July 01 Week 2


July 9
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Brady is very suspicious about what Jan and Mimi have planned for Chloe and tries to find out what's going on. When Brady and Nicole run into Philip and Chloe, Nicole picks up on the chemistry between Brady and Chloe, but Brady denies it. Brady sees Mimi playing with the slide projector and tries to inspect it, but doesn't find the slide of Chloe...

Belle and Shawn are enamored with each other on their first date. They light up the dance floor during the annual dance contest and ultimately win. In a touching moment, Belle gives the trophy to Susan and Kevin, claiming they were really good too...

Philip tries to enjoy his date with Chloe, but is humiliated because Kate is there wearing a tattered old dress that makes her look homeless. Kate plays on Philip’s emotions and attempts to make him feel sorry for her. Later, Kate runs into Nicole and the two have a little scuffle as Roman looks on. Philip begs Kate to leave when her dress falls apart. Kate agrees to leave, feeling confident that Philip will ask Victor to give her money. After Kate has left, everyone is horrified to see Chloe’s naked picture projected on the big screen...

Hope presses John to tell her the truth about her life as princess Gina. Hope is shaken by the thought that Stefano could turn her back into princess Gina, but John promises to protect her. Roman sees them in their private conversations several times and grows very suspicious about what they are discussing...


Repeat of Monday's Episode


July 11
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At the dance, everyone is having a good time, and Phillip and Chloe are dancing. Up on the big screen, a slide show of various students begins to show. Mimi has a sudden attack of guilt, but Jan tells her that it is too late to do anything. Suddenly, everyone goes nuts as pictures of Chloe, in the shower, with strategically placed soap suds appears on the screen with www.operagirl.net as a caption. Phillip is furious as everyone begins talking about how Chloe is selling her body on the web. Phillip asks how Chloe could do this to him? Belle yells out "Who did this?" Kevin points at Brady and says he did it! Brady says he did not do this, but Jan thinks they are off the hook because the "crip" will take the fall. Jason begins chanting ghoul girl, and soon everyone else joins in. Chloe has a flashback to when she was teased and hated. Kevin continues to blame Brady, and Mr Woods yells at Kevin to turn the projector off! Chloe confronts Brady and asks him if this was his idea, or Victor's? Brady tries to defend himself, but CHloe tells him that he has no heart, he is rotten to the core! Chloe storms off, and John approaches Brady. John asks Brady if he did this to Brady? Brady says no he didn't, the only reason that moron accused him is because he was investigating what Mimi and Jan were doing around the slide projector. Brady goes to see Belle and tells her that he didn't do this. Belle says she never thought it was.

Outside, Phillip starts screaming about how CHloe has made him look like a fool. Nicole comes out to comfort Phillip, but he doesn't want comforting. Phillip explodes in a violent rage, and Nicole says he is just like his father. Nicole then drives the nail deeper into Phillip and CHloe's relationship by saying that this was obviously Chloe's get rich quick scheme for the summer. Nicole tells Phillip that there are many ways for girls and guys to make money on their bodies, and there are a lot of sick people to see underage kids take it all off. Phillip says if she needed money that bad he would have given it to her. Nicole says that is what his father was afraid of, that Chloe would ruin his life somehow. Phillip says not after tonight she won't, because nobody makes a fool of him. Phillip says he would have done anything for her, but she has trashed their relationship. Phillip thinks that CHloe used him, he was just her ticket to popularity. Nicole tells Phillip they should go home, but Phillip says he needs some time alone first.

Back inside, Chloe cries as girls continue to tease her and call her a Ho. Three cheerleaders begin to make up cheers on the spot about Chloe, but these cheers are anything but nice. Back at the dance, Jan and Mimi pass out OperaGirl.Net fliers they claim Chloe left behind. Hope busts them, and can't believe how horrible these kids are. Meanwhile, John questions Kevin about why he accused Brady. Kevin says he saw Brady hanging around the equipment. John says he understands why he might suspect Brady, but accusing him was wrong. Kevin says if he was wrong, he is sorry. Kevin says anyone could have done this to CHloe, because she doesn't have many friends. Kevin then explains how the hierarchy of kids at Salem High works. Kevin asks John who he think did this to CHloe? John looks at Mimi and Jan, which causes Mimi to freak out. Jan tells her to calm down, because they can't convict them without proof. When everyone begins chanting OperaGirl.Net, Mr. Woods gives them a lecture about the violence going on in all the schools around the country, and how Salem High could be next with the way they are going. After his speech, he shuts down the dance and tells them all to go home. Some of the students begin complaining because they didn't do anything, which angers Mr. Woods even more. Mr. Woods says they are all at fault for tonight because they did nothing to help Chloe because she's not their friend and doesn't run with their crowd. Mr. Woods says all of them are guilty tonight, and tells them to grow up this summer. The kids then begin to reflect on Mr. Woods' words. Later, Belle and Shawn both agree on who did this to CHloe, Jan and Mimi. As they wonder how they pulled it off, Shawn thinks he knows how it was done. Shawn says they must have set up a hidden camera, but they both agree to get proof before they accuse anyone.

As Chloe is leaving, she runs into Phillip. Phillip congratulates her for embarrassing him more than his mom did. Chloe tries to leave, but Phillip won't let her. He asks her when she got the idea to humiliate him this way? Chloe remains silent. Phillip asks her if she got off making him look like a total fool tonight? He goes on and says now he knows why she wouldn't tell him what her money making scheme was, and that she disgusts him. He calls her a freak, a weirdo, and ghoul girl! Brady tries to run to Chloe's defense, but John stops him because Phillip and Chloe need to work this out. Brady says someone screwed Chloe over tonight, and he won't let them get away with it. Phillip says if he had half a brain he would have dumped her after the rape thing. Phillip tells her that she is a witch after all, just like everyone said, because she sure put a spell on him. Phillip tells Chloe that she is evil, cold, and full of hate. He says he had wish he had listened to his dad about her. Phillip says he is better off without her. Nicole grabs Phillip and tells her that they should go.

John drives Brady home, and Brady talks to him about his relationship with CHloe. John says CHloe must feel even worse thinking that he is the one who betrayed her. Meanwhile, Chloe heads home, thinking that Brady did this to her. She then begins to think of the good times with Phillip, and how for once she wasn't an outcast. Chloe breaks down and wonders why Phillip abandoned her. She then begins screaming that everyone in Salem can go to hell, because this place is just a pit stop on her way to bigger things. She says it is over with Phillip, so she won't shed another tear on him. Meanwhile, Phillip realizes that he is still in love with CHloe. Nicole tells him that it will take him some time to get over Chloe, but it is for the best that it is over. Phillip says it is definitely over.

Back in Jason's car, Jason congratulates Jan for a job well done. Jan says Mimi did help, and the best part is, they are cashing in on the website. Jan then pulls out a wad of cash. SHe says that she doesn't get to keep all of it, she has to split it with Mimi. Mimi says she doesn't want it, and begins crying about what they've done. Jan and Jason begin teasing her for complaining. Jan eventually tells Mimi to get the hell out of the car! Mimi gets out, and wonders how she will live with herself.


July 12
Mimi is at the dance, and thinks everyone has left. She says she never should have let Jan talk her into doing this. Suddenly, Kevin and Susan show up, and confront Mimi. Mimi admits that she did it. Susan asks her why she would do this? Mimi says she did it because she hates CHloe, she stole her best friend, so she wanted to hurt her. Kevin tells Mimi that she and Jan are the ones who ruined the dance for everyone. Mimi begs them not to bring Jan into this, but Kevin refuses. Mimi tells Kevin that she knows Jan has been mean to him, and Susan butts in and says that she (Mimi) is just as bad as Jan! Kevin tells Mimi that she better be worried more about jail than Jan, because she can get up to 15 years for what she did. Susan tells Mimi what she did is a lot more worse than posting nude pictures on the web, she posted nude pictures of a minor on the web! Mimi begins to freak out. Susan says maybe in prison she'll learns what it is like to be teased and called names! Susan can't believe she threw her popularity away to get back at Chloe, she was with the in crowd. Mimi says she never said anything as bad as Jan, but Susan says her words hurt just as much. Susan says she's glad she only has one more year in this school and then she never has to see any of these jerks again. Mimi realizes she has to go see Belle and explain that she tried to stop it, but Kevin says it is too late, she never should have started it. After Mimi leaves, Kevin congratulates Susan for standing up to Mimi. Susan tells Kevin it is thanks to him that she was able to, she's no longer going to take crap from anyone.

Brady is driving to CHloe's to see her to try and explain things. However, the light in her room isn't on, so he heads elsewhere.

Shawn and Belle go to the pub, and order some shakes. Shawn then asks his grandpa if he can borrow his laptop. Shawn Sr. doesn't know why, but says yes. Shawn goes to get his grandpa's laptop, and when he returns Belle tells Shawn that she feels responsible for this, she could have been a better friend to Mimi. Belle says Mimi used to be such a good person, what happened to her? Shawn and Belle log onto the site, and grandpa Shawn wonders what they are looking at that could be so important. Shawn tells Belle that this is even worse than they expected. They discover that someone is trying to make money off of Chloe, and Shawn begins to wonder if Chloe set this up, what if this is her secret job? Belle says no way, Chloe would not do this because she was shocked when she saw the picture on the screen. Brady shows up and asks Belle if she has seen Chloe? Belle advises Brady that he should probably avoid Chloe right now. Brady says he has to find her and explain that he is innocent of this. Brady then tells Belle and Shawn about how he suspects Mimi and Jan were behind this, and he was trying to find out what they were doing near the projector tonight. Belle wonders how Mimi could do this. Brady says to hell with Mimi, they need to be there for Chloe now. Shawn asks Brady why he cares about CHloe so much, he thought he hated her? Brady says that is not the point, what happened to Chloe is the worst. Brady says if they see her, to just tell her that he was looking for her. Brady leaves, and Belle says that Chloe and Brady have a weird relationship. Shawn thinks maybe Brady can help Chloe, but Belle isn't so sure. Belle says if Chloe believes Brady did this, then she will want to get back at him. Later, Shawn asks Belle that they need to talk about something, and suggests they step outside. They say goodbye to grandpa Shawn, and take off. Outside the pub, Shawn tells Belle that he just wanted to be alone with her, if that is okay? Belle says sure. Shawn says he just wanted to tell her that he had a good time on their first date. Suddenly, Mimi shows up and begs Belle to help her because she is in big trouble.

Chloe continues to remember her horrible night, and tells herself what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Chloe goes inside, and finds Craig and Nancy playing scrabble. Nancy sees Chloe spying on them, and they ask her why she is home so early, is the dance over? Chloe says it is, and she has wonderful news for Nancy, it is over between her and Phillip. Craig asks Chloe what happened, did Phillip do something? Chloe says all she is saying is that she won't be seeing him anymore, which should make Nancy very . . . Chloe apologizes and says she shouldn't take this out on them. Chloe them fills Craig and Nancy what happened to her tonight. She says that Phillip did not stand by her, so she is back to being the old Chloe, Ghoul Girl. However, she says what is worse is that the one person she thought understood her is the one who did this to her. Craig asks Chloe who did this to her? Chloe says it doesn't matter, she doesn't like being used and manipulated. Nancy tries to comfort Chloe, but CHloe says she doesn't want to talk, and runs up to her room. Craig goes to see Chloe and have a talk with her. He tells her that she is part of this family, and therefore she is not going to go through this alone. Chloe jumps into Craig's arms and cries on his shoulder. Chloe says she didn't want to cry, but Craig is glad she did. He says he thinks he's finally getting to understand her. Chloe opens up to Craig and tells him that Phillip hurt her tonight because he didn't believe in her, and that means he really can't love her. Chloe asks Craig for some time alone, so he leaves her. Craig fills Nancy in on what happened, and that he thinks this will be a good time for the two of them to be closer. Craig says Chloe is beginning to realize she was right about Phillip all along. Back upstairs, Chloe puts on her black clothes and glasses again. She then leans out her window, and Brady is there! He tells her that he didn't do it, it wasn't him!

Nicole arrives home with Phillip, and she tells Victor, before Phillip comes in, that Brady is brilliant! She says that Phillip and CHloe's relationship is over, and it is all because of Brady Black! Phillip comes in, and doesn't want to talk to his dad about what happened. All he says is that he was right, getting involved with Chloe was the biggest mistake of his life. Victor asks what went on at this dance? Nicole fills Victor in on what happened. Victor is shocked, and tells Phillip that he is truly sorry. Phillip says he wish he had listened to him, all that girl is is a freak. Phillip assures his dad that he's giving up on Chloe, and he's going to focus only on school. Victor assures Phillip that this will all blow over, and he'll end up back on top like a real Kiriakis. Phillip says people will talk about this all summer, and he knows now that Chloe did this to get back at him because her rape scheme fell through. Phillip says whoever exposed Chloe tonight did him a huge favor, and he should thank them. Nicole asks who he thinks did this? Phillip says he's betting on Jan and Mimi. He then says that next fall, he's going to torture Chloe so bad that she's going to want to transfer schools. Phillip leaves ranting about Chloe. Victor says he has to find Brady and thank him for a job well done. Phillip goes up to his room, and thinks about Chloe. He thinks the only reason she went out with him is to be popular, and now he knows why she wouldn't say she loved him. Back downstairs, Nicole continues to tell Victor about the dance. She tells him about what happened to Kate's dress tonight, which angers Victor. Victor says it is obvious Kate is using Phillip to get to him. Nicole realizes she will never be rid of Kate, unless she can get rid of her for good!


July 13
At Alice's, Jen is talking with Alice and eating some cupcakes Abbey and Alice backed earlier. Alice says Abbey is so happy now, and she asks Jen how living with Jack is going? Jen says she feels like she is living a lie, and she doesn't know if she can do it any longer. Jen says she doesn't think lying is good for Abbey, and she asks her grandma is she ever lied to Grandpa? Alice says there are some things a woman never tells a man, but she did tell one big lie that still bothers her. Jen asks her Gran what it was? Alice says first she wants to get her something, then she'll tell her. Alice gives Jen a ruby necklace, which Jen says she can't take because it was a present for her 30th anniversary, it is a family heirloom. Alice says this is not that ruby, this ruby is a copy. Jen asks her what she means? Alice says she wanted to change the setting of the ruby, but Tom didn't want her to. So, Alice changed the setting behind his back. Unfortunately, the jewelry store she took it to was robbed, and her ruby was stolen. Alice says she never told Tom the truth, she had a copy made and lied to him. Jen asks if she ever got the ruby back? Alice says no. Jen says they can talk to Roman and Bo about it, but Alice says it was so long ago, and she doesn't want to be a bother. Jen says she wouldn't be a bother to them! Jen says she has to get going home, and ALice makes her promise to be patient with Jack. After Jen leaves, Alice is confident that Jen will help her find her ruby.

JAck and Greta arrive back a Jack's place. Jack wants her to see a pillow and some drapes together because he's insecure as to whether they match. Jack sees the back of a blond haired woman sitting on the couch, and thinks it is Jen. When they go in to say hello, JAck sees that the girl is not Jennifer. Jack demands to know what she has done with Jennifer! The girls says she is baby sitting for Abbey while Miss Horton is out. Jack and Greta make sure a pillow they bought matches the drapes, and Greta decides to leave since Jennifer isn't here. However, Jack refuses to let her leave. Jack pays the baby-sitter, a fee he thinks is way too expensive. Greta tells Jack that she really has to go home, but Jack begs her not to. JAck says that the truth is he is lonely, he has no friends in Salem and he lives with a woman who hates him half of the time. Greta asks if it is that bad? Jack says she treats him like he isn't even here, but she wouldn't know what that is like. Greta says she knows exactly what that is like. However, Greta says she doesn't want to talk about her personal problems, she wants to go home. When Jack says she is a princess, she can stay up as late as she wants and get up as late as she wants, Greta says she doesn't like being reminded she is an idle princess. Jack tells her that she should get involved in a business and stop wasting her talents. Greta agrees with Jack, she says she wants to do something with her life. Jack thinks they can make coffee and discuss this. Greta realizes she shouldn't argue with him, so she agrees to stay. Jack goes to make coffee and GReta sits on the couch. As Jack begins walking around telling Greta his great business idea, a tired Greta drifts off to sleep on his couch. When Jack hears Jen come in, he pretends to be talking with Greta and having a good time, but Jen knows what Jack is up to. Jen wakes Greta up, and Greta decides to go home. She apologizes for falling asleep, but Jen understands because Jack has been telling her supply and demand stories. Greta leaves, and Jack and Jen begin to argue about where the other have been. Jen asks Jack if this thing with Greta is a ploy? She asks Jack what he's trying to accomplish? Jack says he doesn't want to, because he doesn't think it is what she wants to accomplish. Jen thinks they better have a little talk about how their living arrangement is going to work. Jen tells Jack that she has to get on with her life, she can't live in limbo anymore. When Jack says "with a man she doesn't love anymore," Jen says all she said was she can't live in limbo anymore. Jen walks off, and Jack says Jen is misreading his intentions, he wants to work things out for Abigail, not for them.

At the dance, Kevin offers to take Susan home, but she says there is somewhere else she'd rather go.

In his room, is still thinking about CHloe as he looks at a photo of the two of them together. He then remembers the operagirl.net photo, and smashes the photo of them against the wall.

Outside the pub, Mimi interrupts Shawn and Belle just as they are about to kiss. Mimi begs Belle to help her because she is in big trouble. Belle asks her what kind of trouble? Mimi confesses to be responsible for the slides. Belle tells her that she wishes she was surprised. Shawn, Belle, and Mimi go inside and talk. Belle tells Mimi that she just can't believe she did this to another girl. When Mimi says "do you know what Chloe did to me?" Belle tells her if she says CHloe had this coming she will never talk to her again! Phillip shows up, because he was called, and he asks what is so important? Belle tells Mimi to confess. Mimi tells Phillip that she was behind OperaGirl.Net. Belle says Mimi and Jan were behind it. Mimi says she is not accusing anyone else, but Shawn tells her they know she and Jan were in on this together. Mimi thinks everyone is going to hate her now. Belle tells her to stop thinking what everyone else will think about her. Shawn and Phillip tell her to tell them everything, from the beginning. Mimi tells them the whole, long, story. Phillip is upset because he blamed Chloe for this. Belle rips Phillip apart for believing the lie rather than CHloe, and she tells him that he is totally sorry. Belle tells Phillip that if he actually thought Chloe did this, then he has no idea who she really is. Phillip realizes he said some awful things to CHloe. Belle asks Mimi how long the website has been up? Mimi says a couple of weeks, but none of the pictures have been posted on it yet. Mimi says that Jan was positive that when Phillip saw the pictures he'd dump her. Belle tells Phillip that they had him pegged, he didn't have one doubt that Chloe set up that website. Phillip asks how they knew he'd dump Chloe when he saw the pictures? Mimi tells Phillip that is just the way he is, he doesn't do anything that doesn't work out for Phillip, and when trouble comes his way, Phillip walks away. Phillip realizes Mimi is right, and he says he doesn't deserve Chloe. Belle tells Phillip he is right about that, he doesn't deserve Chloe. Phillip starts feeling sorry for himself, and says he's lost the best person he's ever met and ever will meet. Phillip leaves, and Belle and Shawn do feel sorry for Phillip. Belle tells Mimi to look what she did, look how sad everyone is. Mimi asks them if they can forgive her? Shawn says that they aren't the ones she has to worry about. Mimi asks what they mean? Belle and Shawn tell her that Nancy Welsey is going to be on the warpath, and what she did to Chloe is illegal. Belle says she is going to have to convince a judge she is very sorry, and pray she doesn't go to prison. Mimi runs off, and Belle doesn't understand why people have to ruin good things.

At the Wesley's, Chloe leans out her window and finds Brady down below. He tells CHloe that she had nothing to do with those pictures tonight. CHloe tells him that she believes him. She goes to close her window, but he asks to talk to her. He says this is important to him, he has a problem and he needs to talk to her. Chloe tells him that she'll meet him in the backyard. Chloe meets Brady out back, and Brady tells Chloe that he's worried about her. Chloe asks if he thinks she's going to curl up and die? Brady says he knows she is strong, but he also knows the truth is important to her. Chloe says she already told him that she believes him, but Brady says he's talking about a bigger truth. Brady starts talking about operas with Chloe, and he accuses Chloe of saying she believes him, but he doesn't think she does. Brady swears to CHloe that he did not put those pictures up at the dance tonight, he would not do that to her. Brady tells her that he does have a pretty good idea who did do it. Brady explains why he thinks Jan and Mimi did this to her, and how he tried to stop it. Chloe realizes that Brady wouldn't do this to her, and she says that it doesn't matter anymore. Brady says it does matter, and it probably matters to Phillip to. When Brady says Phillip is probably out nailing Jan and Mimi as they speak, Chloe tells Brady that Phillip dumped her because he thought she made the website to make money. CHloe doesn't want to talk anymore, but Brady asks her not to go inside just yet. Brady tells CHloe if she ever needs him, he'll be here for her. Chloe says maybe some day she will, but she doesn't need anyone tonight. Chloe goes back inside, and Brady says Phillip doesn't deserve CHloe.

Back inside, Craig and Nancy discuss what happened, and are furious. Suddenly, Susan and Kevin show up to see Chloe. Nancy says CHloe has gone to bed. Susan says they have found out more about what happened, and they'd like to talk about it. Craig invites them in, and Susan says they know for sure that Mimi Lockhart was one of the people responsible for what happened to Chloe. Nancy can't believe Mimi did this to them after how wonderful they were to her. Susan says they think Mimi did it to get back at Chloe for putting glue in her hair. Kevin says they think it was Jan Spears who came up with the idea, and Mimi went along with it. Craig says that Chloe thinks it is someone else who did this to her, but Kevin says that is his fault. Kevin and Susan continue to inform Craig and Nancy about how they think everything happened. Craig thanks them both for coming over, and that they will tell Chloe they came by and has some nice friends. Susan tells Craig to tell Chloe they are sorry, and will be there for her. After they leave, Nancy's blood begins to boil. Nancy vows to make sure Mimi and Jan are prosecuted and ruin their lives! Outside, Kevin admits to Susan that he was part of this, and says he is the one who made CHloe's hair smell for Jan and Mimi. Kevin says he didn't know her back then, and Jan talked him into helping them. Susan can't believe he did this. Kevin says he didn't know what they were up to, he is sorry, and he will never be suckered in by Jan again. Back inside, Craig asks Nancy not to overreact. Nancy says she won't do anything without Chloe's permission. However, Nancy plans to call Mickey Horton in order to find out what charges could be brought up against Mimi and Jan, and how much prison time they could serve. Nancy wants them locked up till their hair turns white!

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