July 97 Week 5


July 28
At the Salem Airport Eric has arrived, and is welcomed to Salem by some airline attendants, who comment that he looks nervous. Eric goes to the park and sits on the swing set and has a close call is almost seen by Caroline, who is on her way to Kristen's. Eric continues to remember playing with Sami as a child, but we still haven't seen his face.

In Rome Bo can't understand where Billie has disappeared to. Bo says there are too many unanswered questions, and fears something bad has happened to her.

Max is continuing to drug Billie, and claims this is all her fault for ruining his and King's drug operation. Max tells Billie has to go now, and wishes her a good trip. Billie begins her talks with Curtis again, and Curtis tells her that people like them thrive on trouble and she could never make Bo happy, only Hope can. Curtis says Hope is a top of the line woman, and she's just an alleycat who doesn't deserve someone like Bo. Suddenly Curtis turns into Bo and when Bo sees he's using again. Bo tells Billie he'll only help her if she admits she's an addict. Billie refuses to admit that, and Bo tells her he can't help her and fades away. Curtis tells Billie Bo's fed up with her and that she's nothing but trouble.

At the DiMera mansion Kate sees Mike looking at a picture of him and Carrie and says Austin better hurry up and tell Carrie the truth.

Upstairs Roman tells Carrie he wants her to be happy and taken care of, and tells Carrie that he wants her to be happy with Mike, because he's worried about her being alone. Roman asks Carrie if Mike makes her happy, and Carrie says he does and he's everything she could want in a man. Roman is happy for her, and says she has his blessing. Outside the room Sami and Lucas spy on Austin, who watches and overhears everything.

Meanwhile Stefano and Kristen are watching Sami at work via the monitors. Kristen says it's fascinating that Sami won't stop at anything to get what she wants, and Stefano tells her exactly, and if Sami had all the opportunities Kristen has had with John she would never have failed! Kristen thinks that Sami's plan will fail and that Carrie will tell Roman she still loves Austin, but Stefano says she underestimated her as a Brady, she's noble and wouldn't do anything to hurt Roman now that she knows he's dying.

Back in Roman's room Roman tells Carrie that Austin might be the best thing that's happened to Sami, and Carrie says he's right, and that Mike is a great guy for her. Sami approaches Austin and says she's going to say goodbye to Roman, and Austin tells her he'll wait for her to return.

Stefano tells Kristen that Sami's plan worked, but Kristen says how can a marriage survive based on lies, and Stefano says she's the one to talk. Kristen says the situations are totally different, and she says she's going to make John love her again. Kristen then decides to call John and tell him what a witch Sami is, but she is stopped when they see Mike on the phone with John in hopes to learn about where Marlena is. Kristen says she'll learn where Marlena is when she tells John about Sami, but Stefano tells her if she does that then she'll reveal to John about the camera's hidden in the house! Stefano says it will also ruin his new plan, which he refuses to tell Kristen because she fears he may mess it up. He does tell her this plan will effect the entire Brady clan!

Back at the mansion Austin runs out of the house upset, and when Mike asks what's wrong Kate says she suspects it has to do with Sami. Outside Austin dreams about how it was his fantasy to tell Carrie the truth, and Kate comes out and asks Austin if he told Carrie. Austin says he didn't, and he's not going to! Austin tells Kate that Carrie is in love with Mike, he heard her tell it to Roman. When Austin says he's lost her and there's not a damn thing he can do about it Kate says "Oh yes there is!" Kate tells Austin to tell Carrie about the papers and she doesn't care what Carrie told Roman, she still loves him. Austin says the only thing he wants is for Carrie to be happy, and Mike makes her happy. Kate thinks she may have said that not to upset Roman, but Austin says that Roman is dying and she wouldn't lie to him in his condition. Austin says he has to stop focusing on what he doesn't have and focus on what he does have, Will. Austin says he wants to give Will everything he can give him. Austin leaves, and Bo calls Kate. Kate asks him if he's found Billie but he says no. Bo asks about Roman, and Kate tells him that it is Roman and he's very sick, she doesn't say he's dying! Bo tells Kate he knows he'll find Billie and is sure they'll be back in Salem soon.

Back inside Lucas is pissed off because as soon as Austin shows Carrie those papers they are both out in the cold. Carrie storms out of the room and asks Sami how dare she tell their dad that she's in love with Mike. Sami claims she only wants Carrie to be happy, and she plays on her sympathies and says oh daddy has to get well, he just has to, and she hugs Carrie. Stefano applauds as he watches the drama unfold and yells "Bravo Bravo!"

Caroline comes over to the mansion and Mike tells her the truth about Roman without even having to open his mouth, she can read it from his face. Carrie comes downstairs and hugs her grandmother. Back upstairs Sami says that Austin won't leave her now that he's lost Carrie, and that love will come in time. Sami says her dad is her hero, he's kept Austin and Carrie apart, and stopped John and her mom's wedding.

Downstairs Carrie and Caroline talk, and Stefano learns that John and Marlena are at the hospital. Carrie tells Caroline that Sami doesn't know Roman is dying, and she tells her what Sami is up too. Carrie thinks Sami's memory is back, and she has nobody to help her prove it.

Mike goes upstairs to check on Roman and Sami leaves. Lucas tells Sami that Mike is going to tell Roman what has gone on, and he'll ruing everything, but he doesn't. Sami says they are home free, nobody else will tell her dad their secret. Sami suddenly there is one person who could jeopardize everything. When Lucas asks who could blow her cover Caroline shows up. Caroline tells Sami that she wishes Sami wouldn't tell Roman things that aren't true about her and Mike. Mike comes out and tells Caroline she can go to see Roman, and she takes him some chowder with great healing power. Roman says he's so happy to be back and wants to spend every minute with the family he loves, and with Marlena. He also says he's so happy that everyone is happy, and then says God bless Kristen for bringing him back.

Outside the room Lucas asks Sami who could blow her cover, and she says it doesn't matter because he's not in Salem. Lucas says who, and Sami says it's her brother Eric! Downstairs Carrie is feeling guilty she told her dad some things that weren't true, but Mike tells her little white lies are okay if it's for Roman's benefit.

At the hospital Marlena tells John that Roman is dying of a bacterial germ that has overtaken his whole body. Marlena cries and John tells her that he won't let Roman die and allow the Brady's to experience the pain of losing him again. John then says they haven't had a chance to talk about what Roman's return means to their relationship. Marlena tells him she doesn't have any answers for him right now. John says he wants Roman to be back with his family, but he also wants them to be together, and he's having trouble with these feelings. Marlena says she understands what he's feeling, and John promises to find and fight Stefano. John also swears on his soul that they will be together and he'll never let Stefano or Kristen win again!

In the park John and Marlena are taking a walk and she says she's been thinking about Eric a lot lately. John says he wishes he'd shown up for the wedding, but Marlena feels that she's driven Eric away some how. Marlena says Sami was always daddy's little girl, but Eric was all her's. Marlena says that she feels so guilty that she drove him away by betraying Roman, but John says that it was Stefano's fault. Meanwhile Eric is spying on them from behind a bush. John realizes someone is watching them, and tells Marlena not blow their cover. John runs behind the bush and grabs Eric. Eric says it's him, Eric, and Marlena grabs him and hugs him.


July 29
Jen tells Jack the news that Roman is alive and Kristen ruined John and Marlena's wedding by bringing him back. Jack says the DiMera's are experts about brining people home from the dead, and Jen says even more proof that Peter is probably alive. Jen then begins to talk about all the hideous things Kristen has done. Jack has found something in the attic he wants to whip into shape for Abbey, I think it's a rocking chair. Jack tells Jen that there's is something else he wants to do, he wants to write an expose on the prison system. Jen wants to spend time with Jack, but he doesn't want to get her hopes up if he's sent back to prison. As they hug Trent is watching them and cursing that all his hard work in prison was for nothing. Jen assures Jack they'll be together forever, and they both tell each other they love the other. Jack then tells Jen about the expose he wants to write, and wishes he could find Travis to help him with the story. Jack then thinks that maybe he could penetrate the DiMera organization.

Travis goes to see Stefano and tells him that he has failed him and has lost! Stefano asks Travis how dare he challenge his authority and Travis will do what he says. Travis says no way, he's not going to prison for real, but Stefano warns him that if he doesn't do what he says he will send Travis to jail for life. Later as sleepy Jack is lying in a hammock he thinks he spots Travis looking into the house.

At the DiMera Mansion Roman is looking through the family photo album with Caroline and Roman says Kristen is such an angel to bring him back home. Roman tells Caroline that he was a fool to leave Marlena and that he should have been more understanding. Roman then talks about his children and what a sweet wonderful person Sami has turned into. Caroline just sits there and says nothing!

Meanwhile Stefano is still watching the TV monitors at the DiMera mansion, but Kristen keeps complaining about John and Marlena. Stefano tells her to shut up because he's trying to constraint on his plan to get Marlena, the queen of the night. Kristen asks him to stop worrying about Marlena and help her get John back, and Stefano says she should try using her brain! Kristen continues to yell at Stefano for playing with his toys (chess set). Stefano says that it's her turn to do her part, she has to make John love her again somehow.

Back at the DiMera Mansion Mike is trying to help Carrie straighten the mess out Sami has made for her with Roman. Mike realizes what the comments Roman made to him earlier were about. Carrie says she didn't have the heart to come clean with him about them or Sami. Carrie says she would hate it if Austin thought they were a couple but Mike says Austin knows her better than that. Carrie says she wishes she could prove Sami has her memory back, and hopes Eric will come home.

Upstairs Sami is beaming that her plan has worked out, but Lucas says Carrie will eventually tell him the truth. Sami says he'll never tell him as long as Roman is ick and when he's better Austin will love her and will have forgotten about Carrie. Sami then comments only Eric can ruin her plan, and he'll never come home from Colorado in the next day or two. Lucas asks if Eric knows about his dad because that might bring him home, but Sami says she doubts it. Lucas comments what kind of a brother is this guy, and Sami yells he's a great brother. Sami decides to call Eric and she leaves him a note on his machine.

Outside Austin is sulking because he thinks Carrie is in love with Mike now and that he was to late. Sami finally shows up to see Austin and she tells her how she used to always be able to tell a little white lie to Roman, but Carrie could never lie to him. Austin says he's been thinking a lot lately, and wants to tell Sami something. Sami says she knows he's worried her dad won't welcome him into the family but she says she knows he will. Sami begins to cry and Austin hugs her.

Marlena and John are thrilled to see Eric in the park. Eric says he's sorry he missed the wedding and asks them why they aren't on their honeymoon. Marlena tells him the wedding was post-ponned. Eric asks why they didn't marry and Marlena tells him that Roman is alive. Eric asks if he's really his dad, and when they say it's him Eric wants to go see him now. They all then decide to head over to the house to see Roman. On the way over to the house Marlena explains everything that's happened, and about Roman's illness. Eric doesn't understand why John doesn't just by their own house, and John says that takes time. Eric says so what, and asks what they aren't telling him (He doesn't know Roman is dying). When they finally arrive at the house before they go in Eric asks them what they aren't telling him. Marlena tells Eric that Roman doesn't know anything about what Kristen has done or that John and Marlena were going to marry. Eric asks why they don't tell Roman the truth, and Marlena tells Eric that Roman is dying. Marlena tells Eric that Sami doesn't know, but she felt he could handle it.

Eric, John, and Marlena go inside. Carrie is thrilled to see her brother and John and Marlena go upstairs. Lucas shows up and when Carrie introduces her to him he asks what he's doing here. Eric says its nice to meet him to, and Lucas goes off to find Sami. Carrie then asks Eric to keep a close eye on Sami.

In the foyer Lucas tries to warn Sami about Eric but she refuses to listen to him. Sami walks into the other room and is confronted by Eric. Eric says hey sis, walking real good, and all Sami can do is say Eric! Sami hugs her brother and is really delighted to see him. Eric says he heard about dad and the wedding, and she says everything has worked out for the best. Eric says he thought she had forgiven him, and she says she meant about dad. Sami goes off to get Will, and Carrie tells Eric now that he's home he feels things with Austin may change. Before Carrie can tell him she thinks Sami has her memory back Sami and Marlena show up. Marlena tells them that they can go up and see Roman now.

Eric and Marlena go upstairs to see Roman, and Caroline is so glad to see him home again. Roman is shocked and can't believe he's there. Roman hugs him and says your home, and Eric says we both are. Eric says he's going to stay in Salem, and he promises Roman he'll be there for his sisters and him.

Meanwhile John discovers Kristen has moved all his clothes back into her room. When she shows up in a negligee he asks her what the hell is going on. Kristen tells him that they have to play the happy married couple for Roman's sake and John tells her that she's unbelievable and he will be with Marlena. Kristen says she only brought Roman home to be with his family, but John says she only did it to stop the wedding. Suddenly Kristen yells Stefano won't give up till he takes Marlena far away, and Marlena overhears that!

Meanwhile Austin has decided to show Carrie the papers. When Austin comes into see Carrie she hears her tell Mike that she couldn't have gotten through this without him. Also Sami is worried that Eric could figure out she's faking her amnesia. She says if he figures it out he'll lose everything.


July 30
Trent/Travis is peering into Jen's window when Jack sees him and calls out to Travis Meanwhile Hope comes to see Jen and she's still sure Bo and Billie are together. Hope recalls that a fortune teller told her someone involved in this relationship would suffer a tremendous amount of pain, and Hope says it must be her. When Jack shouts at Travis he runs off, and Hope and Jen come out when they hear him scream. Jack is positive he saw Travis and Jen and Hope help him look. Jen finds Travis/Trent and asks him what he's doing here. Trent/Travis says he heard a noise and was looking around to see what was happening. Jen fills him in, and when Jack yells Trent/Travis says he has to go because he's waiting for a call and leaves. Jack shows up and Jen says maybe he was just dreaming. Suddenly Abbey shouts DADDY at the top of her lungs and he has to go to her. Hope asks Jen if she'll marry him, and Jen says that she knows he wants to propose, but he's waiting for the outcome of the appeal. Jack goes to see Abbey and she asks if he and mommy are going to get married. Jack tells her he hopes so, and Abbey soon falls asleep. Outside Jen tells Hope if she and Jack can get back together than there is still a chance for her and Bo, but Hope says no way. Suddenly Trent/Travis shows up again and asks if everyone is okay, and Jen says that she thinks Jack was dreaming. Sudden;y Jack shouts to them if they want some wine, and when Jen invites Trent/Travis to stay he says he has to go and runs off.

In Rome Billie is having a bad trip about dogs chasing her. Max asks Billie if she can hear him, and just as he's about to untie her King calls. Max tells King that Billie is definitely hooked now and she won't be a problem to them. King wonders if they let her go if she'd return to Salem but Max says no way, she'd never want them to see her like this. Max unties Billie and says he'll let her go as soon as she takes some pills. Billie says no way, she's not taking anymore drugs.

Also in Rome Bo is talking to Kate telling her he will find Billie and he cares for her a lot, but Hope is the woman he loves. Bo calls Hope and get's a message machine and leaves a message for Shawn D. A man approaches Bo and tells him that he has learned the whereabouts of King's associates. He tells her that the were seen of the coast of Whales but an American women wasn't with them. Bo thinks that if they are on the run that Billie is safe, but he still needs to find her. The man asks Bo if he has any idea why Billie would want to disappear, and Bo has an idea and tells the man all about the Hope/Gina/Billie triangle thing and thinks maybe she's disappeared to deal with losing him all over again. When the man asks him if perhaps Billie could start using again but Bo says no way!

At the DiMera mansion Roman is glad Eric will be here for his sisters, and when Roman says Carrie and Mike might be getting married soon Eric asks him who told him that? Roman tells him that Sami told him that, and that Carrie told him she is very happy. Downstairs Austin sees Mike comforting Carrie and thinks he's lost her already so why tell her about the annulment. Carrie goes upstairs to see her dad as does Caroline. Carrie tells him he should get some rest, and Caroline offers to stay with him. Carrie and Eric leave, and Eric asks her how she feels about Austin. Carrie says she loves Austin, but only told Roman that she's happy with Mike so he can be happy. Eric is angry that everyone is keeping stuff from him, but Carrie says they only want him to be happy. Carrie then says she's so glad Austin didn't hear her talking about Mike because it could be a disaster. Eric is still confused as to why Sami would say such a thing and Carrie says she believes Sami has her memory back and is scheming again. Carrie tells Eric he wasn't here to see the change in her, and Eric says he was hoping the sweet Sami was back. Carrie says that he's the only one who can since Sami's true feelings and asks him to find out the truth.

Meanwhile Sami is panicking because she just knows Eric will figure out she has her memory back and then she'll lose Austin. Lucas says if she can fool him than Carrie and Mike are over. Sami says it doesn't matter, when Eric looks at her and talks face to face with her he will figure it out, then he'll tell Carrie. Lucas says that maybe Eric wouldn't rat her out, but Sami says he's always been close to Carrie and if he has to choose sides he will chose Carrie. Mike comes in and asks them what is wrong and Sami says with everything going on she's tired and decides to go lie down. Mike tells Lucas he's knows he's up to something and tells Lucas not to make any moves on Carrie. Lucas says he should worry about protecting himself because it's obvious he's falling for Carrie. Lucas leaves and Carrie comes downstairs and says that hopefully Eric will help them learn the truth. Austin shows up and Carrie introduces him to Eric. Eric then tells Carrie that he will help her.

Eric goes into the next room where Sami is with Lucas. Eric says he'd like to talk to her about her, and she says her life is pretty boring. Sami says she'd love to show him pictures of Will. Sami says she's tired and needs to sit down and Eric asks her if the pain is bad and Sami says sometimes it's so bad she can scream, but she doesn't want Austin to know. Eric says that they used to kid about forgetting things when they were little but when you lose 4 years of your life it's not funny. Sami says it's horrible and Eric decides to leave her to rest. Eric returns to the other room and he tells Carrie he definitely senses something. Eric says he senses she's in terrible pain, and Carrie is upset that she's fooled him as well. Austin is angry and says a lot of people have secrets

Back in the other room Lucas says all Eric picked up on was that she was in pain and Lucas says this twin connection must be phony since Sami hasn't been in pain for awhile. Sami says yes she was and shows Lucas her hand, she's cut it with something. Sami says that it was the only way she could fool Eric, if she didn't mask her true feelings with pain he'd figure everything out. Lucas tells Sami she's sick and can't keep doing this forever, but Sami says she'll do anything it takes to hold onto Austin.

Back in the other room Eric tells Carrie he's sorry he couldn't help but he really only sensed pain. Austin tells Carrie that he doesn't think Sami has her memory back, and Austin goes into see Sami. He tells her if she's in pain to tell him, he doesn;t want any secrets between them. An upset Carrie runs out of the house and Mike goes after her. Carrie doesn't understand what is up with Austin, he was so cold to her. Carrie says she doesn't think anything will stop Sami now, Eric was her last hope. Back inside Austin goes to get Sami a pain pill and Eric returns. Eric is amazed to see that her pain has disappeared and asks her what she's up to.


July 31
Bo is still sitting at the cafe in Rome wondering where the heck Billie could be. Bo decides to try and give Hope a call and explain things to her, and Hope shows up and says she wants them to be together (Fantasy). Bo says they will be together, but first he has to find Billie. Kate calls Bo about Billie but he has no new news for her, but he says King's men aren't in Rome so she's in no real danger. Austin talks to Bo and he's really worried as well. Austin asks if he should come help him look but Bo say he'll find her. Bo then gets a call on a tip where Billie may be and runs off, but calls Kate to let her in on his lead.

Max tells Billie he won't let her go until she takes some pills. Billie tells him she doesn't want them, so he shoves them down her throat. Max says he has to go out for awhile and when Billie asks if he'll let her go he says she'll float right away. Billie then grows week and falls into a chair. She becomes sleepy but she fights to stay awake and starts walking around. She looks in the mirror and suddenly Bo shows up behind her. Billie refuses to let him see his face, and when he realizes she's using again he yells at her and says she's a disappointment and goes to walk out and says he doesn't want a drugie in his life. Suddenly Bo turns into Curtis who tells her nobody wants her and she needs to wake up.

Abe and Lexie are driving and Abe says he wishes he could have helped Roman and Lexie then goes into her "I have Stefano's blood in my veins" speech and Abe tells her once again she is nothing like Stefano.

At the Mansion Marlena comes out to the garden to talk with Carrie and Mike goes to check on Roman. Carrie tells Marlena what Sami said to Roman about her and Mike and she didn't want to tell him the truth because she fears it will make him worse. Marlena understands and she says she wants to tell Roman that she and John are planning to marry, but she doesn't want to hurt him either. Mike shows up with some antibiotics from the ISA and Marlena says that she wants to know she did everything she could to save him. Carrie says they all know she did the best she could, but Marlena says Sami might not. Mike returns and Marlena decides to go give Roman the antibiotic. Meanwhile Carrie is disappointed about Eric not being able to read Sami, but Mike says not to count him out just yet.

In the mansion John tells Kristen that Marlena is the only woman he wants in her life. He tells her there is nothing she can do to keep him and Marlena apart, not now and not ever.

Lucas finds Kate and she asks him if Sami is responsible for letting Roman think Mike and Carrie are a couple. Lucas tries to avoid the question but he says that Sami has won so far, she just might get Austin in the end.

Downstairs Eric asks Sami what she's up to, what is she hiding. Eric says he's picking up mixed signals from her and he wants to know what's up. Sami turns her back to him and rubs the wound on her hand and starts pressing it. Eric says he can sense things about her and something's wrong. Sami says that she think's he's hiding something because he never came home when she had a baby, during her accident, or for dad's funeral. Eric says that Marlena's parents needed him as well but Sami says he could have come home for a day or two. Sami says that she can sense he's angry about something, and suddenly Kate, Lexie, and Abe all come in.

Meanwhile Stefano is looking at the queen from his chess set and says one day Marlena will be his. He decides to go see her lovely face and turns on the TV. He watches Kristen and John fight. Kristen says that e hurt Roman when he and Marlena had an affair, but John said what they did wasn't deliberate, what she did was, and that's why he'll never love her again. Stefano says that Kristen will never have John, but one day he will have Marlena and John will have nothing.

Back at the mansion Marlena gives Roman an injection but he keep mumbling he doesn't have much time left. He eventually falls asleep and Marlena leaves the room. Marlena and John run into each other in the hall and when they are about to kiss Kristen comes in on them and says "Excuse me, Roman's choking." Marlena runs to his room Abe comes upstairs and decides to check in on Roman and John goes downstairs.

Lexie wants to talk to Kristen about Stefano, and Stefano is delighted as he watches and says "I knew it, she can not resist!" Lexie says she needs some information for her protection. Lexie asks Kristen if Stefano has any plans to ruin everyone's lives. Kristen says Stefano hates her now and doesn't confide in her anymore. Kristen does warn Lexie that Stefano has the ability to make someone do something he wants them to do. Lexie asks if there is a DiMera curse, and Kristen says it's possible and that Lexie could be next. Lexie laughs and says no, but Stefano laughs and says oh yes, he has plans for her.

Abe and Marlena relive old memories with Roman about how they first met and fell in love. Roman tells Marlena he loves her and want to know if she feels the same way. Marlena says he's going to wear himself out and leaves to get something for him to drink.

Out in the garden Eric tells Carrie and Mike that Sami did a better job reading him and hit on some nerves. Eric says he's really sorry and that he wanted to do something good before dad dies. Sami, who's spying, comes out and asks what he means. Sami becomes hysterical and Marlena shows up. Sami asks her to tell her it's not true, and Marlena says she's sorry. Sami is outraged that everyone knew and didn't tell her. Sami says she needs some time alone, and Austin says he'll take Sami and Will home. Marlena tells Carrie and Eric they should go home and rest, and Carrie tells Eric he can stay with her.

Austin, Sami, Eric, and Carrie go home. Carrie says at times like this it helps to be with the ones you love. Austin and Carrie stare at each other for awhile, but Austin leaves when Sami calls for him. Eric comforts Carrie when she says she needs Austin more than ever now. Carrie notices Eric is so calm and he says there has been enough tears shed for all of them. Back at Austin's place Sami promises Will he'll never lose his dad Austin and nobody will ever learn the truth.

Abe and Lexie decide to leave as well, and Lexie tells Abe that she had a talk with Kristen about Stefano and it scared her. Abe tells her not to listen to Kristen and promises her she'll never see or here from him again.

Marlena tells John she can't come to bed with him tonight because she has to monitor Roman's reaction to the drugs. John says he wants to tell Roman the truth, and Marlena realizes he does have the right to know, and Marlena says she wants to tell him herself. Meanwhile Kristen overhears them and says Marlena CAN'T tell Roman the truth. Kristen calls Stefano about this new development and he tells her to stop Marlena from telling Roman the truth. Marlena is giving Roman some drugs as he says he never wanted his family to watch him die. Roman also says he doesn't mind dying now that she is back in his life. John has slipped into the room, and Roman says that just being near her is all he needs and asks if she'll be there for him. Marlena tells him she'll be there for him and Kristen get's this goofy smile on her face when she hears that..


August 1
Summary by Linda

Bo goes to a hotel manager and shows him Billie's picture. He said she's the lady in room 209. In the room where Billie is being held, she looks for food and afraid to eat anything she finds. When Max returns, she attacks him and tells him she hates him. The manager opens the hotel room (different hotel) and Bo steps inside and sees the room made up (doesn't even look in the bathroom) and walks out. The maid tells him the woman in the picture told her she was going to the piatza (?). Billie tells Max she's going to tell on him and King (smart move when you're being held captive Billie). Billie tells Max she's going to kick the habit and Max continues his verbal abuse about drugs (what I do for you guys having to watch this farce!). Bo goes to the piatza and finds a woman who looks like Billie. He finds out she's the woman in room 209. Billie hallucinates Curtis telling her to go to the place Max suggests. Kate and Bo talk and he again promises to find Billie, even if he has to tear Rome apart.


Austin wakens (in BED, not the couch) in the morning after dreaming about Carrie telling Roman she loved Mike. He gets up to find Sami fully dressed sitting on the couch watching home videos and crying about Roman being terminal. Next door Eric and Carrie are chatting about what's happening. Eric tells Carrie she's amazing for putting her own needs aside for Sami. Eric hopes to catch Sami lying, but Carrie reminds him staying close to Dad is the most important thing right now. Mike shows up on his way to take off Roman's bandages and thought Carrie might like to join him. Eric tells Mike he can tell he cares about Carrie and Mike agrees, but said he'll never get in between Carrie and Austin (please Mike, change your mind about that). Eric goes next door and finds Sami and Austin watching old home videos (we don't see them) and she kids him about a trip to Niagra Falls when they were kids and his weak stomach. Eric tells them about Mike and Carrie going to take off the bandages and Austin asks Eric to stay with Sami for a while as he has some things to do. Carrie threw on a sundress with spaghetti straps and Carrie tells Mike how Austin and her dad are the two men she loves most in the world and she'll never give up on them

At Sami's, Eric catches Sami as she says something about losing Austin to someone else. Before she has a chance to say much, Lucas knocks on the door (big surprise) in his suit and tie. He re- introduces himself to Eric who's hesitant to let him in, but does. Lucas and Eric don't hit it off to good and Lucas tells Sami after Eric leaves that he's trouble and he's just waiting for Eric's twin radar to kick in and detect her faking her amnesia. Sami breaks down about Roman's condition and she can't lose him again. Lucas tells himself it's up to him to keep Austin and Carrie apart with Sami on this emotional roller coaster right now.


What's this? Kristen and John in bed? John telling Kristen he forgives her? Yeah, big surprise, it's a dream of Kristen's. Out in the hall Marlena (dressed in a new pink dress and whale spout) hugs and kisses Johnin his bright red shirt (hey CC, looks like his hair has grown a little bit). John invites Marlena for a private lunch on the patio after Roman's bandages are removed. Roman was happy to wake up to Marlena's picture next to him and said having Marlena next to him is the best reason to face another day (of course John and Kristen are lurking in the shadows and hear this). .John walks in and Roman asks where his beautiful wife is. Kristen walks in and puts her arms around John (Drake is smiling all the time) and after Roman tells John what a lucky man he is, Kristen tells Roman to keep telling him that and kisses John's cheek a few times. In the hall, John tells Marlena he arranged their private lunch in the garden and John promises Kristen won't interfere (gee, it's just HER house John). Of course, inside the room, Kristen tells Roman she'll arrange a private lunch for him and Doc in the garden. Carrie and Mike arrive and Roman tells them he's ready to have the bandages off. Mike peels away the bandages slowly while they all look on.

The maid comes in and tells Marlena about a phone call from Drs. at CSC Atlanta and she rushes off. Alone, Roman tells Kristen he wished he had more time to be with Doc (duh, how about a private lunch with Marlena Roman? we all know what's up her sleeve)

The bandages are off and everyone is happy to see Roman is indeed Roman. Marlena rushes into his arms and hugs him with everyone watching and Mike interrupts them and hands them a mirror so Roman can get a look at himself. Carrie comments he's as handsome as ever and he looks at Marlena and tells her she's the most beautiful woman he's ever layed his eyes on. John tells Roman he's going to give him some time alone with his family, but Mike goes to examine him, so Carrie and Marlena step in the hall. Carrie is concerned about how Marlena is handling everything. Marlena tells Carrie there is a conference in L.A. about bacterial infections next week, but she doesn't want to leave Roman alone. Carrie offers to go and Marlena suggest Mike go too as he'll understand the technical jargon. Carrie agrees. She asks Mike, but he regretfully says no as he's covering another Dr.'s patients while he's on vacation. Carrie understands, but agrees to call Mike with what she finds out. On the plane, Mike surprises Carrie. He told Dr. Haines about the conference and the other Dr. insisted he go and he'll find someone else to cover for him.

Marlena goes to the garden and finds John and their private lunch. Kristen (now dressed in white with her hair pulled back) silently comes out and says to herself she hopes they'll like her surprise. John notices Kristen and asks what she wants. Kristen says she has a surprise and out WALKS Roman. She didn't know J & M would be there (yeah right). Being they're having lunch though, Kristen said why don't the four of them have lunch together al fresco. (Doesn't Roman wonder why Marlena and John were having a private lunch in the garden? He was a cop and super CIA guy or something, right?) Kristen loves playing the role of John's wife and sits next to him at the table. While they're eating, Roman and Marlena's song plays and Roman asks Marlena to dance with him. She doesn't think he's strong enough, but he said he'll just lean on her then. Roman suggests that John grab his wife and join them and Kristen jumps up and wraps her arms around John . He whispers about how she manipulated this and he'll never let her back in his life. She tells him, oh baby, never say never, while he and Marlena exchange glances.

Back at her apt., Carrie finishes packing her suitcase and Eric walks in to find out where she's going. She goes next door and asks Sami to tell Austin where she went and won't be at work for a few days and Lucas offers to drive her to the airport. While looking for another photo album, Sami finds the annulment papers.


At their own home Kate and Lucas discuss the same old thing and the annulment papers are probably too late. Austin, dressed like a dork in a white tshirt underneath an ugly striped shirt), goes to see Kate to find out about Billie. It takes about 5 seconds til he starts up on his own problems. Austin tells Kate he's going to give up on Carrie as she's in love with Mike. Austin agrees to talk with Carrie and tell her what's going on. Even if she's involved with Mike, she deserves to know. Austin doesn't want to tell Sami about the annulment as it's BAD TIMING with Roman's situation. He does agree to talk with Carrie now though, even if she's involved with Mike, she deserves to know what's happening. When Austin returns home, he sees Sami holding the annulment papers and she asks him to tell her that their marriage is not really over. Credits rol 1

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