July 02 Week 4


July 29
Most of this is from NBC with some info by Dustin. The show was interupted in my area due to the Amtrak train derailment today Chloe is let out of isolation, and Philip, Nancy, and Craig celebrate the end of Chloe's isolation, while Brady is driven by the fear that she could relapse and wants to do something more to help. He asks Craig, while Chloe is in the shower, what her chances for survival are without a bone marrow donnor. He says they aren't good with this type of cancer. Phillip says he knows that Chloe will beat this. Brady goes bonkers and accuses Craig of not detecting this earlier, and if Chloe dies it will be his fault. Craig calls Brady a little SOB, and Nancy stops them from fighting. Later, Brady learns that a bone marrow match is not forthcoming and gets the name of the P.I., leaving on a mission. Meanwhile, Chloe, in the shower, starts to lose her hair from the chemotherapy; she's stoic with Nancy, but crumbles in Philip's arms. He promises to love her even if all her hair falls out, and he insists that she will get better and gives her two gifts: the tree necklace as well as a real replica of their tree for her balcony...

Belle and Shawn help the alien boy and girl escape from the gang members, as they realize these two are not part of the gang themselves. Belle persuades Shawn to hide them in his garage until they can adjust these kids to humans. Meanwhile, Bo and Hope enjoy their last evening together before her trip; she can't hide her reservations about Billie and even flips out when she thinks that a box of chocolates are to Bo from Billie. Bo calms her down and says he bought them for her, and he promises she has nothing to fear. Shawn has trouble hiding the truth of the aliens from Bo, but he's shocked when Bo tells him Billie is back in Salem. Shawn keeps his promise to Belle and doesn't reveal anything about the aliens; instead, he brings Zack out to the garage, thinking the baby can help socialize the aliens. They learn the word "brother" from Zack and the girl parrots him. Belle notes the resemblance between the boy and girl and realizes they must be twins; given they arrived during the Gemini meteor showers, she wonders if they could be Gemini twins...

Kate helps Billie move into Lucas' apartment and they walk into the middle of a bitter exchange between Sami and Brandon, who unfairly accuses her of stealing his wallet on the roadside. She's also ticked to see sparks ignite between Brandon and Billie. Billie and Sami go at it, as Billie tells Sami that she has heard a lot of horrible things about her from Austin, but she won't do start anything out of respect of her father, who she is now working with. When Sami learns Billie has joined the force, she accusses her of coming back to town to get her Uncle Bo. Meanwhile, Kate thinks maybe Billie should go out with Brandon, but she tells her mom she's not ready to move on yet. Meanwhile, Sami tries to get Brandon to open up about his anger toward Abe, but he blows her off. She thinks Brandon needs help and wishes she could be the one to give it to him. Back in Billie's apartment, Billie gets a call and learns about Hope's plane reservation to Iowa.


July 30
Nicole receives a very expensive bouquet and vase from Victor. A letter tells her that this is a token of his affection and a promise to fulfill all her desires. Nicole says at least he’s coming around. Brandon then shows up to rant and rave to his sister. Brandon asks Nicole for help with Abe. Nicole tells Brandon to calm down, but Brandon refuses to let Abe ruin anyone else’s life. Brandon blames Abe for wrecking their parent’s marriage, but Nicole says there father was a train wreck before Abe came along. Still, Brandon says every time he sees Abe he remembers. Nicole rather forget the past, and she says her life began with Titan. Brandon yells at Nicole for going after Victor because that man will never love her like she wants him to. Nicole tells him this coming from someone who lets Lexie and Sami hang on him, and she tells him that he takes what they dish out like he took dad’s beatings. Nicole tells Brandon that Sami and Lexie will never love him, so she needs to let them go. Brandon asks her if Victor makes her heart stop when he walks into the room? Nicole says Victor makes her happy, and Brandon accuses her of still being a prostitute, only now she’s doing the selling and not dad. Nicole tells him to get the hell out, so he leaves. Later, Victor arrives to find Nicole has set a romantic candlelit atmosphere in her apartment. Victor feels something is wrong, and Nicole says she wants Sami away from Brandon because she is bringing out the worst in him. Victor tells her it is done.

Sami shows up at the station to see Abe about Brandon. Abe tells Sami to stay away from him because he is a troubled young man. Sami says he is, but it is because of him. Sami tells Abe that Brandon thinks he had an affair with his mother, and she asks if it is true. Sami claims if she knows the truth she may be able to help Brandon. Abe tells Sami that she is like a daughter to him, but if she keeps trying to make things right, then Brandon might direct his rage at her. He asks her once again to just stay away from Brandon. Sami knows he also wants Lexie to stay away from Brandon, and she says sthat she is the only one who can make that happen. Abe tells Sami no deal, and laughs. Suddenly, Brandon shows up and says this must be his lucky day. When Sami tries to speak, Brandon tells her to shut up! Abe tells her not to speak to Sami that way, and never to take his anger out on her or Lexie. Abe gets a call and then tells them he has an emergency and they both have to leave. Sami then tries to talk to Brandon about the past. Sami says what does it matter if Abe had an affair with his mother, but Brandon says it matters to him.

At Bo and Hope’s house, Hope wakes up and finds Bo missing. He went to check on Zack. Hope realizes she needs to pack for her trip. While Hope packs, John comes over and tells Bo that he found out what the key is for. He says it is for outerspace! He says it is made from the same metal used for the space shuttle to withstand extreme temperatures, and it hasn’t been released to the public. John wonders what Stefano wanted with this metal. John says when Tony makes the move to get this key back, they have to be ready for him.

In Shawn’s garage, Belle teaches the aliens how to adjust. Cassie plays with a hoola hoop, and Belle gives Rex a cowboy hat. She teaches them how to say “howdy.” Shawn shows up and gives them some sodas, but they freak out when the sodas fiz all over them. Shawn asks them where they are from, and Cassie says “Hollywood!” Shawn wonders if they are actors, but Belle says they aren’t, she showed them pictures of Hollywood and taught them sayings about it. Shawn and Belle then begin teaching them about the US, when Bo suddenly wonders why the garage door is locked. He asks Shawn to open up this door! Shawn and Belle hide the aliens, and Shawn lets Bo in claiming the door was stuck. Bo asks him what he is doing out here? Shawn says he was just looking for some of JT’s old toys. Shawn manages to get rid of his dad, and he tells Belle that they need to find a better hiding spot for the twins.

Shawn has to go back in and help his mom pack, and he notices the aliens standing outside peaking in. Shawn decides to go for a run, but really goes outside to take care of the aliens. Bo and Hope decide to pack in the morning, and spend the night together in bed. Meanwhile, outside the mysterious knuckle cracking man spies on Bo and Hope. Back in the garage, Shawn tells Belle they need to find a way to lock the aliens in. When they pull out some keys, the aliens freak out. The boy, rex, then holds out three fingers, which resembles the three prongs on john’s blue key.

Marlena has a nightmare about being commanded to sleep by a voice. She is in a white room and is dressed in white, and on what seems to be an examining table. It is almost like she is on a spaceship. She has flashes to her time in a coma when Stefano held her prisoner on his island. MArlena is woken by knocking at her door, and she says “Never again!” Marlena answers the door, and Tony is there. She is not happy to see him, and asks her if she is okay. Marlena continues to hear a voice telling her to sleep. MArlena tells Tony that he should have called, and lays into him for being part of his father’s farce of a will. She accuses him of coming back to Salem to continue tormenting the people of this town. Tony asks for a minute of her time to explain he has changed, so she lets him in and continues to tell him that she saw the enjoyment he got out of his father’s will. Marlena knows he knew what was in the will, and he didn’t stop it. She says he is as bad as his father, no he’s worse because Stefano’s methods were obvious. Marlena warns him to stay away from her and her family, and if he hurts Sami then he will deal with her. She asks if he understands her, but Tony has pretended to fall into one of his trances. She tells Tony that she’s not going to play this game, and then demands he answer her. Tony falls over and once again starts saying Marlena’s name over and over. MArlena leaves to get her bag, and he smiles. He then scans the penthouse with a device that is meant to locate the key. He can’t locate the key, and Marlena returns and asks him what he’s doing. She says she thought he was putting something in his pocket? Tony says he was getting something for her, the missing chess piece that John inherited from his father, the queen. Marlena says she doesn’t want it, and to take it with him. Tony says fine, and quickly leaves, but leaves the queen behind. Later, John returns and she tells him that Tony was here, and he left the queen for him. John says that is not why Tony came, he wanted the key. Marlena begs John to give the key back to Tony. Marlena grabs the key, but then realizes they cannot give this key back to the DiMeras, ever!

Tony returns top the mansion and begins playing with the model his father left him. He ends up finding a toy crib inside, and under the mattress is a note from his father. The note tells him that the blue key will open the door to his dreams!


July 31 I missed the first 15 minutes of the show, sorry! Doesn’t seem like I really missed all that much anyways, everything should make sense.

At Nicole’s place, Nicole asks Victor to get Sami out of Brandon’s life. He says it is done, but can’t help but wonder why Nicole wants this done. He wonders if it has to do with Austin. Nicole assures Victor that her hatred for Sami and her wanting to keep her away from Brandon has nothing to do with Austin and everything to do with protecting her brother.

At the hospital, Sami finds Brandon and demands they talk. Sami tells Brandon that she knows about Abe and Fay’s affair, and what it is like to see one parent being unfaithful. Sami says that seeing John and Marlena making love still haunts her and she knows what it did to her. She says that it made her do horrible things, and she worries that he is reacting exactly the way she did. She asks him to talk about this, because she knows talking helps since her mom is a shrink. Brandon thinks Sami is trying to use his past to worm her way back into his life, and he refuses to let her do that. Brandon says he won’t let her use him as a rebound guy, and his past is off limits to her. Brandon tells her leave her alone, and walks out. Later, Victor shows up and demands Sami talk to him. He threatens to tell Brandon everything when she won’t talk to him, so she gives. Victor and Sami go out onto one of the balconies, and Victor tells her there is something she needs to give up as part of their bargain. Victor then blackmails Sami into giving up Brandon! Sami says she is not with Brandon, and he says and she never will be! He warns her to stay away from Brandon or else.

Meanwhile, Nicole pulls Brandon into his office so they can talk. They both apologize for the words they had before, and Nicole tells Brandon that she believes Victor does love her. Brandon asks her if she loves him? Nicole claims she might not even know what love is, and she may not love Victor, but she admires him and cares for him, so that should be enough. Brandon says it isn’t enough, and she deserves so much better than she ever wants to give herself. Nicole tells Brandon that he is a soft touch, and that is why he’s such an easy target for Sami. Brandon assures his sister that he is through with Sami.

At Billie’s, Phillip and Kate question Billie about her intentions towards Bo. Billie assures them that she came to Salem to be a cop and to work with Roman again, not Bo. She says she doesn’t want to discuss Bo again, subject closed. Phillip tells her that it is okay to still have feelings for Bo, and if it weren’t for Hope, things might have worked out for her. He then says Bo and Hope are like his role models because they have survived through everything, and he hopes he and Chloe will make it like them. He apologizes and says he didn’t mean for that to come out like that, or to hurt her, but she says it is okay. Billie and Phillip hug, and Phillip leaves. Later Kate eventually decides to unpack Billie’s stuff while she leaves to run some errands. Billie thanks her mom and walks out, and says if her mom only knew the truth! Back in her apartment, as Kate unpacks Billie’s things, she comes across her wig. Kate wonders what Billie is getting herself into.

At Bo and Hope’s, Hope worries that Barb and Glen only invited her out of obligation, and maybe she shouldn’t go. She doesn’t know why she feels she should stay, but Bo does. He knows she is worried about Billie. Hope says she trusts him, but she doesn’t trust Billie. She says she doesn’t like the way she came back to Salem, she knows Billie has ulterior motives.

In the garage, Shawn and Belle name the twins Cassie and Rex. Cassie and Rex watch TV, and begin picking up lines from what they watch. Rex begins imitating the sports game, and knocks over some things, alerting Bo and Hope. Shawn covers and claims he just knocked the tool chest over. Shawn says goodbye to Hope and Zack, and they take off for the airport. Back in the garage, Rex recites commercial lines about his breath being very fresh and kissable! He then grabs Belle and tries to kiss her.

Back at Shawn’s place, the twins pig out and need to be taught table manners by Shawn and Belle. Rex makes a joke and says “wonder twin powers activate!” Belle ends up telling Shawn that Rex tried to kiss her again, so Shawn decides to take Rex and get him cleaned up while Belle helps Cassie learn what a shower is. Cassie simply responds with “would you like that shower fresh feeling to last all day long?” After the twins have been cleaned up, Belle and Shawn both compare notes and say they couldn’t get their bracelets off. Phillip shows up, and when the aliens see him they freak. Belle and Shawn insist that Phillip is a friend. Shawn asks Phillip to keep this a secret, because his parents don’t know the twins are here. Phillip asks Shawn what is going on, these kids aren’t aliens. Belle assures Phillip that they are different, while Shawn searches the net for information on the bracelets they are wearing. Rex is fascinated with the PC, and manages to create a very odd image. Phillip says he has to go, and when he pulls out his keys, they freak out again. Shawn says he’ll tell him later, and Phillip agrees to keep their secret.

Bo, Hope, and Zack head to the airport and Bo says goodbye to Hope and Zack. He asks Zack to watch after his mom for him, and to tell her that everything will be fine. Bo sees Hope and Zack off as Billie spies on him!


August 1 Have a headache today, so I haven’t proofed this. Hope it makes sense!
At the loft, Isabella appears to Brady again, but disappears as soon as there is a knock at the door. It is Pete, the PI, who has come to meet with Brady. Brady tells Pete that he has some info on Chloe Lane’s father, so the PI wants to hear this information. Brady claims he doesn’t really have any information, but he does want to help him find Chloe’s father. The PI is angry with Brady for making him waste his time driving over here, but Brady says he and his family can help. Brady begins to think that the PI has no leads at all and is just scamming the Wesleys. The PI is furious and runs out of the loft. Isabella shows back up, and she urges him to go be with Chloe and the answers he is seeking will come.

At the hospital, Chloe wraps her hair in a scarf as it is still falling out. Phillip shows up with some bags, and he tells her that in these bags is forever, one season at a time. He starts with summer, and hands her some flowers. He sets up a little beach scene for Chloe, and begins painting a picture of an upcoming concert they will go to, and how he’ll drive her home and give her a goodnight kiss. Chloe laughs and tells Phillip that this is the best summer of her life. Phillip then throws some leaves around and says it is now fall, and they are going to go on a horseback ride through the woods. As Phillip holds Chloe, Brady walks in and demands Phillip let her go! Phillip tells her to chill out, but Brady says Chloe just got out of isolation and shouldn’t have close contact with anyone. Phillip realizes Brady is right, but Chloe says Phillip was just cheering her up. Brady asks for a moment alone with Chloe, so Phillip waits outside. Chloe tells Brady that both him and Phillip are being so good to her. Brady tells Chloe that he needs her help so that he can help her. Brady confides in Chloe that he’s been seeing his mother’s ghost, and she told him if they worked together they will find the answers they seek. Chloe becomes upset and fears that this means she will also die. Brady says that isn’t what he means, he thinks that her mom can help. Chloe says she doesn’t want to hear about this and she yells at Brady not to talk to her at all! Phillip returns and tells Brady to just go. Brady leaves as Phillip comforts Chloe. Phillip continues to cheer up Chloe, and she tells him that he is great for her and asks him to cuddle in bed with her.

Brady returns home and tells his mother that it didn’t work! Brady says Chloe hates him now, but Isabella says she’s just not ready to embrace him yet. Brady says he doesn’t understand what he’s supposed to do. Isabella says they must go on a journey together that will bring them home. Brady tells his mom that he needs to be alone right now, so she gets lost.

At the hospital, Nicole is talking to Brandon and says something to the effect that Sami will have no choice but to ignore him from now on. Brandon asks what she means? Nicole says she just means she hopes Sami gives up on him. Brandon sees Lexie, so he goes over to talk to her. Lexie asks Brandon what is going on? She tells him that she loves him and jumps into his arms! Brandon says “what?” She says he doesn’t have to be worried, she loves the whole world today! She tells him that things have changed for her, and she tells him about the letter that her father left her telling her that she would be getting everything she wants and has lost: love, a child, a family. She then wants to thank Brandon somehow because he has stayed by her side this past year. When LExie says he has been better to her than Abe, Brandon’s face turns sour. Lexie asks Brandon what is going on with Abe and him? Brandon says he will never forgive Abe for having an affair with his mom. Lexie says she doesn’t blame him, and she will no longer ask him to try and get along with Abe. Brandon then tells Lexie that he’s beginning to realize just how much he needs her in his life.

On the balconies, Sami is furious that Victor has told her that she has to stay away from Brandon. She asks if he is going to control who she sees for the rest of her life, and he says that is a tempting thought. She asks why he cares about Brandon, but he says it doesn’t matter. Later, Sami realizes Nicole put him up to this, and she is furious.

Tony meets with Collin and asks him to help him get the key back from John. Tony tells Collin to use whatever means necessary to get the key back! Collin tells him to get it himself, he was playing this game beautifully and had the locals believing he was a model citizen. He tells him to just wait and give it time, the key will be his. Tony doesn’t want to wait, and pulls out the key detector. He’s stunned to learn that the key is somewhere here in the hospital. Sami spots Tony and comes over to see him, and asks what that thing is that he’s holding. Collin is paged, and Tony tells Sami that it is just a wireless communication device. Tony then grabs Sami and drags her into an office because he realized that they could be caught by her mommy. Sami can’t believe he is threatened by her mom, and then rants to Tony that Nicole Walker got Victor to get her to stay away from Brandon, so Tony agrees to take care of Nicole. Collin returns to Tony, and Sami runs. Collin then tells Tony that the reason his device went off is because John is in the hospital. Tony decides to use Sami to get the key for him because John will never expect that! However, Tony says in order for Sami to do that favor for him, he needs to help Sami, which is where Collin comes in. Tony asks Collin to once again become involved with Nicole. Collin is unhappy because Victor already threatened him once to stay away from Nicole. Tony doesn’t care, and tells him to just do as he asks. Later, Collin calls Nicole and tells her that they have to meet right away because he has to tell her why he broke up with her. Nicole is interested, so they set a place and time.

John surprises Marlena at the office, and wants to know why she is terrified of the key. Marlena says she can’t explain why she was afraid of the key, but she fears it will jeapordize someone she loves. Later, John leaves and finds Sami’s hospital badge on the floor and wonders why it is here. Meanwhile, Kate comes to see Marlena and tells her that she really needs to talk. Kate is worried about Stefano and the will, and she tells Marlena that she knows exactly what the gift he left her meant. Kate tells Marlena that she met Stefano when she was very young, and he took advantage of her. She realizes she’s not yet ready to talk about this, so Marlena tells her that she will be here when she is ready.

John runs into Sami, and once again warns her to stay away from Tony DiMera. Sami says she can take care of herself, and leaves to find Tony. Tony is still with Collin, but Collin takes off. Tony says he’s working on helping her get Brandon, and he hopes that very soon she may be able to help him. Sami asks what she needs to do for him? He says he was just talking metaphorically; he just needs her as a friend. Sami says she will do anything for a friend. Tony is glad, and tells himself that Sami will have no choice when it comes time to pay him back. Meanwhile, John goes to see Marlena and warns her that Sami is still hanging out with Tony, and he promises to find a way to keep them apart. John runs out of Marlena’s office, and into Tony. John tells Tony that he knows what he wants, and he’s not going to get it!


August 2
At the hospital, Nancy realizes her temperature is right to have a baby, so she goes looking for Craig. She runs into Lexie, who says Craig is probably packing his office up because he will be gone once she wins her lawsuit against the hospital! She says that perhaps Mike Horton will come back, or maybe she’ll apply for the chief of staff job. Nancy tells Lexie not with her criminal record, she knows both her and her father knew about the baby switch, she heard her talking about it the night of the explosion. Lexie tells Nancy that nobody threatens a DiMera and gets away with it, but Nancy isn’t afraid of her threats without her father to back them up. Lexie promises Nancy that someone will pay for the incompetence of this hospital!

Elsewhere, Marlena interrupts John and Tony’s intense conversation and tells John that she needs to see him now, and she tells Tony that it is personal. Tony can’t help but feel they are lying to him about something. John says they are not keeping secrets, he is. John says they have asked Sami to stay away from him, but he is encouraging her to hang around him. Tony assures them that he has no romantic desires towards Sami. Tony assures them that Sami’s interest in him has only to do with making Brandon Walker jealous. He also says they both have something in common; they are regarded by this town as pariahs. Tony walks off, and Marlena tells him to let him go. John says if he doesn’t take care of Tony and find out what he is up to, someone else he cares about will end up being hurt. MArlena says Sami is a grownup, there is nothing they can do. John says he has to clear his head, and leaves to take a walk down by the water. Later, Marlena wonders about the key and why she reacted to it the way she did.

Tony looks for Sami, and once again runs into John who is on his way out. John tells Tony that he and Marlena have decided to give his relationship with Sami the benefit of the doubt and believe that it is only a friendship. Tony is glad, and he thinks his friendship with him, Marlena, and Sami will help him endear himself to other people in Salem. John jokes that most people will want to propose business deals to him, and Tony says certainly not him though. John says that is not the case, and tells him about the new NASA metal he is researching. Tony says he is interested, and they should talk again soon. John leaves, and Tony’s machine detects the key. Suddenly, Lexie shows up and demands Tony turn that machine off! She tells him that it will interfere with the hospital machines. He apologizes, and asks what she is doing here. Lexie says she is just warning people about her lawsuit and how things will become difficult here very soon. Tony asks if this lawsuit is a good idea, what if the hospital is not at fault. Lexie asks if he is saying Father switched the babies. Tony tells her not to close her eyes to the idea, but Lexie refuses to believe father would have lied to her about this. Tony tells her to think about what he’s said, and takes off to get the key.

Tony returns home and wonders why John is interested in space. He calls for Bart and tells him that he needs some info. Tony asks Bart if his father w as involved in space research. Bart says his father put a satellite into orbit recently, so Tony asks Bart to find out everything he can about this satellite. Tony begins wondering what the key, and his future, have to do with outerspace?

Belle gets an idea on how to finally communicate with the Aliens. Belle suggests they use Zack’s learn to read books and flashcards to teach the aliens real words so they don’t just repeat what they hear. FancyFace. Cassie and Rex become fascinated by the phone, and Cassie says “ET phone home!” Rex grabs Cassie, and they end up running out while Belle and Shawn are in other rooms. Belle and Shawn soon realize the twins are gone, and they leave to find them. The twins have made their way down to the wharf, and later John shows up to take his walk. John runs into the harbormaster, and they chat for a bit. Later, John looks at the blue key, and Rex and Cassie freak out. The twins hold up their hands and make a three fingered sign like the key. John leaves, and Belle and Shawn show up. Shawn drops the check off with the harbormaster, and Belle finds the aliens hiding and afraid. Belle and Shawn ask the aliens why they are afraid of keys? When Shawn shows them his key, they once again freak out. Rex makes a symbol like John’s blue key, but Belle and Shawn think they are making the sign of three. They don’t understand what has them so scared. Belle thinks they need to go somewhere quiet to be with the aliens and teach them, so Shawn decides to use the FancyFace.

At the station, Craig shows up at Bo’s request, and they tell Abe they need to see the tapes again to make sure the baby switch wasn’t a mistake. Craig apologizes to put Abe in this position, but Abe says he doesn’t support this people and he knows it will just cause more hurt. They watch the tape and see nothing suspicious. Craig says even if someone did switch the babies, the ID bracelets are tamper proof and that is the problem they are facing with this case. Craig says if they don’t get a lead soon, there will be a lot of blood spilt by this case. Later, Bo continues going over the tape, and thinks about what Craig said about the ID bracelets. Bo gets an idea, and tells Abe to come take a look at this. They both are unsure about what they are seeing, and they decide to have the tape analyzed. Later Bo and Abe receive the enhanced surveillance tape which contains the breakthrough they are looking for.

Craig returns to work, and as Brenda is telling Craig about everything that happened while he was gone, Nancy shows up and tells Craig “now!” She then drags him into his office to make love. Later, Lexie runs into Craig and lays into him about her lawsuit. She accuses him of being responsible for the baby switch, and there is no way they can finger anyone else!

John returns to the hospital later to see Marlena, and he pretends like he has a problem he needs help with. MArlena is not thrilled when he shows her the key and says he’s searching for meaning. John tells Marlena that he put his not so subtle plan in motion and asked Tony if he’d like to invest in his outer space metal company, but Tony seemed clueless about it. Marlena and John realize that Tony must not know about the key. Marlena wonders if there is connection between the key, the meteor shower, and the kids alien story. John doesn’t, but Marlena is suspicious and thinks that key has something to do with their future. John assures her that they will find out the secrets of this key, and they will not fear it.

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