July 02 Week 3


July 22
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Everyone is surprised to see Sami at the DiMera Mansion; Lexie wants her to leave, but Tony comes in and says he invited her for dinner. Brandon confronts Sami about returning to the mansion and Marlena and John are unsettled that she has been there before. Sami tells everyone to back off and is pleased to see Brandon upset that she's involved with Tony. As John starts to question Tony about the letters sent for Stefano's will reading, Bo bursts in and demands to know the same. Tony denies any knowledge of the contents of the will. John tries to get Bo to calm down, but Bo gets more upset when he learns that John, Marlena and Sami are there to have dinner with Tony. Sami gets another moment alone with Brandon and admits she's been seeing Tony to try and forget Brandon, but she can't. John spies on Tony as he has a delivery sent to the secret room; he and Bo go down there to discover a large wooden crate with the "phoenix" symbol emblazoned on it. Marlena's left behind to distract Tony and he goes into another fugue state, clinging to her, repeating her name with urgency... Bo tells Hope that Billie's back in Salem and is a cop in his precinct. She's upset and can't believe Bo agreed to let her work there. Hope goes for a drive and ends up at the police station, where she confronts Billie. She's confident in her marriage and warns Billie that she can't do anything to harm them. Hope goes home, disturbed to find Alice babysitting Zack, and fears that Bo's gone to confront Tony. Meanwhile, Billie makes a cryptic call and tells the person that Hope won't be a problem... Roman and Billie confront the "Aliens" gang on the pier, assuming that they're responsible for all of the recent break-ins and alien sightings. The gang insists they haven't caused any trouble, but Roman and Billie haul them in as the real aliens hide. Roman goes to tell Shawn and Belle that the aliens they saw were really gang members; Shawn meets up with the alien boy and girl and punches the boy in the gut. The boy grabs the girl's hand and they walk off the end of the pier...


July 23 Typed after I saw the show, so not as detailed as usual. Good news though, next week I will have a laptop, so I shouldn't be without a computer while the soap is on anymore!

Outside the DiMera mansion, Sami tells Brandon that she was using Tony to get to try and forget him, but she can't deny her feelings any longer. Sami admits to Brandon that she does love him, she couldn't tell him before because it was too soon after Austin, but she can tell him now. Brandon kisses Sami as a spying Lexie watches. Lexie is not happy and even thinks of putting an end to it, but just walks off. After she leaves, Brandon pulls away and tells Sami no. He says it is too late now; they could have had it all once, but not now. He tells her that he's moved on, and she says with whom, Lexie? Brandon says he hasn't slept with Lexie, yet. Sami knows he said that to hurt her. He tells her not to go and cry crocodile tears, but Sami says she won't cry because she's too angry. Brandon warns Sami to stay away from Tony or she will get burned like she always does.

Back in the mansion, Tony goes into a trance and calls Marlena's name as she watches. When he staps to, she demands to know what is wrong with him and not to lie to her. He claims he is fine, so she says she is going to call Collin. He tells her no, and then sees that security has been breached. Down in the secret room, John and Bo are trying to break into the crate with the phoenix symbol on it, but Tony walks in on them. John claims he and Bo heard someone down here, but Tony doesn't buy their lame excuse. He is furious with them and says he is not his father damnit! They ask what Is inside, and he says he doesn't know, it has to do with his father's will. He then suggests they all return upstairs. They do, and later, John sneaks out to talk to Bo. Bo doesn't understand why John is playing so nice with Tony. John says he is trying to make inroads with Tony in order to keep a closer eye on him in case he strikes. Bo doesn't want to see John hurt again, but John says better him than someone he loves. Back at the party, Marlena scolds Sami for being with Tony and says her father will give her hell for this. Sami tells herself it will be worth it to get Brandon. Sami tells Tony that she will be here for him tomorrow at the memorial service, and he thanks her and kisses her hand. Brandon makes the same promise to Lexie. After the guests leave, Lexie asks Tony if he knows what is in the crate? He says no, but knowing father, his enemies are in for the shock of their lives, even if they think they are prepared.

At the Brady Pub, Shawn Sr. is shocked to receive an invitation to Stefano's memorial and the reading of his will. Meanwhile, Jen shows up, and Jack is following her. He says he knows what she is doing and he doesn't like it. She tells him that they have no choice, and she won't let him stop her. Colin comes in, and Jen plays like Jack is bother her so she puts on a show telling him that she has moved on and is over him. Jen meets up with Colin, who suggests they go elsewhere if Jack is going to sulk at the bar. Jen, however, says she wants to show Jack she is over him, so they stay. During the course of diner, Jen calls Jack over and asks him to please pick up Abby from his mother's house and take her home because she does not want to cut this date short. Jack leaves, and Colin says he got great pleasure out of that. Jen then asks Collin if they can pick up where they left off in Africa? Outside, Jack hopes Jen knows what she is getting into, and begins wondering if this is more than just a game to Jen.

On the pier, the aliens jump into the water, and Belle realizes they can't swim. Shawn and Belle save them, and Shawn tells Belle that he's sick of this game. Shawn tries to convince Belle that the aliens are in a gang and are just conning them. Belle, however, thinks they are real and need there help. As Shawn drags Belle off, the boy alien calls out to Belle. The girl alien also struggles to speak Shawn's name. Belle thinks they are trying to learn how to talk, but Shawn thinks it's another game and leaves, taking Belle with him. Later, the aliens look at Belle and Shawn's pictures and say their names.

At Brady's, Isabella once again appears to Brady. She insists she is real, and is here to help him. He asks her if she is real, and she is an angel, can she save Chloe? She says HE can save Chloe, but he says he doesn't understand how. She tells him by loving her. Brady says he does love her, or he thinks he does, but it's not fair to dump this on her while she is sick. Isabella tells him that he doesn't have to tell her, just show her by continue doing the things that make her happy. She says that is the best medicine he can give her. Suddenly, Shawn and Belle show up at Brady's door. He tries to show them Isabella's ghost, but once again she has vanished. He then asks them why they are wet. Shawn says they had to save some poor swimmers, and asks if he has any clothes they can borrow. Brady says yes, and goes to get them, but wants the whole story when he gets back. Shawn and Belle then argue whether to tell Brady the truth or not. Shawn firmly believes these kids are doing this as a gang initiation, but Belle does not.


July 24
Less detailed than usual because the summary was once again typed after the show
At the penthouse, John and Marlena are getting ready for the memorial service. Marlena doesn't understand why they are going to pay respects to a man they hated, a man they wished dead. John says he wants to know what Stefano has planned for them, and perhaps it will clue him in on what Tony's agenda is. At Bo and Hope, Bo and Hope are having a similar argument. Hope says she needs to know what Stefano is up to now, and Bo agrees they can go only if they can leave if he gets a hint that something is wrong. At the Brady Pub, Caroline argues with Shawn about the memorial service. She says she doesn't want to see him have another heart attack, but Shawn says he wouldn't give DiMera the satisfaction.

At the mansion, Abe finds Brandon outside and tells him that he is not wanted here. Brandon says Lexie invited him, and he is the one Lexie doesn't want around. As the two are about to come to blows, Celeste shows up and stops them. Abe sees that Celeste is worried, and she feels Stefano is planning something from beyond the grave.

Inside, Tony and Lexie prepare for the memorial service. Lexie is very emotional, so Tony tells her they should celebrate Father's life, not his death. He also tells her that father left them a name they can be proud of, and they need to make something of it. They clasp their hands over one another's, and over Stefano's urn.

The guests arrive, as does Sami to be there for Tony, and finally Kate arrives wondering what they are all doing here. Tony asks them to be seated, and begins speaking about his father. As he talks about how much his father loved his family and how he contributed money to scientific and medical foundations to help further the good of mankind, everyone in the room begins remembering how Stefano affected their lives for the worse. Lexie also praises her father, and ends up in tears. John asks to say a few words, and gets up and speaks about how he was recruited by Stefano at a young age, but can have nothing but respect for anyone who uses their power for the cause of good. HE says this to play up to Tony, and everyone in the room applauds his speech. Suddenly, Stefano's urn tips over, as if he wanted the last word! Tony then says it is time for the will to be read.


July 25
At the station, Billie vents to a fellow officer about a woman not wanting them to arrest her abusive husband. The officer says it happens a lot, so she should get used to it. She then asks if Commander Carver is in, and the officer says no. Billie then sneaks into his office and begins going through the records! She finds something she likes, so she puts it between a newspaper and sneaks it out of his office. When she looks at it we see that it is a file on Bo. Later Billie talks to someone about how her mother is convinced she's after Bo again, and this way she'll leave her alone and won't find out the real reason she's back.

At the mansion, Abe, Brandon, and Sami have to leave because they are not mentioned in the will. Tony offers to help Abe with Lexie, but he says he doesn't need a DiMera go-between. Sami tells Tony that even though their original plan didn't work, she has a new one. Collin shows up, and Tony welcomes him. Bo is furious and asks why it took him so long to show up? Tony says Dr. Murphy is here by his invitation. Bo warns Collin that he'll be watching him. As the executor of Stefano's will reads it, Tony uncovers the crate with the DiMera symbol on it. Stefano's will asks everyone to let the injuries he inflicted on them in the past stay in the past. He also says this will will bequeath his fortune, as well as tokens related to everyone's future and destiny. Kate is told that while she waits for her love to return, he leaves her with some food she is craving. Kate receives a jar of kepper fillets. Kate freaks out and runs out of the mansion. Celeste is told that her gift is something she may have missed more than she realized. Celeste's gift is a string of paper dolls with "We must reclaim our youth" on it. Celeste looks at Hope, and Bo fears it has to do with the babies. Celeste says no, this has nothing to do with the babies, but the meaning will be revealed when the time is right. Roman is told to keep up the good fight, and gets a statue of a Roman gladiator. Roman says Roman gladiators fought to the death. Shawn Brady is told to think back to the childhood, and think about his troubled family's future. Shawn opens the box, and yells that its a bomb! Everyone scatters, and Bo and John check it out. It turns out to be a tugboat model, nothing more. On the boat is a little figure of a baby. This disturbs Shawn, so he steps outside to clear his head. Collin follows him. Hope is urges to keep her eyes open despite of the darkness, and receives a scarf. However, on closer inspection the scarf turns out to be a noose! Tony unties the noose and assures her that it is just a scarf. Hope says the words sound like a threat, but Tony says perhaps he is urging her to just be safe and take care of herself. Marlena is told that her days of playing dramatic roles have not ended, and she receives a pillow with the words "The sleeping beauty in the wood" embroidered in french on one side, and on the other side is a night sky and a sleeping beauty. Hope reminds them all of the tale of sleeping beauty. John is told he is a gifted player in the game of life, and receives Stefano's chess set. John is then told to prepare himself for checkmate, because the game is not over. Tony and LExie are left the bulk of his estate, as well as tokens. LExie is told that her life will take a turn for the better if she embraces their family heirloom, the DiMera family crest. She is told to hold the crest to her heart and he will speak to her. Tony is told to pursue his dreams and house them where they belong. He then receives a model of the DiMera mansion. Tony says he will make his father's dreams his own, and he will make this mansion the heart of the DiMera family. In the chimney Tony finds a feather, which ends up bursting into flames, but survives the fire intact. Celeste says it is a phoenix's feather. After everyone leaves, Lexie finds a special note to her from her father, and she says she will do everything he asks of her in the note, which we do not get to hear or see.

Outside, Collin asks his uncle why he looked at him after he picked up that little baby doll off the floor? Shawn tells Collin to leave it be! Shawn then storms off. Bo shows up and demands Collin tell him what the doll means? Collin says he has no idea.

On her way home, Sami is fretting about something happening. She has a knife in her hand. Suddenly, Sami's car goes off the road. Brandon is there to rescue her, and we learn her tire blew out. Brandon wants to take Sami to the hospital, but she refuses to go anywhere with him. Abe shows up, foiling Sami's plan, and says he'll take care of Sami from here on out. Brandon refuses to leave, and he and Abe end up in another fight. Brandon tells Abe that he is in control with Samantha and with Lexie too! This pushes Abe's buttons. Brandon tells Abe that he is giving LExie what she needs, and he'll be with her as long as she needs him. Abe loses it, and attacks Brandon! Brandon sees Sami's knife on the ground, and he grabs it. Sami tells Brandon to stop this. Sami begs Abe to just leave, and he says he will only if she promises to call if Brandon gives her any trouble. Sami insists she will be fine. After Abe leaves, Sami tells Brandon to give her the knife. Brandon is shocked by what he's done, drops the knife, and falls into Sami's arms. Brandon realizes he could have killed Abe, and he will never be okay as long as Abe is around to hurt innocent people. Brandon says his mom and Abe's affair did things to him, it changed him. Sami asks Brandon to help her understand what he's talking about. Brandon says he can't talk about it. Sami tells him that anytime he wants to talk or blow off steam, she will be here for him. Later, as Brandon inspects Sami's car, he realizes she slashed her own tire. He tells her that she is sick, she could have gotten hurt. Sami says it was worth it, this proved he still cares about her. Brandon says he's out of here, she can take care of herself.

Back at Bo and Hope's, Hope realizes the scarf isn't a noose, it's a blindfold! At the penthouse, Marlena pricks her thumb on a pin in the pillow, and John realizes the queen from his chess set is missing. Back at the mansion, Tony finds the queen in his mansion! Tony looks at the queen, which has Marlena's face on it!


July 26
Dustin is jetting off after the soaps, so this hasn't been proofed!
At the Wesley's, Nancy is watching her temperature to make sure when she is ovulating. Suddenly, Brady shows up with a question for Craig which might just save Chloe's life. Brady says he read about bone marrow donners and the best matches are siblings, and he thinks Chloe's father might have children. He then feels stupid telling them this when they probably already know. Nancy thanks Brady for thinking of Chloe and she says that are doing everything they can to find or get Chloe a sibling. Craig says that they have been searching for CHloe's father, but they keep coming across dead ends. Nancy thanks Brady for caring so much. Brady leaves to drop off a tape BElle and Shawn made for Chloe, and Nancy tells Craig that she no longer wants to get pregnant. Nancy tells Craig that they both know it is harder to conceive at her age, but Craig says they can beat the odds. Craig says they can't give up, they have to keep trying. Later, Craig gets a call from the hospital, and it sends him and Nancy running there.

Brady heads to the hospital to drop off the tape the kids made for Chloe, and learns that Chloe is out of isolation.

At the station, Roman is looking at the ship and the baby doll his father got from Stefano. He gives it to Billie and asks her to take it to the lab. Billie says she gets the part of the boat, but she doesn't get the baby doll. Roman looks at Billie and says he will do whatever it takes to protect his family from any threat. Billie gets the point and says she is not going to try anything with Bo, so he has nothing to be worried about on her end. However, perhaps he should be asking Bo the same kind of questions. Later, Roman talks to his dad and says the boat was just a toy boat, so why did he think it was a bomb? Shawn remembers being a kid in Ireland and seeing an explosion, and Roman demands to to know what his dad is hiding now. Shawn breaks down and says he would do anything for his family. Roman asks Shawn what the gift means, but Shawn says no more questions and leaves.

At Bo and Hope's house, Hope is playing with Zach when she comes across the blindfold. She wonders about it and Stefano's cryptic clue to keep her eyes open despite the darkness. Meanwhile, someone outside watches Hope and continues to crack their knuckles. Hope then gets a distressing call.

At Salem Place, Shawn continues to try and convince Belle that the kids they met were just kids. Belle says she wants to believe that, but she just can't. Mimi, Kevin, and Phillip show up as the aliens spy on them all. The kids try and convince Belle that the kids are just part of the Aliens Gang, but Belle continues to think they are real. Mimi and Kevin leave to go shopping, and Phillip leaves to meet his dad for lunch. Belle and Shawn go for coffee, while the aliens look at clothes. Right in the middle of public, the aliens strip to put on clothes they have found out front of a department store (street sale thing). People begin gasping, and yell at them that they can't do that! Everyone begins screaming that they are going to call the cops, and the store manager sends the cops after them. Belle knows it was the aliens, and Shawn hopes they get what is coming to them. Shawn and Belle come across the aliens in an alley being jumped by the Aliens Gang. Belle wants to help them, but SHawn doesn't. Belle says he doesn't have to do anything, but she is going to.

Phillip meets with his dad, who tells Phillip that he has something to tell them. Victor says he is back with Nicole. Phillip tells his dad that if he wants to be with Nicole then fine, but she is not a good person. Phillip then talks about Chloe, and how Brady also loves her. Phillip says he will get Chloe back, and if Brady gets in his way then he can go straight to hell!

Elsewhere in Salem Place, Jack and Jen argue about what Jen is doing. Jen says she is the only one that can get Collin to open up. Jen wants to know what Jack is planning next, but he won't say. Bo meets up with them, and he warns Jen that Collin knows a lot more than he is letting on, so she should be careful.

At the pub, Collin questions his uncle Shawn about the boat, but he doesn't want to talk about it. Jen shows up to meet with Collin. She asks him about Stefano's will, and he says he'll give her a quote depending on what she gives him. Meanwhile, Jack and Bo show up at the pub, and Bo thinks Jack is following Jen. Jack says he's meeting a friend for lunch, and he meets Billie for lunch. Bo is worried, and Jen sees Jack with Billie and is even more worried! Jen makes a deal with Collin, we don't know what her end is, but he gives her info. He is then beeped and has to leave. Meanwhile, Billie and Jack catch up on old times. Billie tells Jack that if things are meant to be with him and Jen, they will be. Jen eventually comes over and says hello to Billie. Collin returns, and he and Jen go off. Jack realizes Billie knows who Collin is, but she says there paths have only crossed. Jen also realizes Collin knows Billie, but he claims he doesn't know where from. When Jack is paged, Collin returns to see Billie and says he remembers her now, and asks why she left the hospital? Billie says it is complicated, and asks him to keep her secret. Collin leaves, and Bo talks to Billie and accuses her of bringing nothing but secrets and trouble with her. Bo asks her why she ran away from the ER? Billie claims she didn't want to get famous coming home by driving into a meteor. Billie says she only wanted time to study for her exam. Bo threatens to tell Abe that she was obstructing justice that night, but Billie says she wasn't a cop then. Billie tells Bo that he won't tell Abe, because she wouldn't do it to him, not after everything they meant to one another. Suddenly, in walks Hope with Zack. Hope interrupts them, and sends Billie packing basically. Hope then tells Bo that she just got a call from Glen and JT is having surgery. Glen says that he and Barb are worried, and so is she. Bo knows Hope wants to be there for JT. Bo tells Hope that it is okay if she and Zack go to see JT. Billie overhears Hope is leaving, and says she couldn't have planned this better herself! Meanwhile, Jen has paged Jack from a phone outside and asks why he is having dinner with Billie? Jack says she is just a close friend, and Jen tells him not to blow her cover! Jen returns to Collin, and he asks her to have breakfast with him tomorrow, after they spend the night together. Jen tells Collin that she would like them to take this slow, and he responds when two people are alone together time moves quickly.

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