July 00 Week 3


July 17
Recap from NBC, Dustin was on his archaeological dig
Craig checks out Mimi's brother and diagnoses him with a mild respiratory infection. Mimi is relieved, just wishes they had a home to go back to. Belle gets a brilliant idea. She and Shawn decide to see if they can build a house for Mimi's family through Habitat for Humanity. Belle makes the important call... Brenda overhears Alice tell Mrs. Winston that Craig Wesley is acting up. Alice wants the board to be aware and keep their eyes on him. Brenda sprints off. She's got to warn Craig... Chloe admits to Philip that this was her first date. Philip is taken aback, but glad he was her first. They share an intense eyelock until Philip realizes he's got to come clean. Jason and Jan overhear this and decide they've got to put a stop to it. Jason gets in Philip's face and the two guys battle it out with their fists. Later, it looks as though Chloe and Philip might actually kiss... A huge moment as Nicole finally breaks down and tells Eric the truth... That she made a porn video when she was younger. Eric completely shocks her by saying he's seen it. And he wishes she would have told him this before they slept together! Later, Nicole runs into Rex who flashes her porn movie in front of her face. He tells her that if she agrees to sign over her last million, he'll make sure her past never creeps up to haunt her... Victor tells Lucas and Kate everything he's learned about Sami investigating the Roberto connection to Franco's murder. They've got to keep their eyes on her. Kate pleads with Victor to help her and Lucas. They've got to take care of Sami once and for all. Victor, mysterious, says he knows exactly what to do. Meanwhile, Sami packs up her bags ready to jet off to Europe...


July 18
Recap from NBC, Dustin was on his archaeological dig
Chloe is horrified after Nancy interrupts her "almost kiss" with Philip. But later, Chloe admits that maybe it was a good thing Nancy intervened when she did. Chloe isn't sure she was ready to kiss Philip. Chloe tells Nancy highlights about the evening. Nancy is glad to hear that her daughter was crowned queen of the dance, but Nancy still thinks Chloe should be careful of Philip... Belle wonders why Philip asked Chloe to the dance, but Philip covers and says he did it because he wanted to. Later, Belle and Shawn fill Philip in on Mimi's situation. They're going to try to build her a house through Habitat for Humanity, and they wonder if Philip would like to help... Austin drops by to see Greta and tells her about his argument with Sami. He's on to her and thinks she might be up to something. In fact, Austin's gut is telling him that Sami might be seeing someone else. Greta doubts it, but Austin explains that Sami has always been a schemer, and he doesn't know if he can trust the girl. Greta is affected and says she feels the same way with regards to Eric. She still thinks he's in love with Nicole... Victor sees Nicole standing alone by the pool, deep in thought. She is concerned about tomorrow's biopsy. Victor convinces Nicole to open up about her past. Nicole says she used to think her father loved her, but now she realizes it was all a lie. Nicole admits she never learned how to love, and she blames her dad. Victor is genuinely moved and later advises Nicole to focus on her health right now. She's got to have the strength to pull through this... There's a close call, but Eric breaks into Perry's office and finds the key to the warehouse. He searches the place and eventually snags the outtakes video of Nicole's porno shoot. When he takes it home to watch it, he is horrified by what he sees...


July 19
Recap from NBC, Dustin was on his archaeological dig
Alice visits the Lockhart family at the motel to see how they're doing. Mimi is still totally humiliated and thinks that everyone in Salem must know they're living in a box down by the river. Alice says her grandson and the other kids want to help, but this only upsets Mimi even more. Wise Alice says the kids are doing this because they care about Mimi... Chloe, Belle, Shawn, and Philip meet up at the Habitat for Humanity office. They explain their situation, that they want to help their homeless friend and her family build a house... Craig tells Nancy his fears about Alice Horton. He is actually concerned about his future at the hospital. Nancy thinks they should start to work on their image. They've got to at least appear to be saintly even if it's all for show. Maybe then Alice will get off their backs. Craig mentions the Lockhart family, and Nancy comes up with an idea... They can ask the Lockharts to move in with them! Sami is caught off guard when Austin drops by the hospital. He doesn't think she should go to Chicago, but Sami insists she's got to. Austin is still on to Sami and wonders what her real agenda is, but Sami covers. Later, Sami tells Brandon she hates lying to Austin. Brandon tries to convince her that Austin isn't the guy for her... Lucas runs into Austin at the hospital and says he's been trying to find Nicole, but she apparently hasn't checked in. Lucas assumes this biopsy thing was just another of Nicole's lies. Austin thinks they should check to see if Nicole Walker checked in, and sure enough, she has. Lucas and Austin later learn that Nicole left the hospital with Eric... Nicole gets her biopsy, and the doctor tells her it won't be long until they have the results. When she's leaving the hospital, she runs into Eric who says they've got to talk. He takes her back to his place and shows her the raw footage reel of "Locker Room Lolita." Nicole is horrified and an emotional mess as she watches. Eric comforts her and says none of this is her fault. And before they know it, they find themselves in a liplock...


July 20
Recap from NBC, Dustin was on his archaeological dig
Stefano drops by the Carver house with an agenda... He's got to get a sample of Isaac's DNA so he can find out who the father is. Abe is less than thrilled when Stefano shows up, but Lexie welcomes her father. Later, Abe leaves for work where he gets a call from Fay, who wants to talk to him person. Abe is shocked to hear her voice. Meanwhile, when Stefano has a moment alone with the baby, he tries to get a DNA sample. Will he succeed? Sami is forced to admit to Austin that she isn't sick. But she lies and says she's only faking so she can go to Chicago. Sami and Austin argue about Will. An upset Sami starts to leave, but Austin pulls her into a kiss. He wants her to remember that he loves her. Meanwhile, Brandon lies, telling Fay he's going to the Caribbean for a few days. Later, the two exchange harsh words with regards to Abe... There's a close call as Greta and Lucas almost find Nicole at Eric's apartment. Eric manages to get rid of them, and the two head to the Java Cafe to talk. Lucas fills Greta in on Nicole's situation. He's worried sick about his wife. Greta tries to comfort Lucas and give him advice, but he doesn't take it very well. Meanwhile, Nicole and Eric's intense discussion regarding her biopsy and her past continues. Eric really feels for her and admits he still would've wanted a relationship with her even if he'd known about her past. Later, Nicole gives Eric another shock to the system...


July 21
ARG, the one day I am home, NBC and Direct TV totally screwed up the last 15 minutes of the show. First there was no sound, and I had to attempt to read lips, and then they started showing golf for a few seconds! Sorry about this!

Chloe is in her bedroom wondering what Phillip thinks about her appearance, but then thinks she is being shallow because Mimi doesn't even have a home. Downstairs, Craig and Nancy plan a press conference to invite Mimi and her family to come live with them until they can find a new home. Nancy and CHloe celebrate as Nancy announces that they should be on the six'o'clock news tonight. Craig just hopes the Lockharts won't accept their offer, and Nancy assures him that they won't because Mimi would rather spend a night in a cardboard box than stay under the same roof as CHloe. Suddenly, Phillip shows up to see Chloe. Craig questions Phillip about what happened at the dance. Phillip says he knew nothing about the prank and swears to make it up to CHloe. Nancy invites Phillip in and tells him about how Chloe has been getting called from many other boys, and given their history, she might not want to date him again. This news upsets Phillip, who promises to be a good friend to CHloe. Craig likes that word, friend, and warns Phillip that he'll regret it if he tries to make a move on Chloe. Nancy yells to Chloe that Phillip is here. Chloe says she can't let Phillip let her see her like this, and starts prettying herself up. Chloe comes downstairs, and Phillip returns something she dropped at the Habitat for Humanity office. CHloe asks Craig and Nancy, who were just standing there watching them, for some privacy, so they leave. Phillip is impressed that Chloe ripped into her parents for eavesdropping. Phillip tells Chloe that she's changed since the dance, she used to sound off at him all the time, and now she seems almost shy. Chloe says that sometimes she feels like talking and sometimes she doesn't, that is just the way she is. Nancy continues to try and listen through the door, but Craig yanks her away. Nancy then takes a call about something (no sound), probably her and Craig's new master plan. Meanwhile, Phillip and CHloe continue to talk, and end up laughing. Nancy goes back to the door to continue eavesdropping, and Craig once again pulls her away from it. Nancy is furious with Craig and yells at Craig that she doesn't like having that boy in her home, and she wants to find out if he had anything to do with that chicken blood incident!

At the hotel, Belle and Shawn show up to see Mimi. She is shocked to see them, but Shawn tells him that they are the three musketeers. Belle and Shawn have brought someone from Habitat for Humanity to talk with the Lockharts about their situation. The Habitat worker tells Maureen that she knows the plant where her husband worked, and many of the other laid-off workers there are struggling to survive as well. Belle and Shawn tell Mimi that they want to help them help themselves by building a new home. (No sound from here on out). The Habitat worker seems to say something about giving them fifty thousand dollars to buy supplies to help them build their new home, which excites Maureen.

At the mansion, Victor tells Kate and Lucas that he's hired a private detective to follow Sami to Italy. Lucas and Kate are furious, and they say they knew Roman wouldn't give up. Victor says Roman isn't helping Sami, Brandon is! Lucas can't believe Brandon is helping Sami against them after what they did for him. Kate says that she can believe it, he's been trying to get Sami into his bed for months. Victor points out that Sami is very beautiful, and Lucas also made the mistake of jumping into bed with Sami. Kate defends Lucas and says that he was lonely. Victor tells her that she should know, she is the queen of loneliness. Lucas yells at Victor for verbally abusing his mom for her one mistake, a simple kiss with Nicholas. He asks Victor why he doesn't just smack his mom if that will make him feel like more of a man! Kate asks Lucas to back off, but Lucas refuses. Lucas tells Victor that when he was in the nursing home his mom took care of his house and struggled to keep his business afloat. He wonders how long he'd last if the situations were reversed? A few weeks? Victor says that Lucas is wrong, but Lucas reminds Victor how he jumped into bed with Vivian when his mom was stuck on that fishing boat for an entire year. Kate says that Victor thought she was dead, but Lucas says that is no excuse. Lucas tells his mom that Victor treats her like trash and she is better off without him. Victor says he is not forcing anyone to stay with him, so they can leave if they want. Kate has no intention of leaving, and Victor informs Lucas that he and Kate have been together a long time, but they have a lot to work through. Victor asks Kate to go away with him to sort things out. Kate doesn't think now is the best time to go away, which is why Victor proposes they go to Italy.

Sami and Brandon are driving to the airport. Brandon asks Sami if she is having second doubts about going to Italy? Sami says no, and she tells Brandon about her huge fight with Austin. Sami says she told Austin several things she wishes she could take back, but she wishes he would help her try and get her son back.

In Salem Place, Eric is shocked to learn that Nicole married Lucas for five million dollars. He asks her how she could take the money? Nicole says the answer is she is a whore. Nicole ends up walking away from Eric, and walks out into the street. A car comes speeding towards Nicole, and Eric runs towards her. Nicole avoids being hit, and the driver was Brandon! Brandon says he didn't know he was driving so fast, and Nicole says she wasn't watching the road when she crossed. Eric asks Sami where they are going? Sami says Brandon is taking her to the airport so she can go to Chicago for personal reasons. She asks Eric not to tell Brenda about this because she took sick leave to take this trip. Brandon asks Nicole is she is okay, and she says she is fine. Brandon and Sami leave, and Nicole tells Eric that she wishes Brandon had hit her because she doesn't have much to live for. Eric tells her that she couldn't be more wrong, she has so much to live for.

Eric and Nicole return to Eric's place. He tells her that she can still help Sami by telling her that she was payed to marry Lucas. Nicole says that Lucas doesn't know about the payment, and he really does love her, plus he is a good father to Will. Eric asks Nicole what she's done with the money. She tells him about her private account, and how by the end of the month she should have 25 million dollars. Nicole admits she'd like to take the money and run away with him and never look back. Eric asks what about Lucas? Nicole says she doesn't love Lucas, and Lucas doesn't make her feel the way that he does. Suddenly, Nicole gets a call from the hospital about her biopsy results. She learns that she doesn't have cancer. However, sneaky Nicole pretends like the news is bad. Eric asks her what they said? Nicole cries, and Eric hugs her. He says he is sorry, and she says she is too. Eric promises to stand by her every step of the way. Nicole asks Eric there is one thing he can do for her. She begs him to make love to her one last time. Eric and Nicole kiss, and Nicole jumps up on Eric, who carries her into his bedroom.

Brandon and Sami board the flight to Italy, unaware that they are being followed at first. However. Brandon soon realizes that some man keeps coming up to first class to spy on them. Sami thinks Brandon has read too many spy novels, so he tells Sami to go back and talk to the flight attendant and see if the man listens. Sami does what Brandon suggests, and the man is very curious about what Sami has to say. She returns to Brandon and tells him that she had to order them vegetarian dinners, but the man was interested in everything she said. She asks Brandon if she thinks he is a mobster? Later, when the sound came back, the private investigator calls Victor and reports that Sami and Brandon are flying first class to Rome. Victor tells him to let them enjoy themselves for now, once they land in Rome, the fun is over.

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