July 01 Week 3


July 16
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It's a new day in Salem.

Barb and Glen finish making love, and Barb is positive she is pregnant this time. She tells Glen when they finally have a baby, he can be happy and stop thinking about how Marlo's kid didn't turn out to be his. Barb is positive that their child will make him forget all about the other baby. When Glen starts talking about Marlo like she was a good woman, but Barb points out she was obviously playing around, otherwise how does he explain the test results? Glen asks how she explains the baby Lexie has is so healthy, while the one they took had FAS. Glen asks Barb if she ever got the DNA test on JT back? Barb remembers she did get then and threw them away, but lies to Glen and says no. Barb then goes to take a shower, and begins wondering about the DNA test. SHe threw it away, not realizing what Glen said was right, something is going on with those babies.

Lexie, Abe, and Issac move into the DiMera mansion and are greeted by Rolfe, Bart, and Eliana. Abe says he is out of here, and takes off. Lexie gives Isaac to Eliana and runs after Abe. Abe says he can't live like this, with a staff and servants. Lexie tells Abe that he agreed to do this for Isaac, her father can protect him here. Abe says he can protect Isaac. Lexie says she knows, and this isn't an insult, but the circumstances they are living under are unusual. Lexie says she will feel much safer here. LExie asks Abe to please come inside, he doesn't want to insult the staff. Abe agrees and goes back in with LExie. Bart tells Abe not to worry about the expense of the house, which angers Abe. Abe asks Bart if he was listening in on them? Rolfe says no, Bart is just assuming how he is feeling, he is very perceptive. Rolfe introduces himself as the Major Domo of the house, Cookie the chef, and Bartalbee the butler. Lexie tells everyone to go about their business, and they leave. Abe tells Lexie that he can't stand being surrounded by Stefano's goons, they are taking Issac and getting out of here now! Lexie rushes after Abe again and begs him to give this a chance, this house and staff are here to protect them from anyone else who might claim Isaac is there son. Lexie says his department chased her father out of Salem, so if she can't have her father, she can at least have his house! Abe says that he feels like he is betraying the Brady's and Horton's by living here. Lexie tells him to tell them that it is her idea and he can blame it on her all she wants. Lexie starts telling him how wonderful he is, and crying, and he eventually caves and agrees to put up with this, for now. Abe says he has to go to work now, and she and Isaac should get settled. Later, Rolfe tells Lexie that he knows all about the babies, her father trusts him and she can to. LExie tells Rolfe she feels uncomfortable discussing this with him. He understands, and says he is only here to help her. Rolfe he can handle anything that comes there way, he just hopes Glen didn't have JT tested while on the run. Lexie hopes that did not happen. Rolfe says that is why they are here to help her, and why Abe must be kept in the dark. LExie tells Rolfe she is very uncomfortable with the fact that he knows so much about her. Rolfe says in time she will be glad, because he would die for her father, and for her. Lexie hopes it doesn't come to that, but thanks him. Later, Lexie begins easing into her new life style, ordering the staff around, and planning some decorative changes to make this house her own.

At the penthouse, Belle comes downstairs and is greeted by Brady, who thought she was going to sleep in the entire day. Belle was hoping last night was a bad dream, but she knows it isn't. Belle asks Brady if he got to talk to Chloe last night? Brady says he did talk to her, and she was typical Chloe, she had no reaction. Brady says he told her that he didn't do this to her, and she told him that Phillip dumped her. Belle tells Brady that she saw Phillip last night, and he realizes he has probably lost her forever. Brady ask Belle if she could ever forgive Phillip if she was Chloe. Belle says she doesn't know, but she knows Phillip loves her and will try and get her trust back. Brady says the real question is, does CHloe love him? Belle ask Brady if he thinks Chloe doesn't love Phillip? Brady says he doesn't think CHloe loves Phillip with the passion she is capable of, such as the passions she feels for her music. As Brady talks about how Chloe won't be able to forgive Phillip, Belle thinks this sounds a lot like his situation with Marlena. Belle thinks that Brady and CHloe seem to have a lot in common. Brady says his concern is very serious! Brady says he just thinks CHloe has a lot of potential to be a good singer, she just has to connect with her soul. Brady then says he's given her advice, and that is it. He says he has better things to do than worry about CHloe Lane. Belle changes the subject to their futures. Brady says he's been giving his a lot of thought, and asks if she has plans? Belle says she does, she's going to go on the school environmental trip.

At the hospital, Phillip comes to see Craig, who really doesn't want to see him. Craig asks him what in the hell he is doing here? Phillip doesn't blame Craig for being mad at him, but he really has to talk to him. Phillip asks Craig for help with CHloe, he screwed up. Phillip says his jealousy took over, and he hurt her. Phillip says he wishes he could take it back, but he can't. Craig says this is a good start. Phillip asks Craig to help him. Phillip tells Craig that he can't get on with his life until he knows she will be okay. Craig tells Phillip that he is telling the wrong person, he needs to talk to Chloe. Phillip asks if she'll talk to him? Craig says not now, he's going to have to give Chloe time to heal. Phillip suddenly gets an idea how Chloe can see him and hear him apologize without actually having to SEE him.

At the station, Roman and the DA question Mimi. They tell her that her fingerprints are all over the nude slides of Chloe, and the website is registered under her name! Mimi says she didn't do this, and when Jan shows up, Mimi tells them that she is the one who did this to her! Jan says she has no idea what Mimi is talking about, or why she is here. Jan's attorney asks what her client is doing here, there is no evidence to connect her to what happened to Miss Lane tonight. Mimi says she is not taking the fall for this alone, and announces that they were both in on it. Roman tells the girls they are facing serious time here for what they did. Roman tells them they are in more trouble than they ever dreamed. Jan tells them that Mimi is trying to blame this on her, but Mimi says she has proof, a witness. The lawyers ask for some time alone with their clients, and the DA says if they cooperate they may take into account that they are high school students. The DA warns them they will play serious hardball if they don't start playing ball. The DA and Roman leave, and Jan's attorney tells Jan if she doesn't start playing ball, she will go down for this. Mimi's attorney asks who her witness is? Mimi says it is Kevin Lambert, Jan convinced him to set it up to send Chloe to the showers at school. Jan's attorney asks her if Mimi is telling the truth? Jan says yes. When Mimi and Jan start name calling, Jan's attorney tells them they have to work together. Jan says they didn't know they were committing a crime, they just wanted a good laugh. Jan begs them to help them! Later, the attorneys try to make a deal with the DA and Roman. Jan says they are sorry and didn't know it was illegal, but the DA doesn't believe Jan one bit. Mimi doesn't care if she's locked up because her life is over anyways. The DA and attorney's go to talk in private, and Roman asks them what they were thinking? Mimi says they weren't. Jan asks if he can help them, but ROman says that it isn't his call. When left alone, Mimi and Jan continue to argue. Mimi asks them what they are going to do now? Jan says she doesn't know. Mimi just hopes they stay out of jail. Meanwhile, the DA tells the lawyers she is going to make an example of these kids and throw the book at them!

At the Wesley's, Mickey comes over to talk to Nancy about CHloe's case. Nancy says she doesn't want to cause Chloe anymore pain. Chloe comes downstairs, wearing her black glasses and pink dress, and she asks "Really?" Nancy says she thought she had gone, and she wasn't going to do anything without her permission. Nancy says she just wanted to find out what her options were. Mickey tells Chloe what those kids did to her was wrong, and he hopes she will pursue a case against them. Chloe asks Mickey to tell her what he has in mind. Mickey says the police are questioning Jan and Mimi this morning, and the case has enough evidence to file a case and prosecute them. Mickey says they could always file a civil suit for damages, but Chloe says she doesn't want their money, she wants them to pay! Later, CHloe receives a package. CHloe opens the package, which is a tape. On the tape is Phillip. Phillip apologizes to CHloe, and says he can't believe the names he called her, especially ghoul girl. He knows she probably won't forgive him, but he is sorry. He says if he sees her around, and he says hi to her, that he wants her to know he's really telling her he is sorry. Phillip says she has taught him about what is important in life, and he's happy he got to meet someone like her. Phillip tells her that he did love her, he does love her, and he's sorry, and he'd be happy if they could at least remain friends. Afterwards, CHloe thinks about Phillip, and realizes she never told Phillip she loved him, and wonders why.


July 17
Brandon meets Lexie at the Blue Note, and comes up with a much better way at getting back at Abe Carver than a lawsuit. Brandon asks Lexie what is up? Lexie say she and Abe have moved into the DiMera mansion, and she doesn't know if her marriage is strong enough to survive. Brandon asks her why she moved if she was worried about her marriage? Lexie says it is because she's terrified that they haven't seen the last of Barb and Glen. Lexie fears Barb and Glen may have had another DNA test done, which is why she moved into her father's house where she can be protected. Lexie says the longer she doesn't hear from Barb and Glen, the better the chances they don't know the truth. Lexie feels much better after talking to Brandon. Brandon is glad, and she asks her to dance with him to forget about her worries. As they dance, Lexie tells Brandon that she doesn't know what the future of her marriage is, because she doesn't know if she can trust Abe with her secrets. Brandon tells Lexie that perhaps she can't trust Abe.

Jen goes to visit Hope, and is shocked by the paper article about CHloe. Shawn tells Jen that his mom was there, she had a front row seat! After they talk about the dance for a bit, Hope asks Jen what the important thing she wanted to talk about was? Jen says it is about Gran. Jen tells them the story about Alice's ruby, and Shawn says he'd do anything to help Gran find her ruby. Jen thinks it would be great if they could find it, so Hope says she'll talk to Bo. Shawn leaves to change JT, and Jen and Hope talk about Jack. Jen says Jack is infuriating her because he is perfect. Jen thinks this is an act of his, but Hope says perhaps Jack is older and wiser now. Jen says it is possible, but she can't stop thinking about Collin. Hope tells Jen that guy was a fantasy, and she should look at what she has. She tells Jen to give Jack a chance. Jen says that would just be another chance for him to drive her crazy. When Jen mentions Greta was over at the house last night, Hope asks if there is something going on between them? Jen says no, and eventually changes the subject back to Gran's ruby. Upstairs, Shawn takes care of JT, and begins thinking about his dance with Belle. Later, Shawn knocks over the mysterious can, and it begins to spew smoke!

Brady runs into Phillip at Salem Place. Phil tells Brady that he owes him an apology, a big one. Phillip tells Brady that he never should have suspected anything was up between him and CHloe, and he's sorry. He says he is family, and he should have known better. Brady remembers Victor asking him to keep Phil and Chloe apart, so Brady tries to talk Phil into realizing it is over. When Phillip tells him about the taped apology, Brady tells him that he should just face the facts, it's over, he and CHloe are from two different worlds. Phillip says love crosses all boundaries, look at Romeo and Juliet. Phillip says he is a better person for knowing Chloe, even if she doesn't want to see him again. Phillip says he hopes he will at least be able to be friends with Chloe one day. Brady says friends are cool, and he'll find someone else. Phillip says he doesn't want to someone else, he wants her. Brady tells Phillip that he has his whole life ahead of him. Phillip doesn't want to talk about it anymore, all he wanted to do was to apologize. Before Phillip leaves, Brady tells Phillip that he needs to make a decision to get his life back on track. BRady tells him to move on with his life, or he's going to set himself up for another heartbreak. Phillip leaves, and Brady tells himself that Phillip and CHloe will never work, he knows what she needs.

Belle goes to see Chloe after she calls her. Belle is so glad Chloe called her. Belle says she is so sorry, especially since one of her friends did this to her. Chloe tells Belle not to worry, Jan and Mimi are going to pay and pay and pay for what they did to her. Belle asks her what she means? Chloe says what Jan and Mimi did is illegal, and she's already been asked to give a statement before a judge. Belle asks if Mimi and Jan could go to prison? Does she really want that? Chloe says no, prison is not punishment enough, she has something else in mind. Belle thinks that Chloe's anger is being fueled by Phillip's reaction to her at the dance. Chloe says that is the reason she called her, to talk about Phillip. She tells him Phillip sent her something. Before learning what, Belle tells CHloe not to fall for it. Chloe tells Belle about the tape, and she shows it to her and only her. Belle is speechless, and the two talk about it. Belle tells Chloe that she was being very mysterious about her summer job, and even Shawn thought she could have been responsible for the website at first. Belle tells CHloe that she thinks Phillip meant everything he said on that tape, and she should give him a second chance. Belle asks CHloe if she thinks she'll ever be able to forgive him?

At the jail, Jan and Mimi are asked what possessed them to do what they did? Jan says CHloe ruined everything for them, so she deserved it! Jan's lawyer says she hopes they are happy, because they're hatred for Chloe may have them facing a prison term! When Jan and Mimi begin arguing again, their attorney, who is now representing both of them, tells them to stop fighting and start working together. Their attorney, Cameron Reese, tells them what they did was stupid, and they are joined at the hip, they will sink or swim together. Cameron says they have to do some damage control, and asks if anyone could convince Chloe to show sympathy on her behalf. Mimi and Jan both say "no way." Cameron thinks that is a shame, because they will need all the help they can get. Cameron doesn't think they will get the max, but jail time isn't out of the realm of possibilities. She assures them that even if they get 1, 3, or 5 years, at their age, a week will seem like an eternity. Mimi and Jan agree to plead guilty for a reduced sentence, and Jan thinks if they pretend to be really sad, they will get off early. Cameron says they haven't heard a word they've said, the courts are coming down hard on teen offenders nowadays to prevent anymore bloodbaths in schools. THen, the DA comes in and asks to talk to the Cameron, alone. They walk about two feet away, and begin to argue loud enough for the girls to hear. Cameron says they are ready to make a deal. The DA says no deals, she is going for jail time! Cameron refuses to send two sixteen girls to prison for even one night! The DA tells her to tell it to the judge, so Cameron says she will! Cameron apologizes to the girls, and says she will do whatever she can to keep them out of prison.

At Barb and Glen's, Barb goes to look through the trash for the test results, only to learn Glen took it out! Glen thought he was doing a nice thing, but Barb says men never do nice things without ulterior motives. Glen smiles and asks her to join him in the shower. She says she'll be right there, she just has a few things to do first. Barb heads out to the dumpster, and begins searching through it. Barb finally finds the results, and learns that JT is Glen's son! Barb is confused, but begins to put the pieces together, and realizes the babies were switched! When Barb goes back inside, Glen sees the look on her face and asks what is wrong? Barb says nothing, she was just thinking that she might be pregnant. Glen says that would make him very happy, and he says he can't even think about raising a sick child like the Brady baby. He rants about Marlo, and how she betrayed him. When Glen says nothing would make him happier than to have a son, Barb says she has to tell him something.


July 18
At the diner, Roman and Abe show up for breakfast, which irritates Kate. Roman has to run out to the car to get his phone, which gives Fay and Abe time to talk. Fay realizes something is bothering Abe. Abe opens up to Fay about his move into the DiMera Mansion, and he admits that he and Lexie are having problems. Abe says Lexie seems so haunted lately, and he doesn't know why. Abe tells Fay it means a lot that they can still talk, and he'll be there for her, especially with Paul getting out. Fay says Paul has a lot of rage, and he's probably going to focus it on them. Abe says if he hurt her to call him, but Fay refuses. She says that is how it started before, and she doesn't think they should go there. Fay also wishes Brandon would get over his anger towards him, all he did was help her through a rough time. Abe asks if that is all he did, and she says no. Abe asks Fay why she ended things between them, why did she push him away? Fay says she didn't mean to hurt him, and Abe says they'll never know what could have been.

Phillip comes to the diner to see his mom, because he needs her help. Kate takes a break to talk with her son. Phillip and Kate go outside, and Phillip tells her about Chloe and what he did to her. Phillip then tells his mom that he hates her working here and wishes he'd try and work something out with his dad. Kate says she refused to take a thing from his father, she wants to start from scratch. Phillip knows if his dad saw her he'd help her, but Kate says he knows, and she won't ask him. Phillip says if she won't, he will. Phillip walks off, and Kate smiles. Kate goes back to work, and is grilled by Roman about why she is in such a good mood? Kate tells Roman to please leave her alone, she is trying to work. Kate tries to walk away, but Roman says they are not done yet!

Victor refuses to let Kate use Phillip as a pawn, and makes a call to have Kate fired. Later, Phillip comes to see his dad to talk to him. He tells his dad that he was wrong about Chloe, and tells him the truth. Victor suggests he move on, because Chloe doesn't seem like the kind to forgive and forget. Phillip says he is moving on, he's going to go on the school trip to get away from her for awhile. Victor approves, which Phillip is happy about. However, he says he won't go unless he takes care of mom, financially. He wants her to have a good place to live, and out of that diner. Victor asks if his mother put him up to this? Phillip says no, but Victor knows better. Victor tells Phillip they have a deal, he will help his mother if he stays away from Chloe. Phillip is pleased, and leaves. Victor then calls Kate and tells her to meet him in his office later this afternoon to talk about a deal. Back at the diner, Kate's boss tells her that he has some bad news for her, she's fired. Kate asks why? Her boss says he has no choice, and tells her to take her things and get out!

At the Blue Note, Lexie tells Brandon that it means so much that she can confide in him. Brandon says he will always be here for her. Lexie says Hope may have given birth to Isaac, but she is his mother, but Abe wouldn't understand that. Lexie says no one else must ever know the truth. Brandon promises that he won't tell anyone the truth. Lexie tells Brandon she trusts him and knows he would do anything to help her. Brandon asks Lexie how she can live married to someone she doesn't trust? How can that work for her? Lexie says it works because she loves him, he is decent and honest. Brandon says Abe is none of those things. Lexie says she knows Abe and his mom had a relationship while his dad was in prison. Brandon asks Lexie how she knows his dad was in prison? Lexie says she just assumed, and asks him why he's still angry after all these years? She says considering what his father put his mother through, he should be happy his mom had someone like Abe to turn to. Brandon says that Abe used his mother and then turned his back on her. Lexie asks Brandon what he's trying to tell her? Brandon says that Abe should have just left his mother alone. Lexie says Abe would never hurt anyone, and he should let it go. Brandon tells Lexie that there are things about Abe that she doesn't know. Brandon tells Lexie that his bastard of a father knew about the affair, and beat up his mother and him, and used Nicole to make money. Lexie tells Brandon that he can tell her anything, she is his friend. Brandon asks if she is his friend because he knows the truth about Isaac, or because she cares about him? Lexie says she is his friend because she cares about him. Brandon tells LExie that as her friend, he has to tell her that the real Abe Carver is poison, he is ruthless and just uses people! LExie defends Abe, Brandon tells her part of her knows he could be right, because she can't trust her own husband.

Paul Mendez (Fay's husband) checks in with his parole officer, who is not happy because Paul was supposed to check in with him last week. The parole officer warns Paul to keep himself clean this time. Paul says he's going to start his life over, and he will do things right this time. Later, Paul heads to the diner to see Fay, who panics.

At Bo and Hope's, Shawn knocks over the mysterious can, and smoke begins to come out of it. Shawn rushes JT out of the room, and then goes back and opens the window. Shawn opens up the can, and inside is another can that says "Get you dizzy Desi?" Shawn then calls someone and says he has to see them right away.

At Chloe's, Belle tells Chloe that if she has any feelings for Phillip then she should take him back. Chloe says Phillip thought the worst of her, which mean he doesn't know her, so how can he love her? Belle says that Phillip loves her, and not to throw that love away. CHloe says she didn't, Phillip did. Later, Shawn arrives and says he has to tell them something about the can. When he tells them, Belle thinks he is joking, so he shows them the can. Shawn wants to open the second can, but Belle doesn't think that is a good idea. She thinks they should take the can to the cops, but Shawn thinks this is fate, it is his destiny to find out what this means. Suddenly, Shana Larson, the DA, shows up to see Chloe. The DA say Jan and Mimi want a plea bargain, and the decision to strike a deal is up to her. Chloe says no bargains, she wants Jan and Mimi to go to prison! Belle thinks that isn't right, but CHloe says they deserve it. The DA wants to talk to CHloe, so they sit down and talk. The DA says that the judge will take Jan and Mimi's clean record into consideration, and that this is their first offense. The DA says Jan and Mimi could get fifteen years max, which causes Belle to freak. Belle begs Chloe not to send Mimi to prison! Belle says she won't be Mimi's friend ever again after this, but they shouldn't go to jail for fifteen years. Chloe says they are almost adults, and committed an adult crime. Chloe learns they made 27,000 dollars off the website, and that her face was never shown, just teaser shots. Chloe can't believe this, and says that if Jan and Mimi don't go to prison, she wants them to suffer 10 times the humiliation she has. Chloe wants to make an example of Jan and Mimi, an example that tells kids that they can't do this to others and get away with it. The DA says she has a proposal to make, one she thinks she'll like. As they talk, Belle tells Shawn that they should try and convince her to go on the school trip with them. The DA leaves, and Belle asks Chloe how Jan and Mimi are going to be punished?

At Barb and Glen's, Glen asks Barb what she wanted to tell him, is it something about the baby? Glen asks her if she is pregnant? Barb says she thinks she is, but it will be awhile before they know. Glen suggests they keep on trying until then. Later, Barb asks Glen if he did have a baby with Marlo, would it be that important to him that he raise the kid? Glen says even if the kid was sick, he would want to raise him. Glen then asks Barb why she is asking him this stuff? BArb says she just hopes she is pregnant, because now she knows he will be a terrific father. Barb tells Glen she wants to slip into something more comfortable, and asks Glen to go put on that cologne which drives him wild. When Glen leaves, Barb goes outside and throws the results away again.


July 19
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At the Wesley's, Chloe tells Shawn and Belle that Jan and Mimi will learn their punishment when they go before the judge, and this punishment will be much worse than prison time. Shawn asks her like what? Chloe tells them that if the judge accepts her punishment, it will set an example to other kids to stop teasing. Belle changes the subject and suggests Chloe go with them on the school trip, but CHloe has decided. She says she does have a lot more time now that she is single again. When Belle says she doesn't have to be single, Chloe says Phillip thought she put naked photos of herself on the web, they are over. Chloe says she'd much rather talk about them and their date, did they have fun. They says they did, and then Shawn changes the subject. He tells them that after the summer trip, he wants to try and find his great-grandma's ruby, and he tells them the story. Chloe says one mystery isn't enough for him obviously, what about the can? Shawn says he wants to solve the mystery of the can as well. Shawn swears something is inside, so Chloe says she'll get the can opener. Belle says no, and begs Shawn to get rid of the can. Shawn refuses to do that because it is so interesting, and it could all be a joke. Belle says if they are going to open it, let her dad do it, because it could be dangerous. Chloe has had enough talk about the can and says she's going to open it. CHloe heads into the kitchen, and then lets out a scream!

Hope and Jen are shopping in Salem Place, and when they pass a jewelry shop, Hope teases Jen that perhaps she will be getting an engagement ring soon. Jen says that is not funny, and doesn't understand how Hope could think Jack would propose to her again. Jen says the last thing she wants is to be married to JAck again. Hope says she did describe him as perfect earlier, but Jen says she also said she was older and wiser. Hope says okay, then she guesses she wouldn't mind if Jack and Greta were interested in one another. Jen says that once Greta really gets to know Jack, she won't hang around him anymore. Hope says she didn't answer her question, would it bother her? When Jen avoids the question, Hope suggests Jen start dating again. Jen says she appreciates her wanting to help, but she is fine. Jen and Hope have a long talk about men, and unfortunately the sound began cutting out on me, but I don't think anything that important was said. They talk about love and sex, and how Jack just couldn't deal with romance and affection. Meanwhile, Greta and Jack are also in Salem Place, and Greta is rambling on and on about a talkshow she saw today. Jack eventually cuts her off and tells her that if they are going to be friends then they have to establish some ground rules. Jack tells her that his main rule is that he does most of the talking when they are together. Greta says this is because he is older and wiser? Jack says no, he has a big ego and needs to be the center of attention. Greta laughs, and says she likes being friends with him because there is no pressure to be tuned into one another, because they aren't interested in one another. Greta says she would be so depressed if she thought she could fall in love with him. Jack thanks her and says he'll try not to take that as a blow to his ego. Greta says she just meant the last thing she needs is to fall in love with a divorced man with a child who is between jobs. Jack says speaking of his job status, that is something he needs to change, fast. Jack and Greta look through the job ads, and when the paper blows away, they go running after it. Jack and Greta stumble to the ground and begin laughing. Across the way, Jen hears Jack and Greta making a scene, and wonders what is going on over there. When Jack sees Jen looking at them, he gives Greta a little peck for helping "save his future." Hope thinks Jen is getting jealous, but Jen says she isn't because she's not interested in Jack anymore. Hope tells Jen if she keeps telling herself that, she might start believing it. Jack and Greta then happen to run into Hope and Jen. JAck has to go pick up Abbey from camp, and Hope walks Jack to the car. Greta asks Jen if she wants to have their talk now, but Jen says she can't right now. Jen runs off, and Greta gets the feeling that there is still a lot of love between Jen and Jack.

Austin and Sami are taking Will to see his grandma Kate, but Sami thinks they are making a big mistake. Austin says everything will be fine as long as they don't throw a scene. Austin thinks that his mom will be so excited to see Will she won't even think about provoking her. Sami says fine, if this is what it takes to get him to . . . Austin asks what? Sami says it just makes her feel like a fool, she feels like she is being pushy or needy. Austin realizes Sami is taking about marriage. Sami says she isn't taking about it for her, she is taking about it for Will. Austin says he knows, and they should all put on smiley faces because they are almost at the diner.

Paul walks into the diner, which sends Fay into a panic attack. Fay tries to flee, but her boss tells her that he needs her because he just fired Kate. Fay says she doesn't feel good, so he better rehire her. Fay runs off, and the boss rehires Kate. Kate says no, she's rehired for fifty cents more an hour. The boss says okay, and this is what he gets for letting a big shot tycoon boss him around. Kate realizes that Victor was behind her firing. Abe and Roman are still at their table, and Abe wonders if Fay is okay. Abe decides to go check on Fay, and learns she left because she wasn't feeling well. When Kate serves Roman his food, he once again begins interrogating her. Roman knows she is up to something, because she obviously doesn't want to work her. When they begin to bicker, Kate's boss yells at her to get back to her other customers.

Fay sits in her car and recalls Paul catching her with Abe once, and that after Abe left, Paul beat her and swore to kill them both if he caught them together again. Abe shows up and asks Fay if she is okay? Fay says she just has a headache and is going home. Abe hopes she isn't feeling well because of their talk. Fay says no, their past brings back good memories. She then tells Abe that the only reason she stopped seeing him was to protect him, and the kids. Fay tells Abe that he showed her what it means to be loved, and to be strong.

Sami and Austin go to the diner, and run into Roman. Will visits with his grandpa for a second, and they make a movie date for Sunday. Sami tells her dad she will talk to him in a minute, and that they are here to see Kate. Sami, Austin, and Will take a seat, and Abe returns. Roman and Abe talk about Fay for a bit. Abe begins getting ticked off by Roman's interest in Fay, and tells Roman that perhaps he should take Fay out if he enjoys her company so much. Meanwhile, Kate is happy to see Will. Will tells his grandma that he missed her too, and he made her a picture. Kate has to take an order to a customer, and she says she'll be back soon. She then asks Austin how he could do this to her? Austin says do what, he brought her her grandson? Kate says he also brought "her." KAte marches off, leaving Austin stunned. Later, Kate tells Austin never to bring Sami here again! Roman takes Will over to see Abe, and Sami tells Austin that it is obvious his mom didn't want to bury the hatchet between them. Sami says Will is upset, and if he (Austin) won't stand up for them, then she and Will need to move on with their lives. Austin says his mom just needs a little support right now. Sami says what Kate needs right now is space. Austin realizes perhaps this wasn't a good time, so they decide to leave. Will wants to say goodbye to Grandma, but Sami says she is busy so they will call her later. Sami and Austin leave, and Austin tells Sami that she was right about what she said in there, and he's been thinking a lot about how much he means to her. Austin tells Sami that he falls in love with her more every day. Sami is moved because Austin's never told her that he was falling in love with her.

At Titan, Nicole walks into Victor's office and says hello handsome. Victor reminds her she is supposed to knock. Nicole says she's just so excited she forgot to knock, and she asks if Kate has been fired? Victor says yes, and that Phillip begged him to help Kate. Victor tells Nicole he hasn't decided what to do yet, but he can't let this go on much longer. When Nicole tries to give him advice, Victor tells her that he doesn't need some woman he's involved with telling him what he should or shouldn't do. Nicole apologizes, and Victor asks if there was something she wanted to talk to him about. Nicole talks business, Bella's sales are up, and she was going to run a new ad campaign by him, but obviously now is not the time. Victor asks Nicole what she really came to see him about? Nicole says she came to talk to him about her father. Nicole says her father got out of prison a week ago, and she fears he will contact her. Nicole says she's afraid how she will react when she sees him, if she'll start to believe what he says again. Victor tells Nicole that she is successful and smart. Nicole says if she was smart, how could she still care for her father and want to save his sick soul after what he did to her? Victor tells Nicole there comes a time where one has to say no, because the price is the destruction of your own life. Nicole thanks Victor for the pep-talk, and says she will refuse to see her father if he calls her. Nicole leaves, and continues to wonder about her dad and if anything has happened to him. Later, Kate calls Victor and tells him that his plan didn't work, she got her job back. Kate tells Victor that Phillip will continue to be ashamed of his mommy. Victor asks Kate if she is coming for the meeting or not? Kate says she will come, but it will cost him a lot more money. She tells him that he is nothing but a has been, and old fool with a cheap whore on his arm. Victor hangs up on Kate and says he'll do anything to get rid of that bitch, and in time he will!

Fay walks into her apartment, and is grabbed from behind by Paul. Fay asks Paul how he got in here? Paul says he learned things in prison, and he also missed her. He starts telling her that she is more beautiful now than she was then. Fay tells Paul if he thinks he is staying here, he can forget it! Paul says there was a time when she wouldn't talk to him like that. Fay tells Paul to never break into her house again! Paul asks her for a kiss hello, and forces her into it. Fay pushes herself away from Paul, and asks him to go away. Paul tells Fay that he still loves her, and he got his head right while in the joint. He swears he'd never hurt her, and he hugs her. He tells her that he's so sorry he hurt her in the past, and he wants to make it up to her. He tells her that she is the only woman he loved, the only one he'll ever love. He begs Fay to tell him that she still loves him.


July 20
At Titan, Kate shows up, and Nicole ridicules her for wearing her Hudson Street Diner uniform. Kate says she wore this on purpose, and tells Nicole to remember this day because it is the day her new future began. Kate goes in to see Victor, who is with Phillip. When Victor says Phillip can go, he says he wants to stay to protect his mom. Victor mocks KAte for overplaying the role of victim, but Phillip says she is a victim. Victor and Phillip argue, and Phillip says he's not going on that trip unless his mom is okay and taken care of. Kate tells Phillip that she is not his responsibility, and she doesn't deserve a son like him. Victor says they finally agree on something, which angers Phillip. Victor then asks Kate what the hell is it that she wants? Kate asks where she begins? Phillip says his mom needs a nice place to live, a new car, and money. Kay says she needs health insurance too, that is important. Kate also says some nice jewelry would be nice. Victor tells Kate she can buy whatever she wants, with her allowance. Kate asks how much is her allowance? Phillip thinks his mom should decide, and he and Victor start arguing once again. Victor tells him to leave before he really gets angry, but Phillip refuses. Kate tells Phillip it is okay, he can leave and she doesn't want to put him in the middle of all of this. Phillip leaves, and Kate tells Victor to show her the money. Kate sits on Victor's desk as he writes her a check for five thousand dollars. Kate says he is a cheap skate, but this is a starting place. Victor tells Kate that he hates her, and tells her not to try and blackmail him. Kate tells him not to call the mother of his child a blackmailer, or anything else she doesn't like.

Brandon shows up at Titan, and he and Nicole go into her office. Brandon asks her what is wrong, she sounded upset on the phone. Nicole says she was actually worried about him and the Sami problem. BRandon says he's handling it, and he thinks something else is going on. Nicole tells Brandon that she doesn't want him to freak out, dad was released a week ago. Brandon freaks out. Nicole tells him maybe he has changed. Brandon says he's probably worse, and tells his sister to stop living in a fantasy world because Paul has never given them anything but pain and grief! Nicole tells Brandon that he should at least give him another chance, but Brandon refuses. BRandon wonder if their mom knows? Nicole says she doesn't think so, so Brandon decides to call her. Before he can, the Paris office calls. After Nicole's three million dollar deal business call, Brandon calls Fay. The answering machine picks up, but it is too late, the deed has been done at the Walker house.

Meanwhile, Phillip runs into Nicole, who asks what his mother is up to? Phillip says she is getting justice, which angers Nicole. Nicole wonders what is going on in there, what has Kate gotten Phillip to get Victor to do for her. When Kate comes out, she tells Nicole that she looks worried, and she has every reason to be! Later, Nicole tells Brandon not to go after dad, let them work things out on their own. Brandon says no way, she is weak and he plays on that. Nicole says like it or not, their mom does love their dad. When they really start arguing, and Nicole tells Brandon that he's just a little boy who wants his mommy all to himself, Brandon grabs Nicole's arms, shakes her, and tells her not to say that! Nicole becomes frightened and tells him that he's a chip off the old block!

At Fay's, Fay refuses to tell Paul that she loves him. Paul tells her this isn't good. Fay tells Paul that he shouldn't have come here without calling, and she has gotten a lot stronger since he left. Paul says he's not the same guy he was either. Paul says he know he made some big mistakes, and he still loves her. Fay says that doesn't change what happened, and he never had any reason to be jealous of other men. Paul says that is not true, they both know who put him in that hell hole and why. Paul says "he" put him in prison so he could sleep with his wife. Paul calms down, and suggests they start over, but they can't do that unless she is honest with him. Fay tells Paul that she has told him over and over that she never slept with Abe, and then she tells Paul to leave. Paul says this is his home, he lives here! Fay tells Paul they are not starting new, she is not getting beat up again, and she's not having the cops come here to arrest him for his latest scam. Fay tells Paul it's over! Paul doesn't like that, and snaps, which frightens Fay who thinks she is going to get beat. Paul tells her that he's sorry for scaring her, and he just wants to show her that he loves her and can take care of her. He begs her to let him show her that he's changed, because thinking about her is what kept her going. Paul starts kissing her and smelling her, and saying he can make it up to her. Fay says she can't do this, but Paul says he can feel that he wants to. Paul tells Fay that he loves her, and starts undressing her as she cries "don't." After Fay and Paul do the nasty, Fay walks out of her room and calls herself stupid. Paul asks who called, and she says she didn't check the machine. She says it is probably her boss asking her to do another shift, but Paul tells her to tell him no because she is busy tonight. Fay says that never should have happened, but Paul says she still has a husband. Paul says they can recapture the past, they can go to the empty lot next door and watch the stars like old times. Fay says they can't do that, there is a house next door now, everything has changed now. Paul remembers that while in jail, his cell mate told him about the can he buried near his house, and the treasure it leads to. Paul becomes upset, and asks Fay when they built this house? Fay asks why he is so upset? Paul says he just has fond memories of the house. Kay then shows up, and apologizes for intruding. Paul leaves to meet the new neighbors, and Fay tells Kay that was her husband. Fay says that she told him he can't stay, but Kate says she doesn't have to do that on her account, she's moving out. Fay tells her please not to go! Kate tells her that she'll be okay, and Kate gives her some money to pay her back for her kindness. Kate leaves to pack up, and Fay panics when she thinks what Brandon might do if he finds out.

Paul goes to Mimi's house to say hello, and meets her mom. Paul tells Mimi that he put in the bushes on her property, when he didn't know it was going to be her property, and he hopes she doesn't mind. She says she likes them, she doesn't mind. Paul also says that he also buried something over there, and Maureen asks if it was a can? He says yes, and she says her daughter's friends found it. Paul says it contains some mementos, so Maureen says she'll try and get it back for him.

Mimi has to go out, which worries her mom, because Mimi is in enough trouble as is. Mimi jokes she is going to go rob a bank, but assures her mom everything will be fine. Mimi finds Phillip in Salem Place and apologizes to him. Phillip tells her that he's more angry with himself than anyone else. Mimi says it is her fault for getting suckered in by Jan, and when she tried to stop it, she couldn't because she was too weak. Phillip says there is nothing they can do now. Mimi says tomorrow she'll find out if she goes to jail or not. Phillip asks her if she's serious? Mimi says yes, and her fate is in Chloe's hands now. Phillip says it is not like they killed anyone, but Mimi says the DA says kids killing other kids starts with the bullies. Mimi goes back home, and learns that the DA won't go for prison time. Maureen then tells Mimi about Fay's husband, and that the can belongs to him. Mimi says Shawn has it now.

At the Wesley's, CHloe takes the can into the kitchen to open it. Suddenly, there is a scream, and then a crash! Chloe returns, her scream was all a joke. She opened the can, and inside was a key wrapped in cotton. Shawn announces that he knows what the key is for. Shawn tells Belle to look at it closer, and she recognizes it too. Shawn tells Chloe that when they were little their parents took them to Chicago by way of train, and they used to play with the lockers there, which this is a key to. Belle says that train station was renovated recently, so the lockers are probably somewhere else. The kids then decide to go check out the lockers.

The kids head to the train station, and find the locker. Belle opens it when Shawn teases her about being scared. She of course stalls and gives them reasons why they shouldn't be doing this, but Shawn and Chloe tell her to get on with it already! Belle opens the locker, and a skull with a a clown wig pops out and laughs at them. Behind the clown skull, is an envelope containing a map and pictures of jewelry. One of the pictures is of Alice's ruby! Shawn realizes this is all stolen jewelry!

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