July 97 Week 2


July 7
On the plane to Rome Hope says she can't wait to see Bo and wrap her arms around him, but Franco tells her Bo is still married to Billie, but Hope says he's hers, and always has been. Hope asks Franco to please understand how she feels, and Franco tells her that he is still worried about her because he thinks Bo could still hurt her. Hope says she's sorry things turned out like this, and she just wishes he could be happy too. Hope begins to fantasize about arriving in Rome and being reunited with Bo. Meanwhile Franco tries to call his boss, and eventually gets through. Franco's boss gives him an order we do not hear, and he returns to his seat. Hope continues to tell Franco her hopes and dreams, and Franco thinks out loud that he's been ordered to kidnap her. Franco then tells Hope that perhaps Bo could return Billie's feelings after all they've been through, but Hope says no way! Franco thinks out loud that he has to think up a plan to stop this happy reunion. The flight attendant announces the descent into Rome, and Hope says the moment she's been waiting for is here. Hope wants to call Bo from the airport, but Hope says it will be more romantic to surprise him. Hope tells Franco he doesn't have to come with her, but he says he wants to. Franco thinks outloud to himself again that he loves Hope to much to kidnap her, and just hopes Bo does something to sabotage the reunion.

Bo is stunned when Billie asks him to make love to her. Billie says before she loses him forever could they share one last night together, and she'll never ask for anything else. Billie says that she was just voicing a hope, and that she feels so stupid now. Bo says he can't make love to her, it wouldn't be fair. Billie says somehow she knew he'd say that, and Bo says he just doesn't want to hurt her more than he already has. Bo tells Billie she'll meet someone else, but Billie says she can't get over him and she has this horrible feeling she'll never see him again like this, alone, just him and her. Billie puts her arms around Bo, but he tells her they can't do this. Bo tries to convince her to go to Salem with her, but she refuses. Bo says he has to go to the airport, and Billie tells him goodbye. Bo says he'll never forget what she did for him, and she says she'd do anything for him. Bo leaves, and later arrives at the airport. He makes an attempt to call Hope, but only gets the answering machine. Suddenly the airport announces that due to mechanical problems the flight to Salem has been delayed till the following morning. Bo returns to the room, where the bell boy says Billie's been crying all night. Bo knocks on the door, and when Billie opens it she jumps into his arms and says "You came back!" Bo tells her that the flight was cancelled, and Billie just says she didn't know what she was thinking. Bo tries to talk to her, but Billie just asks him to hold her, so he does. Billie then sneaks a kiss in, and Bo kisses back.

In the hospital records room Sami learns that Will is Lucas' child, and says she has to change his blood type before anyone can learn the truth. Unfortunately for Sami she can't gain access to the file, and then she hears someone coming. Sami ducks under the desk when two nurses come in and see the computer is on. Sami hears the nurses talking and one of them says because of Sami Brady they had to change the entire security system (years ago Sami changed Belle's blood type to make everyone think Roman was her father, when it was really John). The nurse logs into the system, and when they are beeped to the emergency room they leave the computer on. Sami goes to changes Will's blood type, and says that Austin is the only father her baby will ever had. Suddenly the nurse then returns, Sami leaps under the desk again, and the nurse takes the security key disk. Sami panics, and realizes she can't change Will's blood type without that disk. Sami says she hopes that nobody will ever have to check Will's blood type until he's an adult, because then nobody will give a damn who is father is!

At the hospital Lucas, Austin, Carrie, and Mike are still searching for Sami. Carrie tells Austin this could be what they've been praying for, Sami may have her memory back. Austin doesn't think she could do that, but Carrie says the old Sami would if it was the only way to hold onto him. Austin said if she had her memory back and could walk he'd know. Lucas tells them that they are wasting time, and Austin says he may have an idea where she is. Carrie and Austin get into a fight over Sami when Kate shows up, and gets involved. Carrie and Austin talk about what it could mean if Sami has her memory back, and when they hug Mike sees them, and doesn't look to happy. Meanwhile Kate tells Lucas that this is what she's been waiting for, Sami is about to hang herself. Kate tells Carrie and Austin she's so happy to see them together, and she hopes that they will be together forever after tonight. Mike shows up, and gives Kate bad news about Victor's test results. Mike tells Kate that Victor's left side has become paralyzed, but with therapy he could improve. Mike suggests she send Victor to a rehab facility, but Kate doesn't want to send him away from his family. Mike tells her this facility is right outside of Salem, and Kate agrees to transfer Victor since Mike thinks it's the best thing she could do. Austin comforts Kate, and she makes him promise not to sacrifice his relationship with Carrie no matter what Sami may say. Austin doesn't understand, and Carrie says she thinks Sami's memory is already back. When Carrie asks Kate what she thinks Kate just says they need to keep an eye on Sami, but Austin thinks if Sami's memory does return he thinks she'll never go back to the old ways. Mike finds Lucas and asks him if he and Sami are trying to keep Austin and Carrie apart. Lucas asks Mike if he really wants Carrie back with Austin, and he says off course he does. Everyone regroups, and when they are all going to go back home Sami walks right into them!

John carries Marlena up to her room, they kiss, and then make love. John rattles on how he feels like such a fool, and Marlena tells him not to, it was all Kristen's doing. John tells her he's always loved her, and for all those years he's been denying his feelings because he though she didn't love him. John says there is nothing standing in there way now, and later he brings her some champaign and fresh strawberries with "whip-ed" cream (irc gang joke). Later they relax in a bubble bath and kiss some more. After the bubble bath John has a candlelit dinner prepared for Marlena. After dinner John asks his lovely Marlena to marry him.


July 8
At the hospital Carrie yells at Sami "I knew it, you can walk!" Everyone asks her what is going on, and Sami says that she's just been pushing herself to walk and didn't want anyone to know because she wanted to have a party and surprise everyone by walking through the door. Austin says it still doesn't explain why she snuck out in the middle of the night to go to the hospital, and asks why she is here. Sami says she was worried about her mom, and that Stefano tried to kidnap her, and then she was in a hospital bed. Sami says she just had to come to make sure, and Carrie says Marlena is fine. Carrie doesn't believe her, and asks what the real reason she's here. Sami swears she only came to the hospital to check on her mom, and then she collapses into Austin's arms. Mike takes Sami into another room to be examined, and when Carrie asks if Lucas knows what's going on he swears he is clueless. Carrie doesn't believe anything Sami said, and Austin says he doesn't understand why she came here as well. Mike returns, and tells them all that unless something happens to contradict her story they can only trust Sami, but Carrie is positive Sami has her memory back.

At Marlena's penthouse John asks Marlena to marry him, but she turns away. John asks if he said something wrong, and then apologizes for moving to fast and going to far. Marlena tells him he didn't go to far, and that this is the moment she's always dreamed of and she can't believe it's here. John tells her she is his soul mate, and the women he was meant to spend an eternity with. They both talk about the past, and how they both tried to deny there love for one another to spare the feelings of others. John says he thinks God has always had a plan for them, and there love has endured through all circumstances. Marlena says she'll never deny their love again. John gets down on his knee and asks her to marry him once again, and she says yes. John and Marlena both agree that they need to get married immediately, and then Marlena says she hopes Sami will take their relationship well because she's been so sweet and loving lately. John says he wants to call everyone and tell them the good news, but then Marlena says she's not sure if they can get married. Marlena says he may have to get an annulment from Susan and she doesn't think Susan will give John up. John says he'll go talk to here right now.

Meanwhile Susan is looking at her old wedding dress and dreaming, and suddenly a man in an Elvis suit shows up in her room singing, and Susan runs into his arms and starts screaming about her prince John and how he's really here. Suddenly she pulls away one she realizes it's not John, but the king of rockin'roll. He asks her who John is, and she tells the real Elvis that she didn't think he was coming back so she fell in love with John, but now that he's back she'll never look at another man but him. Elvis tells Susan he has to go, but he will be back for her, and says he can't help falling in love with you, and then he vanishes. Later Susan tells little Elvis she doesn't know how to tell John about big Elvis and she doesn't know what to do. Suddenly Lisa Marie (Susan's baby doll) tells Susan something, and Susan says she's a genius and that's exactly what she's going to do (Do do Do do Do do Do do).

John and Marlena show up to talk to Susan, but she needs to tell John something first. Susan says she doesn't want to hurt him, but she can't be together with him anymore. Marlena asks why she has changed her mind, and she says that Elvis came by and wants to get back together with her. Susan says she hopes John can understand, and he says she has to follow her heart. Susan then asks what he came to tell her, and he says that he just wants to tell her he'll always be there fore her and Elvis Jr.. John holds little Elvis, and when Marlena asks who his daddy really is Susan says she can't tell them that, it would just be way to exciting for Salem to handle. After John and Marlena leave Susan tells Elvis if they only knew what she knew, ohhhhh boy. Susan says she is going to burst if she tells someone, so she tells Lisa Marie. Suddenly she starts shaking the doll and screaming "Stop the insanity!" Susan says if Lisa Marie reacted like this then she can't tell anyone her secret.

In Rome Hope is still dreaming about being reunited with Bo, and she and Franco take a taxi to the hotel. At the hotel Billie kisses Bo, and he pulls away. Billie rubs his chest and asks him to make love to her, and he begins kissing her back. Bo pushes her away once again and says they can't do this, there are other people to consider. Billie asks Bo to remember when they made love, and she says it was like nothing she's never experienced. Billie says it's a feeling she'll never forget, and wants to experience it again, she also says she thinks Bo would to if he'd let go. Bo says that he loves Hope and he can't. Billie says after everything they've been through she needs him to touch her, hold her, and make love to her this one night, and Hope will never know. Bo kisses Billie again, and downstairs Franco and Hope have arrived. Franco asks a bell boy about Bo and Billie, and he tells Franco that those two are very much in love. Franco bribes the man to do something, and he agrees. Upstairs Bo stops Billie once again and starts thinking about how Billie saved everyone's lives he's cared about, and he owes her his life. Billie says everything she did was because she loved him, and asks him once again to make love to her. Back downstairs Franco tells Hope that he's arranged for Hope to surprise Bo by slipping into bed with him, and he bribed the bell boy to give him the key to Bo's room. Hope is excited, and they go up to Bo's room. In the room Bo tells Billie that any man would be lucky to be with her, but she only wants him. Billie says she doesn't want anyone but Bo, and asks him for one last memory to hang onto, and asks him to show her how special she is. Billie lays on the sap about how she can't go on without him and she just needs to feel special for one more night, then she could at least hold onto that feeling for the rest of her life, and dumb dumb Bo starts kissing her again. Bo tells her that when she left Salem and him he felt like his heart was ripped out, and he didn't think he could go on. Billie and Bo start kissing, and as they fall onto the bed Hope approaches there door. Franco hands Hope hey key, and as she opens the door Bo and Billie are in bed, Bo has his shirt off, but his pants on.


July 9
I haven't proof read this
Carrie is stretching before going on her run when Austin approaches her. They hug, and Carrie says she's so glad they can talk. Carrie thinks Sami has her memory back, but Austin says he doesn't think she's got her memory back. Lucas comes over to Sami's to give Will another present. Sami tells Lucas not to bring Will anymore present because he's spoiling him. When Lucas learns Austin is gone he asks Sami what she was really up to at the hospital. Sami says she really went because she was worried about her mom, but Lucas doesn't buy it. Before Sami can say anything to Lucas Carrie and Austin return. Sami says maybe she could come jogging with him sometime, and Carrie asks Sami if she's keeping anything else a secret, like her memory. Sami says no, and Carrie says they have to get ready to go see Victor. Sami says she really wants to go, and after they leave Lucas says now he knows she's up to something. Lucas tells her he knows she's up to something at that hospital, and he will find out what! Later when Lucas wants to hold Will, but Sami refuses, she says she thinks Lucas sounds sick and doesn't want Will to catch him. Austin and Carrie return, and Carrie takes Will to Wendy's. Everyone leaves for the hospital, but Lucas is very suspicious of Sami.

At the hospital Caroline is talking with Mike, and she can't believe the news about Victor. Kate goes in to see Victor, and she tells him how much she loves him, and Victor says in his mind he'll fight to get better and come back to her. Caroline prays to God to help Victor and talks about how special he is and what a good man he's become. Shawn comes to see her and tells her he hopes her prayers are answered. Caroline says she's sorry if she upset him, but he says it's all right. Kate talks to Victor some more, when Alice, Mickey, and Maggie show up to say goodbye to Victor and comfort Kate.

Austin and the rest of the possee show up to support Kate, and when Kate congratulates Sami on walking she says she just hopes she can get her memory back. The Horton clan shows up and they are so happy to see that Sami can walk again. Alice and Mickey leave, but Maggie stays behind to do some paper work. When Austin and Carrie go to say goodbye to Victor Kate stops Sami and asks where she is going. Sami says she wants to say goodbye, and Kate tells her "Over my dead body!" Sami says she has every right to say goodbye, and they fight about Victor's second stroke, Sami says it's Kate's fault. Lucas asks Kate what secrets they are talking about, and Sami leaves. Lucas and Kate fight about Sami, and Lucas says Sami won't tell him what she's up to. Kate says they better hope her latest scheme doesn't blow up and make things worse.

Sami comes to see Maggie and says she'd really like to work at the hospital, and she daydreams about getting a job in the records department. Sami tells Maggie she'd love to file stuff and work with computers, and Carrie overhears her and wonders what she is up to now. Carrie asks Sami why she wants a job at the hospital, and Sami says she wants to do something with her life, but Carrie is still suspicious.

Carrie talk with Mike about Sami while Mickey talks to Austin. Mickey says he may have a way to free him from Sami sooner than they thought.

It's the next morning in Rome Bo and Billie are in bed, and Bo is recalling Billie asking him to spend the night with her. Billie wakes up, and she tells Bo she's sorry about last night. Bo says it's all right, Hope will never know what happened. Bo hears something, and he senses Hope for some reason, and doesn't understand. He says he almost feels like Hope knew what they were about to do, and Bo flashes back and we see him tell Billie he can't make love to her. Billie says that because he held her for hours she's finally accepted it's over, and can move on with her life. Billie tries to explain to Bo why she asked him to make love, and Bo says he understands, and he's not upset. Billie says she wished he was in love with her, but she knows he doesn't, and she can accept it. Billie tells Bo it's time for him to go back to Hope, and Bo tells Billie she's the strongest and most incredible woman he's met. He hugs Billie and says part of him will always love her.

Hope is out at the cafe staring into space, and Franco explains to his boss how he got around kidnaping Hope and how Hope never let Bo know what she saw last night. Franco goes to Hope, and Hope is trying to figure out what is going on. Franco says that maybe they fell back in love while playing lovers, and Hope says all her dreams are gone now. Hope then asks maybe she imagined seeing them, but knows what she saw. Franco asks what he can do to help, and she asks him to take her home.

Billie and Bo decide to go down to the cafe, meanwhile Franco tells Hope there flight leaves in an hour and a half. Franco tells Hope he loves her and will never let Bo hurt her again. Hope says the damage is done, but Bo can never hurt her as much as he did last night. Bo and Billie show up, and when Bo goes to call Alice, who has no idea where Hope went off to. Hope and Franco leave, never seeing Bo and Billie. Bo tells Billie he has to leave, and says his goodbyes. Bo takes a taxi to the airport, but the driver is taking his time getting there. At the airport Hope tells Franco she can't wait to get back to Salem, and the final boarding call is announced. Bo makes it to the airport just in time, and barely makes it to the plane. Bo boards the plane and sees Hope, and she asks Bo why he was making love to Billie. Bo says nothing happened, but Hope refuses to believe him. Bo says he loves her, and has done everything for her. Bo asks her to forgive him and take him back, and then she hugs him and says of course she'll take her back. Unfortunately it's only a dream Hope had, one she won't let come true! Back in the airport Bo has forgotten his passport, but Billie shows up with it. Unfortunately he's missed the plane. Suddenly King shows up in custody and sees them. Bo asks the cop about King's associates, and he tells him he's got people on it. King then tells the cop he needs to talk to his lawyer in private. King calls Max and tells him Billie will be in Rome, alone! King tells Max to find Billie and make sure she doesn't testify against him!

Bo calls Alice again and asks her to give Hope a message that he needs to talk to her. Alice gets another message, from Hope. Hope tells Alice to tell Bo she doesn't want to talk to him or see him! Alice says she doesn't like this, not at all!


July 10
Today's summary is by Tracy
In the jail cell, Kristen is dreaming of moments with John (seems like real flashbacks) and wakes to find herself still in jail. Viv is with her and Ivan is across the hall. Two attorneys show up for Viv and says the DA wants info on Peter and if she talks they can probably work out a deal. Kristen tells them there's nothing to say as Peter's dead. She tells Viv to shut-up and that Stef will help Kristen and if she wants Kristen's help she better shut-up. They attorneys leave but Viv tells them not to go far. Kristen demands to see her husband - she thinks John will realize she did everything for love and forgive her. It just so happens that John is at the station with Abe so he stops by. Kristen acts all lovey dovey but John tells her she is where she belongs and that she and Stef have lost and leaves her. She is begging him to come back. She then says that OK Stef will help them. A guard shows up (right after he tried to get Marlena - the spa and jail must be next to each other) and Kristen recognizes him as Stef immediately. She is so glad to see him but he tells her that she made him lose Marlena and she is on her own. He says she is no daughter of his and leaves.

At Marlena's, John and the kids surprise her with flowers and get cook to fix a special breakfast. Next thing you know Chelsea is taking the kids to the park and John promises that tomorrow he and Marlena will take them. He asks if she minds that they not tell anyone about the engagement yet - he has some things to tend to. She thinks it's the annulment from Susan and jokes about him marrying over and over again. They are embracing and enjoying being able to hold each other when the doorbell rings. It's Abe and Lexie. John surprises the ladies with a day at the spa so they hurry off as John enlists Abe's help to plan Marlena's big surprise. He calls Laura and invites her, Carrie and Jen to join them at the spa. Carrie (check out the lavender top and white mini skirt) and Mike were there (not sure why Carrie was with Mike - I guess just to keep her mind occupied - but hey how wouldn't want to hang out with him). Jen is waiting on Abby to return and they are going to see Jack so she says she will join them later. She goes outside to wait and Carrie joins her so Laura uses the time with Mike to get his mind on Carrie in a romantic way. But Mike questions whether she is really wanting revenge on Kate and not to include him in her battles (hey a guy with a backbone - haven't seen one of those lately). Trent shows up to install the alarm system and is upset to learn that Jen thinks Jack will be free soon and calls Stef to find out what's going on. Stef says not to worry that Jack will never get out. Abby comes home and she rushes off to see Jack while Carrie and Laura head to the spa. At the spa, Lexie seems upset and Marlena senses it and they discuss Stef. Lexie is concerned that she is drawn to him but Marlena tells her not to worry - she was raised by decent people and has strong values. They head off to separate rooms for massages. In the meantime, Stef has had Bart get everything ready - he is taking Marlena today. He says John will not expect him to make a move so fast and he is right as earlier John said to Abe that Stef had probably left town and planning his next move. At the spa Marlena is about asleep when a lady brings in a scented cloth for Marlena to place over her eyes. Next a masseur (sp?) comes in no wait it's Stef in a long wig with a mustache and glasses - ha ha. He touches her ankle and says to himself how wonderful it is to touch her velvet skin and he is going to take her away and make her his queen. He gets out a bottle and puts something on a cloth and is about to do something to Marlena when there's a knock at the door. It's Lexie - she comes in and when she closes the door she sees Stef behind it. He tells her he is going to take Marlena (she smells the either but he has not done anything to Marlena yet). He asks Lexie to help him - leave the room and let him get Marlena then he wants her to join him - he wants to get to know his daughter. Lexie says that Marlena's belongs with John but is drawn by Stef somewhat. He tells her not to betray her father and she appears to be leaving the room when she hits the alarm (in a massage room?) and hollers that Stef is there. John and Abe happened to stop by to check on the ladies and hears Lexie's cry. But Stef disappears into another room and escapes before they can get him. John apologizes to Marlena who realizes that he had no idea Stef would act so soon. They comment on being so connected as John was there when Marlena was in danger. Everyone is OK and Marlena thanks Lexie for doing the right thing and resisting Stef but she does say she was drawn to him and worries about next time. Mike comes rushing in to check on Carrie (he heard about Stef) and was worried as Stef has a fetish with Brady women. She says she is fine as he hugs her. He says he just worries about people he cares about and hugs her again. Marlena and John head home and he tells her that he has a bigger surprise for her as the credits roll.

At the prison, Jen tells Jack about putting in a security system and he remembers what Travis say that he used to install them and then go back and rip the people off. Jen says she can trust this guy (yea right) and all is fine. She and Abby leave but are glad it won't be long before Jack is out. Later Jack ask the guard where Travis was moved to - he wants to write him and tell him that he was wrong - that he and Jen will be together.


July 11
Bo is on the play flying home and thinking about Hope. Bo gives Alice a call about Hope, but she doesn't give Bo the news about what Hope told him. Alice is upset, and Maggie is too.

Back in rome Billie is leaving the hotel, and says she has to make a life for herself without Bo. Before she leaves the room Kate calls her. Kate thinks Billie and Bo are really married, and Billie tells Kate there's something she needs to know. Meanwhile Max is outside Billie's room, listening in on her. Kate blames Bo, but Billie says that she's safe now, and they did a very good thing. Kate want's Billie to come home, but she refuses to come home for now.

Bo gives Billie a call at the hotel to check up on her. After the call Billie says goodbye to the room, and is followed by Max. Max phones King, and King tells him to get Billie, she won't testify against him in court. Billie runs into the fortune teller, who warns her of danger and pain. Billie doesn't believe her, and the fortune teller says she must believe. Billie tells the fortune teller she'll be careful and then leaves. Billie is walking around Rome, and realizes something is wrong. She begins to run, and Max chases after her.

Bo arrives home (Fast Flight) and he goes to Mrs. H's place. Alice tells him that Hope doesn't want to see him, and Bo says it's understandable, but he loves her and wants to get back with her. Bo says he'll come back later, and he learns they will be at the party for Marlena later. Bo says Hope will probably be there, and leaves.

Carrie and Mike are taking a walk, and they are discussing the Sami and Austin situation. Mike tells her to have hope, but Carrie says Austin won't leave Will, and won't settle for visitation. Carrie also tells him if Sami is faking her amnesia she will have to answer to him.

Meanwhile Austin is telling Will some nursery rhymes while waiting for a call from Mickey. Sami comes in and sees them, and Will gives Sami this great look. Lucas shows up to see Will, and Sami slams the door on him! Austin laughs, and lets Lucas is, Sami says she was falling and the door just slammed. Lucas brings Will a dinosaur, and Sami says he has to stop spoiling Will. Austin actually sticks up for Lucas and is glad he's being nice for a change. Austin says he has to go to the store, but is expecting a call. After Austin is gone Lucas asks Sami why she is doing this to him. Sami says she's just a little nervous about Stefano and her mom, but Lucas doesn't buy it. Lucas tells her the only person she's not manipulating is Will!!!!!! When Sami goes to get ready for the party Lucas wants to play with Will. Sami says no, and that he will have to ween himself from Will. Lucas tells her never, he's always going to be close to his nephew. Later Sami lashes out at Lucas when he asks her if he's nervous about seeing her mother, Lucas doesn't understand what is going on.

In the hall Austin runs into Carrie. She asks him if he's going to the party tonight, and he says yes. When he asks if Mike is taking her she says he's only a friend. Austin says she may not need him anymore, he's working on something. Austin says now that Sami can walk he's over his guilt, he'll get joint custody of Will, and they'll be back together. Austin asks Carrie to give him a little more time, and she says she can because she loves him. Austin returns to the apartment and takes Will to Wendy's, and Sami wonders what he is hiding from her.

At the Penthouse Marlena asks John what these special plans he's made. John says keeping her safe comes first, but Marlena says she will not let the DiMera's ruin the happiest time of her life. John tells Marlena to go get fixed up for her surprise, and she begs John for hints, but he won't give. Marlena comes down in a red dress, and John tells her nothing will ruin tonight.

At the jail Kristen is ranting and raving about how Marlena is brainwashing John. Vivian and Ivan are saying how they can't wait to get out, and Kristen says it's her birthday, and she knows John would never forget her birthday! Kristen thinks John is planning a celebration at the penthouse grill for her, but Viv and Ivan think she's nuts. Suddenly the guard shows up, and informs them they've made bail.

Vivian goes to the Kiriakis mansion, and learns from Kate she is out of the mansion. Vivian tells Ivan there is only one place they can go. Meanwhile Kristen arrives home and can't believe John isn't waiting there for her. She vows not to lose John, especially to Marlena! Vivian and Ivan show up at Kristen's door step, and Kristen still think John is coming home to her. Vivian tells her to face the fact that John isn't coming back, but she is sure that John is planning a party for her at the penthouse grill. Ivan tells Vivian that Kristen is nuts, and Vivian says they are just going to have to follow her as well, because there's no telling what John will do to her.

At the Penthouse Grill everyone has gathered for the engagement party. Laura tells Mike she saw how concerned he was about Carrie at the spa, but he says he only thinks of Carrie as a friend. Laura doesn't believe him, and says she only wants him to be happy. Mike says he is, then excuses himself to go pick up Carrie.

Abe has got the party swarming with undercover cops, just in case Stefano shows up with Marlena. Mike picks up Carrie, and he tells her she's so happy tonight, and asks why. Carrie tells him Austin is working on a way for them to be together, and he tells her that's great. Sami and Austin show up, and Kate and Lucas talk. Lucas tells Kate that something is bother Sami, and Kate says one day she'll pay for what she did to Victor. Marlena and John come into the party, and everyone applauds. Sami stands up and goes to hug her mom, who is delighted. Carrie watches and says now is the time to see if the old Sami is back. Austin asks her not to overdue it, and she says she's fine. Lucas approaches Sami, and tells her to be careful around her mother. Meanwhile Austin is scanning the party for Mickey.

Bo shows up at the party looking for Hope. Bo sees Abe and goes to talk with him. Abe tells Bo that Hope's name is on the list, so she should be here. Abe tells Bo that he told her the whole truth about the situation, and Bo says that's okay, but he's confused as to why he's being given the cold shoulder by Hope, and why she doesn't want to see him. Austin finds Mickey, but Mickey says that he can't give him the details right now, but he and Carrie should be able to get married soon. Meanwhile Sami wonders if Mickey knows the truth about Will, and Kate tells Lucas to find out what Sami is planning. Carrie tells Austin that if Sami is faking her amnesia her mom will know. Sami tells Marlena she's so happy for her mom and John. Marlena asks Sami why she was at the hospital, and Sami goes into a sob story and how she's been such a worry wart lately, and fears Austin is keeping something from her. Sami says she loves Austin and Will more than anything and she fears she could lose her family. Marlena tells her to just focus on her recovery, and Sami says this is her night to have fun, and she shouldn't worry about her. Marlena goes to talk to Carrie, and she says that she couldn't tell if Sami was faking, but she'll watch her.

John decides to start the main event, when Kristen, Vivian, and Ivan show up. John thanks everyone for coming, and says he's so happy she's been brought back to him. John pulls out ring and asks her if she will marry him. Marlena says yes, and John announces the day after tomorrow he and Marlena will marry, and Kristen lets out a blood curdling "Nooooooooooooooooooooo!"

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