July 02 Week 1


July 1
At Dot.Com, Jen tells Jack that none of the other papers have Tony's Return or Stefano's death in their papers, and she is happy that they beat them all out. Jen also thinks there may be a way to link Stefano's death, Tony's return, and the upcoming meteor shower.

Victor brings Phillip to Dot.Com for his first day of work, which Phillip refuses to be a part of because he wants to help CHloe get better. Phillip says there will be no discussion, this matter is settled. Victor says fine, calls up his assistant, and asks them to cancel a check he wrote for tuition to Columbia. Phillip says fine, he will get a loan or he just won't go to college. Victor says if he didn't know it, he would say he was really in love. Phillip says he isn't a kid, these feelings won't change when he meets someone new, and he wishes his dad would keep things quiet about how he feels about his relationship with Chloe because it is hard knowing your own father thinks your a jerk for feeling the way he does. Victor realizes how much Phillip cares for Chloe, so he agrees to pay off Dot.Com so Phillip can focus on Chloe.

Mimi and Kevin are hanging out at Dot.Com, and Kevin talks on and on about the meteor shower. Phillip shows up, and Mimi asks him how CHloe is doing. Phillip says she is scared, but hanging in there. Later, Cynthia shows up. Mimi, Kevin, and Phillip are not happy to see her. Cynthia says she has something to say, and she's not leaving until she does. Cynthia apologizes for what she's done, she says she's sorry to hear about Chloe, and she wants to get tested to help CHloe. She says she maybe a bitch, but even bitches have hearts.

Nicole heads to Dot.com and confronts Jen. She demands to know if she put Collin up to dumping her? Jen refuses to talk about this, and Nicole says it doesn't really matter to her, she is done with Collin. Meanwhile, Jack confronts Victor and asks him what he knows about Collin Murphy? Victor tells Jack that Collin is none of his business or his concern. Later, after Jack and Jen leave, Nicole once again asks Victor to spend the fourth with her, because she has a big surprise planned for him.

Nicole takes Victor up to the mountain for a picnic, to watch the fireworks, the meteor shower, and then whatever else. Nicole sends him to the car to get her picnic basket and other surprises, and then she looks down off of the cliff and says it sure is a long way down!

At the station, Roman confirms to Bo that it was Andre in the grave. Bo thinks that Stefano has sent Tony to Salem to get Zack and raise him, because he is the one thing that got away from Stefano. Roman has security at Bo's place doubled, and sends a guard to watch the Dimera mansion 24/7.

Marlena has nightmares about Commando Black, and what he is up to. Later, Caprice asks MArlena what is bothering her. MArlena tells her that John is convinced Tony is out to get him, so he went to the mansion to find something on Tony. Caprice feels John is safe, but something big is going to happen today. Marlena looks at the paper and sees the headline about the meteor showers, and the question "Are you safe?"

At the DiMera mansion, which we finally see an outside shot of and it looks like Dracula's castle, John is busy snooping around. He goes into Tony's desk, and in one of the drawers finds a hidden compartment. suddenly, Tony comes down the steps! John grabs what he needs, and takes off. TOny, however, knows someone has been here. Outside, John calls MArlena and asks her too meet him in Abe's office right away. BAck inside, Tony looks in the drawer, realizes something is missing, and says this could ruin everything. Bart shows up and offers his help and service to Tony. Tony calls Bart stupid and tells him to shut up. He tells him that they had a break in last night, and he demands Bart find out what happened within ten minutes or he will be terminated! Bart looks through all the security tapes, but finds nothing. Bart asks him what was taken, and he says his past, and possibly his future. Bart asks for more info, but Tony says he won't give it to an idiot like him. Bart claims he knows a lot about this house, he is no idiot. Tony then demands Bart show him everything! Bart takes him to the secret room with all of Rolfe's equipment, and they view the tape of last night. Tony realizes that the tape stops for awhile, so whoever broke in knew how to get by their defenses. Later, Tony learns about Rolfe's jack-in-the-box spy toy that was given to JT.

BAck at the station, Marlena shows up and tells Bo, Roman, and Abe that John asked her to meet him here. John shows up and tells them that somehow Collin and Tony are involved, because Collin did return to the mansion later. HE also shows them a shiny blue key he found, and he says it is the key to the past, the present, and the future. Bo wonders what the key goes to. John says only Tony knows, and he will want it back. Roman then tells everyone that the body in Aremid is Andre, and that it appears to Shane and the ISA that Tony's story is true.

The Brady-Horton 4th picnic begins, it's being held at Bo and Hope's, and people begin arriving. Marlena makes John calm down and at least act happy for her. Roman talks to John too and asks him to just let this all go for the day. Roman assures John that they will get there break, and he thinks the key he found could be what they are looking for. John refuses to let the key out of his site for analysis, so Roman tells him not to do anything stupid or he could be the one who ends up behind bars. John tells himself that he will do what he has to do. MArlena overhears this and is not pleased at all! Others at the party are all talking about Tony, and what he could possibly planning next. Back at the mansion, Tony confirms to Rolfe that he does have another bomb to drop!


July 2
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Craig and Nancy meet with the private investigator at Dot.Com. They tell him that they must find Dr. Sykes as soon as possible because their daughter needs a bone marrow transplant. Craig says money is no object, and the PI says he'll start on this case tonight.

At the hospital, Phillip shows up to visit Chloe. A nurse told her a friend was here, and she thought it was Brady. She asks him what he's doing, and he says he came to watch the meteors with her. He's brought a telescope, but as he sets it up, Chloe falls asleep. He gives her a kiss and decides to take off. Later, Brady shows up but Chloe is sleeping. However, she soon wakes up and asks him to stay because he promised they'd watch the fireworks together. They head to the window and watch the show together.

At the Salem Inn, Lexie is talking with Brandon when Abe shows up to return Stefano's ashes. Abe was hoping they could celebrate the fourth together, but Lexie says her son is not with her and her father is dead, she has nothing to celebrate. Later, Lexie heads to the mansion and gives Tony back their father's ashes.

At the DiMera mansion, Collin stops by to see Tony. Tony tells him the security here has been breached, so they shouldn't talk. Collin says he's just checking on him, and asks about his health. Tony tells Collin to forget about the catatonic trance he fell into and to just leave. Collin says he expects them to talk soon in his office. As he's leaving, Collin hears someone in the bushes cracking their knuckles, and he asks who is there.

At the Brady Horton picnic, everyone gathers to watch the fireworks. Jen tells Jack that tonight is about having fun, not working. Jack promises to only work. Meanwhile, Roman, Bo, and John talk about the key, and Tony hears them through the bugged jack-in-the-box. Tony damns John for stealing his key, and says his future depends on getting it back. Out in the backyard, Belle makes a speech to everyone about Chloe's need for a bone marrow donor, and she asks everyone to help in anyway they can. Mimi has a sign up sheet for those who want to be tested, or if their local businesses can be of help. Jack and Jen decide to do a column on Chloe in the paper to try and drum up even more support.

Will becomes afraid of all the meteor talk, and thinks they are going to get squashed. Sami and Lucas assure him that he won't. Will asks if there will be meteors in Africa? Sami is stunned, and learns that Lucas is taking Will to Africa for the summer to see Bill. Later in the show, Sami says a tearful goodbye to Will, as he and Lucas are planning to leave first thing in the morning.

Back inside, Collin turns up, and tells Bo that he's brought an uninvited guest, the man he has trailing him. Collin demands Abe take the tail off of him or he will call his lawyer. Abe calls the tail off, and tells Bo that they have no reason to invade Collin's privacy. Collin also admits to Bo that he was at the mansion, but only to check on his patient. Shawn becomes upset and asks whose side he is on? Collin assures his uncle that he is on the Brady's side, and for him to just trust him.

Later, Tony and Lexie show up at the party, and Lexie lunges for Zach. Hope and Maggie take him upstairs. Meanwhile, Brandon shows up and asks Sami if Lexie is here. She says Lexie wouldn't dare show her face here, but when they go inside the house, they see Lexie and Tony. Lexie runs to Brandon and cries that they wouldn't let her see her baby. Meanwhile, Tony spots the jack-in-the-box, grabs it, and smashes it. Bo grabs Tony, but Abe tells him to stop it. Tony points out why he smashed the toy. He reveals that his father sent them the toy and he just found out about the bug in it. Tony says he wants to prove that he is not like his father, and he has no intention of carrying out his father's vendetta on the Brady's. Tony says he just wants them all to live in peace, but he knows that will take time. John, however, doesn't believe a word coming out of Tony's mouth and says he will prove that he is exactly like his father.

Later, after the fireworks ends, the meteor shower begins. However, everyone begins to panic as the meteors seem to be headed straight for Salem! The meteors begin to explode, sending fragments raining down on Salem. Sami ends up at the DiMera mansion, claiming she was driving by, and begs Tony to let her stay there until it's safe. Brandon is driving Lexie home when a meteor explodes near them. Chloe and Brady notice the meteors growing closer to Salem as they watch from the hospital. And everyone at the picnic fears they are about to be squashed!


July 3
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On the mountain, Nicole tells Victor that she's going to masker him fall for her all over again. As they kiss, she leads him towards the cliff! However, when the meteors hit, it is Nicole who goes over the edge! Nicole clings to the cliff with her very life, and Victor rescues her. She ends up crying in his arms. They return to Victor's limo, and Nicole is very shaken. Nicole says she thought her life was over for a minute; she came so close to death. Nicole tells Victor that he saved her when he should have let her die. Victor tells Nicole that he knows she was planning to kill him tonight. Nicole denies it, but he says he knew what her plan was when they got to the top of the hill. He says it was a great plan, why couldn't she do it? Nicole refuses to talk about it. Victor says he knows it was the kiss that weakened her, and he says she loves him. Nicole says she does not love him; all he does is control her. Nicole says she doesn't feel love for him, she hates him! Victor doesn't believe her. He says she is nothing to Austin and Collin, but he loves her for who she was, and for the woman he has become. He says if she chooses him then she will finally be happy. Nicole cries, thinks about it, and kisses him!

At the Brady-Horton picnic, everyone watches as the meteors crash towards Salem. Everyone begins running, but Belle appears almost mesmerized. Shawn grabs her and drags her inside. Belle and Shawn get knocked down, and Collin checks them out. The shower ends, and Belle asks what happened to the meteors and the light? John says it must have burned up before it hit the earth. The kids continue to watch the skies, and Belle remains captivated by the shower. Abby thinks the entire thing was great and wants it to happen again. Jen thanks Jack for being here for her and Abby, because she was frightened! Marlena realizes Sami is gone, and wonders where she is. Marlena calls Lucas to see if Sami is there. He says no, but she did call to check on Will. John tells Marlena that Sami is fine, and to stop worrying. Marlena says she'll need something to distract her, so John kisses her. Later, Roman announces that some meteorites have landed in Salem! He says a meteor hit airport road, and it caused a car accident. Roman and Abe have to leave, but Roman insists everything will be fine and to keep having fun. Jen and Jack decide to head out to the road to check on the story, and Belle asks her mom to let her stay longer because Shawn can drive her home. John is happy to have the house to them tonight. Meanwhile, Belle continues to scan the sky, and then demands Shawn take her to the crash site. Meanwhile, Bo tells Hope that he's sorry tonight didn't turn out to be a good night for her, and he promises to take her on a picnic soon. Caroline brings Zack out to his parents, and Hope is touched when Zack finally calls her mommy. Hope says this has turned into one of the best days she's ever had. Bo and Hope head up to bed and make love. Hope says she needed that, and she needed to hear zack call her mommy. Hope feels like they are finally safe, and that nothing can hurt them. Elsewhere, the rest of the kids continue talking about the shooting stars, and Phillip starts talking about aliens landing on earth. Phillip looks through his telescope, and then says "they're landing!" Mimi freaks out, but Phillip says he was only talking about a plane.

John and Marlena head home, and make love. Marlena hears something else, and John says it was just the earth moving. Marlena continues to worry, and says she just can't get used to having all their kids grown up. John tells Marlena that Belle is no longer a baby. Marlena says since she won't have to worry about the kids, she can focus on keeping him out of trouble! Later, Marlena wakes up after having a terrible dream, which she can't remember. John comforts her and tells her everything will be fine.

Sami arrives at the mansion and begs Tony to let her stay. Tony sees the meteor and screams, "It's going to hit!" Sami thinks she should go see how Will is doing, and runs off. Tony chases after her, and drags her inside. Tony tells Sami that all that happened was a meteor shower, and the meteors just burned up before impact. Sami wonders if one of them hit Lucas' car, so Tony tells her to just call him. Sami calls Lucas and learns Will is fine. Sami is shaken, or at leasts asks shaken, and ends up crying on his sholder. Sami says she doesn't want to go home, because she will be all-alone there without her son, who will be in Africa all summer. Sami says this was supposed to be the best summer of her life. Tony understands what it's like to be alone, he has been alone for so long, and his father craved solitude. Tony tells Sami that she looks exhausted and suggests she go to bed. Sami asks if she can sleep here? Tony tells Sami that she doesn't want to stay here because she is afraid to be alone or needs comfort, he knows why she wants to stay here, and gives her a kiss! Sami pushes him away, and asks what he is doing! Tony tells Sami that he knows what her game is, she wants Brandon Walker to come to her rescue from the big bad Tony DiMera. Tony then shocks Sami and says he will go along with it, she can do with him as she wishes! Sami says she'll think about his offer, but decides to head home for the night. After she leaves, Tony says once he helps Sami get Brandon, she'll help him get John!

Out on Airport road, a car teeters on the edge of the meteor crater. A woman is slumped over the wheel, and we see a notebook open to Bo Brady's address. Jack and Jen arrive, and the cops tell them that nobody is getting near the car or the crater! Fireman and cops try to cut the woman out of the car. The cops tell Jen and Jack what they know, and Jack sees Collin. Collin tells the cops that the driver is female, and is in shock. She is confused and can't recall her name. The fireman finally get the car open, after Jack and Jen split, and out of the car falls Billie!

Shawn and Belle head up to the mountain after the cops refuse to let them near the meteor. Belle continues looking to the stars, and Shawn suggests perhaps what is going to change will happen between them, tonight. Shawn tells Belle that he loves her, and he wants her trust back. The two then begin to make out. Suddenly, something in the sky explodes above them! Suddenly, a capsule crashes right before Shawn and Belle! They stare at the capsule as it opens up and reveals a man and a woman, bathed in green light, and wearing silver bathing suits.


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