July 99 Week 1


July 5
Maggie is working with Belle and Brady on practicing for the big wedding at the Penthouse Grill. Mickey tries to change Austin's mind about his divorce, but he refuses.

In Marlena's makeshift dressing room, Sami shows up in her gown and tells her mom that she's not used to wearing heels. Sami thanks her mom for letting her be a part of this. Marlena wonders where John is, and then receives a note from him. The note reads something to the effect of "To Marlena, the light of my life. I love you with every beat of my heart and bit of my soul. I will be yours forever, John. PS, everything is ready for the wedding, all you have to do is get dressed, and open your gift." Marlena opens the gift, which is a new bracelet. Marlena says that she has her something old, her charme bracelet. Her dress is blue, and Sami gives her a medal of the holy family, which she got from Caroline, it can be her something borrowed. Marlena thanks her daughter, and Sami tells her mom that she and John deserve such a wonderful life together. We then see more flashbacks of John and Marlena's times together. Marlena begins to worry about John, who hasn't shown up. Austin tells her that there is no sign of John yet.

In Salem Place, Eric and Lucas are arguing with each other. Lucas is telling Eric how he is buying his wife a two month anniversary gift, and soon he'll buy her maternity clothes. Eric knows Nicole doesn't love him, and he vows to prove he killed Franco and Kate helped him frame Sami. Lucas doesn't think he can do that when he can't even hold onto the woman he loves!

Bo shows up at Salem Place and tells Roman, Billie, and Greta how "Hope" ran him off the road and stole his keys. He had to hotwire his car to get back in to town. Bo is positive that "Hope" is under DiMera's control and both she and DiMera don't want this wedding to happen. Eric shows up and Billie wonders where John is, and why Eric isn't with him. Eric says that he went to meet "Hope" earlier.

In the woods, "Hope" hugs John and thanks him for coming. He asks her what is so important? "Hope" tells him that Stefano has left for Europe, so if he remembers the past they can bring Stefano down once and for all. John tells her to forget about the past and move forward with Bo and Shawn D. "Hope" tells John that she sees no future with Bo, and she doesn't even know if she can stay in Salem. John can't believe she is saying this. "Hope" says she will do whatever she has to to be with the ones she loves. John says he is going to do just that, but "Hope" stops him from leaving and says she has something to show him. "Hope" gives him a painting of himself and Marlena, one she painted herself. "Hope" tells him that she does want to see him happy. John thanks her and gives her a hug. "Hope" says she has something in her eye, and pulls out her compact. The glare blinds John, who falls to the ground in pain.

Craig and Nancy find Ali defacing a book of some sorts at the nurses station. Claire shows up and asks what is going on. After ALi leaves, Craig shows CLaire Ali's latest artwork. Craig says that Ali isn't playing with a full deck. Laura shows up at this point and asks who isn't playing with a full deck? Craig says he was referring to his wife, who is a wedding junkie. Craig introduces Laura to Claire, and the two share words. Claire tells Laura that this town will be appalled by the way her son treated her daughter.

In her office, Carrie is looking at a picture of her and Austin when Mike comes to see her. Carrie tells Mike that she doesn't want to see him hurt by Ali's lawsuit, but Mike assures her that Ali will never pass the psychiatric exam. Mike tells Carrie that maybe when this law suit is history, and the divorce is final, they can plan their own wedding. Mike has to leave for the wedding, and Ali shows up to see Carrie. Ali accuses Carrie of only staying here to be close to her lover, and Mike will dump her like he dumped her. Carrie tells Ali that their relationship lasted all of two seconds, they weren't even close. Ali says they were as close as two people can be.

Mike breaks up a fight that was about to break out between Laura and Claire. Mike tells his mom to just enjoy her friend's wedding day. Laura wonders if the wedding will even happen, weddings in Salem are cursed. Craig and Nancy tells Mike that they are on his side, but Mike thinks that he will be fully exonerated. Laura says that Ali is unbalanced and the case probably won't make it to court. Nancy and Craig leave for the wedding, and Carrie tells Mike about her insane conversation with Ali. Mike is glad she came by and gives her a flower to wear, to remind her of their love.

The board tells Claire that they are ready to give Ali her evaluation, but Claire has no idea where Ali is. Ali is in Carrie's office playing with her makeshift "Carrie Reed" Barbie. She is yelling at the doll to wipe that stupid grin off her face, and shoves tacks in her head!

Stefano is on his jet and is flying to Europe. Stefano is delighted that John will soon not know Marlena, and Salem will be rocked to the core by a pathetic failure. Stefano looks at a photograph of Marlena and tells her that her dreams will soon go up in smoke, but that is what she gets for loving John.

At the mansion, Kate finds Brandon relaxing in the living room and thinks he is the help. Kate asks him who the hell he is? Nicole shows up and says that he is her brother. Kate says she won't have her brother lounging half naked around her house, but Nicole says that Brandon lives here now. Kate says she decides who lives her, but Nicole says it was Lucas' idea. Kate tells Brandon to go guzzle his beer by the pool so she can talk to her daughter-in-law alone. Brandon leaves and Kate tells Nicole that her brother's stay is a temporary one, she doesn't run a home for unemployed in-laws. Nicole tells Kate to find Brandon a job at Titan. Kate tells her not to push it, and leaves for the wedding. Brandon returns and Nicole tells BRandon not to push Kate. Brandon knows something is going on and he asks Nicole why she really married Lucas. Nicole says she has feelings for Lucas, she couldn't marry someone she didn't care about. Lucas shows up and surprises Nicole with diamond earrings to go with her necklace.

At the penthouse grill, Carrie shows up and is asked by Austin if she signed the papers. Carrie says no, and then tells Austin she is working at the hospital again. Austin sees Mike show up and tells Carrie that her boyfriend is here, and then walks off. Mike and Laura show up, and Laura tells Mike not to go to Carrie. Alice is glad to see that Mike is escorting his mother and not Carrie. Bo, Roman, and all the others show up, and Bo tells Abe to put an APB out on "Hope," she is working with DiMera to stop this weeding. Marlena worries that John has not arrived, and then worries some more when she learns that John is off somewhere with "Hope." Abe learns that Stefano has left Salem, he has confirmed it. "Hope" arrives and Bo demands to know where John is. "Hope" acts shocked that John isn't here. Bo asks "Hope" what the hell is going on with her, is she following DiMera's orders? "Hope" tells Bo not to worry, John will be here very soon. "Hope" says she just wanted to tell John that Stefano has left the country, so he and Marlena can marry in peace. Bo says there is one small problem, John isn't here! Marlena confronts "Hope" and demands to know what she has done with John. Marlena asks where John is? John shows up and says he is right here, and if fine despite being a bachelor still. John says "Hope" just wanted to give them a wedding present, and tell him that Stefano has left the country. Bo turns to "Hope" and asks what in the hell is going on? "Hope" ignores him and suggests they all sit down. John says that is a good idea, they should get this show on the road. Before she walks down the isle, Roman tells Marlena that she is a beautiful bride, and Eric wishes her the best. Roman tells Marlena that he knows she will be very happy. Marlena hugs Roman and thanks him for their wonderful children, and that he'll always hold a special place in her heart. Sami asks her mom if she is ready to get married?

John waits at the alter as the procession starts. Various attendants look at one another, Gina at John, Carrie at both Mike and Austin, and vice versa. Eric takes his place by John's side, and Belle and Brady walk down the isle. Sami follows them, and finally Marlena walks down the isle as the wedding march plays. When Marlena gets to the alter, John tells her that they made it. The priest announces that they are all here to join John and Marlena in holly matrimony, and John says "amen!"

Back in the woods, Rolfe moans and groans in the bushes, he has been badly beat up.


July 6
Sorry the summary is so late. It took a long time to transcribe everything! For most everything that was said during the ceremony, see my Days Mementos section!

At the Penthouse Grill, John and Marlena's wedding is taking place. Alice asks God to bless John and Marlena today, to grant them the wedding they've always dreamed of, and the long and happy marriage they deserve. Belle, Brady, and Sami each walk down the isle, and Marlena enters when the wedding march is played. As MArlena walks down the isle, Gina glares at her. When the priest says they are here to join John and Marlena in holy matrimony, John lets out an "amen!" The priest asks God to bless this union now and forever more. The priest continues to speak, and says that when we think of a marriage in Salem we must think of the marriage of Tom and Alice Horton. The priest says that both John and Marlena would like to thank Alice and the late Tom Horton for providing them with guidance and inspiration. The camera shifts over to Alice, who thinks of Tom. The priest asks John if he takes Marlena to be his wife. John says I do. The priest asks Marlena if she takes John to be her husband, and she says I do. The service is then turned over to John and Marlena, who want to include the children in the ceremony. John and Marlena make a symbolic bouquet of their family, assigning a child to each flower. They then light the center candle of the bouquet to join their family together. The audience then reads from First Corinthians. Marlena and John then recite the vows they prepared. After the vows, they exchange rings, and the priest pronounces them husband and wife. Everyone applauds and John lets out a "we did it!" They kiss, and the priest introduces Mr. and Mrs. John Black. As the wedding pictures are taken, the photographers asks Mr. Black to look at his bride. Marlena says "that would be me!" and does a happy dance.

As everyone celebrates, Gina's heart breaks. She recalls John promising her that they would be married once they got away from Stefano. In a flashback, John asks Gina to marry him and if she does, he promises they will live happily ever after. Gina tells John not to worry, she isn't giving up on them. Bo asks "Hope" what is wrong, she's crying? "Hope" says she is just being sentimental, but Bo says these are tears of sadness. Bo asks her what happened between her and John today. "Hope" says she doesn't have to answer that question and leaves to grab herself a drink or two.

John tells Belle and Brady that they were great today, and suggests they go have a food fight with Will. Caroline tells Shawn how moving the ceremony was. Shawn says the only thing that would be more moving if is they said their vows again, right now. Shawn tells Caroline that he loves her and he knows he doesn't say it enough, but his dearest wish is to spend many many more years loving her and being with her. Caroline tells him that he may not be a man of flowery words, but she loves him with all her heart and soul and prays that the love they share can be a shining example to their children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. The two then kiss. Mickey tells Maggie that their second ceremony was so much happier for them, and he hopes it is the same for John and Marlena. Maggie says that is because they knew what it was like to love and lose. They then remember their own wedding vows. Abe tells Lexie that she is more beautiful than the day they said I do. Roman tells Eric that he made it through the wedding, and Austin tells Roman that he couldn't go to Carrie and Mike's wedding. Eric introduces Mr. and Mrs. John Black. Meanwhile, Bo tells "Hope" to slow it down with the drinks, he knows her limit. "Hope" tells him that he knows nothing about her, and Bo says she's right. Alice asks "Hope" if she needs another drink? "Hope" says good question, the answer is no, of course not. Sami tells Carrie that this is the song Austin used to play for her, and she threw it all away. Carrie goes out to the terrace and is soon joined by Austin, who hands her a flower.

Bo tells Vivian and Celeste about the explosion at the townhouse, and how Hope had something to do with it. John asks his aunt if she's overdoing it? Vivian says no, and she tells him the ceremony was beautiful. Celeste wishes them all the best. John wants his aunt to make it through the reception, so he asks Celeste to find Vivian a seat. Bo asks John what happened with him and "Hope" earlier? John says that she just wanted to tell him that Stefano had left the country, and she gave him a portrait. Meanwhile, Gina is in the bathroom saying how she loves John, and watching him marry that woman today was agony, like a knife piercing her heart. Outside, Billie is shocked by what she heard.

Back at the reception, Eric makes a toast to John and Marlena. After the toast, John and Marlena kiss to the sound of thundering applause.


July 7
The reception continues at the penthouse grill with everyone, but Gina, having a good time. Sami tells her dad that she's proud of him for supporting mom and John. Roman tells her that he just wants her mom to be happy.

Marlena talks with Bo and tells him that she and John made it this far, so maybe he and Hope can. Bo is doubtful and says that the woman he has been committed to for most of her life is no longer with them, and the only person who knows where she is is Stefano. In the bathroom, Gina looks into her compact and says she doesn't know if she can live the rest of her life without John. She then starts screaming "Damn him!" referring to Stefano. She rubs the compact over herself to remember John's warmth and love. SHe then breaks down in tears, unaware that Billie was spying on her. Maggie enters the bathroom and asks "Hope" if she is all right? "Hope" says she just had a lash in her eye. Maggie says the wedding was so beautiful and perhaps this will be a new era of weddings in Salem, couples making it to the "I do's!" "Hope" leaves and Billie enters, and Maggie tells Billie about "Hope's" odd behavior.

Back at the reception, John surprises Marlena with the wedding cake, which has Marlena and John dolls on it. John and Marlena cut the cake and feed each other. The first real piece of cake is given to Alice, and Marlena thanks her for inspiring them with her enduring marriage. They both kiss Alice on the forehead.

Mike is down because he doesn't know where Carrie is. Nancy and Craig once again tell Mike that they support him. Mike is about to go find Carrie when John makes an announcement. John has a surprise for Marlena, and he sings a song to her (Unchained Melody). John then asks Celeste to sing a song for them, which she does beautifully (no idea what song it is). John and Marlena dance the first dance to Celeste's song, and half-way through everyone else joins in. John and Marlena are thrilled to see Bo and "Hope" dancing. "Hope" tells Marlena that she really is happy for her and apologizes for being a pain the past few months. She pushes for info on the honeymoon, but John says he's not saying a word. Marlena begs for a hint when they are alone, and shouts out her guess, "Hawaii!" John tells her to shush, but it's too late because Gina has overheard.

Carrie is on the balcony with Austin. Carrie doesn't want to fight with him tonight at this beautiful wedding. They both remember their wedding day. Carrie tells Austin that she feels horrible for betraying him and doesn't know what else she can say. She says he obviously wants her to suffer for the rest of her life, which is what she deserves. Carrie goes to leave, but Austin stops her and asks her not to go. Austin says he doesn't mean to be mean, it just comes out that way. Carrie wonders how they got to this point. Austin says they had it all, but she let it go. Austin says that when he realized he was pushing her into Mike's arms, he ran to Vegas, but it was too late. Carrie wonders how John and Marlena were able to hang in there, it makes you believe in the power of love. Carrie tells Austin that she never stopped loving him, never. Austin says that is what makes this harder to deal with. Carrie tells Austin that she thought he had given up on them and she'd never see him again, but Austin says she is the one who gave up. Carrie says she didn't file for divorce, but Austin says it was the only move he could make. Carrie asks Austin if he really wants this marriage to be over? Austin asks her to ask him if he wanted to see her in bed with Mike, and in his arms? Austin says no, he didn't want any of it, and sorry doesn't get rid of the images in his head. Austin tells her that he believed her when she promised to love him and forsake all others, and he doesn't know if he can ever believe her again. Carrie says that she wishes with all of her heart that . . . . Suddenly, Sami shows up and breaks up the little meeting. Sami apologizes for interrupting, and runs off. Austin decides to go after Sami, but Austin asks him to wait. Austin tells her that she's said it all, it's finished.

Carrie goes inside and wishes John and Marlena all the happiness in the world. John says they have to bow out to go on the honeymoon, but they have to throw the garter and bouquet. Eric catches the garter, and gets a hug from Billie. Marlena throws the bouquet and Sami catches it. John and Marlena thank them all and asks them to stay and have a great time. Billie confronts "Hope" and tells her that she knows she's in love with John, she heard her in the ladies room! Bo interupts and asks what is going on? Billie tells Bo that "Hope" has been lying to him, and she has the real silver compact and has been lying about it. "Hope" tries to walk off, but Billie refuses to her leave. "Hope" accuses Billie of using an innocent child's death for her personal gain, and Bo believed the sociopath over her. Bo tells "Hope" that they are worried about her, and Alice tells "Hope" that Bo is trying to help her. "Hope" accuses Bo of wanting to control her, and he only wants what he wants when he wants it. She accuses Bo of wanting her to forget about Billie and just marry him like nothing happened, but she can't. She tells Bo that it is over for good! "Hope" accuses everyone of being on Bo's side, all of them! Alice tells her that her friends have tried to help her, but "Hope" says all they really want is to make sure nothing in their perfect little world ever changes. "Hope" tells Bo that he walked away from her when she needed him the most, and now she doesn't need him. "Hope" tells Bo to go to hell, and that goes for the rest of them. "Hope" then walks out, however, Billie manages to get the compact from Hope's purse and says it is the original because it has the scratches she placed on it. Bo finally realizes "Hope" has been lying. Billie also tells Bo that she heard "Hope" say John gave this to her as a gift, which means that she is Princess Gina again.

Mike finds Carrie outside alone and asks if something happen with Austin. Carrie says that Austin no longer believes in her, that is all. Mike tells her that she'll never have to go through another night like this alone because he will be with her. Carrie says that she has been so selfish, and maybe it's not too late to save her marriage to Austin. Mike tells her that she's a good person, but Carrie says she broke promises to her husband. Mike tells her that her husband has filed for divorce, but Carrie says she hasn't signed the papers and can't until she has tried everything to save her marriage. Mike tells her that she can't make a marriage work by herself, Austin wants this marriage to be over. Mike promises her that she'll never have to go through something like this again, he will never leave. Mike says they should leave, but Carrie tells him not to pressure her. She says she has to be alone, and leaves.

John and Marlena board John's jet, where a bed awaits them. John kisses her and tells her that their honeymoon has just begun! John and Marlena fall onto the bed and make love.


July 8
At the penthouse, Austin and Sami are having breakfast with Will. Will goes off to play and Sami tells Austin that he's been distracted all morning, and asks if he is thinking about his talk with Carrie? Austin tells Sami that he knows Carrie isn't over Mike, but he also knows that she still loves him. Sami asks how that makes him feel? Austin says he doesn't know yet. Sami tells Austin that Carrie is being selfish. She says that it doesn't matter if Carrie only slept with Mike once, she still loves the man.

Carrie goes to a confessional to confess her sins. Carrie tells a priest that she committed adultery. She also says that she is in love with both men. The priest tells her that God will forgive her, but she must do everything she can to save her marriage. After their talk, Carrie calls Austin. She asks Austin if they can please talk.

At home, Ali, who has a ton of make-up on, is talking to her Carrie Reed doll while sticking pins in its face. She tells her that she may act all prim and proper, but she knows her for the slut she really is. Ali tells her that by the time she is finished, Mike will want nothing more to do with her! She then proceeds to rip the limbs off her doll. Nancy shows up to see Ali, and Ali invites her in. Ali asks Nancy what is on her mind? Nancy says she wants to know how her exam last night went? Ali says it went just fine, even though Carrie kept trying to ruin it. Nancy is confused. Ali says she knows Carrie wanted to tell the doctors nasty things about her, which is why she kept her locked in her purse. Nancy asks her about the exam, but ALi doesn't want to talk about it. She says they just asked her all these dumb questions and made her look at ink blots. She then tells Nancy that she wishes Mike would hurry up and come to his senses and realize that they belong together. Nancy tells her to come home from fantasy land, but Ali says Mike will love her again one day, and she has a very big surprise for Carrie. Nancy calls Craig and tells him that there is no way Ali passed the exam, they'll have to find another way to oust Mike. On her couch, Ali is sewing something when she gets a call from Gregory. Ali tells Nancy that she passed the exam. Nancy lets out a thank heavens, and Ali asks Nancy if she thinks she is insane? Nancy says of course not, but psychiatrists can always put a spin on things. Ali tells Carrie that she (Ali) wins, and she (Carrie) loses, again.

At the hospital, Craig is talking with Mike to see if there is news on Ali's exam? Mike says he hasn't heard anything, but she can't possibly pass it. Craig then brings up the wedding and how he saw the dynamics between him and Carrie. Craig tells Mike that he is making a mistake by this fling with Carrie, she is a married employee! Craig tells him that the last thing he needs is another scandal. Later, Mike gets a call from Mickey telling him that Ali passed. Craig realizes Ali has passed the exam. Mike tells Craig that he won't let Ali destroy his career and personal life, and if she wants a fight, she'll get one!

Bo shows up at Lilly's and asks if "Hope" is here? Lilly says she is still sleeping, but goes to wake her up. Lilly goes into "Hope's" bedroom, and then rushes back out and tells Bo that she's gone! Lilly says everything has been packed and taken, she's really gone! Bo says that "Hope" is under Dimera's control again and he has to find her before she self destructs. Lilly doesn't understand why she would do something like this. Bo calls Alice to see if "Hope" is there, but he finds a letter from her before he picks the phone up. The letter says that "Hope" has gone to Europe and she doesn't want Bo to follow her, it will just push her further away. Bo remembers Vivian saying DiMera went to Europe. Bo knows DiMera has turned Hope back into Gina and he has to find her as soon as possible.

On Stefano's jet, Bart tells Stefano that Dr. Rolfe and John never boarded the jet, and that John and Marlena were married! Stefano is furious and wonders what is going on! Stefano gets a call from a bruised Rolfe, who tells him that something went terribly wrong. Rolfe tells Stefano that he is in the secret room, and that he suspects John knocked him unconscious on the hill side. He tells Stefano that everything was going fine, but suddenly he found himself on the ground and has no idea what happened or where Gina is. Stefano tells him that John and Marlena married! He tells her to find Gina immediately and find out what went wrong. Stefano wonders if John has hurt Gina, but he has hurt him, and he won't let him get away with it! Rolfe calls Stefano later and says Gina is gone, with the control box. Stefano has the plane turned around and tells a picture of John and Marlena that he will make them pay dearly!

John and Marlena arrive in Hawaii and step out of their limo. John carries Marlena over the threshold to their hotel room, and they fall onto the bed and make love. Afterwards John and Marlena lay in the bed and enjoy the afterglow. Later, John brings Marlena strawberries, and pineapple, with whipped cream, which they feed to one another. John and Marlena take a stroll on the beach, and we see them horsing around to the tune of "Heatwave." John and Marlena chase one another on the beach, John carries Marlena into the water, John smashes a sand castle Marlena was building, and Marlena dunks John's head in the ocean. Later John takes her to a special spot to tell her something. John asks her if she remembers last winter when she read him poems? Marlena does and says that those poems have very special meanings. John remembers one in particular and recites the "How Do I Love Thee" sonnet. John recites the first verse, and Marlena recites the second, and so on. Suddenly, John and Marlena hear and see a woman in the water screaming for help. John jumps into the ocean to save the woman. MArlena screams at him to be careful.


July 9
Carrie asks Austin if they can meet up, but Austin says they said all there was to say last night. Sami tells Austin that maybe he should give Carrie another chance. She tells him that being death row made her see things a whole new way, and she doesn't want him to look back and regret the choices he made. She asks him to talk to Carrie. In Salem Place, Carrie sits on a bench and looks at the divorce papers. She pulls out a pen and is about to sign the papers when Austin calls her and asks where she wants to meet. Carrie tells him she is in front of the theater, and Austin says he is on his way. Austin shows up and thinks she called him to give him the signed divorce papers, but Carrie says she hasn't signed them. CArrie tells Austin that she went to confession and learned something important. She tells him that she owes it to herself and him to save their marriage, but Austin says they don't have a marriage. Austin tells her that there is nothing left to say. Austin says he wants a divorce, but Carrie says she doesn't. She asks him if he can honestly say he doesn't love her? Austin says he can't, but he doesn't trust her. Carrie asks Austin if he would be willing to go to marriage counseling with her? Austin says he knows she loves him, but she also loves Mike, and he wants to move on with his life.

Bo meets up with Roman, Billie, and Greta and shows them the note "Hope" left him. Bo says that "Hope" is the one who is desperate to wreck John and MArlena's marriage. Eric can't believe "Hope" would be so manipulative, but Bo says they aren't talking about "Hope" anymore. Greta says if "Hope" is having her mother's memories, that explains her obsession with John. Billie says that "Hope" must have wanted the compact to show it to John in hopes that it would trigger his memory, but when it failed, she left because she lost the man she loved. Greta says that she asked her mother several times if she loved John, but she always told her not to be silly. She remembers that after Father John left, she came home from boarding school and found her mother in bed, very depressed. Greta asked her mother if she had heard from Father John, and Gina told her no. Gina then told Greta that she is sending her to New Orleans because she doesn't know what will become of her. Greta pleaded with her mother to get well. Greta tells them that was the last time she saw her mother. Greta says she knew her mom was shattered when John left, and that is when she knew she was in love with Father John. Greta says she used to put the fact that he was a priest out of her mind and would imagine the day her, her mother, and John would be together again one day as a family. Eric says that John was programed to be a priest, but Greta says that her mother and John's love was real and is the kind of love that happens once in a life time, a never ending love. Bo gets a call on his cell phone and learns that the seascape was recently painting, by Princess Gina! Bo says that "Hope" is now a creation of a deranged monster and he has to stop Stefano before he destroys his family.

On his jet, Stefano receives a call from Rolfe, who still can't find Gina. However, he says he heard Nicholas and Vivian talking about the wedding, Gina told off everyone at the wedding, including Alice! Stefano is furious and Rolfe says this is just like the way the real Princess Gina reacted after John left. Flashback to New Years Eve 1985, Gina is drunk and is at a party. She tells off all the guests, and tells one woman that her husband cheated on her with her. She then tells another woman that her husband has also strayed. Another man whispers that it must be the Von Amburg curse! Gina knows they are talking about her and offers them a last chance to tell her off before she leaves them all. They all say "hallelujah!" Gina tells them all that they can go back to their boring old ways. She tells them all that they are pathetic, and walks out. Stefano remembers the party, which was the beginning of the end for her. Rofle fears that history may repeat itself, but Stefano wonders. They talk about how they transplanted the real Gina's memories to Hope, and how the real Gina DID survive. Stefano says he doesn't want to see this Gina go through the same thing the real one did. Rolfe says this Gina is stronger than the original, and has a mind of her own. Stefano says that is what disturbs him the most. Still, Stefano refuses to let Gina betray him, they will find Gina! Stefano's jet lands, and he is greeted by Bo, who tells him that he knows about Hope's metamorphosis into Gina!

In Hawaii, John jumps into the ocean to save the drowning woman. A woman approaches Marlena and the woman tells Marlena not to lose site of her husband, she will go get help. Out in the ocean, John gets to the woman, who stuns John with a gun. Another person swims towards John with a net, and Marlena realizes she's lost John. John is netted and dragged back to a submarine. Marlena climbs the rock face searching for John, but men come and tell her that she can't climb the rocks. When she gets to the top, she screams when she realizes she can no longer see John. Marlena screams to the men that a man is drowning and they need a boat. Marlena stands upon the cliff face and screams for John to come back to her.

In the submarine, Gina approaches John, who is sleeping on a bed. She removes his wedding band and chucks it over her shoulder. Gina looks at John and tells him that they will finally be together as they were meant to be! Gina pulls out a calender from 1985 and tells John that everything will be exactly as it was when Stefano took him from her, but this time Stefano will no longer control them. Gina then pulls out the demagnetizing device. After using it, she asks John to come back to her. Gina brushes her hair, and John wakes up and sees her. Gina turns around and looks at John, who asks Gina if it is her? Gina says she is right here, and John looks around the place. John looks at her and says "you got the sub!" Gina says she's taken care of everything, they are safe and free from Stefano. Gina asks John to promise her to make 1985 the most exciting year of their lives. John tells Gina that he thought he'd never see her again. Gina tells him that she wouldn't let Stefano come between them, and they are together forever and no one will keep us apart. John tells him that is just what he wanted to hear.

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