July 97 Week 3


July 14
Bo is wandering around wondering why Hope doesn't want to see him. He call's Alice's place just as Hope walks in with Franco. Hope says she's not going to answer the phone, and Bo eventually gives up. Bo sees a note from Alice about John and Marlena's party, and she says she's glad they found happiness. Hope says she knows what she has to do, and they leave.

Hope and Franco are driving around, and Hope says she needs some time alone. Hope and Franco eventually end up on Smith Island, and Hope is flooded with old memories of Bo. Hope goes inside and gives Alice a call to let her know where she is. Hope says she needs a night alone to think about how to go on without Bo, and she asks her Gran not to tell Bo where she is. Bo shows back up, and Alice has to tell Bo that Hope doesn't want him to know where she is. However, a sneaky Mrs. H. lets Bo know where Hope is by saying "This is a lovely picture of you and Hope at the cabin." Bo heads out to the island, hoping Hope will forgive him. Back at the cabin Franco gives Hope a friendship ring, and Bo arrives just inside to see Franco put it on her finger.

In Rome Billie is running around, and Max is following with a gun. Max confronts Billie, and he tells her they have unfinished business, and if she tries to escape she's a dead women. Max takes Billie back to his room and ties her up. Billie tells him Bo won't let him get away with this. Billie asks what he is going to do with her, and Max says King has big plans for her.

Stefano is at one of his hideouts when one of his manservants tells him that John is throwing an engagement party at the penthouse grill, he and Marlena are getting married in two days. Stefano says he'll never let Marlena marry that fool. Stefano then puts on his waiter disguise, and shows up at the party.

At the Penthouse Grill Kristen tells John she won't let him marry Marlena. Kristen tells John that he doesn't love that bitch, he loves her, and won't let that tramp steal her husband! Lexie tells Kristen she needs some fresh air, and she takes Kristen out to the terrace. Marlena tells everyone she's not going to let anything upset her happy night, and tells everyone to go on partying. On the terrace Lexie agrees to get John, only to prevent her from making another scene. John goes to see Marlena, and Stefano decides to go for Marlena.

On the terrace John tells Kristen he can't believe the hell he put Marlena through. Kristen is delusional, and goes off about how nobody loves and makes him feel the way she does. John and Kristen kiss, but Kristen wakes up, it was all a dream. This time John really comes out to the terrace, and tells her he despises her. Kristen starts crying about it being her birthday and how he said they'd celebrate. John tells Kristen he doesn't want to see her, and she's out of his life forever. John walks away, and Kristen gets onto the ledge and yells if he won't be a part of her life then she won't be a part of anyone's lives! Maggie rushes to get Marlena, and Stefano misses his chance to grab Marlena once again. On the terrace John is trying to talk Kristen down by telling her she does have a good soul and may become a good person again in time. Kristen asks if he'll love her then, and John says she has to prove she's worthy to be loved. John grabs Kristen, and everyone arrives on the terrace. Laura stays to talk to Kristen, and John leaves. Kristen tells Laura that this is all her fault, and she should have let Stefano take him away. Kristen says she didn't want to hurt anyone, and Laura says if she has a shred of decency she'll tell everyone the truth about Peter. Kristen tells Laura Stefano will help her, and she will make her and Marlena pay for everything they've done.

Back inside Marlena and John both think Kristen wouldn't have jumped, and they say they'll be together forever in 2 days. Lexie is feeling bad for Kristen, but Abe says Kristen doesn't love John, she's obsessed with him. Stefano overhear's Abe tell Lexie she's not a DiMera and she proved that at the spa when she saved Marlena. Stefano tells himself one day Lexie will accept him and become a true DiMera, one more loyal than Kristen ever was.

Sami tells Lucas that whenever her mom and John get together someone gets hurt, this time it's Kristen. She also says if it wasn't for her mom and John's sleazy affair her dad would still be alive.

Austin talks with Mickey at the party, and Sami wonders if Mickey knows Will's blood type. Mickey tells Austin about a similar case to his, and if that case comes out well, they can try the same tactics. Austin thanks Mickey, and asks him not to mention it to Carrie, he doesn't want her to get her hopes up. Later Austin tells Kate the news, and when he sees Carrie dancing with Mike he says he hopes Mickey can come through before Carrie gives up on them.

Vivian and Ivan run right into Stefano at the party. Suddenly Abe and the hostess show up, and Abe lets them in hoping they can at least calm Kristen down. Vivian wheels in a huge statue under a cover and says she brought this as a peace offering, she only cooperated because Stefano threatened her life. John rips the cover off of a statue to reveal a statue of a phoenix, and everyone is shocked. Abe then escorts Vivian and Ivan out of the party. Outside Vivian agrees to turn states evidence against Kristen and Stefano in order to stay out of jail. Later Kate tells Abe she has some information about Vivian's finances, which she'd be happy to share with him.

Marlena asks Carrie to be her matron of honor in her wedding, and she is delighted. Carrie says she has a way to test Sami's memory, she asks Marlena to ask Sami to be a bridesmaid as, because the old Sami would never be in their wedding because of her hatred for them as a couple.

Lucas asks Sami to talk for a moment, but she says not now. Sami and Austin then begin dancing. Carrie walks up to Sami and asks her to be a bridesmaid in Marlena's wedding, and Sami says no, she won't do it!

Outside Kristen screams she won't lose John, and only Stefano can help her now. Kristen calls Bart and asks to see Stefano, but Bart tells her that he doesn't want to see her. Kristen says she won't let Stefano desert her now, not after all she's done for him. Stefano then makes a quick retreat from the party, and Kristen sees him and goes after him. Stefano returns to his secret hideout and damns Kristen for causing him to lose Marlena. Suddenly Kristen shows up and asks him for help, but Stefano tells her she can rot in hell for all he cares! Kristen grabs him and tells him not to turn his back her, she's his daughter.


July 15
Bo is standing outside the cabin watching Franco put a ring on Hope's finger. Inside Hope says she can't take the ring because it's his mothers, but Franco insists she take it as a symbol of his friendship. Bo then bursts into the cabin and tells Franco to get away from her. Bo asks to speak with Hope alone, but she says Franco is staying. Bo says that Abe told her about the operation and he came home as soon as he could, and he thought she'd be waiting for him. Hope tells Bo to go back to Salem, because it's over. Bo says it can't be, because he loves her, and everything he did was because of her, he went through hell to be with her. Bo tries to explain everything about what happened, and why he had to marry Billie, and why he had to go to Rome. Hope says she tried so hard to believe he still loved her, but he disappointed her. Bo says he'll never disappoint her again, and Hope says she can't believe anything he says anymore. Bo says everything he did was to fool King, and nothing was going on between him and Billie. Hope tells him lying has become so easy to him now, and when she says it's over, she means it. Hope tells him to go, and turns her back to him. Bo tells her he loves her, and only her, and then he leaves. Hope then says "Oh my god, what have I done" and runs after him. However, Franco stops her and says he can't let her do this. Franco says Bo didn't have to make love to Billie, and she saw it with her own eyes, and just heard Bo lie to her. Hope knows Franco is right, and she hugs him. Later Hope looks up at a star he named after her, and on the pier Bo looks at the star as well.

At the party Carrie tests Sami's memory by asking her be a bridesmaid. Sami says she won't do it, and yells at Carrie to stop pressuring her. Austin asks why she doesn't want to be in her mother's wedding, and Carrie says she understands quite clearly. Carrie says that she must remember the affair, so she must have her memory back. Sami says that she may not remember the affair, but she knows about it because they told her. Sami then says she doesn't want to be in the wedding because if she falls everyone may pity her, and she'll take the attention away from Marlena and John's day. Carrie says she could use the wheel chair, but Sami says if it would make Marlena happy she'll be a bridesmaid. Marlena and John come over, and Carrie tells them Sami will be in the wedding. Marlena hugs Sami, and John thanks her. Sami decides to go get a drink, and Lucas goes as well. Marlena says she's sorry to Carrie, who was so sure she could trap her. Austin then tells Carrie that they will be together very soon, and not to lose hope.

Sami asks Lucas why he didn't warn her, and he tells her he was trying. Austin then asks Mickey about the annulment, and Mickey says the moment her hears something he'll tell him.

Mike drives Carrie home, and she's happy and tells Mike that Austin may have a way to be together very soon. Carrie then tells Mike she's going to find the perfect woman for him, and Mike says he may all ready know the perfect woman, but she may not want him. Carrie says she'll have a talk with her and change her mind, and she asks Mike who this perfect girl is (we never hear his response).

Back at home Sami notices Austin is so happy and says he probably is happy because Carrie's trying to prove she has her memory, and then accuse her saintly mother of being part of the scheme. Sami can't sleep that night, and looks at Austin and wonders what he's dreaming about. We then see Austin's dream, he's telling her about the annulment. Austin talks in his sleep and Sami hears him says he's free to marry Carrie. Sami calls Lucas about what she overheard, and she thinks maybe Mickey is working on a way to get her marriage annulled.

Kate is furious with Abe about how he and Bo let Billie put her life in danger, but Abe says she should be very proud of what Billie did. Kate says she's just afraid she could still be in danger. Later Kate finds Bo on the doc, and he tells Kate he's lost Hope. Kate doesn't understand, and Bo says Hope doubts his love, and has lost faith in him and their love. When Bo leaves Kate gets a twisted smile on her face and says she has to call Billie with the news.

After the party John and Marlena hold each other, and Marlena talks about how she had faith that they'd be together again, and then they kiss. Back at home when Marlena goes to put on some hand lotion she finds Roman's letter. Marlena tells John she's so greateful to Roman for forgiving them, and John says he is too. Marlena looks at the letter, and says it's one of the most precious gifts he gave her. Marlena says that part of her life is over, and in two days she will start a new part. John says that he hopes that Stefano has given up on her, and says they may have seen the last of Stefano DiMera.

In Rome Billie is still tied up in Max's room. Max tells Billie that King has big plans for her. Billie tries to reason with him about getting him a deal, but Max says that JL will be out and back in business very soon, and she has to pay big time! JL King calls Max and says that he's ready to put his plan into action, and he'll check back soon. Max eventually leaves the room, and Billie searches for a way out, but realizes she's trapped.

Kristen and Stefano are fighting, Stefano blames Kristen for his loss of Marlena. Kristen says she understands his pain, but they can still be with the people they love. Stefano tells Kristen he wants nothing to do with her, and he's leaving Salem. Kristen laughs and says the great Stefano DiMera is a lousy coward. Stefano tells Kristen to never call him a coward, and how dare she show disrespect for him after what he did for her and Peter. They argue and Kristen blames him for her parents death. Kristen tells him that her and Peter were just trophies of their mother, the one person he couldn't have. Kristen yells that he abandoned her mother, and now he's abandoning Marlena, he must not love her as much as he claims. Stefano says he loves her with every fiber in his body, and Kristen tells him to go after her then. Kristen asks him if he's going to do it, and Stefano says he will think about it, but he must get out of town. Kristen starts whimpering and groveling about how he corrupted her from the good person she was, so he can't abandoned her now. Kristen says she has betrayed everything she believes in to keep John, and she won't let him turn his back on her, he OWES her! Stefano says he doesn't owe her anything, and Kristen says that he doesn't love Marlena, this is just a sick game he's playing with John, and tells Stefano to run away. Kristen smashes a picture of Marlena and sulks for a bit. Stefano returns and says perhaps Kristen is more clever than he gave her credit for. Stefano picks up the picture of Marlena and says he can't imagine is life without her, and Kristen says she can have a life with her, and she with John. Stefano says there is not much time to stop the wedding, and Kristen says if anyone can it's him. Stefano answers "Perhaps."


July 16
In prison Jack is waiting for news from Mickey, and he recalls Travis urging him to find her a new man, and he says he'll make Travis eat his words. Jack asks the guard if she got any news about Travis' transfer, but she says the funny thing is there is no records of him, but she'll keep checking.

Trent/Travis is watching Jen's house and thinking to himself that he has to get Jen to like him because he can't disappoint Stefano, who got him out of jail for this. Laura and Abbey go out, and Jen is left alone. Trent/Travis goes over to check out Jen's alarm system and Jen says that she won't need it because Jack should be coming home soon, and she says she has a wonderful reunion planned. Jen calls to check up on the news about Jack, and learns that it's taking longer than she thought it would, but she's sure he'll be coming home soon.

Travis/Trent calls Stefano about Jack, but Stefano says he's taken care of it, Jack will never get out! Trent/Travis goes back to Jen's and after coffee offers to do the dishes. Trent/Travis walks into the kitchen when there is a knock at the front door. Jen answers it, and it's Jack!

At the penthouse John and Marlena wake up together, and they tell each other about their dreams. John says all their dreams are going to come true because tomorrow they become man and wife, and nothing can stop them now. They then reminisce about Roman, and how decent of a man he was to write them those letters. John tells Marlena they have a wonderful future together, and nobody will ever part them.

Sami has a nightmare that Austin annulled his marriage to her, and he and Carrie are getting married. Sami goes to the door of her bedroom and overhears Austin talking to Mickey on the phone about the annullment. Sami goes out to the living room where Austin is getting ready to go to work. Sami says they can go to work together because Kate is arranging a meeting to organize the wedding there. Austin says okay, and goes to see Will.

At Titian Carrie arrives and is greeted by Lucas. When Lucas asks Carrie how it's going with Austin, Carrie says that she's hopeful for once because Austin has something he's working on. Kate comes out and tells her she knows Austin and Carrie will be together. Carrie thanks her for her support, and goes to check up on some contracts for Countess Wilamenia. Lucas glares at Kate and tells her she shouldn't make promises she can't keep. Carrie comes back and Carrie tells Kate she thinks Sami is faking her amnesia. Kate keeps silent and goes to the photo lab. Sami and Austin show up, and Carrie is startled to see Sami there, who claims she's going to work on the wedding plans. Lucas tells Carrie Mike called, and Carrie leaves to go call him back. Sami then tells Austin that Carrie is definitely falling in love with Mike, she just doesn't know it. Later Sami tells Lucas about the annulment, but Lucas says he can't do that with her amnesia, but she needs to concentrate on fooling her mom.

John and Marlena show up, but John decides to leave them to the details. Susan shows up, and Marlena tells everyone that she's invited Susan to stay with her, and to invite her help with the wedding. Susan says Marlena is a saint, but John isn't so sure because he's already been in one of Susan's wedding. Marlena assures him that she'll make the decisions about everything.

Marlena and everyone go through the various dresses when Laura shows up. Laura asks Marlena why Susan is here, and Marlena says she invited her to join them. Marlena then decides to try on various dresses to the music of Pretty Woman. She eventually decides on a yellow silk dress. When they go to look at wedding cakes Marlena tells Carrie she doesn't think Sami is faking her amnesia, and Carrie says she was so sure.

Carrie gives Mike a call and asks him to meet her in the park and ten minutes. Meanwhile Austin sees Carrie and how hurt she is, and wants to follow her. Austin asks Lucas to give Sami a ride home, then he decides to go after Carrie.

At the police station Vivian and Ivan come into the station to pay a hefty fine to charity. The DA wants Vivian to relinquish all her assets, sign away her marriage to Victor, and tell all they know about Stefano and Peter. John shows up and Vivian asks him to help, she doesn't want to lose Victor. John tells her she should be grateful she's not going to jail, John says he doesn't want to put Marlena through a trial. Vivian tells Ivan she'll be fine, she's got plenty of assets hidden away that she never told them were all her assets are. Abe asks her what it's going to be, and Vivian says she'll divorce Victor.

Later John returns and tells Marlena that Vivian and Ivan gave full statements against Stefano, and tells Kate that Vivian also signed away her marriage to Victor. Kate is startled that Vivian gave up all her assets, and says she has to leave to do something.

Kate shows up at the police station and hands Abe a piece of paper which gives details of all the other accounts Vivian has that she never spoke up about.

Stefano is on the phone yelling at someone to find away to stop the wedding. Kristen shows up and says she's grateful that he's trying to stop the wedding, but Stefano says he's not doing this for her, he's doing it for himself. Stefano says once John and Marlena are legally, and spiritually wed, it's a bond they will never break. They then argue about whose fault it was that Kristen lost John, Stefano blames her and then washes his hands of her. Stefano makes a few calls, and learns about John's security measures. He says he'll never get inside that church, so he'll need an outside force to stop the wedding, he just has to figure out what it is. Stefano then gets a call and sounds shocked about the information he gets. Stefano then tells Kristen there is something that could stop the wedding, and divide John and Marlena forever! Stefano gets another call and shouts "Excellent!" and then runs out of the house.

Back at Titan Marlena is alone and looking for her body guard when the lights go out!


July 17
Hope and Franco return to Alice's place and Hope says she's not going to hide out anymore, she's going to live her life. Shawn D. runs into the house and asks about his dad. Shawn D. says he heard about what his dad did, and expects them to be a family again. Hope says that there are some things that didn't work out, and Shawn D. cries that she doesn't want to take Dad back, and runs off. Franco asks Hope to let him take care of her and her son.

Bo is still pacing the pier wondering if maybe Hope has moved on with her life with Franco, but realizes that couldn't have happened. Bo decides to call Billie to see how she is. When Bo learns Billie isn't back he becomes concerned, but the hotel says she may be at the street festival.

In Rome Max has returned with some food for Billie, he refuses to eat it because she says it's drugged. Max starts drinking and nibbling at her food, and Billie pours a glass of the drink, unknowing that the glass has been lined with drugs. Billie starts to feel poorly and Max tells her that he lined the glass with some drugs. Billie collapses onto the bed and he tells her she's all his now. Billie eventually wakes up and finds she's tied up to the bed. Max tells her that they are now one step closer to putting King's plan into operation.

Jen is excited to see Jack, who is out on release until his second appear. Jen calls for Trent so he can meet Jack, but Jack says he can meet Trent later, and then kisses her. Abbey runs downstairs to see her dad, and Laura comes in and sees Jack and is excited as well. Jen goes to find Trent, but he's slipped out the back door. Jack tells Laura that he owes everything to her, and they hug. Abbey wants to have a party and Jack says why not.

Kristen is having some delusional daydream that Stefano has brought John back to her, and has made him understand why she did what she did. Kristen then says it will happen. Stefano returns and he says they have to get out of Salem because it's part of his plan, and she says agrees to go along. Stefano and Kristen get on a plane, and she's worried about his plan and asks if it's for real. (he must have told her). Stefano says he's positive and asks her if she can handle this plan, and she says she'll do anything to hold onto John.

At Titan Marlena is alone, and all the lights have gone out. Marlena starts screaming, and John finds her. The lights come back on, and she realizes it's only a power surge. John takes Marlena home, and they kiss and end up in a bubble bath. Later John says goodbye to Marlena, and says next time he sees her she'll be walking down the isle.

At Austin's place Sami is telling Lucas how perfectly her plan is going, but Lucas tells her as soon as Austin gets the annulment he's going to run to the Carrie. Sami thinks Lucas is wrong, besides, she says she knows Carrie is falling for him, she just doesn't know it.

Austin is out walking and talking to Maggie on his cell phone, trying to find Carrie. Also outside Mike finds Carrie and she's very upset. Carrie says that Sami is taunting her about Austin. Mike tells her to focus on this surprise Austin has, and to stay positive. Mike comforts Carrie, and Austin sees them together.

Austin goes home, and continues to watch Carrie and Mike from his window. Meanwhile Carrie asks Mike who this mystery woman he is interested in and he looks deep into her eyes and looks like he's about to kiss Carrie when Laura calls. Laura tells Mike about Jack and he and Carrie go back to see Jack for the party.

Maggie calls Sami and invites them all to Jack's place and Sami doesn't want to go but Lucas says Carrie and Mike will be there, so Austin decides that they should go as well.

Back at Jen and Jack's place Jack and Abbey spend time together, and he promises he's never going to leave her or her mom ever again. Hope and Franco show up for the party. Jen says she hopes Bo and her can be together soon as well, but Hope says no, Bo really does have feelings for Billie. Everyone is shocked to see Hope with Franco, and when they see Franco's ring on her han. Alice asks if Hope is engaged and Hope says it's not an engagement ring. Franco says it's a symbol of their friendship. Sami and Austin arrive for the party as well and Sami continues to rub her relationship in Carrie's face. Mike tells Carrie to just hang in there. Jack then makes an announcement thanking Mickey, who couldn't be there. Maggie then says Mickey is at the state capital working on another case which could be rapped up as soon as well.

Carrie decides to go out for some air and Mike follows her. He tells her that she has to keep up her hopes that the annulment will come through. Mike decides to cheer Carrie up by dancing with her, and Lucas doesn't like what he sees. Back inside Sami watches Austin talk to Maggie about the annulment. Austin says he wants to tell Carrie, but Maggie says maybe he should tell Sami first. Austin decides to go talk to Sami about the annulment, and Sami says she'd like some fresh air. They decide to go outside to talk, and Austin sees Carrie in Mike's arms.

Bo shows up and sees Shawn D, who is still confused about why his mom rejected him. Bo tells him it must be a misunderstanding, and Shawn D. urges him to go see his mom at Jen's place.

Hope decides she wants to leave the party, and when she and Franco go to leave Bo shows up. Bo tells Hope that both he and Shawn D refuse to give up on being a family, but Hope tells him there is no us, he made his choice back in Rome. Hope then asks Franco to take her home.

Outside Trent calls Stefano about Jack being out of prison, and Stefano does not like this, but says he will take care of it. On the plane Kristen tells Stefano to tell Peter stay away from Jen and let her have a happy life with Jack, but Stefano says no! Kristen mumbles how she should have stayed a good person and Stefano tells her to grow up and realize that she was nothing but an interlude to John. Kristen tells him he's wrong, and he'll prove it to him. Stefano says if she is so sure then she should tell the pilot to return to Salem, but she can't. Kristen says she doesn't like this cruel idea, and Stefano tells her she must decide if she's a Blake or a DiMera. Kristen tells him he knows she's a DiMera, and he tells her she made a wise choice. Kristen tells Stefano that this is going to be the hardest thing she ever had to do, but Stefano tells her she must do it. Stefano then gets another phone call telling him that they are about to land. Stefano tells her that if they can pull this off John and Marlena will get a wedding gift they'll never forget!


July 18
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It's a new days and Jen has made Jack a special breakfast, pancakes. Jack can't believe he's finally out, and is afraid he might have to go back. Jen tells him not to worry because they have a lot of proof that Peter is alive. Jack says he better go get a suit for the wedding, but Jen says she still has all of his clothes, she never accepted the fact he wasn't coming home.

At Alice's place Hope is looking at John and Marlena's wedding invitation and can only think about her dreams for her and Bo. Franco brings Hope some flowers to cheer her up, but despite everything she says she still loves him. Hope says she doesn't think she'll go to the wedding because Billie might be back, and she couldn't bare seeing Bo and Billie together. Hope says that when she saw Bo and Billie on that bed she knew it was over for them. Franco wants her to go to the wedding and have a good time with him.

Outside Austin's place Kate is asking him what is wrong and Austin thinks it may be to late for him and Carrie. Kate asks Austin to tell Carrie about the annulment, but he doesn't want to get her hopes up. Inside Sami and Lucas overhear what was said and Sami says there is no way she's going to let Austin annul their marriage. Lucas comments on Sami's hair (it's shoulder length now) and Sami says she had to do something to make her feel good because she's so angry about the wedding. Kate and Austin come in and Lucas takes HIS SON Will to get some juice. Sami then tells Kate if she doesn't keep quiet she'll take those pictures to the Tribune. Kate says she has kept silent, but she'll get what's coming to her. Sami says if she means the annulment she'll never let it happen. Kate decides to leave and Sami asks Lucas what he's doing with Will. Lucas says he'll look after him during the wedding, but Sami think he'd be better off with his UNCLE Austin.

At the penthouse Carrie, Lexie, and Laura have prepared a special breakfast for Marlena. Laura says that she no believes goodness and love will always win out in the end. Carrie becomes depressed, and Laura and Lexie leave them to talk. Carrie doesn't think she and Austin may never get married, she's confused by his actions, he says he has news but it seems he's getting closer to Sami. Carrie thinks Sami is faking her amnesia, and Marlena says she'll keep her eye on Sami because she can't fool her forever. Later Laura and Marlena talk and Laura admits to Marlena though she still has feelings for Jack she believes Jack and Jen belong together. Marlena tells Laura she'll find the happiness she deserves one day. Mike shows up and Carrie tells him she saved some croissants for him. Susan comes down with Elvis in the ugliest green dress I've ever seen. She asks Marlena how she looks and Marlena just says she looks amazing. Carrie then comments she'd love to meet that baby;s father. Belle and Brady then come downstairs, and Marlena says they look adorable.

Carrie arrives at the church with Mike, and Sami says they look cute together, despite Carrie's saying they are just friends. Sami says she just wants Carrie to know the kind of happiness she and Austin have.

At the church John, Bo, and Abe are getting everything ready. John apologizes to Bo about what he's done to Roman, but Bo says that only Stefano is to blame. Bo says there love was just meant to be, and John says he thought the same about him and Hope. Bo says he thinks Hope has moved on with Franco, and John tells him not to give up.

John calls Marlena, who is now in her bridal preparation chamber thingy, and tells her he loves her and they'll be together forever.

Later Bo and Abe talk, and Abe tells him that Hope does have feelings for him, she made that clear when he told her the truth. Abe asks Bo that Billie and him never did anything, and Bo just says nothing serious happened and Hope couldn't have known about it anyway. Susan then asks Marlena if she feels all tingly because that's what she felt when she married John. Marlena shows up in her wedding gown and the tradition begins. Lexie gives Marlena something old (something ??? Abe's great grandma made), Carrie gives something new (a charm bracelet), Laura give her something borrowed (earrings that Alice's grandma owned), and Susan gives her something blue (little Elvis' blue suede shoes). Marlena and the wedding party go out to have pictures taken, and Susan still wants to put a bit of sparkle into Marlena's dress. Sami wishes her mom the best and goes inside, and Marlena tells Carrie that she can't be faking her amnesia. Everyone goes inside and they leave Marlena to talk to Roman and thank him for giving her his blessing.

Jack, Jen, and Abby show up at the church and Bo shows them to their seats. Hope shows up with Franco, and Bo shows them to their seat as well. Bo tells Hope last time they walked down the isle they were getting married, but now she's wearing Franco's ring. Hope doesn't say a word, and Bo leaves.

Austin gets great news about the annulment, and decides to go find Carrie. Lucas says oh no! Outside Carrie has lost her engagement ring and she and Mike are looking all over for it. Lucas tells Sami about Austin's call, and they run to try and stop him. Outside Mike has found the ring, and when he helps Carrie put it back on Austin sees them from afar, and it looks like they're kissing.

Kristen and Stefano are waiting somewhere, and Stefano tells her if they can pull this off it will be the biggest bombshell to hit Salem. Stefano calls someone and says they are heading to the airfield, and Stefano tells Kristen they must get back to Salem as soon as possible to stop this wedding. Kristen and Stefano board the plane, and Stefano assures her if this surprise doesn't stop the wedding than nothing will.

Kate approaches Bo and tells him that Billie hasn't been back to her room in days. Also, Jack tells Jen he has something he wants to ask her as soon as his conviction in overturned.

Kristen shows up at the bride's room where Marlena tells her to get out. Kristen tells her she had to come and give her a special wedding present that she picked out just for her. Kristen has a bandaged man wheeled into the room, when she looks at him she says "No, it can't be!" and Kristen says "It can be, it's Roman!"

In Rome Billie tells Max that if he hurts her Rome will kill him, but he tells her nobody cares about her but him and Rome, and they just need her for their plans. Max tells Billie he has to go out, and Billie warns him that Bo will come for her. Billie starts to scream, but Max gags her. Suddenly Bo runs in to save her and tells her he loves her, but it's just a stupid dream, though she really is gagged. Billie is delusional and thinks Bo does love her and will save her. Bo returns and tells her that if she was expecting it to be Bo she's got to give up this dream of being rescued. Billie says they only way she'll not testify at King's hearing is if they kill her, but Max says they aren't going to kill her, but they have a way to keep her from testifying.

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