July 00 Week 4


July 24
Nicole and Eric are lying in bed, just having finished a round of sex. Nicole tells Eric that it hasn't changed, them together. Eric says there is one thing . . . Nicole says it is better, but Eric says she's married and that makes what they've just done very wrong. Nicole asks Eric if he has any idea how much she needs him? She says if she's going to die, if she doesn't have anyone to ever love her again . . Eric stops her from thinking that way. He says he wants to be here for her, but . . . Nicole wonders how she can have cancer when she is so young. She then starts talking about Lucas and how she doesn't want to be condemned to live a life with him. She tells Eric that he is the one who taught her what real love is. Eric says she is getting treated at the best hospital in the city, and they have counselors there who can help her with anything she needs. Nicole tells Eric that if he wants her to have something to look forward to in life, that would be him. They start to kiss and go at it again. Afterwards Eric asks Nicole if she needs someone to take her to her treatments and sit through her kemo with her? Nicole says she doesn't know, she didn't ask. Eric tells her that she has to take care of herself and get better. Nicole says she really doesn't want to talk about this right now, so Eric drops the subject. Nicole starts talking about how she probably deserves this, getting cancer, but having him with her makes her feel like the entire situation could turn around. Nicole gets up and gets dressed and says she's going to the doctor. Eric offers to go with her, but she wants to go alone today. She then asks Eric if he would consider running away with her, using her money. Eric says he doesn't care about money, he cares about her getting healthy. Nicole says she doesn't think she can fight this herself, and without him she has nothing good in her life, no hopes or dreams. She says if she had hope then maybe she could get better. Nicole asks Eric if she wasn't married, could they have a life together? Eric tells her yes, and Nicole hugs him.

Austin and Greta are playing basketball. Greta is a newbie, so Austin is teaching her how to play. She is a natural and screams and cheers every time she makes a shot. They take a break and talk about their favorite subjects, Nicole and Sami. Greta thinks she was silly to worry about Nicole, and Austin says he has made some peace with his problems with Sami. Austin and Greta return to Austin's place. They are both starved, but neither one of them can cook. Austin says he has frozen pizza, which Greta says is fine with her. Austin asks if she's sure she doesn't want to have lunch with Eric? Greta says no because she is a mess. They eat and discus various topics, such as what Greta wants to do with her life. Greta wants to spend time with the elderly because in American people put the elderly away in homes, whereas in Europe the elderly are respected. They then start talking about Nicole, how Greta thinks Nicole is so strong, and how she wishes she could be that way. Austin tells her that she is wrong, he believes Nicole only pretends to be strong, when she is actually very weak. They talked on and on about Nicole and Greta, and to be honest, the whole conversation kinda bored me, so I wasn't paying too much attention, sorry! Greta eventually leaves, and hides when she hears Eric's door open. Nicole and Eric come out hand in hand, and Nicole tells Eric that she still loves him. She says she prays he still loves her, and she asks him if he does? Nicole tells Eric that she needs to know the truth. Eric tells Nicole that he still loves her, which devastates Greta. Nicole gives Eric a kiss and leaves. Eric says this is killing him. Greta confronts Eric and says she was just telling herself the same thing.

At the hospital, Nancy calls channel six and gives them a story for the six o'clock news. They thank Nancy, and make a one hundred dollar donation to the University Hospital in return. Craig tells Nancy she's doing very good, and when they start to kiss, someone knocks at the door. Nancy tells whoever it is to come in. It is the ever snooping Brenda. Craig asks how Mrs. Horton is doing? Brenda tells Nancy and Craig that apparently Mrs. Horton has bankrolled the entire hotel bill for that homeless family. This sours Nancy's mood, and Brenda continues and says that Mrs. Horton has stated that she will do whatever it takes to see that a solution is found. Nancy tells Brenda that she can go back to work, and throws Brenda out of her office. Nancy is furious and says that Alice Horton will not be mentioned in their broadcast. She vows that they will be the star citizens on the news tonight and Alice Horton can eat her dust. As Nancy works on her speech, Craig fears what type of scene Mimi will cause. Nancy assures Craig that Mimi will be a brat and refuse to live under the same roof as Chloe, which will make them look all the more like saints. Nancy asks Craig if he can imagine what Mimi and her snot-nosed little brother would do to their house? She wonders where they will go after they refuse their offer, but Craig could care less. Nancy says that he better care because Alice will care, and that they can't let the news crew catch a happy looking Alice Horton on camera.

At the hotel, Mimi's father returns and their family is finally reunited. Mimi tells her dad that he wouldn't believe how sick Connor was, and that he is the best medicine for all of them. Mr. Lockhart has bad news for his family, he still has no job. However, Belle informs him that things are about to change for the better. As Belle tells him about their plans, Mimi becomes upset because she seems to be their total focus. Shawn tells Mimi that they just care about her. Mr. Lockhart says he is desperate to find a job so he can support his family. Alice tells him that there is a way he can put a roof over his family's head. She suggests they listen to the Habitat for Humanity worker to learn how. The woman says that they won't build something that they can't afford to maintain, and one of the heads of household must work outside the home. Mr. Lockhart says he will take any job that will keep his family fed and sheltered. The woman says they will need volunteers, and luckily they have several young people willing to help. As Alice Horton is about to tell them that she will continue footing the hotel room bill, there is a commotion at the door. Mimi answers the door and is met by a ton of cameras and reporters who want to interview Mimi and her family. Suddenly the Wesleys show up, as planned. Mimi says she doesn't want to be on TV, and ends up up running out the back.

John is driving to Hope's house, wondering if he can remove the chip from Hope's brain? He tells himself that he's going to have to for the baby's sake. John tries to tell himself that even if he is this child's biological father, he can't keep coming up with excuses to see Hope. Still, John feels like this child needs him for some reason. John asks God to help them all.

At Hope's, Lexie and Hope have their little babies in bassinets. Hope can't believe how rested and relaxed Lexie looks and she jokes that she does not look like the mother of a newborn. Lexie says it isn't her, it is Isaac, he loves to sleep. Lexie sees the reaction on Hope's face and tells her not to compare their situations because she's sure her situation is the norm. Hope says she doesn't think so. Hope tells Lexie that she had hoped she was only overreacting before, but now she knows it is true. Hope tells Lexie that there is definitely something wrong with her baby. Lexie tells Hope that little John's cheeks are filling out, and he is smiling. Lexie and Hope talk about baby John's doctor, and Lexie assures Hope that he is a very good doctor. Hope cries that she just loves her baby so much, she just wishes he knew that he wasn't alone in this. Lexie tells Hope that he knows. John shows up to see Hope and the baby. He had brought a gift for baby John, which Marlena bought, and he apologizes to Lexie for not bringing Isaac's gift, but he didn't know she would be here. He then tells Isaac, thinking he is Hope's baby, that he will look so cool in that outfit. Lexie tells John that she hopes he didn't buy the same outfit for Isaac because he's already outgrown newborn's clothes. John realizes he's confused the babies, and then he tells Hope's baby that he'll grow soon. John says he is beautiful, but Hope says he is miserable. John says it is not his fault what Gina did to him. Hope reminds him that he's talking about her. John says she is not responsible, and she is nothing like Gina. Hope starts worrying about what she did to her baby. John says that they don't know everything she did as Gina, but they do know she created a little miracle. When Lexie says John is right about Little John, John is shocked to learn they went ahead and named the baby after him. Hope hopes he is not upset about it. John says he will just have to keep a closer eye on his name sake from now on. Suddenly, John notices something is wrong with the baby. Lexie decides to take him inside so she can get a better look at him, while Hope demands to know what is wrong with the baby.

On the plane to Italy, Sami is afraid for their safety. Brandon says no one will mess with them, which worries Sami even more because Brandon believes that he can handle the Italian Mafia. Brandon says this guy following them has nothing to do with the Moronis, but Sami isn't so sure. Brandon goes back looks at the Private Detective, who is on the phone. Brandon decides to find out who he is talking too. He asks a stewardess about redialing a number he just dialed, and claims he can't get it to work. The stewardess tells him he has to make sure to use the exact same credit card he used the last time. Sami thinks that was pointless, but Brandon plans on getting the guys credit card and sneaking into his seat while he's up so he can find out who he was talking to. The movie is about to start, which Brandon tells Sami will be there chance to get to the guys phone. Sami doubts he will leave his seat during the movie, but Brandon says this guy is on his sixth cup of coffee, he can't hold out much longer. Brandon then tells Sami the plan. Brandon goes to spy on the guy, but a stewardess asks him to take his seat because the captain has turned on the fasten seatbelt sign due to turbulence. Brandon claims he is going to the bathroom in coach because of a problem with the one in first class, so she lets him go. Brandon goes into the bathroom, and then the detective gets up to use it, only to find it is locked. As he is going back to his seat, Sami pushes the refreshments cart towards him, and he ends up with juice all over himself. The detective is furious and goes back to the bathrooms. Brandon leaves, and on the way back to his seat, checks the detective's phone. Unfortunately the detective returns a little early, and Brandon overhears the stewardess offer to bump him up to first class as an apology. Fortunately the detective says his seat is fine. Brandon is forced to hang up the phone moments before the secretary at Victor's office answers. Brandon returns to first class and says that nobody answered the phone. However, Brandon says they did prove that they make a good team.


July 25
At Eric's place, Greta confronts Eric after hearing him tell Nicole that he still loves her. Eric says he's sorry she had to witness that, but Greta says that he's done her a favor, at least now she knows the truth. Eric and Greta go into Eric's place, and Greta lays into Eric. She tells him that she doesn't respect him at all, and she has known for some time he's been keeping something from her. She wonders how long he's known he still loves Nicole. She considers giving him a break because he was so nice to her in Europe, but then she realizes he was just using her to get over Nicole. She tells Eric that he made her think that they had a future together. Greta calls him despicable for coming over to her house acting like he was hot for her, but in truth he really wanted Nicole. Eric says that is not what he was doing. Greta tells Eric to at least have the decency to admit he never stopped loving Nicole. Eric says it is true, he guesses he never got over Nicole. Greta is furious and says she asked him over and over if he was over Nicole, and he claimed that he was. Eric tells Greta that his feelings for her were very real and he could have loved her if . . . Greta says if what, if I had sex with you? Eric says that is not fair because he never pushed her. Greta says she thanks God she didn't have sex with him. Greta then realizes that Eric lied to her earlier when he claimed he was alone. She realizes that Nicole was here, and that they made love. She can't believe he had sex with a married woman, so much for his principles and values! She also wonders if she showed up two minutes later if he would have lied to her about what happened tonight. Greta says this is so ironic, when she met him she didn't want to trust anyone, especially a man. However, she says that he helped her open up, and she had feelings for him that she had never had for anyone else. Eric tells her that there is a true love out there for her. Greta says like him and Nicole? No thanks, she says, she doesn't want any love like that. Eric tells her that there is someone a lot better than he is for her out there. Greta says she is not going to hold out for her prince to come, and she is sure that he and Nicole will be miserable together, which is exactly what they deserve. Greta leaves, and breaks into tears out in the hallway. Back inside, Eric realizes that Greta was right, he used her to get over Nicole. He tells himself that there is only one thing left for him to do.

Nicole is driving home justifying what she just did. She claims that Eric would never have slept with her if he knew the truth, and he will thank her for what she did because it has gotten them back together. Nicole says once she has her twenty-five million she and Eric will live together just like they were meant to be, deeply in love.

At the pub, Chloe and Phillip are on a date. They are both nervous, and Chloe doesn't know why Phillip is nervous because he has probably been here with tons of girls before. Phillip tells Chloe that she is no ordinary girl. Chloe tells Phillip that she knows the truth about him, and Phillip asks what she means? She says that Nancy and Craig had his game pegged long ago and told her all about it. Phillip asks what they said? Chloe says they said that he won't get away with what he's done to her. Phillip asks her if she's kidding, and she tells him it took him long enough to figure it out! Chloe then asks why he is staring at her? Phillip says he was just thinking about her at the dance and how she looked like Cinderella. CHloe asks if he is having a hard time seeing her for her now that she is back to normal? Phillip says that is not fair, he has told her before that she has beautiful eyes. Chloe then asks Phillip why he asked her to the dance? Phillip changes the subject to how he wants to get into an ivy league school, and he will need help with calculus next fall. Chloe thinks that is Phillip's answer, he wanted to date her because she is smart and can help him. Chloe is furious and calls Phillip a jerk. She wishes she had trusted her first instincts about him, that he was a creep. Phillip says that she is being dumb, so Chloe asks Phillip to tell her why he asked her to the dance. Phillip says he asked her because he wanted to go with her because she is the most beautiful girl in the school. Chloe knows Phillip is lying to her, and she tells him so. Chloe tells Phillip that unless he learns to tell the truth and grow up, he should stay away from her. Chloe walks out of the pub and wonders why she got so mad? She says she's ruined everything, and wonders what is wrong with her. Back inside, Phillip realizes he can't let Jan and Jason tell Chloe about the bet, ever.

At the hotel, Mimi bolts when the news crew arrives. Belle wonders where Mimi went to, and she finds her on the patio. Mimi tells Belle that she is not going to be the poster girl for save the homeless! Belle tries to calm Mimi down and assure her that her true friends love her no matter what her situation is. Mimi says things may be bad, but she is lucky to have Belle for a best friend.

Back inside the hotel room, the news crew interviews the family, sans Mimi, and the Habitat for Humanity worker. When a reporter asks where they will stay while they wait for their house to be built, Alice offers, on camera, to open the doors of her house to the Lockharts. However, Craig butts in and says he can't allow her to do that! Craig says that Mrs. Horton has had a stroke in the past, and he doesn't want her to overdue it. Mrs. Horton says is capable of helping, and Craig says that he didn't mean she should stop helping all together. Craig says that his wife told him, when she heard about the Lockhart's situation, that she'd like to invite them to come live with them. Nancy tries to shut Craig up because Mimi isn't here, but he doesn't listen to her. Alice notices that Nancy Wesley doesn't seem to thrilled about this announcement. The Wesleys are shocked when Mr. Lockhart accepts their offer. Mimi and Belle return, and Mimi learns that she is going to be living with Chloe and her parents. Mimi is not at all happy about this. Mimi yells that CHloe hates her, and she hates Chloe. Mimi says she will not live there, but Mrs. Lockhart says they cannot refuse this offer. Mimi storms off, and Craig is furious with Nancy for her wonderful idea. Craig can't believe those filthy people are going to be living in their house! Alice confronts Craig and Nancy and asks if there is a problem? Nancy says no, they were just discussing what type of food the Lockharts would enjoy. Alice says she's sure they'd enjoy anything they provide. Alice then asks if they are just going to stand there or take the Lockharts home with them?

At the Kiriakis mansion, Lucas, Kate, and Victor discuss the Sami situation. Kate tells Victor that she hates to think where she and Lucas would be right now if he wasn't looking out for them, and she loves him very much. Victor says the less they speak of love the better. Lucas once again yells at Victor, who tells Lucas he doesn't want his advice about love. Kate asks Lucas to give her and Victor some privacy, so he leaves. Kate tells Victor that she and Lucas have been through a lot, and he is very protective of her. Kate tells Victor that she knows she can't prove it, but the last man she made love to was him, and she hopes he is the next man she makes love to. She tells Victor that if he marries her, she will spend the rest of her life making him happy. Victor tells her not to get ahead of herself, she could spend the rest of her life behind bars. Victor says he'll try not to let that happen, but Brandon is a wild card, he could turn out to be their worst nightmare. Later, Victor tells Kate that they must bring Will to Italy with them. Kate thinks this trip is too dangerous for Will, but Victor says Will must be there for his plan to work. He also wants Henderson to come along. Kate asks if Henderson should really be tagging along with them? Victor says they need someone to do the dirty work, someone expendable. Kate says very well, and then asks if he knows the Moronis? Victor says that the Moronis run Naples, and he had a run in with the old man years ago. However, he says he won't let anyone stop him from getting to Sami Brady. Victor says that the idea of going up against Senior Moroni has his blood running. Victor says he'll do whatever it takes to get the upperhand, and then it is arivaderche (sp?) Sami!

Lucas calls Marie at Titan to see if Nicole has checked in because he's worried sick. Nicole shows up, and Lucas starts asking her where she's been. Nicole tells him to chill out, but he says he's been waiting to hear the results of her tests. Nicole says something is the matter with her, him! Lucas says he wants to help her, so she asks him for a divorce! Nicole says she is tired of living in this house, playing step-mommy to his son, and being married to a boring AA loser. She tells Lucas that she wants out of this marriage now! Lucas is shocked and tells Nicole that he loves her. Nicole tells him to get over it! Lucas says he knows her and he knows she can't give up this luxurious lifestyle. Nicole tells Lucas that he doesn't know her at all, she is way smarter than he thinks and she will get everything she wants. Nicole informs Lucas that after tonight she is his ex-wife, and she is moving herself into one of the guest bedrooms. She says this pathetic marriage is over!

On the plane, the private investigator continues to spy on Sami and Brandon. Sami wishes she knew who hired him to follow them, but Brandon tells her that speculating will do her no good. Sami vows that she won't let anyone, neither Kate nor the Moronis, get in her way. Brandon assures Sami that she'll get everything she wants and he'll be with her every step of the way. Later, when Sami excuses herself to use the bathroom, Brandon calls the hotel in Italy and orders a romantic dinner for two.


July 26
Chloe shows up at home and sees a news van and wonder what is going on. Inside, Mimi says she would prefer a cardboard box over the Wesley's house any day. The reporter wants to get Mimi's feelings on camera, but she pushes the cameraman and yells at him to get out of her face. Craig asks the reporter not to use that footage, and Mr. and Mrs. Lockhart apologize for their daughter's actions. Mimi says she needs some fresh air and leaves to go on a walk. Nancy tells the camera that Mimi and her daughter are such good friends that she is just overcome with emotions. Chloe walks into the house and asks "What in the hell is going on here?" The reporter asks who this girl is? CHloe says she lives here, and asks the reporter who she is? Chloe asks once again what is going on here? The reporter doesn't understand why CHloe is in the dark about this if she lives her? Craig tells Nancy to show the reporters the backyard where they are thinking about putting in the baseball diamond. After they leave, Craig tells Chloe the bad news about the Lockharts moving in with them. Chloe is not pleased and refuses to allow this to happen. Craig says that the Lockharts are in serious trouble, but Chloe says she can't play roommates with someone who hates her. She thinks this is wrong because they didn't even ask her how she felt. Craig says they were wrong not to ask her opinion because she is a member of this household. Chloe says that on one hand she hates the idea, but on the other hand she does understand what they are trying to do. Craig says he felt the same way about Nancy's father when he was in the hospital, he really didn't want him to get better, but his conscience told him to help the guy. Craig lectures her on the importance of being kind to others, but CHloe realizes this is about improving their position in the eyes of Salem's citizens. Chloe agrees to play nice and says she could use the good karma. Chloe tells Craig that she fears she blew it with Phillip today. Craig says if Phillip can't see what a great girl she is then she should move on to the next lucky guy. However, Craig is sure that Phillip won't think anything she said is to him was stupid, and he will still be interested in her. Craig and Chloe go inside, and Nancy asks Chloe if she is ready to start packing her bags? Chloe says that it would have been nice to have been consulted, but she has accepted Craig's apology. She says as long as as she doesn't have to share a bedroom with Mimi then it will be okay. Nancy tries to talk to CHloe, but Chloe just runs off. Nancy is ticked off that Craig has once again gotten through to Chloe. Craig says he got through to Chloe, and that is all that matters. He also reminds her that this whole idea was hers. Nancy goes to talk to Chloe, who yells at Nancy for not thinking of her when she was planning this screwy summercamp.

Jan and Jason are hanging out at Dot.Com when Phillip shows up. Phillip tells them that he doesn't want them blabbing to Chloe about the bet. Jan doesn't understand what the big deal is, he could have any girl in school, why does he care about her? Jason says he is the one who wanted to tell her in the first place, and they are the ones who stopped him. Phillip threatens to keep them quiet through blackmail. He threatens to expose Jason as a Britney Spears Fanclub member, and to expose Jan's true feelings for Shawn to him. They agree to stay quiet, but want to know what is up with him and Ghoul Girl? Phillip tells them that name calling is for immature jerks, and he warns them once again if they tell CHloe about the bet then he will blurt out every stupid secret he knows. Phillip leaves and runs into Mimi. He offers to buy her a cup of coffee, but she says no thanks because she has had enough charity for today. Phillip thinks what Belle and Shawn are doing for her is great, but she doesn't agree. Mimi says she is planning on running away tomorrow, there will be no more humiliation in Salem for Mimi Lockhart. Phillip convinces her not to run away, so he thinks, and he tells her that things will get better. He even jokes that if she sticks around she'll get to see him get his hands dirty on this project. Phillip tells her to go visit Belle, and she says she will. After Phillip leaves, Mimi says Asta Lavista (sp?) to Salem.

Mimi runs off and ends up sleeping in an alley somewhere. She thinks it will only be for one night because by this time tomorrow she will be long gone.

Gregory Charmain shows up at the mansion to see Kate. Kate asks Gregory to do some research for her, which he will, but he warns her that she is living in a state which doesn't recognize common law marriages and she and Victor had no binding agreement between them concerning their living arrangements. Kate is furious, to say the least. She lays into Gregory and tells him that he is worth nothing to her as a lawyer. Gregory tells her that if Victor kicks her out, she will be penniless and will be worth nothing to him! He suggests she makes the most of this trip and woo Victor. Kate tries to calm herself down and says that nobody will bring Kate Roberts down without one hell of a fight.

Eric call's up Nicole and tells her that he has to see her right away. Nicole says she's halfway there already and hangs up. As she is leaving, Lucas confronts her and refuses to let her leave until they finish their earlier discussion. Nicole says they are over, end of discussion. Lucas says he has some things to say, for starters the divorce will never happen. Nicole just laughs. She tells him that he means nothing to her, and she walks out. Victor shows up and tells Lucas to go finish packing, but Lucas says he can't leave now. Victor says he can and will. Lucas tells Victor that as long as he is living in his house, he does what he says. Lucas asks if he doesn't have a say in this matter? Victor says no, stupid misguided little boys don't have a say. Lucas says he may seem misguided to him, but Nicole needs him. Victor says she certainly doesn't show it. Lucas says Nicole is sick and needs him, this is his marriage they are talking about. Victor tells him that nobody in this family considers what he has a marriage, so unless he wants to spend the rest of his life behind bars, he is going on this trip! Kate shows up and says Victor is right, he must come with them to Italy. Lucas doesn't want to walk away from his marriage, but Kate tells him that it is time to count his chips and cash in! Lucas says "yes mommy dearest!" Victor orders Lucas upstairs, so he goes up to pack. Kate thanks Victor for telling Lucas that he didn't want to see her in jail. Victor says that Lucas will be glad he came because he will enjoy destroying Sami after what she's done to him. Phillip comes home, and Victor asks Kate to excuse them while they have a father-son chat. Kate leaves, and Victor tells Phillip about his trip with his mother. Phillip thinks this is good news about their relationship. Victor asks Phillip if he loves his mother? Phillip says of course he does, they are a family, right? Victor says he is right, he is just not used to this type of sentiment from him. Phillip tells him about Mimi's problems and how lucky he realizes he is to have both his parents home and together. Phillip remembers when he was still in the hospital and how mom kept him positive, but it broke his heart to hear her crying herself to sleep at night. Meanwhile, Lucas asks his mom if she enjoyed insulting him as much as Victor did? Kate tells Lucas that his wife will leave him if they end up broke, which Lucas says is her fault. Kate says she will fix things between her and Victor, but first they must deal with Sami. Kate says that Sami will wish she had died by lethal injection when she gets through with her!

Nicole shows up at Eric's place, and Eric tells her that Greta found out the truth about them tonight. Nicole feels bad for Greta and for Eric. Eric says that Greta claimed she'd never be able to trust another man again. Nicole says that she will when she finds the right guy. Nicole says this is for the best, they are meant to be together and Greta is meant to find someone else. Eric then drops a bomb on Nicole, he's leaving Salem and might not be coming back. Nicole thinks she is going with him, but he tells her no, and their relationship is wrong because she is married. Nicole tells Eric to listen to his heart and not his head, that is what she did. Nicole tells Eric that she has already told Lucas she wants a divorce. Eric reminds her about the cancer, but Nicole says with him by her side she can beat it. Nicole tells Eric that they belong together, and he needs to stop fighting it. She kisses him and then asks Eric to show her how much he loves her. Eric tells her to stop this! Eric says they need to focus on her health right now. Nicole says that with him by her side she can beat anything. Eric says he can't be by her side. He says that she needs to be honest with Lucas about why she married him, he's tired of the lies. Nicole asks if she is honest with Lucas, and gets a divorce, can he promise her that they'll spend the rest of their lives together? Eric says he does want a fresh start with her, but first they need to tie up these loose ends. Nicole says they can tie them up together, and then she asks Eric to hold her, which he does. Eric tells Nicole that he loves her, and she tells him that she will never let him leave her.

Brandon and Sami arrive at a car rental place in Italy, and are followed by the Private Detective. Sami says he could ruin everything, but Brandon promises her that he won't get the chance. Sami fears that he might work for the Moroni's, but Brandon says he will take care of things. Brandon makes some plan changes when he gets to the desk, and says very loudly that he wants to drop the car off in Venice now, not Naples. Sami doesn't understand what Brandon is doing and starts arguing with him. Brandon eventually shuts her up by kissing her. Brandon and Sami eventually leave, and the Private Detective tells the man at the desk that he needs wheels, NOW. Sami and Brandon take off, but the Private Detective is right behind them, he is onto their game.


July 27
Belle, Shawn, and Bo show up at Hope's and Bo's house, and see John's car out front. Belle is worried about her dad. They go inside, and Belle asks to talk to her dad because it is important. John tells her not now sweety. Meanwhile, Hope rushes up to Bo and exclaims "the baby!" Lexie says the baby has jaundice, so he needs to go to the hospital. John offers to give them a ride, but Bo says he can take care of it. Bo tells John that he appreciates what he's trying to do, but having him around is a reminder of what went wrong in the first place. John asks what he means? Bo says it is not him specifically, it is DiMera and what he did to John, it reminds him that he did the same thing to Hope. LExie says she has called the hospital and the baby's doctor will meet them there, so they take off. Lexie has to take Isaac home, and Belle and Shawn tell John, and Lexie before she leaves, about their plan to work with Habitat for Humanity to build a house with Mimi. John is proud and will be happy to help, because he's pretty good at carpentry and electrical wiring, but Belle says that isn't the type of help she had in mind. Belle and Shawn tell them how expensive it is for Habitat for Humanity to build a house, and how they have to buy "a lot" for the house, and they were hoping he could help out with "a lot" of the expenses. John agrees to buy a lot for the house, and Belle thanks him. She says there is the Whitley lot on the other side of town, and John says consider it done. Shawn, however, has reservations about that lot because there is a reason it has been vacant for years. John guesses that the lot is haunted, and Belle says oh please! Shawn says it is true, and starts telling some story about a covent of witches who used to gather there and sacrifice victims and offer their heads to the spirits of the lot. He then pulls a prank on Belle to scare her (he threw something on her head), which John thinks was funny, but Belle did not. Belle tells Shawn that he has the sense of humor of a two year old! Still, Shawn asks what if this house does turn out to be haunted, they are building this house on a witches lot! Belle tells Shawn not to tell this story to Mimi because it could frighten her even more. John continues to worry about the baby and suggest they go over to the hospital to check on him. Belle says that it is only a mild case of jaundice, why he is so worried?

Lexie takes Isaac home to Abe, and tells him about Bo and Hope's little boy's problems. Lexie feels so guilty that they have a healthy baby when Hope and Bo's is so sick. Lexie also tells Abe about Mimi's new house, and Abe is troubled by the news that the house will be built on a vacant lot on Whitley street. Abe tells her that bad things happen there, lots of bad things! Lexie asks him what he's talking about? Abe tells her that when he was a beat cop he responded to a lot of calls at that place. Lexie asks what type of things happened there? Abe says he doesn't want to talk about this anymore, and changes the subject. Lexie takes Isaac up to bed, and Abe thinks that house should NOT be built.

Bo and Hope talk to Dr. Maxwell at the hospital and he tells them that Baby John does have jaundice, but there is something else that is bothering him. Hope asks him to tell them what is wrong with their baby! Dr. Maxwell says that he will figure that out, but first he needs to ask them some very difficult questions. Hope tells him to ask anything. The doctor says this is a difficult case and because they are lacking a prenatal history, they can't be sure. However, he believes the baby has fetal alcohol syndrome. Hope feels guilty that she did this too Baby John. Hope says she can't recall what she did during her first trimester, she could have been smoking and drinking martinis every night. Bo asks what they are looking at? The doctor says the worst case scenario is mental retardation, muscle problems, etc. . . However, the best case scenario is just some mood problems, and that many children function personally normal lives. Bo asks what they can do for the baby? He tells them to just be patient with the baby, hold him a lot, talk to him and reassure him. Hope says they do all that, so he doctor tells them that they are off to a good start. Bo and Hope have to leave their baby for the night so he can go through some tests, and the doctor asks them to come back in the morning. Bo and Hope leave the doctor's office and Hope cries "what have I done to my son?"

At Eric's place, Eric and Nicole have just finished round two of their seedy sexual affair. Eric realizes that this was wrong, again. Nicole tells Eric that she is going to get a divorce from Lucas and she is richer than she could imagine in her wildest dreams. She says they belong together, but Eric tells Nicole that she is not free yet. Nicole asks Eric to think about her and the pain she will go through if he leaves her. Eric says something about how they can't be together until there are no more lies. Nicole tells herself that she has to hold onto this last lie, about her having cancer, for a few more days. She plans to tell Eric that she was misdiagnosed, and she thinks Eric will be so happy that he'll be willing to take her back fully.

Eric goes to the station to see his dad. He tells his dad that he's leaving town tomorrow and he doesn't know when he'll be back. Roman realizes this is about Nicole. Roman asks if Nicole is going with him? Eric says no, which relieves Roman. However, Eric tells Roman that he still doesn't understand. Eric says he loves Nicole and he will be with her very soon. Roman can't believe this. He tells Eric that he won't stand here and listen to this crap. Roman tells Eric that he does not love this woman, he lusts after her. Roman calls her a tramp and a whore. Eric loses it and decks his father. Roman throws Eric up against a filing cabinet and can't believe it has come to this. Eric apologizes to his dad. Roman says he will forgive him when he gets rid of that poison in his life. Eric says that is something he can't do, and he walks out of his dad's office.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Lucas and Victor continue to argue about Nicole. Lucas only plans on staying in Italy for a few days because he needs to get back to Nicole. Victor can't believe what he is hearing and tells Lucas that his number one priority should be stopping Sami from finding the information that can put him and his mother away for life. Lucas whines about Nicole some more and how she has asked for a divorce for no apparent reason. Victor tells him that Nicole doesn't love him and can barely tolerate being in the same room with him, is that not reason enough? Lucas says that Nicole is just freaking out over her medical problems, but Victor tells him that the woman can't stand him! Lucas is positive that he can change Nicole's mind and make her love him again (Confused, when did she love him to begin with?). Lucas ends up storming off, and Nicole comes home and talks with Victor. Nicole tells Victor that she's sure he's thrilled that he's moving out and on. Nicole then tells Victor how she has outsmarted him by investing her money in the stockmarket using his financial wizard Rex. She also thanks him for comforting her last night by the pool, unlike Lucas, he did help her. Victor says he is leaving on a business trip tomorrow, and Nicole says by time he returns she'll be living in a new town with lots of money and love. After Nicole leaves, Victor laughs and says money is one thing she doesn't have, and it will be a cold day in hell before she knows what love is. Later, Lucas runs after Nicole in order to find out the results of her biopsy. Victor can't believe how stupid Lucas is, but says Nicole is down, and now all he has to do is take care of Sami.

Eric meets up with Nicole in the park and tells her how he hit his dad. He says he's going to leave town tomorrow, and that he loves her. Nicole says she loves him to, and Eric walks off. Nicole sits down on a bench and thinks all her dreams are coming true, she will finally have it all.

In Italy, Brandon and Sami think they have lost the private detective, but he is right behind them. They arrive at a restaurant and have a romantic dinner for two. Unfortunately, the Private Detective is watching them from a table in the corner. As they dine and enjoy one another's company, Angela watches them from the bar, and she likes what she sees in Brandon. Sami tells Brandon how special he is and how much she appreciates what he's doing. She also says that when Austin finds out what he did he will appreciate him too. Brandon says he doesn't care about Austin, he's doing this for her. A song comes on that Brandon and Sami enjoy, so they start dancing at their tables and singing along. Both the private detective and Angela watch them. The private detective remembers that Mr. K wanted him to put some fear into Sami and Brandon, but he thinks he's going to have to scare them to death to disturb them at all right now.


July 28
Mimi wakes up in some make-shift shelter and two angry looking people ask the "girl" what she's doing here alone. The man asks if she spent the night here, and she says she did. He offers her breakfast, and the woman asks if they can sit down? Mimi says yes, so they all have breakfast, old donuts from the alley. The woman says they saw the newsbroadcast and asks her why she isn't with the Wesley's? Mimi says that she hates their daughter and doesn't want to live with her. She says she's going to call someone her mother told her to avoid, and then her life will be better.

Shawn and Belle show up at the Wesley's to check on the Lockharts and tell them the good news. Belle asks where Mimi is? Chloe says they don't know, she didn't sleep here. Maureen says that Mimi did call and say that she was spending the night with some people they met on the streets. Belle thinks that sounds dangerous, but Maureen says not all homeless people are criminals and drug addicts. Maureen hopes that Mimi will come here tonight, but Chloe says Mimi won't as long as she is here. Chloe says it is obvious that she is the reason Mimi ran away. Nancy says she didn't know Mimi and CHloe would react this way when she invited them to come live here. Belle says that building this house should bring CHloe and Mimi closer, and Shawn says it will only take six months to build. Nancy screams "Six months, you have got to be kidding me!" Maureen says six months is a long time, and she knows they are already putting them out. Nancy says that is not what she meant, she just knows they want to return to a bit of normalcy. Belle tells Maureen that her father is going to buy the lot on Whitley street for them, which touches Maureen. CHloe offers to go upstairs and get some pamphlets on other houses Habitat has built to show her. Maureen thanks her, so Chloe runs up to her room.

Mimi goes to the Wesley's and decides to climb up the tree and break into CHloe's room to use her phone. Mimi breaks into Chloe's room just as Chloe is coming into her room to get the pamphlets for Maureen. Of course by time Chloe enters her room, Mimi is gone. CHloe finds a note from Mimi addressed to Maureen. Maureen reads the note and learns that Mimi has run away. Mimi has already hopped a train and is off to Chicago.

Eric calls Nicole from his car phone. He says that he's still in Salem, and he had a few loose ends to tie up. Nicole asks to see Eric for a few minutes before he leaves. She claims she's going to see the doctor today and wants him to comfort her one last time. Eric asks her to meet him at his apartment in an hour. Eric goes to the station to visit with his dad. His dad tells him that he thought he'd be long gone by now. Eric says he needs to talk to him, but Roman doesn't want to hear anything Eric has to say because he disappoints him. Eric says he is sorry, and Roman says so is he. Eric asks his dad to forgive him. Roman says he can't do that, and he won't forgive him until he realizes that being with Nicole is the worst decision he's ever made. Roman then tells Eric a story about how he was a nerd as a kid and had one friend, who didn't invite him to his birthday party, which hurt him. Roman told him that if someone took advantage of him then they didn't deserve his friendship and loyalty, and Roman says that is still true today. Roman tells Eric that he is very proud of him, and that is why this Nicole business hurts so much. Roman assures Eric that he loves him with all his heart and soul, and he always will. Eric understands that his dad wants to protect him, but he says that he can't let his fears dictate his life. He knows his dad is still hurting over what happened between him and his mom, but he won't let that happen to him. Roman hugs Eric and hopes he's right. Roman tells Eric to keep in touch, and he will ask God to look after him.

At Greta's place, Greta is looking at herself in the mirror and telling herself that she needs to do something about her hair. She opens up a drawer and finds a picture of her and Eric together. She ends up smashing the picture on the side of a table and damns Eric for lying to her. Greta calls Austin and leaves a message. She asks him to give her a call because she really could use a friend right now. Later, Eric shows up at Greta's door. He says he would have called, but he didn't think she'd agree to see him. He says he had to see her one last time to say goodbye. Greta lets him in and she asks where he is going, or where are he and Nicole going? Eric claims he is going to Colorado, alone. Greta asks him to tell her how much he loves Nicole and how much he needs her? She says if she hears it again then he can make hating him much easier for her. Eric tries to apologize, claiming he didn't know . . . but Greta tells him that he knew all along he was still in love with that whore! Eric says he only came here to say goodbye and to apologize for hurting her. Greta says she hopes she can forgive him one day, but right now she can't. She says he took away her confidence and trust, and the only thing he left her with is her virginity. She says it might not be much in this day and age, but at least she didn't give it to a user like him. She tells Eric goodbye and good luck, and she hopes he gets everything he deserves! Eric then leaves. He almost knocks on her door again, but decides not to.

Eric takes off in his car, and Greta follows him. She wonders why he is going so fast? There is a train next to Eric, and he thinks he can beat it to the crossing. Greta screams "Eric no!" as the train, which is carrying Mimi, slams into Eric's car.

At the mansion, Victor is having breakfast and yelling at Lucas. He tells him that he is the one who brought Sami the demon into their lives, so he can help exorcise her! Nicole walks in for breakfast, and Lucas asks her how the biopsy went. Nicole says that is none of his business. Lucas says it is because he is her husband, but Nicole says not for long, she's filing for divorce. Lucas invites Nicole to go with them, but Nicole says no way. Victor tells Lucas that he has no right to invite anyone on this trip, especially someone who will distract half of Europe. Nicole says she doesn't want to go because she has other business to attend to, like withdrawing her money. Nicole winks at Victor, and Lucas wants to know what is going on. Lucas asks Victor if he knows something he doesn't? Victor says that Nicole has a little nest-egg of her own money that she stashed away. Lucas can't believe this and says he can't take this anymore. Nicole says she's been saying that for months! Lucas walks out, and Victor congratulates Nicole on getting everything she seems to have wanted. Lucas runs into Henderson, and damns him for not keeping his big mouth shut! Lucas says that his blab session with Sami has ruined his and Will's life. Henderson says he doesn't understand? Lucas says someday soon he will! BAck in the dining room, Nicole asks Victor why he'd want to marry someone like Kate? She says that Kate only used him for his money, while he was flat on his back in the hospital she was upstairs flat on her back with any man she could bang. Victor tells her that she would know, she did that to Lucas. Nicole does her Gypsy Rose Lee dance for Victor, and then leaves for her date with destiny. Later, Lucas pours himself a drink, because he figures he's going to spend his life in prison anyways. Nicole shows up, and Lucas tells her this is what she wanted. Nicole tells him it is too little too late, he still loses! Nicole walks out, and Lucas chugs-a-lug.

At the restaurant in Italy, Angela is very attracted to Brandon. Sami and Brandon are dancing to a song playing on a jukebox as both Angela and the private detective watch. After they finish their dance, everyone in the restaurant applauds. The manager asks if they will come back, and Brandon says they will. Angela comments that she hopes Brandon comes back without the girl. Brandon and Sami leave, and the private detective watches them. He says if they are going where he thinks they are going then they are walking into the perfect setup. Sami and Brandon approach the cottage where they will be staying. Sami is nervous and asks Brandon if he will respect her privacy? Brandon says of course he will, and he will sleep on the floor. Sami says if Austin knew about this he would think the old scheming Sami is back. Brandon says if that is true, welcome back! He tells her that she needs to realize if she has a clear conscience, then to hell with what others think! Sami says if she can get her son back then her conscience will be clear. Brandon and Sami keep walking, and the private detective realizes they are heading towards the cliffs. When they finally arrive at the cottage, Sami is floored because it is the most romantic place she's ever seen. MEanwhile, the private detective plans on causing an accident and having Sami and Brandon fall off the cliff. As Brandon and Sami are talking, the private detective pushes them both off the cliff! Sami hangs on for dear life as Brandon teeters on the edge.

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