July 2001 Week 4


July 23
I'm building on NBC's summary for today. Also note, because I'm going to be busy moving this week, most summaries will probably be shorter than normal.

Paul and Fay wake up the morning after they've made love. Paul tells her that he's going to be the best husband he can be to her. Fay is upset and doesn't want Paul to stay with her. She advises him to find another place, but he ignores her pleading and goes next door to talk to Maureen. When he leaves, Paul tells Fay he has business to take care of, which worries Fay because that used to mean Paul was up to no good. Paul finds out that Shawn Brady has the can, and is probably at the courthouse with the other kids. Paul tells himself the courthouse is not on his list of favorite places, but he's not losing that treasure to kids.

Fay calls Abe and warns him that Paul is back in town. Abe tells her to stay away from him, but Fay says it is too late. Abe asks if Paul raped her? She says no, she slept with him because she was afraid . . . . . Abe tells her that she doesn't have to do anything she doesn't want to do, married or not. Fay says it isn't that simple. Abe tells her that Paul is just going to start beating her up again, and then they will all be back at square one.

At the courthouse, Jan and Mimi are on pins and needles as the hearing is set to begin. Jane makes a last ditch effort to save her butt, and cries to Chloe about how sorry she is. Shawn falls for her act, but CHloe doesn't buy it for a minute. Chloe tells Shawn and Belle that her lawyer put her up to that. As the kids wait for the hearing to begin, they discuss various things. Shawn and Belle convince Chloe to go on the school trip, and she says she will if Phillip is not going. Belle calls Phillip and asks him to come to the courthouse to talk. Then, Shawn, Belle, and Chloe study the papers from the locker. It seems complicated to them at first, but then they realize that it is located on an island near where they will be going this summer. Belle asks Shawn if he asked his dad about the papers, but he says no because his dad is very busy. Plus, Shawn thinks they can solve this mystery on their own. As they are talking, Paul shows up and realizes the kids have found out about the treasure. He refuses to lose it to a bunch of brats.

Once the hearing begins, Chloe gives an eloquent speech about how much Jan and Mimi hurt her with the picture and the website. However, Chloe does not want them punished to the full extent of the law. Jan and Mimi are ordered to go on the environmental school trip for the summer and to pay for it by working as janitors at school during their entire senior year. They are also banned from any extracurricular activities, which include soccer, cheerleading, dances, and the senior prom. The judge tells them that if they disobey her ruling, they will be locked up in juvenile detention until the age of 21! After the hearing, Mimi and Jan are teased about their punishment by their former friends. Mr. Woods then talks to Kevin and Susan about the school trip. Susan says beaches and swimsuits aren't her thing, so Kevin refuses to go unless Susan attends.


July 24
Once again this is a shorter summary, due to the fact that I'm beat from moving all day

In the park, Hope asks Jen what she and Greta talked about after she and Jack left? Jen says they didn't talk, because they don't click. Hope begins to wonder if Jen has a problem with Greta. Jen admits she is a little jealous of Greta, but if she wants Jack, she can have him. Still, Hope wonders why Jen gets a strange look on her face when someone mentions Greta. Jen says it is because she doesn't understand what she sees in JAck. Jen says if Jack and Greta want to get married, they can, as long as Jack continues to help with Abby. Hope asks Jen if this has anything to do with Collin? Jen says that she will never see Collin again, she made up their entire romance in their mind. Jen says that she just hopes she never lays eyes on Collin again. Hope tells Jen that someone else will come along, she won't spend the rest of her life alone. Jen says she wishes she was a sure as Hope.

Jack meets up with Greta, and decide to go job hunting together. Jack doesn't like most of the jobs Greta has selected for him. Jack asks Greta what she and Jen talked about yesterday, and she says they didn't talk because Jen had to run. Greta asks Jack if it is possible Jen could still love him, because she doesn't seem to approve of their friendship. Jack thinks Jen misses him, but Greta says she didn't get that vibe. Greta says she thinks he could be using her to make Jen jealous. Jack says he is not a user, he likes her friendship and company, and she is a good decorator. Greta believes Jack, and says he is so different than any other guys she's been interested in. Jack gets the feeling Greta likes him more than a friend, but Greta assures him that isn't what she meant. Later, when Jack gets his teeth stuck together on caramel candy, Greta laughs and tells him to chew, and starts grabbing at his mouth. Jen and Hope show up at this point, and Jen is shocked.

Nicole and Phillip go shopping together, and Nicole pries for information about the deal Victor and Kate struck. The two argue, and Phillip eventually tells Nicole that his dad is going to help his mom in exchange for him staying away from Chloe, which means not going on the trip. Nicole says he promised his dad to concentrate on school, but Phillip says he has since learned Chloe is going on the trip, which is why he can't go. Nicole then convinces Phillip to go on the trip, because as far as his father knows, he (Phillip) doesn't know Chloe is going on the trip. Phillip says he wants his dad to take care of his mom, which Nicole says he will because he keeps his promises. Phillip decides to go on the trip, which pleases Nicole who plans to get rid of Kate once and for all while Phillip is away.

At Dot.Com, Kevin continues to try and talk Susan into going on the trip. Kevin tells Susan she is fun, and he needs someone to relax with down there. Meanwhile, Brady gets flirted with by a waitress, who tells him he's walking almost normal now, and looking so much better. Later, Belle, Brady, and Chloe show up; and Chloe can't wait to see Jan and Mimi suffer. Paul, who is spying on them, gets sick of hearing about the JDs, and wants to hear about the treasure. Shawn and the others soon begin talking about the school trip, and their secret treasure hunt. Chloe goes to look for a book on Puerto Rico and the surrounding islands in the travel section. Chloe runs into Brady, and compliments him on his better walking. Chloe also tells him not to worry about her and Phillip anymore, they are over, and she is through with guys for the time being. Brady doesn't believe a word she is saying. Chloe cries and says music is all she needs. She says she has to get back to her friends. Elsewhere, Kevin talks to Belle and Shawn and tries to help them convince Susan to come with them on the trip. Belle tells Susan she'd have lots of fun, but Susan mouths off and says she doesn't need Belle's pity, because she wouldn't want to be friends with a geek like her. Kevin scolds Susan and says she is doing exactly what Jan and Mimi did to Chloe. Susan apologizes for judging them and not even giving them a chance. Susan agrees to go on the trip. When Chloe returns to the kids, she tells them that the creep from the courthouse is here, and she thinks he is stalking her! Shawn jokes that maybe he is stalking him! They then realize they have things to buy for their trip, and run off to shop.


July 25
Shorter summary because it was typed after I saw the show. I'm hoping I don't leave anything out!

Today's show is primarily the kids packing for their trip.

At the penthouse, Belle is packing with Marlena's help. Marlena talks with Belle about the birds and the bees, and Belle says they've had this talk. Marlena says yes, but on this trip she and Shawn could be tempted. Belle says that she likes Shawn because he would never do anything to hurt her in any way. Downstairs, Brady walks without his cane, and John is overjoyed. Then, Mimi shows up to apologize. They tell her that Belle needs some time. Mimi thinks Belle will never forgive her, and she leaves. Belle shows up, and Marlena drags her suitcase down the steps. Belle asks if that was Mimi? John says yes, and she wanted to see her. Belle says as far as she is concerned, she never wants to speak to Mimi again. Belle and Marlena learn Brady can walk, and they are both thrilled and tell him he can do anything now.

At the Brady's, Shawn is getting ready for the trip and Hope is helping him. Bo, yes Bo, notices that Hope seems a bit distracted, and wonders what is going on. She dodges his questions for most of the show, and eventually tells him that she feels she is healed enough to learn about her time as Princess Gina. Bo asks if she's ready to find out who JT's biological father is? Hope says yes. Bo tells her whatever she finds, it will change nothing between them.

At the Kiriakis place, Phillip packs, and Victor comes to talk to him. Phillip considers telling his dad Chloe is going on the trip, but he doesn't. Victor agrees to help Kate out, and Phillip doesn't understand why his dad can't forgive her. Victor says he can't forgive and forget as easily as he can. When Phillip starts talking about Chloe, Victor tells him this trip will make him see there is life without Chloe, he will move on. Phillip asks his dad if he's moved on with Nicole? Victor claims he and Nicole just work closely. Phillip thinks his dad would never become involved with someone that young, because she is almost his age.

At the Wesley's, Chloe packs, and talks to Sugar. When her and Phillip's song comes on the radio, she begins crying and tells Sugar (Nancy's dog) that she did love Phillip, she still does. Chloe falls onto her bed in tears, and Nancy comes to comfort her. Chloe lays into Nancy and tells her that this is all her fault for giving her up. Chloe apologizes and says she shouldn't be taking this out on her. They have a mother-daughter hug, and then go have some pineapple upside down cake together.

At Jack and Jen's, Jack and Jen engage in childish fighting over the paper, and cups of coffee. JAck accuses Jen of being jealous of Greta, but Jen tells Jack that he should be jealous. Jack asks if she has another man in her life. Jen says she does, and he treats her like royalty. Jack says fine, just not to run off to Ireland with Abby again. Jen tells him not to mention Ireland again. Jack asks why, did she have a man there? Jack then tells Jen that everything seems to be about what she wants, they can't talk about Ireland, he can't have a girlfriend. Jen becomes outraged and begins throwing things at Jack.

Nicole heads to work, and gets greeted by her dad. Her dad wants to know about Shawn Brady, and questions her about the trip his school is going on. Nicole becomes frightened when he begins losing his temper, so she tells him all she knows about the trip. She then begs Paul to leave town, so he says he will. After Nicole runs off, Paul laughs and says if anyone asks why he left town, he'll say it was because of his daughter. Nicole runs to Victor and begs him to protect her. He tells her that he'll never let anyone hurt her again. Meanwhile, Paul, and the kids, head for the airport.


July 27
Shorter summary because it was typed after I saw the show. Plus not much really going on today.

Today's show is entirely the kids getting on the plane.

Brady is driving Belle, Chloe, and Shawn to the airport, and they are running late because Belle lost her tickets, and she insisted they pick up Chloe and Shawn.

Paul arrives at the airport and steals one of the kids itinerary to learn what exactly their schedule for Puerto Rico is. He then gets on the plane before they do. While on the plane, he charms a waitress into free headphones, drinks, her number, and a first class seat.

Susan shows up at the airport and is called gigantor. Mr. Woods scolds the kids who tease her. Susan then makes friends with another teased girl name Penelope, who the kids all call "shy." Meanwhile, Jan continues teasing everyone, including Susan, Penelope, and another girl who is a tomboy, who is the brunt of homosexual jokes. Jason finally gets sick of Jan and tells her off. He tells her that what she did was stupid, and if she had warned him, he could have told her she'd end up in trouble.

Mr. Woods tells the kids to get on the plane while he waits behind for the late Chloe, Belle, and Shawn to show up. They do show up, and get on the plane. Back on the plane, Mimi is crying about her poor life, and her seatmate tells her to basically to stop wallowing in self-pity and get on with her life. When CHloe runs into Phillip, she demands to leave the plane or she will scream. Belle and Shawn are shocked to see Phil on the plane. Phillip begs her to stay, but she refuses and leaves.

The plane takes off, and Shawn tries to comfort Phillip. Meanwhile, Belle decides to confront Mimi, and sits next to her and says they have to talk. Back in Salem, Brady is shocked when CHloe shows back up in the airport. She says Phillip decided to go on the trip after all, so she's not. Chloe tells BRady that Phillip claims he loves her, but he is lying. Brady tells her nobody can love her, because she won't let anyone know the real her.


July 27
Once again a short summary. I apologize for all of them this week, but after moving most of the day I just don't feel up to two hours of typing.

John and Marlena go to Tuscany for dinner, and John has his boxers in a bunch and a bug up his butt when it comes to Maggie, who he is just plain rude to. Maggie asks them how things are at home, which just ticks John off because he thinks Maggie is really asking if Brady is still a problem. From then on he is nothing but rude to Maggie. John and Marlena sit down, and begin talking. John is glad they are finally doing good, because he thought his son might actually come between them. Marlena says he still could, and she points out she's speaking of JT. John says he was going to bring that up tonight, Hope has asked him for a favor. Marlena becomes upset and asks what Hope wants now? John says Hope wants to know about her past as Princess Gina, and about JT's conception. Marlena becomes upset, John accuses her of being jealous, and says this is just like her jealousy towards Isabella. Marlena says there is a difference, Isabella is dead, Hope isn't, and if Hope remembers Gina's feelings for him, she may fall in love with him all over. John assures her that won't happen because it will only be like remembering a past love, she won't become Gina again. Marlena realizes John is right, and she tells John he can tell Hope when, why, and how, but she makes him promise not to tell Hope any of the romantic little details. John agrees, and tells Marlena how much he loves her.

At the Blue Note, Nicole is supposedly waiting for a business meeting, and occupies herself by spying on all the others who come in. Hope shows up and meets Greta. As they talk, they see Brandon and Lexie together. Greta asks if anything could be going on. Hope says no way, but even she becomes suspicious when the two start holding hands. Anyways, the Greta and Hope talk about their parents, and when Greta talks about her mom and how she wasn't the horrible person people made her out to be, Hope says she never knew her mom, but she had a great relationship with her dad. Hope asks Greta who her dad is? Greta says before her mom died, she told her. However, Greta says her mom was so ill, she doesn't know if she can believe her. Hope tells Greta that her mom probably told her the truth, because she didn't want her to be alone. Hope asks Greta who her father is?

Elsewhere, Brandon talks with Lexie, who is very worried about losing her son. Brandon feeds her the lie of the century when he tells her that the more time that passes the better off she is, because if the truth does come out down the road, Hope won't want to give up JT, and Hope wouldn't want to take Isaac away from Lexie after they had bonded so much. Lexie, foolish as she is, believes Brandon has a point because her best friend would never hurt her like that. Still, Lexie says she tempted to tell Abe and just run, but Bradnon takes her hand and tells her that she can't do that, she can't trust Abe with the truth. Nicole interrupts and asks Brandon if he thinks he is invisible or something? She says Hope saw them holding hands, so their affair is now out of the closet. Lexie becomes outraged and says she and Brandon are not having an affair, they are catching up on hospital gossip. Lexie then goes to see Hope to do some damage control, and flies off the handle at Hope when Hope questions what Lexie is doing with BRandon. Lexie apologizes, and says she just needs some rest, and leaves. Meanwhile, Nikki tells Brandon she saw their dad, and hopefully convinced him to leave town.

Grandpa Shawn, Himself, Brady meets up with Collin outside of Salem, because that is where Collin insisted they meet. Shawn doesn't understand why Collin won't come to the pub, and insists on staying at the Horton Cabin. Collin says he doesn't want to alert certain people to his presence in Salem, or it may cost him his life. Shawn says that Stefano is gone, possibly for good, but Collin says the Devil never dies, he just waits for a chance to return and strike. Collin and Shawn talk about the mysterious Brady past, and how Shawn is a true legend in the old country. Shawn tells Collin he has done a lot to help the cause as well. Shawn begs him to come stay at the pub with family, but Collin continues to refuse.

At Jack and Jen's, Jen looks at a book about Africa and remembers her time there with Collin. We see flashbacks of Jen and Collin talking beside a campfire one night. Collin tells Jen he came to Africa to fight children's diseases, because he lost a childhood friend to Leukemia and can't stand to see any child be robbed of their life. He tries to ask Jen why she came to Africa, but she refuses to say. Back in the present, Jack snaps Jen out of her daydream to apologize to her for the fight they had early. Unfortunately, the truce doesn't last, and the two continue to fight. Jack makes a comment that he is a good father and was a good husband, he was nothing like her philandering father. We learn, through there fight, that while in Africa, Jen's father Bill, somehow disappointed Jen again. Jen says she can't continue relationships that have no future, and if they have no future, she is out of here! Jack tells Jen that it isn't his fault that while in Africa she threw him out of her life along with her father, because he did nothing wrong. Jack storms out of the room, and Jen begins to cry. She tells herself she promised never to cry over Jack again, and then begins contemplating working things out with Jack.

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