi says Chloe is the only one who will need help before the day is over. Belle asks if these problems have anything to do with her dad loosing his job? Mimi says no, their only problem is that she has chosen Ghoul girl over her. Jan and Jason show up and start picking on Mimi. Belle tries to defend Mimi, but Mimi tells Belle that she can defend herself. Mimi tells Jan and Jason that nobody likes them, they aren't funny, and they are stupid. Belle tells Jan and Jason to leave, so they do. Belle tells Mimi that they are still best friends and she has been worried about her. Mimi says if that is the case, why didn't she come to her instead of listening to CHloe? Mimi starts yelling at Belle for tearing her apart in front of Chloe, and she says that she believed she was her best friend. She tells Belle that she doesn't need her anymore, and she doesn't need this school. She then threatens to drop out. After Mimi leaves, Chloe tells Belle that she thinks she knows what Mimi's problem is.

At the hospital, Abe and Lexie wait for Marlo to give birth. Lexie is on cloud nine, but Marlo is still screaming for drugs. Rolfe tells her to remember to scream in her accent because everyone must believe she is going back to Europe after the baby is born. Marlo screams that she hates Stefano and wishes she never made a deal with him. Lexie and Abe walk into the room to be with MArlo, and find Rolfe with a large needle. Lexie asks what that is for? Rolfe says it is a sedative for later. LExie asks if she can help Marlo with her lamaz, but she only wants drugs.

Meanwhile, Rolfe goes to carry out the next step of his plan, and he heads to the nursery. However, he is caught by a nurse, who wants to knwo what he's doing here. He says he just wanted to acquaint himself with the nursery because he'll be delivering the Carver baby today. Rolfe asks about security and the nurse assures Rolfe that this nursery is state of the art in security. Rolfe tells the nurse someone is looking for her, so when she leaves, Rolfe switches the bracelets!

On the way back to Marlo's room, Bart tells Rolfe that Hope is about to deliver! Rolfe fears what could happen if Marlo is late. Rolfe checks on Marlo and says that MArlo isn't dilating as fast as he'd like. Lexie asks why that matters? Rolfe tells her that this baby needs to be born right now! When Lexie asks why, Rolfe says he doesn't like the position the baby is in. Rolfe then asks Lexie to go find Abe, who left, so she leaves. Once she's gone, Rolfe calls Stefano and tells him the bad news, Hope might give birth hours before Hope does. Stefano orders Rolfe to get that baby out of Marlo now! Rolfe says there is only one solution, and he sedates Marlo. Lexie and Abe return, and suddenly Marlo flatlines!

In Hope's room, Bo and Shawn leave to find the priest while Hope tries to get rid of her dad and Julie. Hope asks them to leave, but Doug refuses. Elsewhere, Bart spies on Marlena and John as they talk about the baby. Marlena thinks it could be possible that Stefano isn't the father, and she wants to talk to Bo about this before the baby is born. John and Marlena run into Bo. Marlena tells Bo that she's been thinking, and she thinks he's wrong to assume that Stefano is the father. Bo asks if they know something he doesn't? Marlena and John say no, and they just feel he is fearing the worst. Bo thanks them for talking to him and being such good friends. He says he is happy about being a father again because even though he is not the father, the baby is still a part of Hope.

Back in Hope's room, Dr. Bader returns and says the contractions are growing closer. However, Hope says she can't deliver yet, she needs time! Meanwhile, Shawn finds the priest, and tells him that his parents are ready to marry. As they head back to the room they run into Alice, who wants to know what is going on. Luckily Alice does not suspect anything, she is just unhappy about him not being in the room with his mother. Shawn and Alice go in there, and Alice presents Hope with a shawl that she knitted to bring Abby home in. Hope then asks everyone for a few minutes alone with Bo and Shawn, so they all leave. Bo returns, and the priest shows up, so she and Bo prepare to get married before the baby comes. Bo and Hope are finally married.

At the DiMera mansion, a surprise for Lexie arrives. He buys a necklace that was a gift from Alexander the Great to one of his lovers. Stefano loves the gift because not only is the owners name appropriate, but the stone is his daughter's son's birthstone. Later, Stefano toasts to his daughters new son, and possibly his, and Marlo's baby who is destined to be raised a Brady.


June 9
John is laying on a couch playing patient-doctor with Marlena. He is telling her how much he loves this woman in his life, and he falls in love with her every time he sees her, which frustrates him. Marlena decides to help him relax, and sits on the couch next to him. As they get begin to get intimate, Marlena's beeper goes off. She decides to check it because it could be about Hope. John asks if she has thought about what to get them as a gift? Marlena hasn't thought about it, so he suggests a silver rattle he saw in a shop in Salem Place. Marlena then tells John that she believes the baby can't be Stefano's, because God wouldn't be so cruel. She thinks that perhaps it is best Hope remember the past year, then she'll know who the father is. John asks why, he thought she didn't want Hope to remember. Marlena says she thinks Hope remembering could allow everyone to live happily ever after, but John says that won't happen. Marlena asks why he says that? John says look at him, all he got from remembering was nightmares and sweats. Marlena realizes John is holding something back about Hope, and she wants to know what it is because their relationship is changing because of it. John remembers an old lesson from Stefano, who told him to believe a lie to be the truth, because that way lies become the truth. John tells Marlena that he just feels that Hope needs to be protected from the truth and the pain. Marlena says she doesn't want Hope to be in pain, but if she was in Hope's place, she would want to know who the father of her child is. John says that as far as Hope knows, Bo is the father, and she has never been happier. John kisses Marlena to change the subject, and says they should concentrate on their love right now. As they get down to business, they get a phone call about the birth of Hope's son.

At the hospital, Brandon and Larry are talking about Abe, and Sami walks up and hears Larry tell Brandon that he made Abe feel like the scum he is. Sami is outraged that Larry made Abe feel like scum, especially today. Brandon asks what is going on today? Sami tells them that he is going to be a father. Sami and Larry then start to argue about the type of man Abe is. Sami says that Abe Carver is a good man. Brandon reminds her that when she was on death row, Abe did not stand up for her. Sami says that he wasn't in Salem when that happened, so she wants to know what is going on. She realizes that Brandon is obsessed with Abe, and she wants to know why. Brandon says that Abe deserves to be punished what for what he's done, but Sami defends Abe. After Sami leaves, Brandon realizes Sami is getting to Larry. However, Larry assures Brandon that he won't forget what he has done for him. Brandon tells Larry to meet him and Benny at his place tonight for another strategy session. Brandon finds Sami later on to talk to her and try and explain why he is upset with Abe. He tells Sami that Abe has a whole gang of people supporting him, but LArry only has him. Brandon tells Sami that if she can't respect and trust him, then they should forget working together on this undercover investigation. Sami tells him that she never said she didn't trust him, she just wishes he and Abe could work things out. Brandon says that won't happen because what he did to Larry was unforgivable.

In Marlo's room, Rolfe gives Marlo an injection, which causes her to flatline. Rolfe tells Lexie that the baby is fine, but the mother is not. Lexie goes to work, and manages to bring Marlo back just in time for the baby to be born. Marlo's baby is born, but he isn't crying. Lexie asks if the baby is okay? The baby soon begins to cry, and later the baby is taken to the nursery. Lexie wants to go with the nurse, but Rolfe tells her that certainly she has faith in her own hospital system! Rolfe convinces Lexie not to go with the baby, but Lexie asks the nurse to bring him back as quickly as she can. After Abe and Lexie leave, Marlo yells at Rolfe for not giving her drugs. Rolfe says she was too far along for drugs, and now he must get to the nursery to make sure everything goes as planned. However, Marlo tells the big faker to hold it! Marlo says she wants out of this dump, she wants to relax, and she wants her money!

In Hope's room, Hope is ready to push, but she says she can't yet. Bo asks the priest to hurry up and skip ahead to the "I now pronounce you man and wife." part. The priest pronounces them husband and wife only moments before the baby is born. Hope holds her son, and the priest congratulates them and leaves. Hope asks Bo if he would like to hold his son? Bo holds the baby, and Hope is happy to see him holding "their" child.

Celeste and Caroline meet up at the hospital, both celebrate the new babies about to be born. Celeste and Caroline join the Bradys, Hortons, and Williams as they wait for the babies to be born. Caroline says they all must welcome Celeste to their club, because the baby Lexie and Abe are going to adopt is also being born. Later, the doctor gives them the news about Bo and Hope's new son.

The Bradys and Hortons all come in to see Bo, Hope, Shawn, and the new baby. They congratulate them, and then start talking about the wedding. John and Marlena soon show up and congratulate Bo and Hope on the new baby.

Abe and Lexie go out to see Celeste and tell her that they have a sweet little baby boy. Celeste is overjoyed, and then tells Lexie not to worry because she is all packed and ready to move in with them. Abe thanks her for the offer, but says perhaps they should wait and see. Celeste says why wait, they are both very busy people, and she has so much time to give. Lexie thanks her mom, but says she and Abe would like to experience this for a few days on their own.

Rolfe runs to the nursery to switch the bracelets, but is too late, the nurses are already putting them on the babies!

At the DiMera mansion, Bart tells Stefano that it appears the babies might be born at the same time. Stefano tells Bart that they MUST be born at the same time. Stefano says his master plan depends on it, and it will give everyone he wants. He says Lexie will get her child, Hope and Bo will get a child, John and Marlena will continue with their romantic marriage, and nobody will know Hope made love to John. However, Bart knows Stefano never does something without getting something in return, and he knows he is switching the baby because it could be his own. Stefano tells Bart that he is not as dumb as he appears to be.

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