July 02 Week 3

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July 15
Marlena and Tony brace themselves for John to explode when he walks in on them meeting together, but he's completely civil with Tony. John offers an olive branch and wants to give Tony the benefit of the doubt, despite how difficult he knows it will be. As a sign of gratitude toward John's peace offering, Tony invites John/Marlena to dinner and they accept. Later, Colin questions Tony about his plan; Tony reveals that he has every intention of getting closer to John and Marlena... Colin leads a blindfolded Jennifer onto a secluded sandy beach with a romantic campfire. Attempting to do damage control after she saw him with Tony, Colin admits to Jennifer that he came to Salem because of her. He also reveals that he was engaged to Elizabeth as part of an undercover operation, although he can't disclose the details. Jennifer stews over what Colin's said and asks him to take her back to Salem; she runs into Jack and tells him she believes him and wants to help find out what Colin's really up to... Shawn/Belle stroll through Salem Place and they talk about their alien encounters. Unbeknownst to them, the stowaway aliens are also running through the mall. Julie and Maggie leave Zack with Shawn/Belle for a bit and return stunned because they saw two kids practically naked at the mall. Meanwhile, the aliens hide by a dumpster in the alley and find a canvas bag with an "I Salem" logo. Shawn/Belle just miss them as they leave for the Brady Pub... Nancy flips out when Craig tells her that Chloe is in isolation because of an infection, which requires limited exposure to germs and bacteria. Nurse Brenda interrupts with good news: the surveillance tapes from the night of the baby switch have been located and are being sent to the hospital. Soon after, they receive bad news from the P.I. that Chloe's aunt hasn't heard from Sykes in years and she doesn't have any children of her own. Overall, it looks like Sykes has fallen off the face of the earth. Later, Craig tells Nancy they do have one other option to help Chloe; they could have a baby...


July 16
At the pub, Chloe's friends make posters for the bone marrow drive. Bo drops in and asks Shawn why he told Agent Spector a different story than he told his parents. Shawn covers and says he/Belle have decided that what they thought they saw was a dream. Later, Belle confesses to Shawn that she's having trouble forgetting about the aliens. Brady is troubled and wants to express his true feelings to Chloe, but he knows she has to focus on getting better. They all head to the hospital to hang the signs in the cafeteria. Meanwhile, Billie lurks outside the pub, watching Bo. The aliens steal a bottle of wine and a photo of Belle/Shawn from the pub; Bo chases after them, but he doesn't get a good look at them. Billie evades detection and murmurs that everyone will know the truth tomorrow... Jennifer tells Jack what she overheard between Tony/Colin at the hospital. She thinks Colin "kidnapped" her to banish any lingering suspicions, but they're not gone. Jack is against Jennifer getting involved with Colin in any way, but she insists on helping because only she can get the inside track on Colin. Jack informs Bo of Jennifer's desire to work with them to get information on Colin. Meanwhile, Jennifer approaches Colin and forgives him. She tells him she still has feelings for him and they plan to go out to dinner soon... Abe summons Lexie to his office, making one last attempt at reconciliation. She softens when he talks about Zack, but storms out when Abe can't deny his joy that Stefano is dead... Craig/Nancy decide to make a baby, a child they want very much, in the hopes that the baby will also be a bone marrow match for Chloe. Though they know it isn't the right time of month to conceive, they begin to make love...


July 17
John goes to see Tony and gives him a leather bound volume of Edgar Allen Poe stories. Meanwhile, Sami sees Brandon and Lexie together and goes to the police station to get Abe to work things out with her; Abe tells Sami to mind her own business and Roman warns her not to get involved. She ignores him and calls Tony to meet her at the hospital. Tony arrives and asks Lexie to go to the bone marrow drive with him; John is there when they walk in and Tony makes a generous donation to the Leukemia Foundation. John matches Tony's donation as they continue the ruse of friendship. Lexie suggests Brandon quit the hospital and work with her at the free clinic, while John catches Tony/Sami secretly meeting in the hospital alley... At the bone marrow drive, Shawn/Belle argue about the aliens and if they're real. The argument reminds Belle how angry she was at Shawn for lying and Brady suggests that maybe Shawn/Belle just aren't meant to be. Philip hears Belle retort that Brady shouldn't offer advice since he's been denying that he loves Chloe, which infuriates Philip. He confronts Shawn, then Belle, and storms off feeling betrayed. Upset, Belle runs off in tears and Shawn goes after her. Meanwhile, Brady goes home, exhausted. He hears someone call his name and turns to see Isabella... The aliens sneak into the Wesley House and steal Nancy's robe and Craig's shirt, wearing them incorrectly. They take out the photo of Belle/Shawn and the boy rips it in half, keeping the "Belle" side and giving the "Shawn" half to the girl. She takes out the bottle of wine they stole and starts to drink from it. Meanwhile, Craig reports the break-in and informs Bo that he's received the nursery surveillance tapes, which corroborate the nurses' story that the babies were in the wrong bassinet, but had the correct ID bracelets on. He sends the tapes to Bo and then Craig/Nancy head to the hospital; he has a run in with Lexie, promising her lawsuit won't destroy the hospital... Abe tells Bo/Roman that the top rookie from the police academy has decided he wants to work with Roman, but Abe makes it clear that it's solely Roman's decision. He leaves for a meeting and Bo/Roman are shocked when the new rookie enters and is none other than Billie Reed...


July 18
John is very suspicious about Tony and Sami's clandestine meeting, but Tony covers, suggesting that Sami has followed John's lead and she's befriended him. John is evasive and warns Sami to stay away from Tony. Sami ignores John and Tony says he'll pretend to be involved with Sami if it will help her get Brandon back. He invites Sami to dinner tonight at the mansion, telling her that he'll invite Brandon/Lexie as well. Meanwhile, Marlena tells Kate about how John's been extending himself to Tony. She supports the move, which leads Marlena to believe Kate knows what John's plans are. John approaches them and reveals to Marlena that he's planning to expose Tony as a true DiMera. John/Marlena get an invitation to Tony's dinner party as Tony sets up his dinner guests for some payback... Billie pleads her case with Bo/Roman, explaining why she decided to become a cop. Her goal was to work with Roman because they worked together undercover a few years ago. Billie admits that she was secretive about her plans because she was afraid Bo would try to stop her and insists it's not to pursue Bo. Roman makes it clear that he won't bring Billie on if Bo objects... Shawn follows Belle to the park and tries to calm her down after Philip yelled at her at the hospital. They don't realize that the aliens are watching them as they hide in the nearby bushes. The alien girl is tipsy from the wine and pops out of the bushes. She runs to Shawn and recreates their first meeting by pulling him into a kiss... Brady is stunned as he sees his dead mother's ghost and tries to convince himself she isn't real. Isabella reaches out to her son and tells him she's here to help. Brady lashes out at her for dying and leaving him and John. He fears Isabella is here to comfort him because Chloe's going to die from the cancer, just like his mother did. Isabella doesn't confirm or deny, but she does urge Brady to express his love for Chloe. He shuts down on her and wakes with a start. Brady decides it was just a dream, until he's sees a picture of Chloe that Isabella moved - proof that she was really there...


July 19
The alien girl, still tipsy from the wine, plants a couple of kisses on Shawn; he responds instinctively at first, but then pulls away. The alien boy tries to control her and Belle's anger mounts as she watches the girl fawn over her boyfriend. Shawn tries to explain that Belle is his girlfriend and hugs her; he also attempts to show the boy how to shake hands, as a sign of friendship, but the alien boy nearly breaks Shawn's hand with his strong grip. The aliens run off and Belle/Shawn lose them again. They go back to the penthouse, where Belle vents her jealousy to Shawn. He manages to calm her down with a passionate kiss... Invitations are sent out to many of Salem's residents for the reading of Stefano's will, including Hope, John, Marlena, and Grandpa Shawn. Everyone is a little unnerved from the anticipation of what their mortal enemy could have left behind for them. Sami and Lexie argue over Brandon and spit nails at each. Neither Lexie nor Brandon is pleased when Sami arrives at the DiMera Mansion for dinner. John and Marlena show up and aren't happy to see her there either... Bo clearly has a problem with Billie working at the police station and fears that Hope will be upset. Billie accuses him of still having feelings for her and asks for the opportunity to prove herself. Bo leaves to tell Hope the truth and Roman agrees to let Billie team up with him. Later, a gang is threatening the alien boy and girl down at the pier and Roman/Billie respond to the disturbance. Meanwhile, Abe watches the security surveillance tape to try and uncover the mystery of the baby switch. Bo gets home and sees Hope is shaken from receiving her invitation to the reading of Stefano's will. He drops another bombshell when he tells her that Billie's back in Salem...
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