July 01 Week 2


July 8
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At the hospital, Brady and CHloe finish watching the fireworks, and Brady says they have survived the attack of the killer meteors, so they can survive anything. Chloe wishes she could believe that. As they talk, Craig shows up, so Brady is forced to hide under the bed because CHloe is afraid what he'd do if he caught him in here after hours again. We are treated to a comical scene in which Brady's wallet is on the floor, and as he goes to get it, Craig steps on his hand. Craig eventually leaves, and never finds Brady there. Brady thinks he should go, but Chloe asks him to stay. SHe is afraid to go asleep and wake up alone, so he agrees to stay the night.

Elsewhere, Phillip has shown up to see Chloe, but Craig says she needs her rest and to come back tomorrow. Phillip then sees Billie come in, and is shocked. He goes to see Billie, who claims she is fine and doesn't want anyone to know she is here. She says she faked amnesia so she didn't have to answer any questions. Billie asks Phillip to find her briefcase, and he does. He steals it from the nurses station, and then helps his sister escape. Later, Bo shows up to question the Jane Doe, only to learn she is missing. Jen and Jack are also there doing a story on the meteors. WHile Jack interviews the weirdos who have all sorts of out-of-this-world stories, Jen talks to Collin. Collin wants Jen to admit she is after him and their connection never ended. Jen says she does not want him because he only plays games and his main thrill is to use women and string them along. Collin says when she's ready to admit that she wants him to come and see him. Jen walks off, and Collin says he's only playing one last game, and this time it is for keeps.

Phillip and Billie head to Kate's place, and she's happy to see Billie. Billie tells them both that she needs to lay low, and she can't yet explain what she is doing here. She promises to do so in time. Kate wants to call Lucas so he can see Billie before he leaves for Africa, but Billie says she'll catch up with Lucas later. Kate asks why she came here if she didn't want to be seen? Billie says she was going to Green Mountain lodge when she crashed her car, she never meant to come here. Billie leaves for a bit, and Kate knows her daughter is in trouble. Billie then makes a call and insists she will take care of Bo! Meanwhile, Phillip heads back to the hospital to sneak in and see CHloe, only to find Brady in bed with her!

Out in the woods, Belle and Shawn see the alien capsule land, and the alien twins bathed in green light from their bracelets. The capsule they are in seems to begin to overheat, so SHawn drags them out of it. Suddenly, the capsule explodes, and just disappears! Shawn thinks they need help, so he calls home. Hope answers, but SHawn's phone has problems. Hope sees it is Shawn's number, but when she calls him back there is no answer. This is because Shawn accidentally dropped his phone and broke it. The bracelets emitting the green light suddenly dim, and Belle thinks it means the aliens are dying. Shawn and Belle end up performing CPR on them, and they come back to life. However they are frightened and run off. Belle and Shawn chase after them, but end up being knocked unconscious by the aliens, who take off. Meanwhile, Bo returns home and Hope tells him that she is worried about Shawn. Bo thinks Belle is probably with him, and they just want to be alone.


July 9
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Brady wakes up in CHloe's hospital bed the next morning. He asks her to wake up, but she isn't responding. She eventually wakes up, and Chloe has very little strength. SHe is touched that he stayed all night with her. Nancy comes in, and Brady says he just came to check on Chloe, and he'll leave them to have a mother daughter talk. Outside the hospital, Phillip takes his anger out on some poor cardboard boxes. He says he'll never let Brady steal Chloe from him, and rushes into the hospital. Phillip finds Brady leaving Chloe's room, and he says they need to have a talk. Phillip and CHloe go outback, and Phillip accuses Brady of using her sickness to get closer to her. Brady tells Phillip to calm down and stop being jealous and he will explain everything. Brady says CHloe was afraid that if she went to sleep she wouldn't wake up again, so she asked him to stay with her. Phillip feels like a jerk, and promises never to be jealous again. He says from now on they will put Chloe's needs first.

Back in CHloe's room, Chloe thanks Nancy for being so strong for her, she knows this must be tough. Nancy tells Chloe that she'd change places with her if she could, and she doesn't want her to think she is going through this alone. Chloe knows that, and she says that she knows she is supposed to remain positive because it is better for her immune system, but there are so many people who do the right things and still don't make it. Chloe says if they don't find a donner, all of this will be for nothing. Nancy tells CHloe not to say that! Nancy tells CHloe that she may be tough on her at times, but she only wants her to remain hopeful. She also says she wants her to feel free to talk to her because she will understand. Chloe says one thing being sick has made her realize is how well she had it before getting sick.

Phillip and Brady go back inside and run into Nancy. Nancy tells them that Chloe misses home, her room, her things. Brady thinks he knows how to make Chloe feel better. Brady says they will need help from someone with a lot of pull, and they will have to break some rules. Nancy says she knows the Chief of Staff intimately, and she will break any rule to help Chloe.

Sami is furious to learn Brandon has taken the day off. She knows he must be with Lexie, and her fears are confirmed when she reads about Lexie's sentencing today. Sami vows to make sure Brandon isn't with her for long.

Brandon surprises Lexie at her hotel with breakfast. Lexie says her mom, Celeste, is down at the gym working off some of her steam. Lexie opens the paper and looks at the article on her. She wonders how she got so messed up. Suddenly, there is a knock on her door and someone says "Police, open up!" Brandon answers the door and asks what the cop wants. HE says he is here to escort Lexie to the courthouse. LExie says she is not a criminal, and he can tell her husband that she can find the courthouse on her own. She tells the officer to take a hike! Brandon thinks there is something fishy about that guy, and we learn he was an actor Sami hired! Sami yells at the guy for doing a lousy job, and he calls her an ungrateful brat! Suddenly, Brandon comes out of the room and says he knew she was behind this! Sami tells Brandon that LExie is using her, but he says he'll be the judge of that. Brandon says Lexie is his friend, and she needs him today. He also tells Sami that if she keeps this up, their friendship will be over! Brandon returns to Lexie, and takes her down to the courthouse.

At the station, Roman talks to Abe about the meteor shower last night. Later, Abe thinks about Lexie and his problems with her. Roman asks Abe why he is afraid of LExie being friends with Brandon? Abe says Brandon hates him and has always been out to turn her against him.

Out in the woods, Belle and Shawn can't find the aliens anywhere. SHawn and Belle think they have just vanished, and wonder if they really are from another planet. They begin replaying last night over in their minds.

At Bo's, John and Marlena show up asking where Belle is. MArlena says Belle did not come home last night, so she must be with Shawn. Hope comes downstairs and says Shawn didn't come home last night either. John is furious and blames Shawn. He refuses to stand around her and talk, so he leaves to find them. Marlena chases after John and brings him back, and she begs him to calm down. Belle and SHawn finally return home, and John demands to know where in the hell they have been! Belle and Shawn explain how they went to lookout point after the barbecue, and they saw an alien capsule land! LAter, Roman calls, and when Bo tells him what Shawn and Belle think they saw, he says they have a problem. Bo says okay, and tells John to come with him to the station. Hope asks what is wrong, and Bo says he'll fill them in when they get back. Hope and Marlena continue questioning Belle and Shawn about their spaceship.

At the crash site, a government agent inspects things. Bo, John, Roman, and Abe show up, and they learn the agent, Agent Spector, is investigating an UFO landing for the government! Abe asks John and Bo about Shawn and Belle's story. Bo doesn't think they would lie, but he thinks this must be some sort of hoax.


July 10
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At Bo and Hope's, Marlena and Hope discuss Shawn and Belle's ordeal. John and Bo return home, and they tell there wives that Nasa is out there investigating and everything is being kept hush-hush. John asks where the kids are, and Marlena says they went out to search for the aliens. They all discuss the kids story, and think that the aliens were probably just a couple knocked unconscious by the meteors, were embarrassed, and took off. MArlena and John decide to get ready for the hearing. Hope says they don't have to go, but Marlena says they want to be there for them. John, however, wants to be there to see Lexie get it!

Shawn and Belle head back to the crash site and find police tape all over the place. They run into Abe, who has some questions for them about last night. Belle wonders if they have found the aliens. Shawn tells Belle that the aliens are going to be in trouble if the government gets ahold of them, so they have to protect them. Agent Spector questions Belle and Shawn, and Shawn lies to them. Later, Brady calls Belle and tells her and Shawn to get to the hospital.

Brandon take LExie to the courthouse for her sentencing. She meets up with Cameron, who asks Lexie not to do this. Lexie tells her to do it or she will get someone else. She orders Cameron to make the call. Cameron leaves, and Brandon asks what that is about? Lexie says he'll see, they'll all see! Later, Bo, Hope, Marlena, and John show up. Lexie is looking like she is going to get off, and when she sees her "closest friends" she says they just can't wait to see her punished. Abe shows up to support Lexie, but she ignores him. The judge shows up and says this is a sentencing trial, there will be no testimonies, but he will hear from both sides before passing sentence. Tony comes forward to speak on behalf of his sister, which John throws a fit about because he was out of the country. The judge tells him to sit down, and the DA objects to Tony's being allowed to speak. The judge allows him to speak. TOny says Lexie has proven her devotion to this community as a cop and a surgeon, but she is also a loving mother. He says what she did was rash, but it was because she loved her child so much. The judge asks if anyone else would like to speak, and Hope comes forward. Hope says Lexie was one of her closest friends, which makes her betrayal all the more hurtful. Hope says the pain Lexie went through is nothing compared to the pain she put her family through. She begs the judge to think of the best interest of the child, and give her family a chance to live in peace. Pat Hamiliton and Cameron make their closing statements. Pat states the facts and crimes Lexie committed, and says that LExie must be given the maximum sentence the law allows. Cameron says the facts the DA have stated are true, but there is one other fact, Lexie is just as much of a victim in this as much as everyone else, because the hospital is the one at fault. Cameron says LExie did the wrong thing, but she deserves the chance to rebuild her life. Cameron says LExie wasn't a threat before, and she isn't a threat now, and she asks for Lexie to be treated with the compassion and sensitivity she deserves. Lexie is then allowed to speak, and she says she knows she has lost her little boy, but with the help of her mother, brother, and her one friend Brandon, she has come to terms with this loss. LExie says she does not want to lose her family and her life in this community, but she is ready to accept her punishment. She asks as a last request she be punished for her life alone, not because she was born a DiMera. The judge takes a recess to decide the punishment. John confronts TOny, and Marlena says this isn't the time or the place. John suggests to Tony that they take this outside. Tony refuses, and threatens to slap John with harassment charges. Tony goes to be with LExie, who thanks him for being here. Lexie then turns on Hope and says it's bad enough she lost her baby, now she wants her to spend her life behind bars? Hope tells Lexie not to even make her the bad guy. The judge returns and is prepares to pronounce sentence. Lexie is sentenced to 2 years of probation, 3000 hours of community service at the Salem free clinic, 1 year of counseling, and she is not allowed to see Zack Brady until the Brady's deem so. Lexie celebrates with her friends and family, and John, Marlena, Bo, and Hope just watch. Lexie sees them watching her, and vows to make them all pay.

At the hospital, a nurse brings flowers into Chloe. She thinks they must be from Phillip, but is shocked when she reads the card. THe flowers are from Cecelia Marin, and she tells her that she will be waiting for her arrival at Julliard and she knows she will be a big star one day and go on to great success.

Outside Chloe's room, Mimi and Kevin meet up with Phillip and Brady to help CHloe. Phillip and Brady tell them what they have planned, and Mimi says it is beautiful. They go into see CHloe, and ask her to get into her chariot (a wheelchair) and come with them. They take her out to a new room, which they have transformed into her room from home. They even brought honey and sugar, in the form of stuffed animals. She thanks them all for what they've done. The other kids ask about the meteor showers, but Shawn doesn't want to tell them what happened. Belle says she wants to tell them, maybe they can help. Before SHawn tells them, he swears them to secrecy. After they learn, Mimi believes them, but Phillip thinks they hit their head on his telescope harder than they thought. Chloe doesn't know if she believes or not, but recent events have made Brady more open to believing such things.

Meanwhile, Craig tells Nancy the news he got on Chloe's biological father. Craig says that the PI thinks he's found Sykes sister in NEw York, so he's gone to talk to her. Later, Craig is served papers holding him responsible for the baby switch!


July 11
At the Sfpectator, Jen tells Abby, via the phone, that she will try and be home as soon as possible. Jack overhears and says he can handle the front page if she wants to go home to Abby. Jen thanks Jack, and accepts his offer. Jen accesses JAck's PC from her's so he can work in his office, and he becomes nervous. Jen sees something and says "Aha!" Jen finds a file on Collin, and he decides not to keep it from her anymore. He tells her to go ahead and read it. Jen refuses to believe this and they begin to argue. Jack says its obvious she is turning her head to this man's faults and not believing him, especially since she decided not to love him anymore. Jen blurts out "What!" She asks him what he is talking about? Jack says Collin told him that she told him in Africa that she no longer loved him. Jen says she never said that, but Jack thinks that maybe those weren't her exact words. He begs her to look at the evidence he's compiled on Collin and tell him what she thinks. Jen says that everyone else thinks Collin is a great guy, and he obviously hasn't looked at the other side of the story. Jack says they'll start with her and asks Jen what she thinks about Collin? Jen says nothing, and Jack says that Collin obviously had plans for her! Jen asks what kind of plans, does he think he was going to use and corrupt her? Jack says no, if he couldn't corrupt her, nobody could. However, Jack says Collin hurt her like he did, and he wanted to make sure he didn't make things worse for her. Jen says she needs to be alone right now. Jack says he will prove to her that Collin is as bad and dangerous as Tony, and if he can't, they he quits!

At the hospital, Craig is having lunch with Collin and is not in a good mood because of LExie's lawsuit. Collin assures Craig that Lexie doesn't have a prayer. Meanwhile, Sami sits around waiting for Brandon to show up. Lexie and Tony show up, and Sami accuses her of coming here to find Brandon. Craig confronts Lexie and demands to know what she is doing here. Lexie tells Craig that he is a slimey bastard who ruined her life, and she will make sure both him and the hospital pays. Craig tells her that she is the one who will end up in trouble if she continues with this lawsuit! Meanwhile, Tony meets with Collin. He says he got his message, and asks what is up? Suddenly, Sami interrupts and asks to speak with Tony alone. Lexie then butts in and tells Sami to stay away from her brother! Sami says they are practically family, Tony is Carrie's ex-step-father after all! Craig shows up, and he begins arguing with TOny. Tony happens to know all about Chloe's condition, which upsets Craig. Tony talks to his sister alone for awhile and tells her to give up on this lawsuit and that little boy, because he is a Brady! Tony tells LExie that going after the hospital will get her nothing, but Lexie says this hospital and the Brady's have ruined her life! Lexie says they are all claiming father did this, and she wants everyone to know that he is innocent! Tony tells Lexie that she has lost a son, a husband, and they have both lost a father, they should not have to lose one another over this. He begs her to forget about the lawsuit. Later, Tony talks to Collin in private. He says if he is to maintain the power of the DiMera's he has to nip this lawsuit in the bud. Collin then asks Tony to let him examine him, but Tony insists he is fine. suddenly, Tony goes into another trance! While in the trance, TOny mutters the name "Marlena!" Meanwhile, Lexie asks Sami what she is up to with her brother? Sami says that is none of her business, and asks her what she is doing ditching her husband for another man? Lexie tells Sami to stop playing dangerous games, especially since she has so much information on heR! Lexie tells Sami to remember what happened to her family the last time they crossed the DiMeras! Sami decides the only way to prove to BRandon that Lexie is wrong for him is to work with a DiMera. Elsewhere, Mickey shows up to meet with Craig to talk about the lawsuit. Craig says he never thought they would be on the same side. Mickey says he is here because of his mother and family's love for this hospital.

Nicole shows up at Tuscany to meet Victor. Nicole calls up Austin's office and leaves a nasty message for him saying that she needs to hear from him before her meeting with the ad reps. Victor shows up to have dinner with Nicole, and he tells her how much they understand one another and need one another. Nicole asks him if he is saying he is the only one who can give her what she needs? Victor looks over at John and Marlena, and tells Nicole that MArlena is a lucky woman, she has a rich and successful husband and one who loves her very much. Nicole asks Victor if he is saying she will never find true love and should give up on the concept? Victor says it doesn't matter to him, only what she wants matters. Victor excuses himself to say hello to MArlena and John, and then returns. Nicole agrees to leave with Victor, but she says it is not a commitment. She tells him that they should adjourn to her place!

John and Marlena show up at Tuscany for their second attempt at an anniversary dinner. At dinner, MArlena tells John that if he keeps up with this anger towards the DiMeras, and this desire to destroy them, he will end up destroying himself. Marlena asks John to stop the vendetta and just stay away from Tony. John tells Marlena that he's sorry he's upset her so much. She asks him if he is saying it is over and that he will stay away? John claims he can give her that, and she thanks him. MArlena then brings out a gift from his wife, which he opens. Inside is a black leather briefcase. Marlena says leather is the traditional 3rd anniversary gift. Maggie then brings them an anniversary cake, and sings to them. Later, Victor wishes MArlena and John a happy anniversary. After Victor leaves, John gives Marlena her gift, a charm bracelet with three charms for three years: the sun, the moon, and the stars. John tells her that she has given all three of them to him. The sun he says represents the light she's brought to his life, the moon represents that she is his center, and the stars represent that she will always show him the way. Later, we learn that John has lied to Marlena, and says he will do whatever it takes to keep her safe and protect them all from the DiMeras.


July 12
Kate shows up for work at Basic Black and is trying to get a hold of Billie via phone. Billie says she is at Green Mountain lodge enjoying herself, when she's actually at a warehouse being trained by a very mean and big man. Later, Billie says it is time, and grabs a gun!

Back at Basic Black, Kate lies to John about who she was talking to, and he says he hates liars! KAte says she isn't lying to him, and John says he was just talking to himself. John rants to Kate about Tony, and he says he knows he's not a changed man like he's claiming. He says he also promised Marlena not to carry out this vendetta against the DiMeras, but everything tells him they are a danger. Kate tells John that Tony is trying to make nice with the folks of the Salem, so he should deal with Tony the same way. Kate advises John to make nice with Tony and claim to be giving him the benefit of the doubt. KAte tells John that the closer he can get to Tony, and Lexie, the easier time he will have finding out what he wants. John thinks that if the DIMera's think he has gone soft, they may decide to strike. He says that is a risk he can't take.

At the Spectator, Jen calls the hospital to find out about Collin, and if Tony's condition is critical. She ends up running out of the office.

At the hospital, Tony falls into a trance, and Collin tries to get through to him. All Tony will say is "Marlena." Tony comes too, and admits to Collin that these episodes have happened so many times he's lost count. He says they happened infrequently at first after the coma, but then they increased. Collin asks Tony to be honest with him or he will never be able to help him get full control of the DiMera empire like he wants to. Tony begins explaining about when he first came out of his coma, and the nurses hovered over him. He says they kept the truth from him for awhile about his wife, and how she had died (HUH, Kristen DIDN't DIE!). HE says shortly after he learned the whole truth, he began having these blackouts. He says he began piecing together everything, and finally tracked down Stefano, but when he finally found him he was at the side of the road dying. Tony says that Stefano wanted to give him the secret of his past and of his future. Collin asks what that means. Tony says his father told him about a strange cobalt blue key that would unlock everything, and that while he was in his coma, many miracles took place. Tony says that is when Stefano died, so he has to find out the secrets to his past, or he may have no future. TOny swears Collin to secrecy and says he can't risk anyone else finding out the truth before him. MEanwhile, Jen shows up and spies on Collin and Tony's meeting. Tony tells Collin that John now has the key, but he doesn't know what it is for. Jen overhears Collin tell Tony that he'll help him anyways he can. Collin then sees the door is ajar, and goes outside and finds Jen spying on them! Jen claims she was coming to see him, but Collin accuses her of spying on him! Jen claims she didn't even know if he was in there, she was about to knock to see. Collin apologizes and says he's been up all night with Tony DiMera. Collin claims he is concerned his disease may be back, but his tests came back negative. Collin asks Jen why she is here after reading him the riot act last night? Jen says she came hoping there were no hard feelings, and she was hoping they could still be friends. Collin says he'd like that. Jen thanks him, and says she'll go now and will see him around. Collin goes back to see Tony, but he has vanishes. Jen continues to spy on Collin as he searches for Tony. Later, Collin finds Jen snooping through his records and decides to nip this in the bud. As Jen is calling Jack, Collin grabs her from behind!

MArlena meets Hope in Salem Place for coffee, and then leave to find the kids. Up on the mountain, Belle has a nightmare about the aliens abducting her and Shawn. She wakes up from her nightmare in Shawns arms up on the mountain. SHe tells him about her dream, when suddenly something stirs in the bushes. They think it is the aliens, but it turns out to be Marlena and Hope. They tease the kids, who claim they have given up searching for the aliens and now believe it was just a dream. As Marlena and Hope continue to tease the kids, we see a glowing green light in the bushes. Marlena and Hope leave to have breakfast, and Belle says she hates lying to their parents about the aliens. Shawn and Belle continue to remember the aliens and what happened. Belle tells SHawn about the alien boy kissing her when she revived him, and it sorta upsets Shawn. Shawn decides to wipe that memory out with his own kiss. Shawn and Belle jump in the truck to leave, not realizing the aliens are hitching a ride in the back!

Elswhere in Salem Place, Jack meets with Bo and shows him what Victor gave him about Collin. Jack suggests they team up to find out who he really is. Bo says he is still his cousin, so he's not going to help Jack rat his family member out. Jack knows Bo doesn't trust him, but Bo says he won't compromise his relationships at the station so he can get a headline. Jack says this is about more then a headline. Bo knows it is really about Jen. Jack says he's no longer chasing after Jen, but he does care about her still and doesn't want her to be hurt. Jack fears Collin would sell them all out to the DiMera's, and he feels he is working with Tony. Jack asks Bo to trust his instinct as a reporter, which Bo says he doesn't doubt. Bo says he'll think about it, and Jack takes off. Later, Hope shows up to meet Bo. Hope tells Bo that the kids claim the whole alien thing is over. As they plan a shopping trip, Billie, in a blonde wig, watches them.

Jack calls work and learns Jen went to the hospital to find Collin. He wishes she'd stay away from that guy. JAck returns to work and is furious Jen has gone to see Collin. He says he can't take it anymore, and decides to quit. He yells that he is out of here!

Marlena returns to her work and finds Tony waiting in her office. She asks how he got in here? Tony says the door was open and his assistant was no where. Tony claims he has a problem and he needs her help. Tony says he is having problems dealing with his fathers death, but Marlena says she can't help him due to her history with the DiMera. Marlena also says if her husband find him here . . . Suddenly, John walks in!

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