July 99 Week 2


July 12
In Salem Place, Carrie tells Austin that she believes they can get their love back. Austin is unhappy with her for pushing the idea of counseling on him when he knows she is still in love with Mike. Carrie says that she never would have slept with Mike if he hadn't pushed her away. She says this all started when Sami lied to him about Lucas hitting Will. Carrie says Sami lied so she could draw him into her web and they could live a happy little life together. Austin tells Carrie that she's still doing it, she is still blaming Sami for all their problems, and her affair! Carrie says that it was not an affair, it only happened once. Austin says that still doesn't make it right. Carrie knows she hurt him and asks if they can't try to fix the mistakes she's made. Austin says that he will agree to counseling, but she has to quit her job. Carrie says the hospital needs her right now, and her relationship with Mike is only professional. Austin says that he's heard that before, and their marriage is a farce, just like Nicole and Lucas'. Austin asks her to sign the papers, but Carrie refuses until they try to save their marriage. Austin says it is over.

At the penthouse, Sami is looking through a family photo album. She says that she knows she's dreaming, but she still wishes she, Austin, and Will could be a family. Lucas shows up at the door and tells Sami that he's here to take Will home. Lucas walks inside and Sami refuses to let him take Will. Lucas tells her that she doesn't have a choice, he has soul custody of Will. Sami says that is because he coerced Nicole into marriage, that is the only reason he married her, he would do anything to get Will. Lucas says she would too, and asks Sami to admit that he never hit Will. Sami says he almost killed Will by kidnapping will while driving drunk, but Lucas says this is all her fault for lying, she started the ball rolling. Sami says she and Austin will challenge custody, but Lucas says he has everything on his side. Sami gives him a look, and Lucas sees that the old Sami is back. Lucas tells Sami that Austin is just her friend, he doesn't love her and never will. Lucas had hoped her near death experience would have changed her. Sami says it has, and he has no idea what it is like to look death in the face. Lucas says he hopes he doesn't until he's an old man, and his offer to share custody with her still stands. Lucas asks her if she wants peace, or war? Sami says she will not rest until she gets her son back. Lucas says he is sorry he ever saved her life, and he should have listened to his mom. Sami tells him that he confessed because of his guilty conscious. Chelsea brings Will down and Lucas and says he's leaving. Sami wants to say goodbye to Will privately, and Chelsea asks Lucas to call next time and she'll have his things packed. Lucas says there probably won't be a next time. Lucas takes Will and leaves. After he is gone, Sami vows to prove his marriage to Nicole is a sham, or that he really killed Lucas.

Onboard Stefano's jet, Bo demands Stefano tell him where "Hope" is. Stefano says he doesn't know what he's talking about. Bo tells Stefano that he knows he changed her into Princess Gina the night of her accident. Bo tells her that she has been different ever since, and now she's disappeared after flipping out at John and Marlena's wedding reception. Stefano asks what she said, but Bo says he knows what she said because he engineered it. Stefano says he had no part in this, but Bo knows he went to Europe to meet "Hope." Stefano says he was on a business trip, and has nothing to do with "Hope's" disappearance. Stefano says it sounds like Hope is going through a break down.

In Hawaii, the cost guard tells Marlena that they are searching for John, but there is no sign of him yet. Marlena tells him that she knows he's still alive. The coast guard says a storm is coming and they have to delay the search, which upsets Marlena. He hands her his binoculars to watch the surf while he talks with his men. Marlena wonders why John had to be a hero, and then we see flashbacks of John rescuing Marlena so many times. Marlena asks God not to take him from her now. Marlena calls Bo, who is still on Stefano's jet, and she tells him that John has disappeared. Bo asks how long he has been gone? Marlena says its been a few hours. She tells him that John went into the water to save a woman, and never returned. Bo tells her that he's on his way.

Back on the jet, Stefano asks if something is wrong? Bo tells him that it is none of his business. He tells him that he will be back and deal with him later. Bo leaves and Rolfe shows up. They wonder what Gina is up to and where she is. Rolfe says he wishes he knew what happened on the hillside when he was knocked out. Stefano wonders what Gina is up to, and says Gina will pay dearly if she has betrayed him. Stefano say it will be the end of Princess Gina and Hope Williams Brady.

Bo makes some calls to the ISA to have a search for Hope set up. Back in Hawaii, the coast guard tells Marlena that they have to call off the search temporarily because of the storm.

On the sub, John is amazed that Gina got the sub without him. They kiss and Gina asks John to make love to her. John picks Gina up and carries her to the bed, but then he stops and says they can't pick up where they left off. Gina asks why not? John says that he is not the John Black she knew and loved, and he knows she's not Princess Gina. John tells her that they have to assume new identities and disappear with Greta. John asks her where they are, and Gina tells him that they are off the coast of Hawaii, and he's been unconscious ever since she rescued him from Stefano. Gina remembers when Stefano told her that he used John for another assignment. John tells Gina that Stefano drug him and took him out of Europe, he was going to turn him into someone else to get revenge on a family he hated. John laughs when he thinks that Stefano was going to turn him into Roman Brady, though he never says his name. John says the last thing he remembered is being strapped down and Rolfe was about to implant him with new memories. John asks Gina how she found him? Gina says that she threatened Rolfe, and then called in some favors before Rolfe turned him into Roman. John asks her who Roman is? Gina says she saw the name at the dossier on a file at Rolfe's lab, which was located in San Diago. John asks what day it is, and Gina shows him a paper from 1985, it's July 12th. John looks out the periscope and says a storm is on its way, so they should dive deep and set the autopilot. John also says he needs fuel, and asks if she has food. Gina says you'll see, and then asks what will happen if Stefano finds them? John doesn't think he will, but if he does, he'll kill him. Later, Gina sets up a seductive little scene, including dinner for a hungry John. John tells her to hell with dinner, and the two kiss. John feeds Gina some caviar, then pours champagne on her and licks it off. The two then go at it on the bed.


July 13
At the penthouse, Sami tells Austin how hard it was giving Will back to Lucas. Austin apologizes and says he should have been here for her. Austin and Sami decide to work together to prove Lucas and Nicole's marriage is a fake. Sami then asks Austin how his talk with Carrie went? Austin says that Carrie won't sign the papers until they try counseling, even though he wants a divorce now. Sami tells Austin that he should give counseling a chance. Austin wonders what the point in prolonging it is, but Sami says she knows he would kick himself later on if he didn't give it his all. Sami asks Austin if he would take Carrie back if she promised never to see Mike again. Austin doubts that will happen, and then tells her that Mike is being sued by Ali. Still, Sami tells Austin he should still try counseling, or he might always wonder what might have been. Austin tells Sami that she is right and he will do it.

In Salem Place, Carrie runs into Ali. Ali tells Carrie that she passed the exam, so her lawsuit against Mike is now a lock. Carrie accuses her of lying, but Ali says she is not lying. Ali tells her that Mike is going to be in some deep you no what, and she can't put a PR spin on this because she will be part of the scandal. Carrie tries to leave, but Ali grabs her and accuses her of stealing Mike away from her. Carrie tells Ali that they weren't even close, they only went out a couple of times. As Ali is about to spill all, Claire shows up. Carrie tells Claire and Ali not to spends their millions yet because she will exonerate Mike. Claire suggests Carrie take the time she spends on Mike and spend it on her husband. After Carrie leaves, Claire tells Ali how proud she is of her. Claire tells Ali to keep her mind on the prize, the money. Ali is upset with her mom, who only wants the money because Ali's dad lost their money on bad investments.

In Mike's office, Mickey and Mike are talking about Ali's exam, and how she passed. Mickey reads the doctors report, which blames Ali's problem on Mike's rejection of her. Mike thinks she fooled the doctor, but Mickey says that she was tested by three doctors. Mike asks what he should do, and Mickey suggests he settle out of court. Mike refuses because that would be accepting defeat. Mickey tells him that if he goes to court, the prosecution could use his affair with Carrie to prove a pattern of using women he works with. Still, Mike refuses to settle and wants to fight all the way, as long as Carrie doesn't get hurt. Carrie shows up to see Mike, but Mickey wants to talk with her too. Mickey tells them that they have to keep their relationship strictly professional. Mickey leaves, and Carrie tells Mike that she knows about Ali. Mike tells her that he doesn't want her to be apart of the fight, he doesn't want her to get hurt. Carrie wants to help him, but Mike asks her if she is ready for Ali and Claire to come after her with full force. Carrie says that she is ready to do battle with Ali. She tells Mike that she is ready to fight with him, she will always be there for him.

Mickey goes to Salem Place and is confronted by Claire. Claire tells him that she was hoping they would run into one another, because she has an offer to make him. Meanwhile, Ali continues to shop and says she doesn't care about the money, she is out for revenge on Carrie. Ali spots Sami and realizes that she could be Ali's little helper.

On Stefano's jet, Rolfe shows up and tells Stefano that wherever Gina went, she didn't use her "Hope" passport. Stefano can't believe that Gina is traveling Europe as Gina Von Amburg, but Rolfe says she may not be in Europe at all. Stefano says of course she is, that is where she was supposed to meet him. Then he finally realizes that Gina has betrayed him, and he will find her. Stefano makes some calls to have his men search for Gina. Stefano remembers how quickly Bo rushed out of his jet and he must have something to hide. He remembers the phone call and how Bo asked "How long has he been gone?" Stefano wonders what is going on, and where Gina is. Stefano wonders if Gina hit Rolfe in the forest as part of her own plan, which does not include him. Rolfe remembers another time when Gina caused a scene after John left. In the flashback, Gina told Rolfe that she was completely alone, and she wanted Rolfe to find someone to replace her. Rolfe tells Stefano that he fears the current Gina might be deteriorating the same way. Stefano gets a call from Bart, who has information on Bo. Bart tells Stefano that Bo went to Hawaii, where John and Marlena are honeymooning. The pieces fall into place and Stefano realizes John is the missing person. Stefano tells Rolfe that he's starting to think Gina and John's relationship was more than professional. Stefano gets another call from Bart, who tells Stefano about John's disappearance while trying to save a woman. Stefano realizes that Marlena must have been the person who called Bo, and maybe John and Gina are together.

In Hawaii, there is a knock at Marlena's door and she races to it, thinking it is John. It's only Bo, and a tearful Marlena throws her arms around him. Marlena explains to Bo how John went missing, and how long he's been gone. Bo tells her that John has made it out of tight spots before, he'll make it out of this one. When Bo learns that neither John nor the woman's bodies have washed ashore, he puts two and two together. Bo tells Marlena that Hope is missing as well. Marlena asks him if he thinks that they are together? Bo says that Stefano has transformed Hope back into Gina, which explains her recent behavior. Bo tells her that Gina was in love with John, and he thinks Hope might have orchestrated John's disappearance. Marlena doesn't think is true, but Bo says that his gut tells him that John and Hope are together, and DiMera is responsible. Marlena fears that if his theory is right, she may never see John again. Bo promises Marlena that he will find both John and Hope, and he races out of her room. Bo returns shortly and tells her that the storm is too bad to allow him to search for John and Hope. Bo asks Marlena if John has had anymore flashbacks recently? Marlena tells him yes, John even tried to strangle Stefano. Bo thinks that Stefano was afraid John was getting his memory back, so he decided he had to control John again to save himself. Marlena realizes that Gina may have finally gotten John, and then she damns Stefano. She fears what Stefano might do, or has already done, to John.

On the sub, Gina and John have finished their roll in the hay, and Gina says it was definitely worth the wait. John is manning the sub, and Gina wants him to come back to bed. John says he can't take a chance that Stefano will find them, and Gina tells him that he worries too much, nobody will find them. John tells Gina how worried he was about her when Stefano was holding him captive because he said she was very ill. Gina says she lost her spirit when he was taken from her. John tells her that she had to know he'd come back for her, but Gina says there were others who didn't want them together. John demands to know who these people are? He says he wants a list. Gina says it was just all the suitors who pursued her thinking that she was available. John tells her that nobody will keep them apart, he would kill for her. They talk about their past and the thrills they got from stealing art. John says they will have to give that life up, but he has other private, and dangerous, plans for them. John tells her that he's tired of playing a good guy, he wants to be bad. Gina tells John to marry her and make an honest woman out of her. John says okay, he'd like to settle down with her and Greta. He asks Gina where Greta is because they can go pick her up. Gina tells him that they can't! Gina says that she moved Greta to a safer location, and she doesn't want Stefano to find her. Gina says they can get her soon, but now it is John and Gina time. John says he needs to work off some of this food, so Gina leads him back into the bedroom, where Gina puts on Rapture, and then they go at it again.


July 14
In Salem Place, Ali spots Sami, so she pretends to be crying and accidentaly run into Sami. Sami asks Ali if she can help her? Ali tells Sami that she had an ugly run-in with Carrie earlier. Ali says that she thinks Carrie is afraid Mike isn't over her (Ali) yet, so she's trying to ruin his career. Sami tells Ali that she is the one who is running Mike's career by suing him. Ali says she had no other choice, Mike tried to get rid of her. Sami says that it isn't sexual harassment if someone breaks up with you. Ali tells Sami the whole story, how Mike promised her the job to get her into bed, and Carrie talked Mike out of giving her the job. Sami tells Ali that she knows Carrie has been obsessed with Mike for some time.

Austin finds Carrie with Mike in Mike's office. Carrie tells Austin that they were discussing the law suit. Austin advises Mike to settle out of court. Mike thinks Ali will drop her suit, and Carrie says Ali is full of lies and the court will realize that. Mike has to leave because he's beeped, and Austin tells Carrie that she's unbelievable. He says she tells him that she wants to work on their marriage, yet she won't stop working for Mike. Carrie says she's working for Mike, actually for the hospital. Austin believes Ali and says the hospital would be better if he left. Carrie says Ali is lying, but Austin asks why Ali would make up a lie like Mike sleeping with her and dumping her? Carrie tells him to ask Sami, she's the expert! Austin tells Carrie not to drag Sami into this. Carrie apologizes because she forgot Sami was a saint now. Carrie tells Austin that maybe he's the one who needs to wake up. Carrie tells Austin that he's been caught up in lies before, but this time it's Ali's lies. Nancy goes to see Carrie and tells her that Mike really needs her. Carrie asks Austin to wait for her, she'll be right back.

At the hospital, Craig and Nancy are gossiping about Mike and his career, which is over. Nancy wonders what will happen if Mike settles out of court? Craig says that can't happen, he has to go to court and lose so he can become COS. Later, Craig goes around the hospital complimenting all the doctors and nurses on the great jobs they are doing. Craig talks with Mike to find out his next move. Mike says he's going to court. Mike leaves and Nancy tells Craig that they have a problem, the board is going to press Mike into settling out of court. Craig says maybe not, and says he has a plan. Nancy does as he tells her to do, and later says they should sit back and watch the fireworks.

Carrie goes into the hospital corridor and finds the media there questioning Mike. Carrie steps in and tries to save Mike, but the reporters are relentless.

Greta, Billie, and Eric are at the Cheatin Heart playing pool, and Greta hustles Eric. Brandon is at the pub and sees Greta, and he recalls Nicole telling him that she was a daughter of a princess. Brandon offers to buy her a beer, but she says no thanks. Eric approaches Brandon, who can't believe every time he meets a lady she is with him. Brandon then introduces himself as Nicole's brother. Eric says Nicole never mentioned him, but he's not surprised because Nicole seemed to be good at keeping secrets. Brandon finally meets his sister-in-law, Billie. Brandon tells her that he's living at the Kiriakis mansion, they just seem to be missing one another. Later, Greta and Brandon dance the two-step.

In Hawaii, the coast guard tells Bo that they can't search for John until the storm passes. In her room, Marlena remembers Stefano wishing her happiness with John, and "Hope" asking Marlena to forgive her for the way she's acted the past few months. There is a knock at Marlena's door, and when she answers it, it's Stefano! MArlena demands to know what he has done with her husband. Stefano waltzes in and says he has no idea where John was, he didn't even know she was in Hawaii. Marlena remembers blurting it out at the reception, and says "Hope" must have heard it and told him. Stefano says that Hope told him nothing. Marlena asks Stefano if "Hope" followed them here to lure John away from her? Stefano doesn't know why she would say such a thing. Marlena knows he set this up and says she will spend the rest of her life paying him back. Bo shows up and is furious to see Stefano. Stefano tells Bo that he is here to help find John. Bo gets a laugh out of that, and then threatens to rip his lungs out if he doesn't tell him where John and Hope are. Stefano says that he has no idea where they are, and tracked Bo here after learning he went to Hawaii and that John has gone missing. Bo starts talking about Gina, and Stefano says that there was no transformation, and Hope went to Europe according to her letter. Bo says that Hope never left the US. Stefano swears that he does not know where they are, but he will use his influence to find them. Stefano leaves and Marlena tells Bo that Stefano was telling the truth. She said Stefano was nervous, he doesn't have a clue where John and Hope are. Bo reminds her that she's no longer Hope, she's Gina. Bo says that if Stefano doesn't know the truth, Gina has obviously double crossed Stefano, who was planning to turn John back into his pawn. Bo thinks that Stefano's plan failed, but Gina's went off without a hitch. Bo thinks that Gina and John are hiding somewhere, and Stefano really is trying to find them. Bo then tells her the crazy part, Hope is having the real Gina's memories and feelings for John. Marlena says John is in love with her, and he'll get away from her. Bo says that John may not be the man who married her, he may have been brainwashed back into Father John, the man who loved Gina. Marlena asks Bo if he thinks they are lost to them? Bo says no, but they have to find them before DiMera does. Marlena takes a walk on the beach and sees a man and a woman who have found a pair of pants in the surf She runs over to them and realizes that they are John's pants, they are bloody and torn.

On the sub, John and Gina have just finished another round of animal lust. John tells Gina that all they have to do is get their money, pick up Greta, and head to Paris. John asks for the compact, and Gina realizes she left it behind. John asks her how she could be so stupid! John says they have to go back for it, but Gina says they can't. John says that it was more than a compact, it held a key to the safe deposit box in Paris. John says it doesn't matter, he will get the money some other way. When Gina falls asleep, John sneaks out of bed. Gina wakes up and finds him gone. John returns with some champagne and food, when suddenly the sub hits something. John runs to the control deck and says that the sub is descending for some reason. He asks her to man the controls while he checks the engine. Gina realizes that John is putting himself at risk in order to save her. John kisses her and tells her that he loves her. John manages to fix the problem, but they have to head to the surface so he can further work on the engine.

Stefano boards a boat and screams that he's coming for Gina and John, and they are going to pay! The show ends with John heading up to the deck of the sub and coming face to face with Stefano!


July 15
Sorry this is late. This has

In Salem Place, Ali and Sami are still talking about Carrie and Mike. Ali apologizes to Sami for talking on and on about her sister, but the fact is she is telling the truth, and Carrie is trying to prove that she is crazy. Sami says she understands what it is like to tell the truth and have nobody believe you. Sami says that's why she went on the run with Austin, which was one of the happiest times of her life. Ali says that is probably because she didn't have to deal with that lying two-faced bitch! Austin shows up behind them and says "I assume your talking about my wife!" Austin tells Ali that he would appreciate it if she would treat Carrie with respect. Ali apologizes and decides to get back to the hospital. Austin advises her to go through the back door because the press is swarming in the lobby. Sami makes a remark that Carrie isn't telling the truth, and Austin wants to know what she means. Sami says that is for him and Carrie to work out in counseling. Austin says he didn't talk to Carrie about counselling yet, Carrie is putting her job first as always. Austin and Sami go for a cup of coffee. Austin talks about his honeymoon, because Sami brought up John and Marlena's, and Sami tells him that she arranged to have Mike show up on his honeymoon. Austin tells her that he didn't make them go to Las Vegas and sleep together. Later they talk about Lucas and Nicole, and Austin suggests that maybe Nicole really wants to be a good step-mom to Will. Sami says there is only one way to find out.

Sami goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and realizes this is the first time she's been back since that night she held Kate and Lucas at gunpoint. She remembers Austin telling her that Lucas confessed to kill Franco, and fears that her son is living with a murderer. Back at the Java Cafe, Austin sees Carrie on the news defending Mike.

At the hospital, the reporters ask Mike for comments about the law suit. As Mike tells them that the suit has no merit, Nancy and Craig watch with glee. Carrie asks all the reporters to direct questions to her because Mike has better things to do. Claire tells Mickey that he has till the end of the day to accept her offer, even though Mike still wants to fight it out in court. Meanwhile, Carrie tells the press that Ali's lawsuit is about revenge, she wants to get back at Mike because he did not return her feelings. Nancy tells Craig that this isn't going like they thought it would. Craig says that they still have the photos of Mike and Carrie kissing in Las Vegas. As Carrie talks about Ali's state of mind, Ali shows up. Ali tells the reporters that this law suit is not about money, she is doing this for women everywhere who are victimized by their bosses. Ali says that Mike used her and when he got what he wanted, he tried to kick her out. When the reports ask who Mike moved onto after Ali, Mike kicks them out. Ali tries to sway the nurses to her side, and Mike apologizes to them for having to choose between their boss and their coworker, and whichever way they side their will be no reprisals. Later, a reporter asks Ali for an interview and promises her a bonus if she names Mike's other woman. Craig butts into their conversation and tells Ali to go for it, but Claire refuses to let Ali do this interview, and she yanks her aside. Claire tells Ali that she has made Mike's lawyer an offer, but Ali does not want to settle! Claire says they can get the money without going to court, but Ali says that won't be as much fun. Ali says now that Monica has given up her fifteen minutes of fame, so it's her turn in the spotlight.

In Mike's office, Mickey tries to persuade Mike into accepting Claire's offer. Mike says that will be a sign of guilt! Mickey tells Mike that if they go to court, his relationship with Carrie will come out. Mickey then convinces Mike to go to Carrie and tell her everything about Ali. In Carrie's office, Nancy tries to persuade Carrie that Ali may not be lying. Carrie asks Nancy if she knows something that she (Carrie) doesn't? Nancy says Mike may not have told her everything, but Carrie believes he has.

In Hawaii, Bo is checking his sources and has learned that DiMera is still in Hawaii. On the beach, a man from the coast guard tells Marlena that there have been shark sittings in the area. Marlena returns to her room with John's pants and tells Bo that John is gone. Bo comforts Marlena as she cries. Bo tells Marlena that he is not giving up, he needs more proof than this if he's going to believe John is dead. Marlena believes that the woman John tried to save pulled him down with her, and they both drowned, and were eaten by sharks. Marlena cries that she hates the idea of Stefano having John, but if he did, at least he'd be alive. Marlena goes to the beach and thinks about John.

On top of the sub, John comes face to face with Stefano. John asks Stefano how he found him? Stefano laughs and says he has his ways. Stefano wants to know where Gina is, and he pulls out a gun! Stefano hears Gina calling to him asking if she can come up yet. Stefano makes his way to the hatch and descends. Down in the sub, Gina is horrified to see Stefano. Stefano asks Gina if she is enjoying her cruise? John shows up and goes to Gina's side, he tells her that he'll take care of Stefano. John asks Stefano what he wants? Stefano says he wants his two best thieves back, they still have a Rennet to get. Gina picks up a knife and hands it to John behind her back. John tells Stefano that they are through with him, but Stefano says that is not his choice! John lunges at Stefano with his knife, and they wrestle over Stefano's gun. Suddenly, the gun fires! Nobody is hit, so the rumble continues and John stabs Stefano in the gut! Stefano, grabbing the knife, slides to the floor. Suddenly, Stefano's goons show up, and Stefano gets back up off the floor. Stefano says that John's love for Gina has made him soft, the old John would never have left his opponent with a superficial flesh wound. Stefano's men knock John out and carry him up to the deck to get rid of him. Gina tells herself that she will find a way to save him, and wonders what letter he was talking about (John mentioned a letter earlier). Gina asks Steffie not to take this out on John. Stefano tells Gina that he warned her what would happen if she was disloyal, and he keeps his word, unlike her. Gina asks Steffie what he is going to do with John. Stefano tells her that she is no longer to be concerned with John. Gina says she turned John back, but Stefano says she only did it for herself, not him. Stefano tells Gina that he knows she knocked out Rolfe and let John marry Marlena while he flew off to Europe. Gina tries to tell Stefano that he is wrong, but later admits that she and John were lovers. Stefano can't believe she kept this secret from him all those years. Stefano sees the calender and realizes that she and John were going to take off, except he sent John to Salem. Gina says she is sorry he found out the truth this way, but Stefano says not as sorry as she is going to be. Gina asks Stefano what he is going to do with her? Stefano says first he will take pleasure in telling her that she'll never see John again! Up on deck, John's body is dumped overboard.

Bo is with the coast guard trying to convince them to continue searching for John. Back on the beach, Marlena looks out into the water and exclaims "Oh my God!" Marlena screams "John!" and runs into the water where he is floating.


July 16
At the Kiriakis mansion, Nicole is catching a tan by the side of the pool and Brandon, who was swimming, drips water on her for fun. Nicole tells him to cut it out, so Brandon cannonballs her. Henderson comes out and tells Nicole that Lucas has been called to an important meeting and she will have to take care of Will, the nanny took Phillip to the zoo. Nicole can't believe she is stuck with Will all afternoon. Sami shows up and says she doesn't sound like a loving step-mother, is this part of her act to fool the judge? Nicole asks Sami what she's doing here, and Sami says that Will is still her son. Nicole says she loves Will, but Sami says she knows she doesn't give a damn about her son. She asks Nicole how Lucas forced her into marrying him? Nicole tells her to stop it, but Sami vows that she and Lucas will not get away with this. Brandon tries to calm them down, and Sami asks him who the hell he is? Nicole says this is her brother, she has a wonderful brother just like she does. Sami is shocked that she still remembers her brother. She can't believe she dumped Eric and says that she and Eric gave her her big modeling break. She can't believe she has been so cruel to the two people who were supposed to be her best friends! Sami says she thought she had a heart. Nicole apologizes for hurting Eric, and she knows it's hard losing her little boy, but Lucas did confess to save her and has offered to split custody with her. Sami says she will find out why Lucas really confessed. She asks Nicole if Lucas and Kate's money is what convinced her marry Lucas? Sami tells her that she is nothing but a gold digger! Nicole says she's heard enough, she is going to change and when she returns, she wants her gone. Sami tells Nicole that she can't get rid of her that easily! Sami promises Nicole that she will find out why she married Lucas, and she will win! Nicole leaves, and Brandon tells Sami that he likes the fire she has.

At the hospital, Craig tells Ali how great she was today. He tells her that if she can keep up this performance, Mike is finished and "we" will be the big winners. Ali asks Craig "we?" Before he answers, Ali gets a call from Dateline who wants to put her on TV! Ali can't believe that people want to hear what she has to say. She says that she is going to be a crusader for women who have been taken advantage at work, and maybe they will make a movie about her life! Craig offers to buy her some coffee, but Ali says she has too many plans think about right now. Ali pulls out her Carrie Reed doll and talks to it, right in the hallway! Ali tells her that she's the one in the limelight, and she's nothing but a pathetic loser!

In Carrie's office, Carrie tells Nancy that Ali has dreamed up this fantasy of sleeping with Mike, so she will research Ali's past all the way back to high school in order to destroy her credibility. Carrie says that once they show how decisional Ali is, no jury will side with her. In Mike's office, Mike is remembering how he was talking to Ali in bed. He remembers jokingly telling her that he might have to make her head nurse. Mike is positive that he didn't lead Ali on, and wonders how he will explain this to Carrie. He realizes that he has to talk to her before someone else does. Mike calls Carrie, who is still with Nancy, and he asks her to meet him in the park to talk. Carrie tells Nancy that she has to step out, and then heads to the park. Nancy says poor Carrie is the one caught up in a fantasy.

Nancy finds Craig and tells him that she was just talking to Carrie, and she has no idea that Mike and Ali slept together. Nancy is feeling guilty and says Carrie is in for a rude awakening. Nancy and Craig hear Ali talking to reporters on the phone. Nancy doesn't like this at all. Craig tells Nancy that all her life Ali has yearned to be someone important, and now she is. Still, Nancy thinks she could still go off the deep end. Craig tells her that Ali is lucid and in control now. Even still, Nancy can't help but think something may go wrong. ALi talks with Nancy and Craig and says she's considering to hire an image consultant. She says she wants to get a new wardrobe and a new hair-do. Ali takes off and Nancy tells Craig how worried she is about Carrie, who will be devastated when she learns the truth. Craig tells Nancy that Carrie's heartbreak can only lead to their advantage. Craig thinks Carrie will leave Mike out in the cold.

Carrie meets Mike in the park and he tells her they have to talk. Mike tells her that back when he was dating Ali, it was after they made their pact not to see each other. Mike says he was trying to move on with his life, and he had some good times with Ali. Carrie asks Mike what he's trying to say? Mike says that he slept with Ali. Carrie can't believe he slept with someone he didn't love. Mike says he thought he could fall in love with her, and didn't tell her the truth because he didn't want to hurt her. Carrie says she could have dealt with this. Mike says it only happened once, and afterwards he realized it was a mistake and ended it. Carrie says she thought Ali was decisional, but now she understands why Ali feels rejected, she has every reason to! Carrie says she feels like a fool for accusing Ali of living in a dream world. Mike says it did not happen the way Ali says it did, he did not sexually harass Ali. Mike asks Carrie if she believes him?

On the sub, Stefano tells Gina that John is no longer a concern of hers and that they have other matters to deal with. Gina cries and asks Stefano if John is dead? Stefano says he owns John now, and if he is alive, he'll never be hers again! Stefano says he can't believe he trusted her once, and he'll never make that mistake again. Stefano tells her that she has lied to him for the last time, she knows she only wanted the old John back for herself! Stefano says that he knows she was the one trying to make John remember, not Marlena. Gina tries to say she only wanted John back to steal the last Rennet, but Stefano tells her not to insult his intelligence. He asks her where she was going to take her lover? Stefano tells her that she would never have gotten away with it, he created her and can turn her back into Hope Williams just like that! Gina says she can't go back to Salem! Stefano tells her that she didn't care about anyone but herself, and calls her a selfish little bitch! Gina yells "How dare you speak to me like that!" Gina asks Stefano if he really thought she was supposed to have no other life aside from the rare moments he spent with her? Gina says she wants to return to her old life. Stefano asks her if she mean her life with John, or the one she spent with him? Gina says she has lived three lives, and she lived her life with him after he turned her back into Gina because she thought John was dead. However, this time she had to face her memories of John and her feelings for him each and every day. Stefano says those feelings don't belong to her, but Gina says she felt that she had lived those memories with John. Gina says the real Princess Gina had a mind of her own, she was never under his control. Stefano says he loved her, and Gina says that she knows her feelings for him were real. Stefano says he would never have recreated Gina in Hope if he knew about John and Gina's affair. He says he would have been forced to let Gina . . . Gina says she wants to know the truth, what happened to the real Gina? She says she knows she was alive during the memory transfer, but what happened after that? Stefano says this has nothing to do with the real Gina, this has to do with her disloyalty to him. Gina says she was loyal to him, and John is no longer a threat, so there is no reason to hurt him. Gina tells Stefano that she'll do whatever it takes to save John. She then disrobes and says she will do anything he wants.

In Hawaii, Bo is pleading with the coast guard to keep searching for John. The coast guard tells him that Mr. Black is a victim of sharks. Bo asks him to at least look for a body, and the coast guard says he'll do what he can. On the beach, Marlena runs out into the ocean and finds John's body floating in the water. Marlena screams for help as she cradles John in her arms. A life guard runs out and he and Marlena carry John ashore. The lifeguard calls for an ambulance and Marlena tells John to hang on. The paramedics says he has lost a lot of blood and has been in the water for a long time.

Marlena goes to the hospital with John, and Bo shows up when he heard the news over the coast guard radio. The doctor comes out and tells them that John has been stabilized and his prognosis looks good. Marlena goes to see John, and Bo asks the doctor how he could survive the shark attack and the stormy waters? The doctor tells him it must have been a miracle, but Bo thinks it is the work of Stefano. He hopes that John will confirm this upon waking up, and if he was with Hope. Marlena is by John's side and holding his hand. She realizes that his ring is gone, and thinks he lost it at sea. John stirs and Bo shows up. He opens his eyes and looks at Marlena and Bo. He asks where he is? MArlena tells him not to talk, he's in the hospital with her. John asks "her?" and Marlena says yes, Marlena. Marlena tells him that they are in Hawaii and he swam out to save a drowning woman. Marlena says that he's been through a terrible ordeal, but he will be just fine. John looks at her and asks if they aren't supposed to be on their honeymoon? Marlena laughs and says they still are, because he came back.

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